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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  January 6, 2022 5:00am-6:01am PST

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station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news >> and i returned and jack how wow i love. has it been that long? this is my holiday rebellion. i don't want my vacation to and some hanging out of this probably for another week or it will clean man and folks at home, you're probably noticing little different set up here where the brady bunch. yeah, obviously i change with the latest surge. i go to calls. have everybody spacing out even more than we were before. so we're about enter the studio. haidar. what is it? 20 feet? i would say more than that letter. dia, 50, whatever. we're live on the site been going. it hasn't been covid. i won't get anybody plus medically sealed in these boxes. even reyna has are a little is have you back. and that's kind of like that's kind of cute. like how brady bunch >> hey, you know, we a lot of rain at the start of the week
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and today we're getting a much needed break. not for long, though, because rain is going to turn to the forecast tomorrow. a live look outside right now in san francisco. and we've had patchy fog all throughout most of the week and this morning on your commute. that's what you're going to run into as you're out traveling. so friday morning we have another system rolls through the bay area. if you're going to be in the sierras, we could potentially see more snow up there. so if you're traveling up, the i'd say today is the best day right now our current temperatures across the bay area low 50's in napa. santa rosa nevado san carlos palo alto, san jose in the east bay, albeit 50's. >> we'll have a look at your 7 day forecast. so you can plan your week ahead. darya and james, back to you both. all right. a quick check of the bridges before we get back to the news. >> starting off of the bay bridge approach. yeah. volume still nice and low. picking up. maybe just a touch, but you're still making through the toll plaza and in the san francisco, without any delay at all, westbound 80 here looking great westbound. 92 also looking good. the san mateo bridge. it's those tail lights that your commute
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direction and traffic is moving at the limit. nothing really getting in your way there. we've also been tracking your west bound 5.80, right across the richmond. sandra fell bridge and that's been nice and light all morning. so all's well so far we prepared typically don't expect things really start picking up to maybe the 7 o'clock hour or so. you've got a little bit of time. you're one southbound right across the golden gate bridge also moving smoothly. the chp has been up and down one on one from santa rosa down a san francisco. they haven't found anything yet to get in your way cross over him since january 6. you know what that means? it is been one year exactly. now since the deadly attack on the u.s. capitol and a lot of lawmakers >> well, they're still thinking about what happened that day saying it's a day our country should never forget and something we should learn from. washington correspondent basil john, in dc this morning with the very latest. >> as law enforcement and lawmakers look back on january 6th, the emphasize the importance of strengthening in uniting the country and holding perpetrators accountable.
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>> the actions we have taken far will not be our last a year since the attack on the capitol. and attorney general merrick garland says more than 300 people have been charged with felonies. >> in connection to january 6th, many for assaulting officers and many for corruptly obstructing or attempting to obstruct an official proceeding. >> garland promises his department will hold every person involved accountable and many lawmakers like missouri republican senator roy blunt share that sentiment. >> everyone who took part in that attack, that attack should be prosecuted based on there actions and plans blunt and other members of congress applauded capitol police for what they did that day. >> capitol police chief tom manger said the department has made drastic improvements to make sure this doesn't happen again. that january 6 taught us anything. it's that preparation matters. senate democratic leader chuck schumer stressed the importance of remembering the cause for the attack. the biggest threat to our capital,
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our capitol police and our democracy. >> is the insidious sin city is motives stemming from the big lie. propagated by the former president and many of his republican allies. >> the white house says president joe biden will blame the former president for what happened a year ago and the threat he poses to the country. donald trump canceled his event for today in mar-a-lago but promised a sea of supporters later this month reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> well, today will certainly bring up a lot of traumatic memories for lawmakers and capitol employees. and that includes house speaker nancy pelosi. yeah, i remember some of the rioters targeted her and when they couldn't find her. >> they trashed her office. she says there was damage valley down to the capitol, but to democracy as well. and she says it's important to remember that the attempted insurrection was not successful. >> we won that crusie won that night. these people because of
