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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 2, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 5 to 11 year-olds only been able to vaccinate since the first of november. >> have high levels of antibodies right now. so i think that's the most important thing. >> now at 8 o'clock back to class students and teachers prepared to head prepare to head back to school after the winter break, hoping to avoid a post holiday covid surge. but not everyone welcoming a return back to campus. that is where we start this sunday night here on kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. welcome. and i'm jonathan mccall. justine enjoying the night off the surge in covid-19 cases brought on by the omicron
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variant now has some parents and even teachers calling for a return to virtual learning kron four's. the mid to harry live for us tonight in the newsroom. with the details. amanda, good evening. good evening, jonathan. the omicron variant does have a lot of people concerned right now. >> but the infectious disease specialist that i spoke to says if your child is fully vaccinated, it's safe to go back to school. >> it's a safe as it's going to get this week. many students will be headed back to the classroom after the holidays and winter break ucsf epidemiology. professor george rutherford says parents of vaccinated children shouldn't be concerned. but members of the equal opportunity now by any means necessary group say they're concerned about people's safety regardless of vaccination status return to school. >> could only a disaster. a catastrophe in terms of human help the group held a media conference sunday. a concerned mother and oakland spoke out.
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>> saying sending children back in person is a risk. >> our children if there's children alice philips is a counselor at a middle school in oakland. she says she's worried about both the children and the staff. >> because some may be at a higher risk of having a severe reaction eye condition but rather for and says its students and staff are fully vaccinated and boosted if they're eligible, they shouldn't worry. he says unvaccinated children are at a higher risk. they're also likely to pass the illness on to an older person in their home who may have a worse reaction. he recommends that everyone continues to mask in school and they could test negative before going back. he also recommends doing what you can to limit your child's exposure to other little tip that i have. >> it's to make large elaborate lunches. big
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something that people can eat in a relatively short amount of time. he says a faster lunch will result in less time unmasked and in close contact with others. >> professor rutherford also to warn people that influenza is surging as well right now. he says it's not too late to get your flu shot live in newsroom. amanda hari kron 4 news. amanda, thank you. meanwhile, as new covid cases do surge nearly 70 colleges and universities have announced plans to move back to remote learning for the start of the spring semester. >> harvard, yale and northwestern are among the schools who say they know have plans to move back to remote learning 7 university of california campuses say they will start the spring semester with online classes, uc berkeley. not among them. the school says at least for now it will stick to in-person lessons today. a number of bay area school districts handed out free covid-19 test kits for its students and workers before they head back to class in the east bay. hundreds of cars were lined up outside of
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kennedy high school in pinole valley high to pick up those at home kits leaders with west contra costa county schools say that with folks returning back to the classroom after the holiday break. they want to make sure that everyone was safe in order to avoid an outbreak. they say that everyone is required to report the results to the district. very nervous about the mic strand. so we want to make sure that we address that with passing out these kids now. this morning in testing for you from the school tomorrow. >> doctor hirsh says that the district will open 3 more covid testing sites. this coming tuesday. they will be located at the alvarado campus at the district's headquarters and in the hercules pinole area, students and workers can get tested as many times as they would like by making an appointment. and here in san francisco as a few sd also taking a similar approach kron 4 taylor bisacky brings us the details.
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>> san francisco unified students and families in line to get tested for covid before students return to the classrooms on monday. the school district began its weeklong rapid testing pop up on sunday at district headquarters. testing is not mandatory. but we do encourage it before returning to school tomorrow. >> in addition to testing, though, are also reminding families, students and staff to get vaccinated and boosted if they're eligible, we're also sharing safety protocols that we had in place throughout the pandemic. so we'll continue to have universal masking continuing you know, that put hand sanitizer in schools, encourage students to wash their hands frequently reminding people to do daily health screenings before they come to school and if they're not feeling well, if they're sick, they should stay home. school district spokesperson larded nick says. >> the mobile rapid testing pop couple moved locations throughout the week on monday, they'll be back at the district office on franklin street and several other elementary schools that nick says the school district organized this after available appointments and at home tests became harder to find and
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trying to book an appointment online at one of the city testing sites. this message pops up saying in part, quote, appointments are currently extremely limited. we are experiencing a high demand for testing. the school district is also waiting on at home. testing kits from the state. we expect to receive those later this week. >> and we're mobilizing quickly to come up with the distribution plan to get those kids into the hands of students and families that nick says the school district will also continue its regular screening program at schools throughout the city as some parents are concerned with sending students back to school among the surge in covid cases, the department of public health says it supports resuming in-person learning and reaffirms that it's safe to do so in a statement, health director doctor grant colfax writes, quote, san francisco has remained vigilant and be back for surges. we are well positioned with a highly vaccinated population to do the same with this current surge due to omicron throughout the pandemic. san francisco schools have remained low risk settings by following proper safety protocols. let's work together to keep it that way.
