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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  January 6, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PST

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alto, san carlos, san jose mid-fifties up in santa rosa nevado in san francisco. low 50's. so definitely morning you want to take your jacket. james. >> rain thank you very much. let's get you quickly caught up on what the bridges are looking like this morning. we've got an easy ride here on westbound 80. the bay bridge toll plaza camera showing us hardly any at the toll plaza. so great news for you. if you're heading into san francisco, it's a smooth ride for you this morning. we're also looking at nice conditions at the san mateo bridge to the south and spring up that camera here highway 92. it's the right hand side. that would typically be your commute direction. but it looks pretty even on both sides. easy, easy, way to slip into the peninsula this morning. we've got nice conditions. there were also looking at pro at pleasant conditions at the richmond. sandra fell bridge. you can see here it is a little bit more congested, but that's fine. nothing out of the ordinary. so just give yourself the normal amount of time. you typically take to get to work and you should make it across the span. and in the marin county just fine. and then a final stop for you this morning. we've got the
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golden gate bridge trout in fog. you can see the decks a little low clipping off the tops of the towers, but traffic wise on the road surface itself. you moving well from marin county, down into san francisco. >> one year ago today. in this sacred place. democracy was attacked. simply attacked. will the people was under so. the constitution, our constitution. faced. the greatest threats. outnumbered in the face of a brutal attack. the capitol police. the dc metropolitan police department. the national guard. another brave law enforcement officials saved the rule of law. our democracy. we the people endured. we the people prevail. for the first time in our history. president. and
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not just lost an election. he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. as a violent mob breached the capitol. but they failed. they fail. on this day of remembrance is make sure that such attack never never happens again. >> now, as president biden sort of sounding a battle cry for the next election, the midterms eric swalwell from livermore, the representative in congress says that sally, an important election, but if we don't get it right, he says it could be our last and feckless chat with him live right now. congress to swallow. joining us from dc. >> cars, but thank you so much for sharing some of your time with us this morning on this one-year mark a day that you were in the capitol, building yourself. i remember it. well. >> you know, i actually i started that day. i thought the most eventful thing was that i received my second
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covid vaccine and i was worried because i don't know if there be a side effect because i had i had to gavel us in at noon. so i gavel the session in at that morning and i asked the chaplain to offer a prayer for us as we ceremony, ali do. and that same chaplain just a few hours later as the mob descended on the capitol abruptly went back up to the same podium and prayed for the souls inside the chamber. and also it felt a little bit like a last rites for democracy and thankfully by the grace of god in the grip of the officers that day we were safe and democracy in dirt. but we're we're not out of the woods i'm afraid. yeah, but but representative i it seems like. >> you've talked about being haunted like you think about it every day and that you have. fears and regrets. i i if this is right. you're said. >> you actually kind of second guessing thought you shouldn't
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have left, even though you felt in danger. new evacuated, you kind of wish you hadn't. >> i hated that. i had to leave because it felt like we were treating and giving the capital over. to the mob. and that's the biggest regret that i've had and isn't a teacher manager. i have the opportunity to look at hundreds of different of the capital hours of surveillance footage. it was how large the mob was that had i or other state, we would have endangered the lives of the police officers who are protected us. but that doesn't mean. i liked leaving and that that still is the hardest emotions to deal with. is that we left the capitol for the mob. thankfully, you know, the officers helped us get it back. but i just hate the visual of lawmakers leaving the citadel of democracy and that yes, still just bothers me earlier, we heard from the
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president you probably saw his remarks as they were happening to at one point. he said great nations don't bury the truth. >> they face up to it and i'm curious, what does that mean to you facing up to the truth here? one year later? to me, it means that my republican colleagues. >> have to join adam kinzinger and liz cheney. and acknowledging what happened that day calling out the person responsible, too, incited the mob the mob at the capitol. that's the former a president and condemning political violence. we have to choose votes over violence. but i have colleagues in the house who routinely use violence or suggest that we need to use violence as a means of a political >> of carrying out a political will. and that's that's still concerns. so. >> until enough of us do that. all of us are at risk of this
