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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 4, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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at our primary goal is to keep our schools open it's important logical same thing ridiculous. this is the time to not be scared. i think it's time to move forward. >> tonight, a 9 marin county parents are voicing their frustrations as new regulations to try to stop the spread of the omicron variant in schools are set to go into effect. good evening. thanks for joining us on this 9 o'clock hour of kron 4 news. i'm ken wayne. and i'm pam moore. marin county health leaders are now recommending indoor school sports be played without spectators. the new rule means no parents family members or fans at the games for death or and talk with the county's public health officer and an upset parent about the changes he has the story from nevada. >> the high school basketball season is already underway in marin county. but the threat of the omicron variant is putting a damper on it. local officials are asking schools to not hold assemblies or allow spectators at indoor
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sporting events until further notice. i haven't missed one of my kids games ever. and this is a conflict again, 8th grader a 9th grader. i never miss a game now i'm being told by the health department. i have to miss a game center in high parent. paul farbstein says families are being locked out from seeing their kids play. he argues the omicron variant is less severe and parents should be allowed to assess the risk more adults we should all they want told not to go. >> is is i think, you about the county's recommendations were set to go into effect. wednesday. but the novato unified school district adopted the rules tuesday night. keeping parents out from a series of games. we do not want to be apple. find transmission at this point in our khon surge. we need to to be be doing the opposite. marin county public health officer doctor matt willis says about 3 out of every 100 residents is currently infected with covid-19. he's concerned that a room full of parents at indoor sports games can contribute to the spread
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doctor willis says this is a temporary sacrifice as a parent of high school athlete. you know, i know that it hurts not to be able attend those and even i can't go. heard enough by this pandemic and keep the parents away from watching their kids games. i think it's just cruelty to kids. and it's been going on for 19 months, reporting in nevado dan thorn kron 4 news. >> more and more vaccine appointments are reportedly being cancel some cvs pharmacies had to send out cancellation alerts recently saying that they did not have enough vaccines. a spokesperson from cvs health says the pharmacy has administered more than 41 million covid tests and 50 million vaccine since the pandemic started. but experts say this covid surge is really affecting the workforce and those who work with vaccines are no exception. uc berkeley, infectious disease expert doctor john swartzberg says there are plenty of shots for everyone but not enough workers to package and ship them.
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>> we've got plenty of vaccine, the warehouses and have it. have to be operational. in a lot of the people who work in the warehouses, just for vaccines but for any kind of were there's a lot of covid going around now. >> doctor schwartz board has advice for those who have. upcoming appointments that have been lost. he says start with friends and family to see where they got their shots and that does not work. he recommends reaching out to city and county health departments around the bay area. coronavirus cases are climbing and that's led to high demand for covid testing. it's not just sick. people are looking for the test students going back to school. people going back to work. >> people flying in traveling. they're all driving up the demand. and since take home test to become next to impossible to find testing sites are often the only option. >> well, it was hard. this month because of the surge
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right. usually it's not. but it's definitely gotten worse. so it's hard to get an appointment. i luckily this is guest this week. >> in contra, costa county, anyone who needs a the county has 2 free testing sites there. one enrichment. the other in san ramon meanwhile, governor newsom's office tweeted out this video this morning saying more tests are on the way for california students. >> he says these at home test kits arrived last night to the warehouses and will immediately be sent off for distribution through county offices of education last month, you might remember governor newsom promised 6 million free test kits will be handed out to students to ensure a safe return to campus after the winter break. health experts are warning that this latest surge has not even peaked even in highly vaccinated. san francisco case counts have nearly tripled in a week and was at least a couple of weeks before the
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peak officials and the mayor are calling on everyone to take extra steps to try to protect themselves. kron four's. dan kerman has the story. >> cases are skyrocketing in san francisco like we've never seen before. san francisco public health director doctor grant colfax showing a graph of how the omicron variant has taken over san francisco with an average of more than 829 new cases a day. >> breakthrough infections with omicron are regardless of vaccine status and so we are seeing this virus rapidly spread. >> and an online news briefing tuesday. city officials said hospitalizations are also rising with cases but not as rapidly due to the city's high vaccine right. still officials say the surge will likely continue for at least 2 more weeks forcing everyone in the city to take action. >> we're not shutting anything down. we're not closing businesses. this is not 2020, but we do need to do our part to prevent too many frontline workers from getting sick at the same time. that means we need people to take steps to
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avoid catching covid during our surge over the next few weeks. the mayor says city services are being impacted already due to breakthrough cases at all levels, including police fire and muni. that's why officials say extra steps are necessa unvaccinated like our young children, our elderly and the immunocompromised city officials say the next 2 weeks are critical. they say that's why now is the time to take those extra steps to protect yourself and others. >> dan kerman kron 4 news. >> the cdc has cut the wait time for getting a pfizer covid booster shot by one month. it is now 5 months instead of 6. the change is only for the pfizer vaccine wait times for the moderna booster remains as 6 months.
