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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 3, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. now at 10 covid cases are surging and the number of available icu beds is shrinking. the warning from experts as we head into what could be. >> a long and difficult january. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. >> tonight, napa county officials say that there are no icu beds currently available in the county. the rapid rise in covid cases
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straining the healthcare system. they're kron four's. dan thorn has more on the surge and what it might mean for other bay area hospitals. >> an increase in patients and a lack of staffing because of covid-19 infections has brought icu bed capacity in napa county to 0. we've known this is coming. the number of beds are getting taken up with patients with covid because the number cases of covid are just skyrocketing infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg acknowledges napa county's hospital system is smaller than most in the bay area. but the lack of beds and the omicron variant's threat to health care workers could be a red flag for the rest of the region. even if you've got plenty of icu beds open. even if you've got plenty of ventilators, if you don't have health care workers to take care of the patients in those beds. you know, care for most infections from the omicron variant have been reported as being less severe. but doctor swartzberg says that does not mean patients will stop coming into hospitals. studies have
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shown the variant is also highly transmissible as the cases continue to climb health experts continue to preach prevention has the most important step to take there's no perfect way to do this. only perfect way to make sure you're not going affect somebody has to is to become her just the road to the human beings. but we will never function society that way we need a functional society reporting in napa county, dan thorn kron 4 news that news comes as health care workers are getting burned out on the job leading to a shortage. it's being called a national crisis. >> leaders across america's hospitals are calling attention to the problem in an effort to try to take care of those who care for the sick even before the pandemic. doctors and nurses were said to have face twice the risk of burnout compared to the rest of us. and now that risk is going up. health officials predict the u.s. will need one 0.2 million more nurses by the end of this year. new cdc guidelines could require
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changes again in the requirements for people heading back to work and school. >> the expectation from the secretary of education is that students will still be able to return to in-person learning even as thousands of schools across the country are choosing distance learning at same time. others plan to use tests to return policies. this comes as there is now more confusion over quarantine recommendations last week. the cdc lowered isolation time for asymptomatic infections from 10 days to just 5 and said those who contract covid do not have to test again after isolating. now there are new reports said the agency may revise its guidelines yet again. >> we opted not to have the rapid tests for isolation we actually don't know how a rapid test performed and how well they predict whether your transmissible during the end of disease. i myself feel that that's a reasonable thing to do. >> i believe that the cdc soon
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we'll be coming out with more clarification of that since it obviously has generated a number of questions about at that five-day period should you or should you not be testing. people. meantime, the biden administration says the definition of fully vaccinated may soon change to include booster shots. >> the fda is authorizing a 3rd dose of the pfizer vaccine for children between 1215. that decision was made after researchers in israel found no new cases of heart inflammation. that's a condition us experts were monitoring as a rare side effect. the agency is also shortening the wait time for boosters to 5 months after the primary vaccine rather than 6. >> with pediatric hospitalizations op it makes sense to try and protect as many people as possible if not people get infected at the same time. a lot of we're seeing in unity what you're going to see is that we'll get
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reprieve because it's like having a giant force field. >> the fda also authorized a 3rd shot for children between 5.11 who have weak immune systems. the cdc could make a final decision on all of that later this week. >> covid testing remains hard to find throughout the bay area. kron four's taylor sackey reports that in san francisco testing appointments are quickly filling up and city leaders are blaming a lack of supply. >> available covid testing appointments are few and far between in san francisco as families scramble to get tested after the holidays. well, it's not required. all students are also encouraged to get tested before returning to school. however, judging by comments online and e-mails. we've received some still were unable to find available testing options in time when trying to schedule an appointment online through the city's website. you'll even be greeted by this message saying the city is experiencing high demand city supervisor asha says the issue isn't the number of testing sites open.
