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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 3, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> now at 9 o'clock, covid concerns from coast to coast to the worries over millions of students going back to school after winter break. amid a surge in infections. thank you for joining us on kron, 4 news at 9. i'm catherine heenan and i'm ken wayne, the demand for covid testing is as high as it's ever been as families return from their holiday vacations. >> and children return to the classroom. san francisco testing appointments are quickly filling up and city leaders say even if they wanted to open more testing sites that wouldn't solve the problem. they argue the main issue is a lack of supply. our coverage begins tonight with kron four's taylor's hacking. >> available covid testing appointments are few and far between in san francisco as families scramble to get tested after the holidays. well, it's not required. all students are also encouraged to get tested before returning to school. however, judging by comments online and e-mails. we've received some still were unable to find available
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testing options in time when trying to schedule an appointment online through the city's website. you'll even be greeted by this message saying the city is experiencing high demand city supervisor asha says the issue isn't the number of testing sites open. but instead a shortage in the supply chain. we have a lot of really good accessibility. >> the problem is the infrastructure, the actual tests themselves. it's a supply chain thing that has caused some delays. suffice says the shortage in testing kits has for several city testing sites to stop taking walk ins over the last few days in some places where there's walk-ups and appointments available or no appointments available or they basically reached passing fad to turn people away. i think there's been a major surge in the amount of people that need testing and so it's put a strain on the system overall. as for those who have been able to get tested through a walk-in appointment. many also had to test their patients,
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you know, had a number of people call in the said they had to wait in line for about an hour over in the bayview fred, a testing site there. that's where i went last week i went to the baby opera house after going to a couple locations that either have reached capacity. and i think that's that's essentially where we're suffice as the city is waiting to receive test kits from the state to distribute a public school students staff and families. but expects to have been at some point later this week. >> in the meantime, as we wait for more tests become available going back to the basics wearing a mask socially distancing getting vaccinated and boosted will be important to prevent a continued surge and taylor reporting kron 4 news. >> in the south by students and teachers are getting ready for school by being tested for covid, the san jose unified school district handed out free testing kids today. one father picked up kids for his second and 5th graders. >> we visited with family over the holidays and we tested at home before we visited them.
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but we also know that the pcr tests are in general more reliable and we've known people just in the past couple weeks that have taken at home tests come up negative and pcr follow-up tests have come positive. so we just wanted to be really >> officials require only positive tests to be reported on the district website. in the east bay. alameda county began handing out to home covid tests to students. they're being provided by the state. the plan is to hand out about 100,000 of them over the next couple of days. last week's severe weather did delay the delivery of those tests. >> in berkeley. the berkeley unified school district says almost 2 dozen staff members did not return to work today after testing positive for covid in a message to parents. the superintendent says that of the 12,000 covid tests given out to students and staff just over 5,000 results have been reported. and of those 71 students reported testing positive and 21 staff members did as well as of last friday 23 teachers had
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reported it. they would not be at work today. the school says anyone who has tested positive since december. 24th is in isolation and not allowed to return to work. the west contra costa unified school district says it distributed about 15,000 testing kits to students and their families over the weekend. but the district says the drive-thru pickup stations for tests. it's just one step of several that they're taking to try to keep students safe and slow the spread tomorrow. they say they'll be opening 3 new testing sites to students and staff district-wide you can find all the locations for testing on our website. kron 4 dot com as the omicron variant continues to spread new cdc guidelines could change plans for the people. >> heading back to the back to the classroom. the expectation from the california secretary of education is that students will still be able to return to in-person learning even as thousands of schools across the country are opting for distance, learning at the same
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time, others plan to use test to return policies. this comes as there is now more confusion over a quarantine recommendations last week. the cdc lowered isolation. time for asymptomatic infections from 10 days to just 5 and said those who contract covid do not have to test again after isolating. well, now there are new reports that the agency may revise its guidelines yet again. >> we opted not to have the rapid tests for isolation we actually don't know how a rapid test performed and how well they predict whether your transmissible during the end of disease. i myself feel that that's a reasonable thing to do. >> i believe that the cdc soon will be coming out with more clarification of that since it obviously has generated a number of questions about at that five-day period should you or should you not be testing. people. >> meantime, the biden administration says the definition of fully vaccinated may soon change to include
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booster shots. >> the fda is authorizing the use of a 3rd dose of the pfizer vaccine for children between 1215. this is after the fda reviewed information from israel. researchers there found no new cases of heart inflammation. that's a condition that us experts have been checking as a rare side effect. the agency is also shortening the waiting time for boosters to 5 months after the primary vaccine rather than 6. >> with pediatric hospitalizations op it makes sense to try and protect as many people as possible if not people get infected at the same time. a lot of we're seeing unity. what are you going to see is that we'll get reprieve because it's like having a giant force field. >> the fda also authorized a 3rd shot for children, a 5 to 11 years old who are have a weakened immune systems. the cdc could make a final decision later this week.
