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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  January 4, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PST

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and welcome back to the kron 4 morning news time now is 04:30am in the morning. if you're getting up and getting ready to go to work is not as cold rain and this morning. but definitely it is. >> off and on showers as i was heading into work this morning. exactly. so a little warmer today. but definitely slick out there. >> as the rain continues to fall down across the bay area. we're also seeing areas of patchy fog. you can't really see. but this is the east bay hills here and you're seeing that fog rolling in. we're also talking about those showers scattered across the bay area. so you see them falling a long delay hole. there down in the east bay down in along the peninsula as well. you can see rain there. let's zoom in to get a look at where the showers are currently falling as you're traveling this morning. so
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just we checked in during the last it was all covering mill valley. now you see it starting to move a little more into san francisco in the east bay along 5 8088 24 rendon. we're seeing rain there emeryville oakland. so that's where it's consistently falling at this hour. now it's light rain. so that's the good news about it. and it's not going to be here all day. we're definitely get a break. this is our future cast. and then another very weak system will make its way into the north bay later on tonight. also in the early morning hours. you can see and then tomorrow we should get a break and then thursday will be our drier day friday. another week system back in the bay area. look at our rain totals right now. nothing but trace amounts all across the map here from mountain view hayward into fairfield up there. our current temperatures yesterday were all in the 40's for our current tips. now you can see we've warmed up just a bit. we're in the 50's. definitely want to bring your jacket just
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to protect you from the rain. will back to you. speaking of rain, you would think it would cause a lot of accidents on the roadway. not too bad. a few fender benders. but that's slowing down traffic. here's the bay bridge toll plaza looks like our lens getting more drops on it. >> but still plenty of space between the cars. no problems. if you going into san francisco on the san mateo bridge is should be a little actually got a little bit lighter. no problems to talk about on either direction, east or westbound on the san mateo bridge from there. the richmond sandra fell bridge be careful because you will run across some paddling. look at all puddles highlighted by those headlights as they get closer to the toll plaza looking at about 11 minutes across that span. looks like fog. what appears to be fog at the golden gate bridge. but no problems. a few cars heading into san francisco at this time from marin county. as the number of covid cases continues to grow across the bay area. many are wondering how long this spike will last.
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kron four's amanda hari spoke to an infectious disease expert about what we should expect for the month of january and how you can continue protecting yourself. >> infectious disease specialists say people should be bracing for a rough january given the playbook that we had last year with 3 holiday stocked, one on top. the other thanksgiving christmas new year's you can't really recover at the end of one series ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin. hong. >> says we likely haven't seen the highest case numbers yet cases will continue to rise. but then they will start to decline. he says the good thing about omicron compared to delta is people tend to recover more quickly so numbers to decline more quickly. >> but until then, it might be difficult to find an at-home test or get a pcr test. their lines, getting the tests and also delays in getting the
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results back. doctor chin-hong says you may have to be resourceful when it comes to finding tests. keep checking back in stores. go to community centers. and if you have a child in school track with the district. many are giving away free tests. he says when it comes to your child, you shouldn't worry about sending them back to school. we're kind of in a row that the okay period kids right now. not a lot of kids going into the hospitals at the ucsf system. for example, he says the best way you can protect your child is to get them vaccinated. he also says it's important to mask up most. useful all-purpose mice. right now. it's decision will mask you know, multi plied masks. doctor chin-hong emphasized the mask has to be well fit. if the head is a little bit smaller. you need to sort of not the end. the straps here to make it. >> fit snugly. if you do test positive, he recommends telling those who are in close contact with as well as your employer or school. he also
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says it can be helpful to know to fire department of public health for case trac inc. amanda hari kron 4 news you and good luck getting your hands on those covid tests. they're very hard to find these days. >> in the south bay, a jury convicting theranos founder elizabeth holmes on charges of wire fraud. and conspiracy. the verdict came down late yesterday afternoon after 7 days of deliberations in about 3 months of the case going on. holmes was convicted on 4 of the 11 counts she faced for defrauding hundreds of millions of dollars from investors through her company, theranos. prosecutors say holmes promised to revolutionize health care with a blood testing system that turned out to be deeply flawed. defense attorney paula canny says holmes own testimony may have helped her avoid a conviction on all 11 counts. >> in some instances. her testimony helped or i think that the jury believe that in,
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for instance, is she had a good faith belief of the truth of what she was saying. i actually thought whatever they decide. >> that it would be. >> all guilty role not guilty. i didn't really think i didn't expect that there would be a split. >> now, holmes did say that yet she made mistakes, but they were innocent mistakes. and that's why probably there was a mixed bag of results. if she is convicted swell sentencing has not been set yet, but she faces 20 years in prison on each of the 4 guilty counts. so we'll just have to find out a little bit later. how much time that she will spend in prison. a san francisco woman has been reunited with her french bulldog puppy. police say someone snatched rosie the bulldog on saturday morning in a violent robbery in the marina district. the man grabbed the leash before dragging the puppy into a car with 2 other men. but investigators say they found rosie and they share this photo from the happy reunion.
