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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  January 5, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 4. >> good morning, everybody. and thank you for joining us on the kron 00:00am morning news january 5th on a hot day wednesday and i think rain and today is the best day. it's not cold and it's not raining this morning. exactly. just kind of middle of the road. the air, we do have some patchy fog. >> a live look outside, though, at the berkeley hills. and you can see visibility is better today than it was yesterday because we can't even see the city lights yesterday. so we're seeing a little improvement. no heavy rain today. but we are going to see some scattered showers throughout the morning. it's the north bay specifically. that's going to get that and
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then around noon that'll, stop. you have cloudy cover fall throughout the day. roll into the bay area will get a break into wednesday. thursday and then friday and another system arrives which could potentially bring with it some snow into the sierras rain totals from this recent system we're seeing just trace amounts of rain across the bay area. so not much of anything out there. current temperatures outside right now. like we'll just mention warmer than we have been still in the low 50's. so san carlos 50 hayward 50 conquered oakland san francisco half moon bay all in the low 50's. we'll have a look at your 7 day forecast coming up. but for now, we'll send it back to you. let's take a look at the traffic conditions. i can personally vouch across this about an hour ago. no problems when you're crossing the bay bridge. look at that. >> yes, you see a little bit more cars with every passing day. but i still think it's holiday light. you're looking at about 13 minutes from the macarthur maze down on to the streets of san francisco from
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there. let's go to the san mateo bridge. it should be a little bit busier. know jump the gun on that one. no problems. also look at the roads like reyna said, you might run across some showers throughout the morning. but so far so good. as far as the dry conditions. you're looking at about 15 minutes for that spanned richmond sandra fell bridge that was puddling yesterday morning. nope huddling, no cars that car just got off the freeway. no problems there and then quickly, the golden gate bridge might be a little hazy there. still no problems. 20 minutes into the city from nevada. breaking news that we're following this morning. a recruit leaving the alameda alameda sheriff's academy in unmarked car was killed in a freeway shooting yesterday afternoon deputies stood in detention as his body was carried draped in a flag and put into a coroner's van. very solemn there. the shooting caused the recruit to crash into a median on west bound. 5.80, where it meets
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interstate 80 and just before the bay bridge toll plaza. no information has been released so far about the shooter or a possible motive. but the sheriff's office believes the shooting seems to have been just another senseless crime. the victim's family was notified. but so far this morning that person he or she that person's name has not been released to the public. another big story that we're following this morning. the fast-spreading omicron variant is forcing local health officials to get tougher on spreading the stopping the spread of the virus. and for the first time in nearly 4 months. more than 100,000 people have been hospitalized with covid across the country. now that includes a record number of children. it's all being fueled by the omicron variant which now accounts for about 95% of new infections in the country. the cdc has updated its isolation guidelines for people who test positive for covid the agency now says if you have tested
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positive and are using rapid test to see if you still have it, you should still way towards the end of the 5 day isolation period to take the test. if your test results come back negative. you can end isolation, but you should wear your masks. still a very fitting one that wraps around your face. very snug and that should last up until day 10. now, if you test positive, it is being racommended that you isolate for another 5 days after that. in response to the rapidly spreading virus marin county health leaders are now reconsidering indoor school sports being played without fans in attendance. kron four's dan thorn talked with the county's public health officer and the very upset parent about these possible changes. >> the high school basketball season is already underway in marin county. but the threat of the omicron variant is putting a damper on it. local officials are asking schools to not hold assemblies or allow spectators at indoor sporting events until further
