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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  January 5, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> just 10 days before it was set to expire. california health and human services secretary doctor mark galli announcing the indoor mask mandate. it's here to stay until at least mid february. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. doctor galley made the announcement during a teleconference today. he also spoke of concerns regarding hospitals and address the upcoming super bowl in los angeles, ca four's. dan kerman >> listened in and joins us now live with some of the details. good evening, dan. good evening, doctor. galley, very proud of the work. california has done over these many months with covid 19 some of those include those. >> indoor mask mandates and has put in place which she nia says has made california residents safer. that's why this is one reason he's moving forward to extend that mask mandate. another month as the omicron variant continues its surge across california. the state is extending its indoor
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mask mandate. >> at least through mid february. so says california secretary of health and human services during a teleconference wednesday. doctor mark galli says before february 15th the state will decide whether extend it again or rescind it. look at the total covid the total >> falls understand where we are with the variance and make a decision there. but i will tell you looking masking is such an important t p telephone. the >> while those vaxxed and boosted are unlikely to get severely ill from the omicron variant doctor galley says california's emergency rooms and hospitals are filling up now approaching 51,000 patients just shy of last year's 53,000 patients peak hospitals are doing what they're supposed to do. >> they're doing the terrific job that they've done for california ball along of delivering care. but we are concerned about the level.
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>> of the nearly 51,000 patients in hospitals. now 8,000 or they're due to covid-19 among those more young people. the good news is. >> hospital pediatric hospitals across the state children's hospitals as well as many hospitals to take care of young people. and well supported this that they are able to take on the current demands and that many of the young people will go there and mated with covid and not being admitted to the icu pick used pediatric intensive care unit. covid surge, especially in los angeles county has many wondering about next month's super bowl. >> those slated for los angeles. the nfl is eyeing alternative sites just in case. >> but doctor galley says the focus should not be on if the game will occur in l a. >> but how it will occur. we are working in. >> you know, i know allen county is close to be in contact with. the nfl to make sure that strategies are put in place to ensure that people
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can enjoy this important while on making sure that we put things in place allow covid mitigation to be an important feature of the approach to game. >> doctor galley says california also pushing ahead with in-classroom learning no plans to move things back online again. he says mitigation measures are in place in california has done well so far. he also is encouraging those young and old to step up their masking meeting that cloth mask alone no longer doing the job on its own. live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. all right, dan, meantime, the cdc's vaccine advisers just gave the green light to pfizer's covid 19 booster shots for younger. >> teenagers. the fda giving their approval on monday and now children 12 to 15 years old, could be eligible for a 3rd shot as soon as tomorrow on tuesday, the agency recommended that 5 to 11 year-olds who are immunocompromised should
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receive from a pfizer booster. 28 days after their second shot. >> in the south bay, long lines of people waiting sometimes for hours to get a covid tests. the lines were long. sky port drive across from them at a san jose airport. people waiting in line for kaiser permanente's medical offices trying to get in there to get their test. we learned most of the people had made appointments for their covid tests. one man we spoke to today took the day off from work. >> how you've been in line. >> over an hour and a half. >> was it frustrating extremely frustrating. news edge and take the day off. they do. you know, i said of the bucs they expect they're done. >> yeah. across santa clara county covid cases are skyrocketing pushing up the demand for tests. and it's such a sick. people trying to get tested. you have a lot of
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students who are going back to school this week as well as people who have been traveling who are all trying to get a test and teachers in san francisco. they're not happy with how the district is handling this current covid surge saying that administrators. >> are not doing enough to keep teachers and students safe. there were around 620 educators out sick yesterday alone. but first, rob nesbitt joins us now live with what union members are calling a failed response. rot. vicky when you have more than 600 teachers and staff members calling out sick. it creates a headache with lesson plans. union members say the san francisco school district should have already had a plan in place to handle omicron. >> the united educators of san francisco say they asked the district to have a covid plan in place back in august. but without results, union president kasandra couriel says the district isn't doing enough to keep the virus out of schools. >> as u.s. does not require a negative test for adults or children to return to school buildings. yet. and does not
