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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  January 5, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PST

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your week. coming up next, james. i'll send it over to you. all right, reena, thank you. and a quick check of the bridges to because we like to get that. >> paired up with weather when we can look at the traffic here at the bay bridge toll plaza, nice and light. no worries for you as you're making your way westbound on 80 from oakland. >> in the san francisco easy ride for you. there. the san mateo bridge. our next stop. also shows a light commute for you in both directions. no matter which way you're heading eastbound westbound on that span. you're making good time. no problems reported by the chp. one more stop. well, couple more stops will jump to the richmond. sandra fell bridge for you next we're here at the toll plaza. you can see the traffic is moving. well. no slowdown whatsoever at the toll plaza and you're making good time across the span. no problems reported and one. oh, one. you're southbound right at a marine county across the golden gate bridge moving without any issue this morning. as you make your travels into san francisco. now to some breaking news this morning. a recruit for the alameda county sheriff's academy has died after he was shot at the bay bridge toll
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plaza in oakland. kron. 4. sarah stinson is live for us with the very latest now on what we know about what happened. sarah. >> james, we're talking about someone who is training and just days away from becoming a deputy for the alameda county sheriff's office and unfortunately driving home from work. he was shot and killed just driving like anybody else does driving home from work. terrifying. and actually the sheriff's office says they're not only heartbroken, they are disturbed. take a look at what they did when they found out he was shot. they went immediately to highlight highland hospital where he was being treated in where he later passed away know this morning. investigators are still trying to identify the shooter, trying to figure out who's involved. >> and why this happened in the first place. chp oafland in a chp golden gate division is investigating this deadly freeway shooting that happened at 4.30 yesterday on 5.80,
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west on the macarthur maze before the toll plaza to the bay bridge. the shooter fired a gun into the personal car of recruit deputy the deputy recruit hitting him, causing him to crash into a guardrail when officers arrived. he was immediately taken to hospital. as i said, he died later, the name of the of deputy academy. recruit has not been released that really trying to give the family some time and some privacy sergeant nelson with the sheriff's office caught up us on the phone last night. he says he's in shock that this happened. >> i don't know much what led up to other than it just seems like another. >> senseless act of violence on a freeway. reach notify your family. and as you can imagine, there are distraught. we're going to give a little bit of time grieve and process this. parents are clearly is that a sister and a girlfriend that that highland. you him or
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what's going on there. >> now. the man killed soon to be a deputy. he was not wearing a uniform. he wasn't in a marked car and he was just just like everybody else driving home from work. so they don't at this time believe this to be targeted. but of course, everything is being investigated. they're looking at cameras in the area they're looking to talk with witnesses and see if anyone saw anything that will help them identify the car involved or the people involved. in this for now. james. we'll send it back to you. >> all right, sarah, thank you very much, 9. '03, is the time and another breaking news from overnight. a man who was waving an ax and a knife has been arrested. now the shopping center in san jose police say the man was spotted at about 1 o'clock this morning. vandalizing the fronts of several businesses at meridian park plaza. officers say he refused to put the weapon down. in fact, the was involved in a standoff
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with officers for about 3 hours. but in the end, police were able to take him into custody without hurting anybody. san jose pd says that they'll be booking him now in the jail for vandalism charges. another big story that we're following this morning. the fast-spreading omicron variant is forcing local health officials to get tougher on stopping the spread of the virus. and for the first time in nearly 4 months. more than a 100,000 people now have been hospitalized with covid all across the country. that includes a record number of children. it's all been fueled by the omicron variant which now accounts for about 95% of new infections here in the u.s. the cdc meanwhile, has updated its isolation guidelines for people who test positive for covid. the agency now says that if you have tested positive and are using rapid test to see if you still have it. you need to wait towards the end of the 5 day isolation period before you take that test. now that test result comes back negative. well, you can endure isolation and just wear a mask a well-fitting one while you're