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meantime, in the north bay tonight, napa county officials report there are no more icu beds are currently available in the county. >> the rapid rise in covid cases is straining the healthcare system there. kron four's. dan thorn has more on the surgeon, but it might mean for other bay area hospitals. >> an increase in patients and a lack of staffing because of covid-19 infections has brought icu bed capacity in napa county to 0. we've known this is coming. the number of beds are getting taken up with patients with covid because the number cases of covid are just skyrocketing infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg acknowledges napa county's hospital system is smaller than most in the bay area. but the lack of beds and the omicron variant's threat to health care workers could be a red flag for the rest of the region. even if you've got plenty of icu beds open. even if you got plenty of ventilators, if you don't have health care workers to take care of the patients in those beds.
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>> you know, care for most infections from the omicron variant have been reported as being less severe. but doctor swartzberg says. >> that does not mean patients will stop coming into hospitals. studies have shown the variant is also highly transmissible as the cases continue to climb health experts continue to preach prevention has the most important step to take there's no perfect way to do this. only perfect way to make sure you're not going affect somebody has to. >> is to become her just the road of the human beings. but we want to have a functional society that way we need a functional society reporting in napa county, dan tho 4 news as covid cases surge across the country. health care professionals are facing burn out on the job. >> now, hospital leaders are calling attention to the problem in an effort to try take care of those who care for the sick before the pandemic doctors and nurses faced twice the risk of burnout compared to the general population. now there is even more of a risk. health officials predict the u.s.
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will need an additional one 0.2 million nurses by the end of this year. they're already calling the shortage a national crisis. all right. time for a live look at sfo in one of the busiest travel days of the year because a lot of people are coming back from christmas and new year's holidays. >> there's been another wave of flight cancellations and delays at airports in the u.s. 75 100 flights delayed nationwide. more than 4900 canceled. that includes 4c cancellations at sfo 15 in san jose 12 in oakland. airlines say the delays are the result of a number of things, including covid related staffing shortages and bad weather and talking about whether there is more rain in the forecast. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with more numerous delays at sfo of an hour as we had. >> a lot of that rain coming in. some gusty winds 2 things have since this afternoon. now. no delays being reported at sfo oakland or san jose, but still very wet out there
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as we've got the storm system coming through now bringing some light rain around much of the bay area. and i say that parts of bay area still seeing a pretty good soaking just been con son. so you've got place like canfield. have seen tremendous amounts of rain already. here's your storm system. mostly to the north of us. seeing a lot of that kind of running into the bay area right now. just kind of picking up as it approached the coastline kind of gets lifted by the mountains and then all of a sudden you start to squeeze out some more significant rain along the coastal sections for the most part. but everybody seeing a little bit of a rain here and there again. see that coming down into san francisco most that light. but constant into the afternoon stretching across the bay in a place like oakland and hayward in the east. bay also still seeing the rain showing up outside of the san ramon walnut creek. now conquered up partly cloudy skies. some showers continuing in antioch and some scattered light showers into the south bay. so. there continues to rain and also the north bay have seen a whole lot of are in kind of piling up quite a
