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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  January 6, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PST

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well, tomorrow we're supposed to see yet another storm system make its way through the bay. tomorrow morning. we'll be tracking that. and as a result of that, we could see some snow up in the sierras. so we're looking for to a little more rain out there. current temperatures outside right now. santa rosa, napa valais whole conquer all low 50's there. you're looking at mid 50's in oakland, hayward and san francisco, san jose and the south bay palo alto, all mid to lower 50's. we're going to continue tracking that storm system that's set to arrive tomorrow. we'll have more coming up next. but for now, let's get back to our top stories. >> one year ago today. in this sacred place. democracy was attacked. simply attacked. will the people was under so. the constitution, our constitution. faced. the greatest threats. outnumbered
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in the face of a brutal attack. the capitol police. the dc metropolitan police department. the national guard. another brave law enforcement officials saved the rule of law. our democracy. we the people endured. we the people prevail. for the first time in our history. president. and not just lost an election. he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. as a violent mob breached the capitol. but they failed. they fail. on this day of remembrance is make sure that such attack never never happens again. >> that was president biden speaking live this morning from congress where that attack happened a year ago today on january 6 and many congress people are still
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traumatized by it and say that democracy is still on the line. >> today, in fact, maybe more than ever before. joining us now from oakland is east bay, congressman representative barbara lee to talk about that day and this new year moving for good morning. >> good morning. nice to be with. well, it's nice to be with you. and thank you so much for joining representative lee, you talk about >> your fears on that day and the trauma that you went through. >> but it's not over. tell me about what concerns you and haunts you. now. >> thanks. millions. a we will be commemorating january 6 that because this is somber day and a day for reflection, but also a day to recommit ourselves to the preservation of our democracy. and that's what each and every day because january 6 the peaceful transfer of power was almost or this was an attempted coup
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democracy. our democracy is fragile, very gradual. but we made it through its president. biden said. and so we have to strengthen our democracy. we have to move forward. we have to have hope and know that it can be done. but that's going to require all of us to really got to get to focus on where we are in this country. that's why i'm doing my pal this afternoon. hope people to my facebook live because we're going to talk about what is going to take to move forward and what happened on january 6? yes, i was there right on the floor. and, you know, i have to say sorry, and i'm sure the story before you guys a black american, my tennis, they're always up for a violence hostile cat. so that's unfortunately that's all i've been reading right wing blogs and and i know when we had enhanced security and i know something was going to go down, that people that know what never what happened. but because i was on the floor in the capital on 9.11, have to
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evacuate high heel shoes and it was difficult run on and so have high tuesday the to wear my tennis shoes. lo and we have to evacuate. i was on the floor or towed have to put our gas masks andahit the floor. then right before those mock that i got into speakers gallery. we were evacuated and this could have been a mass i mean, what an experience and >> here's the thing that i don't understand is normally i know, you know, about about trauma in terms of, you know, the work that you've done in the past >> and why i thought stuff like that brings people together, right? i kind of going through this traumatic experience. whether you're republican or democrat, you're next to somebody and you're all going through the same thing. and usually i thought that brings people together. but i'm hearing representative say no, we're farther apart than ever. how is that possible? >> i a couple shared the
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story, but how will right weighted into our and just those location. of there are many republicans who did not have mask start of this was the height of the covid pandemic. so many you know, contracted coronavirus during that period of evacuation. but secondly, republican members decided to pray to get on our knees and pray for safety. many of those republican members went back to the floor and voted not to accept the electoral college vote that president biden was the duly elected president and have a brace. the big lie yet there they were on the floor on their knees, praying and it that to me as a woman of faith was so so hypocritical. it was so tragic. but that just showed you in terms of racing, this cult like to an end and the trop perspective about the
