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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  January 4, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PST

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there. a live look the east bay hills and you can see we're seeing a lot of fog out there pockets of fog across the bay area. here's a look at our radar and this is where that rain is coming down. nothing too heavy light rain. but again, consistent rain. so last 6.80, if you're traveling in the east bay. 5.80, down there as well. and dublin. san francisco and along the peninsula. pockets of rain up here. we're looking at a red as you're traveling through berkeley richmond and oakland. we're seeing light rain this morning. also up here as you're traveling along american canyon and through valais hole here. we're looking at futurecast. we do get a break at some point within the day. and then later on this evening, another week system arrives in the north bay santa rosa into the evening early morning hours as well. and then later in the day, wednesday we get another rate just to have another week system arrive again on friday, just trace amounts of rain across the bay area. as you can see here so nothing too heavy current temperatures
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right now. if you're leaving the house conquer hayward oakland fremont san carlos all in the mid to lower 50's. so definitely the born today will back to you. >> right now. we have an update on bart. we told you that over the past several minutes now here is the update. burt says there is a major delay between else or edo down or tea and richmond on the richmond line in the berryessa and millbrae directions. they say it's because of a fire that was burning near the track. the update is the fire is out, but the problems are stacking on top of each other. so they have a bus bridge in place as they continue to handle this and get back up to date. here's a look at the roadway still holiday light. you can see it more cars today than yesterday. and you can see the light rain but you're looking at about 13 minutes when the macarthur maze across the span and down on to the streets of san francisco. the san mateo bridge. the other busy bridge. the other workhorse in the bay area holding steady. no
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problems. it doesn't look like light rain in that area. you're looking at about 60 minutes across that span. our top story this morning and every morning for the past several months covid cases is not going anywhere in fact, the surge continues to go up and up and up. shrinking the icu beds in the bay area. napa county actually, they are reporting that they no longer have icu beds available in that particular county kron four's dan thorn has more on the surge and what it might mean for other bay area hospitals. >> an increase in patients and a lack of staffing because of covid-19 infections has brought icu bed capacity in napa county to 0. we've known this is coming. the number of beds are getting taken up with patients with covid because the number cases of covid are just skyrocketing infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg acknowledges napa county's hospital system is smaller than most in the bay area. but the lack of beds and the omicron variant's threat to health care workers could
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be a red flag for the rest of the region. even if you've got plenty of icu beds open. even if you got plenty of ventilators, if you don't have health care workers to take care of the patients in those beds. you know, care for most infections from the omicron variant have been reported as being less severe. but doctor swartzberg says that does not mean patients will stop coming into hospitals. studies have shown the variant is also highly transmissible as the cases continue to climb health experts continue to preach prevention has the most important step to take there's no perfect way to do this. only perfect way to make sure you're not going affect somebody is too is to become her just up the road to the human beings. but we want to have a functional society that way we need a functional society reporting in napa county, dan thorn kron 4 news. >> a covid outbreak among students at stanford wreaking havoc the university says more than 130 students testing
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positive just in the past few days, kron 4. sarah stinson is live at stanford with the details and what the school is doing to make sure that everybody is safe. sarah. >> well, that's right. there are a 136 students have tested positive within the last week here at stanford. those who tested positive had to go into quarantine. those who live in the student housing had to stay put. and of course have to do the right thing. and there's people who are still testing coming back from the holiday because 6 yesterday students actually came back to campus, but it was for online learning. so those who wanted to come back, maybe live on campus. did come back. but this post holiday post travel surges outbreak here has caused 6, 7.7% positivity rate in the last 7 days. this isn't the largest outbreak per se that this campus has seen. but. >> the school this school has done pretty well in terms of
