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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 3, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> and now a date with children going back to class people coming home from the holidays and omicron cases continuing to rise what preparations are underway to face another covid surge and the verdict against elizabeth holmes is in after months of testimony and 7 days of deliberations and that is where we begin tonight. good evening. welcome to kron. 4 news at 8. i'm ken white and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore late this afternoon, a jury found the ceo of the now defunct blood testing company theranos guilty on 4 of the 11 charges she faced
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kron four's. jonathan mccall live for us in our newsroom with reaction to that verdict. jonathan catherine again, in addition to the 4 guilty verdicts. the jury also found homes not guilty on 4 counts. >> and in 3 counts. the jury simply could not reach a decision this is video of elizabeth holmes walking out of the federal courthouse in san jose this evening after that verdict was reached. the 37 year-old former entrepreneur showing no visible emotion inside of the courtroom as the verdicts were read late this afternoon. the jury was sent to fill out their verdict forms this afternoon after this morning. they told the judge that they could not come to a decision on 3 of the charges that will ultimately found dead locked. holmes was convicted of conning investors and patients out of billions of dollars through her company theranos. the company promised to revolutionize health care through its blood testing technology. but prosecutors say was instead deeply flawed. holmes said that the hundreds of health issues could be on covered with technology, with
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just a finger of blood holmes did take the stand in the trial in her defense. but defense attorney paula canny says that actually may have helped her avoid being convicted on all of the counts. >> so i think interesting. leigh what i take from that is in some instances her testimony helped or i think that the jury believe that in, for instance, is she had a good faith belief of the truth of what she was saying. i actually thought whatever they decide. >> that it would be. >> all guilty role not guilty. i didn't really think i didn't expect that there would be a split. >> holmes now faces anywhere from probation up to 20 years in prison on each of the counts that she was convicted on. >> she also faces possible fines and possible restitution for the victims that she defrauded so far a sentencing date has not yet been set. but the drama from this story is yet far from over. the trial
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for remote small one, the homes as former boyfriend and business partner in 3rd dose. it's set to get under way in the coming months. we're long tonight in the newsroom. jonathan mccall kron 4 thank you, jonathan. >> new at 8 o'clock. some good news to pass along tonight. rosie, the french bulldog, a stolen over the weekend has been found has been returned to her owner. san francisco police tweeted this photo showing a rosie showing some love to her owner after being returned. investigators have not released details on how they found rosie or whether any arrests have been made. they say more information will come out shortly. and of course, we'll update you when that happens. >> and with omicron, it comes in really quickly. but it also exit. it's relatively quickly as well. so we're not talking about a 3 month exit like delta. >> turning now to our coronavirus coverage. people are heading back to work and school this week as omicron continues to be on people's
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minds with a number of new covid cases at an all time high. kron first amanda hari talk to an infectious disease specialist about what we should expect for the month of january and how you can protect yourself. >> infectious disease specialists say people should be bracing for a rough january given the playbook that we had last year with 3 holiday stacked one atop the other tkanksgiving christmas new year's you can't really recover at the end of one ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin. hong. >> says we likely haven't seen the highest case numbers yet cases will continue to rise. but then they will start to decline. he says the good thing about omicron compared to delta is people tend to recover more quickly so numbers to decline more quickly. >> but until then, it might be difficult to find an at-home test or get a pcr test. their lines, getting the tests and also delays in getting the
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results back. doctor chin-hong says you may have to be resourceful when it comes to finding tests. keep checking back in stores. go to community centers. and if you have a child in school. check with the district. many are giving away free tests. he says when it comes to your child, you shouldn't worry about sending them back to school. we're kind of in a row that the okay period for kids right now. not a lot of kids going into the hospitals at the ucsf system. for example, he says the best way you can protect your child is to get them vaccinated. he also says it's important to mask up most. useful all-purpose mice. right now. it's decision. will mask you know, multi plied masks. doctor chin-hong emphasized the mask has to be well fit. if the head is a little bit smaller. you need to sort of not the end. the straps here to make it. >> fit snugly. if you do test positive, he recommends telling those who are in close contact with as well as your
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employer or school. he also says it can be helpful to know to fire department of public health for case trac inc. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> there is a stark reminder of what a surge like this can do to hospitals. napa county no longer has any icu beds available december 31st, napa county had 8 of them as of sunday 11 people were hospitalized with covid at least 3 of them in icu being treated for covid with at least 3 of those people. again, in icu and kron for has a statement. as we mentioned a moment ago, the state has hit a record number of new covid-19 cases today. the california department of public health. >> released the most recent statistics on covid-19 and updates on the state's pandemic response. nearly 80% of the eligible population, including those 5 years old and up have a son has been vaccinated with at least one dose. but the average daily case rate is nearly 16,000.
