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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  January 5, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PST

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north bay as seeing that rain. but as you can see, the rest of the bay area pretty dry for the most part, we're getting a look at those showers as they continue to roll through, they'll be gone around noon and then we're going continue to dry into today. low clouds for the most part. and then friday is when that second storm system is set to arrive and we could potentially see some snow up in the sierra a live look at the temperatures right now currently so bring your jacket with you. napa. 50 valais hill. 51 upper 40's down there at san carlos and jose low 50's across the we'll have a look at your 7 day coming up. but for now, james. we'll send it back to you. all right, dana, thank you. quick check of the bridges this morning. we'll start things off with the bay bridge approach. >> westbound 80, as you can see, it is slow down a bit here at the toll plaza. but you're still making it through without too much hassle once you're on the span, you're fine. heading into san francisco to the south we go. the san mateo bridge. our check of highway 92 here. and yes, the volume certainly picking up here at the 7 o'clock hour. but you're still
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driving at the limit. no major slowdowns to get your way. it's theusual slow and go from hayward out to foster city. let's jump to the north. the richmond, sandra fell bridge. check out the right here on west bound. 5.80, traffic again, stopping up in a couple lanes here at the toll plaza. but no issue on the span. the chp says it's a fairly clear, right. as you're making your way from richmond out towards sam of sandra fell this morning and then once you're in marin county, if you're heading down one o one across the golden gate bridge in san francisco. yet a little foggy. but that's about it. you're making a good time from warren county into the city this morning. let's get the headlines here at 71 and some breaking news this morning. a recruit for the alameda county sheriff's academy has died. now after being shot in oakland right near the toll plaza of the bay bridge. kron 4. sarah stinson is joining us now with the very latest on this story. sarah. >> james. that's right. the alameda county sheriff's office says they're all heartbroken and disturbed that one of their deputy recruits
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was the next person to be shot and killed while just driving on a bay area freeway driving home from work a day of training to become a deputies, a young man heading back to san francisco. take a look at your screen. we have video from the moments that the alameda county sheriff's office lined up outside of highland hospital scored his body with an american flag over him. chp oakland is the lead investigator in this deadly freeway shooting. it happened around 4.30 on the 5.80 west of macarthur maze area just before the toll plaza to the bay bridge. the shooter fired a gun into the personal car of this recruit hitting in causing him to crash into a guardrail when officers arrived. he was immediately taken to the hospital where he later died from his injuries. the name of this sheriff's office academy recruit. it is not stopping the least and they're trying to give the family some time to grieve son privacy. we did
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catch up with sergeant nelson with the sheriff's office. we caught up with him last. and on the phone. he's in shock about this senseless violence unexplained how the family's doing. >> i don't know. watch what led up to other than it just seems like another senseless act of violence on a freeway. reach notify your family. and as you can imagine, there are distraught. we're going to give a little bit of time grieve and process this. parents clearly is that a sister and a girlfriend that that highland. or what's going on there. >> this morning. the investigation continues. chp oakland will be looking into a motive as well as trying to identify the shooter involved in this responsible for this.