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how many tests they put out and how many tests come back positive. the staff, though, has a much lower positivity rate right now. at 2.8% in the last 7 days, at least 95% of those who tested have been fully vaccinated classes at stanford began yesterday as i said, online, that will continue the first 2 weeks of winter quarter students will resume in-person classes. the tuesday after martin luther king junior day on january 18th students will be asked to take a covid-19 test before coming back to campus. there's really good testing sites here that they make sure is accessible to students and staff stanford strongly encouraging students who haven't done so already to get that booster before returning to campus for winter quarter for the in-person classes. and that's because eligible students are required to show proof of that booster by january 31st unless they have a legitimate and approved exemption. so this outbreak
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here definitely something we saw coming with the holiday and omicron spreading like crazy. but we'll have to see how it has. how it works out in the next week. not a lot of students coming back yet because they don't have to. it's all online. it will be interesting to see once in person classes start. if those case numbers go up or if they go down, we will continue to monitor this this morning trying to reach out to the campus and see what they have to say about this outbreak for now. we'll back to you. all right, sarah, thank you for that report. >> new cdc guidelines could change requirements yet again for people heading back to work or school. the expectation from the secretary of education is that students will still be able to return to will have to be able to return to in-person learning, especially at uc berkeley. they're doing that as thousands of schools across the country. they are choosing distance-learning others plan to use a test to return policy. and this comes as
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there is now more confusion over quarantine recommendations. now last week while the cdc lower the isolation. time for asymptomatic infections from 10 days down to just 5 days and said those who contract covid did not have to test after isolating now there are new reports that the agency might once again revised their guidelines. >> yeah, did not to have the rapid tests for isolation we actually don't know how a rapid test performed and how well they predict whether your transmissible during the end of disease. i myself feel that that's a reasonable thing to do. >> i believe that the cdc soon we'll be coming out with more clarification of that since it obviously has generated a number of questions about at that five-day period should you or should you not be testing. people. >> okay. so in the meantime, the biden administration says the definition of fully vaccinated may soon change to
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include booster shots. this morning. we're hearing from local infectious disease experts about the fda's decision to authorize a 3rd dose of the pfizer vaccine for children between 1215 years old. we first broke this story yesterday to you on the kron 00:00am morning news they are looking at the decision while it was made after researchers in israel found no new cases of heart inflammation condition. you accept us experts had been monitoring has a rare side effect. the agency is also shortening the wait time for boosters. remember, they were telling us 6 months after your second vaccine. now it's down to 5 months. >> with pediatric hospitalizations op it makes sense to try and protect as many people as possible if not people get infected at the same time. a lot of we're seeing in unity. what are you going to see is that we'll get reprieve because it's like having a giant force field.
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>> the fda also authorizing a 3rd shot for kids between 5.11 years old. who have weak immune systems. the cdc could make a final decision sometime this week. happening today, san mateo county will reopen a booster and covid vaccine clinic for people, ages 12 years and older. it will take place at the san mateo county events center starting today at noon. it will be open tuesdays through saturdays. happening today. the west west contra costa county unified school district. they are opening 3 new testing sites for students and staff. the district says it's already given out about 15,000 testing kits to students and their families. but school officials say the drive-thru pickup stations for tests. just one of many steps that they're taking to make sure the students and the staff are safe and that they slow down the spread of covid. you can find all the locations for the new testing sites on our website as kron 4 dot com. covid testing remains limited
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throughout the bay area in san francisco, for example, testing appointments are quickly filling up as city leaders. they are blaming lack of supply. while it's not required all students returning to school are encouraged to get tested, but when trying to schedule an appointment online through the city's website. a message pops up saying the city is experiencing high demand. one supervisor city supervisor says the issue is not the number of testing sites open. but instead as shortage of the supply chain. >> we have a lot of really good accessibility. the problem is the main the infrastructure of the actual tests themselves. it's a supply chain thing. some places where there's walk-ups and appointments available or no appointments available are necessary and they basically reach capacity about to turn people away. i think there's been a major surge in the amount of people that need testing.