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fact that he won the election, which is totally and so for me personally, i never had a lot of republican friends, but the very careful with the what of my friends who is a republican doc talked about close political prisoners and tell me why are we holding these political prisoners a hostage and day out? these are the ones who actually i attempted to kill people. and that is just so tragic with now, moderate republicans even are talking about these individuals in them out as political prisoners. well, and when president biden's build this morning, you can hear. >> he was and all wing and a prayer. let's all just sort of come together here really kind of fired up. i'm saying us and them we need to prevail and i know representative swalwell said this morning that he felt like this election. it was kind of like you want to mobilize. so it's it's more. i
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feel it's more divisive and going into this election to cause it feels like there's more. there's more at stake. there's more of a kind of a fighting feeling not not >> say as that is at stake let me tell you, this is a trump telling moment. and so as a democrat and hopefully some republicans that will step up, speak that or talk about what happened on january 6. talk about how fragile our democracy is and insist that we get the voting john voting rights advancement act passed as well as the freedom to vote act fast to stop this gerrymandered and really begin to insist that the democratic principles, which are our country, was founded, not prevail in this next election. and there are those who are trying not to allow that to happen. and we know what that means. that means the path to dictatorship, which is what some of these individuals and groups lot led by donald trump is open even wider. so this is a very dangerous moment for
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our democracy, but it will prevail. that is to take all of us to get in there and make sure we strengthen. will these elections in november. >> all right. thank you so much, congressman barr. billy, we appreciate you joining us. >> thank you. my pleasure. happy new year to you, too. >> 9, 0, 7, is the time right now. and as we were talking representative lee, there are a lot of traumatic memories that are triggered on this day. it has been a year since the riots and one person who has continued to be haunted by what happened is house speaker nancy pelosi who says that yes, democracy prevailed that day because everybody did return to the house after the rioters targeted her specifically and when they couldn't find her, they ended up trashing her office and taking over office. she says all of this did damage not just physically to the capitol, but 2 democracy as a whole. and she says it is important to remember that the insurrection failed.
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>> we won that night. michael c one that night. these people because of the courageous work of the capitol police and metropolitan police and others of they were deterred and their action to stop the peaceful transfer of power. it was a failure for them. it was a victory for democracy as we return to the capitol that night. 2, again, ratify the peaceful transfer of power. >> when it comes to what happened at the capitol as far as the capitol police and being prepared for this and outnumbered. well, she says she's confident that there have been enough improvements made to security at the capitol to prevent something like this from happening again. but she says that we still need to address the mindset that brought this about. >> we have to the attitude in the country. that violence is not a means to an end. that
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was long. that was wrong. but it is not just wrong that the congress is about violence against anyone in our country, some which all about the future. and the future is that america's resilience, america's greatness, america's. it's always prevail and that we will survive even. but we went through last year. >> the man pictured here putting his feet up on the speaker's desk. 61 year-old richard barnett is out on bail right now after spending more than 4 months in jail after the insurrection, a date for his trial has not yet been set. there are many events happening around the bay to mark one year since the attack on the capitol. there's going to be a rally this afternoon at 3 o'clock in san mateo, that is at 300 south el camino, real in front of bank of america. and then at 4.15, there will be an event at san francisco's civic center plaza
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at 4.30, castro valley is holding an event. napa is doing something at 5 o'clock to mark this day. and one of the biggest events to take place. this is going to be oakland and that one to 5.30, downtown at frank ogawa plaza. there's going to be a candlelight vigil there. mayor libby schaff is going to speak at the same time at 5.30, there's also another event in walnut creek. and that's on the corner of north main and mount diablo boulevard. >> its 9.11 and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news. covid is wreaking havoc at san francisco international airport. even more than the fog that you see here. we've got so many cancellations. they continue to build. and it's all because of covid, not the bad weather. so we'll have more on that. and then also i will bad weather is done a number on the roads. we all know that one bay area city people are so fed up with the potholes there fixing on themselves.