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the johnson and johnson vaccination stays at 2 months. the cdc has also recommended children ages 5 to 11 with moderately or severely compromised immune systems get a booster. 28 days after their second full pfizer shot. >> president biden received a briefing from his covid task force and how the nation is doing in the fight against the pandemic. this is happening as omicron cases soar. and there's news that another variant has been discovered in france. it's only being identified as i age you from the lab where it was first detected in france. the new variant was actually first detected back in november. ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says we'll continue to see mutations until more people are vaccinated. >> you know, this french mutation is making news really speaks to the point that you know, we're going to be in this wonder and worry ok, we're going to always see variance. i'm going to continue to see variance. and
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so the whole world is somewhat immune and the best way to do that is through vaccines. >> besides getting vaccinated and waiting for more people to do so. the doctor says upgrading your mask switching away from a cloth mask. he's a good step. >> area. small businesses are starting in 2022 much like last year uncertain about their future. a number of businesses and restaurants are voluntarily closing their doors as the omicron variant surges. but as kron four's, jonathan mccall found out officials are worried that some of the closures could become permanent. >> for many small businesses and locally owned restaurants. the start of 2022 is yet another painful reminder of the challenges faced in 2021 fresh. i mean, we're all frustrated we're all tired. a new round of covid concerns brought on by the omicron variant is now forcing owners to once again make the tough choice to close their doors, at least for now in alameda alone, toy safari will be closed through next week. town
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tavern is closed after a worker tested positive and the alameda island brewing company has closed its taproom after possible exposure. >> you know, i'm not surprised that we're seeing some of the smaller independent retailers making that decision to either sat down for for a couple weeks. or i addressed to clean reduce their hours. >> rachel michelin is with the california retailers association. >> and i spoke with a lot of small business owners. you know, they were just they were holding on. they were holding on a lot to get through to basically this past holiday season in hopes that they could recoup some of that. profits that they lost. she says owners are once again being forced to make the tough decisions between protecting their bottom lines. >> or protecting workers and their customers. i just had a. >> small independent retailer happens to be engaged that with our you know, the 10% of his workforce is out right now and due to covid. in addition to the omicron variant.
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>> michelin says that supply chain issues and organized retail theft could be enough to cause some small businesses to turn off the lights for good. and i think you're going to have some business owners that are we evaluating that are saying is this really what we want to continue to do. >> do we necessarily want to continue doing it in california. she says she's in the process of working with lawmakers to try to find more money to help keep small businesses afloat. >> my hope is that some of these small retailers small restaurants can hold on and really be able to come back strong enough, but those that the virus will continue to claim even more victims. >> in san francisco. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> starting next month on february first all eligible patrons staff and performers must show proof of a covid booster shot for entrance into the san francisco symphony. officials. they're updated the safety protocols today. they say the booster must be
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received at least one week prior to each event this expands on the symphony's current requirement that everyone aged 12 and up show proof of full vaccination or a negative covid test prior to entry all patrons must wear a mask at all times during the performances as well. and at this time drinks are not permitted inside right now. kron 4 dot com. you can get the latest covid headlines, including information on where to find testing sites and vaccines. >> just scan the qr code there on your screen with your mobile device. it will take you straight to our website. thousands of flights canceled or delayed at airports across the country today due to disruptions caused by covid and winter weather. some people have been left stranded in are still waiting to get home after celebrating the holidays. casey stegall talk to some travelers about the problems. >> more chaos for folks trying to get home after the holidays. i've been here since. >> last night. yes, so they canceled and now i'm getting a
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flight with united. hopefully leaving this afternoon. airlines canceling thousands of flights on tuesday and delaying thousands more. >> leaving anxious passengers stranded and frustrated at airports around the country. many heading to the airport, hoping their flight is not impacted. >> please don't cancel or yeah, i'm just hoping this was >> the widespread groundings and delays due to a combination of winter weather and covid-19 staffing disruptions on flights and also around airports. experts say we may not be out of the woods yet either. >> in the coming weeks, at you could potentially run into more cancellations and delays just for the very fact that the airlines, of course, are still trying to beef up their staff. >> the winter weather not only affecting air travel drivers also facing traffic snags due to snow and icy roads. hundreds stranded overnight on a 50 mile stretch of i 95 near fredericksburg, virginia. now that he is says.