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that's about 46 new cases per 100,000 people. the testing positivity rate is just under 16% and there are more than 7300 people hospitalized. now with the virus in its latest attempt to try to slow the spread as children go back to school. the food and drug administration has authorized pfizer booster shots for children be ages 12 to 15 years old. kron four's. rob nesbitt joins us live with what health experts are saying now about the booster changes. it's the same answer with teens as it's been with adults for months. that boosters work. the fda also says that everyone 12 and older should change the timing of their 3rd pfizer shot. parents waiting for vaccine advice received some big answers monday teens 12 to 15 years old have been cleared by the fda to get boosted with a 3rd dose of the pfizer vaccine applies to something >> i lessons in the united
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states. infectious disease expert at ucsf. doctor peter chin-hong says he would like to see the cdc way in but is glad to see the fda's approval. you know what hospitals are experiencing nationally with omicron. and right now i think with pediatric hospitalizations op it makes sense to try and protect as many people as possible. the fda found a 3rd dose helps better protect teens against covid and its variants. the administration also shorten the timing of pfizer's booster shots for everyone, 12 and older from 6 months to 5 months after the initial series of vaccine shots if not people get infected at the same time. a lot we're seeing in unity. what are you going to see is that we'll get reprieve because it's like having a giant force field the study in israel around 6300 teens show no new cases of heart inflation, which is what officials have been monitoring has a rare vaccine side effect when it comes to getting kids back to school after the holiday break. doctor chin-hong says that mask ventilation and testing are
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the best actions it was the schools, roads leaky osprey and keep them open as much as they can. doctor chin-hong is also optimistic without people's immune systems are responding to omicron. he expects that the current high level of concern will start to subside in about a month. merely being in the upper up in road and that rather than in your lawns is a good thing and the speed at which it's coming and going as a good thing as well. the fda has also authorized a 3rd pfizer shot for children 5 to 11 years old who are immunosuppressed saying that group might not respond fully to just 2 shots in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. >> in the east bay alameda county also has started to hand out at home covid tests to students. they are being provided by the state. the plan is to hand out about a 100,000 of them over the next couple of days. last week, severe weather did delay the delivery of those tests. >> also in the east bay, the
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berkeley unified school district says almost 2 dozen staff members did not return to to work today after testing positive for covid in a message to parents. the superintendent says it of the 12,000 covid tests given out to students and staff just over 5,000 results have been reported of those results 71 students reported testing positive and 21 staff members as of friday, 23 teachers have reported it. it would not be at work today. the school says anyone who has tested positive since december. 24th is in isolation and not allowed to return to work and the west contra costa unified school district says it has distributed about 15,000 testing kits to students and their families over the weekend. but the district says the drive-thru pickup stations for test is just one step of several that they're taking to try to keep students safe and slow the spread tomorrow they'll be opening 3 new testing sites to students and staff district-wide you can find all those locations for
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testing on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> and right now on kron 4 dot com. you can get the latest covid news, including a booster shot developments. you can scan that qr code, you'll be taken right to our website. >> police and businesses some business owners and open. they're looking for the people in those cars that you're looking at. they were spotted casing cannabis dispensaries. but you should be on the lookout for. then it's been more than 5 years since the tragic balcony collapse in berkeley that killed 6 people in tonight. >> one of the survivors passed away. but did the collapse and her injuries from it play a part. but first, new subpoenas for 2 of former president trump's children. the question
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>> in national news, lawmakers officially kicked off the new session of congress today facing the same to do democrats trying to drag their agenda across the finish line was staring down the looming. midterm elections and republicans are planning to use every tool at their disposal to make sure their party returns to the majority our washington correspondent jessi tenure has more from d c. >> good evening. democrats already have a packed schedule ahead of them this month. but what they still don't have as unanimous support among their own party for a lot of these priorities.