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i'm taylor reporting kron 4 news the holidays may be over but the travel nightmares continued for yet another day of america's airports, including right here in the bay area. >> thousands of flights have been canceled or delayed because of weather and the omicron surge. kron four's. gayle ong spent the day talking to travelers arriving back home at sfo. >> we just want to check in and get everything ready before we left. okay. you get her sister tiffany arrived to san francisco international airport extra early sunday and relieved. there were no long lines, especially with likes the pandemic right now trying save both spend christmas and new year's visiting family in the bay area and took extra safety precautions. it was just us at home. you know, just our family and then our visited so you can really invite anybody else. so try to keep in the we've got and both of our vaccinations and a booster shot just to come here. >> because there's a lot of rules now, especially with
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traveling. so we try to keep ourselves and people around the safe nationwide. the holiday travel rush turned into a nightmare as millions of americans dealt with jam packed airports. >> combined with bad weather and staff shortages due to omicron. bank. it has a fo a different story with lines at security. airport officials say they were at least 60 flight cancellations and about 170 delays on sunday. but traffic has been a thanksgiving sunday alone had about 51,000 passengers >> according to the airport are expected to be the most passengers on monday when people from the holidays reporting from gayle ong kron 4 news. >> right now on kron 4, dot com. you can get the latest covid-19 headlines, including the latest cdc recommendations where to find tests signs and vaccines just scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile devices. and you'll be directed to our website. the
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king tides making a return today here in san francisco. take a look at the scene along the san francisco embarcadero. >> the high tides causing some flooding as for along the embarcadero this afternoon, a coastal flood advisory is in effect right now. until tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez will have more on the tides and when we will see even more rain coming up in less than 5 minutes in her 4 zone forecast. in the east bay. 2 people are in custody after police say they found a homemade explosive device inside of a car. >> last night. pleasant hill police say they stopped a car with 2 people inside at a gas station on contra, costa boulevard during a search. they say they found that device. the walnut creek. police bomb squad was called in to detonate. it officers say it could have been dangerous because it was found at a gas station. investigators say the pumps at the station were not on at the time. new tonight at 8 o'clock. 2 people are dead after a fiery crash on new year's day. investigators say
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the crash happened last night on shasta street detective so far have not released details on how it all went down but say when they got to the scene. that car was on fire officers say 2 people were found inside of it after fire crews put out the flames tonight that crash still remains under investigation. also tonight, we're getting a better look at the cars that oakland police say have been casing a number of cannabis dispensaries in the city in the past few days. we first told you about the story last night here on kron 4 news at 8. this is new video sent to us here at kron. 4 news from one of the owners of the dispensary. oakland. police say they are looking to try and fund the drivers of a dark dodge charger, which is right there in the middle of your screen and the dark nissan coupe. the owner said that the suspects did not steal anything nor were they able to come inside of the store. now to a developing story that we're following tonight. musicians here in the bay area and all across the country are remembering bay area music
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producer tracks a million earlier today on twitter local website. his lawyer on the roof broke the news of his death. writing rest in peace. tracks. a million. the san jose producer is credited with creating the high fee sound. he worked with a number of musicians, including 42 short paul wall mistah fab and countless others. tonight. there's still no word on exactly what led up to his death. we'll bring you updates here on kron 4 and kron 4 dot com as soon as they become available. this week set to mark the one-year anniversary of the deadly january 6th insurrection at the u.s. capitol. >> still to come tonight, we'll talk live about the news developments in the house committee's investigation. also as we start 2022 we take a look back at the life and legacies of some of the biggest names that we lost in 2021. plus a new trend aimed at keeping surfers say from the waves. we'll break it down to you after the break.
