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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  January 6, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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my office. so all day a year ago with the offices locked law. >> breaking windows, kicking in doors, breaching the capitol american flying on poles being used as weapons as spears. >> today marks one year since an angry mob stormed the u.s. capitol bay area. members of congress hit in their offices and behind doors tonight at 6, we're hearing from some of them is reef reflect on the past year. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. it was horrific. it could have been so much worse. and now on the anniversary of that day, president biden is blaming former president trump for inciting the violence. biden's remarks today launching the start of a daylong rememberance kron four's washington, dc correspondent jessi tenure joins us live without the nation's top leaders today are remembering that attacked jesse. >> yeah, good evening, grant
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and vicki, president biden never mentioned his predecessor by name, but he made it very clear today who he blames for the january 6 attack. >> he can except the last president joe biden's voice filled statuary hall at the u.s. capitol where one year ago supporters of former president donald trump attacked police broke windows and carried the confederate flag for the first time in our history. president. and not just lost an election. he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. as a violent mob breached the capitol. the president forcefully blamed his predecessor for the attack and pushed back on his claims about the election results. you can't love your country only when you when vice president kamala harris was still a senator at the time and stressed, it wasn't clear then how the attack would end. how close we came to an election over turned. the fertility of democracy, harris
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and her colleagues alternately return to the capitol later that night to certify the election results which house speaker nancy pelosi, one of the riders main targets, said proved their efforts failed the congress because of the courage of all the view rose to oath and protect our democracy. republicans largely kept a low profile thursday with many of them in georgia for the funeral of their former colleague, senator johnny isaacson. this week, trump canceled his own january 6 event but released a statement reviving his attack on president biden and the democratic party accusing them of rigging the election. and beyond speeches. prayer vigils and moments of silence. the house committee investigating the attack wants to make sure that the american people >> know everything that happened that day and they're trying to do that. there are a series of public hearings. those should start getting scheduled here in the next coming months live in washington. i'm jessi tenure.
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>> thank you, jesse. so imagine being among the lawmakers getting ready to certify the results of the presidential election. when word comes in that an outside protest had turned into a dangerous mob and they were getting inside the kron four's catherine hannah and her reflected today with 2 bay area. lawmakers who were there hiding terrified as it all unfold. >> in the midst of that day's incredible chaos to california. lawmakers agreed to talk to us by phone. both had just been hustled off by capitol police north bay congressman jared huffman to his office peninsula. congresswoman anna eshoo ended up in a locked room in a house office building. what they were seeing and hearing did not seem real. i agree, catherine, this is a does not feel like the country. we know. >> and as bad as it has these last 4 years. and even in the last few weeks, i don't think anyone saw it coming to this.
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well, i didn't have a good feeling when i came to the capital of the party because >> when i look at the cross walk there and the capitol. i thought to myself, if i not look like it did really fully secure. >> she wondered why they were initially only a few capitol police officers given the scheduled protests by trump supporters. eventually the mob made breaking into the capitol. look photos and video began coming in showing people inside the offices of legislators smashing windows and doors, trashing camera equipment and on the floor of the senate. >> i know your pain. i know when president trump finally made a statement, he told protesters to go home. but also said he could feel their pain and focused on what he said was a stolen election. anyone who is looking to donald trump.