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>> the stands in adjournment, heavy snow quickly wrapped up the first senate session of the new as president joe biden and members of congress slowly work their way back to washington. but in a major shift majority leader chuck schumer announced monday. the senate will vote on filibuster rule changes unless republicans stop blocking stalled voting rights legislation. house speaker nancy pelosi says this bill is a must for democrats. everything that we do is affected. >> by how elections are the sanctity of the vote is respected this latest effort on election reform comes just days before the first anniversary of the january 6 attack on the capitol. >> and while that work continues in the house. senate democrats have also about a vote on president biden's one 0.7 trillion dollars, social spending and climate plan. >> but also still does not have unanimous democratic support in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> and speaking of the january 6 riot as the one-year anniversary approaches a
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congressional committee that's probing the attack is preparing to go public with hearings revealing what led up to the insurrection hearings will determine. >> well, they're not. >> what occurred on january was a comedy of planned effort on paul certain individual. >> committee members say they're not ruling out issuing subpoenas to members of congress or criminal referrals to the justice department as the panel digs into former president trump's role. congresswoman liz cheney, one of the 2 republicans on the committee is slamming his action as a lack of action and a dereliction of duty. a man who would watch television. >> as police officers are being beaten as as his supporters were invading the capitol. the united states is clearly unfit for future office. >> donald trump has said he wants the u.s. supreme court to block the committee's request for white house documents and records related to the riot in a letter to house gop members. house
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minority leader kevin mccarthy is accusing democrats of using the event as a partisan political weapon to divide the country. the committee plans to release its final report before the midterm elections. >> former president trump has been subpoenaed in an ongoing tax fraud investigation regarding his family business and his 2 eldest children. donald junior and ivanka, they've been subpoenaed by the new york attorney general. she says she is looking for testimony and documents regarding the value of properties owned by the trump organization. trump has called the investigation witch hunt. his family is challenging the subpoenas. central valley republican congressman devin nunes nunez is a resignation from congress will take effect at midnight the resignation letter was read on the house floor today. nunez is leaving his role in congress, too lead. former president trump's media company. governor newsome has 2 weeks to
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announce a special election to fill that seat. let's get another check of our 4 zone forecast with a live look at quite tower on a wet monday night. >> and it seems like we're getting a lot of rain, at least in the north lawrence, how much are we good. yeah, very soggy, especially in the north bay. some places like canfield over 2 inches of rain. so yeah, it's been coming down out there, just generally some light stuff as you move inland, more scattered light showers. but some parts the bay area. there you go. can feel over 2 and a half inches over half an inch of rain. santa rosa over a quarter of an inch in the over a 3rd of an inch just over a 10th there in napa in just under a 10th of an inch of rain in san francisco said all depends where out this kind of system. there's just not a lot of energy with its a really needs a little bit of lift. we're seeing that near the coastal sections. so you're getting that. and that's beginning to pick up with some of that rain moving out there right now. in the san francisco stretching across the bay in oakland and also
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into hayward and the north bay. of course, the east bay seeing some lighter showers. it's been continuing since this evening into walnut creek renda also in san leandro, the south bay fall kind of in that rain shadow effect rains out over the santa cruz mountains time. the air gets overhead in the santa clara valley. it is dried out quite a bit. we are seeing a few scattered light showers in of pietisserie. also in fremont and the north bay continue to see some raindrops out there. so yeah, not only that we've got some winds have been some 20 of some 30 mile an hour gusts around the bay area tonight and well, we're going to see more of that activity overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. got this front that dropping on in that will keep things going tonight into early tomorrow that looks like after that, things are going to be able to tail off a little bit. so tomorrow is not going to be a rain out, maybe a few scattered showers. lot of clouds outside the temperatures going to be noticeably warmer of course, is a very cold numbers over the weekend highs tomorrow in the 50's and the 60's looks like as we head for the next couple of drying things out into thursday. another storm expected to arrive on friday.
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thank still ahead tonight, several suspects caught on camera apparently casing cannabis dispensaries in the east bay. >> we'll tell you who police and business owners want you to be on the lookout for. >> also back to work for california legislators will go to break down their first day back of the state capitol.
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>> for your health tonight, a game changing treatment for prostate cancer could cure
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thousands of people was just an hour long operation. the breakthrough treatment uses electrical currents to destroy difficult to reach tumors surgery to remove the prostate or radiotherapy are the options normally offered to men with the disease. so far it's only been tested in the united kingdom. the therapy is called nano knife. it increases the level of precision and reduces risks to other organs. doctors say it takes less than an hour and patients don't need to stay in the hospital overnight that frees up bed space in hospitals. surgeons at university college london hospital are already using this technique where children may not like this but talking to while they watch tv might help reduce the effects of too much screen time prior studies found that children who watch too much television lag behind in developmental area. so just curiosity the university of michigan study suggests that having a conversation during the commercial breaks helps promote the child's curiosity. they say curiosity's linked to higher learning skills.