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have a vaccine mandate for poster mandate for adults. she says the district should provide kn 95 mask to everyone entering a classroom as well as have a plan in place to cover sick days when teachers test positive for covid >> request the san francisco board of education. president gabriela lopez supports after more than 400 educators were out sick monday and more than 600 called out tuesday classrooms with students who don't have the necessary people and supplies. >> we needed in order to safely learn anyone who knows. teaching know. these are not environment conducive to learning according to superintendent doctor vincent matthews, the district has been operating. the largest covid testing sites in the city. >> he responded to the unions claim saying, quote, as we return from winter break this week. we encourage testing set up new testing sites and send out information about numerous ways to get tested prior to school reopening. >> throughout this week. and this weekend we are making rapid testing available at several schools and district headquarters. doctor mathews says the district received a
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shipment of rapid tests from the state that will be distributed to each school. and then as that usd has been handing out surgical and cloth mask for months and will continue to do so this week and next. the union will be meeting with school leaders tomorrow to discuss the request for mass. >> testing and covid sick leave. cornell says the district's answers with a side % of teachers go on strike or not live in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. thank you, rob. and as we enter the 3rd year of living with this virus. san francisco will consider permanent sick leave moving forward. >> supervisor gordon mar introduce the public health emergency ballot measure yesterday. it would make sure that city employees and private companies with more than a 100 employees get paid. if they get sick and have to quarantine or care for a family member. it's not yet clear how many days would be covered. the board has to approve the measure for it to be on the ballot this june then a majority of san francisco voters would have to
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vote in favor for it to actually become law. >> in the north bay. marin county health leaders are now recommending that indoor sports be played without spectators for schools. the new rules mean no parents, no families, no fans really will be allowed at these games indoors. the county's recommendations set to go into effect today. but the novato unified school district in marin adopted the rules last night keeping parents out of a series of games, public health officer doctor matt willis and marion is concerned that a room full of parents are people at indoor sporting events can contribute to the spread of omicron. but parents we talked to said it should be up to that. heard enough by this pandemic and keep the parents away from watching their kids games. >> i think it's just cruelty to kids. and it's been going on for 19 months as a parent of high school athlete. you know, i know that it hurts not to be able to attend those and even i can do not want to be apple. find transmission at this point in our own khon
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surge. we need to be be doing the opposite. >> local health officials are also asking schools to not hold indoor assemblies until further notice. in the east bay. the west contra costa unified school district will soon begin requiring staff members to wear a medical grade k 95 mask while at work or an n 95, the new requirement starts monday. the district says this is one of several steps. it is taking to try to keep students and staff safe. the district has ordered enough masks for each employee to have one mask per week through the end of the year. kron four's also learned the district has closed king elementary in richmond. the health department was informed. there are 10 positive cases across multiple classrooms at that school. after all, the kids came back from winter break. our jonathan mccall is following up on this story. he'll have more tonight in our primetime newscast. >> happening tomorrow. free rapid covid tests are going to be available for all students
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in the dublin unified school district, a district that has received 13,000 tests from the state. now parents can pick up a task for each student between 8.30, in the morning and 03:00pm at dublin high school or fallon middle school. parents must either have their children with them. when they pick up the test or proof that the child actually goes to the school in the district high school students who drive can pick up their own test testing is also being offered at the school district office until 07:00pm every day this week through friday. right now, kron 4 dot com. you can get the latest covid 19 headlines, including information on where to find testing site and vaccines just scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile devices. and you'll be taken directly to our website. >> as the drought continues across the state. north base. senator bill dodd is proposing the state update the way it keeps track of water usage. the bill introduced today in sacramento calls for using
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remote water sensing technology to monitor reservoir levels and water usage throughout the state. senator dodd says the technology would give the state a much more accurate picture of what industries are using the most water just yesterday. california adopted new water restrictions. the new rules bad people from watering their lawns for 48 hours after storms bans them from letting their sprinklers run on to the sidewalk. the restrictions could take effect by the end of the month. as we're talking water. we talk weather and a look outside here. this is a live shot at san francisco international her first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. here to tell us what to expect. >> yeah. a lot raindrops, ali behind the moisture in the atmosphere. the fog developing outside now it's in that over san francisco around much of the bay area. but we're going to see some of that real ground fog over the next 24 hours here. temperatures today actually warmed up in san jose that a smidgen of sunshine there got 64 degrees foggy 57 in san francisco in oakland, a
