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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  January 6, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> this day of remembrance make sure that such attack never never happens again. >> tonight at 5, president biden addressing the nation one year to the day after that deadly attack at the u.s. capitol. his message to the american people as he calls out former president donald trump for inciting the insurrection. good evening, everybody. thank you for being with us tonight on kron. 4 news at 5, i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. tonight we take a look back at that
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tragic day in our nation's capital that led to 5 deaths and more than 130 officers being injured. what was meant to be a day that celebrated democracy is congress was meeting to certify the results of the 2020 >> presidential election instead of violent and heavily armed mob of former president donald trump supporters stormed the u.s. capitol as the rioters pushed past capitol police officers breaking windows. >> and vandalizing offices. lawmakers and staff barricaded themselves hiding from the intruders who are voicing their violent intentions towards members of congress. and former vice president mike pence. 4 having refused to succumb to trump's attempts to overturn the election in his favor. >> we want to bring in a representative jackie spear who is at the u.s. capitol building at the time of the insurrection. good evening, representative spear, thank you so much for taking time to
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to meet with you know, we we saw it all go down on live television. many, many thousands of miles away. but you are you are right there it it. what >> in your experience? i mean, all these days later sticks out in your mind. >> i was one of the 28 members that was sitting in the gallery waiting for california is call to be made and when the the lieutenant in the a capitol. police stood up at that at the diocese and said the capital has been breached. it was like someone had just told me that there's been a death in the family. i couldn't believe it. and then we were told to pick up these gas masks that were located under our seats and crawl across the perimeter, the chamber and get to the other side. and then we were told a taker member pins off and to life left lie down flat and i saw these. plainclothes
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officers put a piece, a large furniture up against the doors because they were clamoring to get in. they broke the window and they had drawn their guns. and then all of a sudden i heard in the speakers lobby a gunshot and i oh, my or die. and took me back. 43 years when i was on an airstrip in south america and was shot 5 times and thought i was going to lose my life there to think that high was in the u.s. capitol in this symbol of democracy. we losing our lives. it was it was unbelievable. it was it was treacherous and a despicable act. a year later. i'm i'm more outraged by it that i was there. and then i was in fear and shock. now i have just such great disdain from the
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floor, from the for the former president who enjoyed watching it on tv in the dining room of the white house and was rewinding it as he was watching. his people u.s. capitol police officers and metropolitan police officers. unbelievable. i had 2 of those officers on a town hall last night. great american heroes. i was so honored to be the same zoom call with them. minutes on facebook for your viewers. they want to see that. they talked about how some of these people wanted to just torture these police officers. this wasn't just a 15 minute. wow. this was going on for hours and hours and hours. gives me chills to hear you describe it in in such terms can imagine being there. >> in the days that followed, you had united.
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>> congress. it seems you had people like kevin mccarthy, mitch mcconnell, i'm lindsey graham, ted cruz denouncing what happened. but most of them have reversed that stance in the weeks and months that followed that initial reaction. how would you grade? maybe not their position, but america. how have we responded one year later? >> well, as the president has said to us privately and even publicly in meeting many of the war, world leaders he for said to them, well, america's back and they're comment to him was for how law. so i think we need to recognize that this could happen again. the fact that you had kevin mccarthy 5 days after the event stand on the floor and say that trump was responsible for what took place and then he went down to mara lago after the inauguration and kiss the ring. and now it's
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like it didn't happen. there was also 147, 2 thirds of the republicans in the house of representatives. >> voted to overturn the election results in arizona and pennsylvania that night after we were able to restore order and came back to finish the business of the day and we finish and 3.50, in the morning. but we came back to do our work. so there is an unwillingness for people who know better. these republicans know that president biden rightfully won that election by 7 million votes. but they choose to continue to try and curry favor donald trump in an effort to retain their seats. it's all about perseverance or i should say the ability to stay in office, not perseverance's preservation his country, but it so it has
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your knowledge the one-year anniversary of this ugly day. but >> are we better off for or worse off? but if we learned. sp>> we are better off to the extent that more and more information is coming out to which we can make an evaluation. was this preordained was this premeditated and more and more that evidence is proving that to be the case. it was that some spontaneous act. this was an effort by the then president to contemplate a crew to create an environment where he could retain his office. he has in his lifetime, always boasted about not losing. and here he had lost on the biggest stage of all and he was going to do everything in its power to prevent it. so we have more knowledge now. but we also have a greater responsibility to be alert to the fact that this indeed could happen again. 1/6/2021, can in 3
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years. it could happen in 6 years. it could happen again if we allow the rules that have always been the rules of a peaceful transition to be manipulated and some of those laws have already been put in place in 19 states across this country. >> let us hope it does not happen again. that democracy is fragile. as we know, unfortunately, we're out of time. but representative jackie spear, we appreciate yours on this busy day on the solemn day. thank you for joining us. thank you. thank you so much for. the time. in the words of wisdom, indeed. president biden accuse former president donald trump and his supporters of holding a, quote, dagger at the throat of democracy. as biden today marked the anniversary of the attack at the capitol. the president's remarks launch the start of a daylong rememberance on capitol hill