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>> the city is waiting to receive test kits from the state to pass out to public school students staff and families city leaders while they expect to hand them out at some point later this week. let's stay in san francisco. so if you cats your wait time could be a little bit longer for the buses and trains starting this morning. you need tweeting out that they are experiencing a high level of omicron cases because of that staff has been forced to stay home and work from home and. some cases they have to quarantine. they also remind people that masks are required on buses and trains. happening now speaking of travel continues to wreak havoc at the airports on a crime that i'm talking about more than 1100 flights had already been canceled nationwide this morning. we're talking a combination of weather omicron staffing levels. that's according to the tracking website flight aware this comes after more than 3200 flights were canceled yesterday. the bay area seeing
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an impact already this morning. here's a look at the current flight cancellations in san francisco at sfo 36 flights already canceled. that's both incoming and outgoing flights and oakland, 12 flights canceled. and in san jose. so far you're looking at 7 flights canceled and that morning is still obviously very young. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news theranos founder elizabeth holmes found guilty on multiple charges. a fraud and conspiracy. we'll take a look at what's next for her in just a few minutes. >> and bad news for those who don't have electric cars gas prices not going down any time soon. in fact, are expected to go up and up and up over the next several months. and president biden planning to try to lower meat prices how it will how he plans to help small farmers compete. but the larger companies.
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>> welcome back. more snow falling in the sierra. here's a live look from the location overnight. they saw some snowfall. so fresh snow in that area. but nowhere near as much as we saw last month. but people even though we're not seeing the heavy amounts that we saw over the past couple of days or weeks. people are still being warned to be careful over the next several days. at its more snow is headed that way. snow there. means rain here. but the good news is not heavy rain during
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the morning commute right. that's the silver lining in today. not have rain but rain slick bridges. >> all of our bridges pretty much covered in water this morning definitely leaving your house with a little bit more time just to maneuver through all of that. our radar shows you all of the rain that's coming down that light rain as you're traveling through fairfield conquered the east bay along the peninsula in san francisco. you can see rain there. highway 80 definitely slick this morning, 29 as well through berkeley hayward, all this area alameda and emeryville coming down pretty consistently. but light at this hour along the peninsula, half moon bay san mateo and in south san francisco, you are seeing some showers this morning. we do get a break from the rain that comes down today and then tonight another week system makes its way into the north bay that santa rosa up there and that comes down until early hours of tomorrow morning. we get another little break and then it starts to rain again on friday, our totals this rainfall. you can see very light. so just trace
6:17 am
amounts of rain to san francisco oakland really nothing to write home about. but you want to take your time driving along highs for today. we're in the 50's here. daly city pacifica as you're traveling along half moon, bay, burlingame millbrae san bruno all mid to lower 50's redwood city. san carlos upper 50's for you and the south bay campbell 57 san jose. you're at about 58 today. fremont union city and hey, we're all mid 50's for you. moraga san leandro low to mid 50's. the late hone napa. pretty cool. 49 yacht. the lynn 61. so the warmest of the temperatures. stinson beach at 49 petaluma at 50 our 7 day forecast today. we're starting with tuesday. so, look, we're in those light showers this morning. those are going to stick around for most of the morning here and then come wednesday scattered showers there in the earlier part of the morning friday's that second system we see a lot more sunshine over the weekend. still cloudy conditions. but much drier and then our inland lows. look at
6:18 am
that were in the 40's 30's on saturday and then along the coasts. your you hovering around the low 50's to upper 40's will. back to you, ok, serino want to quickly update on what's going on with bart. there was a problem at the 5 o'clock hour. bird bart is recovering from that problem on the richmond lying in the berryessa millbrae. >> richmond direction because of a fire near the tracks. the problem, the fire is out, but there are still some problems that they have to work out. so do expect delays and the bus bridges. they are gone at this time. speaking of bridges, here is the bay bridge. it's holding steady. you can see the cars coming to the toll plaza but not a problem. it's still holiday light. don't expect people to be fully back until next week from the bay bridge. let's go to the san mateo bridge. you can see it's picked up in volume. the roadways a little bit drier there. i don't even see its glossy. no problems are looking at about 15 minutes to cross that span. let's go to the richmond. sandra fell