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it's been more than 3 months since mayor london breed declared a state of emergency in san francisco's tenderloin district. she says this allowed the city to use more officers in resources in the area to try to cut down on crime and drug use on the streets. the san francisco police department releasing numbers for the last week showing that what they've accomplished. they say in that time they seize more than 3 pounds of drugs and they say they confiscated more than 43 $100 worth of drug money. all that resulting in 32 felony arrests in the district just over the past week. a young woman who survived a balcony collapse in berkeley back in 2015 has died. the barry was one of a group of students visiting from ireland for the summer who was severely injured in the accident while celebrating her 21st birthday. 6 others were killed that day.
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according to the irish times, barry died of a stroke on saturday and dublin dublin here in california. it's unclear for brain injury suffered in the accident contributed to her death berkeley berkeley mayor jesse are gone and tweeted he was saddened to hear of her passing and acknowledged her role in advancing state loss to make sure another tragedy like this would never happen again. san francisco police there are investigating a shooting death on new year's eve. they say it happened on the 200 block of cornwall street officers found a 24 year-old man who'd been shot and later died from his injuries. so far no one has been arrested. anyone with any information. of course, being asked to call the san francisco police departm1nt. in the east bay. 2 people are recovering in the hospital after us and the annual police officer opened fire during a burglary call on sunday night. the call came in from a cannabis dispensary on fairway drive. san leandro. police say an officer caught a masked man
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running away from the location and shot the suspect when you got away into a getaway car with 2 other people. a 3rd person was arrested. the investigation still going on this morning. bay area, law enforcement officials say they are responding to a growing number of armed robbery robberies targeting cannabis businesses. oakland police tweeting out a video of cars that they say were casing a pot dispensary over the weekend. kron 4 says you has the details. >> this is video released by the oakland police department showing multiple vehicles that investigators say were casing and a cannabis business area near 48th avenue at these 12 street over the weekend. these guys are the same type of guys that ross my marijuana dispensary. the owner of a day. bring marijuana dispensaries saw the video. it the lees, the same group robbed his shot back in december. he described that incident by phone. he asked not to reveal his identity. they're mixed with.
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>> men and women. i can hear him talking and it's more of the asian group speaking different languages. there heavily armed. they have they they have the headgear. with the doe, the walkie talkie with the miles case. k 47. the writing has 45 per car and they look for soft spots. the mostly targeting. marijuana dispensers who don't have security. it appears to be several >> chargers all in color and then that was in the sine opd spokesperson officer kim armstead says the strategy here is to expose these vehicles of the video to the public as a possible to turn for the same group attorney to commit a robbery at a later date. they say many as a 100 vehicles at the time. >> rounding throughout the city really coming all parts
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of the bay area. >> and a lot of these dispensers do carry a lot of cash in their businesses. that's what this group is after cars for the what's on the table anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact oakland police. >> has it. but you on for news. >n although marijuana can be sold legally in our state. it's still illegal on a federal level, meaning most banks will not service the industry for seeing these dispensaries to find their own way to hold their cash. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news the warriors pull off another win despite an off night by steph curry. we will have the highlights when we come right back.
