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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  January 6, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PST

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and we're back here at 4.30, with another check of weather and traffic. and then eventually the headlines, too. but firstly, let's get over to the weather center and say good morning once again. >> to rain. hard to hear in a good morning, good morning, everyone. it's just waking up this morning. you know, we've had. >> several weak systems passing through the bay area this morning. it's fog on your morning commute. a live look outside right now san francisco. and you can see the clouds as they continue to move into the bay area, drier conditions today. but we don't stay dry for long. we have another week system that
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arrives tomorrow morning. that's going to pass throughout the bay area and then again next week we're going to expect some rain as well. but we'll have a dry weekend. so that's the good news there. let's get a look at your current temperatures outside right now in antioch, upper 40's conquer. live a more 53 fremont. san jose hayward. 55 out in a san francisco and half moon bay low 50's. we'll take a look at your 7 day coming up. but for now, james, i'll send it back to you. all right. thank you very much. at 4.31, a quick check of some of the bridges. >> out there this morning, the bay bridge, right? looking pretty good. westbound 80, no problems for you and that's really no surprise here at 04:30am, in the morning. traffic is pretty light as you make your way westbound 80 in the san francisco. we're seeing the same play out here at the san mateo bridge to the south. this stretch of 92 across the bay looking smooth west and eastbound directions flowing without any problems this morning. and we haven't seen problems actually anywhere. let's jump to the richmond. sandra fell bridge here where west bound 5.80, shows you the same thing. hardly any traffic. it's an
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easy ride as you make your way from richmond down towards sandra fell and former in county viewers heading out the door and planning to head into san francisco. you're southbound right on one across the golden gate bridge moving without incident. the chp not reporting any problems out there to get in your way. now, let's get to the headlines here. the big story out of the east bay. 28 year-old david wind has been identified as the victim who was shot and killed tuesday evening while driving home from work. he was recruited for the alameda county sheriff's office and was scheduled to graduate the very next month. prof or says he do and has the story. officials with the alameda county sheriff's office confirmed the identity of the academy recruit killed in a deadly freeway shooting. as 28 year-old david with in your career and you remember anything happened? >> you know, i've i've i've asked certainly don't remember this in my career. and i've
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asked some people have been around a little longer retire people. they don't ever remember anything like this happening either. and person was was murdered and that nobody can remember that you're looking at a solid video of recruit with leaving the highland hospital with the american flag draped over his body. the victim of a shooting tuesday on west bound 5.80, heading toward san francisco. he was on his way home after recruit training with the academy. >> it was around 04:30pm, with the california highway patrol responded to a call for a solo vehicle collision. so officers quickly determined upon arriving, the individual involved in the crash and also been shot. >> the chp is leading the investigation through investigation. it was determined. >> a round had struck the right front passenger window of the prius. >> and then struck the driver officials at the regional training centers say peer counseling is being made available for any recruit who may need it. >> what you care about?
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>> yeah. according to the academy people, i'm highly motivated just a good. kind of a kind of a leader in the academy. so is this is tough for them. >> the california highway patrol has released no information on any possible suspects. investigators are asking any drivers with dashboard cameras traveling in the area around the time of the shooting to check to see if they may have recorded review. your footage. >> if you see anything that could be of use to our investigators, please notify us. >> in dublin, has it made you crowd for news? the alameda county sheriff's office has opened an account at the police credit union for donations that will go to help the family of the victim. you can find that information on our website. kron 4 dot com. the california highway patrol will be conducting what it calls a focused enforcement period today with the goal of cracking down on issues like speeding and drunk driving road rage basically all other
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dangerous behaviors on the road. the chp says that extra officers will be deployed today in alameda and solano counties. and although this announcement comes just one day after the tragic freeway shooting, the chp says that these extra enforcement periods were preplanned. oakland police meanwhile, are investigating now after a body was found inside of a burned out vehicle. officers made that discovery around 3 o'clock wednesday morning on delaware street in east oakland, right near the laurel, our garden and highway 5.80, the victim hasn't been identified. authorities say they're investigating this case as a homicide. we'll keep you updated as more information comes out. san francisco police have arrested 2 men in connection with a series of bank robberies. they say that ray far and bryan alexander, rob 7 banks in october and november of last year. the locations of those banks are listed here on your screen. police say the suspects would enter a bank and either hand the teller a threatening note or pull out a gun and demanded money. after