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the courageous work of the capitol police and metropolitan police and others of they were deterred and their action to stop the peaceful transfer of power. it was a failure for them as for democracy as we return to the capitol that night. 2, again, ratify the peaceful transfer of power. >> pelosi added while she's confident the capitol police have even made enough improvements now to security to make sure that nothing like this happens again. we are she says still need to address this mindset that draw at these riders to the capital in the first place. now. >> we have to the attitude in the country. that violence is not a means to an end. that was long. that was long. but it is not just wrong that the congress is about violence
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against anyone in our country, some which all about the future. and the future is that america's resilience, america's greatness, america's. it's always prevail and that we will survive even. but we went through last year. >> well, you see the man pictured here putting his feet up on speaker pelosi's desk. he's 61 year-old richard barnett is actually out on bail right now after spending more than 4 months in jail following the insurrection, a date for his actual trial has not yet been set. >> happening today, several events are going to be held across the bay area to mark one year since the capitol attack. yeah, organizers say that one of the biggest events will be held in oakland at 05:30am, tonight. >> it will be held downtown at frank ogawa plaza. they will be a candlelight vigil there. and mayor libby shaft is also scheduled to speak and it's going to be another rally in san mateo that one to 3 o'clock this afternoon. it's at 300 south el camino, real. that's right. in front of the bank. america building. well,
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rally will also be held at the corner of north main street and mount diablo boulevard out in walnut creek. that gets underway at 5.30. we'll also be a rally for 15 at san francisco's civic center plaza. just a couple of those events to go down. events will also be held at the castro valley and napa area as well. and james, i are going to be with you all to remember what happened on january 6 the year ago as well. president biden, he's going to be speaking. >> at 6 o'clock. so within the hour, we're going to bring that to you live as soon as it happens. and then in the 8 o'clock hour, we hope you stick around because we're going to be live with the east bay congressman eric swalwell to talk about what he remembers of that day and how we can move forward. 9 o'clock. we're going to talk to congressman barr, billy, about the insurrection. >> yeah. another big story today in san francisco. we have some teachers staging a sick out to bring attention to covid safety as if another
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people, but people aren't sick. right? teachers, students, parents, maybe some of you. the is they say not handling this covid surge very well. they want to bring attention to safety protocols for sarah stinson. joining us live in the city with the details on all of this. sarah, good morning. >> james darya. that's right. this omicron is spreading like crazy is really impacting our schools. san francisco, no different. the teachers, though, are fed up with the district saying that they did not prepare for this big surge in cases that we all knew was coming after the holidays, we becomes very, very contagious. and these teachers in the district did not come up with emergency plan like they would have wished. so today they're doing a sick out. that means calling in sick, even if you're not sick to make a big, big message to send a message to the district and actually they hope to make it message to the district, the city and the state saying enough is enough. now this is on top of over 600 teachers that called
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out sick yesterday. these are teachers who are actually sick. they had either symptoms or they had exposure. and so we're talking 600 yesterday and now we're having some teachers calling out today just demanding safer. were conditions. somehow the district kept the schools open today. we'll see yesterday. we'll have to see what happens today. what teachers in this union really want is they want the district to provide them daily kn 95 or n 95 masks for all staff. >> they also want access to free weekly testing and they also want to have a continuation of 10 day paid sick leave for staff due to covid and covid vaccination related illness. now we did hear from the union president yesterday. let's take a listen. >> wsp does not require a negative test for adults or children to return to school buildings yet. and does not have a vaccine mandate for poster mandate for adults.