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>> time this sunday, not a live look at san francisco in the transamerica pyramid off to the right side of your screen, another night of chilly temperatures. we are tracking. but we're also monitoring rain in the forecast as well. kron 4 meteorologint mabrisa rodriguez here tonight tracking the timing of when showers will pop up in your neighborhood in the coming days. yeah, that's right, jonathan. let's track this
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storm hour by hour. and as we saw on that live pictures starting to see those storm clouds. >> making its way into the bay area. and that's what's going to help warm up our overnight lows. >> so we're not under freezing conditions out there to start out your work week monday as we start a new week year and work week. we're going to track some changes in the extended forecast. but we're also going to see some light scattered showers are turning to our north. so very dry for now. but we are going to see an increase in cloud cover during the overnight hours. >> very spotty scattered showers starting to make its way into the north bay by 6 o'clock for your monday morning overall. it's going to be dry for the rest of the bay area with the bulk of the wet weather. not really writing for those of you in the north bay until shortly before your new lunchtime hour. but as you can see, rest of the bay area still remaining dry. it won't be until the early afternoon hours by around 2 o'clock. start to see some bands of light showers making its way into the bay area coastline
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still dry for most of the east bay and south bay. but we're going to start to see some spotty scattered hit or miss showers for those of you in the east bay and south bay is by early monday evening. but this is going to be a weaker storm but still going to bring us beneficial rain, not just on monday but all the way through early tuesday afternoon because they were going to start to notice drier weather and also going to see warmer temperatures. we're going to warm up to seasonal averages starting tuesday and even lasting through wednesday. but rain totals expected to be about a 3rd of an inch of rain or less for most of the bay area of those of you in santa rosa, though slightly less than half an inch of rain with traces him out for most of the east bay and south bay valleys. but we also have to keep an eye on coastal flood advisory mainly around the bay area shoreline. that's because we're going to see another round of king tides. returning early for your monday morning. shortly before your new lunchtime hour. that's we're going to see the high tide as high as
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slightly more than 7 feet. so just keep that in mind. but we are also keeping an eye on right now. very dry conditions. noticeably milder out there. thanks to that blanket of storm cloud cover that is increasing downtown san francisco 52 degrees. but check out dublin in the low 40's. so 12 degree difference right there. just because we're starting to notice that cloud cover longer. san francisco peninsula coastline increasing their widespread mid 40's, though, for most of the north bay. and when tracker for tracking calm winds out there right now. but with this approaching storm as it sweeps through the bay area on monday could see gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour or less from coastal valleys in the bay area below advisory level, but overnight lows tonight going to be in the low to mid 40's 38 degrees low for santa rosa widespread mid-fifties across the board with the exception of napa 52 degrees. so still a little bit cooler there, but inching towards normal. we're going to stay for most of this upcoming week and more rain. jonathan
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arriving by next friday. back to you. all right, teresa, thank you. >> concussions and head trauma are widely discussed and researched in a number of contact sports like football and now that discussion moves from the field to the sea. mark mester reports on the growing trend of hanging 10 with a helmet. >> when stick 10 feet as a professional. big wave surfer for 15 years. when you look at the waves, san diego surfer. derek dunphy used to ride a lot of the big wave sessions that i was surfing were probably around 50. but it's easy to see why he was considered. >> one of the world's best. but with wipe outs like this. doesn't take long to figure out why the waterman. i decided to call it a career as a lot of stuff. i did that. >> i prepared for these wipe out that when you get hit by a 50 foot wave, especially terms of head trauma and concussions is not much you can do to prepare for that dunphy says
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he suffered more than 20 concussions in his career. it's left him almost blind in his right eye. he only sought help recently. >> because the effects left him with constant headaches because there was a conversation around it. >> i didn't know what was going on. there's not really a culture of paying attention to head injuries and surfing there's certainly no culture wearing helmets doctor christopher giza is the director of the ucl a steve tisch brain spore program and says surfing has seen few studies conducted on brain. it had drama. but the ones in circulation show a significant increase over the past 2 decades. every other injury involved lacerations. >> one in 4. we're hits to the head. one of the possibilities is that there are moie people participating in the sport. so if there's more in the sport, then. >> the same percentage might have injuries surfing has seen a tsunami wave of growth since the start of the pandemic. >> well, we probably went from a million servers in california to probably almost too.