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country of losing. it has a democracy and i'm not going to give up. i know republicans and democrats at home and i served with aren't going to give up. but we need more republican leaders to step up. but what do you mean when you say that it could be? >> our country's last election like you feel like this isn't just an important election. you feel like it could be the last and the quote was if we don't get it right. so i'm assuming you say if the republicans win somehow this will be the end of democracy. >> yes, i fear that there have been enough republican leaders who have either talked about using violent means. we saw this with congressman gosar. we see this with lauren boebert, marjorie taylor greene. many of them have face consequences in the house. madison cawthorn, a republican colleague recently said that there may need to be a second amendment solution to what's going on in our country, which implies, you know, taking up arms and militia against the c% government. so fear is that it democrats are not able to keep
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the house and keep the senate that republicans are of the mindset where they would never allow a peaceful transition of power again, if they were to the power. and they also if you look at what they're doing in georgia and florida and texas and arizona with the barriers they're putting in place on the way to the ballot box and in the process is they're putting in place after the vote that would allow the election results to be reversed. i'm very worried. -% and so that's why i'm encouraging everyone to check your registration status. and i will vote dot com. it's a non-partisan organization and register others to make sure that you participate in that votes be violence and this upcoming election, you know, you votes be violence. you you said that a couple times now, in fact, we heard from >> senator padilla here from california early this morning in his statements and he said that, unfortunately, in the wake of january 6 of last year, republican governors, this is his, quote, republican governors and legislators in the state after state after state of work to pass new voter suppression laws. and for a lot of folks that is the
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legacy of what happened on january 6. they've seen their voting rights road. how do you fix that going forward? that's right. that the wrong lessons were learned in many instead of looking at the courage that secretary of state raffensperger showed in georgia to certify the election result of someone he didn't vote for. >> joe biden, the georgia legislature in the georgia governor have just put in place a process and barriers to make sure that they would never have to certify an election for a democrat again. and so we are seeing the wrong lessons learned. and that's why we see the senate pass the john lewis voting rights act. it would require the department of justice to sign off on any changes that any states make to their federal election loss. and so you have to go through the department of justice's civil rights division and i imagine they would not be okay with many of the barriers that have been put in place. and so that falls in the senate. we've done the work in the house. we now need to put the pressure on the senate to to reform the
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filibuster to allow a voting rights to have a simple majority to pass. >> okay. so message today, one year since the attack is vote, vote and vote. yeah. you know okay. thank you so much. represent all of this morning. we appreciate it. >> time now is 8, 0, 9, and today will bring up a lot of traumatic memories for other lawmakers as well. capital employees. and that includes house speaker nancy pelosi. >> yeah, as you may remember, some of the rioters targeted her specifically and then when they couldn't find her, they trashed her office. you know, she says we won that night. won that night. these people. >> because of the courageous work of the capitol police and metropolitan police and others of they were deterred and their action to stop the peaceful transfer of power. they it was a failure for
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them. it was a victory for democracy as we return to the capitol that night. 2, again, ratify the peaceful transfer of power. >> pelosi says that she is confident that the capitol police have made improvements to security. so that nothing like this will happen at the capitol again, she believes in that. but she also thinks we still have to address the mindset that brought this about that brought thousands of people to descend upon the capital and refuse to accept that donald trump lost the election. >> we have to the attitude in the country. that violence is not a means to an end. that was long. that was wrong. but it is not just wrong that the congress is about violence against anyone in our country. some were told that the future. and the future is that america's resilience, america's greatness, america's. always prevail and