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in crime force. washington correspondent jessi tenure joins us now live with how the nation's top leaders are remembering that day. good evening, jesse. >> good evening to you as well. president biden never mentioned his predecessor by name but made it very clear today who he believes is at fault for january 6th. >> he can except the last president joe biden's voice filled statuary hall at the u.s. capitol where one year ago supporters of former president donald trump attacked police broke windows and carried the confederate flag for the first time in our history. president. and not just lost an election. he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. as a violent mob breached the capitol. the president forcefully blamed his predecessor for the attack and pushed back on his claims about the election results. you can't love your country only when you when vice president kamala harris was still a senator at the time
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and stressed, it wasn't clear then how the attack would end. how close we came to an election over turned. the fertility of democracy, harris and her colleagues alternately return to the capitol later that night to certify the election results which house speaker nancy pelosi, one of the riders main targets, said proved their efforts failed the congress because of the courage of all the view rose to oath and protect our democracy. republicans largely kept a low profile thursday with many of them in georgia for the funeral of their former colleague, senator johnny isaacson. this week, trump canceled his own january 6 event but released a statement reviving his attack on president biden and the democratic party accusing them of rigging the election. and beyond speeches. prayer vigils and moments of silence. the house committee investigating the attack once the american people to know exactly what happened that day. there are a series of public hearings.
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>> and the members are hoping to start those in the coming months live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> most americans will be watching that closely. thank you for that live report. jesse. we do have continuing coverage of the one-year anniversary of the january 6th. the attacks coming up at 5.15, kron four's. catherine heenan speaks with representative jared huffman who reflects on what it was like for him being in the capitol that day. coming up at 5.30, what republican lawmakers are saying about the attack one year later. >> new tonight, kids age 12 to 15 in california can soon get a booster dose of pfizer's covid vaccine. the state announced it's expanding eligibility to younger kids this afternoon after the cdc signed off on the recommendations little earlier this morning. now, this means the children in that age group can get the booster at least 5 months after their second dose. the state's website is currently being updated to reflect the expanded eligibility. officials recommend scheduling a booster appointment through your children's doctor.
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>> still to come tonight, lawrence, is your forecast. is rain is coming. also hundreds of teachers and students absent at mount diablo unified schools. why the superintendent believes this is only the beginning. >> and we will take a look back at our coverage one year ago today as bay area, lawmakers ran to take cover at the u.s. capitol.
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>> mentioned being among the lawmakers getting ready to certify the results of the presidential election last year when word came that and outside demonstration had turned into a dangers mob and they were getting inside a kron four's. catherine heenan talked live by phone. that data to bay area. lawmakers as the scene unfolded. >> in the midst of that day's incredible chaos to california. lawmakers agreed to talk to us by phone. both had just been hustled off by capitol police north bay congressman jared huffman to his office peninsula. congresswoman anna eshoo ended up in a locked room in a house office building what they were seeing and hearing did not seem real. i agree, catherine, this is a does not feel like the country. we know. >> and as bad as it has these last 4 years and even in the last few weeks, i don't think anyone saw it coming to this.
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>> well, i didn't have a good feeling when i came to the capital of the party because when i looked across walk there and the capitol. i thought to myself, if i not look like it did really fully secure. >> she wondered why they were initially only a few capitol police officers given the scheduled protests by trump supporters. eventually the mob made breaking into the capitol. look easy. photos and video began coming in showing people inside the offices of legislators smashing windows and doors, trashing camera equipment and on the floor of the senate. >> i know your pain. i know when president trump finally made a statement, he told protesters to go home. but also said he could feel their pain and focused on what he said was a stolen election. anyone who is looking to
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donald trump. >> to de-escalate and make this right to it. probably should have given up on on that type leadership a long time ago. it's not in it if i down the president today. i want. >> congressman huffman called this edition, congresswoman eshoo was angry with some of her republican colleagues. a conversation earlier today, a congresswoman said, you know, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle just so appalled by everything that has of all. >> i don't know how old republican colleagues are. >> battles. yeah. i want to hear more about that. and i didn't see any can i didn't see any have in fact, we have to say to them what you please put your on. this is a violent coup attempt and i think we we never thought it could happen in this country. it is happening right now. it was a long, long day for 2 california lawmakers who say
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they hope the country never forget. >> well, talk to the same to legislators today one year later and she joins us now live. catherine. >> and they say time heals all wounds. but has it? he'll they are both sounding vicki is though this just happened and that a year has not passed. it was not only a traumatic day, for example, huffman is now saying that he and his family would go on to face more trouble in the days to come. >> but it didn't end that day the death threats started pouring in to many members of congress. i had to relocate my family for a few weeks because we were getting threats creating maple coming by our house. it was an unsettling and it wasn't pleasant for any of the members of congress and their families who had to live through it. >> i'm sorry to hear your family that directly.
