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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  January 6, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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>> last. >> our top story at 6.30, today marks one year since rioters stormed the nation's capitol in an attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election. the events that took place on january 6 started out as a rally and ended as an
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outright attack. >> we've been reflecting all day here at kron 4 on that tragic day. and joining us now for more perspectivh is our political analyst michael yaki. michael, good evening. thank you for being with us today, president and ricky said then president trump's bruised ego meant more to him. then democracy or the constitution. how healthy a year later is our democracy. >> well, it's interesting. i would say that our democracy was like healthier or year and a day ago, a year ago, we saw the result of what what happened in a bill that lets remember what happened a year ago was. an insurrection gone on throttle, but all the weeks leading up to it. in the days leading up to it, there was a concerted effort, a concerted push for lack of better word, a conspiracy to work the electoral college to try and get states to overturn
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overturn elections and it culminated in january. stick sick, but make no mistake, there was a lot of work going on beforehand by the by former president trump and his allies to try undermine decertify an election in which he lost by 7 million votes. 6 was simply the rage that he had built up in those in those coming in those weeks leading up to that day, brewery him through and in a futile ultimately futile attempt to stop the electoral college certified. so, michael, i mean, you know, to watch some of the >> scenes that are played out, you know in real time. it was a very upsetting in to watch it again. even now it's very disturbing. and yet there are some people in washington who who have described it as a typical tourist day at at the capitol. is there some kind of
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i mean, deny leno river in egypt, right? there's that. and also some kind of amnesia about this event. >> you know, i wish it me. i wish or denial. i worked on capitol hill. i know what an average tourist day looks like. that was not average tourist day. i've seen many people protest. that was not a protest i've seen. you know, when when people get upset, this was this was pure allen out rage, rebellion, insurrection on full blast and for people who are trying trade as tourism or saving really happen or poor compared to black lives matter. they're there to lift. they're not being delusion. they're not being delusional. they are deliberately attempting to re frame this in a way and that i'm worried about for the 2024 election. there's a recent poll that came out that said that 40% americans, you could use violence against the government. our government. now we're a country that was that was born out of violence.
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we get we engage in a revolution. but then we fix that by putting in. a republican with elections. this is not that and what it is. but they're building toward is what i i a lot of other people are worried about is what happens in 2024. if this same result happens. but now these folks, our better organized, better funded and unfortunately better armed. >> michael cynics might say that, you know, we didn't have a democracy before january 6, when you consider the manner in which we elect presidents, you've had one republican who has won the popular vote in a presidential election since 1988. and that was george w bush in 2004. so is that part of the problem and what is a solution to to fixing this? >> i mean that we can get into a whole global global discussion about whether or not electoral college is represented or not. you know, the great compromise in terms
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of the house and the senate and what that means in turn, the terms of the distribution of power and how that's paralyze our government for the past, you know, 20 years or so. but the fact still remains that in in that system, whoever wins, whoever wins the most electoral college votes wins the election and there's a peaceful transfer of power that was under direct attack a year ago today, but it wasn't direct checked in the in the weeks leading up to there's concerted effort by people who whose allegiance to trump and not to this country, not to this constitution. just be trying to manufacturn ways to basically undermine the vote of americans in this country. so is the difference we can. we can debate. we can have a long debate about which represented run, how indirect elections and republicans for public purse, pure democracy. but the fact is, we always believed that whoever did win whatever the rules were. and there's a peaceful transfer of
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power that didn't happen. and that still could happen again based on how. legislatures around this country, republican-dominated legislatures are working to take away, controlling the electoral vote away from the voters into the hands of state law. just direct and of state. late state legislators who have very clearly put out there that they don't believe in the will of the people. so these are very ominous projections can before we let you go as there, a silver lining here somewhere. >> i mean, the silver lining is that where is it? where it resilient were. >> the a constitutional democracy that has survived an incredible civil war. a nearly torn apart that is overcome the issues of slavery that is done everything that it can to train make life better for its people that i think if we can just focus on that and we can
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work together and that but again, can we will we and will the people who are running for office know? ultimately subscribe to that? american did the grand american experiment rather than one that simply is authoritarian. and it is and is we're should the idol of the single politician. that's what has never been what america's about. and if we can just remember that, then will be will be okay. but that's the that's the challenge for the next next couple of years. >> but fortunately, that feels like a big ask right now. we have to leave it there and we appreciate your insight and perspective tonight. that's michael yaki, our political analyst. thanks, michael. thank for your thoughts. michael. have a good evening. >> right now on kron 4 dot com. you can read more about what people saw, what they heard and felt in their own words on that tragic day one year ago. you can also read more from bay area. congress members. it's all there on
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kron 4 dot com. still ahead, cruise ship docked in san francisco's reporting a covid outbreak. >> we know about the condition of the passengers and their quarantine. >> and it sports an update on the 4 years as well as the sharks taking the ice and buffalo sports director jason dumas says highlights when we come back. and if you like clouds, we've got more of those for you and so rain to go along with that. how about that? your forecast is coming up.