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that we will survive even. but we went through last year. >> and here you can see the man in the picture putting his feet up on speaker pelosi's desk. this is 61 year-old richard barnett. he's actually out on bail right now after spending more than 4 months in jail following the insurrection, a date for his trial has not yet. then set. >> and today there are several events being held around the bay to mark one year since the capitol riots is going to be a rally in san mateo at 3 o'clock this afternoon. this is in the 30300 south el camino, real right in front. >> of the bank of america know that also be a rally at 4 15 today at san francisco's civic center plaza events are also scheduled in castro valley at 4.30, and up in napa at 05:00pm. organizers say that one of the biggest events is going to be held in oakland. that will be at 05:30am tonight. it's going to be held downtown at frank ogawa plaza. they'll also be a candlelight vigil there. and mayor libby shaft is actually scheduled to
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speak. >> and there's going to be rally at the corner of north main street and mount diablo boulevard and walnut creek. and that's happening also at 5.30. and we're going to continue covering the attacks this morning on the anniversary, as you heard, we spoke with representative swalwell. we're going to speak in the 9 o'clock hour with congresswoman barbara lee d about her thoughts about what haunts her about what her determination is now moving forward in 2022. so stay tuned for that. it's a 12 right now. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news. >> what's holding us in 2022? covid still and it is doing more than a number on sfo and other airports around the whole country. worse than the weather. and you can see this foggy shot its covid cancellations were going to have the very latest for you. there. and also after the break, we're going to show you how people in one bay area city are repairing bad roads
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talk to your child's eczema specialist about dupixent, right now who thought james will be wishing for the good old days when it was fog that delayed things and write instead of a pandemic. right? yeah. the latest surge of covid wreaking havoc. there will be touching base that story throughout the morning. the weather though. >> you think would be the bigger factor. but it's not, although it is a little foggy
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out there. and yeah, yeah, it is foggy out there, but that's not what we're seeing. a lot of cancellations. a lot of those are due to covid. but if you're driving today, you're going to see pockets of fog like outside right now. and it's not just in the east bay. it's all across the bay area. so the south bay. >> san jose napa up in north bay viera over the east bay and along the peninsula as well. that's going to stick around at least until noon and then we're going to start to clear out. then you have more sunshine in your day. tomorrow mornin though, another storm system. remember, we have one monday at the start of the week. we have another one tomorrow morning and we potentially could see some snow up in the sierras. so we're going to be tracking that for you as well. let's get a look at your highs today. 50's across the map. a little warmer than yesterday as well. mission district. you're 56, half moon bay mid to lower 50's down there south san francisco york. 55 foster city mid 50's down there as you're traveling to san jose. 57 58 down in morgan hill. look at that. dublin
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pleasanton. so no all mid-fifties fremont. 56 and the east bay lower 50's. so berkeley moraga renda all in the low 50's up here in vacaville and fairfield, a little cooler. upper 40's. so 49 and then down in a bottle, 50 stinson beach. you're at 49. we get a break in the rain that's today doesn't last long because rain is back here again tomorrow morning. early and the weekend. we're pretty dry in the next week. yet again, we're expecting some rain in the forecast inland overnight lows, mid 40's, upper 30's and then the bay along the coast. you're looking at 40's into the 50's, james. all right. thank you very much, >> quick check of the bridge is now. the bay bridge toll plaza has been like this all morning long. lucky you nary a backup to see here. and it's been that way since 04:00am when we came on the air. so it's an easy ride westbound 80 in the san francisco out of oakland. we're also looking at pretty nice conditions at the san mateo bridge to we really haven't seen it get much heavier than this on the
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westbound side. the right hand side as you commute out from the east bay towards foster city and the greater peninsula. all's well there, the only slower spot for us has been the richmond, sandra fell bridge. but looking here, it's gotten a lot lighter now. so it's an easy commute as well for you on west bound 5.80, as you make your way from richmond out towards marin county. and then, of course, the southbound right on 1, 1, across the golden gate bridge and other major corridor in the san francisco has been nice and easy all morning long. and that continues to be the case, which you could say the same for airports. yeah. >> nary a flight is taking off. james who says mary, you can't say he's that's a christmas. they bring it, bring it strong and 23 in the but so, we get the mice scurrying, there's no flights scurrying and it's not because of the weather. it's because of covid. we've talked about this. it's been a domino effect within seen it for like the last week. james ware, because the protocols and people get sick. flight crews, pilots, tsa and air traffic
8:19 am
