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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 31, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> a shooting shuts down. sun valley mall in the east bay. the latest details from police tonight after shoppers were forced to flee. >> a board in crashes and catching covid the information you need to safely celebrate this new year's and reactions to the passing of a hollywood legend for remembering the life of betty white to passed away today. just a few weeks shy of her one 100th birthday. >> thanks for joining us on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. i'm ken wayne. and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. >> we're following developing
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news tonight out of the east bay where a shooting has shut down the sun valley shopping center concord police have confirmed an investigation is underway tonight kron four's. dan thorn has the story from concord. a large police presence takes over a popular shopping center on new year's eve. >> video from the scene showing a man on a stretcher being taken out of the sun valley mall and loaded onto an ambulance because of the blood the floor. shoppers looking on in concern and confusion. one witness telling us when the shots rang out people inside the shopping center ran for cover. he also says that victim appeared to be in bad shape. >> there's been a >> well, body investigators kept people from going into the mall while conducting a sweep friday afternoon. more information on the victim or the shooter has not been made available reporting in concord. dan thorn kron 4 news.
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>> now to our coronavirus coverage the u.s. is set another record for covid cases for the first time during the pandemic, more than 2 million covid cases have been confirmed in just a week that shatters the record of 1.7 million cases set in the first week of january this past january there were about as many cases nationwide this past week as there were in the entire month of november globally cases are up more than 60% over the previous week. as the omicron variant does continue to search. state officials are trying to get students back to school safely. governor newsom announced last week that 6 million at-home covid test would be. distributed to public and charter school students today the state superintendent of schools was in alameda county. distributing free test kits. >> kron four's amanda hari explains his message to parents and students before school is back in session. >> in survival mode trying
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survive covid. >> and it changes and we have to keep changing state superintendent of public instruction tony thurmond was at canyon middle school in castro valley explaining that the covid-19 crisis is a moving target and testing is going to become the new norm contact your school district or take home test contact your county health. if you want to do testing through the county health program simply put. we want to make sure that takes a test before they come to school officials said it took some time to get the free at home tests. part of the problem was whether with all the snow and rain we've seen over the last week but castro valley cars filled with parents and students lined up to get their tests. this allows students and families to have what they need in their hand. >> to determine whether they should be sending their child to school alameda county superintendent of schools lk monroe says the 18 alameda county school districts will be able to pick up the test at
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the county office of education. >> and then distribute them to the students. officials say they understand not everyone will be able to get a test before monday. but everyone should test as soon as they're able to get access to a test. california. >> has been able to keep its schools open at a higher rate than most of the states because of what we're doing here today. officials say it's important that schools continue enforcing masking they say families should monitor for symptoms. >> and if someone feel sick or is asymptomatic and test positive. the child should stay home. state superintendent thurmond also encouraged anyone they can do so to get vaccinated amanda hari kron 4 news. >> people across the entertainment world and beyond. we're sad to hear about the death of betty white today, a legend of film and tv. she was also one of the best-loved celebrities. and as the world mourns the loss of a true hollywood legend sam rubin brings us a look at her life. >> and her legacy.