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but instead a shortage in the supply chain. we have a lot of really good accessibility. >> the problem is the the infrastructure, the actual tests themselves. it's a supply chain thing that has caused some delays. suffice says the shortage in testing kits has for several city testing sites to stop taking walk ins over the last few days in some places where there's walk-ups and appointments available or no appointments available are necessary and they basically reached a passing fad to turn people away. i think there's been a major surge in the amount of people that need testing and so it's put a strain on the system overall. as for those who have been able to get tested through a walk-in appointment. many also had to test their patients, you know, had a number of people call in the said they had to wait in line for about an hour over in the bayview fred, a testing site there. that's where i went last week i went to the baby opera house after going to a couple locations that either have
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reached capacity. and i think that's that's essentially where we're suffice as the city is waiting to receive test kits from the state to distribute a public school students staff and families but expects to have them at some point later this week. >> in the meantime, as we wait for more tests become available going back to the basics wearing a mask socially distancing getting vaccinated and boosted will be important to prevent a continued surge and taylor reporting kron 4 news. >> time now for the 4 zone forecast as we step outside to be a view of a looks the wind pis blowing the rain across th golden gate bridge tonight. yeah. conference chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here lunch and felt like we're getting plenty of rain, a lot of rain. yes, some places really got soak up the place just a few 100 so far. but it still continues to come down and out of sfo. they've had plenty along the coastal sections. that's where you've seen a lot of that rain and they had all kinds of delays at sfo today. of hour or so, no delays being reported, though, now sfo oakland or san
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jose. but got a long way to go for tonight. the winds have been whipping. you can see those winds coming across the golden gate bridge. some 20 and some 30 mile an hour gusts. the roadways are very slick out there right now. that rain continues to fall, although it's been light rain has been fairly steady in some spots snow up in the sierra nevada. you can see it there in the rain continue to work its way across the greater bay area right now. and you can see along the coastline, the peninsula that rain really kind of focusing in there now as we're seeing more that rain falling as it started to really pick up this afternoon through parts or in some heavier amounts of rainfall there in the east bay the rain continues to fall there as well. although haven't seen much in the way of a moderate or heavy rain. it's been constant cochran. you're looking at some light rain walnut creek orinda same with oakland. a scattered showers as you make your way further south more rain over the santa cruz mountains. but starting to add up to some pretty impressive totals around the bay area. i think the doppler radar actually shooting over the top. some of that rain in the north and not been able to see this kind of low lying. event is that moisture comes on shore. so start to put together some pretty impressive totals over 2 and a
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half inches of rain in campfield sar anselmo now are 3 quarters of an inch in the santa rosa over a 3rd of an inch pacific, almost a half an inch now and napa headed toward a half an inch now over 10th of an inch of rain in the san francisco. so got a ways to go here and well, we're going to talk about some flooding but not caused by the rain. this is the king tides make a return again for tomorrow going to see that tide running above 7 feet. and that's just after 11:00am tomorrow. so expecting some minor flooding along the embarcadero in and around the bay. some of low lying areas expecting some inundation with that very high tide and then looks like things are received by the afternoon temperatures outside right now. we've got a lot of 50's around the bay area with cloudy skies. but conditions outside there as well. high pressure sitting off the coastline. you get the system to kind of roll over the top of the ridge to the branch of energy really heads up the pacific northwest. we're kind of catching the trailing edge of the system going to see that kind of move through overnight tonight and tomorrow morning, then i think by tomorrow the middle of the day going to see things taper off showers continuing
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tonight, then i think we'll dry things for a good part of the bay area, though we may see the occasional shower into the afternoon. otherwise temperatures are going to be least. it will be warmer than it has been plan on tomorrow afternoon. we'r looking at 50's and 60's and maybe a couple rays of sunshine. thank you. or snow to another big story tonight after months of testimony and 7 days of deliberations. >> a jury convicted theranos founder elizabeth holmes on charges of wire fraud and conspiracy. the verdict came in late this afternoon. she was convicted on 4 of the 11 counts she faced and kron four's. jonathan mccall has reaction and details on what could what could come next. >> theranos founder elizabeth holmes walking out of the federal courthouse in san jose monday night just moments after a jury convicted her on charges of wire fraud and conspiracy connected to or failed company theranos. the 37 year-old former entrepreneur showing no visible signs of emotion inside of a courtroom as the verdicts were read federal