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>> the testing sites in the city, encourage everyone to get tested after the winter break. superintendent says that they are making rapid testing available at several schools. the district just got a shipment from the state. they also hope to give out mass this week and next week, teachers in the union are still going to hold this. stick out today. they're not advised to rally or, you know, protests that kind of stuff outside the district office on franklin street. they're more advice, too. >> stay home. be sick. call out sick and make a message. and they're hoping that this is heard loud and clear by the district and they hope it goes even further. they have the governor fears about the stakeout because they are extremely frustrated. james started all right. and how you feeling, ok, sir? >> i'm feeling good. good. so
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much. >> thank you, sarah. 5.10 is the time. another big story out of the east bay. we have the west contra costa unified school district announcing now that it's going to be closing all of its campuses tomorrow. and next monday because of the covid surge during those 2 days, all of the school's campuses within the district will undergo a deep cleaning. the move comes after kron. 4 learned the doors at martin luther junior elementary school enrichment were closed after a covid-19 outbreak at that school starting next week. teachers and staff members in the district will be required to wear. okay. and 95 medical mask while at work before returning to class next tuesday. students staff are also advised to again be tested. >> today in east bay, thousands of free covid tests are going to be handed out to students in the dublin unified district. yeah, it's all part of an effort to encourage students there to get tested before they come back to classes next week. kron four's will tran standing by live in dublin with more on that story morning. well, >> they will pass it out in 3 and a half hours from now.
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this is what they promise. the parents and the staff members in the dublin unified district that they got their hands on 13,000 home tests and they will be passed out at 8.30 this morning. those tests are hard to find anywhere, but the state sent them to the dublin unified school district to make sure that the staff and the students are safe before they come back to school. this is the perfect time for them to do that. you have to prove that your child goes to school. so you come down with a report card or their student id or with the child. and then you can get your hands on those tests. they are not telling you have to test your child before they return to school, but they're encouraging you just to make sure that everybody is safe. once the classes resume on monday. so take a look at your screen. these are the locations that they are passing it out. and they're doing this pretty much all day. fallon, middle school that's located at 3, 6, 0, one conan way. you can also go
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dublin high school that's located at 8, 1, 5, 1, village parkway as well. get your hands on those tests. if you do want to test your child, they're encouraging you to do it. 3 days before they return to campus. and if you possibly can, if you have more tests, then you should do it the day they return from their first day back on campus. lots going on and we expect long lines. james, you did this at the 4 o'clock hour. long lines and freeman. so we expect the same thing here. so we've got to be patient when you coce down back to you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll >> thank you very much. we'll take a break at 5.13, dart. >> and still ahead, the number of cancellations of flights. >> building a bexar airport yet again. more than 100. >> in and out of the bay area have already been canceled today. we're going to have details on this mask after the break. and you know how the dominoes fall and people in one bay area city are fed up with the bad road conditions. we'll show you what they're
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>> 5.16 right now. it's so great to be all together again in talking about the weather. james. it's been a while hasn't been enjoying it. >> i have yeah. had a little bit of rain on what was it monday tuesday? you've got a little bit of that and then we have more on the way tomorrow. rain has been talking about
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customers friday. i'm short week. were almost all together. we're missing one key piece. >> are you back to us. we miss you so much. so today, what we're seeing dry conditions, however, dense fog out there across the bay area live look at the east bay hills. and as you can see, visibility pretty low out there. we're looking at our visibility index right here. you can see you're traveling through santa rosa, oakland and hey, we're pretty low and dance until the afternoon. that starts to clear out and visibility improves on your morning drive. we're talking about that second system that we're expected to see that arrives tomorrow morning. early passes through the bay area and potentially could bring with it. some snow to the sierra. so we're also keeping a close eye on that. you want to make sure that if you're traveling up there, you do that today before that storm rolls through. we're looking at our highs for today. mid 50 san francisco pacifica, half moon bay, san bruno. you're 55
5:18 am
burlingame, the same there, foster city, san carlos, redwood city, all upper 50's palo alto. 56 in the south bay, morgan hill settles a 58 campbell here. 57 down near dublin, pleasanton livermore, 56 in hayward moraga here in a random berkeley and richmond, all low 50's for you. also get a look at napa. sonoma fairfield, upper 40's. so a little cooler and those areas, stinson beach in noe valley, all upper 40's mid to upper 50's. all right. thursday, we get that break dry conditions today. we start to see more rain in the forecast again tomorrow morning. dry into the weekend. another system will be tracking that. that arrives early next week. and then inland lows. you're looking at mid 40's, upper 30's along the coast there. mid 40's. say salute lee are a quick check of the bridges for this morning. weather and traffic.