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>> and welcome back to the kron 00:00am morning news. some good news, bad news good news. it is not as biting cold as what we saw yesterday. the bad news is the roadways a little slick because you will be seeing cells of storms coming through rain. i maybe a walking back a little bit. maybe not. but i didn't want cross patches where it did rain a little hard and then it stopped. you definitely saw some light rain this morning will kuz. i did 2. we're getting a live look outside. >> at the golden gate bridge. pretty slick there across most of our bridges this morning.
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so definitely traveling taking your time as you're out there. this is a look at our radar. you can definitely see that light rain will was talking about let's zoom in and see where it's at along the peninsula to redwood city. >> 2, 80 82. and in the east bay as you're traveling through a random berkeley 5, 8013 and up here and fairfield american canyon. so we are seeing consistent light rain, nothing too heavy that's the good news. i will futurecast shows that some time today. we're going to break and then in the north bay, we will see another really weak system later on tonight. early morning hours. that's going to calm and then we'll get another break. tomorrow and then thursday drier conditions friday. another week system back here in the bay. look at that. just trace amounts of rain to oakland. hey, we're live in moore and conquer. let's get a look at our highs for today. all in the 50's. so much warmer than we were yesterday looking at areas of burlingame brisbane. all low
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50's woodside mountain view. 5556 in the south bay. campbell, last bottles all upper 50's san jose 58 out there pleasanton 54 son know you're at 54 berkeley in the east bay oakland san leandro, all mid-fifties up in sonoma, napa, upper 40's. so a little cool. we're looking down at stinson beach in mill valley upper 40's low 50's our 7 day forecast. we talked about the light rain. we're seeing that now. so your morning commute is going to be a slick one. we'll dry out later today. but again, remember another week system in the north bay later tonight, winds day. more early morning scattered showers will be tracking that thursday's are dry day and then friday another system will be tracking a lot of sunshine over the weekend in the 40's in the inland areas along the coast still mid 40's. so will we did warm up a bit. but hey, we're still wet. now. and no wet roadways causing fender
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benders throughout parts of the bay area but not on the bay bridge. you can clearly see the drops on our lands. but no problems. you're looking at 13 minutes or so without any accidents or gusty winds. >> on the bay bridge 13 minutes in the macarthur maze down on to fremont street on the san mateo bridge. look at that. it looks like rain is there. you can see all the homme, the head lice just saw that he's in front of it. so it looks like rain is in that direction or in that area, i should say. but still no major accidents on long that span as well. either east or westbound richmond. sandra fell bridge paddling as you get a little bit closer. but the good news is you don't see too many cars on the roadway crossing that span and then the golden gate bridge no problems at all. yes, it's picked up just a little bit, looks like the fog went away. so you're looking at about 20 minutes or so from novato into the city. speaking of the city. the warriors are back home. they remain the best team in the nba after
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another win at home against the chicago bulls, klay thompson. this is the good news everybody is talking about. he is closer and closer to making a return, maybe just less than a week from taking the court kron four's, sports director jason dumas. us has an update. >> the warriors hosting the and guess what. we had a special appearance klay pre-game hold it up. those 6 signifying might be back in 6 days when the waiter by now signs point play returning 1st quarter. he got to the way it is step back. 3. i gave the warriors that we now his moments later he repaid more to steal back the other way to get out a way to another corner during wake of the shooting. 1% from 3 since december 1st cost and the nba. >> 2nd quarter does a fight. that's the rain won't go down lowry. it's way to tyler herro
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who that forces the warriors time out now, just minutes later, 4 years 49 46 weighing in. thanks to the cup. it's or years up 5 the hair. warriors. a one gp 2. he'll be your of that. he finished. a revelation, the better they should later in the 3rd jordan poole of are there on the 32 points off the for j k now down to a opened this sequence. i agree with the block. he places. >> other after the warriors, though, want to win game. >> one one '08, despite a very bad performance by steph curry, 30% in fees. 9 that