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prosecutors claim that homes caused billions of dollars from a number of big named investors along with patients through the company which promised to revolutionize health care with a single finger-prick blood test, but they say instead was deeply flawed. i actually thought. >> whatever they decide. >> that it would be. >> all guilty role not guilty. i didn't really think i didn't expect that there would be a split. >> holmes faces 11 counts in the trial. the jury found her guilty on 4 charges, not guilty on 4 others and the jury was deadlocked on the final 3 defense attorney paula canny says that her testimony during the trial may have helped her avoid a conviction on all 11 counts as in some instances her testimony helped or. >> i think that the jury believe that in, for instance, is she had a good faith belief of the truth of what she was
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saying homes now faces up to 20 years in prison. on each of the 4 guilty counts. kenny says she could face the maximum or as little as probation. so they'll be a lot of information given by the defense is to why perhaps even probation is an appropriate sentence. she could probation. the other things fines can be imposed in restitution is also supposed to be ordered. so far s-ntencing date for homes has not yet been set. but kenny says that holmes his conviction could raise concerns in the upcoming trial for the number 2 person in charge of theranos. holmes is former boyfriend and business partner rematch ball. one e. >> and he scheduled a trial for trial in a couple months. but i think his lawyers after want witnessing this may rethink their strategy in terms of how they're going to defend him. >> in san francisco. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> california lawmakers were back at work today kicking off the new year with a lot of cash and a lot of unfinished
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business. there is a 75 billion dollars surplus with an additional 35 billion expected by july billions more are expected to be allocated to fight covid also to deal with affordable housing and climate change lawmakers plan to tackle what's expected to be a severe wildfire season ahead and there is a bill to overhaul california's cash bail system. state lawmakers have rolled out a proposal to boost funding for k through 12 schools across california. the funding would be based on annual enrollment instead of average daily attendance as state leaders talk about how to spend the budget surplus. some say education needs to be a top priority. >> with the pandemic highlighting the across the board in our school districts. clearly districts that have been challenge face more challenges clearly the the impact on our students has
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increased and this is the time to increase education funding this is a time for k 12 to be trying to center in the in the budget conversation going forward. >> the proposal would increase statewide school funding by 3 billion dollars. hundreds of new laws are going into effect in california for the new year from a crackdown on illegal street racing to a continuation of to go cocktails. katherine phillips has a closer look. >> as californians clean up, new year's eve parties and get ready for the year ahead. many new laws are set to go into effect businesses with 26 or more employees will be required to pay $15 an hour which is more than double the federal minimum wage of 7.25 an hour businesses with fewer than 26 employees won't have to raise their wages until next year. it's it's a decent wage for people to make. i believe that it should have been raised a long time ago. another new law going into effect in 2022 mail in ballots
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are here to stay an executive order in twenty-twenty sent them out to every registered voter in california. now voters were permanently have the option to vote by mail to go cocktails can stay too. a new senate bill keeps the sale of takeout alcoholic drinks around until 2026 when it comes to police departments. some new laws and packed them as well. police officers now must be at least 21 years old and have a bachelor's degree public schools are also seeing new last 2, including having to stock at least half of the 6 to 12th grade restrooms with free menstrual products with 2020 2021 behind us. many are looking.forward to the year ahead. >> i for the new we've went through a lot. >> again. that was katherine phillips reporting another new law makes california the first state in the country to require health insurance providers to pay for at home std tests. health officials hope that with more people testing in the privacy of their own home. they can
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better monitor the spread of the infections. they say sexually transmitted infections are reaching alarming numbers as the pandemic kept people from going to clinics. other laws now in effect, tips via food delivery, apps must go straight to the individual worker and not the delivery service also larger department stores will not have to create gender neutral toy aisles. >> in national news. former president trump has been subpoenaed in an ongoing tax fraud investigation regarding his family's business and his 2 eldest children. donald junior and ivanka, they've also been subpoenaed by the new york attorney general. she says she is looking for testimony and documents regarding the value of properties owned by the trump organization. trump calls the investigation politically motivated. he and his vowing to fight the subpoenas in court this week. marks one year since former president trump supporters attacks the
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u.s. capitol. >> while lawmakers were certifying president biden's win in the 2020 election. a bipartisan committee investigating the riot is out with new information on what president trump was doing as that attack unfolded. our washington correspondent trevor shirley has the story. well, during the weekend we learn new details about what former president trump was doing along with what some of his kids were doing. >> inside the oval office as the capital was being overrun. this thursday marks the one-year anniversary of the attack. hundreds of rioters have been charged with crimes. many of them have already pled guilty or been convicted. others remain in jail determined by judges to be too dangerous for bail as prosecutions continue the january 6 committee is ramping up its own investigation. that group of bipartisan lawmakers is examining how security failed so badly that day and how organized the attack actually was during the weekend. wyoming republican representative liz cheney revealed that some of president trump's own