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>> 9.14 right now the developing story is the covid delays at nationwide airports including here at sfo. everybody is being affected. 1600 flights nationwide have been canceled and it's pretty much because either people are sick with covid-like flight crews, pilots, flight attendants, traffic tower. air controllers or they're affected because of you know, they have to be a five-day quarantine, at least. so this is affecting sfo and on a fog
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day, you'd see and i to 25 cancellations would be a pretty bad day. look at this 78 flights canceled and we look ahead to tomorrow. and we already know that there's about 35 cancellations set for tomorrow at sfo. so let me tell you want to if you've got a flight, you're going want to get on this ahead of time. rain and i were just talking about be proactive. know if your flight is canceled so you can make alternate plans. has the most cancellations. but what concerned me to ray oakland and san jose. and i'm always such a big fan of southwest. they've been put through the wringer to lot. 19 canceled. oakland, san jose, 20 delay flight to coming back. i was telling you i had to check what flight came next. right? say we're going to be on that on a later flight to just being proactive. checking all of that in advance. it's a good thing. yeah, you do. i know. a lot of the kids have to go back to college is next week or this week they're catching
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flights. so on just already going to be planning for that so i never thought i would say, gee, i wish it was just weather delays wrecked. we do wish that. but unfortunately we're seeing other issues today. the biggest delays in the fog. so live look at our east bay hills and you can see visibility is pretty low out there now tomorrow we're going to see another storm system. so things are going to clear out a bit. but throughout the morning, you can still see from the south bay up to the north bay throughout the east bay. we're definitely seeing low visibility around noon. that's going to clear out today. futurecast shows us that tomorrow morning, another storm system arrives stays around for just most of the morning. then clears out, potentially bringing with it some snow to the sierra. so we'll be tracking that as well. let's get a look at your highs today. so you have the fog. we are going to see sunshine at some point within the day, which is the afternoon. 54 in san francisco mid-fifties here in half moon bay in daly city. as you're traveling along millbrae and burlingame, san bruno, south
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san francisco, mid 50's upper 50's along the peninsula. there down in the south bay, san jose. 58 morgan hill. you're around. 57. so no fremont union city mid 50's and then in the east bay, you're see lower 50's. so renda the walnut creek, all 51. 52, 48 of the napa vacaville, you're 48 as well, santa rosa. 51 and mill valley. 51 there. we talked about that rain. it will get here tomorrow morning. so get everything done today if you can. and then tomorrow afternoon, we should clear out a bit into the weekend. we're also going to see clear skies over the weekend. also just a little warmer weather and the next week we see another system that brings with it rain overnight lows in the inland area, upper 30's to mid 40's and along the coast. you're looking at upper 40's throughout the week. daria. time to check winners and losers with our financial expert rob black. >> happy new year. all the haven't seen 2022. yeah. good morning. >> and to be here, we made it.
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>> made have we have we been able to survive the first week of the new year on wall street is a question. i admit i kind of checked out because i thought, well, all my worries are going affect in any way how we doing. >> like that i wish more big lie. that attitude because greed and fear is what most people up. stocks are tempting to recovery after 2 very rough day specially in various stocks like apple and amazon and google and facebook. maybe been sold for the first couple days. but now today people step in and looking for value in playing up the markets just a little bit to fighting day. it's not a sell off day, but and microsoft, all really attractive companies were earning no money. the fintech names, for instance, they're getting crushed as we're starting to say, let's buy companies are earning money. so this year, intel and cisco, old tech companies look better than some of the newer companies like apple and amazon for now. but will this
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note scared? the market yesterday, daryn, said basically said inflation is out of control and we're going to be more disciplined like your parents need to bed restricting you for speaking out for a month. then after a day or 2 to get your phone back. and after a week or 2 there, all been forgotten. so this looks worse for feels worse. and actually as what does it does, the job look worse than it feels it feels like nobody's going to work anymore. >> like it's still well people are getting fired, but people are quitting en masse. better. record number of people quit november. so this is probably be inflationary. get people back to work. you have to pay them more money, which again contributes to higher interest rates, which means more borrowing costs for you and me. more barn cost corporations and means companies are earning money or less attractive to companies are earning money. and speaking of borrowing. >> you're saying a lot of people over spent i guess that means they put their christmas gifts and stuff on credit cards. i did pretty well this year, but that's not the case. generally. >> yeah, the average pulled in about $1249 debt over the
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holidays. one in 3 americans that is pulled in that kind of that record spending. so usa, we're number one. we broke the record for holiday spending, but we also went into more debt to do it. sales were up 11 and a half percent. you know much about buy now pay later, daria. yeah, i think has like layaways say is the whole layaway idea which i hate to 21st century instead of saving money now, right and getting it later. you're getting it now and pay later. >> and a lot of americans are doing next come late fees that can come with higher interest rates come problematic but credit cards, it's better than credit cards. you're able to manage it. credit card ravaged annual percentage rates. the average american. 25 1% of us pay 20 per to 30% restraints. that's not all good. will we be going get with the buy now pay later. then if i don't pay going to come take my genes back. like whatever i bought my tv. >> your credit and charge a lot of fees and eventually