5:19 am
>> always goes well together. we've got a nice right here. westbound 80 no problems on the bay bridge from oakland to san francisco. so easy peasy there. the san mateo bridge has also been smooth so far this morning. volume certainly picking up. we can see that here in these updated live shots. but you're still traveling at the limit. no major problems reported for you. and the richmond sandra fell bridge has been an easy ride this morning as well with just one car in the shot west bound 5.80, headed toward the toll plaza. no problems on the span heading into marion county. and then finally, the golden gate bridge. dar is right this morning. so far, so good. just a steady stream of cars. everybody traveling without slowing down. >> way to go. way to go. james james on traffic. very teens. the time now we're following the developing news to about forget road. travel to air travel has been a mess for days because of covid. it's been bad. yeah. cancellations have been just mounting day after day. >> major problems coast to coast so far this morning. more than 1400 flights have been canceled so far across the kind of affraid of like i
5:20 am
mean, i have anywhere to go. but you're looking at sfo here. >> and already we checked this morning, dozens of like canceled this morning. so it doesn't look like day by day. it's get better. in fact, maybe it's getting worse. you know how covid goes. and they say it's not just the, you know, the pilots and the crew all that. >> but you got to think about air traffic controllers. yeah, tsa workers and the whole bit. >> and here locally, you can see sfo has 73 flights so far confirmed canceled oakland, 17 flights canceled in san jose man at a 26 flights canceled so far. that's more than yesterday. and these numbers are for both incoming and outgoing flights. so you want to call ahead, make sure flights still on time. if it's even there at all. yet detection, you know it. you've got to sign up for those auto tech you want to show up at the airport say, oh, i have no flights right? >> all right. 5.20, is the time. let's get to the north bay now where some residents in play or getting fed up with the city's poor road conditions in there. >> now doing something about it. a man named david marr, stellar junior is leading a movement to fill potholes in
5:21 am
vallejo. fact, over the past couple of weeks, his group has filled a handful of potholes in some roads. our stellar is concerned that his work might force a cease and desist order from the city because these actions, of course, are going through the proper channels. they're sort of taken matters into their own hands. but despite that, he's hoping it will inspire some change and some action from city leaders. >> there's a lot of smart people here in toledo. i think there's enough that if we all got together, we can fix this city and and take it to the next level. that's the whole goal is just to make the community, realize that can get things done faster than asking city government to do it. >> arcelor has raised more than $1000 so far to get asphalt to help patch up the streets next week. the group plans to fill dozens more. >> in the south bay, san jose police are investigating a fatal hit and run that involved a bicycle us. this happened wednesday night in
5:22 am
the area between queens lane and old bayshore highway and the bicyclists died at the hospital. police are advising drivers not to go in that area because there is a street closure in effect right now. it's the city's second fatal collision. it's the second pedestrian fatality of the year there in san jose. it's 5.22, coming up on the kron. 4 morning news this thursday morning. police have identified the sheriff recruit who was killed on a freeway in the east bay. we'll have the latest after the break.