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children. we're in the oval office begging him to step in to try to call off the rioters. we know as he was sitting there in the dining room next to the oval office. >> members of his staff were pleading with him to go on television to tell people to stop. we know leader mccarthy was pleading with him to do that. we know members of his family. we know his daughter. we have first-hand testimony that his daughter ivanka went in at least twice to ask him to please stop this violence. the former president did send out a few tweets and then released a video message telling rioters to leave. but that didn't happen for almost 3 hours after the attack began reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley. >> the january 6 committee plans to release its final report before the midterm elections. house democrats have several events planned for thursday to commemorate the attack, including a prayer vigil and remarks from president biden at the u.s. capitol. georgia republican major marjorie taylor greene
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says she's not happy about being permanently banned by twitter. the congresswoman was locked out of her personal account sunday for repeatedly violating twitter's covid-19 misinformation policy. the permanent suspension does not apply to her official twitter account. facebook joins twitter today in suspending the congresswoman for spreading bad information. but for only 24 hours she accuses both social media platforms of censorship. central valley, republican congressman devin nunez, devin nunez resigning from congress. he's going to start working for. >> former president trump. his resignation letter was read on the floor of congress today. he's going to become the ceo of trump's own social media company nunez was first elected in 2002 to congress, his term was not supposed to. and until january of 2023 governor newsome now has 2 weeks to announce a special election to fill that seat.
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>> 5 g service is rolling out this week for millions of americans. but now the aviation industry is raising some new concerns. what travelers need to know. >> also get ready to pay even more for gas while doesn't look like we're going to get a break on the price any time soon. >> and why police take bay area cannabis dispensaries are being targeted. up next to police and business owners police and business owners want to be on the lookout for. when a truck hit my car, police and business owners wthe insurance companyout for. wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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>> bay area. law enforcement officials say they have responded to a growing number of armed robberies targeting cannabis businesses. oakland police tweeted out some video of suspects allegedly casing a pot dispensary over the weekend. >> kron four's has he made talk concerned owner of a neighboring business that was also recently robbed. this is video released by the oakland police department showing multiple vehicles that investigators say were casing and a cannabis business area near 48th avenue at these 12 street over the weekend. these guys are the same type of guys that ross my. >> marijuana dispensary. the they'd avery marijuana dispensaries saw the video. it billy's the same group robbed his shot back in december. he described that incident by phone. he asked not to reveal his identity. they're mixed with. >> men and women. i can hear him talking and it's more of
10:24 pm
the asian group speaking different languages. there heavily armed. they have they they have the headgear. with the doe, the walkie talkie with the miles case. k 47. the writing has 45 per car and they look for soft spots. mostly targeting. marijuana dispensers who don't have security. it appears to be several >> chargers all in color and then that was in the sine opd spokesperson officer kim armstead says the strategy here is to expose these vehicles of the video to the public as a possible to turn for the same group attorney to commit a robbery at a later date. they say many as a 100 vehicles at the time. >> running throughout the city really coming all parts of the bay area.
10:25 pm
>> and a lot of these dispensers do carry a lot of cash in their businesses. that's what this group is after cars for the what's on the table anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact local police. >> has it. but you on for news. although marijuana can be sold legally in california. it's still illegal at the federal level and that means many banks won't service industry. >> that's forced many dispensaries to try to find their own way to hold on to their cash. the young woman who survived a balcony collapse in berkeley in 2015 has died at the very was one of a group of students visiting from ireland for the summer and she was severely injured in the accident while celebrating her 21st birthday. 6 others were killed according to the irish times, barry died of a stroke on saturday. it's not clear if her brain injuries suffered in that accident contributed to her death. berkeley mayor jesse are again tweeted that he was saddened to hear of her passing and he acknowledged
10:26 pm
her role in advancing state law to make sure that such tragedies never happen again. >> next to 10 president biden weighs in on the high cost of what he's promising to do about >> and it's been a soggy begin to the new year. but there are some sunshine in the forecast with chad to 1010, coming up. and the investigation into a destructive inferno the clues that could be the smoking gun into what sparked the largest wildfire. >> all history.
