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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  January 6, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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republican lawmakers shared a very different take on that day. our washington correspondent reshad hudson reports. >> republican representative matt gaetz of florida and marjorie taylor, greene of georgia say they want to expose the truth about january 6 january 6 last year wasn't an insurrection. no one's been charged with insurrection. a year ago. gates and green joined fellow republican lawmakers in trying to overturn the 2020 presidential election by blocking the certification of the results. joe biden certifications still occurred on january 6, but we were deprived of the opportunity to make. >> arguments of the country about election integrity. green says since that day, trump supporters have been unfairly targeted and thrown in jail. this is a 2 tier justice system that should never exist in our country. >> she says the justice department should use the same energy to arrest rioters from
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protests and the summer of 2020. the democrats cared about riots. they would have cared about the antifa. blm riots all over the country. >> gates in green are some of the only republican speaking publicly on the anniversary after former president trump canceled a press conference, illinois congressman sean casten says gates and green are siding with the writers and not upholding their constitutional duty and they are using their platform to inspire hatred. >> their on our country. so far the justice department has arrested more than 700 people in connection to the events of january 6 reporting in washington reshad hudson. >> cruise ship companies are in rough waters once again. covid cases continue to surge in more ships are reporting outbreaks, including a ruby princess cruise ship that docked in san francisco. 12 passengers tested positive. they are now in quarantine. our kron rob nesbitt joins us now live with the cruise ships response tonight. rob. vicki,
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the ruby princess just left san francisco about an hour ago. >> in the ship is a vaccinated ship mean you have to be fully vaccinated to board. the 12 positive cases were discovered before the ship arrived in san francisco. >> as the ruby princess, that docked in san francisco thursday. a spokesperson from princess cruises confirmed that several passengers tested positive for covid saying, quote, in accordance with our established protocols, those guests have tested positive will either return home by their personal vehicles will be taken to hotels, coordinated in advance for quarantine. the ship had just returned to san francisco after a 10 day cruise to mexico. san francisco port officials say that under local health mandate, the crew of the ruby princess had to randomly test. 25% of passengers and discovered that 12 people have the virus. their statement saying in part, all individuals are either asymptomatic or experiencing mild symptoms. no passenger has required medical
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attention and no hospitalization is needed. a dozen covid cases that were discovered just days after the cdc raise its risk level for cruise travel to the highest category. they say the virus spreads easily between people in close quarters aboard ships and that people should avoid. traveling on cruise ships regardless of vaccination status. in october, cruise ships were allnwed to start talking again in san francisco nearly 2 years after the grand princess had a covid outbreak that killed 7 people and caused more than 100 to test positive. >> the cdc says that if people do want to go on cruise ships, they say you should get tested for covid one to 3 days before leaving and again, 3 to 5 days after arriving. even if you're fully vaccinated. live in san francisco, i'm rob neibitt kron. 4 news. >> thank you, rob. hawaii is loosening its covid restrictions for people traveling to the islands. the state is no longer requiring visitors to take a health questionnaire and the reducing the time unvaccinated travelers have to spend in
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quarantine from 10 days now down to 5 people who are vaccinated or test negative for covid do not need to quarantine when they arrive. hundreds of teachers called in sick today in san francisco. some of those are participating in a sickout to bring attention to their >> health and safety concerns in the classroom regarding force. has it made you has that story? >> today we are seeing 616 teacher absences, which is about twice as many teacher absences of the san francisco unified school district on a single day prior to the pandemic. we had 2 covid cases. my school yesterday, rory abernathy is describing her experience after returning from winter break monday to teachers. students at james did mid middle school in san francisco. she is one of the teachers participating in a sick out for public health and safety relating to covid-19. she talks about what it's been like since returning to school like i've won class that has 34 kids one class. it has.