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the recruit was not wearing a sheriff's office uniforms, not driving a sheriff's. vehicle. so it was just everything was just like he's a normal person driving on the freeway heading home from work and and that's when he was shot and killed. so we're trying to get an update for you on this investigation as well as reaching back out to the sheriff's office are trying to assist chp anyway. they can for now. we'll send it back to you. james. >> bizarre and tragic story. thank you very much. sara. well, some breaking news also from overnight. a man who was waving an ax and a knife. >> has been arrested. now the shopping center in san jose police say the man was spotted about 1 o'clock this morning vandalizing the front of several businesses at murray. i'm ready and park plaza. officers say he refused to put down the weapon and there was a standoff at that point with officers for about 3 hours. that man was eventually taken into custody. nobody was hurt. san jose pd says that he'll be
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book now to jail for vandalism. another big story that we're following this morning. the fast-spreading omicron variant is forcing local health officials now to get together to try and figure out a way to stop the spread of the virus. and for the first time in nearly 4 months, more than a 100,000 people now have been hospitalized with covid across the country and that includes a record number of children. it's all being fueled by the omicron variant which now accounts for 95% of new infections here in the u.s. and the cdc, by the way, has updated its isolation guidelines for people who test positive for covid. the agency now says that if you have tested positive and are using rapid tests to see if you still have it, you should wait towards the end of the 5 day isolation period in order to take that test. if your test result is negative, then you can endure isolation, but you are suggested to continue wearing a well-fitting mask around other people at home and in public until the 10th day. if you test positive, though, on day 5. it's recommended that you remain
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isolated again for that additional 5 days. in response to the rapidly spreading virus with warren county health leaders now recommending indoor school sports be played without fans. kron four's, dan store and talk. the county's public health officer and upset parent about these changes. >> the high school basketball season is already underway in marin county. but the threat of the omicron variant is putting a damper on it. local officials are asking schools to not hold assemblies or allow spectators at indoor sporting events until further notice. i haven't missed one of my kids games ever. and this is a conflict again, 8th grader a 9th grader. i never miss a game now i'm being told by the health department. i have to miss a game center in high parent. paul farbstein says families are being locked out from seeing their kids play. he argues the omicron variant is less severe and parents should be allowed to assess the risk more adults we should all they want told not to go. >> is is i think, you about
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the county's recommendations were set to go into effect. wednesday. but the novato unified school district adopted the rules tuesday night. keeping parents out from a series of games. we do not want to be apple. find transmission at this point in our khon surge. we need to to be be doing the opposite. marin county public health officer doctor matt willis says about 3 out of every 100 residents is currently infected with covid-19. he's concerned that a room full of parents at indoor sports games e can contribute to the spread doctor willis says this is a temporary sacrifice as a parent of high school athlete. you know, i know that it hurts not to be able attend those and even i can't go. heard enough by this pandemic and keep the parents away from watching their kids games. i think it's just cruelty to kids. and it's been going on for 19 months, reporting in nevado dan thorn kron 4 news happening today. the teachers union in san francisco will be holding a news conference
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criticizing the district's handling of covid testing and the distribution of test kits. >> more than 600 educators will not be able to teach on tuesday due to either testing positive for covid or waiting on test results. the san francisco unified school district says they received 626 requests for substitute teachers. the teachers union is slamming the district over its handling of the covid surge, including having no plan on how to distribute a shipment of at home test kits when it arrives later this week, we're going to be carrying the unions news conference for you on our 24 7 streaming service. kronon. make sure you check it out. in the east bay. the oakland unified school district says that almost a 1000 students and staff have tested positive for covid before classes. resumed after winter break. the district gave out about 41,000 home covid tests kits to students and families just before the break began. and in a statement, district officials say that although some students or staff may have been on campus monday before learning of the positive test results. they are confident that they
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avoided potential exposures in an overwhelming majority of their reported cases. also in the east bay the west contra costa unified school district will soon begin requiring staff members to wear a medical grade kn 95 mask while at work. the new requirement starts on monday. the district says this is all just part of the steps they're taking to keep students and staff safe. the district has ordered enough masks for each employee to have one mask per week through the end of the year. well happening tomorrow, free rapid covid tests are going to be available for all students in the dublin unified school district, the district received 13,000 tests from the state. parents can pick up those tests for each student between 08:30am, in the morning and 00:00pm in the afternoon at dublin high school or fallon middle school. parents must either have their children with them. when they pick up these tests or prove that a child of theirs does go to the school district high school students who drive can pick up their own tests. covid testing is also being offered at the school district office until 07:00pm every day basically
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through the rest of this week. a lack of vaccines is making it harder for people to get the shots. some cvs pharmacies have to send out cancellation alerts recently saying that they just don't have enough vaccines. a spokesperson from cvs says that the pharmacy has administered now more than 41 million covid-19 tests at 50 million vaccines since the pandemic started. but experts say that this covid surge is really affecting the workforce, including those who work with the vaccines uc berkeley's infectious disease expert doctor john swartzberg says that there are plenty of shots for everyone but not enough workers there to package and ship them. >> we've got plenty of vaccine, the warehouses and have it. have to be operational. in a lot of the people who work in the warehouses, just for vaccines but for any kind of were there's a lot of covid going around now. >> and doctor swartzberg has advice for those who have lost upcoming appointments. he says start with friends and family
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to see where they got their shots. and if that doesn't work, he recommends reaching out to city or county health departments. see if you can schedule on there. as the omicron variant surges across the bay area. a number of businesses and restaurants are voluntarily closing their doors. but there's a growing concern that some of the temporary closures could become permanent officials with the california retailers association says that business owners are once again being forced to make very tough decisions to protect workers and customers supply chain issues and organized crime could also cause some businesses to shut down altogether. >> you're going to have some business owners that are we evaluating that are saying is this really what we want to continue to do. do we necessarily want to continue doing it in california. you know, i'm not surprised that we're seeing some of the smaller independent retailers making that decision to either sat down for for a couple weeks. or i addressed to clean reduce their hours.
