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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  January 3, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PST

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heading out the door. yeah, we're talking about those king tides will remember they returned today. so again. >> until about 10:00am on monday. we're going to see our peak tides around 11:00am. so we're looking out for that flood advisory. that's until 10:00am monday king tides going up to about 7 feet around 11:00am is when we see that peak and then later on this evening around 6 o'clock is when it's below sea level. a live look outside right now. clear skies won't be that way for long. our radar shows us no rain at the moment. but future cast shows us at around 11:30am, this morning. santa rosa the north bay. you're deadly going to see some rain. we're going to see scattered showers throughout the bay area as the day goes on and then it's not until friday when we see another storm system make its way into the bay area. we have that break wednesday, thursday looking at our rain totals. you can see the north bay is where we see the most concentrated area of rain. your current temperatures outside right now all in the mid 40's. we'll have more weather coming up.
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but for now, we'll send it back to you. take a quick look at traffic conditions. here's the bay bridge toll plaza even lighter than what we saw say 10 minutes ago keeping $97 to cross that span. >> from there. let's go to the san mateo bridge. also $7 holding steady. you're probably looking at about 14 minutes or so with no accidents to go from the east bay across that span on to one o one. as the omicron variant surges throughout our country. health experts hope cases will peak after a few weeks and then go back down. basil john joins us live from dc with the very latest. happy new year. basil. >> well, well, happy new year. and good morning to you. and yes, the massive influx of covid-19 cases affected many holiday plans. and now as we enter into the new year. you see that the virus is having a big impact on schools. >> the acceleration of cases that we've seen is really unprecedented gone well beyond anything we've seen before.
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>> white house chief medical advisor doctor anthony fauci told abc's this week vaccination is the best way to combat the omicron variant when omicron comes down to a low level. we keep it down at a low level enough that it doesn't disrupt our society, our economy, our way of life. but just as millions of kids are ready to go back to the classroom. covid-19 is impacting school districts across the country. but i still believe very firmly in very passionately. not only as an educator but as a parent that our students belong in the classroom and we can do it safely on cbs news face the nation education secretary miguel cardona. so the administration will continue to support in person learning despite the latest cdc data showing a jump in child hospitalizations due to covid-19. we do believe our schools can remain open. we have to stay vigilant. we have to stay focused and those mitigation strategies that work and we have to continue to work together to give our students a chance to learn in the classroom. doctor fauci
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says parents need to take every step to protect their kids by getting them vaccinated wearing masks and getting tested. but i think all of those things put together. it's safe enough to get those kids back to school. now go to donna says the administration is working with school districts to set up systems. so resources are readily available. >> to help mitigate the spread of the virus reporting live in washington and basil job. okay. thank you so much, basil, for that report. let's continue with the covid cases. they are surging out of control. nearly 70 colleges and universities are now scrambling. >> to move classes back online, at least for the beginning of the next semester and that could stretch on longer if covid cases continue to go up and up and up 7 uc schools are going remote but uc berkeley remains in person learning other schools shifting to online learning or harvard, gayle and northwestern in chicago. happening right now. more
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headaches for travelers across the country after a weekend with thousands of flight cancellations. the problems theh continue this morning. this is a live look at sfo so far more than 1700 flights canceled across the country. here are the current numbers in the bay area at sfo. you're looking at 33 flights canceled so far in oakland. that number is already at 10, which opens very durable. and that's a pretty high number for them in san jose. you are looking at 9 flights canceled. this comes after more than 2700 flights were canceled nationwide yesterday. kron four's, gayle ong was at sfo to speak to travelers. >> we just want to check in and get everything ready before we left. okay. you get her sister tiffany arrived to san francisco international airport extra early sunday and relieved. there were no long lines, especially with likes the pandemic right now trying save both spend christmas and new year's visiting family in the bay area and took extra safety precautions. it was just us at home. you know,
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just our family and then our visited so you can really invite anybody else. so try to keep in the we've got and both of our vaccinations and a booster shot just to come here. >> because there's a lot of rules now, especially with traveling. so we try to keep ourselves and people around the safe nationwide. the holiday travel rush turned into a nightmare as millions of americans dealt with jam packed their 4th. >> combined, the bad weather and staff shortages due to omicron. bank. it has a fo a different story with lines at security airport officials say they were at least 60 flight cancellations and about 170 delays on sunday. but traffic has been a thanksgiving alone had about 51,000 passengers >> according to the airport are expected to be the most passengers on monday when people from the holidays reporting from at get along kron 4 news.