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late those the company's when i said fintech are getting hit hard right now. companies like affirm who do buy now pay later for the bigger credit card companies right there getting crushed right now because the use of a spotless record of millennials and millennials and i call them. jerry says always pay back. but now we're starting to worry will this time. >> well, one thing i like is okay. so you just this whole way of eating cheap where you pay now and then you eat the home on this taco bell deal. and now that sounds like it makes sense. >> yeah. so this is a wall street perspective on something that everyone will understand. taco bell's introduced a $10 unlimited one taco per day. get a taco lovers past. crunchy us off spicy potato and rios locos. i mean, it wanted big goal for talk about. let's get you in a lot. more sodas may be something else with that. the label a boy. so that's one of
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sure telling me an average month i'm going to get 30 tacos for the month for $10. >> i was a college student. i call this. yeah. >> as but as an investor, what it is, it's the same thing that panera panera. does unlimited coffee. unlimited $9. a month. that crushes what starbucks doesn't. if we're back in the work environment, there's been air close to. it makes a lot of sense. well, as the subscription, anyone who does subscriptions wall street really, really likes like spotify. really like because you could see that crane revenue on a regular game pass from microsoft, 9.99 a month seemed incredibly cheap. you get a lot of games but they get your for over $100 per year when average person spends about 60. so kind of like very important is jim idea where they get me to join like i'll join talk about join a gym and never show up. so like i'll give them $10 a month and really only going to call a month. is that what they're hoping? >> yeah. if i were to pay for an investment in a gem for
9:23 am
would you actually go? i don't think you actually for to pay for you to lose weight. i don't think you actually well, it's it's the people sign up but never use the subscriptions. one mass amount of money is made, right? all right. >> well, thank you, rob. appreciated. catch me up >> he'll answer it. if you e-mail him or reach him on facebook or twitter. so that's great. we're just tune in next great. we're just tune in next time. we'll be right back. when a truck hit my car, great. we're just tune in next time. we'll be right back. the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm, that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> 9.25 in the some residents in vallejo are so fed up with the poor road conditions that they're >> taking shovels into their own hands and doing something about the potholes. a man named david, our stellar junior is leading this movement and you can see them here. they're filling potholes in by themselves just doing it themselves. the past couple weeks. his group has fill the whole bunch of potholes on various roads and they plan to do more. marstellar is concerned this might the forced into a cease and desist, though, because really the actions are not going through proper channels, but despite that, he does saying i want to do something inspire change, to get some action from city leaders. and if this is it, this is that. >> there's a lot of smart people here in the i think there's enough that if we all got together, we can fix this city and and take it to the next level. that's the whole goal is just to make the community, realize that can get things done faster than asking city government to do
9:27 am
it. >> so they're sort up pothole pirates right doing it themselves. a raise more $1000 to get the asphalt that they need to go out there and patch up the potholes next week. they plan to fill dozens more. it's 9.26. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. some san francisco teachers are demanding a safer work environment. >> and they're calling in sick to bring attention to the problem. we'll have that and more when we continue.
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>> 9.29 and let's make it a happy new year, shall we? i mean, the weather's looking good. we get a little break today from the rain. i know the last half of 2021 was >> full of the showers and everything i thought he'd ever get dry again. but it's happening today exactly. i think today's a good day to get some things done. yeah, i'm going to try to clear my air list before it starts to rain again tomorrow. so we have a little break and now we're going to rain again and also the fog this morning. it's sticking around. that will eventually clear out later on into the afternoon. so that's the good news. that's when you can try to get some things out of the way. futurecast shows us tomorrow morning that rain makes its way through and then we have another break into the weekend. however, at the top of next week, we're going to see rain yet again. so enjoy the little pockets of sunshine in the brakes while you can get them currently looking at our temperatures right now, 50's across the map here for the north bay santa rosa
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nevado year. 52 and san francisco in the south bay, san jose down there. palo alto mid-fifties, antioch, livermore, concord, a little chilly out there. 51 just grab a jacket today. daria, back. yeah, i i agree. take advantage of the brakes. that's what i've been doing. it forget when i used to schedule a dog walk. if you see like this. >> look at the bay bridge coast is clear. you head out with the dogs. that's what i say or head to the bay bridge if you want, looks like nobody is there. does anybody work anymore? and you can see here, the richmond center fell bridge. i sorry, westbound. 92 on the right hand side 70 0, bridge, looking very light at this hour. i guess people are home extending a vacation, maybe their own with covid are quarantining. my gosh, gosh knows. that's been the theme here and during twenty-twenty to for sure and fat new this morning we had cruise ship that docked in san francisco this morning. and you can see it right here. this is the ruby princess. and so it comes back from a 10 day cruise to mexico comes back with covid. turns out a small number of passengers who didn't even
9:32 am
realize they had covid until they were tested because they're getting off and this go health said, you know, we need to do some tests. they l number had covid. and the last thing you want to do is step off a cruise ship and infect everybody. so what they're doing is and this was a vaxxed crusoe. well, almost 100% of everybody on board had been vaccinated. but as you know, you can still be asymptomatic, which was the case among these a small group passengers that tested positive. so what they're doing is they either have to go in their personal vehicles to their home where the court go into quarantine, where they're being taken to hotel rooms, coordinated in advance so that they will quarantine there so that they will not spread covid because we know that's what's going on. in fact, in san francisco, there are some teachers that are so fed up with the covid situation that they have now staged a sickout. they say that the district isn't handling the covid surge the way they should. they want more safety protocols in kron 4 sarah stinson is covering that live this morning. good morning, sarah.