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>> and the california retailers association is working with lawmakers right now to find more money to help struggling small businesses. we'll take a break as we're approaching 7.12 this morning. california has new water restrictions. coming up, we're going to tell you how could end up costing you if you waste water love details on that coming up in a minute. and tomorrow marks one year since thousands of people stormed the u.s. capitol. the changes that capitol police say they've made since that. >> and we're tracking scattered pockets of fall light showers in the north bay and then we start to dry out of it before another system arrives in the bay area come friday. we'll have a look at
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>> 7.14 is the time californians who waste water may soon get hit with expensive finds the state has adopted new water restrictions and these new rules will ban people from watering their lawns for 48 hours after rainstorms. he can't do that. you can't let your sprinklers run out onto the sidewalk anymore. that's a waste water and violators could be fined up to $500 per day that it's happening. regular say they want the u.s. to stress the voluntary water conservation and enforcement initiatives. they say it's up to local authorities to really enforce this. the restrictions could take effect by the end of the month despite all of the recent rain, the state don't forget is still in a drought. so we've got a ways to go before truly out of this just yet, although it does look better up in the sierra. i mean, the snowpack is really helping out a lot. we've got
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more snow, as you can see here in these live pictures. this is along interstate 80 in the higher elevations. what we do expect to see you know, treacherous driving conditions. if you're going to be planning on heading up this weekend. i know a lot of folks may have plans to do that. just know that we do have a storm system heading our way friday, which is what a lot of people might be trying to head up there and that could be a recipe for disaster if you're not careful, rain has got more on our forecast now, you my biggest piece of advice would be leave before friday, maybe into thursday is your best bet. >> back here at home. we have low clouds today that that rain that we saw yesterday. the north bay is pretty much the only area that were seen any type of rain there show your future cast late into the evening hours into the early morning rain in santa rosa and then later on in the afternoon. you pretty much have cloud coverage all throughout the bay area. but look at our rain totals. not much of anything. just pretty scattered showers as trace amounts just cover the bay area this morning. we're
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looking at our highs for today. so before you leave the house, here's what you need to know. san francisco 54 mission district 56 the year down in half, moon bay about 54 as well. mid 50's there millbrae through san bruno, redwood city palo alto and san upper 50's down in the south bay 57 in campbell san jose, you're at 58, morgan hill, 57 their hayward union city fremont tunnel. all mid-fifties lower in the east bay here. walnut creek concord, rendon moraga and berkeley and then as you're traveling along up and napa vacaville fairfield upper 40's. so a little cooler there out here along the coast get that stinson beach mill valley about 51 degrees. ok, so we talked about that light rain that we saw earlier today in the north bay predominantly and then later on in the afternoon evening today we get a break from the rain in the showers and then come thursday. we're pretty much dry friday that second storm system that james just mentioned there up in the sierra. we're going to keep a
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close eye on things because we could see some snow into the weekend we're talking about just partly cloudy. but again, dry conditions. it looks like next week. we could get another week system. we'll have more on your forecast coming up. but for now, james. we'll send it back to you. all right, reena, thank you. quick check of a couple bridges forg you this morning. starting off at the bay bridge. and you can see it. >> actually not terrible. if you look towards the back end of the congestion is so pretty decent gaps there in a few lanes. so it's just the normal wait and wait and see time here at the toll plaza before you make your way into san francisco. nothing out of the ordinary. the san mateo bridge. also moving smoothly, traffic flowing fairly well in both the east and westbound directions here of a highway 92 as it connects hayward to foster city across the san mateo bridge will have more weather and traffic checks coming up in just a little bit. now let's get back to the headlines and for your money this morning, google will pay top executives a million dollars each. after declining the after dick's climbing to boost workers pay. so the covid rapid test prices are going up as well. we've got