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bit. the winds have been whipping to. we've had some 20 some 30 mile an hour gust of those start to back off just a little bit now. still those winds. coming up on the south tonight, a cold front is still a lingering to the north that not going past a little bit later. but look at ket field, even though this is not a huge storm system. they've squeezed out a 2 and a half inches plus in the last 24 hour all over half an inch of rain. a santa rosa over quarter of an inch over 3rd in pacifica napa over a 10th of an inch of rain and san francisco still adding to the totals just under a 10th of an inch of precipitation. now we are looking at the chance of some more flooding around the bay area. the king tides are back again for tomorrow. going to see a significant time tomorrow just after 11:00am maybe just over 7 feet. so you're likely to see some flooding along the embarcadero summit lapping at the edge. there on the market are also inside the bay. many of those low lying areas. so something to watch out for early on it's not as cold as it's been. that's the good
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news. the storm system much warmer than what we've seen 50's around the bay area. now, i think tomorrow we're looking at temperatures with mostly cloudy skies. 50's, maybe a couple low 60's and may be seeing occasional shower but not going to be a like a lot of rain like today and then we're going to get back into it again. i think starting tomorrow night into early on wednesday morning, a dry day expected on thursday. then another more significant storm moves in on friday. now to another big story tonight after months of testimony and 7 days of deliberations. a jury convicted theranos founder elizabeth holmes. >> on charges of wire fraud and conspiracy. the verdict came in late this afternoon. holmes was convicted on 4 of the 11 counts as she faced and kron four's. jonathan mccall has reaction and details on what comes next. >> theranos founder elizabeth holmes walking out of the federal courthouse in san jose monday night just moments after a jury convicted her on charges of wire fraud and conspiracy connected to or
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failed company theranos. the 37 year-old former entrepreneur showing no visible signs of emotion inside of a courtroom as the verdicts were read federal prosecutors claim that homes caused billions of dollars from a number of big named investors along with patients through the company which promised to revolutionize health care with a single finger-prick blood test, but they say instead was deeply flawed. i actually thought. >> whatever they decide. >> that it would be. >> all guilty role not guilty. i didn't really think i didn't expect that there would be a split. >> holmes faces 11 counts in the trial. the jury found her guilty on 4 charges, not guilty on 4 others and the jury was deadlocked on the final 3 defense attorney paula canny says that her testimony during the trial may have helped her avoid a conviction on all 11 counts as in some instances, her testimony helped or.
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>> i think that the jury believe that in, for instance, is she had a good faith belief of the truth of what she was saying homes now faces up to 20 years in prison. on each of the 4 guilty counts. kenny says she could face the maximum or as little as probation. so they'll be a lot of information given by the defense is to wind perhaps even probation is an appropriate sentence. she could get probation. the other things fines can be imposed in restitution is also supposed to be ordered. so far sentencing date for homes has not yet been set. but kenny says that holmes his conviction could raise concerns in the upcoming trial for the number 2 person in charge of theranos. holmes is former boyfriend and business partner rematch ball. one e. >> and he scheduled a trial for trial in a couple months. but i think his lawyers after want witnessing this may rethink their strategy in terms of how they're going to defend him.