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>> yeah, good morning, daria. some teachers in san francisco are completely fed up with the school district. they said they wished that they had created some kind of emergency plan to better handle this surge. and as you just heard, i mean, people are getting covid in every single industry. teachers are no exception. i just talked on the phone with a math teacher. she said she's going to chat with kron 4 after she sends her lesson plans to this sub who's taking over for her. it's going to be probably a pretty day for the school district having to kind of scramble to get enough subs. and this is on top of what happened yesterday yesterday over 620 teachers called out sick because they actually felt sick and has small symptom or they had exposure where they already tested positive. so looking for that many subs is not easy, but somehow the district kept schools open, calling enough substitute. teachers will see what happens today. but that math teacher said scott said in her lesson plan for the math class and then she's
9:34 am
going to participate in this sick out, which is just staying home and sending a big message saying we want things to change. what they want from the district is for them to provide daily disposable kn 95 and n 95 masks for all staff and students. they also want. >> very free and accessible, rapid testing available to all of the schools in the district. and they also want to continue ation of the 10 day paid sick leave for staff due to covid and covid vaccination related illnesses. the union gathered at the district building yesterday and they actually got for support from their demands from the school board. president. >> it's up us. the does not require a negative test for adults or children to return to school buildings yet. and does not have a vaccine mandate for poster mandate for adults. classrooms with students who don't have the necessary people and supplies we needed in order to safely learn anyone who knows teaching know these are not environment conducive to learning.
9:35 am
>> and the sick out is to all day today. all they're doing is calling in. but this is what the superintendent has responded, saying that they return from winter break. they encourage all to get tested, set up new testing sites and sent out numerous ways to get tested prior to school, reopening. the superintendent says this week they got the shipment of rapid tests from the state and those will be made available this week and next. and they plan on handing out masks as well. is it too little too late that something will have to continue to follow? there is a meeting today between the teachers union and the school district. what they're discussing the demands. i told you that they are asking for and we'll have to see if they come to an agreement. and if they don't, i wonder if this sick out or a strike will continue to go on. >> daria, but definitely a time when people are extremely they're trying to, you know, go to their job. but they want to be as safe as they can. and you try cram for we're say the
9:36 am
right thing at home. and now, this is not a this is not an issue that you know, just for schools are just airlines is really everybody scrambling to deal with who thought we do. so they're like, that's right. like goodbye. you know, the problems of 2021. >> and sir, you know, you talked about how it's hard to find testing. in other districts. remember before the kids in moran went on vacation, they were given the san francisco teachers are going. we're going to the test this week like other districts headed 3 weeks 2 weeks ago. yeah. >> yeah. they're saying why did this happen earlier? so i write will be cussing today. all right. we'll talk more about testing rolling out a in just a second and another live report. but first, the west contra costa unified school district. they announced that they're going to close all of their campuses tomorrow and monday because they've seen a covid surge during just the 2
9:37 am
days of school back all the school campuses in the district are now undergoing a deep cleaning and that's because kron the martin luther king junior elementary school doors in richmond. they had to close because they had a covid outbreak. so starting next week, teachers, staff members in the district are going to be required. they do that, the plane they have to wear kn 95 medical masks while they're at work before returning to class. that's next. tuesday, the students and staff are advised to get testing and lies to get to again. i it's great to advise another matter of where you gonna get the test. well, they've got an answer to that because there are thousands of free covid test being handed out this morning in dublin, the dublin unified school district has the covid tests. and you can just roll up and get him of it. all that easy. crawford's will trend has been following that. as i know there's been definitely a big line. look at all those cars will. is not as bad as what we saw at is.