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>> to de-escalate and make this probably should have given up on on that that the leadership a long time ago. it's not in it. if i down the president today. i want. >> congressman huffman called this edition, congresswoman eshoo was angry with some of her republican colleagues. a conversation earlier today, a congresswoman said, you know, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle just so appalled by everything that has of all. >> i don't know how old republican colleagues are. >> really good about i want to hear more about that. and he i didn't see any can i didn't see any have in fact, we have to say to them that you please. but your on. this is a violent coup attempt and i think we we never thought it could happen in this country. it is happening right now. it was a long, long day for 2
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california lawmakers who say they hope the country never forget. >> so catherine, and talk to the same to legislators today. exactly. one year later. and catherine joins us now live from the newsroom. boy, catherine, it it still gives you chills, hearing then talk about what it was like in real time. yeah, i mean, i was grateful to them again today that during all of that, they were talking to us, you know, as it was happening. >> both huffman, an issue are still talking about the trauma of that day. clearly, the memories are still very fresh. and that includes what they saw. one eventually they got out of their locker rooms that night. >> we were walking through debris >> from the insurrection. fact, i i walked right through the doorway where the the woman was shot and killed, you know, trying to to break through into the house chamber. broken glass on the other signs of, you know, this very fresh incident. so the
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signs were in the capital. it took days to fully clean it up and get things back to normal. and that was, you know, part of the trauma to to just a few hours after that. trying to carry in the normal way. just part of the awareness of that day. >> i will never forget this. and that is but some people would think of as the most lowly workers in the capital, the clean it. they were having to clean all of that up. these the violence of this mob and how they desecrated the capitol it was hard to look at a defra cade. in the capital in the citadel of democracy. so how anyone can say that this didn't happen, that it wasn't an attack. or that to
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even said one member of congress sent was as regular as tourists coming to the capitol. now. if these magnificent individuals were doing their job. and i. always remember that. now. the got very emotional when we talk to her a year ago. and again today, though, she still really feeling this. >> i did ask both of them whether we should be concerned about future threats, maybe leading up to the midterms. for example, both of them are saying yes, grant and vicki. >> catherine, thank you very much for that. meanwhile, in the last year, more than 725 people have been arrested for storming the capitol charges ranging from obstruction of official proceedings to assault a year later. now, a significant number of riders are still awaiting their sentencing. only 71 people
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have received criminal sentences while the rest are waiting for their trials or have not yet reached plea agreements. so far the median prison sentence for the riders is 45 days. one of the riders still awaiting sentence. evan neumann from mill valley. prosecutors say there is police body camera footage of newman pushing against a barricade during that capital takeover. he is now listed at the top of the fbi's most wanted list facing a total of 14 charges related to the attack. but before agents could arrest him, newman left the country and has found refuge in belarus. he told the news station there he doesn't think he committed a crime and calls the accusation he hit an officer offensive. >> the smithsonian museum in washington is working to make sure that no one forgets the capitol riot curators have been collecting artifacts from the insurrection since january 7th of last year. they include a black vest worn by a journalist that day. protest
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signs and whips and sticks that were used as weapons. he's even officials say that there currently are no plans to hold an exhibit. coming up tonight at 6.30, we'll be joined live by political analyst michael yaki to talk more about this day one year ago. >> i will switch gears now. talk about the forecast as we take a live look outside at a currently pretty dry golden gate bridge. sure, i for now, crawford chief meteorologist lawrence karnow says it may not last for long. no, i think especially early on the commute could be very wet around the bay area. another cold front coming to town right now. we have that fog kind of lingering all day. it is lifted somewhat around the bay area. that's good news. but the storm clouds already gathering to our north. you see them 7 northwest getting the least the brunt of it now. but this it's going to be dropping in overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. another cold front coming to town to bring another round of some rain at least early in the morning. i think by the afternoon we should be fairly dry outside right now. we've
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got plenty of low clouds and fog lingering in our skies. just kind of been one of those great days. we did have a dense fog advisory early on this morning. some of visibilities dropping down next to 0 and some spots. so a danger fog out there, but that's going to lift a little bit tonight as that cold front comes in and then we'll start to track some rain. in fact, overnight tonight, the models are going to pick up on see it. the clouds begin to break up a little bit. then here comes cold front dropping into town, right about commute time. so about 08:00am you're talking about that rain. but the good news is we get this done in the morning. i think by the afternoon we made to scour out some of the cloud cover as well. so maybe a little sunshine in the latter part of the day. not a huge amount of rain, maybe about a 10th of an inch of rain. but more of that on the way. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. all right, lawrence. coming up next, another round of at-home covid test kits have been distributed in the bay area. we're going. >> check in with 2 east bay school district is safe. how it went. >> plus, we have team coverage on all those teachers who are not showing up. we'll check in with 2 local school districts.