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62 degrees in lemore 61 conquered 59 degrees in santa rosa storm clouds south still got some of that lingering in the state right now. just some scattered light showers in far northern california to the main focus of this next system up in the pacific northwest. a lot of really kind of settling in now. and you can see that making its way inside the bay and many of the valleys now in overnight tonight. we'll see more of that kind of thicking up throughout the night. so that ground fog likely to form. in fact, the visibility is going to really take a hit tonight if you're traveling late tonight, early tomorrow morning. you really got to be careful in by midnight. we start to see some of those visibilities drop to next to nothing. even in a place like san francisco, but that fog is going to be very thick early tomorrow morning, especially for the commute. watch out thick fog all around the bay area breaking up as we head toward the middle of the day. >> thanks. lauren still to come, lawmakers reflecting on last year's capitol insurrection nearly 8 years later as the country's top law enforcement officer 1000 accountability for those responsible. >> plus flames tear through a
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duplex in philadelphia. me, at least 13 lives with children among the victims. now investigators are combing through the rubble as they search for answers. >> but first, another shooting on a bay area freeway killing in alameda county sheriff's recruit. we have the latest on the investigation as you are seeing pictures of the recruiting learning his identity.
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>> the investigation into the
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shooting of an alameda county sheriff's recruit is under way. investigators are asking for the community's help in finding the shooter. >> kron four's haaziq madyun reports officials with the alameda county sheriff's office confirmed the identity of the academy recruit killed in a deadly freeway shooting as 28 year-old, david with in your career and you remember anything happened. >> you know, i've i've i've asked certainly don't remember this in my career and i've asked some people have been around a little longer retire people. they don't ever remember anything like this happening either. and take care the person was was murdered and that nobody can remember that you're looking at a solid video of recruit with leaving the highland hospital with the american flag draped over his body. the victim of a shooting tuesday on west bound. 5.80, heading toward san francisco. he was on his way home after recruit training with the academy. >> it was around 04:30pm with
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the california highway patrol responded to a call for a solo vehicle collision. so officers quickly determined upon arriving the individual involved in the crash and also been shot. >> the chp is leading the investigation through investigation. it was determined a round had struck the right front passenger window of the prius. >> and then struck the driver officials at the regional training centers say peer counseling is being made available recruit who may need it. >> what you can about. >> yeah. according to the. academy people, i'm highly motivated. just a good. kind of a kind of a leader in the academy. so is this is tough for them. >> the california highway patrol has released no information on any possible suspects. investigators are asking any drivers with dashboard cameras traveling in the area around the time of the shooting to check to see if they may have recorded
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review your footage. >> if you see anything that could be of use to our investigators. please notify us. >> in dublin has it made you crowd for news. >> developing news out of philadelphia where at least a dozen people, including as many as 8 children are dead tonight after a fire broke out at a 3 story home early this morning. fire officials say all smoke detectors in the building did not work. firefighters broke in through the roof of the home trying to stop the flames. the town houses have been converted into 2 apartments. lot of people living there. a philadelphia firefighter called it. one of the worst fires in his 35 year career. >> i don't have the words. for how we're feeling right now as a community. as a department. >> 26 people had been staying at the home living at the
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home. it's not exactly clear how the fire started, though. fire officials believe it may have started on the second floor and a christmas tree. now to southern california, a driver who apparently rear ended a fedex truck while speeding in los angeles died this morning. officials say it happened just after 9 o'clock in the suburb of cerritos responding. firefighters found 6 vehicles involved deputies say one person was transported to the hospital. a trauma center. another suffered minor injuries. witnesses say the vehicles were stopped at a red light when the car crashed into them sending debris seemingly everywhere. >> tomorrow marks one year since the attack on the u.s. capitol. and now lawmakers are still investigating what went wrong that day. the chief of us capitol police told senators today about the improvements to the department has made over the past year and the work that still needs to be done. our dc correspondent anna wiernicki is in washington with more.