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>> 06:00pm yesterday. you know, it's really hard because you're trying to stay warm. >> what you're running out again. yes. and in the northwest officials closing a stretch of us 26 in oregon because of dangerous conditions. there. >> that was casey stegall reporting and the travel mess isn't over just yet. there's more snow forecast for more areas on the east coast later on this week. >> well, let's get a check on our 4 zone weather forecast. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by a was a more rain coming our way to we've got more rain around here. again, some more showers overnight tonight. of course. >> that all kinds of trouble at the airport. so the good news is sfo and how the rest, the bay area, airports looking good oakland. looking nice and clear. well, i'm not clear skies, but a clear of any trouble looking good in the san jose as well. and well, no delays reported there. we do have some true fog that has moved on shore right now. some of rolling right into the ground. so some dense fog showing up around the bay area. now about the rainfall from this last storm system
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pretty impressive. it was really kind of a low-lying system and it just brought with it a continuous rain falling can feel almost 3 inches of rain almost an inch of rain petaluma getting closer to a half an inch richmond over 3 quarters of an inch napa, almost 3 quarters of an inch of rain and over a half an inch in san francisco. so here's where we year to so far this season very impressive san francisco over 16 and a half inches of rain. that's a 188% of normal san jose over 6 and a half inches of rain. that's a 148% of normal and look at oakland sitting at 211% of normal out over 15 inches of rain. santa rose over 21 inches. that's a 170% of normal in more to come rain moving into the state today. most that just some light stuff moving to northern california that some showers move through air. there they go into the evening hours. things have diminished now and kind of quieted down a little bit. but we'll see more that overnight tonight he's going to be very strong storms
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moving through. but a chance of a few more scattered showers here. sit right now. the very latest on the doppler radar kind of quiet out there right now for the most part, just a few showers overnight tonight is tomorrow morning. and then i think we're done at least for a day. temperatures outside. right now. into the 50's. i think by tomorrow ing to be moving up into the 50's and maybe a couple low 60's i think by tomorrow afternoon we'll see a few sunny breaks around the bay area, maybe 60 in san jose. about 60 in mill valley, maybe 61 in livermore and in the concord. then the next few days we're going to see a return to some sunshine by thursday and that would, you know, some more rain on the forecast as we head into friday. lawrence in san francisco. there was a banner reading asians are strong, goes up on highway one near the vermont street exit in the city on new year's day. >> it's a way to start off the new year with a positive message will also empowering the asian american community. unfortunately, just 3 days later that same banner was vandalized kron 4 say that the talk to the founder of the
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community organization known as asians are strong who believes this action was racially motivated. >> if you recently drove into san francisco on one. oh, one north near the vermont street exit you probably noticed this banner of empowerment. reading asians are strong. the banner went up on new year's day. but by tuesday. >> he's already been vandalized and destroyed. san francisco, native and founder of community organization. asians are strong. hudson lau helped install this banner over the freeway so proud and they felt proud. >> and then to find that someone already back to life. would be like 3 days. it was just so heartbreaking. you know, a sight. >> kind of good gut punch really for us. you you know, reminds us how much more work we have to do. how much more work we need to do believes the vandalism was an act of anti asian hate. >> seeing someone deliberately went out of their way to
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destroy a message meant to uplift to the asian-american community. housing said and the other pretty mad when want to have like is not enough it is. these are strong you. someone saw it on the freeway got upset enough to get off the freeway. find random overpass and intentionally only cut off the ad is part. like it was really the whole banner. d specifically cut off isis to send a very, very clear message that this was a racially motivated vandalism. lau says the nonprofit now plans to come back bigger and louder. >> by raising funds to install a billboard in the city. the asians are strong organization is also planning more self-defense rallies workshops and educational events in the coming weeks. will not collect a single sent back to single person, put it down. we're going to come back. bigger, better stronger. i'm taylor reporting kron 4 news. >> also in san francisco,