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>> as i've been telling you all morning. it is now $7. if you're crossing every bridge in the bay area except the golden gate bridge tolls went up on january. first from 67 the bridges. we are talking about the bay bridge. bridge. the benito martinez car keen us barton richmond sandra fell and san mateo bridge is this is the second of 3 one dollar increase is approved by state lawmakers 5 years ago back in 2017 and then the voters passed it in 2018. happening today in san jose deliberations will continue in the criminal fraud trial of theranos founder elizabeth holmes. she is being charged with 9 counts of fraud and 2 counts of conspiracy. she's accused of defrauding investors out of 155 million dollars while she was running her company. she claimed that her blood testing the new revolution that she was talking about weldon do what it was promised that it was going to do that. the simple of the finger did not do all
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of those tests holmes. well, if she is convicted, she faces 20 years in prison. oakland police. they are investigating the city's first homicide of the year. a man was shot and killed on saturday night. this is from the citizen app. this happened near 34th street and i 5.80 police have not released the victim's name, but we do know that he was 28 years old. no other information has been released so far. another big story that we're following this morning, a high-speed chase involving milpitas police ended with the crash and another city in fremont. police say the man they were chasing was suspected of killing his ex-girlfriend. the chase ended near warren avenue east of kato drive. the man was taken to the hospital with injuries from his collision is crash. police found the victim's body actually in the back seat. police have not released the names of the victim or the suspect. in the south bay police are looking for a driver who hit and killed a
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pedestrian hit and run incident happened just after 8 o'clock last night in the area of south white road and east hills drive in san jose. this is the city's first fatal traffic accident and pedestrian fatality of 2022. police in are investigating a deadly fiery new year's day crash. police say that 2 people were killed in the crash on shasta street. >> there was only one car involved in that car was fully engulfed in flames when the police officers got to the scene. you can see all that carnage there. >> police say that 2 in the car. they were. they found the 2 people after they put out the fire. the crash remains under investigation. at $10,000 reward is being offered for the return of a stolen french bulldog puppy. these are pictures tweeted out by the san francisco police department. investigators say the thieves snatched rosie the bulldogs saturday morning near broderick and beach detectives say say someone in a silver chrysler 200 got out of the
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car and just took the leash out of the rosie's owner before dragging the puppy into their getaway car. in the east bay pleasant hill. police say they started the new year by confiscating a homemade explosive device. they say they stopped 2 people at a car at a chevron gas station on contra. costa boulevard. police say they found the device in the car and then arrested the 2 people in the car. police say the walnut creek police department bomb squad was able to render the device safe. police say the device could have been dangerous because it was near a gas station. luckily the gas station was closed and the pumps were not on when this ill went down. take a look at this video. a chp helicopter crew rescued, a hiker who was stranded on a cliff near shelter cove in pacifica. >> crews say the man was not injured when he was rescued. it's still unclear how the hiker ended up on that particular clip. still ahead
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on the kron 4 morning news the niners and the raiders make another push for the playoffs with big winds we have will have the highlights. >> when we come right.