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researchers say the average child watches 4 hours of tv a day. or just turn off the tv for your health. doctors say getting your beauty sleep. that actually could make you more attractive. >> they say sleep give skin needed time to regenerate after working to protect us from uv rays and daily grime and sweat sleep also prevents wrinkles since your body produces college in at night. a lack of sleep does contribute to puffy skin dark circles under the eyes. doctors recommend as always, about 8 hours of sleep to wake up feeling well rested and beautiful. speaking of sleep, if you had to sleep off a hangover this new year's because of a so-called remedies did not work. experts say there's a reason for that. british researchers did look at 21 supposed hangover cures and they say most of them really didn't do anything to ease headaches and discomfort. they're suggesting that people simply drink in moderation or not at all. coming up next.
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today, the first results released by the san francisco police on their new enhanced enforcement in the tenderloin. then california legislators back to work today. we're going to take a look at the 3 billion dollar proposal to try to improve education
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>> welcome back to the kron kron 4 news at 8 o'clock and we begin this half hour in san francisco where it's been more
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than 3 weeks since mayor breed declared a state of emergency in the tenderloin. she says that allow the city to allocate more police officers and resources to the area in an attempt to try to cut down on crime and open drug use on the streets today. san francisco police released numbers for the last week and it showed what they've accomplished a say in that time they seized more than 1.6 kilos of drugs for the keel of that reportedly being fentanyl and they say they took in more than $4300 worth of drug money. all of that. they say resulted in 32 felony arrests in the tenderloin just in the last 7 days in the east bay armed robbers are targeting cannabis businesses in oakland. police did release a video. it shows people seemingly casing a pot dispensary over the weekend. kron four's haaziq madyun talk to the owner of a neighboring business that was recently robbed. >> this is video released by the oakland police department showing multiple vehicles that
8:29 pm
investigators say were casing and a cannabis business area near 48th avenue at these 12 street over the weekend. these guys are the same type of guys that ross my marijuana dispensary. the owner of a day. bring marijuana dispensaries saw the video. it the lees, the same group robbed his shot back in december. he described that incident by phone. he asked not to reveal his identity. they're mixed with. >> men and women. i can hear him talking and it's more of the asian group speaking different languages. there heavily armed. they have they they have the headgear. with the doe, the walkie talkie with the miles case. a cave 47. the writing has 45 per car and they look for soft spots. mostly targeting. marijuana dispensers who don't have security.
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>> the department took a preemptive a stance in proactive with pushing this video out our community. it appears to be several chargers all in color and then that was in the sine opd spokesperson officer kim armstead says the strategy here is to expose these vehicles of the video to the public as a possible to turn for the same group attorney to commit a robbery at a later date. they say many as a 100 vehicles at the time. >> rounding throughout the city really coming all parts of the bay area. >> and a lot of these dispensers do carry a lot of cash in their businesses. that's what this group is after cars for the what's on the table anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact oakland police. >> how's it. but you for also in the east bay. 2 people are recovering in the hospital after a san leandro police officer opened fire during a burglary call last night.