6:19 am
bridge rain up. there are more headlights coming to the toll plaza. but still no accidents. yes, some fender benders across the bay area, but nothing to snarl traffic and here's the golden gate bridge. a combination of glossy roads and a little bit of fog. you're looking at about 22 minutes from novato into the city for your money this morning. it looks as though gas prices will not be going down anytime soon. the price tracking company gasbuddy well, they expect prices to go up and up and up and they probably will not peak until may or june the national average for a gallon of regular could reach $4 by then right now it's $3.28 a gallon which is so cheap for us. we know that because we always pay more in california where it's $4.66 a gallon on average prices expected to start going down in the 2nd half of the year as oil production catches up with demand. so here are the prices in the bay area
6:20 am
this morning. this is according to triple a if you're waking up in san francisco and need to gas up. you're looking at 44, $0.10 cheaper in oakland and in san jose, $0.2 higher at $4.76 and in the north bay at sandra fell. you're looking at $4 and $0.79. hopefully meat prices will go down the biden administration wants to help independent meat and poultry providers. with a 1 billion dollar offer to combat inflation. the president blames large corporations and monopolies for the rise in meat prices. basil john is live in dc with the very latest. good morning. ms. >> well, well, good morning. and yes, the white house says americans should not be paying as much as they do for beef and chicken and the president says there is a solution. president joe biden wants to crack down on the meat and poultry industry to combat rising prices are going invest
6:21 am
1 billion dollars. >> a new expanded meat and poultry processing capacity. the 1 billion dollar investment includes more than 300 million dollars for independent processing plants. 100 million to train the meat and poultry workforce. 100 million to bolster the supply chain and more when we do this will give farmers and ranchers more options beyond giant processing conglomerates. the biden administration argues that large corporations and monopolies are at fault for the rapid rise in prices. capitalism without competition. isn't capitalism. its exploitation. that's what we're seeing in meat and poultry the white house's for large meatpacking companies control 85% of the beef market and in poultry, the top 4 processing firms control. 54% just over $5 for a pound of hamburger meat. $5. the president is focused on increasing profits for farmers while allswing consumers to pay less. the president is
6:22 am
confident that these ideas will help. but the north american meat institute says that these plans don't address all of the issues that they see as a concern such as labor shortages and increased energy
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there's a 75 billion dollar budget surplus with an additional 35 billion dollars expected by this july billions of dollars more expected to be used to fight covid state lawmakers. they are hoping to address affordable housing and climate change. they also plan to tackle what's expected to be another severe wildfire season, not so bad compared to other years in 2021. but to every year it worse and they're expecting that california. they also plan to overhaul they hope to overhaul the cash bail system. the lawmakers, they are rolling out a proposal to boost funding for k through 12 schools across our state
6:26 am
funding would be based on annual enrollment instead of the average daily attendance. state leaders. well, they discussed a plan to discuss how to spend california's budget surplus. some and they say that education needs to be a higher priority. >> and with the pandemic highlighting the across the board in our school districts. clearly districts that have been challenge faced more challenges. clearly the the impact on our students has increased. and this is the time to increase education funding this is a time for k 12 to be front and center in the in the budget conversation statewide school funding by 3 billion dollars. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news bay area doctors warning about a covid surge following the holidays. they offer tips for all of us. >> to prepare. welcome back to
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the kron 4 morning news time now is 6.29 in the morning. our buddy reyna harvey. >> i love the name for john sir able rana. you've had a little bit of a busy morning with light rainfall. it has been a busy morning. but i'm just telling you about it. you're actually driving. and you know. >> i'd say your job is a little harder than mine today. we also have some cloud
6:30 am
