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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  January 3, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 4. >> good morning and thank you for joining us on the kron 00:00am morning news. it is monday january. 3rd, i haven't seen you guys since last year. can you believe that? it's been a long time. welcome. if you're getting up, that means you're getting back to work. so the holidays are over and if you're will it rain on your commute. >> well, my buddy reyna harvey will tell us right now rain. exactly. well, good morning well, and happy new year. today. >> for all of you that are just waking up right now. we're not seeing any scattered showers out the air at this hour. so that's the good news. but we are expected to see
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some rain in the forecast as the morning goes on live look outside right now. the berkeley hills. you can see clear skies. that's what we're seeing at the moment. our satellite and radar shows us a very similar picture across the map throughout the bay area. it's later on in the day around 1130, 1140. and we're supposed to see those first showers make their way to the north bay. so santa rosa, i'm looking at you around 1130, 1140, as the day goes on. that's when you start to see scattered showers across the east bay san francisco throughout the bay area. and in santa rosa, it's the same story for tomorrow. we're going to see overnight showers as well. into early morning hours tomorrow and then later on in the afternoon as we start to get a break in the rain were expected to see a whole nother system make its way into the bay area around friday. we're looking at future rain total. so this is what we're expected to see over the next few days. you're looking at half of an inch of rain in santa rosa. that's predominantly. we're seeing that rain. hey, we're a san
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francisco. you've got less than a 3rd of an inch and a less than a 10th of an inch in mountain view, santa rose in livermore. so that's the good news. not anything too drastic but rain that we definitely need. we're going to look at your temperatures outside right now mid to lower 40's all across the mat. make sure you wear a jacket will have your 7 day coming up. but for now we'll send it back to you. let's take a look at the traffic conditions. more than likely it is still holiday light. yes, i know it's very early. we'll just have to monitor how things go. but right now, at 4. '02. >> you can see handful of headlights that are coming to the bay bridge toll plaza. keep in mind, don't be shocked when you get your fast track bill, it's going to be more. it's $7 now. you shouldn't have any problems. if you're coming from the east bay across the span into san francisco. from there. let's go to another bridge. the san mateo bridge also very light. no problems. you can see the roadway dry at this time. and then that's hop too another bridge. this is the richmond
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sandra fell bridge one set of headlights coming to the toll plaza. usually without any looking at about 12 minutes. across that span and one set of headlights there as well at the golden gate bri ge typically about 19 minutes or so from novato into the sea. our top story this morning, students and teachers are heading back to school after the winter break, hoping to avoid a post holiday covid surge. but not everyone wants to return to campus the surge in covid cases brought on by the omicron variant now has some parents and teachers calling to return virtual learning kron four's amanda hari has the details. >> it's a safe as it's going to get this week. many students will be headed back to the classroom after the holidays and winter break ucsf epidemiology. professor george rutherford says parents of vaccinated children shouldn't be concerned. but members of the equal opportunity now by any means necessary group say they're concerned about
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people's safety regardless of vaccination status return to school. >> could only a disaster. a catastrophe in terms of human help the group held a media conference sunday. a concerned mother and oakland spoke out. >> saying sending children back in person is a risk. >> our children if there's children alicn philips is a counselor at a middle school in oakland. she says she's worried about both the children and the staff. >> because some may be at a higher risk of having a severe reaction. but rather for and says its students and staff are fully vaccinated and boosted if they're eligible, they shouldn't worry. he says unvaccinated children are at a higher risk. they're also likely to pass the illness on to an older person in their home who may have a worse reaction. he recommends that everyone continues to mask in school and they could test negative before going back. he
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also recommends doing what you can to limit your child's exposure to other little chip that i have. >> it's to make a large elaborate lunches make something that people can eat in a relatively short amount of time. he says a faster lunch will result in less time unmasked and in close contact with others. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> in the east bay berkeley unified says nearly 24 staff members will not be returning to work today after testing positive for covid in a message to parents. the superintendent says that of the 12,000 covid tests given out to students and staff just over 5,000 results have been reported of those 71 students reported testing positive and 21 staff members as of last friday, 23 teachers have reported that they would not be going back to work today. anyone who has tested positive since december. 24th are in isolation and not allowed to return to campus. over the
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weekend. a number of bay area school districts handed out free covid-19 testing kits for students and workers before heading back to school. now in the east bay. hundreds of cars were lined up outside kennedy high and put no high schools to pick up the at-home test kits. officials with west contra. costa county schools say with people returning after the holiday break. they wanted to make sure everyone was safe to avoid an outbreak. they say everyone is required to report the results to the school district. >> very nervous about the strand. so we want to make sure that we address that with passing out these kids now. this morning in testing for you from the school tomorrow. >> the superintendent says the district will open 3 more covid testing sites tomorrow they will be located and take a look at your screen at the offer oddo campus. the district's headquarters. and