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jane king live in new york to explain more about all of this. boy, that's got to be some unsettling news about executive pay there. james. >> yes, and what are the google how they feel about that. but let's start with the covid at-home tests because if you can find one at all the way are going up in price in some places. so kroger and walgreens of raise the prices of the covid test. now this follows the expiration of an agreement with the biden administration that the retailers have that they would sell those rapid test kits of 400 days at costa so they would not make any profit. but that expired at the end of the year and was not renewed. well, macy's is shorting store hours for the rest of this month. as coronavirus cases spike and it is dealing with the staffing shortage of its stores. so from monday to thursday, macy's stores will be open from 11:00am to 08:00pm this for the rest of this month. warmer. by the way, to properly shut 60 stores recently as well to give them a covid deep cleaning as well. and a whopping 44% of americans said
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saving money is one of their new year's resolutions that's going to retail me not survey. that is more than the percentage that said they wanted to lose weight or get more exercise and google giving 4 of its top executives. a significant pay bump. it will raise their salaries from $650,000 to 1 million a year and that's just weeks after the company told staffers that would not automatically adjust their salaries for inflation is all according to an sec filing. it was reported in the verge of google just posted its 5th quarter in a row of record profits. live from new york. i'm jane king. >> all right. thank you very much, jane. so also in the news this morning. tomorrow marks one year since the january 6th insurrection capital police say that they're ready for anything that might happen on that day. while lawmakers are taking a look back on the day as well with basil john with the very latest from washington. >> good morning. democrats will handle most of the events to commemorate the attack and capitol police is making sure no surprises come along
7:21 am
capitol police says they are not worried about the events planned on the anniversary of the january 6th attack on the capitol, but they are ready for anything is no intelligence that indicates that that there would be any problems. capitol police chief tom manger specified the improvements. the organization has made since the attack such as additional equipment cell phones for every officer to receive briefings and updates and an improved process to request assistance from other agencies. we understand the urgency and the importance of ensuring that we fix the things that need to be fixed to make this campus as safe and secure is it can be a major thanks congress for the support over the past year. a new york senator kirsten gillibrand says they will continue to help capitol police. we are going to stand with the capitol. police continue to get the more resources. we've made a lot of changes since january 6 and will continue make those changes to make sure they feel they have the resources. they need. senate democratic leader chuck schumer says it is
7:22 am
necessary to not forget what happened and who was the reason for this attack. january 6 was the result of an effort by donald trump and his supporters to d legitimize our elections and perpetuate the big lie. >> former president donald trump announced he will cancel his january 6th event in mar-a-lago. >> and we'll see his supporters at another event later this month reporting in washington. i'm basil john. >> thank you. basil. 7.22 is the time. coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news major flight cancellations all across the country. once again as. yeah, we're getting bad weather and covid really hampering the airline industry. we'll have full details coming up after the late the break. we are back.
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it is 7.25 and we're still following the developing story this morning about flight cancellations. >> they continue to be a major problem all across the country. so far this morning. it's being reported that 1400 flights have been canceled so far. a big reason for this is the omicron variant and the spread of a covid so far this morning. sfo is already experiencing more that had all day yesterday. this is a live picture being provided by crown for visit. here's the list of cancellations. you can see look at sfo 64 flights canceled so far this morning. and according to reports from the airport, it looks like alaska and united are the biggest impacts. are those the
7:26 am
airlines with that being impacted the most by these cancellations oakland has 11 flights canceled. san jose has 18 flights canceled. that's a whole lot more in san jose had yesterday for oakland and san jose, it looks like southwest airlines is the airlines. it's getting the brunt of these cancellations. so it's it's a tough one out there. make sure you call ahead. find out if your flight still on time, if you're heading to the airport. it is 7.26. we'll take a break. but up next on the kron 00:00am morning news. there's a new proposal now in california that would make it easier to sue gun manufacturers after shootings. more on that story coming up in a minute. >> another person who was shot and killed while driving on a bay area freeway. this time it was a recruit for the alameda county sheriff's office love with the details coming up.