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notice. i haven't missed one of my kids games ever. and this is a conflict again, a greater greater. i've never missed a game now i'm being told by the health department. i have to miss a game center in high parent. paul farbstein says families are being locked out from seeing their kids play. he argues the omicron variant is less severe and parents should be allowed to assess the risk more adults. we should all they want told not to go. >> is is i think, you about the county's recommendations were set to go into effect. wednesday. but the novato unified school district adopted the rules tuesday night. keeping parents out from a series of games. we do not want to be apple. find transmission at this point in our khon surge. we need to be be doing the opposite. marin county public health officer doctor matt willis says about 3 out of every 100 residents is currently infected with covid-19. he's concerned that a room full of parents at indoor sports games can contribute to the spread
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doctor willis says this is a temporary sacrifice as a parent of high school athlete. you know, i know that it hurts not to be able attend those and even i can't go. heard enough by this pandemic and keep the parents away from watching their kids games. i think it's just cruelty to kids. and it's been going on for 19 months, reporting in nevado dan thorn kron 4 news. happening today. the teachers union in san francisco. they will hold a news conference criticizing the district's handling of covid testing and the passing out of those test kits. >> more than 600 educators were not able to teach yesterday because either they were tested positive for covid or they're waiting for a test result. the san francisco unified school district says they received nearly 630 requests for substitute teachers. the teachers union is slamming the district over its hardling of the covid surge, including having no plan on how to distribute a
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shipment of at home. covid tests kits when it arrives later this week. we will carry the unions news conference for you on our 24 7 free streaming service kron on when it happens this morning. in the east bay, the oakland unified school district says almost a 1000 students and staff tested positive for covid before classes. resumed after winter break. the district gave out about 41,000 home covid test kits to students and families just before the break began. now in a statement district officials say although some students or staff may have been on campus on monday before learning of the positive test results. they're confident they avoided potential exposures in an overwhelming majority of those reported cases. let's stay the east bay where the ca west contra costa county unified school district will soon begin requiring staff members to wear a medical grade. kn 95 mask while they're at work. the new requirements starts
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this monday. the district says this is one of several steps. it's taking to keep students and staff members safe. the district is ordering enough masks for each employee to have one mask per week from now through the end of the year. happening tomorrow. free rapid covid tests will be available for all students and the dublin unified school district. the district has received 13,000 tests from the state. parents can pick up the tests for each student between 08:30am, in the morning and 3 o'clock in the afternoon at the dublin high school. our fallon middle school parents must either have their kids with them when they pick up the tests or prove that the child goes to the school in that particular district high school drive can pick up their own tests. covid testing is also being offered at the school district office until 7 o'clock at night. every day this week through friday. a lack of vaccines is making it
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harder for people to get their shots. some cvs pharmacies had to send out cancellation alerts recently saying they didn't have enough vaccines a spokesperson with cbs says the pharmacy is a ministry more than 41 million covid-19 tests and 50 million vaccines since the pandemic started. but experts say this covid surge is really affecting the workforce, including those who work with the vaccines uc berkeley infectpous disease expert doctor john swartzberg says there are plenty of shots for everyone but not enough workers to package and shipped them. we've got plenty of vaccine, the warehouses and have it. >> have to be operational. and a lot of the people who work in the warehouses, not just for vaccines but for any kind of were asked. there's a lot of covid going around. >> the doctor has advice for those who have lost upcoming appointments. he says start with friends and family to see where they got their shots.