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>> the big story tonight, cruise ship companies are in rough waters again. covid cases continue to surge in more ships are reporting outbreaks, including a ruby princess cruise ship that stockton, san francisco or at least had been 12 passengers testing positive and they are now quarantining kron four's. rob nesbitt has more on where the 12th wind after disembarking the ship. >> the cruise ship is operated as a vaccinated ship, meaning you have to be fully vaccinated to board the 12 positive covid cases were discovered before the ship arrived in san francisco as the ruby princess that docked in san francisco thursday. a spokesperson from princess cruises confirmed that several passengers tested positive for covid saying, quote, in accordance with our established protocols, those guests have tested positive will either return home by
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their personal vehicles will be taken to hotels, coordinated in advance for quarantine. the ship had just returned to san francisco after a 10 day cruise to mexico. san francisco port officials say that under local health mandate, the crew of the ruby princess had to randomly test. 25% of passengers. >> and discovered that 12 people have the virus. their statement saying in part, all individuals are either asymptomatic or experiencing mild symptoms. no passenger has required medical attention and no hospitalization is needed. a dozen covid cases that were discovered just days after the cdc raise its risk level for cruise travel to the highest category. they say the virus spreads easily between people in close quarters aboard ships and that people should avoid. traveling on cruise ships regardless of vaccination status. in october, cruise ships were allowed to start talking again in san francisco nearly 2 years after the grand princess had a covid outbreak that killed 7 people and caused more than 100 to test positive recently. royal caribbean cruises and norwegian cruise line had to cancel several
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itineraries a bad sign for the cruise ship industry as omicron cases continue to rise. the cdc recommends that if people do decide to go on cruise ships that they get tested for covid one to 3 days before their trip. and again, 3 to 5 days after their trip, even if you're fully vaccinated. >> in san francisco, i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> next step state lawmakers move forward with an effort to establish universal health care here in california. we'll explain what the legislation would mean exactly and how would mean exactly and how medical groups are responding. ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. let's kick ken's ache and burn into gear! over the counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those drops will probably pass right by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. what's that? xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is the only fda-approved non-steroid eye
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>> state lawmakers today move forward with an effort to establish what could be the nation's first universal health care system. and it's here in california. the proposal now comes with a new push to increase taxes. come for u.s.. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >> if or some california democrats determined to move ahead with 2 bills that would create a universal single payer health care system in california. and the reality is our current system. is in saturday. the first bill ab 1400 establishes the health care program and its rules which could cost about 200 billion dollars. the other bill is called aca 11. the constitutional amendment was unveiled thursday as a set of tax hikes to help provide the money. those tax increases would include an annual excise tax on businesses with an income of more than 2 million dollars. a 1.2 5% payroll tax on employers with more than 50
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employees. a one percent payroll tax on workers earning more than $49,000 a year and a personal income tax for those making about $150,000 a year if passed by the legislature, voters would have the final say on the tax increase is a single payer health care system is the fiscally sound thing to do. the smarter health care policy to follow and a moral imperative. if we care about human life, republicans pounced on the proposal thursday. some say they have concerns about how this would financially hit those already struggling with the high cost of living and rising inflation in california voters a very clear and nice about measures that sought to increase taxes. that enough is enough. the effort also faces mounting opposition from several groups, including the california medical and hospital associations, insurance companies and business groups. the coalition releasing a statement thursday saying in part ab 1400 would immeasurably disrupt the health care that millions of californians rely on every day and that the worst possible time because it was first
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filed last year ab 1400 must pass the assembly by the end of this month to have any chance of getting to the legislature. this year. a hearing is scheduled for the bill next week at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> all right. weather time as we get a live look at san francisco's embarcadero. >> on a thursday night awaiting another round of rain are force. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tells us when round will hit us. far away. now it looks like it is rolling our way as we speak. still a lot of fog out there right now that fox will start to mix out. those that cold front comes in and then we'll get that rain going overnight tonight. you can see it a little further to the north. begin to move into northern california so far we remain dry right now. a lot of fog in our skies at this time. but tonight that's going to start to mix out a little bit as that front comes in and then we're going to go with the rain. in fact, here comes on the models. you see it here. all of a sudden we get into it and there we go right in time for the commute tomorrow morning through the middle of the morning or so. a fairly wet around the bay area. not a