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investigation. both men were taken into custody last wednesday in oakland. and as you can see on the screen here, police confiscated thousands of dollars in cash as well as a firearm that's been linked. now to the crimes. these men now face several charges. we'll keep you updated on their trial. a federal judge meanwhile, has sentenced a santa rosa woman in nearly 6 and a half years in prison after supplying fentanyl to a father of a 13 year-old child. authorities say 29 year-old leanna zamora sold fentanyl to a santa rosa man. both he and his 13 month-old daughter. then later came into contact with that drug and died. authorities traced the fentanyl in a drug deal in the tenderloin district back in december of 2019, prosecutors say it was passed basically a 100 or a drug dealer in the tenderloin to 3 others. and then ultimately to the father zamora and shane shane, crazy have been convicted now in connection with the fentanyl distribution conspiracy. the
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rapid spread of covid is affecting services in the bay area. the superior court of alameda county now is reducing its hours for certain services, including drop boxes and the clerk's office on the peninsula. all town facilities in coma have closed until january. 28 and san francisco mayor london breed says the number of breakthrough covid cases in the city is now affecting health care workers along with police fire and muni and other city workers as well. workers, by the way, calling out sick and mass and that's leading to suspend its subway trains extended school breaks and some other notable changes in workplaces across the country. some businesses are even being forced to close out right? brian entin has more now on the omicron surge that's being felt in just about every industry, including public safety. >> it's hard to get the job done when workers aren't showing up on the kron causing a record number of sick calls in just about every industry you can think of. we know airlines are a mask and that retailers are feeling it too. macy's reducing store hours because of workers calling out
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and this walmart in florida is closed because so many workers called in sick and the stories getting a deep clean. i came here and for the first time ever, i sold my clothes. so it cannot surprise to me. it's a tough time for small businesses like restaurants who already don't have enough employees. tupelo, honey cafe in raleigh, north carolina has a sign on their door letting customers know they don't have enough workers. first, it was a workforce shortage and now it's the sick calls for having the issues of servers team members getting sick and not be able to come in for their well, double whammy. we can live without eating out. but when people call out sick at some jobs like police and firefighters, it could be the difference between life and death kept screaming. oh, god, oh, god and so much pain. i can take it that when jesse shaw called 911, with his brother couldn't move near st. louis, missouri. he says it took 10 hours for an ambulance to come. the problem we have right now is it's just a lack of people. a lot of people on
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top of what's already being dubbed the great resignation, a record number of people quit their jobs just before the holidays or you some school districts say they're barely hanging on because of the problem made worse by omicron in michigan. a new law allows schools to use not teaching staff like cafeteria workers and bus drivers to fill in as substitute teachers. all they would need is a high school diploma. something that concerns teachers unions. if someone comes and do they know how to deal with student behavior, do they know how to re lesson plan? >> that was brian entin reporting for us this morning. classes were canceled in all chicago public schools yesterday after teachers there voted to switch to remote learning because of a record number of covid cases. there are, by the way, 300, 50,000 students in that district, they return to class on monday after their winter break only to be notified late last night of yesterday's cancellations. the move comes amid an escalating battle over covid safety protocols in schools
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nationwide. the status for the remainder of the week in chicago. that's still up in the air. in the north bay doesn't sonoma county inmates and at least 7 workers have tested positive for covid amid a new outbreak there in the county's main jail. the sonoma county sheriff's office confirming that the outbreak in the main adult detention facility in santa rosa is the 3rd rash of covid cases. now that jail since the pandemic began in response, the jail has lockdown. it's not allowing anyone coming in from the outside. officials have ordered additional testing to determine the extent of that outbreak. sonoma county is now reporting more daily covid infections than any other point during this pandemic, officials held a briefing to inform residents about testing kits that all are that are on the way now. and some changes to its health orders with crawford's taylor's sacking with a closer look at what they're doing. >> our cases sonoma county have nearly tripled in the past few weeks. and as has our
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positivity rate and early december, we were averaging less than 40 cases a now we're seeing 200 to 300, coronavirus cases continue to rise in sonoma county. >> reaching peaks higher than previous surges during this pandemic. however, hospitalizations remain low with the help of vaccinations. data pulled by the county displays the difference vaccinations make. we find that people who are unvaccinated are still 4 times more likely to be infected with covid-19, 17.1 times more likely to be hospitalized in 14.1 times more likely to die of covid-19 related illnesses. >> county leaders say its most recent covid related death was last month. a man over the age of 60 with underlying conditions and was not vaccinated while hospitalizations are rare with omicron variant hospitals are still being strained due to staff shortages. hospitals and clinics are struggling with staff shortages due to illness or the need to follow covid protocols to do.