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>> in san francisco. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> former president trump has been subpoenaed in an ongoing tax fraud investigation regarding his family business. his 2 eldest children. donald junior and ivanka, they've also been subpoenaed by the new york attorney general. she says that she is looking for testimony and documents regarding the value of properties owned by the trump organization. trump says the investigation is politically motivated. he and his children say they will fight the subpoenas in court this week marks one year since former president trump supporters attacks the u.s. capitol. >> while lawmakers were certifying president biden's win in the 2020 election. a bipartisan committee investigating the riot is out with new information on what president trump was doing as an attack unfolded. our washington correspondent trevor shirley has that story. during the weekend. we learn new details about what former president trump was doing along with what some of his kids were doing inside the oval office as the capital was
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being overrun. this thursday marks the one-year anniversary of the attack. hundreds of rioters have been charged with crimes. many of them have already pled guilty or been convicted. others remain in jail determined by judges to be too dangerous for bail as prosecutions continue the january 6 committee is ramping up its own investigation. that group of bipartisan lawmakers is examining how security failed so badly that day and how organized the attack actually was during the weekend. wyoming republican representative liz cheney revealed that some of president trump's own children. we're in the oval office begging him to step in to try to call off the rioters. we know as he was sitting there in the dining room next to the oval office. >> members of his staff were pleading with him to go on television to tell people to stop. we know leader mccarthy was pleading with him to do that. we know members of his family. we know his daughter. we have first-hand testimony that his daughter ivanka went in at least twice to ask him
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to please stop this violence. the former president did send out a few tweets and then released a video message telling rioters to leave. but that didn't happen for almost 3 hours after the attack began reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley. report before the midterm elections. house democrats have several events planned for this thursday to commemorate the attack, including a prayer vigil. >> and remarks from president biden at the u.s. capitol republican congresswoman marjorie taylor greene's personal twitter account has been permanently suspended. the social media platform said today the georgia lawmaker was removed after repeated violations of their covid misinformation policy. green was suspended for 12 hours for the same violation back in july. she still has access to her official congressional twitter account. green responded to the suspension calling twitter, quote, an enemy to america that quote,
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can't handle the truth. central valley republican congressman devin nunez is resigning from congress to start working for former president trump and his. >> resignation letter was read on floor of congress today. nunez will become the ceo of trump's own social media company. and as was first elected to congress in 2002, his term was not originally. supposed to and until january of 2023 governor newsome has 2 weeks to announce a special election to fill the seat. >> other news tonight, a young woman who survived a balcony collapse in berkeley in 2015 has died. effy barry was one of a group of students visiting from ireland for the summer who was severely injured in the accident while celebrating her 21st birthday. 6 others were killed according to the irish times, barry died of a stroke on saturday. it's unclear if her brain injuries suffered in the accident contributed to her death.
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berkeley mayor jesse are again tweeted he was saddened to hear of her passing and acknowledged her role in advancing state law to make sure such tragedies never happen again. oakland police are investigating that city's first homicide of 2022. they say a 28 year-old man was shot and killed saturday night. this is video from the citizen app. the shooting happened near 34th street and interstate 5.80. no other information has been released. san francisco police are investigating a shooting death that happened new year's eve. they say it was friday night and the. >> 200 block of cornwall street. police found a 24 year-old man who had been shot. he later died. no arrests have been made anyone with information is asked to contact san francisco police. it has been more than 3 weeks since mayor breed declared a state of emergency and the tenderloin. she says that allow the city to allocate more police officers resources to the area in an attempt to try to cut down on crime.
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>> and the open drug use sits on the streets today. san francisco police released numbers for the last week showing what they've accomplished a say in that time they seized more than 1.6 kilos of drugs with the keel of that reportedly being fentanyl. they also say they took in more than $4300 worth of drug money. all of that resulted in what they say was 32 felony arrests in the tenderloin in just the last 7 days. >> coming up at 9. get ready to pay even more for gas. right past lee. we're not going to get get a price break any time soon. plus a new proposal to try to boost public school funding. how california lawmakers want to flip the rules to get the state schools more money. >> and we have a happy ending to a troubling crime on new year's eve. an update after this little french bulldog was stolen and san francisco. >> and we're seeing more rain around the bay area. but all whole lot of snow in the high country. love your sierra forecast. when we come back.