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>> and we're back at 5.25. a big story out of the east bay. 28 year-old david, when has been identified now as the victim who was shot and killed tuesday evening while driving home from work. he was a recruit for the alameda county sheriff's office and was scheduled to graduate next month. he was shot on interstate 5.80, in oakland right along macarthur maze before the bay bridge toll plaza. the shooter fired a gun into the personal car of the recruit, hitting and causing him to crash into a guardrail. when officers got there, he was immediately taken to the hospital where he later died from his injuries. it's been a tough time for the people who knew him. >> yeah. according to the academy people, i'm highly
5:26 am
motivated just a good. kind of a kind of a leader in the academy. so is this is tough for them. >> and the alameda county sheriff's office has opened an account right now at the police credit union for donations that will go to the family. you can find that information on our website at kron 4 dot com. time now is 5.26. the california highway patrol is going to conduct what they're calling focused enforcement today. the goal is to crack down on speeding drunk driving. >> road rage in really any dangerous behavior on the road. extra officers are going to be deployed today. sue? probably notice that in alameda and solano counties. and this comes just one day after what james was talking about, that tragic freeway shooting. these extra enforcement period happen to be pre planned. however. but this is all part of increasing safety on the roads for everyone. it's 5.26. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning
5:27 am
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>> not only are we starting off as the brady bunch but were musical like i got a chair here, james, over there you hear john isn't there. rain is in the weather center
5:30 am
morning right now is doing what everybody glad to have 3 fourths all back this morning at the start of the week, we have rain. we have a break from that today. but today it's now clouds were seen low scattered fog throughout the bay area. that's going to be with you on your morning commute. >> we're looking at our future cast. you see the clouds rolling into the bay area friday morning is when that second system passes through the bay area. we could see some snow in the sierra. we'll talk more about that coming up. let's get a look at your temperatures right now. currently outside all low 50's. it's only in conquer their. we're seeing the lower 40's. 46, the year. oakland hayward, fremont san jose, san carlos mid to low 50's. we'll have more on your forecast coming up. but for now, james, we'll send it back to you. all right. thank you. rain. a quick check of the bridges. and again, we're watching the volume bill slightly ever so slightly here at the bay bridge toll plaza 5.30, is the time. >> probably in the next hour or so will really start to see it build. but for now, anyway, it's a pretty easy ride from oakland and san francisco into problems so far, the san mateo
5:31 am
bridge also flowing well, both directions east and westbound on 92. no problems getting in your way. if you're making your way from one end of the bay to the other. the richmond, sandra fell bridge has also been a nice light right for you this morning. and here we see just again, a handful of cars heading towards the camera. that is your toll plaza westbound direction, heading out towards the north bay. and so far so good. nothing really to report on the span there. one o one has been a nice ride throughout the north bay. the chp is reporting anything on their logs. we've got an easy commute here across the golden gate bridge heading down in the san francisco. all right, james, let's get back to january 6 because i'm in a year ago. now today to the day that thousands of rioters stormed the u.s. capitol. >> they were protesting the election. yeah. and care catherine heenan talked by phone. >> live that day with 2 members of congress from the bay area. take a listen. >> in the midst of that day's incredible chaos to california. lawmakers agreed to talk to us by phone. both had just been hustled off by
5:32 am
capitol police north bay congressman jared huffman to his office peninsula. congresswoman anna eshoo ended up in a locked room in a house office building what they were seeing and hearing did not seem real. i agree, catherine, this is a does not feel like the country. we know. >> and as bad as it has these last 4 years. and even in the last few weeks, i don't think anyone saw it coming to this. >> well, i didn't have a good feeling when i came to the capital of the party because when i look at the cross walk and the capitol. i thought to myself, if i not look like it did really fully secure. >> she wondered why they were initially only a few capitol police officers given the scheduled protests by trump supporters. eventually the mob made breaking into the capitol. look easy. photos and
5:33 am
video began coming in showing people inside the offices of legislators smashing windows and doors, trashing camera equipment and on the floor of the senate. >> i know your pain. i know when president trump finally made a statement, he told protesters to go home. but also said he could feel their pain and focused on what he said was a stolen election. anyone who is looking to donald trump. >> to de-escalate and make this probably should have given up on on that type leadership a long time ago. it's not in it. if i the president today. i want. >> congressman hoffman called this edition, congresswoman eshoo was angry with some of her republican colleagues. a conversation earlier today, a congresswoman said, you know, maybe lawmakers on both sides of the aisle just so appalled by everything that has of all.