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>> investigators are narrowing their search for the source of the colorado wildfire. it ignited last thursday. it destroyed nearly a 1000 homes and businesses near the city of boulder. authorities are also searching for 2 people who are still missing that says people are sorting through what's left of their properties. michael shure has the story. devastating. >> it's absolute devastating. so it's my favorite place. >> to make community nearly a 1000 homes and businesses burned at least 35,000 people displaced and 2 people missing and presumed dead and the devastating marshall fird that ripped through boulder county, covorado over the new year weekend governor jared polis addressing the situation today. you know this outpouring of love and support
10:30 pm
doesn't change the fact that families have lost everything. they had the work of determining the cause of the blaze continues with authorities now focused on a video of a burning shed as a possible origin of the fire that is now consume more than 6,000 acres. we've executed a search warrant and one particular location where we're investigating governor polis emphasizing sunday that people could be held responsible if there was any form of. >> or or accidental arson. i i fully expected any of those responsible will be held fully responsible under the law for the utter devastation that was caused investigators and rescue teams continuing the search for 2 people still reported missing. one of them 90 year-old nadine turnbull whose decimated home in superior sat behind a target store that also burned. we're hoping that maybe my grandmother got rescued and then maybe got. >> taken to a abc's lost in the system somewhere and just
10:31 pm
as a tense she got out. the marshall fire is the most destructive loss of property in state history coming unusually late in the year after a bone dry summer and the fall and winter absent until now of nearly any snow. >> again, that was michael shure reporting today. some people were allowed to go back to their homes for the first time since the fire crews left markings on each house to let people know if the building was safe to enter. it's going. powerful winds in south carolina brought down that scaffolding in downtown charleston. you can see in the cell phone video, how it fell on top of an amazon delivery truck and several other parked vehicles. the good news. nobody was hurt. >> a powerful winter storm slamming the east coast. it's forcing flight cancellations. very dangerous driving conditions that storm just missed new york city. but
10:32 pm
maryland, new jersey, even virginia are getting hit with several inches of snow and blizzard-like conditions. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has been tracking that storm and joins us with a closer look. thousands without power to now and that storm system rolling on through over the last 24 hours. really. >> bring with it a whole lot of inches worth of some spots. 8, 9 inches of snow. you see it rolling through washington. >> finally headed out into the atlantic quieting down there. now they got plenty more to come of that was the first major one for the season back out west. we go. we've got that snow that's piling up in the sierra nevada. a lot of snow making its way in through a parts of the south lake tahoe area. we're going to see more of that may be afoot, maybe a foot and a half across some of the higher peaks. the bay area still looking at that rainfall outside and it's been pretty constant starting this afternoon. it is just been coming down in the san francisco-marin. also a good part of the north bay. the east bay, too. so we're starting to add up on some impressive totals. here's the long-range forecast for you, though, as we get through this
10:33 pm
storm system, kind of the trailing edge of that. we're going to see another one coming quickly as we head in wednesday tuesday looks mainly dry. we could see a couple of scattered showers. then you see that next drop-down storm as we get to wednesday again, that not going to be much, then we'll dry things out least on thursday. another more substantial storm system comes in on friday. but you know, in january, we usually get about a week or so where it starts to feel a whole lot like spring. we may just be seeing that coming our way. i'm not this week, the following week. i think near the end as we get into thursday and friday that following weekend. we may start talk about some much warmer temperatures mean time kind of a soggy week ahead for us this week, saturday and sunday. looks like a drying trend. much drier weather should be warmer by the end of the following week. >> thank you. lord let's take a live look at sfo. and one of the busiest travel days of the year because a lot of people are coming back from a christmas and new year's holidays. there's been another wave of flight cancellations and delays at us airports,
10:34 pm
7500 flights delayed nationwide. more than 4900 canceled including 42 cancellations at sfo 15 in san jose 12 in oakland. airlines say the delays are the result of problems, including covid related staffing shortages and bad weather. >> the airline industry is bracing for yet another complication. the rollout of 5 g wireless service near dozens of major airports as markie. martin tells us, experts worry it could interfere with aviation technology causing even more delays. >> for 22 months. the airline industry has been doing in survival mode, making it through a second holiday season marked by almost 15,000 flight cancellations since christmas eve by schools leave out here at noon to des moines, iowa so now there's say and 9.52 for a night. but come wednesday industry experts fear continued widespread disruption. with cellular giants a tnt and