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>> we are back at 7.29 a check of the forecast here at the half hour mark. we've got rain harvey standing by with a look at is it wetter or drier than it was yesterday morning what should people prepared for a much drier conditions so you don't have to worry about too much rain out there, but scatter fall. that's what we're seeing like. we're looking at the golden gate bridge. there are still pockets of fog across the bay area. the north bay. however, they saw a little bit of moisture this morning right
7:30 am
now we're looking at our radar. you can see quieter conditions our future cast shows us that rain that we saw early in the morning hours up in santa rosa. that's going to clear out the clouds, however, are going to stick around. we're going to see that throughout much of the day as you are out there hitting the roads. let's get a look at your temperatures out there. look at that allay napa concord, low 50's upper 40's down hayward fremont san jose low 50's. san carlos, you're at 49 palo alto. 48 up at santa rosa 50 will have your 7 day forecast coming up, the james. let's send it back to you. all right, reena, thank you. at 7.30 hits. quick check of the bridges. we've got the bay bridge. yeah. hit the back of the building here, the gaps that we saw between cars earlier that certainly gone now. so. >> it's a it's a slow and go here across the toll plaza lanes. and then once you get on the span, though, you're traveling just fine making your way into san francisco. the san mateo bridge looking good. once you're on the span as well. a little bit of that back up at the toll plaza itself. but nothing out of the ordinary. the high rise section flowing well, and your
7:31 am
connector to one o one on the peninsula side is without any issue this morning. the richmond sandra fell bridge. let's jump their next west bound. 5.80. you can see the trail life sort of the headlights are trailing off into the distance. there's a bit of a slowdown here. but once you get past the toll gate, you're making good time across the span and into bergen county. final stop for you. the golden gate bridge a little foggy but looks like it's lifting just a touch handful headlights. that's all you'll see as you make your way from a marine county do'n into san francisco. you're traveling at the limit this morning. let's get back to our news now and breaking news from overnight. a recruit for the alameda county sheriff's academy has died after being shot in oakland right near the toll plaza of the bay bridge with kron 4. sarah stinson on the story for us this morning. sarah. >> yeah, this investigation continues. this morning. we have chp looking for a motive as well as the shooter. meanwhile, me that county sheriff's office says they are
7:32 am
heartbroken and disturbed that one of their deputy recruits was the next person to be shot and killed while just driving on the freeway as a regular person driving home from work like we all do. we drive to and from work. and unfortunately, so many people are getting killed by gun violence. take a look at this video. we have from highland hospital yesterday they had the sheriff's deputies lining highland hospital, a scoring his body with an american flag over him. >> chp says that this happened at 4.30 yesterday on 5.80, wesson, the macarthur maze before the toll plaza to the bay bridge. the shooter fired a gun into the personal car of this deputy recruit hitting him and causing him to crash into the guardrail when officers arrived. he was immediately taken to the hospital where he later died from his injuries when they were treating him, taking him there. they had no clue that he was deputy recruit. they said that they only figured later into they found items in
7:33 am
his car and that they realized that's who he was. and of course, then notified the family. his name has not been released are trying to give the family some privacy, some respect sergeant nelson with the sheriff's office caught up with us on the phone last night. he says he's in shock. this type of senseless violence continues to happen. >> own product guy here. a military my entire life and the life out there on here and i've never seen anything like this their like this. just that it come to this for people. >> indiscriminately fire on people on the freeway. and got a lot work bring it all today. just awful, awful experience. >> the fact that thir keeps happening is something that's disturbing to everyone of. as i said, this investigation is
7:34 am
ongoing. is trying to figure out the motive of this. they're trying to figure out who is responsible. there is some thought that maybe the shooter took off since they were going west and took off through the toll plaza over the bay bridge. they're, of course going to be looking at video trying to talk to witnesses and figure out why and how this happened. but this sheriff said deputy recruit was not wearing uniform was not in a marked car. nothing. just a regular person like you and me driving home from work. we'll continue to fall. this will have an update for you. james in about 30 minutes. all right. we'll see you then. thank you, sarah. >> it is 7.30 for turning our attention now to the omicron variant health officials say the latest surge of covid hasn't. >> even peaked yet. even in highly vaccinated areas like san francisco, where case counts have almost tripled in the last week and with at least a couple of weeks before the projected peak, san francisco mayor london breed is now calling on everyone to take extra steps to protect themselves.