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and if that doesn't work, he recommends reaching out to the city or county health departments. more and more bay area small businesses starting the new year uncertain about their future. a number of businesses and restaurants are voluntarily closing their doors as the omicron variant continues to search. but as kron four's, jonathan mccall found out there's a growing concern. some of those closures could become per minute. >> for many small businesses and locally owned restaurants. the start of 2022 is yet another painful reminder of the challenges faced in 2021 fresh. i mean, we're all frustrated we're all tired. a new round of covid concerns brought on by the omicron variant is now forcing owners to once again make the tough choice to close their doors, at least for now in alameda alone, toy safari will be closed through next week. town tavern is closed after a worker tested positive and the alameda island brewing company
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has closed its taproom after possible exposure. >> you know, i'm not surprised that we're seeing some of the smaller independent retailers making that decision to either sat down for for a couple weeks. or i addressed to clean reduce their hours. >> rachel michelin is with the california retailers association and i spoke with a lot of small business owners. you know, they were just they were holding on. they were holding on a lot to get through to basically this past holiday season in hopes that they could recoup some of that. >> profits that they lost. she says owners are once again being forced to make the tough decisions between protecting their bottom lines. >> or protecting workers and their customers. i just had a. >> small independent retailer happens to be engaged that with our you know, the 10% of his workforce is out right now and due to covid. in addition to the omicron variant. >> michelin says that supply chain issues and organized retail theft could be enough to cause some small businesses
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to turn off the lights for good. and i think you're going to have some business owners that are we evaluating that are saying is this really what we want to continue to do. >> do we necessarily want to continue doing it in california. she says she's in the process of working with lawmakers to try to find more money to help keep small businesses afloat. >> my hope is that some of these small retailers small restaurants can hold on and really be able to come back strong enough, but those that the virus will continue to claim even more victims. >> in san francisco. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, california has new water restrictions and they could end up costing you if you waste water will have the details on how much right after the break. and today marks one year tomorrow marks one year thousands of people stormed the capitol. you can see all that video. who can forget about that, right. the
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limited availability in select areas. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> and welcome back. if you waste water, you may soon be hit with an expensive find the state is adopting new water restrictions. the new rules ban people from watering their lawns. >> for 2 days after rainstorms or letting their sprinklers run on to the sidewalk. >> violatoos. if you're caught to be up top fined up to get
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this $500 every day. regulators say they want to stress voluntary water conservation and enforcement up to local authorities. the restrictions could take effect by the end of this month. despite all of that recent rainfall. the state is still in a drought. taking a live look at the sierra this morning. drivers are being told to bring chains with them if they are traveling through the area just in case there is no snow in the forecast for today. but snow is expected to fall. once again on friday. welcome back, everybody. time now is for 16 in the morning. no rainfall this morning. a little bit warmer this morning. rain and no complaints, no complaints on are in. >> we actually do have some light showers. however, by the time the morning rolls and rolls out will be dry yet again. a live look outside right now san francisco and you can still see patchy fog. we'll be with you on your morning commute. a live look at our radar and you can see everything looks pretty quiet
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this morning. we're talking about those scattered showers predominantly in the north bay and then you have dense cloud cover as you make it throughout the day, another storm system set to arrive on friday. so we're talking about snow in the sierra. that's a potential for a lot of us also a high surf advisory in place until 06:00am so all the coastal areas. you want to be careful and cautious. 53 in golden gate park for your highs today. pacifica a half moon bay 54 there. sam brunel millbrae and burlingame. all mid-fifties down in san carlos redwood city, upper 50's santa clara san jose upper 50's milpitas short 54 56 in fremont. deadlin york 54 there. san leandro 55 renda low 50's. 49 up in sonoma, vacaville and fairfield yacht villas. well, santa rosa nevado in sandra fell. all lower 50's. we talked about
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early morning showers. a few nothing that's going to really slow you down today on this wednesday. tomorrow sunshine for the day and then friday morning as we're going to see some more showers make their way into the bay area. in addition to that, also some potential for snowfall in the sierra it's into the weekend where we start to dry up still cloudy inland lows 40's 30's for the week and along the coasts. you're in the mid to upper 40's will back to you. ok, so let's take a look at the traffic conditions. if you're leaving your house this morning. actually got a little bit lighter at the bay bridge. no problems and. >> if this is your first day back from the holiday and i'm sure a lot of people it is for them. remember $7 for all bridges in the bay area except the golden gate bridge 13 minutes. if you're heading into san francisco from the bay bridge, from there on san mateo bridge picking up just a little bit since the last time we checked this plenty of space between the cars. no