10:35 pm
verizon plan to roll out 5 g wireless to millions of customers. it's expected to provide connections at least 40 times faster than what current experience on their their mobile devices. but it's the devices on board airplanes that have airline executives worried in early december, the faa said it would restrict pilots from using automated landing systems concerned over 5 g's interference with radio altimeters the equipment that measures the height of planes above ground see, for example, in chicago or new york jfk. >> where fog and things like reduced visibility the capacity for aircraft to land one of those conditions is going to be preempted in a new year's eve letter to atnt and horizon. the faa and transportation secretary pete buttigieg asking for a 2 week delay while it figures out how to coexist with the new network on sunday. the 2 wireless companies responded with their own letter saying
10:36 pm
no, adding that the aviation community had 2 years to update altimeters that could filter out 5 g frequencies. and in an emergency filing the trade group airlines for america warning the fcc, its 11 member airlines will need to reroute or cancel thousands of flights if the january 5th roll out takes place potentially costing a billion dollars in losses course americans don't want more widespread disruption. we don't want more delays more cancellations at the airport. but now an even more serious note could be life or for passengers should. but i mean, only occur at the right place the wrong time. something very bad could happen. reporting in dallas markie. martin. >> wireless carriers say that 5 g service already exists in 40 countries and say there have been no negative effect on aviation companies did agree to weaken the signals around us airports for the first 6 months for your money tonight, president biden met
10:37 pm
with farmers and ranchers today to discuss the efforts to reduce prices in the meat industry. the president plans to spend a billion dollars from his american rescue plan to expand independent meat processing white house says the top for meat processing companies control. 85% of the beef market and 70% of the pork market. >> the big companies are making massive profits. all their profits go up the prices you see the grocery stores go up, commensurate. the prices farmers receive for the products. they are bringing to market go down. >> president biden says increasing the number of meat processing plants will boost competition. the money will also be used to support workers who training inspections and grants. >> for your money. it looks as though gas prices won't be going down any time soon. the price tracking company gasbuddy expects prices to keep going up. probably peaking in may or june the national average for a gallon of regular could reach $4 by
10:38 pm
than its $3.28. right now. but of course much higher in california. word is now 4.66 a gallon. prices are expected to start easing and the 2nd half of the year. as oil production catches up with demand in the bay area. the most expensive gas is a napa county $4 and $0.88 a gallon. the cheapest is in solano county at $4 and $0.65. a major milestone for apple. the tech giant has become the world's first publicly traded company to reach a market value of 3 trillion dollars. apple cross, the 1 trillion dollar threshold in 2018 2 trillion 2020 analysts say shares rose 35% in 2021 being credited the success of the iphone 13 apple music and apple tv. plus. >> cases of more than doubled in new york city over the holiday break. but schools
10:39 pm
were back in session in person today, newly sworn in new york city mayor eric adams says the city will power through the rise in cases. the advise parents to continue to bring their children to class. >> in the school. less than one percent of children are infected at home over 15%. so i say to that parent, bring your child to school. >> the spike in covid cases over the school break took some officials there by surprise. still ahead tonight, no one has won the powerball jackpot since october. >> that changed tonight. we have the answer. plus the winning numbers. >> and next in sports, the warriors back at home tonight taking on the miami heat's sports director jason dumas has highlights. >> plus a live report from chase center coming up. new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice
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we're eating and drinking foods and beverages that are very acidic. it can soften the enamel. pronamel repair, what it's doing is driving more minerals deep into the enamel surface, that's going to help actively repair. pronamel is taking it to another level. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> we had a big one down a center tonight. the warriors hosting the and guess what. we had a special appearance klay pre-game hold it up. those 6 fingers signifying might be back in 6 days when the waiter by now signs point play 1st quarter. he got to the way it
10:43 pm