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>> big day for that new york city police officer is released from the hospital after he was shot in the head on new year's day harlem officer keith waigand hauser was sleeping in his personal car during a break between shifts. he says he woke up to the sound of a smashing car window and blood streaming down his head. he managed to walk to the police station for
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help. surgeons removed bullet fragments from his skull and the 33 year-old was discharged yesterday. police are still looking for the shooter. in new mexico. nearly 2 dozen people spent a long evening. new year's eve stranded on an aerial tram freezing weather 85 feet off the ground. >> they tried to keep their spirits up. a one point video shows them laughing and talking, although as the hours crept by, they say things got a lot quiet and miserable. high winds, low visibility freezing conditions made the rescue effort difficult, but all 21 people did make it back to the ground safely. no one was hurt. a san francisco woman has been reunited with her french bulldog puppy. police say somebody snatched rosie, the bulldogs saturday morning and a violent robbery happened in the marina district and grabbed the leash before dragging the puppy into a car with 2 other man. it's not clear how but
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investigators did find rosie. they shared a photo from the happy reunion. there it is. so that happened tonight. coming up next at 10 president biden weighs in on the high cost of meat who he says is responsible for that. >> and what he's promising to do to try to fix it. also an investigation continues into the colorado wildfire that destroyed nearly a 1000 homes to people are still missing and concerns about the bay area's cannabis dispensaries being targeted up next to police and business owners want you to be on the lookout want you to be on the lookout for. after my car accident, want you to be on the lookout for. i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised.
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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>> 2 suspects are recovering in the hospital after a san leandro police officer opened fire during a burglary call happened last night at a cannabis dispensary on fairway drive. an officer caught a masked man running away from the dispensary and shot at them when he got into a getaway car with 2 other people. a 3rd person was arrested in that investigation is ongoing. bay area law enforcement officials say they have responded to a growing number of armed robbers targeting cannabis businesses. oakland police tweeted video of the suspects allegedly casing a pot dispensary over the weekend. kron four's haaziq mod-yoon talk concerned owner of a neighboring business that was recently robbed. >> this is video released by
9:29 pm
the oakland police department showing multiple vehicles that investigators say were casey cannabis business area near 48th avenue at these 12 street over the weekend. these guys are the same type of guys that ross my marijuana dispensary. the owner of a day. bring marijuana dispensaries saw the video. it the lees, the same group robbed his shot back in december. he described that incident by phone. he asked not to reveal his identity. they're mixed with. >> men and women. i can hear him talking and it's more of the asian chinese group speaking different languages. there heavily armed. they have they they have the headgear. with the doe, the walkie talkie with the miles case. k 47. the writing has 45 her car and they look for soft spots. the mostly targeting.
9:30 pm
marijuana dispensers who don't have security. it appears to be several >> chargers all in color and then that was in the sine opd spokesperson officer kim armstead says the strategy here is to expose these vehicles of the video to the public as a possible to turn for the same group attorney to commit a robbery at a later date. they say many as a 100 vehicles at the time. >> rounding throughout the city really coming all parts of the bay area. >> and a lot of these dispensers do carry a lot of cash in their businesses. that's what this group is after cars for the what's on the table anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact oakland police. >> how's it, but you cried for 2 by the way, although marijuana can be sold legally in california. it is still illegal on a federal level and that means most banks won't service see industry. >> and that is force the dispensaries to find their own
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way to hold on to their cash. >> california lawmakers back at work today with a lot of cash to start the new year and a lot of unfinished business. there's a 75 billion dollars surplus with an additional 35 billion expected by july and billions. more are expected to be allocated to fight covid and more money spent on things like affordable housing and climate change. lawmakers also plan to tackle what's expected to be a severe wildfire season ahead. there's also a bill to overhaul california's cash bail system. state lawmakers have rolled out a proposal to boost funding for k through 12 schools across the state funding would be based on annual enrollment instead of the average daily attendance. state leaders have been talking about how to spend california's budget surplus to be a priority. tion needs >> and with the pandemic highlighting the across the
9:32 pm