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in public or at home for the next 5 days until you get to the 10 day mark, if that test comebacks comes back positive. however, that recommending that you stay in isolation for that remaining 5 days. in response to the rapid spreading virus. marin county health leaders are now recommending indoor school sports be played without fans. kron four's. dan thorn, talk to the county's public health officer and to an upset parent about these changes. >> the high school basketball season is already underway in marin county. but the threat of the omicron variant is putting a damper on it. local officials are asking schools to not hold assemblies or allow spectators at indoor sporting events until further notice. i haven't missed one of my kids games ever. and this is a conflict again, a greater greater. i've never missed a game now i'm being told by the health department. i have to miss a game center in high parent. paul farbstein says families are being locked out from seeing their kids play. he argues the omicron variant is less severe and parents should be allowed to
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assess the risk more adults. we should all they want told not to go. >> is is i think, you about the county's recommendations were set to go into effect. wednesday. but the novato unified school district adopted the rules tuesday night keeping parents out from a series of games. we do not want to be apple. find transmission at this point in our khon surge. we need to to be be doing the opposite. marin county public health officer doctor matt willis says about 3 out of every 100 residents is currently infected with covid-19. he's concerned that a room full of parents at indoor sports games can contribute to the spread doctor willis says this is a temporary sacrifice as a parent of high school athlete. you know, i know that it hurts not to be able attend those and even i can't go. heard enough by this pandemic and keep the parents away from watching their kids games. i think it's just cruelty to kids. and it's been going on for 19 months, reporting in nevado dan thorn kron 4 news.
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>> happening today. the teachers union in san francisco is going to be holding a news conference to criticize the district's handling of covid testing and the distribution of test kits. more than 600 educators won't be able to teach or weren't able to teach on tuesday because they're either waiting for their test results to come back or it came back positive. the san francisco unified school district says they received 626 requests for substitute teachers and the teachers union is slamming the district over its handling of this covid surge, including having no plan on how to distribute a shipment of at-home test kits that are set to arrive later this week. we're going to be carrying the unions news conference for you on our 24 7 streaming news service kronon it's a free app. so if you haven't downloaded it already, make sure you do that. meanwhile, in the east bay, the oakland unified school district says that almost a 1000 students and staff have tested positive for covid before classes resume after the winter break.
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the district gave out about 41,000 home test kits to students and families just before the break began. and in a statement, district officials say that although some staff may have been on campus monday before they learned what there results were in that there are positive. they're confident that they were able to avoid any potential exposures in an overwhelming majority of the cases. also in the east bay the west contra costa unified school district will soon be requiring staff members to wear a medical grade kn 95 mask while at work. the new requirement is set to start on monday. the district says this is just one of several steps they're taking to keep students and staff safe. the district, by the way, has ordered enough masks for each employee to have one per week through the end of the year. happening tomorrow, free rapid covid tests will be available for all students in the dublin unified school district. the district has received about 13,000 tests from the state and parents can pick up those tests for each of their students between 08:30am, in the morning and 3 in the afternoon at dublin high court
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fallon, middle school parents have to either have their children with them. when they pick up these tests or at least be able to prove that they have a child goes to that district high school students who drive could pick up that test kits on their own and covid testing is also being offered at the school district office until 07:00pm every day this week through friday. a lack of vaccines, by the way, is making it harder for some people to get the shot. some cvs pharmacies have told us they've had to cancel appointments because they just don't have enough vaccines to go around a spokesperson from cvs is the pharmacy has administered more than 41 million tests so far and 50 million vaccine since the pandemic began. but experts say the covid surge is really affecting the workforce behind the vaccine uc berkeley infectious disease expert doctor john swartzberg says that there are plenty of shots. but there just aren't enough people to package them and get them sent out. >> we've got plenty of vaccine, the warehouses and have it. have to be operational. in a lot of the