8:31 pm
>> the call came in shortly after 1030 at a cannabis dispensary on fairway drive. san leandro. police say an officer caught a masked man running away from the dispensary and shot at another person when that person got into a getaway car with 2 other people. a 3rd person was also arrested investigation. police say is ongoing. oakland police are investigating that city's first homicide of 2022, a man was shot and killed saturday night. this is video from the citizen app. it happened near 34th street and 5.80, police have not released the victim's name, but we do know he was 28 years old. no other information has been released. >> in the south bay san jose. police are investigating the first hit and run death of the year happened last night in the area of south white road and east hills drive. the man who was headed to claire dead at the scene. police say if you saw anything call san jose. police san francisco. police are investigating a shooting death on new year's
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eve. it happened. they say friday night and that 200 block of cornwall street. police found a 24 year-old man who had been shot. he later died. no arrests have been made. and anyone again with information is being asked to call the san francisco police department, young woman who survived a balcony collapse in berkeley in 2015 has died. >> effie barry was one of a group of students visiting from ireland for the summer who was severely injured in the accident. she was celebrating her 21st birthday. 6 others were killed according to the irish times, barry died of a stroke on saturday. it's not clear if her brain injuries suffered in the accident contributed to her death. berkeley mayor jesse tweeted that he was saddened to hear of her passing and acknowledged her role in advancing state law to make sure such tragedies never happen again. in the north bay sonoma county authorities are looking for this man who they say robbed a guerneville bank on new year's eve. 33 year-old
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bradley bennett is who they're looking for. police say on december 31st bennett handed a bank, a bank teller, a note demanding money and saying he had a weapon with him. the teller handed ver an undisclosed amount of cash. bennett then walked out, leaving the area on a bicycle. police say they are unsure whether he was actually arms, but no one was injured during the robbery. if you have any information on bennett's whereabouts. you're asked to contact the sonoma county sheriff's department. >> time for a look at the 4 zone forecast as we're taking a look live at the golden gate bridge toward still looks pretty wet. yeah. what here in a whole different story in the sierra where it's still snowing lawrence just amazing. yeah. i mean, record snows in december and the record. we just keep going with the snow up there right now. i mean, almost white out conditions and the winds kind of within this the cement of a daughter on 80 there. some cars trying to struggle through. but it is a rough. go up there tonight expecting some gusts over 60 miles an hour across the summit tonight. maybe some white out conditions briefly
8:34 pm
in a whole lot more snow to come. winter weather advisories going up on the west. the see the maybe as much as a foot foot and a half. as you make your way over the peaks there and winter storm warning for the to the north. meantime, you can see the snow just kind of piling up there now and they're getting the snow turning into some rain, though, further up toward the much warmer system rolling on in now. we'll see more of that rain overnight tonight. it's tomorrow morning. it's been pretty really. just a little moisture comes off the pacific kind of lifting on land enough to really cause the precipitation that we're seeing outside. but still seeing some impressive amounts overnight tonight. we're going to see some more showers and then by tomorrow things we have to settle down a little bit of snow. could be a washout tomorrow and keep that umbrella with you. maybe a couple of scattered light showers tomorrow. but mostly dry, i think tomorrow then another chance of rain moving in tomorrow night into early on wednesday morning. but i think we'll take a break for thursday, but it's not going to last long. we're going to see another chance of rain moving in a little bit later on in the week. temperatures tomorrow. noticeably a little bit warmer 50's. maybe some low 60's. we get lucky just a
8:35 pm
smidgen of sunshine between some of those clouds and over the next few scattered showers continuing at least on wednesday morning. thursday should be dry. i think a more significant storm rolling in with more rain on friday. they between covid-19 and a big departure was a busy first day back at the state capitol for california. lawmakers. >> kron four's ashley zavala explains what happened today and what's ahead for legislators. >> for the second year in a row, california lawmakers return to the state capitol amid a covid-19 surge. happy new year. let's get to just before the start of sessions. senate republican leader scott wilk announced he tested positive for covid. >> and is asymptomatic. he said he was vaccinated and set to get a booster shot this week. in a statement, he said if you are considering vaccination, i urge you to take that precaution addressing the pandemic and its fallout remains at the top of the priority list for state policymakers labor groups calling for the state to reinstate covid-19
8:36 pm
supplemental paid sick time and expand access to testing you're one of the biggest labor advocates and powerful appropriations chair assembly member lorena gonzalez announced her resignation so she can lead the california labor federation. >> it says the most out of that for the most amount people i hope accomplish that and expect that this institution will continue to seek to accomplish that her departure shaking up the legislature that's expected to see even more changes with redistricting in this year's election ahead of the elections state lawmakers and the governor will have to figure out how to spend the state's projected 31 billion dollar surplus. some lawmakers monday proposing to use it to boost funding for schools this is a time for k 12 to be front and center in the in the budget conversation going forward. leaders acknowledging overall challenges are ahead. >> there will be some rough patches, of course. hopefully not as rough as some of what we have faced these past couple years in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news.
8:37 pm
>> still ahead tonight at 8 o'clock. it was the biggest talking point in the sports world this weekend. an nfl player, a star. troubled player quit in the middle of the game. we have details in the options that player now happens. >> but first, the devastating marshall fire continues to burn in colorado will have a new look at the trail of destruction left behind as the search continues for 2 missing people.