board in our school districts. clearly districts that have been challenge face more challenges clearly the the impact on our students has increased. and this is the time to increase education funding this is a time for k 12 to be front and center in the in the budget conversation going forward. >> the proposal would increase statewide school funding by about 3 billion dollars. >> the new year brings hundreds of new laws into effect in california from a crackdown on illegal street racing to a continuation of to go cocktails. katherine phillips has a closer look. >> as californians clean up, new year's eve parties and get ready for the year ahead. many new laws are set to go into effect businesses with 26 or more employees will be required to pay $15 an hour which is more than double the federal minimum wage of 7.25 an hour businesses with fewer than 26 employees won't have to raise their wages until
9:33 pm
next year. it's it's a decent wage for people to make. i believe that it should have been raised a long time ago. another new law going into effect in 2022 mail in ballots are here to stay an executive order in twenty-twenty sent them out to every registered voter in california. now voters were permanently have the option to vote by mail to go cocktails can stay too. a new senate bill keeps the sale of takeout alcoholic drinks around until 2026 when it comes to police departments. some new laws and packed them as well. police officers now must be at least 21 years old and have a bachelor's degree public schools are also seeing new last 2, including having to stock at least half of the 6 to 12th grade restrooms with free menstrual products with 2020 2021 behind us. many are looking forward to the year ahead. >> hopeful for the new we've went through a lot. >> that was katherine phillips reporting another new law
9:34 pm
makes california the first state in the country to require health insurance providers to pay for at home std tests. health officials hope that with more people testing in the privacy of their own home. they can better monitor the spread of those infections. they say sexually transmitted infections are reaching alarming numbers as the pandemic kept people from going to clinics. other laws now in effect tips via food delivery, apps must go straight to the individual worker and not to the delivery service. also larger department stores will now have to create gender neutral toy aisles. >> and for your money. now, it looks as though gas prices will not be going down anytime soon. the price tracking company gasbuddy is expecting that prices will keep going up may be peaking in may or june the national average for a gallon of regular could reach $4 by band. that's the national average. it's now
9:35 pm
about $3 and $0.28. but of course, as always, it is a lot higher in california. it's now 4.66 a gallon here. prices expected to begin easing the 2nd half of the year as oil production catches up with demand in the bay area. the most expensive gas is a napa county $4.88 a gallon. the cheapest in solano county at $4 and $0.65. president biden met with farmers and ranchers today talking about the efforts to reduce food prices in the meat industry. biden plans to spend a billion dollars from his rescue plan to expand independent meat processing the white house as the top for meat processing companies control. 85 1% of the market. that's the the beef market and 70% of the pork market. >> the big companies are making massive profits. all their profits go up the prices you see the grocery stores go
9:36 pm
up, commensurate. the prices farmers receive for the products. they are bringing to market go down. >> biden says the increasing and increasing the number of meat processing plants will help boost competition. the money will also be used to support workers through things like training inspections and still ahead tonight, 5 g service is rolling out this week for millions of americans cellphones. but now the aviation industry is raising new concerns. what travelers need to know. >> starting out just like 2021 and there plenty of rain around the bay area. a lot of snow. >> in the high country forecast is coming up. >> and next in sports, the warriors back at home taking on the miami heat tonight. sports director jason dumas has highlights. plus a live report from chase center coming up.
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but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> all right. warriors had a big one tonight chase hosting the miami heat are the top team in the eastern conference. the warriors coming off of win in utah. head out to center. >> let planes times real 6 possibly signal for a record in big big. i think all going
9:40 pm
for him either reading the tea leaves there's been some preliminary we should see time 1st quarter, you know, to andrew wiggins. with the 3 gives the warriors the lead way in for good evening. and another night now moments later, harry kane. what does feel. that other way. they not very easy way. if you corner 3 weekends had a 99. he is shooting 54% from $0.3 to go to 2nd quarter, don't know 5. >> brain. the for. kyle lowry with the pass ahead to tyler herro related in is just 3. >> for game. tyler herro had a good night. tonight. 18 points for 3. >> think or is up by 3 when
9:41 pm
drive lays it in bay a 5 at the half on they in 3rd quarter for years. up by one kerry painter. look at euro step filthy. year sherry thing. waiver couple days before season came back to have agree year for the warriors. 14 points here. 3rd >> really pinpoint all now late in the floor of remind like work the crowd. no. another warriors win. this one. >> one 15 to one o 8 a spy or games that get this step was 3 for 17 one for 10, the board. just 9 points. let's head out. and she said were our very own