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people who work in the warehouses, just for vaccines but for any kind of were there's a lot of covid going around. >> doctor swartzberg went on to say that. as for advice for those who have lost appointments. well, he recommends maybe contacting family and friends who've already gotten their shots to see where they got. it may be that might open an opportunity for you. if that doesn't work, he suggests reaching out to city or county health departments. you might have better luck there. as the omicron variant surges across the bay area a number of businesses and restaurants are voluntarily closing their doors. but there's a growing concern that some of these temporary closures could become permanent officials with the california retailers association says the business owners are once again be forced to make some very tough decisions in order to protect their workers and customers supply chain issues and organized crime could also cause some businesses to shut down altogether. >> i think you're going to have some business owners that
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are we evaluating that are saying is this really what we want to continue to do. do we necessarily want to continue doing it in california. you know, i'm not surprised that we're seeing some of the smaller independent retailers making that decision to either sat down for for a couple weeks. or i addressed to clean reduce their hours. >> the california retailers association is working right now with lawmakers to try and find more money to help struggling small businesses. we have some news just in to the kron 4 news room 13 people, including 7 children have died after a fire broke out at a 3 story house earlier this morning in philadelphia, fire officials say there was 4 smoke detectors in that building that apparently weren't working firefighters broke in through the roof of that home to try and stop the flames. the fire was brought under control in less than an hour. but sadly when crews went inside. that's when they discovered the 13 victims. they have not determined yet how this fire started. that investigation is still
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ongoing. we'll take a break. 9.11. the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, california has some new water restrictions that we need to tell you about because it could mean fines for you. if you're caught wasting water, we'll explain. plus major flight cancellations continue to ripple across the country. >> and it is having a negative impact here at bay area airports once again. we'll talk about the numbers coming up. >> and warmer drier conditions today and tomorrow and then we see another storm system make its way into the bay area on fr
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>> 9.14, the time californians who waste water may soon get hit with expensive fines. the state has adopted new water restrictions and these new rules now will ban people from doing things like that. watering lawns for 2 days after rainstorms are caught doing that. you're going to get fined. if you let your sprinklers run to the point there washing down the sidewalk. you could also be fined. we're talking about like $500 a day that you're in violation regular say they want to stress voluntary water conservation and that it forsman of this is going to be left to local authorities. the restrictions, though, could take effect by the end of the month. and despite all the recent rain. don't forget, we are still in a drought. so we have to continue to conserve water. when we can. but was nice to get the rain and rain is here in the weather center talking about that and that the fact that there's still more to come exactly was nice to have some of that rain will have more.
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>> that's on friday, though. and today we're looking at that cloud cover outside and some fog speckled across the bay area. live look outside right now. san francisco. you see those silhouettes out there. >> and it's pretty quiet for the most part like yesterday we were tracking the rain across the bay area. now, we did have early morning rain, but that was in the north bay. so santa rosa, they got some rain and then that start to clear out. now we're going to see more clouds in the forecast between today and tomorrow. but it's not until friday when we start to see another storm system yet again here in the bay area. let's get a look at our highs for today, san francisco 54 mission district. you're 56 right here. half moon. bay 53 san bruno mill rate burlingame all mid-fifties here. redwood city, palo alto san carlos mid to upper 50's in the south bay like campbell santa clara and san jose. all upper 50's ear. all right. here in fremont union city hey, we're 56 double in a 54 want to creek
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54 and then low 50's of berkeley richmond and a random raga conquer also up in sonoma in vacaville upper 40's the air nap and fairfield 4849 respectively stinson beach 49 mill valley at 51. now we have those early morning showers like i mentioned in the north bay today and then thursday we get a break in the rain. now we could see some snow returned to the sierra. so i would suggest if you are thinking about going up there. you do it sometime between today and tomorrow. don't try to do it on friday. we're tracking that second weak system that's set to arrive into the weekend. you've got partly clouds, but then a mostly dry conditions. we're looking at our inland lows 40's at the start of the week into the weekend, upper 30's ear. so pretty cool along the coast, low 50's to upper mid 40's. james, back to you. >> all right, thank you. time to talk winners and losers on wall street. joining us is always is financial expert rob black to break things down and rob, good morning. how are you doing so far this morning.