7:35 am
>> we're not shutting anything down. we're not closing businesses. this is not 2020, but we do need to do our part to prevent too many frontline workers from getting sick at the same time. that means we need people to take steps to avoid catching covid during our surge over the next few weeks. >> the mayor says the city services are being affected as well because of breakthrough cases and its impact at all levels of service from police to fired immunity experts recommend wearing an n 95 mask or double masking and avoiding large crowds and taking extra precautions among people who are unvaccinated. meanwhile. there's another new covid-19 variant. this one discovered in france. it's been named the i h you variant french health officials say that they have found 12 people now infected with this new mutation. they live in southern france. these cases were all linked to recent travel to the african country of cameroon and local infectious disease. experts say that at this point it's
7:36 am
too early to know much about this new variant. >> not going to lose sleep over i eat you, which doesn't have a greek letter in aiming at. but i'm definitely losing sleep over >> yeah. it's unknown if this new variant is more contagious or dangerous than previous strains at this point. it hasn't been discovered in any other country. they're watching it closely. in san francisco. an organization believes that recent vandalism to their banner was racially motivated. take a look here. a banner. reading asians are strong, went up on highway one. oh, one near the fremont street exit in san francisco on new year's day. it was a way to empower the asian americans going into the new year. but 3 days later it was vandalized and hudson lau, a founder of the asians are strong community organization believes that vandalism like this is an active anti-asian hate. >> you someone saw it on the freeway got upset enough to get off the freeway. find
7:37 am
random overpass and intentionally only cut off the ad is part. i like it was really the whole banner. d specifically cut-off age is to send a very, very clear message that this was a racially motivated vandalism. >> yeah. layoffs says that the nonprofit now plans to come back, bigger and louder by raising money to install a billboard in the city. the san mateo county sheriff's office has launched a new prison program that aims to teach incarcerated people how to manage their stress and aggression and trauma. this is the maple street correctional center in redwood city. it's the first county jail in the country to implement a program like this. the goal is to help inmates prepare for re-entry into society and to their communities after serving their sentence individuals who completed the training were invited to participate in the first prison program silent retreat. it was health last month. san francisco police meanwhile, are looking for a
7:38 am
person who stole a 5 year-old dog, a service dog monday evening. it happened at the intersection of waller and octavia street. the service dog is a german shepherd. as you can see here in these pictures. his name is summer and these pictures were tweeted out by the sfpd. police say the thieves grab summers harness and took off towards market street. if you have any idea who is behind it. if you have any idea where the dog is. let police know. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news the warriors back in action tonight and one of their key players making a push to be on the all-star team for the first time in his career. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> and much drier conditions today. but we do have another storm on the way that arrives friday. we'll have a look at friday. we'll have a look at your 7 day once we get back. ♪ ♪ ♪ friday. we'll have a look at your 7 day once we get back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> 7.41 is the time and state lawmakers in california are going to be introducing a bill that would allow private citizens to sue gun makers and sellers and hold them accountable for shootings. the proposal allows victims of shootings, including private citizens cities and counties to sue gun makers and sellers on claims that the gun industry acted recklessly and dangerously police maker policy makers say that right now cases are getting tossed out in the early stages of a lawsuit depending on how certain judges interpret legal
7:42 am
protections that are offered to the gun industry. >> this policy would not create liability or mean that every case against the gun industry is successful. it simply means that people be ensured that they will have an opportunity to pursue about playing to responsible reckless dangerously acting gun dealers legalize the sense of personal responsibility, which is the big problem that we're having. i don't like the term gun violence because it it directs the attention towards the weapon itself. the instrument audience tend to behave here. >> and the bill now awaits to be referred to a committee with hearings likely to start in the spring. 7.42. is the time. we'll be right back.