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huge storm, but enough to make things pretty slick out there on the roads. and then for the afternoon, i think we dry things out. i think we're actually start to clear out your skies a little bit and try to sneak a little sunshine and that be nice to see at some very dreary days that we've had. in the meantime, though, yeah, it's going to be showery early on tomorrow. temperatures still going to be on the cool side. 50's in the san francisco about 53 on terra. 55 at half. moon bay showers continuing inside the bay as well. 54 burlingame, as you work way down the peninsula. little bit warmer in spots, but not by much south bay. you're looking temperatures mainly in the 50's to little bit on the cool side. maybe the occasional showers we head toward the middle of the morning as you look toward the east bay's plan of some scattered showers early on the little sunshine by the afternoon. a little fog out there right now on a much of the east bay, some of that some dense fog. but tomorrow, i think that fog is going to lift a bit as that front comes through is not going to worry about that. real dense fog early in the morning. but the showers going to continue outside at least through the morning hours, then dry out into the afternoon the next few days as we get ready for the weekend. tomorrow be a
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little wet early giving way to some sunshine late in the day saturday and sunday, partly cloudy, probably return of some dense fog out there with some of the more that rain giving tool really to some of that fog forming. but as we get into next week, there's another chance of rain about wednesday. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the warriors on lake 2 of a back-to-back before they come back to san francisco there down in the big easy taking on the without the likes of staff dre n want to scan a anderson. and right now we've got a really close game late in this one. the warriors up 3 and we will have those full highlights. once that game goes final. hopefully they can sneak in a win without some of their stars. now, speaking of stars, the first return of the all-star game came out today and the warriors are very well represented. get this in the guard. you see steph curry leading all vote getters in
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votes. but the cool thing and klay thompson, he hasn't played a game and he is in 4th place ahead of the likes of devin booker and chris paul. now, if you look at the front court. you see andrew wiggins and draymond green bit of surprise that wiggins had more votes than green. now, realistically speaking, hopefully the warriors are able to get in staff wiggins and dream on klay thompson is not going to make it despite all those votes because he's not going to be a starter and know coach is going to vote him in the coaches. do the voting for the reserves. the fans you to voting for the starters and clay is not going to get a starting spot. and no coach, like i said, will and so go online and vote for those 3 warrior. you can keep voting for clave. you want just for fun. but wiggins, green and staff. those that are really thick choices for all stars in the golden state organization. hopefully they get all 3. that all-star game is the 20th in cleveland. all right. to the ice, bob and
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company trying to snap a two-game skid taking on the sabres. first period. sharks up a goal. you know, meyer, he gets a nice set up here there you go. it's time. his 14th goal of the season. cabernet. they got me going there. 2, nothing. sharks. 3 minutes later, thomas hertl lights the lamp. his 17th of the season. it's 3, nothing sharks they hold on to win by the skin of their teeth. 3 to 2. there are philly, the city of brotherly love on saturday, i heard that city produces some great people. all right. the forty-niners continue. they're prepped for the rams once again, jimmy garoppolo participated in team drills and he was throwing passes deeper than he was on wednesday. but he's obviously still nursing that ucl sprain in his in according to his tight end, george kittle garoppolo. he's progressing well ahead of that crucial.
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>> week, 18 matchup. so hey, maybe we will see a >> compared to last week. i think it looks you know, don't know. that feels like i know chip bones don't feel great. and i jimmy is, quote, speak for itself hurts. so whatever he's doing out there. i think is doing a really good job so far. you know, we'll see what happens these next couple days as it a huge game. obviously, you know, we need to win get to the playoffs. but you just got just like you said, a consistent. got to do what you've been you know, the things i've been making success, we got to continue those. don't take short cuts. this is not really the week to do that. >> all right. he hit huge game on sunday. we might have to return the clay on sunday to sunday. the sports day here in the bay. we're going have a lot of fun on sunday, but for now, we'll be right back with the morning.
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>> for money tonight to lottery tickets came of winners in last night. 632 million dollars. powerball jackpot. one ticket was purchased in wisconsin. the other was bought at a 7.11 in sac town. yeah, sacramento a friend that i think of people got. yeah. this is where it works. if though winners opt for the lump sum payout, they'll each get more than 200. 25 million bucks. >> and then in southern
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california, a ticket matching 5 numbers, but not the power ball that was purchased in south pass pasadena. that one is worth a mere 1.3 million dollars. you got sacked out. sure. i call it a lot of things. but call it my my former hometown. there you go. that wraps up kron. 4 news at 6. yeah, but we're going to see it at 8 or at least ken and pam. we'll see you tonight at 8, 9, in 10 on your bay area's local news station. we'll see you tomorrow at 5. >> with that in texas (burke) this is why you want farmers claim forgiveness...
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: the somber anniversary. and hero or villain. he capture the video of capitol writer ashley babbitt getting shot to death. >> it was people that say you yourself were one of the rioters. >> announcer: then, the great american sick out. look who has got covid now. speak of the reason she is off, she tested positive for covid. >> how the covid tidal wave is forcing businesses to shut down until their workers recover. >> restaurants are in panic mode right now. >> plus, "wicked"et


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