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>> you 26 kids. so there's no social distancing at all. and then i'm walking around the room like squeezing in between the and i and i also want to add it's been freezing. >> because all the windows are open. let's go make you feel. >> comfortable with returning to school to teach your class number >> okay. number one is kn 95 mask. >> daily disposable. >> for every teacher and every staff member on campus. the response from sf usd spokesperson lower the price of usd has been distributing ppe, including surgical and cloth masks monthly to all schools throughout the fall. we're going to continue to distribute ppe and include kn 95 mask to school sites this week. number 2. >> we need daily. >> testing access to daily testing for kids and for teachers at every single school site every single day. >> are they on sides today
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will be out maybe tomorrow as of next week? >> right. we're hoping to get them to this week and next week. it is a big, you know, distribution plan. we have over 119 schools in the district. the meantime, to cover teacher absences during the sick out officials at sf usd say they are calling in teacher credentialed support staff to add to the substitute teachers filling in. has it made you kron 4 in the east bay, the san ramon unified school district was handing out free covid-19 test this morning. >> students aren't scheduled to return to campus until next week, but the district wanted to get those test out as soon as possible. they plan to continue handing out tests on friday at the district's education center and at monte vista high school, gayle ranch, middle school and pine valley middle school, in-person instruction resumes for the mount diablo unified school district yesterday and more than 10% of the district's teachers. >> were absent the virus and
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and ongoing teacher shortage said to be to blame cross forcefully. spoke with the superintendent who expects the high number of absences to continue. >> on wednesday when mount diablo unified school district schools returned from winter break for in person instruction 175 teachers were reported. absent and the district could not feel 59 of those positions due to an ongoing substitute teacher shortage on thursday, 143 teachers were reported absent with 58 of those shifts left unfilled. although superintendent doctor adam clark says students still receive their lessons from other credentialed staff members who stepped in. some of them may have been sick. some of them may have tested positive for covid. some of them may have. >> and an individual in the home may have tested positive. and so therefore, they will and some of them may have been planned absences. doctor
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clarke expects to continue to see a high number of staff absences for the near future, but adds he does not anticipate having to temporarily close any schools due to staff shortages. this despite reporting a high number of student absences to we don't have any plans on moving to distance learning need to. johnson is president of the mount diablo education association. the union representing teachers and other staff. i don't see district management where the state legislature doing anything to address the current staffing shortage and safety concerns. so, yes, i think this is this. a staffing shortage will be prolonged. the union and school district are currently in contract negotiations. the union says the 2 sides have hit a wall. >> and that a strike is possible. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> still ahead on kron, 4 news at 5 visiting national parks of a budget. when we come back, we're going to tell you the dates you can get in for free. >> and can your dog recognize the difference between a low a lot sure what a new study has
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found that your pup's brain capacity.
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>> well, may not come as much of a surprise to dog owners that they can distinguish real words from nonsensical ones. but a new study finds they can also recognize different languages. researchers in hungry say that brain scans show different activity patterns in the brains of dogs. when nonsense words were
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spoken compared to natural speech. it also showed unique areas of the brain became active when an unknown language was spoken versus when familiar, speech was heard. researchers say this is the first non primate species for which they could show spontaneous language ability. research shows babies born during the first year of the pandemic are displaying. >> less social and motor skills compared to children born before the health crisis. doctors from columbia university. they studied 200. 25 babies born in the new york area between march and december of 2020. the babies, they say show delays regardless of whether their mother contracted covid during pregnancy viral illnesses during pregnancy can also increase the risk of neurodevelopmental delays. researchers say these delays they're finding may not be indicative of long-term issues in development. let's hope so. >> coming up on kron, 4 news at 5 california attorney
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and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> california attorney general rob bonta issued a legal alert today calling the prosecution of a pregnant woman unlawful. this woman was sent to prison for 11 years after a stillborn birth. the attorney is speaking out after that, the prosecution of actually 2 women, one of them a door
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upper etsu is facing an 11 year sentence in the death of her stillborn baby. perez's baby died after she went into labor. her doctor later telling authorities that perez's drug abuse led to the early labor and death of her fetus because of this. perez pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges. however, attorney general bonta says the law use in her case is just was used incorrectly. he notes the law is only applicable when somebody else directly causes the death of a fetus. the law was passed after a man injured his ex-girlfriend and that led to the end of her pregnancy. now bunt is alerting all authorities not to use it incorrectly. section one. 87. >> of the california penal code was intended to hold accountable. those who inflict on pregnant individuals resulting in miscarriage or stillbirth. the lot is not to punish those who suffer the loss of their pregnancy. in
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2022, it's unfortunate that such an alert is necessary, but today's action was developed in response to the legal issues that arose in kings county after women were charged and prosecuted for fetal murder by the local district attorney. the charges against these women are not consistent with the law. and that's a problem. the attorney general issuing this days. >> he continues to help her as continuing to call her prosecution unlawful. another case against a different woman was dismissed last year and that woman was set free. >> all right. time to go outside. as we give you a look right now, the golden gate bridge traffic moving along and not heavy fog that we've been seeing the last couple days. overcast today here in the bay, but not too rainy. >> that's going to change. and this year is going to see a bit more snow. here's lawrence with the latest. here we go again. get ready for another storm coming through. so i