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>> in a year. terry sims has been surfing for decades. and while he doesn't tackle massive waves. he still suffered multiple concussions from hitting the sand or reef or his board hitting his head. it's not the size of the wave man at all. in fact, it's nothing to do with that. it's like. >> when it's your time. it's your time. and that's that period. sims is the founder of the simba surf helmet, something he'd like to see on every surfer pro or not. this. >> to help reduce injuries and save lives. this is really a vehicle to not only help. surfing but to protect our future, which are our kids because that's when it all starts experts caution that while helmets can't prevent concussions, they do offer protection. protection that surfers like sims and dunphy wish they had all those years ago. >> i've had multiple concussions in smaller ways. and these are things that are more aware, more aware of a lot of people are wearing helmets which >> mark mester reporting for
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us tonight. dunphy was also a surf photographer, but the damage to his right eye took away his ability to use a viewfinder. it's another hobby that he says that he's been forced to give up. lawmakers, meanwhile, will soon head back to work and a look at what's now on their to do list when they return to sacramento. then the january 6 committee has learned what they've learned one year after the deadly insurrection. >> and the answers that they are still looking for tonight.
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california lawmakers will head back to work tomorrow. flushed with cash in with some unfinished business from 2021. >> leaders are set to start 2022 with a 75 billion dollars surplus. an extra 35 billion dollars is expected to be added to the surplus on july 1st among the items on the to do list for lawmakers affordable housing climate change. the covid-19 pandemic wildfires a bill to overhaul the state's cash bill system end a bill that would decriminalize some psychedelic drugs. the new year also means hundreds of new laws in the golden state will also go into effect this year. among the the state minimum wage now $15 for companies with more than 25 workers starting in july middle and high schools will have to push back their start times to 8, 8, 30 in the morning to give the kiddo's a little more time to sleep in
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the pandemic. law will expand outdoor and take home alcohol cells that's being extended through 2026 proposition 12, an animal welfare bill will prohibit type cages for pigs and chickens. the state is also launching a program that allows people to eat certain cons of road kill. >> and we're tracking snow showers returning to this sierra starting tomorrow. details ahead on your full sierra forecast after the break. rink.
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before that drink turns to drinks, make a plan to get home safe. just call a friend, a cab, and get a rideshare. whatever you do, don't let drunk drive. go safely, california.
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out. hair, done. fit, fantastic! marijuana. not so fast. remember, marijuana and some meds don't mix. a sober driver can cure that.
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don't let high drive. go safely, california. >> this week will mark one year since the deadly january 6th riots at the u.s. capitol building kron 4 washington correspondent michael shure learned what's been uncovered so far in the past year. >> this thursday will mark one year since the capitol hill insurrection and the congressional committee named for that date. january 6. this still working diligently to get answers as to what happened. there is a belief. what happened on that day wasn't a comedy of errors. a planned coordinated. >> front committee chairman bennie thompson also indicating a focus on what former president donald trump was doing for over 3 hours of riots at the capitol we're convinced that we'll have access to those 187 minutes of
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kerr. >> but the harm. >> i see is the president of the united states seeing the capital of the united states and to see it. but people he sent to the capital and did nothing. during that time. only 2 republican members sit on the committee one as wyoming representative liz cheney who remains focused on he could have told them to stand down. you could have told them to go home. >> and he failed to do it's hard to imagine a more significant a more serious dereliction of duty. >> than that. cheney also saying that the committee has knowledge that aids and even family members asked him to ask it and trump who himself plans to make remarks on thursday, not the only focus of the committee chairman thompson indicating sunday that criminal referrals remain possible if in the course of our review. we find something that we wore that we think war.