controllers all across the country. yeah, across the country. so sfo will mean the weather has just socked in. but covid is way worse than that. a special for united, which is based here. we're seeing the bulk of cancellations, but it's going up just in the last hour from 74 76 flights just outright canceled at sfo. >> and that's an increase from our last check. oakland also has gone up a couple. it was 17. now it's 19 san jose still holding steady. but it's 26 flights canceled, which is more than they typically see ever. so it's kind of a nightmare situation. and we we took a deeper dive. our producer, richard, the moves. what airline is suffering the most it's a southwest southwest are open in southwest san jose and oakland, right? i mean, i know like i know. >> my kids, college kid, lot of college kids are trying to travel this week back to school. and if you have a flight, you want to sign up for those text alerts. they say the airlines have been pretty good about texting on amish notice to give you to say your flight is canceled because they just can't get it off the ground without people
8:20 am
running it. right. so hopefully you're not impacted. but odds are you might be in some way. 8.19, is the time. all right. let's take you to the north bay right now where some residents and filet o r. >> fed up with the potholes in the city. so there filling them up on their own and they're taking matters into their own hands. david marr, stellar junior is a resident there. he's actually leading a movement to fill these very potholes in valais on fact, over the past couple of weeks, he and his group have filled a handful of these potholes so far. yes, he's a bit concerned. the a crackdown and issue a cease and desist order because they aren't exactly going through proper channels. but that's the problem. the frustrated the proper channels aren't getting the action done. so they're hoping by taking the reins themselves, they will spur some action from city leaders. >> there's a lot of smart people here in the i think there's enough that if we all got together, we can fix this city and and take it to the next level. that's the goal is just to make the community, realize that can get things done faster than asking city
8:21 am
government to do it. >> our stellar has raised more than $1000 to get more asphalt to patch up the streets. in fact, he says he and the group plan to fill dozens of potholes come next week. >> sad day on the roads in the south bay, san jose. police investigating a fatal hit and run a bicyclist was killed. it happened around 7.30 last night. the bicyclist was in the area of queens lane and old bayshore highway when they were struck and killed, died at the hospital. it's the city's second fatal collision involving a pedestrian or bicycle us this year. >> a 21 is the time we'll take a break. but still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news. teachers now demanding a safer working environment as they're getting ready to participate in what they're describing as a sickout. we'll explain.
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>> a 24 and will it's the new year. so hollywood's awards season is supposed to be around the corner, but is it? yeah, with coronavirus it's already canceling a lot of the awards shows the golden globes that ceremony was supposed to be sunday in beverly hills and it's looking like. forget
8:25 am
everything rick chambers is going to show as the new way that we're going to see awards or not. >> everybody was hopeful the 2022 would be different. unfortunately, that's not the case for some of the entertainment world's biggest awards show. >> the 64th grams will not air is planned at the end of the month. the recording academy saying in part. >> the health and safety of those in our music community, the live audience and the hundreds of people who work tirelessly to produce the show remains our top priority. given the uncertainty surrounding the omicron variant holding the show january. 31 simply contains too many risks. the grammys are essentially 3 and a half hour long televised concert. >> they want to place where nominees will feel comfortable to perform live. it's a real special that arguably amongst the best of the award shows and now it's sort of back to the drawing. >> the same is true for the critics. choice scheduled for
8:26 am
this sunday but now definitely. >> beyond before the academy awards, the exact date still to be announced. but my assumption is it will be in mid-march. the golden globes will be handed out this sunday at the beverly hilton, but it won't be televised nor will there be an audience or red carpet? >> i think there will be a press release at the end of whatever it is that they're going to do announcing their winners. a lot of people did not submit for golden globes. they're hoping for a much brighter future in 2023. i think that >> remains an open question. the screen actors guild awards are still a goal for february 27th and the 94th oscars are still on for the following month. >> but that could change if the surge worsens. >> it is a huge deal to be a grammy nominee. it is significant to be a critics choice or oscar nominee. and i think people want to celebrate their good work and they want to celebrate in the way they traditionally know how. >> but all that adoration is going to have to wait a while until the covid numbers go
8:27 am
back down. even the nfl is making contingency plans to move the super bowl out of so fight if the virus numbers rise. >> yeah. and you care about the super bowl and i care about sundance. forget sundance. 2 test of wills going to be all virtual. we'll be right back.