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>> us capitol police chief tom manger says when an angry mob stormed the capitol steps one year ago. his department wasn't ready. that january 6 taught us anything. it's that preparation matters. chief manger told senators on wednesday that leading up to the attack. critical intelligence information was ignored and the officers on duty that day didn't have the resources or backup they needed if the intelligence had been acted on the way it should have been. >> and we would have had enough people here. i think it would have been a different story. 5 capitol police officers who reported for duty on january 6th have since passed away, including capitol police officer brian sicknick. he died the day after the attack. 4 other officers died in the days and months that followed chief manger says the department has since put together a contingency plan that involves better coordination between federal partners, the national guard and local law enforcement. i don't know who it's going to be or when it's going to be.
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>> but what we will likely be tested again. major says the department is also working to hire more than 400 additional officers. i think it's going to take at least 2 to 3 years to get up to our our staff in texas. republican senator ted cruz says lawmakers are prepared to help out any way they can. whether they are right wing left wing or they got no wings at all. >> if you assault a cop. >> you want to go to jail for a long. >> long time in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. >> i for our 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside right now at the golden gate bridge as it's been for the last. >> a couple weeks saw a whole lot of snow there at the nation's capital, washington, the east coast still digging out after that mess along. i 95 we're going to kick it up to the sierra large is here with that. yeah, guys. boy, just a ton of snow. a lot of getting up there for the holidays. the roadways kind
6:22 pm
opening up. now. that's the good news. we do have a cup. more systems are going to watch out for. i 80 looking good, though, right now, no chain restrictions there, but more storms on the way. >> that's going to see another in the next couple days here likely to roll in tomorrow should be a dry day. if you want to head up there by friday. if you're planning to go have some weekend plans. we do have some rainy weather headed for the bay area. more storm clouds and more snow in the high country. little bit of a break after that get right back into it again, possibly the following monday and into tuesday. alright, that being said, you got a timeout. your trip if you head to the high country inn. yeah, it looks like tomorrow should be a great day. the one thing to watch out for some of that to leave fog, that ground fog, as you make way through the delta in the central parts of the state. other than you're looking dry as you head to the high country friday that snow does return saturday should be a dry day. the temperatures cool off in the 30's over the weekend. right now. yes, get in your skies. you have a couple raindrops on far northern california. more rain and some snow up in the pacific northwest dry for much of the bay area and well, all
6:23 pm
that moisture that we've had from all that rain. well, now we're starting to see some of that dense to leave fog. that ground fog developing outside tonight. we'll see more of that overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. so watch out for that temperatures kind of uniform outside mainly in the 50's around much of the bay area high pressure taking care of us for now that ridge will hold on for at least one more day. it will bring some dry weather, but we'll still see some lingering clouds and then we'll get back to the some rain looks like it's early as friday morning that could affect your commute. if you're headed out early the day on friday. temperatures for tomorrow. pleasant 50's almost 60 degrees in san jose. next couple days a return to a chance of a few more light showers come friday morning drying out by friday afternoon. looks like should be a dry weekend ahead. slight chance of showers returns on monday. >> thanks large scale of this story. another reason we don't deserve dogs how this alaskan malamute saved his owner from
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by talking to your doctor about twice-daily xiidra. like i did. i prefer you didn't. xiidra. not today, dry eye. >> new at 6 rescuers are praising a dog who protected his injured owner from freezing on a snowy mountaintop. the accident happened on new year's day on mount vela bit. that's in croatia. rescuers say both man and dog. alaskan malamute called north slipped and fell about 500 feet with a man hurt his leg pretty seriously. he could not walk. they say that north kept his owner warm for 13 hours. intel. the man could get medical attention. the dog was not hurt.
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>> hey, buddy. hey, buddy. >> caught on camera here. the dramatic moment that a dog was rescued after being swept away by an avalanche. happen in colorado. the dog named apollo actually triggered the slide. he wound up being swept over a cliff and through several trees before just disappearing into a sea of snow there nearby skiers join the search across the debris field. and after more than 20 minutes, one of them found the dog and others joined in to dig apollo out. apollo's owners say that he has a leg injury, but he's going to be ok. they say how they. >> actually know exactly where he wants. that's remarkable story. ok with covid cases still surging. there's concern tonight about what they're calling, i guess flurona infections says doctors detect the dual threat, get the flu got covid at the same time or corona. they're finding this in southern california. also
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