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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 6, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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4 news at known this day. every make sure that such attack never never happens again. >> now at 9, president biden addressing the nation one year to the day after the deadly attack at the u.s. capitol. his message to the american people calling out former president donald trump for inciting the insurrection. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 9. i'm pam moore. i'm ken wayne. the president's remarks launch the start of a daylong remembrance on capitol hill. he never mentioned his predecessor by name. >> that made it very clear who's to blame for the attack? it didn't. and not just lost an election. he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. >> as a violent mob breached the capitol to an election over turned. the fertility of democracy. this week, former president trump canceled his january 6 events but released a statement reviving his
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attack on president biden. >> and the democratic party accusing them of rigging the election. the house committee investigating the insurrection plans to spend the coming months telling the american people exactly what happened last january 6th with a series of public hearings tonight. we take a look back at that tragic day and our nation's capitol a day that led to 5 deaths and more than 130 officers being inaured. what was meant to be a day that celebrated democracy as congress was meeting to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election violence and heavily armed mob. the former president trump supporters stormed the u.s. capitol. we've been reflecting all day here at trump for on that tragic day. and joining us out for more on all of this, professor david mcewan with sonoma state university, a professor, thanks for joining us tonight. it's been a year now. the divisions are as profound as ever. if not worse. i'm just wondering where you think we stand as we move one year later from what happened on january 6th. well, thank you
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for having me. and that's a pleasure to be here on on what really is a somber day. look. >> the effects of january 6 to 2021. are going to reverberate in this country for some time. just like december 7th, just like september 9th of 9/11/2000, one, it's going to take a little while to understand and fully realized and for the country to come out of this. that means that the events of a year ago have profound effect on the 2022 midterm election, an election that democrats are likely to lose in both the house and the senate that revisits trumpism. that's a huge component of the 2024 presidential election. and all that it's take it all that's at stake in all of this can really is the veracity in-depth, the breath, the promise of america and where democracy stands. that is a tremendous indictment on trump and trumpism and what's happened over the last year.
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and republicans have to figure out a way forward. but so did democrats too. >> well, most of the republican party is remaining silent on what happened and many of the moderates are leaving the party and certainly leaving congress. so that doesn't portend well for what we can exrect to come from the republican party at this point with the elections coming up for the midterms. what do you think is going to make a change? >> look, i mean, 1, one argument that does seem to some element to our tests, the partisanship and that is the republicans make the argument that the january 6 committee has been politicized and there's some element to component to this. that seems to be evident in public opinion. however, the move to addressing violence and the permissiveness of violence to move against the government is absolutely not acceptable to the president today. democrats more broadly have come out and talk about this particularly east by congressman eric swalwell amongst others as well as congressman ted lieu.
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also from california. nonetheless, democrats are going to have to try to find one to 3 republicans be on someone like adam kinzinger be on someone like cheney to really address and get it publicly behind what is going on. and all of this is resulting out of a fear of trumpism and his role in the primary season. and there's some things that democrats can do to help move this along, that they can update some of the election electoral count act. they can update some elements that are going on at the state level because of road republicans are doing is moving down into the state level and that allows them to control electoral outcomes in places like arizona, georgia, when we have no evidence of fraud in those places, proud of the november 2020 election. >> he talked having people understand the truth of what happened. we're going to have a public hearing. so the congressional committee is going to have televised primetime hearings here in the next few months as they interviewed witnesses who were involved in all of this. and we're understanding that many
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of these witnesses are republicans who have turned against president trump and who are very involved or know who was involved first-hand information about the planning for the the attack and everything behind it. could that start to sway perhaps some republican mainstream voters who might say, wait a minute, i didn't know that happened because the the host from a fox news who had his text messages just come out now we're seeing that the mouthpiece where they're getting a lot of the information was also involved in all of this. >> yeah, can i think what you're going to see? a couple of things, mike pence, the staff, the vice president's staff, has already been involved here second and 3rd tier white house personnel have been involved who were present on january 6th in the white house and knew what was going on. they've already given testimony as those things start to become public as we start to see the metastasizing, a radical isn't
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the metastasizing of extremism that precluded and led up to january 6 and has continued after january 6. that will be important. educate of moment. look, the more we learn about how the sausage is made in congress, the more we learn about how things are made in terms of extremism using social media and using some of the tools that we know war used before the 6 and after the 6, the more we learn about that that has both a turnoff affect the voters. but it also has an educated. the fact it does provide some of the light meant to the degree to which things are happening that are hugely important that affect the quality of democracy. that's why today is the somber day of somber doubt. but it is also a day that provides some hope moving forward. democrats, though, are going to have to get off the sidelines in some ways get republicans on board because it's events unfold. he's moving forward after november of 2022. things are going to much rougher head into that presidential election of 2024. with trump in the background.
