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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  January 5, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> just the past 24 hours, there have been nearly 147,000 new cases over the last week. the number of hospitalizations due to confirmed covid 19 cases has reached over 8,000 and the number of icu patients due to confirmed covid 19 cases has reached a total of almost 1400 people. caring for patients infected with covid say omicron has been spreading quickly from child to child. kids are not only testing positive at an alarming rate. but. >> many are requiring trips to the hospital, especially if they're not vaccinated, are kron four's. phillipe djegal spoke with nurses who are grappling with the overwhelming rise in cases. >> with no end in sight to a pandemic that has extended beyond 2 years nurses say their motivation to care for patients has not waned, but they are losing steam while the omicron variant spreads at rapid pace. we have absolutely broken down here in our office
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on number of we're talking to other after hours. margie mayfield is executive director of the nonprofit pediatric home care agency coastal kids, home care, her staff serves the south bay and says it has remained healthy throughout the public health emergency. she says the virus has not spread from patients to staff or from staff to patients. but adds the kids are getting sick at an alarming rate. more now than any other time during the pandemic. brought home children that have covid and had. >> reaction to it our brain dead children. and then later and we're being shipped for these kids. it has affected us across the dramatically and it has climbed to a point where like i feel like we're hanging on by a friend in the past week. the centers for disease control and prevention says new hospital admissions for kids with covid 19 increased. 66%. >> record highs since the pandemic began their such an
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explosion of cases that so many people are sick. so many people are quarantining so so many people are away from the workplace that we're all working short staff. so that makes the conditions hard or harder and worsening by the day. >> phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. the upcoming grammy awards have been postponed due to what organizers are calling too many risks to do the. >> omicron variant. the ceremony had been scheduled for january 31st in la with a live audience and performances. the recording academy says that it made this decision to postpone the ceremony after careful consideration and analysis with city and state officials as well as health and safety experts. no new date has been set. and the highly anticipated sundance film festival also just announced going to be canceling all in-person events. >> was expected to start on january 20th in park city, utah. just a great event. but all of the in-person events are now going to be online.
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omicron cases surging. there's concern about a double infection of flu and covid-19. >> kareen wynter has details now on what's being called flurona. >> we're nearly 2 years into this pandemic, but it's just been really one wave after another with the latest surge that could once again put hospitals over the edge from the uptick in covid patients being admitted with new infections and severe staffing shortages at medical facilities with health care workers unable to treat those who are ill since they've also been sidelined by the virus. doctor thomas and county officials described the challenge local hospitals are now facing with the omicron virus being so much more transmissible. we do have a lot of our frontline health care workers who have contracted the virus to isolate. so it has caused the issue with staffing. it's the people that haven't been vaccinated. >> there are now in the hospital and we want to prevent that because even our hospital staff is getting sick and they have to quarantine for 5 days and then and then
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get a test to show that they are negative. so all that's going to have an impact on all on and on. just about every segment of of our life in the next few weeks. doctor also mentioned at his hospital, providence cedars sinai medical center. they're prepared to fill any potential staffing voids with traveling nurses available from other states and cities to cover for those who are unable to work to ensure around the clock care. >> he says with omicron variant being so contagious. we should also expect to see a rise in infections. >> when patients are infected with both the flu and covid cases. doctor confirmed he began treating last spring but may be reemerging this winter march and april. we had patients with the influenza and covid at the same time as well covid-19 and other respiratory viruses. >> it was just a handful of cases and those patients typically were sicker and there are in our intensive care unit. why is it so concerning? well, as you can covid 19 is you know, about
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enough by itself and leads >> and every year we have hundreds of thousands of people were hospitalized and 10's of thousands have died from influenza. so the have both of them at the same could be exponentially worse. the la county department of public health told ktla they're not currently tracking or investigating individual flu cases. but that concurrent infection with more than one respiratory virus is exceedingly common adding there's no reason to expect that sars co be too should be an exception to this rule. >> that was kareen wynter reporting from los angeles. 13 people are dead after a massive fire ripped through a row home in philadelphia of the 13 killed 7 were children. the flames broke out around 6 o'clock this morning in the city's fairmont neighborhood near the art museum there. investigators believe the fire they've started on the second floor of the building. the home been turned into 2 apartments. lot of people living there. officials say
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the building had 13 fire detectors. but none of them work today. 2 other people including a child were taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries. >> says a without a doubt, one of the most tragic case and our cities history. loss of so many people in such a tragic way. and a much, much more to say than please. all these folks and especially these children. in your prayers. >> some young kids tend 7. the cause of this tragedy is still under investigation. there's talk the fire may have started as a christmas tree fire on the second floor. the fire is tied for the 5th deadliest home fire in the u.s. since 1980. >> and turning our attention now to bay area weather as we getting for you. a live shot there of the sfo. >> a lot of people are finishing up holiday travel this week as the skies have