9:42 pm
kate rooney joins us live now. kate, i just pressed asked that line just 9 point of his hole tonight. that's what 4 years still able to get a win against one of the better teams. >> in the league. how important is this team's beth been all season long. >> hey, jason team death has meant everything this season. in fact, i'd go so far as to say it's the difference between the wars having the best record in the nba and being a fringe playoff team like they were last season. steph curry, of course, is one of the greatest players of all time and instead hall of famer. love watching him play and he can single-handedly win games, of course, has done it many times. the thing is he doesn't have to. but tonight is a perfect example of that total off night for steph curry has low scoring total of the season only shot 1, 3, pointer. he was way off tonight, but it doesn't matter when you've got 59 points off the bench 59 points. jordan poole came out and scored 32
9:43 pm
points. he's used to being a starter. this is only the second game this season that he's played in a not started. clearly it suits him because he played really well tonight. you also have guys like bjelica and otto porter junior scoring in double figures. that's just quintessential. and i got to say the depth this team has is a major upgrade from the players that they had last year. all due respect to guys like michael mulder can be s'more bradley wanamaker. but you're getting some clear up deeds and gary payton junior in amman. you bjelica otto porter junior and the way that they're cohesively playing together and all different sorts of circumstances against a very good miami heat team was really impressive. it's what is going to be able to sustain them as we get into the meat of the season here. coming up, jason. >> okay. thanks for that. you're certainly right. that is added to this warriors team. now they look like an nba finals contender. we'll check in live, ok. one last time in the 10 o'clock
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>> investigators are narrowing their search for the source of the colorado wildfire ignited last thursday. it has destroyed nearly a 1000 homes and businesses near the city of boulder. authorities are also searching for 2 people who are still missing that says people are sorting through what's left of their properties. michael shure has the latest. devastating. >> it's absolute devastating. so is my favorite place.
9:47 pm
>> to make community nearly a 1000 homes and businesses burned at least 35,000 people displaced and 2 people missing and presumed dead and the devastating marshall fire that ripped through boulder county, colorado over the new year weekend governor jared polis addressing the situation today. you know this outpouring of love and support doesn't change the fact that families have lost everything they had the work of determining the cause of the blaze continues with authorities now focused on a video of a burning shed as a possible origin of the fire that is now consume more than 6,000 acres. we've executed a search warrant and one particular location where we're investigating governor polis emphasizing sunday that people could be held responsible if there was any form of deliver or. >> or accidental arson. i i fully expected any of those responsible will be held fully responsible under the law for
9:48 pm
the utter devastation that was caused investigators and rescue teams continuing the search for 2 people still reported missing. one of them 90 year-old nadine turnbull whose decimated home in superior sat behind a target store that also burned. we're hoping that maybe my grandmother got rescued and then maybe got. >> taken to a abc's lost in the system somewhere and just as a chance she got out. the marshall fire is the most destructive loss of property in state history coming unusually late in the year after a bone dry summer and the fall and winter absent until now of nearly any snow. >> again, that was michael shure reporting today. some people were allowed to go back to their homes for the first time since the fire started crews left markings on each house letting people know if the building was safe to enter. a powerful winter storm slamming the east forcing
9:49 pm
flight cancellations. >> a dangerous driving conditions are seeing some of that here. the storm just missed new york city but maryland, new jersey, even virginia getting hit with inches of snow and blizzard-like conditions. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has been tracking that storm and joins us again with a closer look clients. yeah, guys. boy, just a rough, a goal that with that storm making its way across the east coast. >> in the high country here. we've got that snow that is moving in along. i 80 and yeah, chain up again. a look at that camera just rocking in that wind. we're talking some wind gusts there over 60 miles per hour across the summit. there's plenty more to come winter. a storm advisories weather advisories going up in the sierra nevada as we're seeing some heavier snow, maybe a foot foot and half across the higher peaks there as well. a long way to go to the storm just coming through tonight. but there's more energy behind it. we're going to see it gone off here for the next couple of days. and the winds have been whipping. look at that. you've got 20 mile an hour winds gusting out of south of san francisco in the high country south lake