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so professor, we running out of time, but i want to ask you're talking about educating the citizenry in the united states. >> but of course, as you the media, there's competing media, you know, both broadcast and social media and a lot of people are only listening to the media that they believe. how are you able to educate and inform and bring out this information that you're talking about went in to the other side, whatever that is when you're not, you're only listening to the same source. repeat views. you already hold. right. so we look at things like the proud boys and the oath keepers who have argued that their movements have to have taken a hit after january 6th that experience the loss of revenue loss and support these types of things. one thing that has up brought a bit of sunlight into what is going on into the dark crevices of those groups is the release of e-mail lists, those that have subscribed, though, some that have turned over their account information that type of of of good reporting that type of solid work by the media. that type of solid work by the
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january 6 committee in congress will be very helpful and kind of spreading light into what's going on so that people can understand this isn't just some cobol that showed up of loosely affiliated groups that this was much more of a threat to the united states government, a physical threat to the speaker of the house, a physical threat to the vice president of the united states. something we see overseas. this was not something we see in the united states that moment is likely to repeat itself. if we don't give enough sunset some light and enough education to what is going on. here is a key moment for as a professor for you in the media and for our citizens to really pay attention. so that another somber day, another day of infamy like this doesn't repeat itself in our professor david mcewan. >> political chair sonoma state university professor, thank you again. thank you very much. >> thank you very much for him. in the last year, more than 725 people have been arrested for storming the capitol building. charges range from obstruction of an official proceeding to assault. but at the one-year
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anniversary of the attempted insurrection, a significant number of riders are still awaiting their sentencing. only 71 individuals have received criminal sentences while the rest are waiting for their trials are haven't even reached a plea agreement. so far, the median prison sentence for the writer. it's just 45 days behind bars. one of those rioters still awaiting sentencing. evan neumann is from mill valley. prosecutors say there is police. >> body cam footage of newman pushing against a barricade during the capitol. take over. he is now listed at the top of the fbi's most wanted list facing a total of 14 charges related to the attack. but before the agents could arrest him, newman left the country has found refuge in belarus. he told a new station there. he does not think he committed any crime. and despite that video footage, he calls the accusation that he hit an officer offensive right now on kron 4 dot com. you can read more about what people saw
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heard and felt in their own words on that tragic day one year ago. >> you can also read more from bay area members of congress. it's all at kron. 4 dot com. >> on to other news now, teachers in oakland planning a sick out tomorrow to bring attention to covid safety concerns. the oakland unified school district notified parents today kron four's gayle ong has the details. >> on friday, oakland educators are planning a one-day sickout for school safety. this really sent thursday with a list of demands for the oakland unified school district from mass distribution of n 95. and kn 95 mask weekly pcr testing, retroactive extension of covid leave and hepa filters and large common areas. here is smith. a teacher at skyline high school is planning the sick out. we would love to be in in person. >> just as much as everyone else wants us to be. but the fact of the matter is, our campuses are safe right now. on thursday, the school district notified parents about the sick out. in part the note highlighting covid
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protocols are in place. hepa filters were distributed to every classroom and regular testing is available to all students and staff. it just feels like that's not true. we need some time too. get the resources that we need on campus in order make it safe seek out is not sanctioned by the teachers union. it is unclear if educators at other schools plan to participate. usd perry disagrees. i feel my kids are safe and kids have been safe this whole year and they should be in the classroom. i think the district has done a good job you a variety of factors. both. >> you know, improving you know, it's cool. they have testing every single day of the week that's available to, you know, to and a variety of 10 different sites across the district. as for the solution, there are other things that can be done. and we are hoping that the district will come to the bargaining table and really >> bargain in good faith in the meantime, the district plans to keep schools open for students on friday. gayle ong