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we're reporting hundreds of staff members wear out of classrooms today. and later, another cruise ship dealing with the another covid outbreak right here in the bay area. what we know about the passengers and >> how the cruise ship is >> how the cruise ship is responding. after my car accident, >> how the cruise ship is respondii wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised.
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the classroom regarding covid-19. our kron four's haaziq mod-yoon has the story. >> today we are seeing 616 teacher absences, which is about twice as many teacher absences of the san francisco unified school district on a single day prior to the pandemic. we had 2 covid cases. my school yesterday. rory abernathy is describing her experience after returning from winter break monday to teachers. students at james did mid middle school in san francisco. she is one of the teachers participating in a sick out for public health and safety relating to covid-19 tuesday and wednesday. >> other colleagues, teacher, friends of different schools were texting me and saying i have covid and they had tested on the weekend and they didn't have covid. but then as of last night, several of them now have covid. >> it be that like maybe they may have got it from returning to school. >> there's no way to know.
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>> the response from sf usd spokesperson lower so we know that a lot of the lot positive tests that we're seeing this week were from community spread, not from school spread because these are people who may have contracted covid during winter break. so now they're coming back and they're finding out that they have covid says another major concern difficulty getting a covid test at a as a usd site during work hours for teachers and parents because >> the same problem that we have if parents are working, how are they going to get to these testing it is a big, you know, distribution plan. we have over 119 schools in the district. so we're mobilizing as quickly as we can to get those tests to school so they can distribute them to students and families. what it might mean for students to start getting vaccinated. in the meantime, to cover teacher absences during the sick out officials at sf usd say they are calling in teacher credentialed support staff to add to the substitute teachers
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filling in. >> has it made you kron? 4 news? >> in person instruction resume for the mount diablo unified school district yesterday and more than 10% of the district's teachers were absent the virus and ongoing teacher shortage are to blame there. our first all spoke with the superintendent to expects the high number of absences to continue. >> on any given day mount diablo unified school district superintendent doctor adam clark says it is not out of the ordinary for around 100 teachers to report. absent the district employees more than 1500 teachers. but on wednesday, when schools return from winter break for in person instruction 175 teachers did not show up and the district could not fill. 59 of those positions due to an ongoing substitute teacher shortage. that doesn't mean that those students left in class about somebody. somebody covered the class, whether was
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an administrator, a counselor or whether those students went to other classes or whether teachers cover those classes during their prep periods. they were covered. doctor clark says covid-19 is playing a major role in the absence is a problem that continue thursday. some of them may have been sick. some of them may have tested positive for covid. some of them may have. >> and an individual in the home may have tested positive. and so therefore, they will and some of them may have been planned absences. doctor clarke expects to continue to see a high number of staff absences for the near future, but adds he does not anticipate having to temporarily close any schools due to staff shortages. anita johnson is president of the mount diablo education association. >> the union representing teachers and other staff. she says in recent days, members have raised concerns about a lack of district provided kn 95 masks and requested more frequent classroom paintings.