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and even his kids and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their eligible family members. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join. are we still exclusive? absolutely. we're back. 7.45 getting a quick check of the weather before you head outside head% out onto the road. so rain is standing by with the forecast and it's damp. but luckily not raining yet. exactly. it's really nice outside a lot of warmer conditions and we had over the past. >> a few days. but we do see some cloud coverage just a little bit yesterday. we can really see much of this image. we're starting to see more out there. still, those clouds are going to stick around yesterday. you might remember we had a lot of rain on the map will to different quite picture today. earlier in the morning hours we have rain in the north bay. that's not
7:46 am
going to stick around long. it will be gone here by noon and then into the afternoon. we're just looking at clouds until another system arrives back again on friday which could potentially see some snow up in the sierra. so if you are going to head up there. i would recommend you leave early rather than later so you don't get stuck in all of that. our rain totals look at this. just trace amounts across the bay area from our last 24 hours of rain that we saw highs for today across the map pretty much in the 50's soph up in santa rosa 51 napa. 52 down in the south bay mountain view san jose. morgan hill 48 to 52 respectively here in the east bay 53 in oakland, hayward. you're a 52 livermore any at 51 and mill valley. 52 our 7 day forecast. we talked about it. but we had rain the past few days. a few showers today in the north bay and then we start to dry out here later on in the afternoon. it's thursday where we get that sunshine friday that second system. it's going
7:47 am
to be a weak one, though. that makes its way back into the bay area and they bring with it some snow into the weekend. mostly cloudy temperatures but dried nonetheless lows in the inland area looking at mid to upper 40's high 30's for you and then along the coast there 50's and 40's across the map. james, back to you. ok. rain thank you. a quick check of the roads. now as we like to do that after weather because. >> oftentimes one affects the other. and here we have the bay bridge. it's actually not that bad. if you look back towards the oakland army base overcrossing. you can see that we actually have some opening up of the lanes there. so that's good news. looks like it's beginning to thin out just a little bit making good time went on the span, though, in the san francisco. no problems there. the san mateo bridge is also been a fairly nice right here. once you get past the toll plaza as well. a little sunshine hitting the road surface as well. now. so we're looking at pretty nice conditions as you make your way from hayward out to foster city. no problems to report either up at the richmond sandra fell bridge. in fact, the toll plaza here really
7:48 am
thinning out traffic has has a lot of gaps there. nobody really slowing down as they make their way through the toll gates. so it's an easy ride on that stretch of westbound 5.80, and southbound. 1, 1, across the golden gate bridge, though. you're shrouded in fog. you're still making good time for marin county down into san francisco. let's talk sports the warriors. they're back in action tonight. they'll be on the road facing the dallas mavericks. and we do have one warrior. it's making a pretty big push to get on to the all-star team for the first time in his career for sports director jason dumas us explains. lost in the very justified buzz of klay thompson's upcoming return. >> is the fact that andrew wiggins is quietly making a case to be coming all-star for the first time in his career. wiggins is averaging 19 points per game and has successfully been guarding the best wing player on the opposing team night in and night out for the dup klay thompson said that makes him one of the top 2 way players in basketball playing on the best team in the league that my friends is objective.