coverage outside. you can get a live look outside this is supposed to be the east bay heels and you can barely see anything radar shows us that the rate is still currently coming down even at this hour. so if you're traveling through conquered along the east bay san francisco along the peninsula. you're seeing light showers. this has been happening all throughout the morning. so as you're traveling along certain highways like 2413, be mindful and very careful as you're driving near the same story for up here in american canyon and the les hill as you're traveling through the nation, you're seeing consistent light showers. now we do get a break in the rain today and then another weak system arrives later on in the evening and the north bay is predominantly where you're going to see that rain overnight into the early morning hours and then friday, another week system arrives again, we're looking at rain totals here. just trace amounts of rain. so not really too much on the map. as you can see through hayward oakland, san francisco. there. current temperatures outside right now as you leave in the door. look at that. 54 in half
6:31 am
moon bay mid to lower 50's along hayward fremont san jose and napa will back to quick update on the birth situation at the 5 o'clock hour. they are recovering from delays because of a fire near the richmond line in the berryessa millbrae. >> richmond directions that fire is out. but the problems are still being sorted out. so do expect some delays if you're hopping on bart for that particular line. and look at this delays are finally happening at the bay bridge to cut that cars just inching along in the middle screen. this is the first we have seen it still relatively holiday light. all things being considered. still no problems. if you're crossing the bay bridge at this time. and keep in mind tolls now $7. let's go to the san mateo bridge. also $7. there. >> traffic moving along just fine. those tail lights. that's the commute direction from the east bay on to one o one. no accidents. so it's about 15 minutes or so to cross that span. as the number
6:32 am
of covid cases continues to grow across the country in the bay area. many are wondering. >> how long will the spike continue. well, kron four's amanda hari spoke to an infectious disease specialist about what we should expect for this month and how we all can protect yourself. >> infectious disease specialists say people should be bracing for a rough january given the playbook that we had last year with 3 holiday stacked one atop the other thanksgiving christmas new year's you can't really recover at the end of one ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin. hong. >> says we likely haven't seen the highest case numbers yet cases will continue to rise. but then they will start to decline. he says the good thing about omicron compared to delta is people tend to recover more quickly so numbers to decline more quickly. >> but until then, it might be difficult to find an at-home test or get a pcr test. their
6:33 am
lines, getting the tests and also delays in getting the results back. doctor chin-hong says you may have to be resourceful when it comes to finding tests. keep checking back in stores. go to community centers. and if you have a child in school. check with the district. many are giving away free tests. he says when it comes to your child, you shouldn't worry about sending them back to school. we're kind of in a row that the okay period for kids right now. not a lot of kids going into the hospitals at the ucsf system. for example, he says the best way you can protect your child is to get them vaccinated. he also says it's important to mask up most. useful all-purpose mass right now. it's decision. will you know, multi plied masks doctor chin-hong emphasized the mask has to be well fit. if the head is a little bit smaller. you need to sort of not the end. the straps here to make it.
6:34 am
>> fit snugly. if you do test positive, he recommends telling those who are in close contact with as well as your employer or school. he also says it can be helpful to know to fire department of public health for case trac inc. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> the pleasanton unified school district is giving out at home covid-19 test to students starting tomorrow. the school district says the tests can be picked up inside the gym of heart harvest park or pleasanton middle schools that distribution runs from 8 o'clock in the morning until 4 o'clock in the afternoon. they say each soon has a designated pickup time. those times are broken down by their last name. the school district also made a testing schedule. they say elementary students should test themselves on friday and saturday while middle school students should test themselves on saturday and monday, the schedule is based on when those students are supposed to return to school. another big story that we're following this morning after 7
6:35 am
days of deliberations and a 3 month trial, a jury convicted. a 3rd dose founder elizabeth holmes on charges of wire fraud and conspiracy. holmes was convicted on a lot skews me, 4 of 11 counts that she was facing kron four's. jonathan mccall has the details on what comes next. >> theranos founder elizabeth holmes walking out of the federal courthouse in san jose monday night just moments after a jury convicted her on charges of wire fraud and conspiracy connected to or failed company theranos. the 37 year-old former entrepreneur showing no visible signs of emotion inside of a courtroom as the verdicts were read federal prosecutors claim that homes conde billions of dollars from a number of big named investors along with patients through the company which promised to revolutionize health care with a single finger-prick blood test, but they say instead was deeply flawed. i actually thought. >> whatever they decide. >> that it would be.