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kron. 4 news. >> 143 mount diablo. teachers were reported absent from school today. school district officials say the virus in an ongoing teacher shortage are to blame. but despite those challenges, the superintendent doctor adam clark says students still receive their lessons from other credentialed staff members who stepped in. doctor. clarke expects to continue to see a high number of staff absences for the near future. and he adds he does not anticipate having to temporarily close any schools due to the staff shortages. the union and the school district are currently in contract negotiations. the union says the 2 sides have hit a wall. that a strike is possible. in the north bay bridge county health leaders are working to try to protect school staff and students are now back in the classroom say really several guidelines today adapting to new omicron data kron four's ella sogomonian is in our newsroom tonight with more on the decisions. l a >> pam. and ken, although 89% of marin county residents have
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reportedly been fully vaccinated, the omicron variant continues to prove that it can break through that barrier and infect people. >> the good news is that the symptoms have overall been much lighter, but the health department is still being tautious in the classrooms to keep schools open. >> the marin county health department updated covid-19 guidelines for schools on thursday to keep up with changes brought on by the omicron variant they acknowledged at this stage of the pandemic, the risk of being sent to the hospital with severe symptoms is down. one in 15 people are requiring intensive care compared to one in 5 who were infected with the delta variant. but on the kron is infecting more people faster. so protecting the health of students and staff is a priority so kids can stay in school. all of our strategies are. >> laser focused on keeping schools open and not having schools excluded, especially when we have a more mild, we have a virulent, less severe virus. we still have policies that are pandemic level
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policies that isolation and quarantine and so i these are strategies to keep schools open. that being said, face coverings are still required for students and staff while they're indoors. booster shots are encouraged for those who are eligible. >> kids kindergarten through 12th grade will be given covid tests if they get symptoms when in quarantine and before they're allowed back to school isolation will last 5 days with a negative test. and if symptoms are gone, otherwise kids will stay home for a total of 10 days. updated guidance also limit school gatherings to 50 people indoors. only the fully vaccinated can attend sports games and performances inside and sports teams will be sent home to quarantine for 7 days if 14 members are infected within 14 days. >> we've seen, you know, now the data is accumulated and i others across the nation have learned one thing, but we knew which is that closing schools create significant public and social and mental health. >> in fact, during one of the
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most isolated periods in the pandemic, more people were turning to a marine county suicide hotline near the end of 2020. but doctor willis reminds parents to keep their kids home and have them tested if they show any sign of being sick before they can come back to the classroom. >> they admit the testing too soon could get row falls at home test result. but the county's health leaders don't recommend confirming a positive with the pcr test saying just treated like a positive, especially if there are symptoms. doctor willis says that another peak for infections is expected in the middle of this month. another community meeting is set for next wednesday. live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. ellen, thank you. here in san francisco, another cruise ship is dealing with a covid outbreak. >> 12 passengers on a ruby princess cruise ship tested positive after a trip to mexico. the ship returns this morning to port and is docked in san francisco right now. the cruise is operated as a vaccinated crews, meaning you have to be vaccinated to be on the ship. the princess cruises
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says the 12 passengers were tested positive for covid before the ship arrived in san francisco and they were asymptomatic. princess cruises has spent has sent those people home or to hotels that are prepared for quarantine right now. kron 4 dot com. you can get the latest covid headlines including information on where to find testing sites and vaccines. scan that qr code on your screen with your mobile device and it will take you straight to our website. a federal judge sentenced the santa rosa woman to more than 6 years in prison after supplying fentanyl to the father of a 13 month-old boy. >> leading to the death of the father and the son. 2 others were also convicted in the case for playing a role in selling the drugs to 29 year-old patrick o'neill. back in 2019. >> it was in that kron, 4 news unknowingly interviewed the person who federal authorities now say sold the drugs to o neale kron four's taylor sack. he has the story. >> more than 2 years have passed since the death of patrick o'neill and his then 13 month-old son, liam, who
9:17 pm
lived in santa rosa. the 2 died after coming into contact with sentinel in september of 2019. and on wednesday, the last of 3 defendants, leanna zamora was sentenced to more than 6 years in prison after being convicted of supplying fentanyl. that was later sold to o neale. authorities say that fentanyl was originally sold to lindsey williams who gave it to a man named sheen crazy someone we interviewed back in 2019 right after the toddler's death. >> almost positive been clean for a number of months at this point. and i think it was probably the first time he used the draft. you know, it could have fallen out of his pocket a door. >> i i really don't know at the time creek claim to be a family friend of o'neill's. but we later learned he was the one who directly delivered the fentanyl to the baby's father. according to prosecutors. meanwhile, credit was sending this message to viewers at the time. people should really not use all at
9:18 pm