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>> 8.29 right now. i feel echo hello and it just feels like traffic is you know, we're so far away that i feel j lo the thing so we can feel connected. >> there you go. powers activate. there's a throw for all right. anyway, close as we can get this. let's get over to the weather center >> we're kind of see a wait and see period with the rain. all right. next to you know, you has writing letters and sending them message of patients covid. going to be a. >> i could add. yeah, we could send a bird to the for today. we're seeing a lot of patchy fog on your morning commute that will stick around too much longer, though, because come the mid-afternoon conditions are going to clear out and then you'll have sunshine. it's not until tomorrow morning friday that are so second storm system of the week moves to the bay area, bringing with it to the potential snowfall to the sierras. we'll be keeping a close eye on that. if you're traveling up there, today's the day to do it before that storm system tomorrow morning.
8:31 am
current temperatures outside right now in the bottle, san francisco, half moon bay follow all to all low to mid 50's napa. pretty chilly up there of allay conquer. >> low 50's upper 40's livermore. 51 fremont. 53. we're going to talk about when that second storm system arrives after the one we see tomorrow, we get a little break and then it's right back. raining again, james, as okay. and that should impact the morning commute tomorrow. we'll see how much it does. >> for the moment, though, things look great. if you're in oakland heading to san francisco, well, you've got no problems at the bay bridge. looks like the ride is on your side. westbound 80 smooth through the toll plaza. easy across this man. i imagine tumble weeds, tumble kind of like it hardly anybody out there. nary a person out there. all right. let's get to the san mateo bridge where, again, look at this. it's actually got lighter here in the last half hour with traffic on westbound i-90 to move in just well from freeman are not fremont hayward out foster city and the rest of the peninsula. let's jump to the north. we had an earlier issue with the richmond center
8:32 am
fell bridge toll plaza. but that backups all gone. it's an easy right now as you make your way from richmond out towards sandra fell. and for those of you in marin county looking to make your way down across the golden gate bridge in san francisco, but looks like the traffic is working with you this morning. lot of space between the cars. no back up at the top. i don't care how many times you say merry. you cannot bring back. that make it a thing not happening. covid still around, though. that's a big problem. and says go, teachers are staging a sick out to bring attention to covid safety. that's how concerned they are. they say they are upset with the district for how >> they've handled the surge. so far they want more safety protocols in place. kron 4 sarah stinson is actually following the story for us in san francisco. good morning, sarah. >> yeah, good morning school. the school district here in san francisco hit hard by this major surge in omicron cases and the school district teachers, some of them in the union. there are very frustrated with how the district has dealt with this, saying that there was no real emergency plan in place. some
8:33 am
of them thinking that was new in a good idea to go back to in-person classes. will we have this many cases and omicron spreading like crazy. and so that's why today they're holding a sick out. we'll see some teachers calling out sick even though they're not sick to really just make a statement. this is on top of what has been going on this week, which includes yesterday over 600 san francisco teachers who actually called out sick due to symptoms or exposure. you know, you're not going to work with a running nose anymore. and so yesterday was a scramble as the district got enough subs to keep schools open. we'll see what happens today this morning is probably a little chaotic. teachers want the district to provide daily disposable kn 95 or n 95 masks for all staff and students. they also testing weekly testing to be more accessible and they want free rapid testing available for all. they also want to continue ation of 10 day paid
8:34 am
sick leave for staff due to covid or covid vaccination related illness. the union gathered at the district building yesterday and had support with their demands from school board. president. >> wsp does not require a negative test for adults or children to return to school buildings yet. and does not have a vaccine mandate for poster mandate for adults. classrooms with students who don't have the necessary people and supplies we needed in order to safely learn anyone who knows teaching know these are not environment conducive to learning. >> the superintendent has responded saying as they return from winter break, they encourage everyone to get tested. set up new testing sites in sent out numerous ways to get tested prior to school. reopening this week. the superintendent also says they got the shipment of rodman tested the rapid tests from the state. and those will be made available this week and next week, they also plan on handing out masks to in the next coming days. but i guess teachers are just saying.