8:38 pm
8:39 pm
8:40 pm
>> 2 people are still missing after that big fire that tore through colorado. this is video showing the aftermath in boulder county outside of denver. the marshall fire broke out last thursday left thousands of homes and buildings destroyed. it burned more than 6200 acres. experts say dry conditions and strong winds up to a 100 miles an hour helped the fire spread the fire is currently 74% contained. even with the snow there. the fbi is now involved with the investigation to try to determine the cause of that fire. on the east coast. a storm dropped 10 inches of us know. this was the scene in lexington, virginia. >> and there are reports of 8 inches of new snow in washington, dc. coming up next in sports, an update on the warriors as they take on the miami heat and we'll have some monday night football action as the pittsburgh steelers host the cleveland browns sports director jason dumas has all of that and more. >> coming up. and kron 4
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celebrating remarkable women in the bay area. we need your help to share their stories. if you know a woman making a difference in her community. >> you can nominate or for a chance to be awarded woman of the year. you can enter your nominations and g
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>> if you follow the nfl and all you do probably know already about the antonio
8:44 pm
brown situation that's been unfolding. but if you haven't, you know, fort is breaking down this complicated situation that is still unfolding. >> it's coming to light about what led up to one of the most bizarre moments in nfl history. it happened in the 3rd quarter of yesterday's match up between the tampa bay buccaneers in new york jets bucs wide receiver antonio brown calling it quits in the middle of the game. the 33 year-old stripping off his jersey and pads checking his undershirt and gloves into the crowd and then jogging down the end zone. shirtless all while both teams were still in the field. for tampa bay coach bruce arians. he'd asked brown to go into the game multiple times after several refusals area and told him to leave the field, making this announcement post game. he is no longer a book. you can say that he is his reaction to it was dramatic and maybe a little bit erratic, but he wasn't as it was initially presenting. it was initially presented that.
8:45 pm
>> huge is, you know, lost his mind quit the team. but robert millet hall, ceo of black sports online says the walk-off was actually due to an ankle injury. he didn't feel healthy enough with his 8 to go back into the obviously there was a disagreement there because the coaches and bruce felt that he was healthy enough to go back in the game and basically ordered him to do so. happened? and he refused to go back into the game. that's when they told him that that was a win in brow fashion instead of just going to the bench or walking casually to the locker room. yeah. i mean, we saw what happened in the next hours. brown released a rap song and uploaded a series of post to instagram, including one reading football is what we do, not who we are. brown over his big plays an unpredictable actions is no stranger to controversy. >> he just returned from suspension over allegations he was using a fake vaccination card for years. there's been
8:46 pm
speculation over his battle with mental health issues. do you think that that's a discussion that that should be a part of this conversation. >> i do think there's a discussion on we shouldn't pick and choose what we care about mid 2 depending on if we like or dislike the i think it's fairly clear and told want to talk about this before that he had ice for his health issues. tom brady who helped recruit bound to tampa bay called the situation difficult. you know, we all love them. we care about him deeply. >> you know, we want to see him be his best. and, you know, unfortunately with our team. >> we're now just about a month away from the opening ceremonies for the 2022 winter games in beijing despite a pandemic and political objections. china says the games will go on as scheduled. all domestic and international participants and workers will be tested daily united states will not be sending diplomatic
8:47 pm
representatives to the games in protest over chnna's human rights record, canada, britain and australia are also following suit. a hockey fan is being credited was possibly saving someone's life. she was sitting behind the visitors bench on october 23rd and between periods. the assistant equipment manager for the canucks. brian hamilton. >> walked in front of her a few times. she spotted a mole on the back of his neck. that looked like it might be cancerous. she wrote a note on her phone urging him to see a doctor and pressed against the glass. turns out look at this. she was right. hamilton later tractor down and factor. >> the fact, though, you just didn't write it on your phone like you wrote it the way you wrote on your phone. i told us that owe it to this person to get checked was trying to catch you in a moment where there were a lot was seeing in and all of us. so i'm i'm so glad you thought. wow, that's terrific. >> she just graduated from the
8:48 pm
university of washington and not surprisingly, she's planning on attending medical school in the fall on saturday. both the seattle kraken and the vancouver canucks awarded her a $10,000 scholarship as a thank you for helping identify hamilton's cancer response up. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> we have a good one going down chase center. the golden state warriors hosting the miami heat right now currently they're winning 1979 mind is that a very to present a live update says i'm in my home tonight. i've lived for about right now. draymond green had a great night. 5 points, 12 and the has 20 points. steph curry, a quiet night. just 7 points and all the bench. jordan poole has 24 points of