6:36 am
>> all guilty role not guilty. i didn't really think i didn't expect that there would be a split. >> holmes faces 11 counts in the trial. the jury found her guilty on 4 charges, not guilty on 4 others in the jury was deadlocked on the final 3 defense attorney paula canny says that her testimony during the trial may have helped her avoid a conviction on all 11 counts as in some instances, her testimony helped or. >> i think that the jury believe that in, for instance, is she had a good faith belief of the truth of what she was saying homes now faces up to 20 years in prison. on each of the 4 guilty counts. kenny says she could face the maximum or as little as probation. so they'll be a lot of information given by the defense is to wind perhaps even probation is an appropriate sentence. she could probation. the other things fines can be imposed in
6:37 am
restitution is also supposed to be ordered. so far sentencing date for homes has not yet been set. but kenny says that holmes is conviction could raise concerns in the upcoming trial for the number 2 person in charge of theranos. holmes is former boyfriend and business partner ball. one e. >> and he scheduled a trial for trial in a couple months. but i think his lawyers after want witnessing this may rethink their strategy in terms of how they're going to defend him. >> in san francisco. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> some happy news out of san francisco this morning where a woman reunited with her french bulldog puppy who was dog map over the weekend. police say someone snatched rosie the bulldog on saturday morning and violent robbery in the marina district. she was walking with her dog where a man came along, grab the leash before dragging her for a baby into a car with 2 other men in the getaway car. investigators
6:38 am
say they found rosie didn't go into details on exactly where. but the bottom line is she is back with her for a baby with a happy reunion. it's been more than 3 weeks in san francisco, mayor london breed declare a state of emergency in the city's tenderloin district. but she says this allowed the city to use more officers and resources in an attempt to cut down on crime and drug use in that area. san francisco police department releasing numbers for the last week showing what they've accomplished. they say in that time they actually sees more than 3 pounds of drugs and the confiscated more than $4300 worth of drug money. all that resulting in 32 felony arrests in the district just in the past 7 days. a young woman who survived a balcony collapse in berkeley back in 2015 has died. he thought barry was one of a group of students visiting from ireland that summer who was severely injured when the balcony collapse sending everybody
6:39 am
down to the ground was actually her 21st birthday. 6 people were killed in the collapse. according to the irish times barry died of a stroke on saturday. it was unclear if her brain injury, which they said that she had seizures following that accident led to her death or played a role in her death. berkeley's mayor tweeting out that he was sad to hear of her passing and acknowledge, however, her role and dancing state laws to make sure a tragedy like that never happens again. san francisco police they are investigating a shooting death on new year's eve. they say it happened on the 200 block of cornwall street officers found a 24 year-old man who had been shot. he later died from his injuries so far no arrests in the case and no motive behind this attack. let's go to san leandro 2 people are recovering in the hospital after police officers opened fire during a burglary call on sunday night. the call came in
6:40 am
from a cannabis dispensary unfair will fairway drive when police officers they got there they caught him and i'm running away with a mask on from the business and shot at the suspect when he actually tried to get into a getaway car with 2 other people. they did manage to arrest a 3rd person. the investigation still continuing this morning. bay area, law enforcement officials say they are responding to a growing number of armed robberies targeting cannabis businesses. oakland police tweeting out a video of cars that they say were casing a pot dispensary over the weekend forces you has the details. >> this is video released by the oakland police department showing multiple vehicles that investigators say were casing and a cannabis business area near 48th avenue at these 12 street over the weekend. these guys are the same type of guys that ross my marijuana dispensary. the owner of a day. bring marijuana dispensaries saw the video. it
6:41 am
the lees, the same group robbed his shot back in december. he describes that incident by phone. he asked not to reveal his identity. they're mixed with. >> men and women. i can hear him talking and it's more of the asian chinese group speaking different languages. there heavily armed. they have they they have the headgear. with the doe, the walkie talkie with the miles case. k 47. the writing has 45 per car and they look for soft spots. the mostly targeting. marijuana dispensers who don't have security. it appears to be several >> chargers all in color and then that was in the sine opd spokesperson officer kim armstead says the strategy here is to expose these vehicles of the video to the
6:42 am
public as a possible to turn for the same group attorney to commit a robbery at a later date. they say many as a 100 vehicles at the time. >> rounding throughout the city really coming all parts of the bay area. >> and a lot of these disp do carry a lot of cash in their businesses. that's what this group is after cars for the what's on the table anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact oakland police. >> how's it. but you on for news. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the warriors they got the win despite steph curry having an off night. we'll have the highlights when we come back. >> and we've been tracking your weather on this tuesday morning. the rain still coming down today. light rain across the bay area. we'll tell you how long it's going to stick around once we
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>> and welcome back to the kron 00:00am morning news time now has 6 gold ais arena. you're young. i see through this creates for in the morning. but i can tell you my eyes can see rain this morning. exactly you did. a good job of getting into work because we all have to see through the rain. it's still here. light rain. nonetheless, you take a look at our slick conditions. we're also seeing fog across most of the bay area this morning. pockets. so. >> radar shows us a picture of rain throughout conquer along. 80's are traveling here in vallejo through hercules and richmond along highway 4 here in the east bay as well. oakland berkeley emeryville.