5:34 am
>> i don't know how old republican colleagues are. >> really good about i want to hear more about that. and he i didn't see any can i didn't see any have in fact, we have to say to them what you please put your mask on. this is a violent coup and i think we we never thought it could happen in this country. it is happening right now. it was a long, long day for 2 california lawmakers who say they hope the country never forget. >> catherine heenan kron. 4 news. >> and we invite you to stay with kron because throughout the morning we've got much more on the capitol riot. what happened? remembering it. what's move? you know, you're doing moving forward as a nation. president biden is supposed to speak very shortly. we're expecting it within the half hour to start. we're going to bring you his live address as soon as it happens. and then in the 8 o'clock hour, we're going to
5:35 am
talk live with the east bay congressman eric swalwell. so stay tuned for that. in the 8 o'clock hour. stick around. in the 9 o'clock hours, keep the tv on because then we're going to talk to congresswoman barbara lee get her thoughts and reflections. what happened in the past and then moving forward in this new year of 2022. with the nation needs to do to heal. >> all right. let's switch gears here at 5.53. talk more about the coronavirus. we're 10 days now before it was set to expire in california. the indoor mask mandate looks like it's going to be here to stay at least through mid february anyway, state health officials say the rule will be reevaluated as the day gets closer. february 15th, although there's no real specific metric that they're going to be using to decide when to drop a little uncertainty there. but the announcement comes amid concerns over the number of hospital admissions that we've seen, which is increased 8.4% overnight to more than 8,000 people. 800 out of state medical professionals right now are being brought in to try and help hospitals with that surge. so we'll see how
5:36 am
they go with that. >> the omicron is here here now and you can abandon the tools that we've used to achieve our collective success. >> doctor galley added that for now closing or putting limits on businesses is not being discussed. >> is the good news if you've got kids, kids as young as 12 years old are going to soon be eligible to get the covid the pfizer covid shot the booster and the cdc's director doctor rochelle walensky has approved the panel's recommendation to do this to expand the eligibility for young kids to get those booster shots. they weighed the record number of covid cases happening among kids and this surge in the highly contagious omicron variant before they made this big decision. the western states scientific safety review workgroup has to review the recommendation. now and then it should be taking effect very soon here in
5:37 am
california. so soon your kids that are as young as 12 will be able to get those booster shots. another layer of protection against covid and today one contra costa county supervisor is going to be distributing at home covid tests because a lot of people, as you know, it's hard to find them on your own. you go to million drugstores in the route. >> supervisor diane burgess is holding a drive-thru event tomorrow. you can drive through starting at one in the afternoon until 4. go by the oakley recreation center. and we've got the address there and you'll be able to get to test kits per car. but just while the supplies last and as we know, it's hard to find these you can expect that there's going to be a long line, but it will be worth it because you want to be able to test so you don't spread covid if you haven't unknowingly. also today, the fremont school district. they're distributing more at home covid tests. they are offering drive-thru pickups of these tests and
5:38 am
list of the locations there on your screen. this starts at 10 o'clock and goes till 2 in the afternoon. the school district says that they have enough tests for all the employees and all the students in the district. so you definitely want to go by and pick those up to keep your kids safe and try to keep those covid numbers down. >> in the north bay, a dozen sonoma county inmates and at least 7 workers have tested positive for covid amid a new outbreak there at the county's main jail, the sonoma county sheriff's office is confirming now that the outbreak at the main adult detention facility in santa rosa is experiencing its 3rd rash of covid cases at that jail since the pandemic began. now in response, the jail has gon the forty-niners are trying to secure a wild-card spot. >> in their final push for the
5:39 am
playoffs, we're going to hear from the team ahead of sunday's matchup against the rams. >> and today we have fog on your morning commute. we're going to see another storm system when that arrives. we'll have that once we get we'll have that once we get back from break. we'll have that once we get back from break. you want fries with that? introducing wendy's new hot and crispy fries. preferred, almost 2 to 1, over mcdonald's. [scream] try them today. only at wendy's.
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>> we're back at 5.41. san francisco police have arrested 2 men in connection with a series of bank robberies. they
5:42 am
say rate far. and bryan alexander robbed a total of 7 banks in october and november of last year. the locations of those banks you can see on your screen. police say the suspects would enter a bank and either hand the teller a threatening note or in some cases actually pull out a gun and demand money. after the investigation. both men now have been taken into custody. they did that last wednesday and oakland, all the money they recovered thousands of dollars in cash as well as a firearm linking the men to the crimes they now face several charges. 5.42 the time. we'll be right back.