9:50 pm
gusting to 51 miles per hour. so really ripping across the high country. the bay area are seeing some gusty winds and that rain continuing to fall outside showers most that lighter amounts but point begin to pile up some places like in the north bay canfield. boy, they're being son seeing some pretty impressive totals over 2 and a half inches already and still counting. more than all the way in across san francisco stretching into oakland and richmond in hayward too, and down the peninsula. but we'll see more of that tonight. the taper off a little bit for tomorrow. i think tomorrow maybe a couple of sunny breaks in between the clouds temperatures going to be a little bit warmer to plan on some 50's and a couple low 60's begin to pop up outside. then another chance of some rain. i think developing by tomorrow night into early on wednesday morning drying out on thursday with a little more sunshine and then another storm system comes in on friday. that will be a little more impactful around the bay area. more snow expect in the sierra nevada drying out, though, for the weekend. thank you, lawrence. it's already been a bumpy ride for the aviation industry during the pandemic. but. >> this week airlines are
9:51 pm
bracing for yet another complication. the rollout of 5 g wireless service near dozens of major airports. >> industry. experts are very concerned. they are worried that this could interfere with technology and caused even more delays markie. martin has the story. >> for 22 months. the airline industry has been doing in survival mode, making it through a second holiday season marked by almost 15,000 flight cancellations since christmas eve schools leave out here at noon to des moines, iowa so now there's say and 9.52 but come wednesday industry experts fear continued widespread disruption. with cellular giants a tnt and verizon plan to roll out 5 g wireless to millions of customers. it's expected to provide connections at least 40 times faster than what current experience on their their mobile devices. but it's the devices on board airplanes that have airline executives
9:52 pm
worried in early december, the faa said it would restrict pilots from using automated landing systems concerned over 5 g's interference with radio altimeters the equipment that measures the height of planes above ground see, for example, cm leaving chicago or new york and k. >> where fog and things like reduced visibility the capacity for aircraft to land one of those conditions is going to be preempted in a new year's eve letter to atnt and horizon. the faa and transportation secretary pete buttigieg asking for a 2 week delay while it figures out how to coexist with the new network on sunday. the 2 wireless companies responded with their own letter saying no, adding that the aviation community had 2 years to update altimeters that could filter out 5 g frequencies. and in an emergency filing the trade group airlines for america warning the fcc, its 11 member airlines will need
9:53 pm
to reroute or cancel thousands of flights if the january 5th roll out takes place potentially costing a billion dollars in losses course americans don't want more widespread disruption. we don't want more delays more cancellations at the airport. but now an even more serious note could be life or for passengers should. but i mean, only occur at the right place the wrong time. something very could happen. reporting in dallas markie. martin. >> wireless carriers are saying that 5 g services already exist in 40 countries. they say there have been no negative affects an aviation. the companies did agree to weaken the signals around us airports for the first 6 months. a major milestone for apple. the tech giant has become the world's first publicly traded company to reach a market value up 3 trillion dollars apple cross the 1 trillion threshold in 2018, 2 trillion 2020. and
9:54 pm
let's say shares rose 35% in 2021 being credited the success of the iphone 13 apple music and apple tv. plus. >> coming up next at 9 betty white's cause of death revealed and the rumors on social media that her agent is
9:55 pm
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9:57 pm
told people magazine that white died of natural causes. very peacefully in her sleep. apparently he said her death should not be in any way political saying that's not the life she lived this comes after people on social media falsely suggested that white had been given a booster shot december. 28, her agent says no, that's simply not true. that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. >> but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour, including the verdict against former theranos ceo elizabeth holmes now convicted of fraud and conspiracy analysts say this case could have lasting silicon valley also no icu beds available in napa county how the rapid rise in covid cases is putting new strain on the healthcare system. there and what it coul new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale.
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from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. now at 10 covid cases are surging and the number of available icu beds is shrinking. the warning from experts as we head into what could be. >> a long and difficult january. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. >> tonight, napa county officials say that there are no icu beds currently available in the county. the rapid rise in


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