all. it's a very depending on how need is help here. one little speck like a grain of sand. >> can kill you. >> pretty was sentenced to 7 years in prison for his role in the fentanyl distribution. prosecutors say the fentanyl in question was originally bought from 100 and drug dealer in san francisco's tenderloin district. a place known for its open air drug market. san francisco's basically ground 0. >> for the drug crisis in the united states, it's ground 0 for open air drug dealing in the united states, former addict and now recovery advocate tom wolf says we need to do more to crack down on this activity in the city last month. >> the san francisco board of supervisors approved an emergency declaration which addresses the overdose epidemic in the tenderloin. and i think one of the metrics that we need to look at over the next 3 months is emergency declaration goes on is whether or not emerge accidental overdose deaths drop in san francisco. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news.
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>> the alameda county sheriff's deputies association announced a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the killer of david. when according to the sheriff's department, the 28 year-old recruit was shot and killed tuesday night while driving home from work. the highway patrol is investigating the deadly freeway shooting. it happened on west bound 5.80, before the bay bridge toll plaza. anyone who has information on the case is being asked to call the chp golden gate division. mehta, formerly known as facebook is now facing a wrongful death lawsuit over the killing of an oakland federal guard. the lawsuit alleges federal protective services officer david underwood was killed after extremist group members cord unaided on the social media platform. underwood's sister had the lawsuit filed against facebook in alameda county today. >> kron four's dan thorn has the story. >> a lawsuit filed on behalf of the family of david underwood is blaming facebook for causing his death. underwood was working as a security guard at the federal courthouse in oakland during
9:20 pm
the george floyd protests in may 2020, he was killed in a drive-by shooting. the man accused of killing him. stephen is suspected of being a member of an extremist group. the lawsuit alleges and others were allowed to plan this violence through facebook. yeah, i think the lawsuit. >> this is going to be the first of many legal expert. paula canny says this lawsuit is an interesting idea because facebook has allowed for groups even extreme wants to come together. the social media giant has argued they've banned more than 1000 militarized movements from their platforms and that there's no legal basis for these claims. the attorneys representing underwood's sister ashley jacobs say extremist groups like the violent boogaloo boys were allowed to stay engaged and active on facebook because it improved the company's ad sales. the internet is sort of the wild wild west of the law. >> i mean, we have laws about
9:21 pm
murder and killing stealing and all this for as long as you know, people could write. but the internet is only existed for 20 years. federal agents have found evidence of talking about extremist behavior on his facebook account. >> the attorneys allege facebook users were not warned about how engagement on the platform was driven up by hateful or toxic content. the lawsuit is seeking facebook be held accountable for promoting violent extremism leading to underwood's death. it's sort of like facebook is like. >> a giant meeting place and they're encouraging extremist to calm and made it this place and then put into all these horrible thanks, dan thorn kron. 4 news time now for our 4 zone forecast. as we give you a live look at a pretty quiet golden gate bridge on this thursday night thursday night, getting close to the weekend. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow says there's some rain in the forecast. yeah. would you know
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what a friday? here we go. we're going to talk about some rain, at least to start out your day. the nice thing is the fog started to lift a bit around. the bay area was very thick early on. but now and get this guy knocking on the door, get ready to move in. and here we go. we've got a chance. some rain overnight tonight. >> into early tomorrow morning. i through the commute, i think that's what it's going to be coming through. so yeah, be prepare. the skies just put itself together, moving on shore now starting to see some rain drop just off the coastline. there. new eureka in crescent city that's pushing on shore now. more that headed our way. still lingering fog outside all the clouds around the bay area is lifted a bit but still continues. it's going sting as that front comes through probably start to mix out some low clouds and the fog. let's time this out for you tonight. we've seen some pockets drizzle. lot of cloud cover all day long. and then all of a sudden we get the cold front kind of mixing moisture out of the atmosphere only be replaced by raindrops moving in as we head toward the commute. this 8, 8, 30 in the morning. so if you've got to get up early and drive could be a little bit wet. the good
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news is by the afternoon we're talking about some clearing skies. maybe a couple rainbows as that front moves out and maybe a little more sunshine by the afternoon. >> while a majority of republicans kept low profiles on the anniversary of the january 6 capitol attack. hear from 2 republican representatives who made public appearances to share their side of the story. >> and as at home covid tests, kids are becoming more and more hard to find and buy. there are now fake test kits being. so tell you how to make sure you get the real one. >> and hawaii is making some adjustments to its covid-19 travel restrictions. find out why it will be a little easier for tourists to get there.