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kind of off to a slow start like the stock market. i'm just going to say it looks like the nasdaq taking a kick in the teeth once again today. the dow looks. alright, though, what you see him. keep in mind the nasdaq was up 20% last year so they werh do nothing this year to be spilt. >> it's a little over extended semiconductors got hit pretty hard yesterday. s and p 500 was at a all time high yesterday midday the dow jones industrial average sits near an all-time high. >> that's good. it just feels like it started little slow because our big tech companies that we see in the bay area. we're sort of underperforming led by google and and >> that's normal with higher interest rates coming in 2022 the big tech stocks should underperform and device areas like oil and financials and consumer staples, things like food should do. well. private. josh jobs numbers came out for january of 807,000 from atp. that was a good number. but
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you might we saw a record number of people quit in november to the tune of 4.5 million people mortgage rates are creeping higher 3.3%. that's nine-month high that should start to curb the enthusiasm in real estate and a christmas present for 2022 give me one james that still - sony playstation virtual reality headset coming out this christmas. i thought you're going to see the ps 5, which i still can't get a hold of. >> let alone the new placed a. so they're going to do a vr headset. >> i do like be like rob would be like mike a jordan. good sign up for alerts on products and i get it. july august teacher preorder and you will be one of the first in line to get on. so that's my secret. is that order way everyone else. okay. smart very smart. i'll tell you, though, this past christmas. >> the family got the colors too. the ar headset. as a game changer. i can see how the metaverse people are going to get into these in no small
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way. i think people are gonna start living their whole lives in the metaverse. if if it goes that way is pretty it's pretty immersive. >> 2020 to be a big year from ever. so a lot of people think it's a little over height. a big winner will be in video and apple for sure. okay. >> all right. and then let's talk for too because i just saw the headline here that they're going to be debase like doubling their production estimates for the ford f one 50 lightning there evie pickup truck. >> i want to tell you us to be with, you know, we speak be worried. you know this is really good diversification play any electric vehicles next 10 years will be the age of lithium ford finished the quarter strong with one 50 selling like hot cakes and i've never bought hot 100 doubling production for 2022 f one 50's important. the biggest top selling vehicle in the united states. the commercials look awesome. you could power your house during a blackout you can, you know, charge your tesla. can't get that as charging station. it's
9:21 am
a true electric vehicle and it looks through and through and double the production is a good sign stock is up 11% yesterday. that's huge. they never have days like that in my lifetime up behind 37% in 2021 and i missed it. 20 year high. interesting note some other car ingles right now toyota is number one car seller in america ahead of g m. i didn't think that was going to happen because there's a lot of red states out there that i like. i like my american because it got factories and that unions in the states. so that's an interesting one in crisis said we'll be all evie by 2028. here's a little trick games. there's no way all of this is going to happen because we don't have enough lithium. i'm ready for it. that's that's shortages of left him. i would look at in lithium etf mining etf as a play on the demanded next 10 years. batteries are going to be the thing. absolutely. and then lastly, we have squeeze this in and we're almost out of time. but yesterday we were talking about. >> was it your bringing in
9:22 am
some sort of like fake meat substitute. now we're talking kfc. what are they to him. >> 7 billion dollars in sales last year. not can see but kfc is introducing some plant based chicken a 6 piece. 12 piece or part of a package meal. their ceo said something fast as we want it to look like tinder like it looks like tenderloin. it doesn't look like it's been chewed and glued together like mcnuggets and i'm in because i can't tell the difference when you dip it in barbecue sauce. not that kind of thing. so 45% sales up last year. this isn't just for millennials. mcdonald's taco bell costco subway, dunkin disneyland disney world disney cruises make plans make it a debut later this year. if mcdonald's mcplant because well, you're going to shares of the beyond meat much higher in the short term. i mean, that's a trade look for 2 down the starbucks as the sausage. everyone's got the fray plant based meat, not james not a bad thing. just
9:23 am
feels very prepandemic. >> very okay. all right. all right, rob, thank you as always. of see when that comes out a little bit, right. why not? 9.22 is the time. if you want to let rob know what you'd like chat about tomorrow. is there a topic is their story. a headline that want to thinks about that. let him know facebook twitter through those platforms or just send it to him directly and we'll chat about it. robert black 9.25 the time
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developing story this morning, flight cancellations continue to be a big problem all across this omicron variant of covid. so far this morning sfo is already experiencing more cancellations and it had all day yesterday. a live look here shows you what it's like there at the airport right now. but let's break down the numbers for you, sfo. according to flightaware, dot com has 66 flights now that have been officially canceled for the day. oakland, 13 flights canceled there. that's an uptick from the 11 that we had earlier san jose still holding steady at of 18 flights canceled so far. but that number is twice as high as it was yesterday. we'll take a break. 9.26 that i'm still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. there's a new proposal in california that would make it easier to sue gun manufacturers. >> in the wake of shootings.