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>> staff testing positive to prevent further spread. county leaders are reminding people that masks are now required in all public indoor spaces regardless of vaccination status, hospital employees and emergency responders are also required to get boosted by february. first, if eligible, we're test twice per week at this time finding tester appointments are also harder. that's why the county has been holding testing clinics at schools this weekend. next sharing. good news that more testing kits are on the way yesterday. snowmen some indication the scene, 67,000 boxes of test. >> to test each and today they're going out to schools and school districts. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> we'll take a break here for 42. coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news. the forty-niners are trying to secure a wild-card spot in a final push for the playoffs. we're going to hear from the team ahead of sunday's matchup against the rams will be right back.
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>> 4.45 is the time. and let's get another check of the weather. we've got rain. harvey standing by in the weather center with a look at the forecast for today and beyond and that rain on the horizon. drain a good morning. exactly. good morning. so, you know, at the start of the week, we were very wet today. we're finally dry, but >> we do have pockets of dense fog that we are going to run
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into our commute this morning. a lot of that central valley fog rolling into the bay area. we're looking at our visibility here. so as you can see, 04:05:06am, visibility pretty patchy throughout nevada. san francisco mountain view, even the south bay that starts to roll out around noon here. so that's the good news you'll be able to see and visibility will improve. now we're talking about that second system that were seen. we had another one of the start of the week friday morning. another one rolls through could potentially see some snow up in the sierra. so if you're trying to travel up there today before that storm hits would be my recommendation for you. looking at your highs across the map that we're all in the mid to lower 50's across the bay area. so santa rosa, napa, nevada, vallejo, oakland, mill valley conquered all low 50's even in the south bay, morgan hill, the coldest air. 48 san jose. 52 redwood city, half moon bay at 52 there as well.
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okay. we get much needed sunshine and dry conditions today and then into friday. that's when you start to see more rain in the forecast. we're going to be tracking that for you into the weekend. we are dry, partly cloudy, though. and then next week, another chance of rain in the bay area. again, inland lows. you're looking at mid 40's to upper 30's and then along the coast, 40's at the start of the week and you stay there until the week finishes out. james. >> all right, randi, thank you very much. quick check of bridges for you this morning. once again, the bay bridge approach still nice and light. so the morning commute really hasn't picked up. we did notice that starting tuesday, a lot of folks started to come back to work and we saw some decent congestion later in the 7 8 o'clock hours. but for now, anyway, you're making good time from oakland into san francisco, the san mateo bridge, also an easy ride still for you. if you're heading from fremont out towards foster city and hayward out towards foster city, not a lot of traffic on the stand right now, both east and westbound. it's a pretty
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light commute for you. and you're also traveling at the limit to cross the richmond. sandra fell bridge this ride on west bound 5.80, as you can see is still on the light side this morning. not a lot of problems getting in your way as you're making your way to the north bay. and if you're in the north bay coming into san francisco, you're one. 0, one southbound, right? still looking nice and light with barely any traffic out there for you. more weather and traffic check-in a bit. now let's get back to the headlines here for 48 and hollywood's awards season is right around the corner. but the winter coronavirus surge has fueled which was fueled by the omicron variant is already causing award shows to now start being canceled. golden globes awards ceremony is scheduled for this sunday in beverly hills, but it could get pushed back. rick chambers shows us what we can expect as awards season tries to get into full swing. >> everybody was hopeful the 2022 would be different. unfortunately, that's not the case for some of the entertainment world's biggest award >> the 64th grams will not air
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is planned at the end of the month. the recording academy saying in part. >> the health and safety of those in our music community, the live audience and the hundreds of people who work tirelessly to produce the show remains our top priority. given the uncertainty surrounding the omicron variant holding the show january. 31 simply contains too many risks. the grammys are essentially 3 and a half hour long televised concert. they want to place where nominees will feel comfortable to perform live. it's a real special that arguably amongst the best of the award shows and now it's sort of back to the drawing. the same is true for the critics choice scheduled for this sunday but now definitely. >> beyond before the academy awards, the exact date still to be announced. but my assumption is it will be in mid-march. the golden globes will be handed out this sunday at the beverly hilton, but it won't be televised nor will there be an audience or red carpet? >> i think there will be a