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>> airlines continue to cancel and delay flights by the thousands as their operations struggle with workers who are calling out sick with covid carriers have cancel more than 1600 flights just today and delayed more than 1300 nationwide yesterday u.s. airlines canceled almost 1800 flights and delayed 6,000 flights. >> if you use at home test kits, you are being warned to watch out for fake ones. the federal trade commission says check to make sure the test that you're buying is fda approved the federal agency recommends researching the test before you buy or try to get them from your healthcare provider. >> at home coronavirus test kits are of course in short
9:27 pm
supply across the country and now they're popping up online. it triple the retail price. one kid called binax now is usually priced between 14 and $25. they're selling on some websites were as high as $70. a package. and now just as we mentioned, consumers are being warned to watch out for fake at home covid testing kits. scammers are taking advantage of the short supply. >> well, here's some good news for 2 people to lottery tickets came up winners in last night, 632 million dollars. powerball jackpot. one ticket was purchased in wisconsin. the other at a 7.11 in sacramento. if the winners up for the lump sum payment, they will each get more than 225 million dollars. and in southern california, another ticket matching 5 numbers, but not the powerball was purchased in south pasadena. that ticket is worth 1.0. 3 million dollars. >> take a look back at our coverage a year ago today as bay area lawmakers sought cover in the nation's capital.
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>> and covid patients filling up hospital beds fast. several bay area icus already at capacity how local hospital syste
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>> they are go today. imagine being among the lawmakers getting ready to certify the results of the presidential election when something went very wrong. what began as a busy and important day was interrupted by violence. kron
9:31 pm
four's catherine heenan talk to live by phone that day with 2 members of congress from the bay area. >> in the midst of that day's incredible chaos to california. lawm kers agreed to talk to us by phone. both had just been hustled off by capitol police north bay congressman jared huffman to his office peninsula. congresswoman anna eshoo ended up in a locked room in a house office building what they were seeing and hearing did not seem real. i agree, catherine, this is a does not feel like the country. we know. >> and as bad as it has these last 4 years. and even in the last few weeks, i don't think anyone saw it coming to this. >> well, i didn't have a good feeling when i came to the capital of the party because when i look at the cross walk there and the capitol. i to myself, if i not look like it did really fully secure.