8:35 am
>> they had too little too late. and so today, this sickouts happening, they want it to be in at the same day as meeting that's between the school district and the union there. we discussing some of the demands. i just i just mentioned, but the teachers really want to be put into place. so we'll see what comes of also, see how schools are fairing this morning with the teachers were actually second in the teachers who are doing the sick out. stand by as we continue to follow this and waiting to hear back from one of the teachers that organized the sickout. back to you. yeah. get the now and they're saying is >> too late when you need last week. it's still hard to find test. thanks so much, sara. >> a 35 to time. let's head over to the east bay were big story there. we've got the west contra costa unified school district announcing that they're going to be closing all of their campuses tomorrow. and next monday because of this covid surge that we're dealing with. so during those 2 days, all of the school campuses are going to be undergoing a deep cleaning. this move comes
8:36 am
after we learned doors at martin luther king junior elementary school in richmond are closed after a covid-19 outbreak. there. so starting next week, teachers and staff in the district are going to be required to wear kn 95 medical masks while they're at work. and before returning to classes next tuesday, students and staff are again going to be encouraged to get tested. yeah. where you're going to get tested. that's the question. well, there is a place in the east bay, thousands of free covid test. >> are being handed out by the dublin unified school district. and there is a traffic jam yet part of an effort to try and encourage students to get tested before they come back to class kron. four's will tran on the story for us live in dublin. looks like we've got some activity there behind you will. >> those tests of the hottest items in america, you probably will not be able to find it at the retail stores, but the state they sent it to the dublin unified school district. and you can see these are the volunteers. they have handfuls of them. 13,000
8:37 am
altogether that they plan to pass out today and the lines they actually started at around 7 in the morning and they didn't officially pass it out until 8.30. so this line is so bad that it actually wraps around the other side down to the other main street. we have police officers actually on hand just in case somebody tests positive for some anger issues and frustrations. they want to make sure that it is a peaceful thing. garza pulling up there, 2 lanes. that is the school superintendent chris funk. and he's out here passing it out. let's interview him. why are you doing this or was it so important for the dublin unified school district to pass off his test? it's extremely important because our first interests is to protect the health and safety of our staff, students and their families. and what a great opportunity to give them an opportunity to do a rapid test at home. let's go over there. and now just see as you're doing it. they have requirements. your child has
8:38 am
to go here something that you got it. thank you so you're welcome. yes. so he said his son is in the back of that. you have your son. you have either a student id or the report card. so it definitely has. >> to do with this unified school district. otherwise they will not pass them out. this is one location. this is at fallon, middle school. the other location is at dublin high school school is not back until next monday. they're passing it out. now. not demanding that you prove that your child is negative, but they're encouraging. you to go ahead and take the test 3 days before classes resume just to see if he or she is safe. and if you possibly can as well because each kit to test in it that you can test it, say the day after they come back to school on that particular afternoon just to see if that is negative. if you're positive by all means get checked out by your doctor and then also to quarantine. but i got to tell you, these tests,
8:39 am
this reminds me of willie wonka. people are showing up so long that the lines are wrapping around. this is like the golden ticket the items in america right now. back to share our all right. thanks a lot. we'll important to keep testing so we don't spread it. >> 8.39 on the clock. we're going take a quick break. but still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news. real talk football. the forty-niners still trying to secure a wild-card spot as they make their final push to the playoffs. we're going to hear from the team ahead of sunday's matchup against the rams will be right back.