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police have made an arrest in the city's first homicide of the new year. there was a shooting yesterday afternoon and an apartment building on brandon street near the embarcadero officers found a man who had been shot and say that 43 year-old ricky and uk-us later turned himself in. he faces charges including murder and assault with a firearm in the east bay oakland police have made an arrest in a deadly shooting. police found a man who had been shot on the 300 block of webster street. that was last night. he died today at the hospital. this is now oakland. second homicide of the new year. police have not yet released the name of the victim nor the suspect. >> the santa rosa woman has been arrested 4 times in the past 11 months in connection to stealing catalytic converters in the bay area on sunday, 28 year-old cloudy arrow reeve us was arrested after being allegedly caught in the getaway car of a catalytic converter theft in the 1200 block of wyoming street after searching the vehicle. police say they found
9:19 pm
an electric saw and you saw blades extra vehicle jacks suspected methamphetamine and other burglary tools that you can see pictured here on the screen right now. granted arrow has been booked into sonoma county jail or bail is set at $110,000. >> san francisco police are also investigating a reported carjacking in the city's south of market district. the incident was reported near 6th and harrison streets about 4.30 yesterday afternoon. police say a man was standing outside of his car, but a group of 4 men approached highest him and took the car. the suspects are still at large. no description of the suspects has been released. if you know anything about this crime. you are asked to contact san francisco police. >> coming up on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock mayor london breed trying to crack down in the tenderloin. but there's possibly a setback that could be on the horizon. and this week marks one year since hundreds of americans stormed
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the u.s. capitol in washington, dc the heightened security measures now being implemented there ahead of that anniversary. >> plus a record number of americans quit their jobs last year. what industries were hit the hardest in what experts are now saying about the labor market. >> and a lot of clouds around the bay area. now got a chance of more rain on the way. the forecast is coming up.
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>> breaking news tonight. the highway patrol is investigating a shooting and crash on westbound 5.80, that shut down all lanes for hours earlier tonight the victim who the alameda county sheriff's department says was an employee of the sheriff's office. police say that person crashed into a guardrail after being hit by a bullet. the victim was taken to the hospital where he later died. no information about a motive for the shooting has been released nor suspect in the shooting at this time. >> the chp has, however, reopen all westbound lanes of interstate 5.80, heading toward the bay bridge. for your money tonight. the biden administration is looking to help independent meat and poultry providers to keep their prices low. the plan is to provide 1 billion dollars to help providers expand their processing capacity. this is happening in an effort to help combat inflation. the
9:24 pm
investment includes more than 300 million dollars for independent processing plants. 100 million to train the meat and poultry workforce and 100 million to bolster the supply chain. the north american meat institute. however, says that this plant still does not address issues such as labor shortages and increased energy costs. but the biden administration argues that large corporations are responsible for those price increases prices for used cars are soaring. according to edmunds, dot com, the average price of a used car. >> in the u.s. in november was just ebove $29,000. that's 39% more than the average price. just 12 months earlier. prices are increasing so fast and so high that many buyers are being increasingly priced out of the used car market since the pandemic started used vehicle prices have jumped 42%. experts say the vehicle shortage was caused by auto plant closings due to covid and a shortage of vehicle
9:25 pm
microchips. >> a record 4 and a half million americans quit their jobs in november. the bureau of labor statistics says it was nearly the same number back in september. the sector hit the hardest was the hospitality industry such as hotels and restaurants. low wage sectors directly affected by the pandemic are also experiencing the most people quitting their jobs. other industries include health care, transportation and warehousing. experts say the high quit weight is a symptom of a tight labor market where workers can find new jobs and better jobs quickly coming up next kron, 4 news at 9 new rules for violent offenders in california. correctional system. >> why the state supreme court is no longer allowing early release. >> plus, the latest on the harassment scandal surrounding former new york governor andrew cuomo. more on the charges against that are now being dropped. >> and a little bit later. the push continues for california is to be able to sue gun manufacturers. kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the latest from zavala has the latest from sacramento.