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>> 5.44, right now and we are checking out the weather on the thursday morning. no easy feat because without john hear rain is doing that, james. that the traffic sort of musical chair. we sharing it like that. we are but i will say rain has been doing a bang-up job. good morning thank you for in a good way a good way in a not out there at all. >> hopefully you're waking up this morning and we're getting a break from the rain as we saw at the top of the week. now today we're looking at the fog. you can see a live look outside the east bay hills, visibility. pretty low out there. and that's going to stick around for much of the morning. you can see visibility through knapp of the east bay and oakland. it's not until later in the afternoon where that starts to
5:46 am
clear out and we can see again. all right. tomorrow morning we have another storm system. we have one of the top of the week monday that one rolls in through the bay area bringing with it. light rain should not be a strong system at all. and then snow potentially up in the sierras. so if you're traveling up there, today's the day to do that, i would not advise tomorrow morning at all. we're getting a look at your highs for today. san francisco, 54 daly, city, half moon bay mid 50's along the mat burlingame millbrae san bruno. so we are a little warmer today. then we were yesterday, redwood city, san carlos foster city, all mid to upper 50's and the south bay, san jose. 58 morgan hill. 57 cupertino, your at 56 mid-fifties dublin pleasanton sunol fremont union city also in the east bay, a little cooler. so berkeley orinda meranda and richmond all lower 50's for you. there up in vacaville and nap and fairfield. you're looking at upper 40's and then right here along mill valley and san
5:47 am
rafale lower 50's, ok? so we get a break. it's dry today. and then tomorrow morning that rain returns to the forecast. we dry up through the weekend and then another system might be as early as monday of next week. inland lows are in the mid 40's to upper 30's and then along the coast, you're looking at the 40's for the rest of the week. so again, if you are traveling up to the sierras that say today is the best day to do that. don't wait until tomorrow, james. all right. thank you very much. rain. we are looking at some pretty light conditions still here at the bay bridge toll plaza was it as we get a quick check of traffic for you this morning. all in all, not bad. >> westbound 80 heading into san francisco. just checking the chp lot. there are couple patches of fog out there that might get in your way. the chp reporting it's a little foggy out along highway 4. as a matter of fact, in contra costa county. so wary of that. and then long glen road in martinez also on highway 4. they seem to be having some fog out there. so keep it slow. you may run into a bank
5:48 am
of fog here and there. we're also checking out some nice conditions at the san mateo bridge where traffic here's been flowing. well, this is our westbound 92 shot. that's the taillights heading away from the camera. that's traffic heading from hayward out towards foster city on the peninsula. and as you can see, you're traveling at the limit. nothing really slowing us down. no brake lights to speak of on that stretch of roadway. and we're looking at equally nice conditions here on west bound 5.80, your ride up and passed richmond and all the way out to sandra fell looking pretty good as you make your way to the north bay. all in all. pretty good ride. no worries. chp doesn't have anything on their logs. that ought to concern you. and in the north bay, a lot of our north bay commuters are dealing with some really nice conditions, too. nothing really popping up on the maps. the chp lot clear for all of sonoma, solano county, napa. a county of marin county as well. in fact, here's you're a marine county right on southbound. 1 one in the san francisco across the golden gate bridge. one set of headlights there. another set. so yeah, pretty smooth ride. let's hope it stays that way
5:49 am
for as long as possible this morning as it seems like everybody's on work anymore. yesterday, right around 6.37, o'clock. it started pretty okay. we'll see if it follows that same to know people. >> still have jobs. that's nice. and we still have sports. we do well there to hang in the height of threat that million. but jimmy g's dw. we can forty-niners get ready to take on the rams. this final push for the playoffs. it really is kind of a win or go home scenario for them. the warriors who also trying to bounce back today after a loss to the dallas mavericks last night for sports director jason dumas says look at all of it. well, after their game against the warriors, the dallas mavericks retired, the jersey of the best big man shooter of all-time dirk nowitzki. >> unfortunately, for the dubs, their best shooter who happens to be the best shooter of all time. he just couldn't get it going. here's another great shooter. klay thompson getting ready for that probable return this sunday against the cabin will be in the building. 1st half jalen
5:50 am
brunson. he uses the screen. yeah. one of the best float is in the league. just filthy. dallas up by 11 at the break. stepped is one of 10 in the 3rd quarter. look at dawn fit. he just a low to guard. luka had 26 points. but the dubs 23 run. capped off by this makes giving go step to williams back to staff. later on. want us gone and is's a fake the handoff and takes off. pride and joy, open right there. but then the they took control of this one. tough floater by tim hardaway junior you might recognize the name of pop. run dmc here in the bay area. back in the 90's. more from 3 more for the mavericks that during finish any smith. 31 curry only finished with 14 points. warriors 99. 82 steph has not
5:51 am
been shooting the ball. well, as of late, he talked about those struggles after the game. >> and was not going in >> but it course, this year has been pretty. last stretch is not been great. and even my >> so you just got to stick with the program. never been reactive in terms of tough shooting nights or whatever same process and >> understand the big picture, what we're trying to do and what i'm trying to do here forty-niners season is on the line this sunday. and as of now, no one knows who will be the starting quarterback. >> maybe kyle shanahan does. but either way, it's just not an ideal situation to be in with such a high intensity game. coming up, jimmy g e through the practice. but he still acknowledge that there's some pain and discomfort in his thumb. trey lance got to start last weekend. it was all right. pretty good, actually.