is step back. 3. i gave the warriors that we now his moments later he repaid more to back the other way to get out a way to another corner during wake of the shooting. 1% from 3 since december 1st cost and the nba. >> 2nd quarter does a fight. that's the rain won't go down lowry. it's way to tyler herro who that forces the warriors time out now, just minutes later, 4 years up. 49 46 weighing in. thanks to the cup. it's or years up 5 the hair. warriors. a one gp 2 will be your of that. he finished. a revelation. the better year. later in the 3rd jordan poles are down. tray 32 points off the for j k late in
10:44 pm
now down to a opened this sequence. i agree with the block. he places. >> other after the warriors, though, want to win game. >> one. the spy, a very bad performance by steph 30% in fees. 9 that spread of this they really take 2 point has granted number. let's back out chase center where we can find very rooney. hey, i just read that stat lines for curry is 9 points. the warriors still get window where very good miami team. how important is that warriors roster. >> jason team depth is everything to this team. in fact, i'd go so far as to say it's the difference between the warriors being a fringe playoff team last year and the best team in the nba right
10:45 pm
now. that's because they got a major upgrade to their second unit in because guys like andrew wiggins are playing the best basketball of their career. but let's look at tonight, an off night for steph curry, right. he was pretty much ice cold from the beginning of this game didn't score a single point in the 1st quarter. only scored 9 points. total that's his only non double-digit performance of the season. but jordan poole came off the bench and scored 32 points 59 points from the bench as a whole but really pool stepped up in a big way. this is only his second game coming up. the bench. this season has been a starter before that and he's been responding incredibly well. if tonight is any indication, in fact, after the game head coach steve kerr had this to say about people. >> the fact that he stayed ready. he's working out in his room every you know, just trying to keep his conditioning. and then to come come back, rejoin the team and have his. for all change and
10:46 pm
to respond the way he just amazing and shows you how much he's grown and matured and and what a good player he is. >> not only pool, they're getting great production from guys like gary payton, the second out of porter junior in the bjelica the latter 2 of whom also both scored in double figures tonight. and just keep this in mind. jason, we haven't even seen the return of klay thompson yet, but a little piece of news on that front. there's been some suspicion that this coming sunday here at chase center against the cavaliers could be his return date. and steve kerr said before the game tonight that it is possible. so not a confirmation. but hey, maybe a step in the right direction. of course we're going to keep our eye on that for now from chase center. i'm kate rooney and i'll toss it back to you. >> thank you, kate. i that sentiments i have been told that klay thompson all eyes dew point at that sunday day. so obviously been reported by
10:47 pm
multiple other sources as well and other. >> our lives. but all signs are pointing to a comeback on sunday. it will be a special was in that building. we know he's coming back for a home game. so if so, doesn't happen to make this start this coming sunday, the warrior that gave to january public tuesday from now. could be pits been so but outside kids, though, have sunday maybe could have an 18, but all indications point to sunday in the meantime, the war sunday. going to roll over the next 2, they have dallas and orleans respectively on wednesday and thursday, not have a travel day tomorrow. they practice before they leave. so we'll them again wednesday. of course, we'll have those highlights. but in the meantime, that's all we have for sports. >> back >> after a quick commercial bre
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>> hollywood end of 2021 with spiderman. no way. home topping all films for a 3rd straight week and it is among the highest-grossing movies ever. still the film industry heads into the new year with reason for both optimism and concern. last year saw ticket revenue doubled that of 2020. but it was still well off the prepandemic pace for your health tonight. your kids may not like this but talking to
10:51 pm
them while they watch tv might help reduce the negative effects of too much screen time. >> prior studies found that children who watch too much television lag behind in developmental areas such as curiosity, the university of michigan study suggests that having a conversation during the commercial breaks helps promote a child's curiosity and they say curiosity is linked to a higher learning skills. researchers say the average child watches about 4 hours of tv a day. from the television to the internet. the start of the new year is a good time to think about cleaning up your online account and rich demuro tells some gives us some advice on protecting our privacy. >> who needs resolutions when you can make some changes right now. today i'm showing you how to clean up your online accounts and makeosome changes to better protect your privacy. >> a new year is the perfect time to get a fresh start online. burying your head in the sand and thinking, condit.