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been ominous throughout the bay area. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is with us. so much rain the past several weeks. lawrence, a as you look ahead, what you see. yes, seen a few more storms coming our way. i think. >> january may begin to improve a little bit as we head down the road. but right now more storms kind of lined up outside tonight. all that leftover moisture from those raindrops giving way to some fog. so we're going to see some thick fog developing, but the long range looks a little bit different now as we're going to see the pattern kind of shift a bit right now, high pressure going to build in tomorrow. looks like a nice day. it's going to be nice dry day. but you can already see what setting up off the coastline. and here we go. that drops in as we head in toward friday morning, probably for the commute early on friday drive by the afternoon and then as we get the weekend looks mostly dry as high pressure whole long. but you can already see that next system up the coastline. maybe bringing a few sprinkles. that's really just a slight chance of showers come monday. another chance will come about the middle of next week. then after that, i think we start to shift gears. i think high pressure going to start to take over. usually
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there's about one week in january would almost feels like spring where we start to talk about some much warmer temperatures. we may get into some of that warmer weather and a lot of part of the week. in the meantime, though, the other temperatures today are running up just a little bit. 57 degrees in san francisco right at the average 57 also in oakland. but 64 degrees in san jose running a little bit above the average. that's because we stuck in a little sunshine there today. 62 in lemore 61 conquered and 59 degrees in santa rosa high pressure off the coastline. you get those storm clouds that are off the coast as well. we've got another storm that's moving in the pacific northwest. and we're finally going to dry day entirely. but the fog is going kind of stick around tomorrow. so a lot of fog in the morning partial clearing in the afternoon. we'll keep the temperatures down just a bit plan on highs generally in the 50's outside. but it should be mostly dry the exception. maybe some drizzle along the coast. thanks, lauren. it's experiencing more allergies. then you use some experts are attributing. >> global warming for the increase. >> and what one study is saying about lowering your risk for heart attack.
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and all signers and also give a boost to the libido. so there you go. okay. that allergy sufferers who think their conditions have worsened in recent years may. >> have climate change to blame a study led by the university of utah found allergy season now last several weeks more than it used to. researchers say warmer temperatures cause plans to release pollen earlier in the year. so pollen season now lasts from there are roughly march to september depending on where you live 30 years ago. used to be they say just about a month from mid-june to mid july. so it's got a lot longer pollen allergies are linked to respiratory health and could make suffers more vulnerable to viral infections. >> still ahead on kron 4 news at 5 rich demuro is at the consumer electronics show in las vegas when we come back, we'll be showing us some early discoveries from the
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>> the consumer electronics show 2022 cs is underway in las vegas and rich demuro is on the hunt for some new and unique gadgets in tonight's tech smart. >> cbs is sort of like a treasure hunt. and even though this year's show is scaled back a bit. there are still plenty of opportunities to find fun gadgets like this. a bluetooth speaker that magnetically attaches to the back of your smartphone. here are some of the other unique things i found. >> cs show. some thought
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wouldn't happen at all. we have a bubble around c s. >> which is not in permeable, but it's really, really good. vaccinations and masks are require covid tests are free. and i think we're at the stage of having to learn to live with this. what we have to go forward. we have to set the example for the world. some media and exhibitors did pull out. but there's still plenty to see. >> after hop on the world's first electric snowmobiles moon bikes electric slide weighs less than 200 pounds goes 26 miles an hour and runs for an hour and a half points to push that button. you get that immediate or can it just really, really playful. really fun. so this is a shingle where the solar is built right into it in military route just like you would stand or single timberline solar shingles are about half the cost of tesla ce passions and maybe 5 to 10 from putting us on just number and love is the world's smallest dishwasher and it only uses one gallon of water that many machine perfect for
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apartments and requires no hookups. 32 victory she didn't hear like few mission was one get in the and he came 20 minutes $300 on preorder. this stuffed animal nibbles on your finger. it's him it's basically a provides healing effects just like babies are a little animals do going to to thing you need, but also kind of weird little odd a little finally meet the king of massage chairs body friends, to now it started. i feel it. premium. speaker's voice control and a burst of oxygen to relax and rejuvenate. but before you get too comfy. keep in mind, it's $10,000. he does take this all be done for the rest of the day. thank you. see later cf. >> now back to this little speaker, which is much more affordable at just $30 and a doubles as a kickstand for your i am a post some ics discoveries to my instagram. you can find me there at rich
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on tech. >> in las vegas. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> the size chair looks pretty nice. disneyland is moving forward with an ambitious new plan that could reshape how visitors interact with the attractions late last year. the company was granted a patent on what it calls a virtual world simulator. the concept would create a highly realistic visual without people having to wear a headset. so instead the technology, would you special projectors to create virtual objects or cartoon characters, legal experts familiar with the pat and say that it appears disney maybe looking to roll out that new technology in the near future. all right. time now for 4 zone forecast as we give you a bird's eye view of san francisco. often the distance there glittering. but it tough on it's the fog, lawrence. if you're paying attention during las vegas. the csu story. they