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>> 41 right now and 10 days before was supposed to expire in california, the indoor mask mandate is here to stay until at least february 15th because the state officials say that said we just can't afford to keep spreading covid. they re evaluated the data and they'll do that again as the day gets closer again to decide what they're going to do and whether or not they're even going to drop it after february. this announcement is because as we've been talking about, we have noticed a huge spike in the number of covid cases. hospitalizations admissions are up there, but 8.4% up just overnight. so they're more than 8,000 people in the hospital. now, 1800 out of state medical professionals are being brought in to help the hospitals deal with the search. >> the omicron is here here
8:43 am
now and you can abandon the tools that we've used to achieve our collective success. >> and that doctor has it for now. a closing are putting limits on businesses is not something that they're discussing doing. in fact, as you know, they've changed cdc rules as far as the 10 day quarantine now down to 5 with, you know, various caveats and about wearing masks and good news. if you have kids and they the way to get a booster because the cdc is changing that to they're going to be allowing kids. they're as young as 12 to get the booster from pfizer. the cdc's director has approved the panel's recommendation so we should see that become official. i'm very soon. they've got the western states scientific safety review work with that has to now make the final recommendation in california. and then the kids that are 12 and up can get the covid boosters that they have been waiting for to provide a little more protection. 43 and we'll be right back.
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>> 8.46 right now i have and didn't need the big boy this morning. no, you did. yeah, it wasn't that old. >> in the 50's i think for most of the bay, we've got with the actual numbers for us yet. it didn't feel quite as chilly this morning it wasn't quite as chilly, but we do see fog out there. that's been on our morning commute all throughout the morning.
8:47 am
>> our east bay hills, and you can see just a few of the trees down there, but you can't really see. >> much of the city because of that fog. low visibility sticks around. it looks like we're almost out of that here throughout the morning. we've seen that. it's going to clear out, though, into late afternoon and then we'll start to get sunshine in our forecast, which is really good news. our futurecast shows a lot of clouds within. it also shows another storm system that's going arrive tomorrow early morning and that also bring with it some snow to the sierra. so if you are traveling up there, you're gonna want to leave ahead of that. so today i would not leave tomorrow because of that rain that you're going to see. in addition to that, you know, we've seen a storm system at the start of the week. we have another one that arrives tomorrow. and then we can also look for to one next week. so we get a little break into the weekend. your weekend is going to be much drier. so that's the good news there. highs for today. we're in the 50's across the map. just livermore morgan hill that are a little less than that at 48. but napa home a bottle knaw valley. 52
8:48 am
respectively. mid 50's for san francisco in the east bay freemont oakland, concord, low 50's and up in santa rosa. 51 52. that's where we saw that storm and that rain on wednesday. let's get a look at your seven-day forecast for you, ok? so we get a break. dry conditions today. that doesn't last long friday rain arrives yet again. we talked about the potential for snow and the sierra and the weekend you're seen partially cloudy conditions with sunshine. nonetheless, we make it into the weekend. and then next week, rain again, looking at our inland lows, 40's, upper 30's, a little chilly there along the coast. just have a jacket with. you are looking at mid 40's. james. okay, rana, thank you very much. we are checking some nice conditions here at the bay bridge. >> which been like this all morning long. so good for you. if the bay bridge was part of your morning commute odds are you made it to to your destination in san francisco without too much of a slowdown at all. as you can see, there's a lot of free room
8:49 am
between the cars on a room out there. the san mateo bridge also flowing. well, we've got a westbound conditions there on the right side, moving at the limit. no problems as you make your way from the east bay out towards the peninsula. we're also seeing the same for the richmond center fell bridge arispe commuters headed across that span on west bound 5.80, aren't seeing much of a slowdown at all at the toll plaza and nothing on the span. so it's a smooth commute into marion county. and then finally, our last stop for the golden gate bridge volume picking up. but you're still moving well, as you make your way from the north side of the gate down into san francisco. do you jimmy g's move in? i think he's moving well, james, hopefully it's all about that thumb. if he can get it to feel right, maybe he'll start on sunday that's what they're hoping the forty-niners get ready >> to play the rams. this is a final push to make the playoffs and the warriors to also try to bounce back today. the kind of drop one to the mavericks last night. but that's all right. from 4 sports director jason dumas says all it. >> well, after their game against the warriors. the
8:50 am
dallas mavericks retired, the jersey of the best big man shooter of all-time dirk nowitzki. unfortunately for the dubs their best shooter who happens to be the best shooter of all time. he just couldn't get it going. here's another great shooter. klay thompson getting ready for that probable return this sunday against the will be in the building. 1st half jalen brunson. he uses the screen. yeah. one of the best float is in the league. just filthy. dallas up by 11 at the break. stepped is one of 10 in the half 3rd quarter. look at dawn fit. he just a low to guard. luka had 26 points. but the dubs 23 run. capped off by this given go stepped away, guns back to staff. later on. want us gone and it's a fake the handoff and takes off. pride and joy of these open right there. but then the they took control of this one.