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i prefer you didn't. tonight. san francisco supervisors considered a motion to withdraw from the local state of emergency in the city's tenderloin neighborhood. >> so they spent all day debating at their weekly meeting. and after all that, they decided to wait and really address the issue next month. kron 4 says the monument has details. >> 10 days into san francisco
9:29 pm
state of emergency declaration targeting drugs and crime in the tenderloin sfpd as early results are in 1.6 kilos of drugs seized including would kilo of fentanyl $4300 in drug confiscated 32 felony we are already seeing some of the positive benefits from this public health emergency declaration. so why are the san francisco board of supervisors hearing a motion to decide if they should debate the issue again so soon after overwhelmingly voted in favor of concurring with mayor breed's emergency declaration. >> and less tolerant. that is destroyed our city. there are >> and to knows i do feel that there's some games being played here that i think are not helpful. the tenderloin is at francisco supervisor matt haiti's district. he's been advocating for doing something to help people suffering from drug addiction in that area. he believes that now is not the time to consider pulling
9:30 pm
the plug. so this was just past 10 days ago. and so it's my view that we need to actually give it an opportunity to work. i get people off the streets into treatment, bring some safety and health and wellness to a community that suffering his board colleague aaron peskin is one of 2 supervisors who voted against the emergency declaration. he is introducing a motion to withdraw concurrence with the mayor's proclamation declaring a local emergency supervisor peskin declined our request for an interview he had this to say. i think there are some people that would like to read it again. the issue. but i some members of the board, but mean, listen, we talked about this all the way into new year's eve. >> it gave the authority for the city to declare a state of emergency. so monies and resources and energy can be shifted around to really focus on the public health crisis that we have in the tenderloin
9:31 pm
in particular. has made you cry on for news. the california supreme court has ruled that violent felons cannot be considered for early release even if their primary offense was considered nonviolent. >> the state's high court issued the unanimous ruling yesterday, the case involved expanding proposition 57 approved by voters in 2016. it allowed for inmates convicted of nonviolent crimes to apply for early parole that was an effort to try to reduce the prison population. the justices ruled that prisoners with combined sentences are both violent and nonviolent felonies are still considered violent felons. just 2 days to go before the one-year anniversary of the january 6th insurrection capitol police in washington along with federal and public agencies are ramping up security in and around the capitol on january 6 democrats plan on holding high profile events throughout the day, including remarks from both president biden and vice president harris. >> our washington correspondent jessi tenure has more. good evening. capitol
9:32 pm
police board members held what they even called an unprecedented news conference today to show the gravity of the attack nearly one year ago and what they've done since then to make sure it can't happen again. >> police are monitoring several events scheduled on the first anniversary of the attack on the u.s. capitol, including one protested the dc jail where a number of the attack suspects are being held really nothing. that is of great concern to us at this point. but capitol police chief tom manger stresses his department is ready for anything stronger and better prepared to carry out its mission today. than it was before january 6 of last year. major says work began immediately after the 6 to fix failures in intelligence operational planning and leadership. now every officer has a cell phone. better training and an improved process to request assistance from other law enforcement agencies to make this campus as safe and secure is it can be democrats are largely controlling thursday's events
9:33 pm
of the capital to commemorate the attack which senate majority leader chuck schumer cautions was not a one off january 6 was a symptom of a much broader illness. >> that has now infected the modern republican party. in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> the u.s. district court for the central district of california. has suspended jury trials for at least 3 weeks because of the surge of covid cases. the order will remain in effect until at least the 24th significant hearings are expected to take place through video conferencing central district court houses are located in los angeles in riverside pasadena and santa ana. the new york district attorney says that she will drop a criminal charge accusing former governor cuomo of groping and aid the incident allegedly happened in the governor's mansion back in december of 2020 albany's da's office says that they found the accuser to be credible. however, there was not enough evidence to go to trial. the
9:34 pm