9:27 am
and tomorrow marks one year since thousands of people stormed the u.s. capitol. talk about the changes the capitol police have put into place since then. we'll be right back. after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. at the barnes firm, our injury attorneys work hard to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth.
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>> and we're back. 9.30 is the time on the kron 4 morning news want to start this half hour with another check of the forecast. we have rain in the weather center, keeping an eye on those damp conditions that are still out there this morning. actually. good
9:30 am
morning, james. the north bay. that's pretty much done. >> the damp us of the bay area this morning. not going to stay too damp for long. we'll start to dry out as the day goes on. but what we are seen our pockets of fog out there like along the golden gate bridge. you can still see not much there in terms people traveling across the bridge heading into the city this morning because of that fog. also, we had major rain across the bay area yesterday. we're tracking that right now. the radar shows pretty quiet conditions earlier in the morning and overnight we saw rain in the north bay. that was santa rosa. that has since cleared out. but you still see all of those clouds moving across the bay area. now we will have a break in the rain today and tomorrow and then friday, another storm makes its way into the bay area that's supposed to be a weak storm. so nothing to worry about and could bring some snow to the sierra. so you might want to leave a little early there. we're looking at temperatures across the bay area right now. current temp. down there. fremont hayward, a-
9:31 am
livermore concord oakland all in the mid to lower 50's james. >> thank you. ran a quick check of the bridges again starting off of the bay bridge approach. westbound 80 looking fantastic here at the toll plaza on the oakland side. no worries as you make your way across that span into san francisco. let's jump now to the san mateo bridge to the south highway 92 no worries for you as you make your way from one end of the span of the other. the westbound directions on the right-hand side. that's typically the commute direction. but as you can see, it's flowing nicely. no problems to report. there to the north. the richmond sandra fell bridge west bound, 5.80 account, one too. 3 cars. that's about it. needless to say it's a light or working your way through the toll plaza and out towards marin county and then no problems as well on the golden gate bridge. here's a shot for you here with the fog actually is lifting a bit. we can find the make-up both towers. it's an easy ride from marin county southbound. 1, one in the san francisco. another weather and traffic check here in a bit. but now let's get back to the news and health experts are warning that this latest surge
9:32 am
of covid cases hasn't even peaked yet. even in highly vaccinated areas like san francisco where case counts there have almost tripled in the last week and with at least a couple of weeks before the projected peak, san francisco mayor london breed is at the moment calling on everyone to take extra steps to protect themselves. >> we're not shutting anything down. we're not closing businesses. this is not 2020, but we do need to do our part to prevent too many frontline workers from getting sick at the same time. that means we need people to take steps to avoid catching covid during our surge over the next few weeks. >> and the mayor says that city services are being affected right now because of breakthrough cases at all levels we're talking police fire muni they're all impacted. experts are recommending you wear an n 95 mask or double mask. if you can and also avoid large crowds and take extra
9:33 am
precautions. if you're going to be around people who are unvaccinated. meanwhile, there is another new covid-19 variant to tell you about. this one discovered in france. it's been named the i h you variant and french health officials say that they found 12 people right now infected with this mutation. they're all living in southern france. the cases are all linked to recent travel to the african country of cameroon and local infectious disease. experts say that at this point it's still too early to know much about this variant. so they're not to worry just yet. >> i'm not going to lose sleep over i eat you, which doesn't have a greek letter in aiming at. but i'm definitely losing sleep omicron. >> it's unknown if the variant is more contagious or dangerous than previous strains at this point. it's not been discovered in any other country, but they're watching it closely. switching gears now to other headlines here in the bay area in san francisco and organization believes that recent vandalism to their banner was racially
9:34 am
motivated. take a look. a banner reading asians are strong, went up on highway one. oh, one near the vermont street exit in san francisco on new year's day and it was meant as a way to empower the asian community as they went into the new year. but 3 days later it was vandalized hudson. liau is founder of the asians are strong community organization and he believes that this vandalism was racially motivated. >> you someone saw it on the freeway got upset enough to get off the freeway. find random overpass and intentionally only cut off the ad is part. like it was really the whole banner. d specifically cut off isis to send a very, very clear message that this was a racially motivated vandalism. >> and he says the nonprofit is now planning to do something bigger and louder. they're raising money to actually install a billboard in the city. also in the news, the san mateo county sheriff's office has launched a new