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press release at the end of whatever it is that they're going to do announcing their winners. a lot of people did not submit for golden globes. they're hoping for a much brighter future in 2023. i think that >> remains an open question. the screen actors guild awards are still a goal for february 27th and the 94th oscars are still on for the following month. >> but that could change if the surge worsens. >> it is a huge deal to be a grammy nominee. it is significant to be a critics choice or oscar nominee. and i think people want to celebrate their good work and they want to celebrate in the way they traditionally know how. >> but all that adoration is going to have to wait a while until the covid numbers go back down. even the nfl is making contingency plans to move the super bowl out of so fight if the virus numbers rise. >> well, in bay area sports, the forty-niners are getting ready to take on the rams in their final push for the playoffs and the warriors are trying to bounce back today after a loss to the dallas
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mavericks last night. we have kron 4 sports director jason dumas, us with all of that for you this morning. >> well, after their game against the warriors, the dallas mavericks retired, the jersey of the best big man shooter of all-time dirk nowitzki. unfortunately for the dubs their best shooter who happens to be the best shooter of all time. he just couldn't get it going. here's another great shooter. klay thompson getting ready for that probable return this sunday against the cabin will be in the building. 1st half jalen brunson. he uses the screen. yeah. one of the best float is in the league. just filthy. dallas up by 11 at the break. stepped is one of 10 in the 3rd quarter. look at dawn fit. he just a low to guard. luka had 26 points. but the dubs 23 run. capped off by this makes giving go stepped away guns back to staff. later on. want us gone and it's a fake the handoff and takes off. pride and joy, open right
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there. but then the they took control of this one. tough floater by tim hardaway junior you might recognize the name is 01:00pm see here in the bay area. back in the 90's. more from 3 more for the mavericks that during finish any smith. 31. curry only finished with 14 points. warriors 99. 82 steph has not been shooting the ball. well, as of late, he talked about those struggles after the game. >> and was not going in >> body of of course, this year has been pretty. last stretch is not been great. and even my >> so you just got to stick with the program. never been very active in terms of tough shooting nights or whatever the same process and
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>> understand the big picture, what we're trying to do and what i'm trying to do here forty-niners season is on the line this sunday. and as of now, no one knows who will be the starting quarterback. >> maybe kyle shanahan does. but either way, it's just not an ideal situation to be in live. such a high intensity game. coming up, jimmy g e through the practice. but he still acknowledge that there's some pain and discomfort in his thumb. trey lance got to start last weekend. it was all right. you pretty good, actually. but had some up and down play. the 9 is will be in los angeles taking on the rams. kyle shanahan said jimmy is comfortable he will get the start. but comfortable. that's a relative term. >> it's pretty good talk session yesterday. i just, you know, john, to get the motion back and everything i get feeling where i want to feel, i think way in to where we did definitely helped get him to this point. but i mean, i think each day's a new experience with it. so it's going to be mainly.
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>> on jimmy, jimmy space and just talking to him and making sure he doesn't push it too hard to give him a chance for sunday. i'm trying to get back to my old notion words just, you know, fluid and everything like that. but >> just take some time. it's it's a process, but working in the right direction. >> well, jason dumas reporting the warriors face off against the new orleans pelicans tonight. tipoff set for 05:00pm
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>> well, coming up, the next hour of the kron, 4 morning
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station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news >> and i returned and jack how wow i love. has it been that long? this is my holiday rebellion. i don't want my vacation to and some hanging out of this probably for another week or it will clean man and folks at home, you're probably noticing little different set up here where the brady bunch. yeah, obviously i change with the latest surge. i go to calls. have everybody spacing out even more than we were before. so we're about enter the studio. haidar. what is it? 20 feet? i would say more than that letter. dia, 50, whatever. we're live on the site been going. it hasn't been covid. i won't get anybody plus medically sealed in these boxes. even reyna has are a little is have you back. and that's kind of like that's kind of cute. like how brady bunch >> hey, you know, we a lot of rain at the start


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