8:49 pm
course, was going to be most vital. we will have full highlights for you. and a live report from kate rooney was chase center now. all right. let's head out pittsburgh monday night football, pittsburgh steelers hosting little brown and and potentially his last game with the steelers. >> there have there for very long 1000 or the big up in the 2nd quarter. no score. big ben to or the yard touchdown. and ovation from the craft. minutes later, mayfield, all 5 former 40 niner. hello, weather, too. for route 10. it a moment of the half steelers up tents. it he better surging but takes off by aj is taking down of the 43 yard line steelers and heading into halftime. i not be where is
8:50 pm
highland bills. and they're reporting one of his all you hear good for. for hair is record with over a 1000 rushing yards. that late 3rd quarter. it was up 13. nothing baker may know next wednesday, but no, no. taking a little interesting out of well, with the 50 yard field goal that extends the lead tonight feel it on to win this one. what is it? 14 and what could be and burgers final game dealer. remember came that up, though, with. >> you know, i manning and philip rivers that same draft class roethlisberger river is manning is the last one standing it's been a long hall of fame career ben of fame career ben rothlisberger give him his
8:51 pm
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>> the late great david bowie's as state has sold the singer's music catalog to warner chappell music. reports say the catalog sold for upwards of 250 million dollars. but neither the state nor the buyer is confirming a price so far. music catalog spanned 6 decades and includes songs from 26 david bowie's studio albums among the titles are big hits like heroes
8:54 pm
space, rebel, rebel golden years and his 1980's collaboration with queen under pressure along with hundreds of other songs south korean super band bts member suga has been released from quarantine today after fully recovering from covid-19 tested positive for covid on december 24th 20 return to south korea from the u.s. the previous day is being treated at home for the past 10 days in accordance with that country's health guidelines regarding covid cases with no particular symptoms. >> pink's hot dogs in los angeles for a popular place is now honoring betty white and her love of animals this week. the restaurant is selling the betty white naked hot dog, but he didn't want anything on or hot dog. but she loved them all. the money goes to the la zoo very well known animal lover. she worked with a lot of animal organizations, including the zoo, the beloved tv and movie star died friday at age 99 just a few weeks shy
8:55 pm
of her one 100th birthday. >> the queen of england might have met her fashion match. look at this whole girl. i love this one. year-old la jane or joe lane, i guess is her name. this is an ohio. >> was all dressed up like the queen for halloween she had verything from the pearls and the hat. the purse couple of the queen's a favorite dogs. little court case. the court is our family pets for july and 2, her mother sent a photo to buckingham palace, not expecting to hear back, but then a letter arrived. it says the queen was very pleased to see the outfit. the queen calling it spawned it along with the letter that was also special information about court case. that's pretty adorable. a few minutes made a big difference for central california and twins. they actually celebrate their birthdays on different days in different year. yeah, this is unusual. we want to show you out. frayed alfredo. >> and island trujillo of green down in monterey county
8:56 pm
greenfield's on highway one. oh, one was born at 11:45pm on new year's eve. 2021, that makes a december. his baby sister waited 15 minutes to be born and was born just after midnight january first 2022 both newborns are happy and healthy and their 3 siblings are said to be excited to meet them. according to data from the cdc. there are about a 120,000 twin births in the u.s. each year. the chances of them being born in different years are about one in 2 million. and that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. but we have a lot more coming up at 9. it's a new year and there are new changes as the omicron variant continues to spread the cdc has updated guidelines. >> that could change plans for people heading back to the office and the school. >> covid testing remains limited in san francisco as appointments quickly fell and at home. rapid test continue to fly off the shelves. we'll see you in a few minutes for kron 4 news at 9.
8:57 pm
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>> now at 9 o'clock, covid concerns from coast to coast to the worries over millions of students going back to school after winter break. amid a surge in infections. thank you for joining us on kron, 4 news at 9. i'm catherine heenan and i'm ken wayne, the demand for covid testing is as high as it's ever been as families return from their holiday vacations. >> and children return to the classroom. san francisco testing appointments are quickly filling up and city leaders say even if they wanted to open more testing sites that wouldn't solve the problem. they argue the main issue is a lack of supply. our coverage begins tonight with kron four's taylor's hacking. >> available covid testing appointments are few and far between in san francisco as families scramble to get tested after the holidays. well, it's not required. all students are also encouraged to get tested before returning to school. however, judging by comments online and e-mails. we've received some still were unable to find available


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