8:51 am
tough floater by tim hardaway junior you might recognize the name is run tmc here in the bay area. back in the 90's. more from 3 more for the mavericks that during finish any smith. 31 curry only finished with 14 points. warriors 99. 82 steph has not been shooting the ball. well, as of late, he talked about those struggles after the game. >> and was not going in >> but it of course, this year has been pretty. last stretch is not been great. and even my >> so you just got to stick with the program. never been reactive in terms of tough shooting nights or whatever the same process and just. >> understand the big picture, what we're trying to do and what i'm trying to forty-niners season is on the line this sunday. and as of now, no one knows who will be the starting quarterback.
8:52 am
>> maybe kyle shanahan does. but either way, it's just not an ideal situation to be in with such a high intensity game. coming up, jimmy g e through the practice. but he still acknowledge that there's some pain and discomfort in his thumb. trey lance got the start last weekend. it was all right. you pretty good, actually. but had some up and down play. the 9 is will be in los angeles taking on the rams. kyle shanahan said jimmy is comfortable he will get the start. but comfortable. that's a relative term. >> it's pretty good talks yesterday. i just, you know, john, to get the motion back and everything i get feeling where i want to feel, i think way in to where we did definitely helped get him to this point. but i mean, i think each day's a new experience with it. so it's going to be mainly. >> on jimmy, jimmy space and just talking to him and making sure he doesn't push it too hard to get chance for sunday. i'm trying to get back to mild motion words just, you know, fluid and everything like
8:53 am
that. but >> just take some time. it's it's a process, but working in the right direction. >> they jail and there's only one direction. there's one big chance for the 9 or so. works out for them. and then, of course, the warriors to, as we said, they're facing the pelicans tonight, tipoff at 5 o'clock. but people are looking beyond that to sunday, right? oh, yeah. want to see of clay is going to plan a looks like he is seen. looks like you can't afford
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> 8.55. well, actually, coming up on a 56 now and in the next hour, the big story this morning. this is one years since the deadly attack on the u.s. capitol. we're going to hear a message from president biden on this day and we'll also have reaction from bay area lawmakers to including bay area. congresswoman barbara lee rigby chatting with her live this morning and we'll talk more about why we should never forget what happened on that day and what we need to learn day and what we need to learn from it. we'll be right back. - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news. at know. >> good morning. it's so great to be back with you. in the new year, january 6th, i'm darya we're all back but not quite together were and are sealed little areas here in the studio because covid is back. it. it never left but at least we're getting a break in terms of the rain and is here with a look at that. good morning. good morning, daryn. so glad to have you back. feels like the team is almost all here with the exception of john meehan off today. >> we're looking at your forecast for the morning and fog has been there from the start of the morning and that's going to stick around at least until noon. a live look outside of the east bay hills. and as you can see, you
9:00 am
barely can't see a thing. well, tomorrow we're supposed to see yet another storm system make its way through the bay. tomorrow morning. we'll be tracking that. and as a result of that, we could see some snow up in the sierras. so we're looking for to a little more rain out there. current temperatures outside right now. santa rosa, napa valais whole conquer all low 50's there. you're looking at mid 50's in oakland, hayward and san francisco, san jose and the south bay palo alto, all mid to lower 50's. we're going to continue tracking that storm system that's set to arrive tomorrow. we'll have more coming up next. but for now, let's get back to our top stories. >> one year ago today. in this sacred place. democracy was attacked. simply attacked. will the people was under so. the constitution, our constitution. faced. the greatest threats. oumb


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