9:32 pm
>> she wondered why they were initially only a few capitol police officers given the scheduled protests by trump supporters. eventually the mob made breaking into the capitol. look easy. photos and video began coming in showing people inside the offices of legislators smashing windows and doors, trashing camera equipment and on the floor of the senate. >> i know your pain. i know when president trump finally made a statement, he told protesters to go home. but also said he could feel their pain and focused on what he said was a stolen election. anyone who is looking to donald trump. >> to de-escalate and make this probably should have given up on on that that the leadership a long time ago. it's not in it. if i the president today. i want. >> congressman hoffman called this edition, congresswoman
9:33 pm
eshoo was angry with some of her republican colleagues. a conversation earlier today, a congresswoman said, you know, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle just so appalled by everything that has of all. >> i don't know how old republican colleagues are. >> battles. yeah. i want to hear more about that. and >> i didn't see any can i didn't see any have in fact, we have to say to them that you please. but your mask on. this is a violent coup and i think we we never thought it could happen in this country. it is happening right now. it was a long, long day for 2 california lawmakers who say they hope the country never forget. >> as kron four's. catherine heenan reporting for us tonight. >> new tonight at 9 san francisco unified school district has reached an agreement with the teachers union. this coming as hundreds of teachers called in sick
9:34 pm
this week. the agreement is effective until the end of july. the school district offering an additional 5 days of covid-related paid sickly and they will provide high quality face masks such as n 95 or kn 95. all of the employees, the district also continues to make weekly covid tests available for all students and staff. in a statement the school district sent out today. it says the schools have been taking measures to keep in-person in-person learning safe in all of its facilities along with more positive covid cases comes more hospitalizations according to the city of san francisco's covid dashboard. there were 97 total covid hospitalizations on january second. and that's up from. >> just 21. the day before thanksgiving kron four's amanda hari checked in with officials in the east and the south bay to find out how their hospital systems are handling the surge. >> well, we have our going up just like every other county
9:35 pm
after more positive covid cases comes more hospitalization. but doctor on mall, the director of healthcare preparedness for santa clara county says it's not currently as high as it was in december of 2020, but given what we're seeing in terms of community transmission, in terms of case numbers, we're monitoring the situation very toasty. he says omicron does seem to cause less severe illness with a higher number of people being infected. it is likely more people will end up in the hospital and possibly the icu. >> doctor kemal says they're prepared for that work in hospitals regularly to make sure that do everything they to convince you planning on. that building stopped from other areas that necessary, according to ca dot gov. >> the number of positive patients in the icu has increased in contra costa county from just 7 on december. 21st to 25 on january 5th chief medical officer for john muir health
9:36 pm
russell rodriguez says their icu numbers have been very manageable, but they're struggling in other areas. many staff members are out sick with covid or other seasonal illnesses and their emergency department is bombarded with covid patients just surging needed of people that are >> really coming in because they can't they're concerned because symptoms they want to know if they have covid or not. he says it's putting a strain on the department. >> he says protest go to a community testing center. he says that her symptoms become morersevere, then go to the emergency department. if you are having shortness of breath, chest pain. >> just rapidly worsening symptoms. high fevers and things like that. then you should see care either the risk for urgent care. both health officials encourage people to take all the health precautions they can masking distancing vaccinations and boosters amanda hari kron. 4 news.
9:37 pm
>> in the east bay, the ceremony unified school district was handing out free covid tests this morning. students aren't scheduled to return to campus until next week. but the district wanted to get the tests out as soon as possible. they plan to continue handing out tests tomorrow at the district's education center and on a bus, a high school gayle ranch, middle school and pine valley middle school. coming up in sports, the short-handed warriors were in the big easy sports director jason dumas says has the highlights coming up and state via unveiling a statewide universal health care proposal today where the money would come from to make that possible. >> and lots of snow up in the sierra nevada and there is more to come. we'll talk about that. your skipper board coming up next.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the warriors finishing their road trip in the big easy. but they had to do it without steph curry, draymond green and want us connell. anderson, all out so tall order and guess what? the clay countdown to the next game is on some fans in new orleans. wish he was out there. there we go. all righty. there's clay right there. 2nd quarter now, andre about he's leading to break the other way. give it up top to the rock. kind of thing. coming up. have 13
9:41 pm