10:52 pm
she privacy because nobody can these days. i'm not going to bother and i think that's a huge lee kaplan is a privacy expert and recommends taking the time to protect yourself. you're not going to be a but you can least take steps to to make a little hotter to native privacy on you for stuff on your phone delete any apps you no longer need or use. then do the same for all the counts. use the directory at just delete, dot me to help you easily close them out. people are being hacked all the time. so you want very safe pos long's random matters. the best way to accomplish this. use a password manager. >> it can generate and remember strong passwords and even help you log in bit warden is a good free option. next. take a look to see if any 3rd party apps have access to your biggest accounts. they sneak their way in. when you use google or facebook to log in or allow an app to access your data. go to my count. dot google, dot com slash
10:53 pm
permissions. twitter is connected apps page instagram settings under apps and websites and facebook's apps and websites page. >> revoke access to any app or website. you don't recognize or speaking of facebook. >> i'm finding is a lot of those all toast coming back going to people facebook has a privacy checkup under settings. go through the steps to help you restrict who can see your stuff and help keep your account secure. >> i would also recommend downloading to software tools for your browser. the first is privacy badger which will block web trackers. >> and the second is https everywhere which makes website connections more secure as always, i've got links to all of this information on my web site. just go to rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. another powerball drawing has come and gone without anyone taking home the big jackpot now the
10:54 pm
jackpot is worth 575 million dollars. the winning numbers. >> our to 1332 33 in 48 the powerball number, 22 nobody has won the jackpot in more than 3 months. the next drawing is wednesday. so lawrence, you have a little time to think about how you're going to spend 575 million dollars. i was just so happy because i forgot to play stuff. we still have a chance to win. >> we are getting plenty of rain out there around the bay area tonight, the showers have been coming down. really get going in the afternoon sea up toward the golden gate bridge. the winds have been whipping to 20 in some 30 mile an hour gusts. none this very heavy. in fact. >> a lot of this just some really low level moisture. but it's been constant coming on shore. and so now we're starting to see some pretty impressive amounts, some places over 2 and a half inches. the north and some of the mountain tops over 3 inches and that's just the past 24 hours. doppler radar trying to scan your skies. but even the radar beam, i think running over the top of a lot
10:55 pm
of the moisture that out that is out there. in fact, by the time you make your way to the north bay from some of that running over the top there still rain showing up around the bay area. now more that come out throughout the night tonight and then i think it's going to start to taper off by tomorrow morning. temperature wise the numbers tomorrow. i think we're going to see is some sunny breaks in between the clouds so numbers going to be warmer than they've been. in fact, this weekend was very cold overnight lows are in the 20's in the 30's in daytime temperatures were chilly. but i think tomorrow a warmer air mass kind of settles in overhead. how about 59 degrees in mount 60 degrees you'll see some sunshine breaking through some of the clouds in the san jose 60 degrees in concord about 60 in livermore 56 degrees in oakland over the next few days. we are going to see some changes coming our way as we look out to the new year and it looks like the rain kind of on and off another round likely to make its way on wednesday tomorrow. mainly just some scattered light showers about the bay area on thursday. it looks like it should remain dry by friday, more substantial storm system going to roll into the
10:56 pm
bay area, bringing with it a chance of some more rain and some gusty winds. but i think that's going to be a quick hitter. that kind of moves out of town. the weekend looking good saturday and sunday should be dry. dry weather warmer conditions well into next week. guys, back to you. thank you, lawrence. this is pretty cute. the queen of england might have met her fashion match. this is one year old july and sutherland from ohio. >> all dressed up like the coin. this is for halloween. she's got pearl. she's got a couple of the queen's favorite breed of dogs, little court case. the card is our family pets for july 2. so her mother sent a photo to buckingham palace to didn't expect anything but a letter arrived saying the queen was very pleased to see the outfit calling it splendid. it and along with the letter special information about court case. >> the queen is a dog lover big-time. in fact, in the uk. that's just kind of a passionate way of life over there isn't it. they're good to their animals. there. they get very worked up if anybody is mean to a dog cat. they're
10:57 pm
animal lovers now the learning how to train your dog all those good. the experts seem to come from the uk. for some reason. they just know how to work with dogs. and that's why a lot of the politicians will be taking pictures with their dogs when they're running for office and video of their dogs and cats we love dogs too. we love our dogs to. yeah. yes, we did. all right. that wraps it up for kron. 4 news at 10. thanks for joining us. thank you. have a good night and hope to see you tomorrow.
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