da's decision follows moves by prosecutors elsewhere in new york not to pursue charges against cuomo over his behavior towards women. the u.s. navy is already making his mark in 2022 why the recent deployment of the uss abraham lincoln is making history. >> cloudy skies now little thick fog developing out there to a chance of rain on the way. we'll talk about it next. >> and as far as the san jose sharks back in action as they face off against the detroit red wings. first director jason dumas has the highlights coming up with some track.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> lost in the very justified buzz of klay thompson's upcoming return is the fact that andrew wiggins is quietly making a case to be coming all-star for the first time in his career. wiggins is averaging 19 points per game and has successfully been guarding the best wing player on the opposing team night in and night out for the dup klay thompson said that makes him one of the top 2 way players in basketball playing on the best team in the league that my friends is objective. lee. true. since december. 1st wiggins is shooting 54% from
9:38 pm
the 3. now you have to figure steph curry and draymond green will be shoo ins for golden state. but history tells you that the team with the top record. usually get 3 guys in. so if you ask andrew winning does matter and he hopes to be recognized for that. >> well, i've been lucky. winning is always. we're always, always up for, for all stars some players. we matter what you know, the best they are, you know, that suspect stuff they've got. like i that you get the opportunity now make it. >> are you one. >> would be nice to see week in the all-star game in cleveland. the team that drafted him before he was traded to minnesota to the ice. the sharks in detroit taking on the red wing. second
9:39 pm
period trade up 2 zip adding insult to injury tyler. but tuesday with the short-handed goal. his second of the game. it 3 nothing now. moments later, highest center says me too. broad want to get into that's his second goal of the game as well detroit corps it on san jose fall. 62 those take on the sabres on thursday like it's done to much of society. covid-19 continues to turn the sports world upside down on tuesday. stanford university, an ounce that all winter sports that take place in door will be limited to only student athletes and their families. so if you are planning to go see the defending national champion women's basketball team or the men unless you are a family member. it's looking like a no-go. these changes are effective immediately stanford athletic director bernard muir says full spectator attendance for all events will resume as soon as appropriate as for spectators at outdoor winter
9:40 pm
events that will be seated social distancing and will require to wear a mask. staying on the college level. one of the most anticipated local hoops matchup of the santa clara was set to host saint mary's on thursday. but the gaels don't have enough bodies because the players in covid protocols saint mary's is projected as a tournament team this year. they're 12 3 on the young season. they have been playing great ball. meanwhile, santa clara not too shabby as well. they're 10 5 on the year. a makeup game for that contest has not been announced yet. that is your look at sports. we'll be right back after a quick break.
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state lawmakers today introduced a bill that would allow private citizens to sue gun makers and sellers over shooting. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the proposal along with another bill this year will both take aim at the gun industry. >> california lawmakers tuesday unveiled new legislation aiming to hold the gun industry accountable for shootings. ab 1594 will allow victims of shootings, including private citizens cities and counties to sue gun makers and sellers on claims the industry acted recklessly and dangerously. >> if we can suit car dealers, if we can sue lawyers without practice. if we can sue a barrage of individuals. why not the people this state of
9:44 pm
california at the same with bills. sue a gun matter of fact. >> this announcement comes just weeks after governor newsome pushed for a similar proposal after the supreme court about texas to take a similar legal approach. but to abortion state lawmakers say this new bill has been in the works for the last 6 months and is different from the governor's push new someone's private citizens to enforce a ban on assault weapons and ghost guns. assemblyman mike gibson says he'll rolled out legislation for that later this week. it's a spirit of what the governor was asking, which is >> ordinary. californians. >> have ability to the gun to policy makers say right now cases get tossed out in the early stages of a lawsuit depending on how judges interpret legal protections for the gun industry policy would not create liability or mean that every case against the gun industry is successful. it simply means
9:45 pm