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>> review all recommendation to the department of defense, department justice to be honest with you. we'll do it. the divide indoors today, twitter permanently suspending the personal account of republican congresswoman marjorie taylor greene from misleading vaccine comments green responding over the platform telegram calling twitter an enemy to america. >> and the washington post university of maryland poll released this weekend showing that one in 3 americans believe that violence against the government can at times be justified. >> so that is what is being done right now. but to try and find out why that divide still exist and the chances of the committee getting any more information from officials connected to the former president. we are joined live tonight by donna crane, a political science lecturer at san jose state. donna, thanks so much for joining us. happy new year as well. we always appreciate the time here on kron. 4 news. so we know that
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this is going to be a momentous week. but now there's talk that the u.s. the committee investigating the january 6th insurrection is now looking to make what they know public. how big of a deal is that for them to want to have televised hearings to let the american people learn what they now know. >> it's a very important political event, whether it will change any minds something we'll have to wait and see. but it's it's this is extremely consequential. talking about televised hearings and you know, there we we know that history is filled with examples of of times around contra. watergate, even benghazi when were influential in shaping public opinion. so right now here's what the committee says they have. they say they have a trove of material. some 35,000 pages of records, text messages, e-mails, phone records. >> from folks who are closest to trump. they say that 90% of
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how important is it? the fact that we've heard that the big names like mark meadows and steve bannon haven't played. but 90% of the folks at they have questioned have been willing to play ball with them. >> yeah. this this this is very important and the material that's coming out from these 90% plus cooperating, witnesses or persons of interest has been incredible. just to cite one example, we now have seen a 20 page powerpoint document that lays out of the bones for a coup attempt. so the material is coming forward from these individuals is very, very important. i think it's also are saying former president trump probably think so too, because he is using every chance he has you in the legal system to block the release of any further paperwork or materials. how important is it for this to happen right now. we know the midterms are coming up in november. if for some reason the republicans do
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gain control of the house. again, it is more more than likely that this investigation is going to die. >> how important is it for this information. what they have been able to gather so far. how important is it for that information to be released to the public before november. >> i think it's a i think it's essential. you're absolutely right. that if democrats lose control of one or both chambers in the mid term elections. the whole investigation about last year will be shut down. so i think there's 2 or 3 big important reasons why this material needs to be made public. first of all, we need an important we need to correct historical a record of the events of there are a lot of people with a lot of interest in making sure that doesn't happen and the history needs to be correct. the second reason is that people who are responsible need to be held accountable. it's looking a little less like an insurrection, more like a coup and the 3rd reason is the same people who were in charge of this last year are basically in in open view attempting or
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threatening the same for future elections. so that needs to be stopped. if we're going to preserve our democracy does make a difference at the ballot box for folks. >> in we know as as i mentioned, that there is the possibility that the republicans can once again overtake both houses of chamber. how big of an of an impact. will this particularly potentially have on voters in november. >> it's such an essential question. you're you're absolutely right. i think it's quite likely that republicans will take a wonderful chambers back just given the structural advantages. they have. >> will this information if made public and complete change the minds of true trump believers. i doubt it. >> but i've been reading a lot a little bit of a little young for this. i've been reading a lot about watergate and my understanding is that this is a porsche with them until the very end. and it was actually been senior members of his own party who helped change the tide. so i think one of the things that's the select committee is trying to do is
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put pressure on republican elected in the hopes that they will see the price for standing by. trump go so high that they will eventually turn away and maybe that they think that maybe will change public opinion. >> does that information does just do the text messages e-mails. we've heard some of them read some of those text messages exchanged. we've heard those read out loud. you think that even just early on from what that information that limited information that was revealed when they decide that they were going to move forward with do think that also just, you know, did that play a part or did that. do you think that changed any minds at all. >> i don't think it's changed any minds. i do think it has raised the pressure on republican members of congress and we saw that in the hours and days after some of these text messages were made were made public but not for attribution. we did see some members come forward and okay, i wrote that one and that's putting pressure on electives, which i think is a good thing.
8:36 pm
they're going to have to decide if they can continue to stand by. but i mostly through fear there. are a lot of legions to donald trump and his attempts to shape right to change the election results or are they actually going to maybe come clean a little bit and help to clear up the record. >> so we know that even if they decide this information is going to come out. these hearings are held. what is the long-term impact of this because, you know, obviously they can hold the hearings, but they can't decide guilt or innocence. what comes as a result of this of this hearing. >> i suppose we need to say also that the committee is planning on releasing a full in the summer and with any means any luck. i hope it will name names and will be one minute by minute accounting of who did what so that people can hide anymore. will that have an impact on the elections. as i said, i don't think true trump leaders of will ever believe that the
8:37 pm
love the presidential election was fair. but i think there are a lot of fair-minded people in the middle with more information. i think there's always hope, especially since the committee is bipartisan and there's always hope this will change some minds. all right. we should also note that president joe biden is expected to address america on the. >> day of january 6 to talk more about the one-year anniversary of the january 6 insurrection. >> donna crane with san jose state always appreciate the time. the knowledge and the conversation with us here on kron 4 news. the sunday night. once again. happy new year. a greatly appreciate it. >> thank you to thank you. so this everyone will be right
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in 2021 many people pause to remember the lives of royalty. musical icons actors athletes and tv legends who passed away whose lives and success inspired many across the globe. felicia bolton has a look at some of the famous lives lost in 2021. >> stockton with john body. i'm vince got along with john madden pat summerall here with john nfl hall of fame coach and broadcast legend john manning died shortly after christmas. the league says he passed away unexpectedly start at and gained fame in a decade long stint as the coach of the oakland raiders. he makes a little basketball twist pivot. the ball's there. and later became a longtime broadcaster and the face of the video game series madden football
8:41 pm
madden's impact on the sport was felt both on and off the field from people say >> you know, they run in there and collider something with the gets in or that's what i say. this. >> has been the swedish right of the mall. he died at age 85. >> i felt blindsided by the news from the house just days before the new year. former senate majority leader harry reid died after battling pancreatic reid was a democrat from nevada who served as majority leader for 8 years and was one of the driving forces behind the affordable care act. he was first elected to congress in 1983 he led the democratic caucus for more than a decade and retired as minority leader and 2017. harry reid was 82 years all i was doing was playing baseball. >> hammerin hank aaron played 23 seasons in the mlb. most of those years with the braves.