6:46 am
you can see pockets of rain along 24 5, 8080, very slick commute for you as you're traveling in half moon, bay along the peninsula as well. so at some point in the day in the afternoon. we're going to get a break in the rain. but later on tonight this evening we'll have another week system arrives in the north bay sticks around santa rosa up there and then tomorrow afternoon we have another try break into thursday until another system makes its way here on friday. trace amounts of rain across the bay area today. so slick not heavy. still pretty light. let's get a look at our highs as you're waking up knowing what to wear today. still all in the 50's. so a cooler day. but warmer than yesterday, napa 52 santa rosa 51 of otto 52 mid to lower 50's new san francisco half moon bay redwood city in the south bay san jose, your 52 morgan hill, 48. same with livermore. any at 51 and conquered 51, look at your seven-day forecast for you. we
6:47 am
talked about that rain that we're going to see its like today into tomorrow. scattered showers as well. and then we have drier conditions thursday. but friday. we're back with another system doesn't stick around for long because the weekend is supposed to be dry and bright inland conditions lows in the mid to lower 40's and then along the coast. you're looking at 40's for you as well. we'll back to you. let's take a look at the traffic conditions. rain, not wreaking havoc on the roadway. look at the chp logs just a couple of fender benders across the bay area. no problems, no problems. if you're crossing the bay bridge. >> into san francisco. looks like slow and go in the middle your screen. but still holiday light. san mateo bridge, picking up in traffic but still plenty of space between the cars roadway. there seems a bit dry. no problems and you will not be dealing with gusty conditions. richmond sandra fell bridge slow and go as you head towards the toll plaza. but still no accident on that span. and then the golden gate
6:48 am
bridge. you're good to go as well. you will be a company by fog as you're heading into the city. but so far so good. you're looking at about 20 minutes from nevado into the city. speaking of the city, the warriors were in the city last night at the chase center as they hosted the miami heat and they beat the miami heat giving them once again, the best record in the nba. but the big story is when is our man klay thompson set to return kron 4 s sports director jason dumas ce tries to update us on that. >> the warriors hosting the and guess what. we had a special appearance klay pre-game hold it up. those 6 signifying might be back in 6 away to find out signs point play returning 1st quarter. he got to the way it is step back. 3 gave the warriors that
6:49 am
we now his moments later kerry paid more to steal back the other way to get it out a way to another corner during wake of the shooting. 1% from 3 since december 1st cost and the nba. >> 2nd quarter does a fight. that's the rain won't go down lowry. it's way to tyler herro who that forces the warriors time out now minutes later, 4 years 49 46 weighing in. thanks to the cup. it's or years up 5 the warriors. a one gp 2. he'll be your of that. he what regulation the better year. later in the 3rd jordan poole of there on the 32 points off the for j k on down have a look at this sequence. i agree with the block. the
6:50 am
places. other after the warriors, though, want to win game. teen the spy, a very bad performance by steph 30% in fees. 9 that breadth of this they really take a 2 point has granted number. the fact that he stayed ready. >> he's working out in his room every you know, just trying to keep his conditioning. and then to come come back, rejoin the team and have his. for all change and to respond the way he just amazing and shows you how much he's grown and matured and and what a good player he is. >> i have been told that klay thompson all eyes dew point at that sunday so obviously been reported by multiple other
6:51 am