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>> and that's welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news rana just can't wait get to the by the sea are jumping some of the commercial break to let people what they call its final. we're talking about where the storm system that we're tracking. tlat's going make its way into the bay area's right now and it's in the pacific northwest and you spent some significant time that home seattle. the great pacific northwest, it's the nose. love it. you the great pacific north the great pacific northwest where that's where the storm system is situated right now, but it's going make its way into the bay area as the day goes on. we're getting a live look outside right now at the berkeley hills. and you can see clear skies, but pretty cool outside. you're looking at 40's across the map at this hour. so take your jacket. our radar right now shows us just some light cloud coverage. we talked about where that storm system is situated right now here along the pacific northwest and around 1130 the north bay. you're going to start to see some showers up
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in santa rosa as the day goes on. it's scattered showers across the bay area. the east bay san francisco, san jose. it's not until later in the evening. tomorrow when we start to get a break in those showers that were seen here and then wednesday and thursday, drier conditions. it's friday when again, we see another storm system make its way into the bay area. half an inch of rain in santa rosa here that's going to be the rain totals for us this time. and then you've got trace amounts of rain down here in mountain view san jose and live a more we're getting a look at your highs for today. 50's across the map. so in san francisco, pacifica montero mid-fifties south san francisco. 55 there 56 in woodside palo alto, your 56 as well down here in the south bay upper 50's in san jose looking at hayward union city in fremont all around the mid 50's. a random roggen berkeley lower 50's for you there. sonoma 49 vacaville, 48 fairfield, you're at 49 as well. along stinson beach.
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pretty cool there. and remember king tides. we're also looking at that today. that's going to be in place throughout the day. you do not want to turn your back on those high tides looking at light rain monday into tuesday and then we're dry for wednesday and thursday. friday is when we could see showers yet again. we'll back to you, brianna. speaking of a light light traffic all over the bay area. i still believe a lot of people are not coming back to work this morning. >> here's the bay bridge toll plaza. usually it's pretty backed up at this time. but no problems. you're looking at i would say 30 minutes from the macarthur maze across the span down into fremont street from there. and the richmond sandra fell the san mateo bridge holding steady. no problem. those roadways are dry. your heaters should be blasting this morning as it is cold richmond sandra fell bridge. now i can talk about this. no problems in either direction. you're looking at approximately 13 minutes. if you're going from richmond down across the span into marion county and then the
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golden gate bridge you're looking at about 20 minutes from nevado into the city. now to bay area sports both the niners and the raiders. they control their own destiny as they head into the final week of the regular season. both teams pulled off big wins yesterday to keep their playoff hopes alive. kron four's sports director james jason dumas has the highlights. >> big, big day for the niners not only could they clinch a playoff berth. but rookie trey lance made his home starting debut. he started back in week 5 on the road in arizona. but this is really the first time in front of the faithful in that they get to see him up close and personal and of course, trade got that start because this guy got injured. jimmy garoppolo out with that thumb injury. go to the 2nd quarter. have a great start for trey lance. here is picked off by desmond king after the game, trey said it was a cover to he just simply under
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through it returns. it back to the forty-niners 35 yard line now is suing texans drive davis mills. he sounds familiar to you. he played for stanford back in the day he finds brandin cooks from 8 yards out and 7 nothing. houston. the of us out there at levi's. the forty-niners. they didn't play well in the 1st half. here late says almost intercepted brandon, i you gets the deflection. that led to their only points of the half they're down 7, 3, at the break. 3rd quarter 40 niners defense steps up mills is picked off by marcel harris. but if you see here, harris fumbles and the texans recover. however, the rest said forward progress he was down. don't know about that call. but the forty-niners will take it that good defense leads to good offense. rollout. trey lance to rookie elijah mitchell rookie a rookie mitchell also set the forty-niners rookie rushing
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record, 10, 7, 9, s. 4th quarter now still 10 sevens. this is why you treat 3 picks were trailing 45 yards on a rope to deebo samuel. it's 17 7 lance was 16 for 23 249 yards. 2 touchdowns. one interception forty-niners win this one. 2037. the saints won 2. so san francisco still needs to beat the rams in la to assure themselves of a playoff spot if they lose and the saints win. and i are season will be over. now. meanwhile, los vegas, the raiders have been playing inspiring ball after an embarrassing loss to the washington football team. then a blowout loss to the chiefs seem to me that, hey, they pack it in. >> go home. enjoy los vegas. but i was wrong. they ripped off 2 straight and had a chance to from off a playoff shot with a win in indianapolis now before the
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game. the raiders honored the late john madden who at such an impact on the little decal on their helmets. least they can do 1st quarter. josh jacobs. he's the raiders bell cow. he gets in the raiders on the board. first are up 7. nothing closing moments of the half raiders up 10 until jonathan taylor takes it in for the score. taylor is on the shortlist for mvp. probably won't get it. but he's been that good. 3rd quarter. carson wentz. he throws up a prayer really is a bad throw. but somehow he y hilton catches it in the end zone. that's a 45 yard. touchdown. 1713 calls. now this is the throw of the year. for the raiders so far. forsman too carr finds hunter renfroe. they retake the lead under a minute to go now. we have a tie score car to his favorite target once again hunter renfroe. and it looks like he's going to score. that's ball game. let's go home and eat. but let's take another look at this replay.