8:42 pm
he's admired for breaking racial barriers as one of the first black players in the mlb. he retired holding the all-time record for home runs 755 and he still holds the record for runs batted in a 2,297. he even faced death threats for breaking the record held by babe ruth i had to have in this court with me all the time. >> i this study in the little hill. aside from teammates. my kids had to be escorted to school liberty. so it was a it was a tough moment and the toughest part was that i wasn't able to enjoy aaron's legacy fault him off the field starting a fund for underprivileged youth and even volunteering to be publicly vaccinated against the coronavirus and 2021. >> weeks later he died at age
8:43 pm
>> a pioneer in the acting industry. cicely tyson broke ground by refusing to take roles that demean african-americans being true to yourself. is the key her more than 70 year career put her on stage. the small screen and the big screen just days before she passed her memoir just as i am was published, she's wanting any received an honorary oscar and at the age of 88, she became the oldest person to win a tony of waited a long time just to get if you have a dream, if you have that the you have to we can the end at age 96. she passed and a rap icon dmx passed away at 50 years old. a musical legend. an actor was known for his hard-hitting lyrics and love for his hometown of yonkers, new york. the icon was
8:44 pm
nominated for 4 grammys and was featured in nearly 20 major films each public figure touch the lives of millions and their legacy still lives on today.
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>> it's going check of your 4 zone forecast. this a live look at the golden gate bridge as we wrap up the first weekend of 2022 and we're
8:47 pm
tracking some rain and showers on our way. but also taking a look at what's happening in the sierra kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight to get you ready? yeah, we're tracking a weak storm bringing scattered showers to the bay area and snow showers to this starting out your first full week of 2022 and. >> right now i 80 at donner summit seeing that fresh powder out on the side of the roads. fortunately all clear for now. but we're going to notice. >> some light scattered snow showers making its way into the sierra drive for us here in the bay area relatively clear for those of you in this year. but you're also going to see so warmer overnight lows tonight. in addition to that, we're tracking a winter weather advisory and a high wind warning going to affect early monday through early tuesday. so we are going to see another round of snow showers not going to be as impactful as our last couple of storms. but beneficial no
8:48 pm
one complaining, especially our steve gordon snowboard enthusiasts with this winter weather advisory. we're going to see 3 to 10 inches of snow from valleys to the highest peaks locally up to 15 inches will certainly be possible. in addition to gusty winds. that's why we're going to have a high wind warning going into effect as well. our valleys could see gusts upwards of 65 miles per hour with this year. bridges up to about a 100 miles per hour winds monday morning through tuesday morning. so we're going to start out with a lot of that storm cloud cover, light valley rain will also be possible, but it's that snow shower that is going to impact this year, especially monday night through early tuesday morning. we're tracking temperatures in the mid 30's partly cloudy skies on monday. but then morning snow showers by tuesday and then clearing out by tuesday afternoon and then by the middle of this upcoming week. we're going to warm up into the low 40's with mostly cloudy skies. jason, back to you.