points off the bench early 4th quarter. the pels took control of this game. gary clark's 3 pointer. give them a seven-point lead. then with 2 minutes left, brandon ingram probably going i'm not sure if he'll be an all-star come their record, but he's really good. he had 32 and 11. big give up, though, jordan poole from the logo. >> a minute left giving them some hope. then with 59 seconds left, think amanda steele and >> it's a three-point game. the warriors trying to get a stop now, one possession game devontae graham 3 is off the back board. but josh hart gets the long rebound. he beat school to the ball opportunity loft warriors lose one. 0, one. 96. they return home for a sunday date with the cleveland cavaliers the wait could be over. klay thompson
9:42 pm
all but confirmed there. but in the meantime, steve kerr said he was pleased with this. effort despite the loss. >> i was really proud of our guys, you know, being a short-handed gave the young guys are a good chance to play an experience of. phil game on the road i thought our our young guys gain valuable experience. i was really proud of the team for. fighting all the way through and and giving themselves a chance at the end. >> bob book marin, the sharks trying to snap a two-game skid. they took on the sabres and snowy buffalo. first period. sharks go up a goal timo meier. i set up. there's meir time earth times. haha, it's 14 goal of the season. it's 2, nothing. sharks. 3 minutes later, thomas hurdle probably been their best player. they hear one of them his 17th of the year. >> sharks hang on to win 3 to
9:43 pm
2. they are in the city of brotherly love on saturday. the forty-niners continue to prep or the rams huge game. and once again, jimmy garoppolo participated in team drills and he was throwing deeper pratt beeper passes and he was in wednesday's practice. but he still nursing that ucl sprain in his thumb and according to his tight end, he's progressing pretty well. so the jury still out on who is going to start that week. 18 matchup in los angeles. >> compared to last week, i think it looks you know, don't know. feels like i know chip bones don't feel great. and i jimmy is, quote, speak for itself hurts. so whatever he's doing out there. i think is doing a really good job so far. you know, we'll see what happens these next couple days as it a huge game. obviously, you know, we need to win get to the playoffs. but you just
9:44 pm
noticed that you said you got to stay consistent. got to do what you've been you know, the things i've been making success, we got to continue those. don't take short cuts. this is not really the week to do that. >> just a quick reminder. if the niners when they are in the playoffs taking on the rams, the rams have a lot to play for 2 because of the rams win. they win the nfc west. now the niners lose. they can still make the playoffs. they just need the saints to lose to the falcons, which in my opinion, it's unlikely. so don't put it up the chance to take care of business at so fi stadium. state
9:45 pm
9:46 pm
9:47 pm
lawmakers today move forward with an effort to establish what could be the nation's first universal health care system. in proposal now comes with a new push to increase taxes. crime for capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains it might or some california democrats determined to move ahead with 2 bills that would create a universal single payer health care system in california. and the reality is our current system. >> is in saturday, the first bill ab 1400 establishes the health care program and its rules which could cost about 200 billion dollars. the other bill is called aca 11. the constitutional amendment was unveiled thursday as a set of tax hikes to help provide the money. those tax increases would include an annual excise tax on businesses with an income of more than 2 million dollars. a 1.2 5% payroll tax
9:48 pm
on employers with more than 50 employees. a one percent payroll tax on workers earning more than $49,000 a year and a personal income tax for those making about $150,000 a year if passed by the legislature, voters would have the final say on the tax increase is a single payer health care system is the fiscally sound thing to do. >> the smarter health care policy to follow and a moral imperative. if we care about human life. >> republicans pounced on the proposal thursday. some say they have concerns about how this would financially hit those already struggling with the high cost of living and rising inflation in california voters a very clear and recent ballot measures that sought to increase taxes. that enough is enough. the effort also faces mounting opposition from several groups, including the california medical and hospital associations, insurance companies and business groups. the coalition releasing a statement thursday saying in part ab 1400 would immeasurably disrupt the health care that millions of californians rely on every day and that the worst possible
9:49 pm
time because it was first filed last year ab 1400 must pass the assembly by the end of this month to have any chance of getting to the legislature this year. a hearing is scheduled for the bill next week at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. hawaii is loosening its covid-19 restrictions for those traveling to the islands. the state is no longer requiring visitors to take a health questionnaire. >> and it's reducing the time unvaccinated travelers have to spend in quarantine from 10 days to 5. those who are vaccinated or test negative for covid do not need to quarantine when they arrive. time now for our 4 zone forecast as we get on live. look outside at sfo with the heavy layer of clouds hanging over the airport. and lawrence is here not only talking about those clouds, but also looking at the snow. yeah, a lot of folks love and that snow up in there's more coming. roadways are open right now. this donner summit, but look too bad up there. we see the cars going by. no restrictions. if you're headed over the
9:50 pm