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congressman, what kind of threat are you getting? >> i don't want to be too specific, catherine, you know, they >> they were very in threatening. >> the safety of myself and my family and making sure i understood that they knew where we lived in. he laid out. what they want to do is pretty clearly so that's unsettling. >> with congresswoman eshoo, i asked her to elaborate on why she was so upset with some republican colleagues that night. >> so that for the most part, as i recall it it is. most members i would say traumatized. so we were all experiencing it. but there there were a handful that warrant. that was deeply unsettling to make with the most unsettling thing in in the hours that followed when
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the speaker called the house back into session, she said we have to demonstrate to the american people and people around the world that our democracy is working and we will have the vote. i'm the i'm the electoral ballots that 2 thirds of my republican colleagues voted against that. when i went home that night, i knew that it was going to be a rough road ahead. >> i asked both of them whether we should be concerned about future threats may be leading up to the midterms. the short answer, they say yes, grant and vicki. >> catherine, thank you for that. one years later as we switch gears down, get our first check of the forecast and this is a live look at san francisco international chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. here to talk the future of our weather yeah, we've got some
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more rain coming in for us. lot of clouds around the bay area to a lot of that thick fog early on is lifted a bit. >> you still see some of over the golden gate bridge least. you can see the bridge today, but there's more clouds coming in. that's going to be the former rain. i think going to see some shore showers move in overnight tonight. so far, still a little far away, make its way in oregon right now in the pacific northwest. but eventually that starts to drop down overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. and if you're out for that commute, i think it's going to be wet. got to be careful out there. roads will be slick early tomorrow morning right now. and then i got that fog that it's just been hanging around, had a dense fog advisory early on today that since lifted likely going to see some of ppthat thick fog overnight tonight. but as that front comes through, that will tend to mix it out. kind of lifted a little bit. so probably knows. that's tomorrow morning. then here we go. we'll start to talk about some rain so overnight tonight. yeah. here comes that from wandering in. there's your commute tomorrow morning about 08:00am talking about rain around the bay area. most vicious, fairly light. but i think it's going to go through and by the afternoon, we may actually see a little more sunshine by tomorrow
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afternoon. temperatures still going to be on the cool side highs generally going to be the 50's around the bay area that we're going to dry things out for the weekend. chance of rain, the middle up next week. all right, lauren, still ahead on kron, 4 news at 5 after criticizing the district for their handling of covid-19 testing. >> san francisco educators are sending a message in order to keep themselves and their students safe in the classroom.
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quickly those at-home rapid tests can detect. the omicron variant. >> the study looked at only a small group of people, but bay area, doctors say it shows that we have to take multiple steps to protect ourselves and others. kron four's. dan kerman report. >> a new study of 30 individuals finds most omicron cases were infectious for several days before being detected by at-home rapid antigen tests. using nasal swabs. >> pretty much everybody with the rapid tests eventually 10 positive. so it was people over time is just said initially the rapid test may be negative. the study has yet to undergo scientific review and ucsf infectious disease specialist. >> doctor peter chin-hong says he'd like to see a much larger study done. still, he says it speaks to the fact that one can't count on testing alone to protect themselves or others. >> for visiting grandma, for example, if you're worried about she's not boosted, for example, and you might have
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had a high-risk exposure. maybe you went to a big get a family reunion just visiting grandma to be safe. you might want to put that mask on you know, even if you've had a negative test. so that's what it tells me. jen, hong says those rapid tests may not identify all of those infected before they transmit the virus. >> but they remain beneficial because they still pick up the vast majority of people when they are most infectious. >> the study also found that pcr tests of saliva prove to identify omicron quicker. further studies are done and that's proven to be true. it's possible that we might have a day where there will be at home tests where you'll swab of the mouth and throat instead of the nose. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> still to come on kron, 4 news at 6 boy, this feels a lot like march of 2020. what we know about the latest cruise ship outbreak.
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>> and hawaii is making adjustments to their covid-19 travel restrictions. find out why it's going to be a little easier for tourist make their way to paradise. >> on the one-year anniversary of the january 6 capitol attack. some republicans are sharing a very different take than the president and democrats. i'm reshad hudson
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>> following president biden's speech to mark the january 6th
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events this morning, 2 republican lawmakers shared a very different take on that day. our washington correspondent reshad hudson reports. >> republican representative matt gaetz of florida and marjorie taylor, greene of georgia say they want to expose the truth about january 6 january 6 last year wasn't an insurrection. no one's been charged with insurrection. a year ago. gates and green joined fellow republican lawmakers in trying to overturn the 2020 presidential election by blocking the certification of the results. joe biden certifications still occurred on january 6, but we were deprived of the opportunity to make. >> arguments of the country about election integrity. green says since that day, trump supporters have been unfairly targeted and thrown in jail. this is a 2 tier justice system that should never exist in our country. >> she says the justice department should use the same energy to arrest rioters


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