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in the hercules pinole area, students and workers can get tested as many times as they would like by making an appointment. and here in san francisco as staff usd is taking a similar approach when it comes to handing out testing kits kron four's tale of the psac ii has the details. >> san francisco unified students and families in line to get tested for covid before students return to the classrooms on monday. the school district began its weeklong rapid testing pop up on sunday at district headquarters. testing is not mandatory. but we do encourage it before returning to school tomorrow. >> in addition to testing, though, were also reminding families, students and staff to get vaccinated and boosted if they're eligible, we're also sharing safety protocols that we had in place throughout the pandemic. so we'll continue to have universal masking continuing you know, that put hand sanitizer in schools, encourage students to wash their hands frequently r%minding people to do daily health screenings before they come to school and if they're
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not feeling well, if they're sick, they should stay home. school district spokesperson larded nick says. >> the mobile rapid testing pop couple moved locations throughout the week on monday, they'll be back at the district office on franklin street and several other elementary schools that nick says the school district organized this after available appointments and at home tests became harder to find and trying to book an appointment online at one of the city testing sites. this message pops up saying in part, quote, appointments are currently extremely limited. we are experiencing a high demand for testing. the school district is also waiting on at home. testing kits from the state. we expect to receive those later this week. >> and we're mobilizing quickly to come up with the distribution plan to get those kids into the hands of students and families that nick says the school district will also continue its regular screening program at schools throughout the city and some parents are concerned with sending students back to school among the surge in covid cases, the department of public health says it supports resuming in-person learning and reaffirms that it's safe to do so in a statement, health director doctor grant colfax writes, quote, san
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francisco has remained vigilant and be back for surges. we are well positioned with a highly vaccinated population to do the same with this current surge due to omicron throughout the pandemic. san francisco schools have remained low risk settings by following proper safety protocols. let's work together to keep it that way. i'm taylor reporting kron 4 news. >> happening today. alameda county also handing out thousands of at home covid tests to students. the county office of education is educate. jen says the tests are coming from the state officials say they plan to hand out about 100,000 tests over the next 2 days. this comes after officials say severe weather delay the delivery of those tests to the state last week. america's top infectious disease expert says new guidelines could be on the way for people who test positive for covid-19 but don't show any symptoms. this comes after many health professionals criticize the cdc for shortening the isolation period from 10 days
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to 5 days. gaynor hall has the story. >> with the country facing an unprecedented jump in covid-19 cases fueled by omicron last week the cdc issued new guidance that left some people scratching their heads instead of isolating for 10 days. the cdc says as long as they're no longer feeling symptoms. those recovering from the virus can isolate for 5 days, followed by mask-wearing around others testing first was not included, but doctor anthony fauci says that could soon change the cdc. >> is very well aware that there has been some pushback about that looking at it again, there may be an option in that the testing could be a part of that. and i think we're going to be hearing more about that in the next day or so. >> it's a recognition we have to be able to manage our way through virus. we have to get people to work. the supply
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shortages. the staff shortages really do a great deal of harm as well. i can solve republican governor asa hutchinson applauded the cdc's decision to cut the isolation time. he says the messaging has been confusing. i would like to see. >> some harmonization of those because there's just a lot of information out there. we need to simplify more for the public as infection rates or fauci says the focus should be less on the confirmed case counts. >> more on the number of hospitalizations he says it looks like the highly transmissible omicron variant may lead to less serious illness. but cautioned it is still too early to jump to conclusions because even if you have a less of a percentage of severity. >> when you have multi multi multi full. more people getting infected. the net amount this you still going to get a lot of people that are going to be needing hospitalization and i hope that people who are now seeing
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the devastating effects that this viruses done on us with an omicron surge that we get more people vaccinated to the point that went on a crime comes down to a low level. we keep it down at a low level enough that it doesn't disrupt our society, our economy, our way of life. that's what i'm hoping for. >> still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news this week will mark one year since the deadly riots at the u.s. capitol and we are still waiting for answers on exactly what happened. we'll have details right after the commercial break. plus nearly 2000 flights canceled. again this morning nationwide. this is a live look at sfo. we will take a look at how these problems are impacting our airports right hre in the bay area. and more snow coming to the sierra today. we'll tell you how much snow they are bracing for. and welcome back.