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>> but stresses teachers are not calling out because they do not feel safe. now, i don't think a teacher would stay out simply because they didn't feel safe in the >> you know that they're dedicated to their students. the school district says it is also seeing a high number of student absences. many of them also virus-related. >> believe that all kron 4 news staying in the east bay of parents with kids in the dublin unified school district. they were able to pick up at home covid that rapid test today. >> the district got at least 13,000 of those kits from the state. the school district says it wants to make sure the kids and the staff are safe before they get back to campus next week. officials say that parents don't have to prove that their child is negative before returning. but if you want peace of mind, do the test 3 days before coming back on campus. same thing happened today in san ramon. the school district says it received 30,000 at home covid tests from the state. >> school there doesn't start
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until next week. the district wanted to get the test out to people as soon as possible. with covid surging in that community as well. parents we spoke with say making a test appointment has become really difficult. >> it's impossible. first of all, to the contest anywhere right now. other think as we go to their awful. even the testing through the school on in-person appointments full. so test kits. >> hopeful. >> you're watching this right now. you say, oh, i missed it. well, not quite. san ramon valley school district plans to hand out more at home tests tomorrow from 10:00am to 01:00pm. >> meanwhile, kids age 12 to 15 here in california can soon get a booster dose of pfizer's covid vaccine. the state announced it's expanding eligibility to younger kids this afternoon after the cdc signed off on the recommendation. well, earlier this morning. so this means the children in that age group can get the booster at least 5 months after their second dose. the state's website is
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currently being updated to reflect the expanded eligibility. officials recommend scheduling a booster appointment through your children's doctor. right now, time for 4 zone as we get a live look outside right now in the at the richmond, sandra fell bridge kind of light. the traffic department there. >> indeed, chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is with us now. it's rain in the bay area. doesn't always mean snow in the sierra. that's correct. but it's correct. but this time it doesn't work well to see more of that snow rolling in up there. you can see folks headed up there over a dollar summer right now. not bad conditions. if you're headed over right now. >> tomorrow, if you want to sneak away for the weekend, yeah, that could be an issue. we've got a storm system that's coming. in fact, winter weather advisories going up going to see another maybe 5 plus inches of snow across some of the mountain peaks. and that's going to call passes. if you're headed over there for tomorrow, most of the day, you can see that snow kind of on and off starting tomorrow morning. so plan on some snow in the forecast on
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friday. here's the good news. you've got some fresh powder to ski on on saturday and sunday are looking good. watch out. maybe another storm system moves in light of one as we head in toward monday outside. right now we've got a lot of fog showing up around the bay area that fog going to start to mix out a little bit as this cold front comes to town. not a ton energy with that just yet. but i think it will be just enough to start to lift some of that fog outside. it kind of makes things out. but it looks like a wet start to the morning as we're going to see that rain moving in right now. it's just all about that fog. we've had some very thick fog around the bay area, but that cold front going to come sweeping through overnight tonight as it moves on in tonight. and here comes that rain again. and it looks like not a huge storm, but it will be a pretty slick early on, especially tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon we get the backside of this. i think we'll see a little bit of sunshine on the backside. that will be nice to see rainfall amounts not going to be a giant storm, maybe get a 10th. plus, as you make your way along the coastline over the mountain tops, maybe a quarter, maybe half an inch parts of north bay coastal ranges. but otherwise, you some lighter amounts just
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enough to make things messy. early on tomorrow morning. that's far. temperatures are concerned by tomorrow afternoon. we're going to warm things up numbers in the 50's now by the afternoon tomorrow will be in the 50's again and it looks like a saturday and sunday, just slightly warmer, but it should be dry both days. but we may see a return of some of that ground. fog chance, more rain, the middle of next week. all right, lawrence, coming up after the break, just how accurate are those at-home covid test kits in detecting the new variant? >> we'll hear from bay area doctors. new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities.
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tonight. a new study is calling into question just how quickly those at home rapid tests can detect the omicron variant. the study. >> look at only a small group of people, but their doctors say it shows we have to take multiple steps to protect ourselves and others called forest. and kermit reports. a study of 30 people finds in most cases at home rapid antigen tests. >> using nasal swabs didn't detect omicron until several days after participants became infectious. that rockets going to be beneficial because it's going to pick up. >> the vast majority of people when they the most infectious ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says rapid tests remain effective even though they don't identify every single person infected before they transmit the virus. still, he says it supports the notion that one can't count on testing alone to protect themselves others. if you.
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>> no, that 5 other people in that went to a positive. but that initial rocket su did id 3 is negative on the fight. you might still want to weigh in moscow little bit longer in a hire, a situation where you might be exposing someone because it may eventually 10 positive. >> the new study has yet to undergo scientific review and chin-hong says he would like to see a much larger study done in the future. >> the study also found that pcr tests of saliva proved to identify omicron quicker. it further study is done and that's proven to be true. it's possible that in the future we might have at home tests that swap the mouth and throat instead of the nose. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> next step we are reflecting back on the mob attack on the u.s. capitol one year ago today after the break, we'll be joined live by political analyst michael yaki.
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>> last. >> our top story at 6.30, today marks one year since rioters stormed the nation's capitol in an attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election. the events that took place on january 6 started out as a rally


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