9:35 am
prison program that aims to teach incarcerated people how to manage their stress and there are aggression and their trauma. we actually video of the maple street correctional center in redwood city as they were undergoing this program is actually the first county jail in the country to implement something implement something like this. but its aim is to help their inmates re-enter into their communities after they've served their sentences and individuals who completed their training were then invited to participate in the first prison program silent retreat which was last month. now to the north bay napa county police need your help. finding the people responsible for a smash-and-grab robbery. police say the thieves took a prosthetic leg. it happened on december 23rd right along the 1000 block of main street in napa. and this is a look at the suspects getaway car. it's described as a black lexus gs 200 with stolen license plates. at least it had stolen license plates at the time of the break-in. police say they're looking for 2 men. just one bag was taken from the car. but that bag contained the victims prosthetic leg. san francisco
9:36 am
police, meanwhile, are looking for a person who stole a 5 year-old service dog monday evening. it happened at the intersection of wall or an octavia street. the service dog, german shepherd named summer and these pictures retweeted out by sfpd officers say the thief grab summers harness that took off towards market street. if you have any information that might be helpful. let them now. tomorrow, by the way, marks one year since the january 6th insurrection. capitol police say they're ready for anything that could happen as lawmakers continue investigating the events of that day. basil john has the very latest from dc. >> good morning. democrats will handle most of the events to commemorate the attack and capitol police is making sure no surprises come along capitol police as they are not worried about the events planned on the anniversary of the january 6th attack on the capitol, but they are ready for anything there's no intelligence that indicates that that there would be any
9:37 am
problems. capitol police chief tom manger specified the improvements the organization has made since the attack such as additional equipment cell phones for every officer to receive briefings and updates and an improved process to request assistance from other agencies. we understand the urgency and the importance of ensuring that we fix the things that need to be fixed to make this campus. as safe and secure is it can be a major thanks congress for the support over the past year. a new york senator kirsten gillibrand says they will continue to help capitol police. we are going to stand with the capitol. police continue to get the more resources. we've made a lot of changes since january 6 and will continue make those changes to make sure they feel they have the resources. they need. senate democratic leader chuck schumer says it is necessary to not forget what happened and who was the reason for this attack. january 6 was the result of an effort by donald trump and his supporters to d legitimize our elections and perpetuate the big lie. >> former president donald trump announced he will cancel his january 6th event in
9:38 am
mar-a-lago. >> and we'll see his supporters at another event later this month reporting in washington. i'm basil john. >> thank you. basil. 9.37 the time. coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news the warriors they're back in action tonight. and one of their key players is making a push to be on the all-star team for the first time in his career will take a closer look. >> and we've been keeping a close eye on the forecast today. you still have some fog out there. a break in the rain just to see another storm system again on friday. we
9:39 am
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ask your doctor about dupixent. >> 9.40 is the time and state lawmakers introduced a bill that would allow private citizens to sue gun makers and sellers and hold them accountable in the wake of shootings. the proposal allows victims of shootings, including private citizens asd cities and counties to sue gun makers and sellers on claims that the gun industry acted recklessly and dangerously policy makers say that right now cases get tossed out in the early stages of a lawsuit depending on how judges interpret legal protections for the gun rights industry. >> this policy would not create liability or mean that every case against the gun industry is successful. it simply means that people be ensured that they will have an opportunity to pursue about playing to responsible reckless dangerously acting gun dealers legalize the sense of personal responsibility
9:42 am
which is the big problem that we're having. i don't like the term gun violence because it it directs the attention towards the weapon itself. the instrument audience tend to behave here. >> now the bill now it was waiting to be referred to a committee with hearings likely to start in the spring. we'll be following the story. we'll take a break here at 9.42. we'll be right back.