9:38 am
>> 8 38. 45 so is so smooth that the transaction itself probably about 30 seconds or so you pull up and you can clearly see there's a parent there. you either have to have the student id. if you don't have your child even better if your child is inside and then you can tell them i have one or 2 kids. they go to the school district and they will hand it out. fact, let me quickly come over here. let's just see if we can talk to some of the parents. i me. this is channel 4 news. what do you think about getting the test? is it? >> we are for you. i know he's just a small line yeah, it's good. it's good that the school district is fighting this, but he had fled before the kids go into the very good. so they want the parents to have peace of mind that their child, this >> safe. and then the school district wants that child to be safe for a bigger picture because they don't want that child to infect the whole school. this is that fallon middle school and you can see a lot of parents showing up
9:39 am
walking up and then showing the id grabbing. >> their kids and 13,000 of them, actually, they were sent by the state to the dublin unified school district. so they're very hard to find at the retail stores. good luck with that. but the state has priority. they sent them here. this is going on until 3 o'clock. one day. only this is happening at fallon middle school, my location and then the other place is at dublin high school located at 8, 1, 5, 1, village parkway. yeah, either have to have your child with you. the student id, a report card and then after that, you can say one or 2 kids and then you can get yourself a kit. they are not demanding that your child comes back negative before going back to school on monday. but there recommending that you test or child. but 3 days out. and then if it's negative, all good to go. and then the other scenario because each box has 2 tests, then tester child after the first day of school. to see if
9:40 am
it's negative or positive. obviously positive. go see your doctor if it's negative. good to go. but this move run operation. but you know what? sometimes people get out of hand so often the distance right there. you can see the police officers in case anybody comes down positive for some anger issues, make sure that doesn't happen. >> now back that's not going help anything. it's not going anybody get a test. if you get angry about it. thank you so much. well, it is helping a lot of people know because you've been to the pharmacies. you know, that there few and far between finding those covid tests. 9.40, right now. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. you're a wild card spot. >> this is the final push. will jimmy g start? we'll take a look at the matchup against the rams. and fog in the forecast this morning. we get a break in the rain just to see it. we arrived back in the bay area again. we'll tell you when and how long it's going to t
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9:44 am
somebody fired into he's using his personal car. and it went through the window, the passenger side and hit him. he was driving alone. then he crashed into a guardrail. and then when officers arrived, they realized, oh, my gosh, this driver has been shot. and that's why he crashed. so they took him to the hospital. any guide there. his injuries. 28 years old. it has been a really terrible time, obviously for those who know him. >> yeah. according to the academy people, i'm highly motivated just a good. kind of a kind of a leader in the academy. so is this is tough for them. >> somebody, you know, starting off a new life, a new career. and there's actually an account now the police credit union for donations to help his family can imagine how they're grieving. you can get all the information about it on our website at kron 4 dot com.
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>> 9.47. on hall. i'm holding my breath. i'm still way. but that sunshine, right? it's getting a little. it's going wait just a little bit longer view. look close enough. you might be able to see it as you peek through the clouds here. we had clouds in the forecast all this morning tomorrow. yet again, another storm system
9:48 am
arrives. let's check out that visibility out there. still into the 10 o'clock hour, santa rosa, the north bay, the south bay pockets of scattered fog into the afternoon is when we're going to start to see some of that sunshine rollout and then we'll be able to get rest of the things done that we need to get done before that second storm system arrives again early tomorrow morning. so it's going to pass through it, supposed to be a weak system. so not too much to worry about there. however, if you are traveling up to the sierras, we're expect to see some snow with that system that just rolled through. so get things done today. and if you're traveling up there, you should probably do it before the stow. the storm rolls in. also looking at your highs for today across the map. we've been in the 50's a little warmer than at the start of the week when we were at 40's across the match. so santa rosa, 51 nevado low 50's there mid 50's in san francisco and oakland livermore. 48 so little chilly down in the south bay, san jose in mountain view all lower 50's.