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renfro was ruled down at the 24 yard line. as you can more hits him on the foot, but still that play leads to this. daniel carlson with the game winning field if the raiders win next week against the chargers. they will be playoff bound. what a comeback. >> that was. jason dumas reporting for us this morning. kickoff for the niners on sunday against the rams set for one 25 in los angeles. the raiders because this is a do or die for them. they've been flexed to sunday night football as they play the chargers kickoff for that game at 5.20 on sunday night. now to the warriors draymond green and damion lee. they have tested out of covid protocols and expected to be ready tomorrow night when the warriors host the miami heat draymond green missed the last 2 games while on covid protocols, the warriors during that time when one in one in
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year fantastic column get yourself a powerball ticket the powerball drawing is now worth 522 million dollars. there was no winner in the dry on saturday night. >> tonight's drawing set for 8 o'clock. remember, if you've got the winning ticket to sign the back keep its in a safe place and make sure you're redeem your winnings within a year. believe me. if i win this, i'm cashing it out on the very next business day. forget about putting it into a nice safe place, 522 million dollars. i'm sure it will go up even more before tonight's drawing. so maybe 5, 4545 take the cast payout and then you're good to go look at that. so that's one way to make this new year. a great year. san ramon regional medical center is announcing its first newborn of this
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year. this is baby boy, thomas. he was born saturday just before 5 o'clock in the evening. look at that. that looks as i do when i get up in the morning, but he's durable. >> weighing 9 pounds and 12 ounces. still ahead on the next hour, the kron 00:00am morning news thousands of students going back to school this week throughout the bay area. >> this despite covid cases continuing to surge. what school districts are doing to make sure that everybody staff members, students and even some of the parents are safe. plus, major flight cancellations continuing across the country, including right here in the bay area. we'll have the latest in a live report.
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>> good morning, everybody. and thank you for joining us on the kron 00:00am morning news. it is 5 o'clock. happy new year january 3rd, we haven't seen you since last year. i know. i haven't seen you since last year. so we're starting off this year on a dry but cold note rain. yeah, exactly. we're happy to see you another year new year new you hopefully year. >> got everything out of the way that you need to get done because we are going to see a little bit of rain today. but we have a flood advisory to tell you about. that's to 10:00am today. and also king tides return. don't want to turn your back on any of those coastal areas high tides supposed to be around 11:00am today. low tide around 6 o'clock tonight. a live look outside right now you're looking at san francisco, we've got clear skies out there. so that's the good news. satellite and radar shows us a pretty quiet morning. but here around 11:30am that's when we start to see those first showers touched down in the south bay primarily and then they make their way into the city and the east bay throughout the rest of the day. you have
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overnight showers early tuesday morning. a few showers as well. scattered across the bay area, wednesday and thursday. that's when we start to dry out just a little bit, then another weak system makes its way into the bay area on friday. we're looking at our rain totals. you can see we have about half an inch and santa rosa just trace amounts of rain in the south bay. less than a 3rd of an inch there in hayward. we're looking at your seven-day forecast for you. 50's across the map for the most part, light rain into monday and tuesday. early morning and then we're dry wednesday. thursday friday is when we see that second weak system will back to you. let's talk about traffic conditions. look at that. usually it is bumper to bumper not this morning. i'm sure it's going to be holiday light all week. but. >> you will not be alone if you're crossing the bay bridge there are still cars out there. $7. remember for every bridge in the bay area except the golden gate bridge about 13 minutes to go across that span into on to fremont street from there. the san mateo


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