sources as well and other. >> our lives. but all signs are pointing to a comeback on sunday. it will be a special that building we know he's coming back for a home game. so if so, doesn't happen to make this start this coming sunday, the warrior that gave you public tuesday from now, could be in for a pit in. so but outside kids, though, have sunday maybe could have a team, but all indications point to sunday in the meantime, war sunday warriors go in a row over the next 2, they have dallas and orleans respectively on wednesday and thursday will practice before they leave. so we'll them again wednesday. of course, we'll have those highlights. >> speaking of going on the road, the niners, they will be on the road in los angeles for the final regular season game this sunday. they will try to beat the rams, which these let's face it, they've owned for the past couple years. and if they win, they are in to the playoffs. in other news,
6:52 am
betty white's agent confirming this morning that the beloved actress died peacefully in her sleep at her brentwood home from natural causes shortly after her death on new year's eve at the age of 99. some people actually took to social media started the rumor that she died after receiving a covid-19 booster shot. her agent says that's not true. an interview with people magazine betty white said she was ready to celebrate one 100th birthday and was lucky to be in such good health and feel so good for her age. we'll be so good for her age. we'll be right back. - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call
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voltaren, the joy of movement. >> welcome back to next. powerball jackpot is now worth 575 million dollars. there are no winners in last night's drawing. in fact, nobody has won over the past 3 months. so the next drawing is tomorrow night. get your office pool ready to go. that is a big and happy start to 2022 if you happen to still ahead on the next hour, the kron 4 morning news more than 100 students at stanford testing positive for covid-19. >> we will have the details on what this school is doing to make sure everybody is safe. we'll have that in a live report. speaking of covid, they continue to surge in terms of cases. and right now there's a bay area county that's out of icu beds. covid cases causing problems for commuters in san francisco. y
6:56 am
muti is having problems staffing the trains and buses and what that means for you. we'll tell you all about that when we come back.
6:57 am
6:58 am
>> from the area's local news
6:59 am
station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us on the kron 00:00am morning news. it is 07:00am on a tuesday. a wet tuesday as we were expecting it to be thanks to with the spot on forecast yesterday. rain. yeah. woke up this morning to some wet roads on the yeah, exactly. and they're still wet out there. james actually left my house a little early like always recommend you do. >> whenever we have conditions like this. a live look outside right now at the east bay hills also seen pockets of fog out there across the bay area. in addition to that, we have the wet and slick conditions. so you can see areas of concord up in sheer field to the east bay here to traveling along 24 or if you're along 5 1881, and drive slow and careful because although it's light you are seeing consistent rain. so it's been here throughout the morning and we are going get a break in the forecast later on in the day. but another weak
7:00 am
system will make its way into the bay area later in the evening in the north bay and santa rosa and the early morning hours will get rain up there and then we'll have another break come tomorrow. rain totals. just trace amounts of rain. so still very light for you to oakland conquer livermore in hayward and we'll get a look at your current temperatures outside in the mid to lower 50's across the map. santa rosa, 15 at a 51 down in oakland. 52 fremont and hayward san jose all in the low 50's any at 48 in livermore. pretty chilly out that way. we'll have a look at your 7 day forecast coming up. but for now, james, back to you. >> he's out there for you as we take a quick look at the bay bridge. first try to get that bridge just a second. it is wet out there. and that's the big a point that we want to make on the traffic front. it is going to be a slow go volume picking up just a little bit. as more and more people coming back to work on this tuesday. your bay bridge toll plaza camera showing a slight backup there


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