mountains tonight, although going to get a little icy over the mountains tonight as the temperature drops off. but there's another storm system on the rise. and let's check out kron. 4 ski report. heavenly looking good. 81 inches for a base, their new snow. they had 4 from that last or machine room. 22 lifts are open there. how about if you're heading to sierra tahoe? beautiful, deep snow. they're 135 inches on the ground. 7 lifts are open. 28 trails. what about mount rose looking good. 92 inches packed powder and there's more to come overnight tonight and tomorrow, too. in fact, yeah, that's going to be the deal here. you have to find a way between the storms to get up there to enjoy all that fresh snow up there. just a ton of power of the sugar bowl, 120 inches for the base. there. a winter weather advisory is going up in the sierra nevada for tomorrow. starting at 06:00am continuing until 6 in the evening. expecting another 5, maybe 8 inches of snow. so if you're traveling up there tomorrow, do expect some just due to the weather getting up there. all the people want to get to the mountains, but the weekend. well, tell you what
9:51 pm
is going to be great weather for skiing up there this weekend should be dry. should be sunny, but not too warm. temperatures only in the 40's into the afternoon and then as we get to monday, maybe another storm system kind of or working its way in and that could bring some some more snow. the high country. the meantime, though, we're seeing some fog and low clouds out there right now that fog trying to break up a little bit out ahead of this cold front. and this is the cold front that's going bring the snow to the sierra and more rain for the bay area overnight tonight. just beginning to make its way on shore. this was going to be a little more significant soaker as it drops into the bay area right now or keep things dry. just all that fog out there around the bay area at this time. temperatures right now pretty similar outside, mainly in the 50's, although 49 in antioch, you're cold front, slipping on in here, comes rolling into the bay area tomorrow morning by the afternoon. get on the backside of that front. we start to clear out your skies, but plan to start out the day. you know, some rain out there early on a little bit of a soaker, not a ton of rain but enough to get things a little bit slick out there on the roadways early on tomorrow
9:52 pm
morning just after 8, 9 o'clock in the morning all around the bay area. then moving out of town by the afternoon commute. so your ride home should be a lot easier than the right getting worked by tomorrow. rainfall amounts going to be fairly light with the system plan on generally about a 10th of an inch of rain in some of the weather spot. so you could see some higher amounts near the coastal areas over the coastal range is maybe as much as a quarter to a half an inch. thank you us. next on kron, 4 news at 9, an emotional reunion years in the making. >> while officials were able to track down a missing dog 8 years after she vanished. we
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
want to correct an earlier reports the san francisco unified school district has not reached an agreement with the teachers union. >> this comes as hundreds of teachers called in sick this week and demanded more safety protocols. the school district says it already has an agreement in effect until the end of july. in today's meeting, the school district offered an additional 5 days of covid-related paid sick leave and to provide high quality face masks such as n 95 or kn 95 for all the employees, the district also says it continues to make weekly covid testing available to all students and staff. but the union says it doesn't agree with the new offer. negotiations will resume next week. >> well, it's always special when somebody gets to high school diploma. but one man's diplomas just a little more meaningful because it was 80 years in the making. donald who sunday was a senior at all
9:56 pm
but high school in iowa when he got the call to serve in world war. 2, he survived battles at normandy and was a prisoner of war for 6 months. but the 98 year-old says his biggest regret in life was never returning to finish high school. now living in texas, a worker at the va hospital there heard his story and called the current principal at his school. so principle kevin little were drove 1000 miles with his wife to deliver the special diploma. that fulfills a lifelong dream. >> we hope that i would get diploma and i am pleased to i'm i'm so anchor and be a >> who's in was also presented with a quilt of valor to commemorate his service. and congratulations to him. another happy story here. a missing dog in the united kingdom is finally back with her family. it's a heartwarming reunion. 8 long years in the making.
9:57 pm
>> a >> little hard to see, but it's emotional moment that cassie the cocker spaniel was returned to her rightful owners. the dog was stolen from her front garden back in 2013 and kept for breeding police in sussex, england tracked her down after a vet scanned her microchip and they returned kasey, along with 3 of her puppies to her overjoyed mom and dad. family says this was the best christmas present christmas present ever. >> and that wraps up kron. 4 news at but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour, including the san francisco unified school district and the teachers union. >> failing to reach a deal on how to proceed amid a surge in covid cases how both sides say they plan to move forward. last looking back on a day that changed america. it has been one year since the attack on the u.s. capitol. president biden and members of congress are promising to prevent another
9:58 pm
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> for the first time in our history, president. and not just lost an election. he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. as a violent mob breached the capitol. >> now at 10, a nation pausing in rememberance one year after the deadly attack on the


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