8:49 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports. >> big day for the niners. not only could they clinch a playoff berth but rookie trey lance made his home starting debut. he started back in week 5 on the road in arizona. but this is really the first time the faithful got to see him up close and personal of course, trade got the start because this guy got injured. jimmy garoppolo out with that thumb injury. let's go to the 2nd quarter, not a great start for lance. here's pass is intercepted by desmond king. trey said this was a cover to he just under through it. guzman returns it to the niners 35 yard line. and on the ensuing texans drive. davis mills, a stanford product. he finds brandin cooks. he scores right here in the back of the end zone from 8 yards out. and just like that. a 7 nothing houston. people are holding their breath in santa clara the
8:50 pm
forty-niners. they were shut out in the had until. brandon makes his great tip toe catch that sets up a field goal to make it 7 to 3 at the half 3rd quarter. 40 niners defense steps up mills is picked off by marcel harris. but if you look harris actually fumbles the ball near midfield and the texans and back. you would think the texans get back. but the rest call it forward progress in the niners retain it. they got lucky there and that turned into this. trey lance rolls out and finds elijah mitchell. who also set the rookie rushing record today. mitchell has been a stud all season long 4th quarter still 10 to 7 lance. this is why a draft is guys so high. throw that one on a rope. 45 yard pitch in cat. niners go up 17 to 7 lance 16 for 23 249 yards, 2 touchdowns
8:51 pm
and interception. the forty-niners win 23 to 7. the saints also wants the san francisco needs to beat the rams in la next week to ensure themselves a playoff spot. meanwhile, out in vegas, the raiders have been playing inspiring ball after an embarrassing loss to the washington football team. then a blowout loss to the chiefs. it seemed to me that, hey, they pack it in. call it a year. i was wrong and they ripped off 2 straight wins and had a chance to firm up a playoff shot with a win in indianapolis before the game. the raiders honored the late john madden with stickers on their helmets. what influence to the game. john madden was 1st quarter. no score. josh jacobs. powers his way into the end zone and the raiders get on the board first they go up 7 to nothing now. closing moments of the half raiders by 10. jonathan taylor who is in the mvp conversation. he
8:52 pm
scores to cut that lead to 3 now 3rd carson wentz. it is really a terrible throw. but by the luck of god. it is caught by t y hilton in the end zone. 45 yard, touchdown 1713 coal 4th quarter. all for fun, too. car with the throw of the season finds hunter renfroe las vegas retake the lead under a minute to go now. 2020 game car. what a fine run for right here. pretty wacky play. they don't call renfro down in the field of play and you think he scores touchdown renfro's. but field goal later he was ruled out you can see, he was touched have some time on his at the 24 yard so he's down there, but still that play sets of this. daniel carlson, a field goal to win the game. carlson has been great for them. raiders can secure a playoff spot with a win against the chargers next week. all righty. that is your
8:53 pm
look at sports. we'll take a quick break and be back after w
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
everyone. the u.s. postal service getting a pat on the back this year for its on time. holiday deliveries. >> the postal service says it made major improvements over holiday deliveries for 2021 compared to 2020 and the problems with the pandemic,
8:56 pm
according to data from shipmatrix. it says that 97%, of postal shipments track for a 2 week period made it to their destinations on time last year, more than a 3rd of first class mail was late by christmas. the u.s. postal service installed 112 new sorting machines and hire 40,000 seasonal workers to hrlp with delivery efficiency. >> pretty cool story here. a couple of tesla owners decided to team up to create this special live show. they ring their car's headlights to flash on and off to the rhythm of beat it by michael jackson, one of the owners does this kind of thing for a living. that's created other tesla light shows set to the weekend and the star wars soundtrack.
8:57 pm
that is pretty cool there to try something like that with my car. alright. that does it n kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. don't go anywhere, though. the news continues in just a few moments on kron. 4 news at night. rink. before that drink turns to drinks, make a plan to get home safe. just call a friend, a cab, and get a rideshare. whatever you do, don't let drunk drive. go safely, california.
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out. hair, done. fit, fantastic! marijuana. not so fast. remember, marijuana and some meds don't mix.
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a sober driver can cure that. don't let high drive. go safely, california. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known.
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>> no, not o'clock. sun. rain, snow and cold temperatures. a live look at downtown san francisco tonight where we're getting you ready for everything on the weather. watch headed our way for the first week of 2022 with our 4 zone forecast. the weather watches where we do start this sunday night here on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. i'm jonathan mccall. thanks so much for joining us. justine enjoying the night off light rain. meanwhile, is expected h% to arrive for folks in the north bay as they head out the door as they head off to work and school in the new year. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight tracking the timing of when those showers will arrive in even more showers later in the week. >> yeah, that's right. jonathan it's going to start monday and continue through early tuesday afternoon. it is going to be a weaker storm than what we've been used to. but it is going to be beneficial. nonetheless, let's take a look at radar for very dry conditions. but we're starting to notice increase in high cloud cover and that's what's going to help out as a blanket


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