that people be ensured that they will have an opportunity to pursue about playing to responsible reckless dangerously acting gun dealers be avoided republican assembly public safety committee, vice chair tom lackey says the proposal is political banter. it's not common sense. it's comes to getting the truth point really is and i don't me and the disrespect to my colleagues legalize the sense of personal responsibility which is the big problem that we're having >> this violent and i don't like the term gun violence because it it directs the attention towards the weapon itself. the instrument audience tend to behave here. >> with little written in the actual bill. text of ab 1594 as of tuesday, a spokesperson for the national rifle association said it's impossible to comment on what's obviously a place holder bill, the bill now awaits to be referred to a committee with hearings likely to start in the spring in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> an historic moment for the u.s. navy as a female captain is in charge of a nuclear powered aircraft carrier on deployment for the first time
9:46 pm
ever, the uss abraham lincoln set sail from san diego yesterday under the command of captain amy bauer it for a routine mission in the western pacific. the deployment marks the culmination of 9 months of training and work ups smith took command of the ship back in august and shared some words of advice before setting sail. >> never pass up. an opportunity. >> now your job do your job. get after sometimes it's ok to not know exactly what she wanted working hard happening again. >> the captain graduated from the naval academy in 1994. that was the first graduating class in which women were allowed to serve on board combat ships and aircraft pays grain underway as they say when they weigh anchor. let's get another check your forecast. with a very foggy golden gate bridge the bridge tonight. you get that thick fog out there tonight. well, the little rain that's working its way back in the forecast. it's going to be just some
9:47 pm
light showers around the bay area overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. i think otherwise you've got all that moisture left over. and so we're starting to see some dense fog popping up around the bay area. something to watch out for. we've seen large storms out in the pacific and they're generating some big swells thundering along the coastline tonight to 22 feet high. so be careful even as the water or the low tide recedes a little bit as we head through the day tomorrow. it's still going to be running large high country. we've got another storm system rolling in. that's going bring another round of some rain. not too much in the bay area. just some light scattered showers. a few snowflakes of the sierra nevada. then we've got a real snow maker. i think as we get into friday, here comes rolling in bringing lots of snow. back to the sierra nevada and more rain here in the bay area of so if you're planning to sneak up that all watch out for some of the dense to leave fog headed to the the central valley in the delta and then the next couple days should be dry in the high country. but if you're sticking around friday, we've got more storm clouds coming in. we should dry things out, though, for the weekend.
9:48 pm
here's your latest on the doppler radar. you see the rain making its way into the state kind of fall apart as it comes through still a couple showers moving through the bay area early on this evening. things tapering off just a little bit now. but i as we head through the night tonight. you're going to see another round of a few scattered light showers that system kind of slides on by behind that. we gets tomorrow afternoon. we start to dry things out thursday. looks dry as high pressure kind of builds overhead and then as we get into friday. here you go, your next storm system rolls in. but after that things kind of quiet as we head towards saturday and sunday looking dry. that storm system gets close on monday. but never quite gets here. then a slight chance of showers by the following wednesday. so all looking good so far numbers outside right now 50's into san jose got 51 degrees. some patchy fog in livermore 53 in pittsburgh. 51 in the napa valley. 49 now in san anselmo and 48 degrees in novato high pressure is going to still hold. the bay is going to find out just a little bit as the storm system kind of roll over the top of it. you got the
9:49 pm
next one coming through for tonight. bring with it a few scattered light showers overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. that looks like we'll dry things out as we head toward the afternoon. so that being said, tomorrow. yeah, plan on some cooler numbers the coastline, maybe a little drizzle out toward the beaches to numbers. they're generally in the 50's co side going to be cloudy all day long. i think we may see a couple more sunny breaks inside the bay. maybe some low 60's in the south bay by tomorrow afternoon and then looks like we're going to dry things out. i think as we head toward thursday at least for a day before more rain begins to move in on friday. thank you, lawrence. californians who waste water may soon get soaked by expensive fines. >> new water restrictions have been adopted as the drought continues even though we've had plenty of rain. the restrictions ban people from watering their lawns for 48 hours after rainstorms or letting their sprinklers run onto the sidewalk. violators could be fined up to $500 a day. regulators say they want to stress voluntary water conservation and enforcement is up to local authorities.