5:52 am
but had some up and down play. the 9 is will be in los angeles taking on the rams. kyle shanahan said and jimmy is comfortable. he will get the start. but comfortable. that's a relative term. >> it's pretty good talk session yesterday. i just, you know, john, to get the motion back and everything i get that feeling where i want to feel, i think way in to where we did definitely helped get him to this point. but i mean, i think each day's a new experience with it. so it's going to be mainly. >> on jimmy, a jimmy space and just talking to him and making sure he doesn't push it too hard to give a chance for sunday. i'm trying to get back to mild motion just, you know, fluid and everything like that. but >> just take some time. it's it's a process, but working in the right direction. >> working in the right direction. that's all you can ask, james, that's all you can hope for. yeah. are excited about sunday? i happen. the clay. hope that clay was intimating that that was going to be the day. so everybody is excited. we'll have to wait and see tickets by the way, for that night. they're going
5:53 am
crash. it looked they weren't double. but i think the cheapest one when i was looking yesterday, 2.50, to 30 to 30 and there was you could go up to $12,000 for a ticket which is crazy. doesn't surprise me though. yeah. tip off at 05:00pm. we'll have to wait and see. that will be the big headline come monday morning. yes, clay played. be right back. yeah, we'll see.
5:54 am
after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised.
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5.56. is the time. and coming up in the 6 o'clock hour, the kron 4 morning news. it is been one year since the deadly attack at the u.s. capitol. and president biden is expected to address the nation. it just a matter of minutes from right now. we're going to hear his full statements just ahead. we'll also have reaction. >> from bay area lawmakers as well on why the country should never forget. january 6th and what we should learn from it. here's a live look at the lectern. you see the microphone set up as we're expecting the president, as i mentioned to speak in just a few minutes from now, we'll bring that to you uninterrupted to stay tuned. the kron 4 morning news will have that live coverage coming up in just a moment.
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5:59 am
>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning. and thanks for say joining and thankful to join you. yeah, that make any sense. it's been so long, james, it's good to be here with everybody. yeah. good to have the crew almost completely back. we've got john still a vacation, but >> he'll be back in short order. come monday. so have a whole team together. although this is going to the new look
6:00 am
for a little while because of the latest surge in coronavirus were. >> spacing out extra here in the studio. so that's why things look a little different for this morning. lot. we would be here in 2022, unfortunately, in this boat, again. >> so that we not to do very good at it. we have people working at home. we've got space in the studio and we've got all the latest covid stuff affecting your life. so that's all coming up. plus, we're standing by. we will be as soon as the president takes. that will interrupt whatever we're doing and we'll listen to what he has to say because as january 6th, year since the capitol riots. and so we're waiting for his comments. we'll bring them to you uninterrupted as soon as he starts. so until then. >> let's get a check of the forecast. we've got rain is standing by with a look at that. good morning, good morning. and like are you mentioned we know what to do because we've been here. >> for so long. well, at the start of the week, we have rain in the forecast today. we're much drier, but we do have low clouds outside. so you have pockets of fog. visibility is a


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