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taking a live look at the sierra this morning. snow and snow is back in the forecast until tomorrow morning. >> forecasters say up to 2 feet of snow could fall in areas about 3,000 feet in elevation. officials say you should expect travel delays and chain controls are likely to be in effect over the next couple of days as more snow is headed that way. i know snow there. that means a lot of
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flooding here, right. because precipitation the coast could see small flooding today as king tides return to the bay area. >> these are the highest tides of the year. check this out of that. that washes onto the city streets there. this is along the embarcadero in san francisco. and i've been out there and i've seen people just ambushed from now when he coming out of nowhere. this is going to go on until 10 o'clock this morning. let's take another check of weather and traffic reyna is in for our buddy. john trouble this morning ran a you don't have at least busy rainy conditions as we were talking about heading into the weekend. exactly. well, what we do have like you mentioned the king tides keeping an eye on that until about 10. >> right now, clear conditions outside however, that story's going to change as the morning goes on. for many areas in the bay area, specifically the north bay. we know we're going to start to see some rain make its way into the bay area around 1130. you can see we're situated here along rica. and
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as it makes its way into the bay area around 1130, santa rosa it. you're going to see the heaviest portions of rain. it's going to stick around into the day and start to make its way to san francisco. the east bay as well. you see those pockets of rain situated over several areas of the bay area overnight tuesday. we start to see scattered showers. it's not until tuesday afternoon when you start to get a break in that. we have another storm system that's going to be here around friday. so later in the week we're looking at our rain totals, not too many uc santa rose that you have the most 46 the year and then you have less than an inch there and sales say mountain view in livermore. well, look at our highs for today, as you're heading out we return to seasonal highs. so we're in the mid 50's for the most part you're looking at montero pacifica 53 daly city san bruno lower to mid 50's there and burlingame foster city. san carlos upper 50's for you out here in campbell in the south bay santa rosa 58. so no pleasanton livermore, all
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mid-fifties right now as you head out, everything is in the 40's, but we're going to warm up just a tad bit. castro valley. san leandro, all mid-fifties fairfield. 49 napa, 49 santa rosa petaluma. all 50's here. so we talked about that light rain will see it today on monday. the scattered showers are going to stick around into tuesday. look at that mostly cloudy. but dry into wednesday, thursday. and that's when we see rain yet again here in the bay area on friday. so i would say wednesday thursday's, when you want to get a lot of things done for the most part on tuesday into monday is when you just want to scale back a bit because of those slick conditions will back to you. ok. let's take a look at some of the traffic conditions out there. more than likely still holiday light. and you can see those headlights coming to the bay bridge toll plaza. >> keep in mind it is now $7 to cross the bay bridge. you shouldn't have any problems without any accidents, any gusty winds. you're probably looking at about 13 minutes when the macarthur maze down to fremont street from there.
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let's head to the san mateo bridge. also $7 to cross that span. looks like it's picked up just over the past couple of minutes, but still plenty room between the cars looking at 18 minutes or so to cross that span as well from there. there's the richmond, sandra fell bridge no problems. this move on to the it's not even and nothing to talk about that. that particular bridge and then the golding a golden gate bridge doing a mirror image of the richmond. sandra fell spoke a little too soon. a couple of headlights coming in our direction. no problems. that is the only bridge that is not seeing a toll increase. in 3 days from now will be one year since a group of rioters stormed the u.s. capitol when we still learning, even though it's been nearly a year about the moments led up to the riot prom for as washington, dc correspondent michael shure reports on what we have learned in the past year. and what the january 6 committee is trying to find out even more.
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>> this thursday will mark one year since the capitol hill insurrection and the congressional committee named for that date. january 6. this still working diligently to get answers as to what happened. there is a belief. >> that a lot of what happened on that day wasn't a comedy of errors. a planned coordinated. >> front committee chairman bennie thompson also indicating a focus on what former president donald trump was doing for over 3 hours of riots at the capitol we're convinced that we will have access. >> to those 187 would have >> but the harm. >> i see is the president of the united states seeing the capital of the united states and the seat. but people he sent to the capital and did nothing. during that time. only 2 republican members sit on the committee. one is wyoming representative liz
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cheney who remains focused on he could have told them to stand down. you could have told them to go home. >> and he failed to do it's hard to imagine a more significant a more serious dereliction of duty. >> than that. cheney also saying that the committee has knowledge that aids and even family members asked him it and trump who himself plans to make remarks on thursday, not the only focus of the committee chairman thompson indicating sunday that criminal referrals remain possible if in the course of our review. >> we find something that we wore that we think war. review of all recommendation to the department of defense, department justice to be honest with you. we'll do it. the divide indoors. twitter, permanently suspending the personal account of republican congresswoman marjorie taylor greene from misleading vaccine comments green responding over the platform telegram calling twitter an enemy to america.
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>> and the washington post university of maryland poll released this weekend showing that one in 3 americans believe that violence against the government can at times be justified. >> still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, a puppy stolen from its owner in san francisco. now the owners are offering a reward to find the dog napper and there for a baby.
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>> below says you're not sacrificing privacy for price. we know nothing about your search history, browsing history whatsoever. >> still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news hospitalizations are seeing a rise in cases of omicron with kids. what us officials say they're doing to keep students safe as they head back to safe as they head back to school this week. when a truck hit my car, safe as they head back to sthe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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let our injury attorneys when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> and welcome back. happy new year. let's toss it over to rain. a harvey to tell us what
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we can expect as you're heading out the door. yeah, we're talking about those king tides will remember they returned today. so again. >> until about 10:00am on monday. we're going to see our peak tides around 11:00am. so we're looking out for that flood advisory. that's until 10:00am monday king tides going up to about 7 feet around 11:00am is when we see that peak and then later on this evening around 6 o'clock is when it's below sea level. a live look outside right now. clear skies won't be that way for long. our radar shows us no rain at the moment. but future cast shows us at around 11:30am, this morning. santa rosa the north bay. you're deadly going to see some rain. we're going to see scattered showers throughout the bay area as the day goes on and then it's not until friday when we see another storm system make its way into the bay area. we have that break wednesday, thursday looking at our rain totals. you can see the north bay is where we see the most concentrated area of rain. your current temperatures outside right now all in the mid 40's. we'll have w


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