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back at 9.45 getting a check of the weather with rain here at the quarter hour, making sure things are find for you. if you're heading out the door what we see in over see nice conditions outside. finally returning to seasonal averages out there. >> a live look at san francisco. and last time we checked in, we can barely see. so that tells me that the fog is starting to roll out just a bit. there. a quiet radar different from what we saw yesterday. but we're tracking the storm across the bay area. now we did have light showers earlier in the morning. this was in santa rosa. but that cleared out, you're going to see low cloudh throughout the rest of the day into tomorrow and then again friday we return nother storm system in the bay area will be watching that closely. let's get a look at our highs for today. san francisco 54 mission district 56 the air half moon bay mid to lower 40's along daly city mill ray burlingame in south san francisco. all mid 50's for you. redwood city san carlos palo alto upper 50's across the map in the south
9:46 am
bay san jose campbell in santa clara all upper 50's out a little more your at 55 the air. san leandro oakland mid-fifties and berkeley over. and am i wrong to lower 50's up in sonoma, vacaville and napa. all upper 40's. so a little cooler in that area. petaluma santa rosa low 50's. alright wednesday early morning rain up in the north bay and again, thursday we dry out friday that second week system returns to the bay area. again and can potentially bring with it some snow up in the sierras. so if you're traveling up there definitely want to leave today or tomorrow. the knot on friday saturday and sunday into the weekend, drier conditions still partly cloudy bill inland lows. you're looking at mid to upper 40's of the upper 30's there friday and saturday and then along the coast 50's at the start of the week into the mid 40's throughout the rest chains. all right. rain a thank you very much. quick check of the bridges. final check for you here. the bay bridge has been.
9:47 am
>> beautiful here for the last couple of hours and that continues to be the case here. hardly any traffic making its way westbound on interstate 80 through the toll plaza from oakland into san francisco. the san mateo bridge as we continue to monitor the ride on highway 92 looking fine. no issues west or east bound on that span as you make your way from the east bay to the peninsula or the other way around. and speaking of the east bay to the north bay. let's go to the richmond. sandra fell bridge where again, traffic is flowing. just fine. no backups at the toll plaza. no issues on the span. so once you get to marin county, it's an easy sync up with highway one. oh, one. if you're taking south out of the north bay into san francisco. well, you'll be taking the golden gate bridge. and as you can see, traffic moving just fine. the zipper truck out. they're reconfiguring after the morning commute looks like nobody is being affected by that. it's pretty easy right. let's talk sports here at 9.47 the warriors back in action tonight while on the road facing the dallas mavericks and one warriors making a push
9:48 am
to be an all-star for the first time in his career with kron 4 sports director jason dumas us with the story lost in the very justified buzz of klay thompson's upcoming return. >> is the fact that andrew wiggins is quietly making a case to be coming all-star for the first time in his career. wiggins is averaging 19 points per game and has successfully been guarding the best wing player on the opposing team night in and night out for the dup klay thompson said that makes him one of the top 2 way players in basketball playing on the best team in the league that my friends is objective. lee. true. since december. 1st wiggins is shooting 54% from the 3. now you have to figure steph curry and draymond green will be shoo ins for golden state. but history tells you that the team with the top record. usually get 3 guys in. so if you ask andrew winning does matter and he hopes to be recognized for that.