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had the big massage chair. also the dog that could enable on your finger. >> not sure which you prefer a looking. i think i'll take yeah. what about to you want to go to disneyland just got to get something for everybody. and it's guys out there look at that fog. that's kind of settling in and it's going to be thick fog out there tonight. a true ground fog going to develop. so be very careful traveling overnight tonight around the bay area. no delays being reported at our local airports. but that may change the fog begins to lower a bit storm clouds rolling them. 7 northwest couple light showers in far northern california. but the clouds kind of thick around the bay area tonight. are starting to see fill in some of the valleys now and specially get through the delta. some of the interior spots. you had the sacramento valley be careful. you're going to see some thick fog overnight tonight, early tomorrow morning. i know a lot of folks want to run up to the sierra nevada. but watch out for that fog, especially early in the morning hours, temperatures outside almost uniform lot of 50's around the
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bay area. 55 in san francisco. 56 in hayward, 57 in san jose 59 degrees in of the forecast models trying to bring a little more rain. back into the bay area. you can see in the central valley, the showing some of that fog through the central valley. if you're traveling down toward los angeles, you taken 9, 5, yeah, watch out for that fog, too. the meantime, though, overnight tonight that fall kind of fill in overnight tonight across much of the central valley as it does tomorrow. you're going to see a mixed bag. you can see that fog in the morning giving way to some sunshine in the afternoon, but it should be mostly dry day and then we're going to see a friday rollingwood. you know, there's another storm system doesn't look like a real strong one but likely to bring us more rain early in the day on friday, then begin to break away to some clearing skies by the afternoon. temperatures are going to stay cool for tomorrow plan on foggy conditions in san francisco about 54 fog along the coast. 53 degrees in pacifica. maybe some drizzle up toward the beaches to 55 in millbrae 54 in south san francisco, maybe a couple of sunny breaks in the san carlos by the
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afternoon, but still these temperatures remaining rather cool the southbay drive 58 degrees in san jose 59 in morgan hill about 57 degrees in pleasanton, 58 in livermore, 56 degrees and hayward 58 in walnut creek. some of the interior valleys. specially you work your way through the delta. you're going to watch out, especially early tomorrow morning. actually late tonight actually after midnight or so in early tomorrow morning, another probably lift by about 9 or so. but still some gray clouds likely to linger throughout the day as we head toward the afternoon tomorrow in the north, a 59 degree samara fell in about 58 in the bottle next few dry weather expected for tomorrow chance of rain on the way on friday morning dry weather expected return over the weekend. get that massage chair. maybe that dog netflix and chill. well, netflix just released its 4th season. >> showed after the break, we'll get you an exclusive behind the scenes look at cobra kai.
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news, the netflix hit cobra kai is number one on their top 10 list entertainment tonights. nischelle turner joins us now with the story. >> hey, vicki and grant the 4th season of the kid reboot is already been viewed more than 120 million hours in less than a week. the stars gave us some on-set secrets and what to expect next season. >> one of the season's biggest moments, daniel and johnny
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showdown was a highlight for out and william zabka i worked really hard and it pushes all the right buttons. but it's you. it's kind of friendly and away. and then it's the breakup against, you know, want to do this for the kids. but just don't belong together. does that mean another face office set for season 5 people have differences and those get in the way. so that could light a fuse at any time in turn into another form brawl shouldn't johnny will join a win this time. >> yeah. >> cobra kai mega fan. carrie underwood also has a surprise cameo executive producer jon hurwitz told us it was tough. keeping it a secret until shooting day when carrie underwood walked out there. when we were filming the crowd had no idea that she was going to be there. so the reaction was out that from the crowd it was may have and it was one of the best days we've ever had on set. and let's not forget the epic prom pool fight shot outside on a cold winter night. i was in the city and i had let long johns on and all kinds of stuff. so it's very,
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very cold for me. so i can imagine what it was like for it was like 30 degrees outside l a. >> the was heated at the beginning of the night, but not by the time we went into it. i was what so worth it. >> and unity tonight for yeas date night whose new woman was our sophia bush exclusive telling us all about her prime-time return. don't miss it. >> for entertainment tonight. i'm michelle turner. and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. appreciate you being with us this hour, but keep it here. we have a lot more news ahead on kron 4 news at 6 is omicron continues to spread rapidly. the state is making changes to its health mandates. >> how much longer people will have to mask up indoors. and another deadly shooting on an east bay freeway. officials have just identified the sheriff's recruit. >> shot and killed yesterday. what we're learning tonight about the investigation. the news at 6 is next.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. >> well, the any pure you can abandon the tools that we've used to achieve our collective success.
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>> just 10 days before it was set to expire. california health and human services secretary doctor mark galli announcing the indoor mask mandate. it's here to stay until at least mid february. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. doctor galley made the announcement during a teleconference today. he also spoke of concerns regarding hospitals and address the upcoming super bowl in los angeles, ca four's. dan kerman >> listened in and joins us now live with some of the details. good evening, dan. good evening, doctor. galley, very proud of the work. california has done over these many months with covid 19 some of those include those. >> indoor mask mandates and has put in place which she nia says has made california residents safer. that's why this is one reason he's moving forward to extend that mask mandate. another month as the omicron variant continues its surge across california. the state is extending its indoor


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