4:50 am
spread of this they really take 2 point has granted number. the fact that he stayed ready. >> he's working out in his room every you know, just trying to keep his conditioning. and then to come come back, rejoin the team and have for all change and to respond the way he just amazing and shows you how much he's grown and matured and and what a good player he is. >> i have been told that klay thompson and all eyes dew point at that sunday day. so obviously been reported by multiple other sources as well. and >> our lives. but all signs are pointing to a comeback on sunday. it will be a special that building we know he's coming back for a home game. so if so, doesn't happen to make this start this coming
4:51 am
sunday, the warrior that gave to january public tuesday from now. again, been so but outside kids, though, have sunday maybe could have a tape, but all indications point to sunday in the meantime, war sunday. going to roll over the next to ballots and orleans respectively on wednesday and thursday. they will practice before they leave. so we'll them again wednesday. of course, we'll have those highlights. >> yeah, those ticket prices for clay's eventually turn possibly on sunday doubling and tripling if he does come back, they'll play the cleveland cavaliers. now let's talk about the niners. they are getting ready for their last game of the season as they try to make the playoffs they are in los angeles this sunday and they face the rams, a team that they fist or beaten over the past several years. if they win, they are in.
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crack and becoming a multimillionaire has nobody won last night. the powerball coming into yesterday's morning show he was sitting at 5.25.
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>> and by the time the drawing took place last night. it was around 5.45. and this morning we're looking at 575 million dollars as nobody won. and nobody has won in the past 3 months. the next drawing is tomorrow night and it's 5.75 now better believe that probably will hit 600 million by the time the drawing takes place. so start your office pool. i'm trying to start one as well. a lot of people, the kron, believe it or not, they do not believe in the lottery. i do so if you never see me again and you see me driving down the street with a ferrari put 2, 2, together. there's a good chance i won that powerful. i hope so. coming up in the next hour, the kron 4 morning news more than 100 students at stanford testing positive for covid-19. >> we will have the details in a live report. and as the covid cases continue to go up and up and up. at least one bay area county is running out. in fact, do not have any more icu beds. and me and
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning far. >> and good morning and thank you for joining us on the kron. 4 morning news. it is tuesday january 4th. i am. we'll trend if you're watching me now, there's a good chance you're getting up and heading back to work. >> reyna was holiday light. and as we move in closer and closer to the heart of the week. i expect more and more people heading back and if they're hitting the roadways, the will be hitting raindrops. exactly will you see more people out on the roads and you're also seeing slick conditions. >> this morning. so today's the day to leave the house a little earlier, a live look outside right now at the berkeley hills. you can also see pockets of fog in the forecast as well. we're getting a look at our radar right now. you can currently see where the rain is consistently coming down here in fairfield through concord in the east bay as well. so a lot of those highways also pretty slick. a highway 24 through or end of their 6.80
5:00 am
conquer along highway 4 to traveling through here. 13 as well. up in fairfield. so taking your time as you're traveling and we're looking at our future cast. how long is this weather going to stay wet. well, it's going to rain this morning in the afternoon we'll get a break. they'll be another system, a weak one that comes into the north bay and that will be later this evening into the early morning hours ear and then we'll get a break wednesday thursday, a dry day for us. rain totals. just trace amounts all throughout the east bay and along the peninsula as well. let's get a look at current temperatures yesterday were all of the 40's. a little warmer this morning in the 50's here, valais hill conquer hayward san carlos. we'll have a look at your 7 day coming up. but for now we'll send it back to you. >> you know, i'm loving it a little bit of rain because that means it's not biting cold as we saw yesterday looks like you know, a lot of people still off, though, the majority of people i would imagine because usually we will see bumper to bumper at the bay bridge. no problems.


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