7:49 am
lee. true. since december. 1st wiggins is shooting 54% from the 3. now you have to figure steph curry and draymond green will be shoo ins for golden state. but history tells you that the team with the top record. usually get 3 guys in. so if you ask andrew winning does matter and he hopes to be recognized for that. >> how's that for for all stars you know, the best they are, you know, that the stuff they've got about like i that you opportunities and now you may. are one? >> would be nice to see week in the all-star game in cleveland. the team that drafted him before he was traded to minnesota to the
7:50 am
ice. the sharks in detroit taking on the red wing. second period. they trade up 2 zip adding insult to injury tyler. but tuesday with the short-handed goal. his second of the game. it 3 nothing now. moments later, highest center says me too. broad want to get into that's his second goal of the game as well. detroit corps it on san jose fall. 62 those take on the sabres on thursday like it's done to much of society. covid-19 continues to turn the sports world upside down on tuesday, stanford university and now it's that all winter sports that take place in door will be limited to only student athletes and their families. so if you are planning to go see the defending national champion women's basketball team or the men unless you are a family member. it's looking like a no-go. these changes are effective immediately stanford athletic director bernard muir says full
7:51 am
spectator attendance for all events will resume as soon as appropriate as for spectators at outdoor winter events that will be seated with social distancing and will require to wear a mask. staying on the college level. one of the most anticipated local hoops matchup of the season has been postponed santa clara was set to host saint mary's on thursday. but the gaels don't have enough bodies because the players in covid protocols saint mary's is projected as a tournament team this year. they're 12 3 on the young season. they have been playing great ball. meanwhile, santa clara not too shabby as well. they're 10 5 on the year. a makeup game for that contest has not been announced yet. and again, the warriors face off against the dallas mavericks tonight, tipoff. >> is it for 30. we'll take a break or 7.51. we'll be right back. we are back and
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
happening tonight. you could be 610 million dollars richer if you win the powerball lottery. again, you'll get 434 million. if for the lump sum. so you decide if that's worth it or not. the czech cuts gone up about 70 million dollars since the last drawing, which was monday. it was no winner and now this
7:55 am
jackpots really beginning to skyrocket. they really has been a jackpot in months. so that's why we're seeing a total as high as it is. good luck if you're playing. i know i've got my tickets. >> we'll take a quick break. coming up in the next hour of the kron 4 morning news the recent surge in covid cases across the country is causing big problems for schools right here in the bay area and now one bay area teacher teachers union is speaking out criticizing their district for its handling of covid and the surge will have details on that coming up at the top of the hour. and we're also following breaking news in alameda county, sheriff's recruit is killed in a freeway shooting with details of that coming up in a live report. when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i was hit by a car and needed help.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >> good morning on this wednesday. january 5th. thank you so much for joining us here on james fletcher and as we're midway through the week. let's get a check of the weather before we get to the headlines because we are halfway between storms as well. we've got with a look at that. he ran a good morning, james. yeah, we get a little break today from all of those storms that we saw. >> over the past few days. another one arrives friday, though you do have pockets of fog that you have to drive through today. we're looking
7:59 am
at the golden gate bridge. you can see visibility pretty low outside at this hour in certain areas of the bay area, very quiet in terms of rain that we saw across the radar, but we have had some early morning showers just in the north bay. so santa rosa. and in that area and you're seeing clouds throughout the rest of the day, dry conditions today into tomorrow and then again on friday as we see our next system that arrives bringing with it some rain and we could potentially see some snow up in the sierra a look right now at our current temperatures across the mat. you can see in the south bay 50 in palo alto, low 50's and fremont san jose hayward livermore san carlos, you're at 49 up in santa rosa, 50 novato san francisco at 52. we're going to look at your seven-day forecast as you plan your week ahead. but for now, james, we'll send it back to you. all right, randi, thank you very much. here's a quick check of the bay bridge. as we take a look at your corridors here. >> and boy, what a difference it's we're seeing here just a half hour to 15 minutes ago was all backed up and now it's
8:00 am
all gone. so it's an easy ride from oakland in a san francisco looks like the morning crushed has passed us by smooth ride on the span in the city, into the city. the san mateo bridge also showing us a nice ride here as well with traffic flowing at the limit. no problems. as you can see, hardly any brake lights as you're making your way westbound on 5.80. should say on 92 across the water and onto the peninsula. speaking of 5.80, has. i'm getting ahead of myself west bound, 5.80, the richmond sandra fell bridge. we're looking at nice conditions here as well. all that traffic that we saw earlier. all gone now. so it's an easy ride from richmond down towards sandra fell. the one rides been light all morning long, not so much with the fog. you can see it's heavy here. but at least you're congestion your commute. volume is on the light side as you're making your way south on 1 one. and in the san francisco. all right. let's get to the headlines now. it's breaking news. sad news to report a recruit for the alameda county sheriff's academy has died now after being shot in oakland right near the toll plaza of the bay bridge for sarah stinson on the story for


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