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problems there. i expect no problems at the richmond. sandra fell bridge as well. yet only one set of headlights. no big deal. if you're cross there, it's not even a windy on the bridges. so that's the good news and then that's go to the golden gate bridge. no problems at all. the fog maybe there looks a little hazy off in the distance. but 20 minutes from novato into the city. speaking of the city, san francisco is citing a new lease for a so-called linkage center as part of the emergency declaration in the tenderloin. it will be located near the corner of market and hyde streets less than a block away from the civic center bart station now the goal of the center is to target people in the tenderloin who might be struggling with substance. use or mental health issues by helping them connect with the city's health and human services city leaders say people who are arrested in the tenderloin would also be able to choose between staying at the linkage center. are you going to jail. but the fate of
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the mayor's emergency declaration still unclear supervisor. aaron peskin recently introduced a motion to withdraw the board's support. and after an hours long debate yesterday. the supervisors voted to re address the issue again next month. that will happen on february 8th supervisor. matt haney who represents the tenderloin says it's still too soon for there to be any changes at this particular time. this was just past 10 days ago. and so it's my view that we need to actually give it an opportunity to work. >> i get people off the streets into treatment, bring some safety and health and wellness to a community that suffering. >> the emergency declaration wave several city permit rules to speed up the opening of the linkage center. but it's still not clear what would happen to the city's plan if the board does decide in the end to withdraw its support for this plan. tomorrow marks one year
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since the january 6th insurrection capital police promise. they are ready for anything that could happen on the anniversary while lawmakers. they look back on that day, basil john is live in washington, dc with the details. basil. >> well, we'll good morning. yes, some democrats will handle most of the events. to commemorate the attack. meanwhile, capitol police want to make sure no surprises come along. capitol police as they are not worried about the events planned on the anniversary of the january 6th attack on the capitol. >> but they are ready for anything there's no intelligence that indicates that that there would be any problems. capitol police chief tom manger specified the improvements the organization has made since the attack such as additional equipment cell phones for every officer to receive briefings and updates and an improved process to request assistance from other agencies. we understand the
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urgency and the importance of ensuring that we fix the things that need to be fixed to make this campus as safe and secure is it can be major. thanks congress for the support over the past year. a new york senator kirsten gillibrand says they will continue to help capitol police. we are going to stand with the capitol. police continue to get the more resources. we've made a lot of changes since january 6 and will continue make those changes to make sure they feel they have the resources. they need. senate democratic leader chuck schumer says it is necessary to not forget what happened and who was the reason for this attack. january 6 was the result of an effort by donald trump and his supporters to d legitimize our elections and perpetuate the big lie. >> now former president donald trump announced he will cancel his january 6th event in mar-a-lago. >> and we'll supporters and another event later this month reporting live in washington. i'm basil john, thank you so much. basil, for that report. still ahead on the kron 4
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morning news major flight cancellations once again across the country. >> and it's getting very bad at bay area. airports will have the details when we come right back.
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>> a developing story that we continue to follow this morning flight cancellations continue to wreak havoc across the country. this is a live look at sfo this morning. so
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far more than 1200 flights have been canceled across the united states. a big reason the omicron variant staffing levels, weather problems so far this morning sfo is already experiencing experiencing more cancellations and it did all day yesterday. here's a look at the local numbers. according to flightaware at sfo 60 flights. and it's only with for 26 of the morning probably will stack up even higher in oakland. we're looking at 11 flight cancellations and 18 in san jose. that number is twice as high as it was yesterday. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. there is a new proposal in california that would make it easier to sue gun makers after shootings.
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>> and welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. time now is for 29 in the morning on this hot day hot day is not so biting as it was on monday. rain. was so cold, actually. >> at the turn down the heat are this morning coming yeah. it was chilly. it was chilly and now we're starting to warm up just a little bit. we're getting a live look outside right now here in san francisco. and you can see. >> we do have much clear skies today than we did yesterday.
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however, we still do have patchy fog out there. there is a high surf advisory in place until 06:00am today. so if you are along those coastal areas. you want to be mindful and careful radar shows a much quieter picture this morning. however, we do have early morning showers looking at santa rosa and then around noon. we start to really clear out. we do still have some dense fog roll in throughout the bay area, specifically also in the delta region and in the central valley. if you're traveling through there. futurecast shows us we get a break on thursday and then yet again on friday return to another storm bringing with it. snow in the sierra just trace amounts of rain for this last system we just saw. we talked about those current temperatures right now. the bottle, 50 san francisco, 50 half moon bay. 52 freeman 51 low 50's across the map. so not the warmest day, but certainly not cold will. back to you. you know what also is very cold. no hot spots. so it's cold on the. >> roadys


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