9:49 am
>> how's that for for all stars you know, the best they are, you know, that suspect stuff they've got. like i that you opportunities and now you may. are one. >> would be nice to see week in the all-star game in cleveland. the team that drafted him before he was traded to minnesota to the ice. the sharks in detroit taking on the red wing. second period trade up 2 zip adding insult to injury tyler. but tuesday with the short-handed goal. his second of the game. it 3 nothing moments later, highest center says me too. broad want to get into that's his second goal of the game as well. detroit corps it on san jose fall. 62 those take on the sabres on thursday like
9:50 am
it's done to much of society. covid-19 continues to turn the sports world upside down on tuesday. stanford university, an ounce that all winter sports that take place in door will be limited to only student athletes and their families. so if you are planning to go see the defending national champion women's basketball team or the men unless you are a family member. it's looking like a no-go. these changes are effective immediately stanford athletic director bernard muir says full spectator attendance for all events will resume as soon as appropriate as for spectators at outdoor winter events that will be seated social distancing and will require to wear a mask. staying on the college level. one of the most anticipated local hoops matchup of the season has been postponed santa clara was set to host saint mary's on thursday. but
9:51 am
the gaels don't have enough bodies because the players in covid protocols saint mary's is projected as a tournament team this year. the 12 3 on the young season. they have been playing great ball. meanwhile, santa clara not too shabby as well. they're 10 5 on the year. a makeup game for that contest has not been announced yet. again. the warriors will be facing off against the dallas mavericks tonight, tipoff. >> at 4.30. we'll take a break or 9.51. will be right back.
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9:54 am
>> we are just about done here on the kron 00:00am morning news. but of course they never stop on kronon. theresa standing by the newsroom with a look at what they're working on a theresa hi, james. well, good morning, everyone. we're following up on. >> that horrible shooting that took place at the bay bridge where sheriffs cadets was murdered. plus teachers with the san francisco unified school district with are criticizing the district failing, they say, to protect everyone against the surge that's going on right now. they plan to have a news conference at noon. we're going to be following up on that to see that news conference and the latest on your weather. sports and other breaking news just grab your phone scan. the code you see right there, it will take you straight to the app store so that you can download kron on for free. back to james. all right, thank you very much. >> 9.54 is the time. and don't
9:55 am
forget tonight is another big night. you could win 610 million dollars in the powerball lottery. if you opt for the lump sum. you only get a measly 434 million. so, you know, choice is yours. check pots gone up about 70 million dollars since nobody won in monday night's drawing a keeps climbing fact. nobody has won this jackpot in months. that's why we're seeing the total so high. so best of luck to you. you know, kick a little our way. if you win the big, big pot. all right. let's jump to the sierra and show you what's happening up there as they're getting a little more snow thanks to this recent snow storm that came through bringing rain to the bay area. we saw. well, pretty decent amount actually coming down. just be careful if you're going to be heading up there over the next couple of days. you can get a little slick, a little icy as temperatures freeze overnight. and then of course, don't forget friday. we're expecting another round of stormy weather. so don't make that the day that you had up to this year because driving is going to be a little treacherous, maybe thursday, if you can or wait
9:56 am
till saturday. but friday is not your best option. more on that with your seven-day forecast in a minute. and don't forget people aren't the only ones who enjoy heading into the snow for a good time. this was video at a dc the national zoo. they're sharing video of these 2 pandas horse playing in the snow rolling around having a good time. the zoo says this is the second time that these pandas have ever encountered snow. the first time they were a bit wary. but this time, look, as you can see, that a lot of right pandas. i watched pandas all day. we'll take it quick look a slight doubt. we'll take a look 70 around of a forecast here to round out they crossed morning news and as we mentioned, we've got some leftover sprinkles here and there just to deal with this morning. but by tomorrow, look at that mostly sunny on thursday. it will be a little chilly 56 the high with temperatures dropping down to 47 for inland valley lows and then friday. the rain returns and boy, does the cold air to
9:57 am
not only our daytime highs dropping down to the low 50's, but check it out. overnight lows dropping down into the mid 30's. so it's going to be pretty chilly around the bay on those 2 days and then things sort of shape up nicely as we head into the weekend and beyond. so there you have it. the kron 4 morning news world. and don't forget to tune in tomorrow morning. we'll be back here with more headlines for you. coming up in just a little bit. in the meantime, kron on. don't forget to download that app. it's free and check out our coverage all day long. >> we'll see tomorrow.
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