9:50 pm
the restrictions could take effect as soon as the end of this month. >> while the 2021 holidays have come and ups workers say they will be very busy handling gift returns this month. ups predicts a 10% increase in returns for 2022 coming in at more than 60 million packages. this new record smashes the company's twenty-twenty gif return record a 55 million packages next at 9. the late betty white continues to touch the lives of people and pets everywhere. the viral internet challenge. >> honoring white ahead of her >> honoring white ahead of her birthday. when a truck hit my car, >> honoring white ahead of her bthe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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media challenge that is actually paying respect to the late betty white. that's not all that also helping animal shelters across the country jennifer jordan has the details. >> the power of social media coming through and a positive way. it's called the betty white challenge and animal shelters and rescues across the nation will soon be feeling the love in white's honor. thank you from she wasn't just america's best friend. she was also a best friend to the 4 foot betty white, the legendary actress who was known for her iconic roles in the golden girls and the mary tyler moore show also
9:54 pm
had a passion off-screen animals for more than 60 years. i've been a member of the country's oldest charities dedicated to the welfare of children animals. the american humane association white who died on new year's eve at the age of 99 was a lifelong animal lover. >> who worked tirelessly to raise money for various organizations. >> following the news of her death and just weeks before what would have been her one 100th birthday on january 17. >> many began sharing the hashtag betty white challenge on social media. the challenge asking fans to pick a local rescue or animal shelter and donate $5 in white's name. the jianli county dog shelter and warden the first in northeast book to post on its fa page asking supporters to drop off $5 donations and its location insured. and what a great way to recognize someone
9:55 pm
is larger than life. literally. betty white, the cuyahoga county animal shelter is also joining in on the challenge. >> director mandy nat geo knee says they are currently caring for 70 lost or stray dogs with many now up for adoption, including ethel an 11 year-old boxer bulldog mix. she says any donations no matter how small would go a long way. >> because all of our dogs are locked in straight. they don't always come in and the greatest condition whenever you make a donation to we make sure goes directly back into air are not. >> betty white leaving a lasting impression in life and death. >> so something is like part of business that can have such a powerful evening across the country. really. i think brings joy to people also has an impact on animals. they can make a difference. it's still not clear who came up with the betty white challenge. but the hashtag has been shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media.
9:56 pm
>> january 17 expected to be a big day for rescue animals in cleveland. i'm jennifer jordan. >> matt damon is getting roasted on twitter and other social media platforms over his new crypto ad in its the a list actor urges people to invest in bitcoin. critics are calling it an embarrassing cash grab by a celebrity who already has a lot of money according to some critics bitcoin is risky and expensive and they say they've and shouldn't be telling ordinary americans to be brave with their life savings, not to mention crypto currency is blamed for being damaging to the environment. we'll take a look at this animals at the smithsonian's national zoo enjoying a snow day. this is washington, dc sees more than a foot of snow in the winter storm. >> the storm caused widespread power outages. and as we have reported also trapped a number of motorists along interstate 95 in virginia. but as you can see, it was not a problem at all for the there's a bison, the other animals. they just had a good time. that does it
9:57 pm
for us at 9 o'clock coming up at 10 marin county parents voicing their frustrations as new regulations to stop the spread of the omicron variant and schools are set to go into effect. >> and there's a new covid variant that's been found in europe but it seemingly not a big concern. we'll tell you about that scene in just a about that scene in just a couple of minutes. - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. that breaking news is a highway patrol is investigating a shooting on westbound interstate 5.80 that killed an employee of the alameda county sheriff's department. >> that shooting and subsequent crash blocked all lanes of westbound 5.80, near where it meets interstate 80 for several hours this evening. those lanes are all back open at this no word yet on a motive for the shooting at this point or a suspect. >> you can the victim's body being loaded into the coroner's van while other deputies salute at the scene there. the alameda county sheriff's department is holding a news conference right now, which we're following and we'll have a live interview with one of the deputies from the sheriff's office coming up in just a few minutes to give us the very latest. and good evening and welcome to kron. 4 news tonight at


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