9:49 am
let's get a look at our 7 day forecast. we have a break in the rain that's today and again tomorrow morning. we're going to be tracking that am rain that rolls in saturday and sunday into the weekend. a lot of sunshine and then another system makes its way into the bay area by next week, inland lows, 40's to upper 30's. and then along the coast, you're looking at temperatures in the 40's, daria, you the sunshine of right. bring it. bring it with the forecast in for john would be he'll be back monday. now to try make you proud. there's no traffic i was going scammers but fun to watch this. >> bay bridge, fine coast is clear. no accidents clearly. and this is an easy ride for a a except it hurt youropocket book about, you know, that's what all the bridges do. how about the sanity 7 box steep? how about the san mateo bridge? also pretty empty here. you know, i've only driven this bridge like twice in my life and once was an accident. i went there. in fact, i was like all know. haha, no and then i turned around richmond center fell
9:50 am
bridge. i kind of like this bridge. it's it moves pretty smoothly on a day like this when nobody is in your way. it's an easy ride for you. plus, roads are dry. so the look forward to. if you're taking a drive today, the golden gate bridge is not looking golden yet you can not even see the towers here is you're looking from san francisco up towards moran. i'm going to get out and that because you know what, at least dry enough to walk the dogs. and there's one to 3 for 10 cars. so pretty much alone. there in sports. are the forty-niners going make it? that's the big question we're going take on the rams in. this is a final push to the playoffs. so they got a win and then the warriors they want to win today. a bounce back from that loss. the head at them as last night kron 4 sports director jason dumas, 6 peak. >> well, after their game against the warriors, the dallas mavericks retired, the jersey of the best big man shooter of all-time dirk nowitzki. unfortunately for the dubs their best shooter who happens to be the best
9:51 am
shooter of all time. he just couldn't get it going. here's another great shooter. klay thompson getting ready for that probable return this sunday against the cabin will be in the building. 1st half jalen brunson. he uses the screen. yeah. one of the best float is in the league. just filthy. dallas up by 11 at the break. stepped is one of 10 in the 3rd quarter. look at dawn fit. he just a low to guard. luka had 26 points. but the dubs 23 run. capped off by this makes giving go stepped away guns back to staff. later on. want us gone and it's a fake the handoff and takes off. pride and joy, open right there. but then the they took control of this one. tough floater by tim hardaway junior you might recognize the name is 01:00pm see here in the bay area. back in the 90's. more
9:52 am
from 3 more for the mavericks that during finish any smith. 31. curry only finished with 14 points. warriors 99. 82 steph has not been shooting the ball. well, as of late, he talked about those struggled after the game. >> and was not going in >> body of of course, this year has been pretty. last stretch is not being great and even my >> so you just got to stick with the program. never been reactive in terms of tough shooting nights or whatever the same process and >> understand the big picture, what we're trying to do and what i'm trying 49 ers season is on the line this sunday. and as of now, no one knows who will be the starting quarterback. >> maybe kyle shanahan does. but either way, it's just not an ideal situation to be in with such a high intensity game. coming up, jimmy g e
9:53 am
through the practice. but he still acknowledge that there's some pain and discomfort in his thumb. trey lance got to start last weekend. it was all right. you pretty good, actually. but had some up and down play. the 9 is will be in los angeles taking on the rams. kyle shanahan said jimmy is comfortable he will get the start. but comfortable. that's a relative term. >> it's pretty good talk session yesterday. i just, you know, john, to get the motion back and everything i get feeling where i want to feel, i think way in to where we did definitely helped get him to this point. but i mean, i think each day's a new experience with it. so it's going to be mainly. >> on jimmy, a jimmy space and just talking to him and making sure he doesn't push it too hard to give him a chance for sunday. i'm trying to get back to my old notion words just, you know, fluid and everything like that. but >> just take some time. it's it's a process, but working in the right direction. >> let's hope they want to work in the right direction. so you make the playoffs and
9:54 am
the warriors want a win tonight against the pelicans because of what happened. so we'll be watching what happens that a 5 o'clock and then bigger than that game. >> it's sunday. we're thinking the klay thompson is when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> 9.56. the kron. 4 morning news almost over. but they never stop on kron on. 2 recent is in the newsroom with a preview. good morning. good morning, daria. and we are following up a looking back at the attack on the capitol last year on january 6, as you may
9:57 am
recall, 6 people died in the attempted insurrection and there still remains more questions and answers about the agenda surrounding that attack on the capitol at 10 15, we're going to be talking with the representative with the smithsonian, about the collection of artifacts. we're also tracking the closure of several schools in the bay area because of covid to see the stories and updates on local national headlines. grab your phone scan the code. we'll take you straight to the app story where you can download kron on for free. back to you, daryn. thanks a lot to reset and we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. starting at 04:00am for the friday edition. the kron 4 morning news ceiling.
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