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know a lot of folks want to head the high country this weekend. guess what? we've got a roadways that are open and clear right now, of course, going to be icing up a bit as that storm system approaches. and it's going to kind of stormy and a lot of snow expect over the sierra nevada. janet, your ski report. heavenly, how about this for a base now? last year they had hardly anything. they've got 81 inches for a base on the ground. new snow, 4 inches machine room, all kinds lifts and trails are open there about sierra tahoe snow conditions with 135 inches on the ground got to check your road conditions before going up. it's going to be tough going going up there for tomorrow about roe snow conditions. 92 inches on the ground packed powder forts of the fresh powder just the past. 24 hours. answerable looking good. 120 inches on the ground 10. let's open an 87 trails for you to enjoy. yeah, we've got that winter weather advisory going up starting at 06:00am continue until 06:00pm tomorrow evening. so there's your friday if you're trying to get the high country, just a tough go as we're going to see that storm system coming in. in the
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meantime, though, now still seeing some of that fog lingering in the bay area has lifted just a bit looking toward coit tower. the chopper outside public to see the fog lifts somewhat as we got a cold front coming to town with storm system. most that energy in the pacific northwest right now. but that is going to be dropping into the state overnight tonight. right now, certainly a lot of fog lingering in our skies at this hour. and it will be that way for a few more hours than you think. as we head toward midnight, probably gonna start to see mingling with that front as it comes to that public cars that fog to lift a bit. and we'll start bringing the rain early tomorrow morning. temperatures outside 50's all around the bay area. now here comes cold front. nice looking cold front to. but it's right around this not going to be huge storm as it comes through, but expect some rain, especially tomorrow morning. but i think by the afternoon we actually may see a little more sunshine than see much of that today. and i think by tomorrow you can start to scour out some of that fog and see a little sunshine by the afternoon. rainfall totals not expected to be huge with this storm system over the next 24 hours. maybe a 10th to maybe a little bit more along some of the
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coastal sections and you'll see a quarter, maybe half an inch over the mountain tops. so and that looks like some rain early on the giving way to some sunshine and a few clouds in the afternoon saturday and sunday. both look dry, but we are dealing with some patchy, dense fog again. and then the next chance of rain the following wednesday. all right, lawrence. and you know, if you're planning to visit a national park this year, you can save some money during fy that free admission days. those include martin luther king junior day. >> april 16th, which is the first day of national park week, august 4th. that's the anniversary of the great american outdoors act. national public lands day that lands on september 24th and on veterans day on november. 11th, the entrance fee waiver does not mean everything is free, though. charges are show that to be in place for camping boat launches special tours and other activities. >> still ahead on kron, 4 news at 5. why jessica new movies making history at a film making history at a film festival. ♪ ♪ ♪ making history at a film festival. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> jessica penelope cruz, the pit and the young go and diane kruger's female lead action film the 3.55. it has a real hollywood origin story. sure does entertainment. tonight's kevin frazier joins us now with the story. yes, indeed, vicki and jessica wanted to make an all female mission, impossible style movie. so she took the idea to her famous friends and will down the rest is history. >> with a 3, 5, 5, >> it was great to be part of
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the project from the beginning couple me this was just an idea. there was not even a first draft of the script and then we went together to qantas of them will be it's so on that record time. >> not going in there along with again. so not only are the ladies taking care of business on camera. they're running the show behind the scenes. and as the boss just make sure they all got equal pay and the moms had day care on set. the actresses are all owners of the film >> we raise money independently made it without a studio for fraction of what it felt like this would normally cost. there are tons of nights where we just stayed longer and we had a glass of wine and just talking about motherhood, jess, and especially penelope, were so >> amazing to me because i was so anxious being a young new mom does the biggest compliment. she can need me. >> in the 3, 5, 5, out this friday. the women are the world's greatest spies join
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together to stop world war 3. sebastian stan is jessica cia colleague and they shared interesting chemistry. one minute you're biting his lip the next minute. you're kicking him in the chest. it was a soft caress of my foot on chest. and make sure you tune in to e tonight because that is telling us all about her new season of you for you. >> does her boyfriend tom holland make a sneaky cameo for entertainment tonight. i'm kevin frazier. a soft well, the girl scouts, cookie this year. what is that? these are called the adventurefuls a brownie like cookie with carmel flavored cream with a hint of sea salt. they say to balance it all out. sales in the bay area start february. first they go until the end of march here locally. >> entertainment tonight comes up at 7.30, but that wraps up kron. 4 news at 5. >> i'll get finance and maybe
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try it. the new ones triples. they got injured. eventually or indeed for just like the for of news-sun kron. 4 news at 6. keep it here. we're reflecting on the day one year ago that changed america. it will go down in history. the insurrection at the capitol lawmakers today urging vigilance over violence and questions tonight over at home covid-19 testing. if they can detect omicron. >> what we're learning as the variant rapidly spreads. we're back with the news at 6 in just a few minutes.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news news at >> i was just a doors down in
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my office. so all day a year ago with the offices locked law. >> breaking windows, kicking in doors, breaching the capitol american flying on poles being used as weapons as spears. >> today marks one year since an angry mob stormed the u.s. capitol bay area. members of congress hit in their offices and behind doors tonight at 6, we're hearing from some of them is reef reflect on the past year. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. it was horrific. it could have been so much worse. and now on the anniversary of that day, president biden is blaming former president trump for inciting the violence. biden's remarks today launching the start of a daylong rememberance kron four's washington, dc correspondent jessi tenure joins us live without the nation's top leaders today are remembering that attacked jesse.


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