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>> you're >> that he why didn't just get better with age. she got funnier and raj year. >> i have loved pink's hot dogs for ever and ever. so when they said they were going well, that's i'm seeing when they >> do you think you can get away with it 80 by wooden road or at that he was born in illinois. 1922, or family moved to los angeles during the great depression. >> after graduating from beverly hills high school, but he began performing on radio and the experimental new medium of television, gentleman is of the month soon after she became one of the first bona fide tv stars. she acted in produced the hit 1950 show life with elizabeth which earned her the first of more
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than half a dozen emmy awards in 1952. she then moved on to star in date with the angels. all >> you in the 1970's white was introduced to a new generation of fans with her emmy winning run. >> on the mary tyler moore show and cumi events to ca stock the fact that we love each other and we have always gotten along. >> just think of one of those shows where we don't been any fun at the age of 63 white landed. one of her biggest career breaks starring on the hit. nbc show the golden girls. thank you. from the show earned white another emmy and 2 golden globe nominations and introduced her to yet another new generation of things. >> i hate doing most after a trying to find your underwear in the big
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>> after story a popular snickers commercial fans launched a facebook campaign to get her to host saturday night live in 2010 it worked. and she became the oldest and one of the best hosts in snl history. >> campaign to get me to host saturday night live. i didn't know what facebook and know that i do know what it is. i have to say it sounds like a huge waste of >> white parlayed that hosting gig into a starring role in the tv land show hot in cleveland. which one or another and the end to sag awards. i am now in addition to acting that he has served as the ambassador for animal rights. donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to the la zoo, perhaps the only thing she enjoyed more than helping animals was being in front of the camera. and when i asked her what kept her going after 8 decades in hollywood. she said it was the internal joy and gratefulness for her
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career. i've been around so long that can't get rid of 3 years is a long time. the hand of this and who would have ever dreamed. >> that 90 years old and still be. privilege to be asked to do stuff. and i i am i don't take it for granted. a taste. every one of them. >> that was sam rubin reporting social media has been flooded today with reactions to betty white's passing her co-star from the proposal. ryan reynolds tweeted earlier saying, quote, the world looks different now. she was great at defying expectation. she managed to grow very old and somehow not old enough will miss you, betty. now you know, the secret from fellow actors to the white house. president biden shared his admiration for betty white writing white brought a smile to the lips of generations of americans. she's a cultural icon who will be sorely missed. jill and i
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are thinking of her family and all those who loved her this new year's eve. >> betty ford's death, of course, being felt here at home. the golden girls lived drag show has been a longtime san francisco, a tradition that wrapped up just a week ago for the season at the victoria theater kron four's. gayle ong talk with one of the actors who played quite sit character rose. >> i know exactly how you feel. she's really part of my life and having her be gone off a sudden is heartbreaking darcy drawing or played betty white's beloved character rose nyland for 7 years in the draft version of the golden girls really gotten to know. >> her as an actress and i've lived with her my whole life and growing up with mary tyler moore show tillis i even shared the same birth date drawling or is the owner of oasis nightclub in san francisco. any producer and director of the live adaptation. i was really angry. the golden girls lived has been a san francisco
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tradition since 2000, 7. >> the show just wrapped a week ago at victoria theater the tv legend died friday just days before her 100 birthday. >> drawing or never got the chance to meet fight but says rather than being said, i want to be inspired and how i can be a little more like betty white walking through the world. a true original amazing master comedians. >> it's tough. but the live show will go on drilling or says next year's performance will feature strong betty white episodes. >> it's a joy to do people love that and all 4 of those women were master comedians and betty white was the very last one lives. so we've lost the final golden girl. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> coming up tonight on kron 4 news in primetime, a bay area tv news anchors behind bars after allegedly driving under the influence. what we know about his arrest. >> also doctors not believe they know exactly why the omicron variant is less likely
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to make people seriously said. and the year and the dry at least weather wise. what about the new year ahead. we'll talk about that coming up next.
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>> a wildfire in colorado has destroyed hundreds of homes. forced 10's of thousands of people to evacuate and reporter rudabeh shahbazi has the latest details as the communities affected try to begin the recovery.
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>> a regular family night at chuck e cheese says turned dangerous in >> wind >> gusts hitting up to 110 miles per hours sending ripples of flames and smoke over the northwest end of stores and homes quickly evacuated as those flames spread this is a costco in superior. the blaze hitting roads near the store to god help us. >> one. >> this all started late yesterday morning with a small fire and no structure loss. a second one. 30 minutes later quickly ballooned out of control.
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>> this was a. disaster in in in fast motion all over the course of half a nearly all the damage many families having minutes minutes to get whatever they could, their their pets, their kids into the car today. governor jared polis said the president has offered his support to the state despite the horrific images along with those homes and the memories lost. >> there is no record of lives lost. >> well, everybody hoping weather conditions there are continue to improve. as for our 4 zone forecast. we're looking live here. but the golden gate bridge. >> lawrence karnow standing by with more on what's going on in colorado, especially with the weather conditions and the wind yeah, the winds backing off quite a bit from yesterday. we have those gusts 82 over a 100 miles an hour really coming off the front range of the rocky mountains there and just pouring out over a colorado. now those
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winds still kicking up a bit. it is breezy in spots. but now they're dealing with a whole different kind of weather. guess what they want from fire. now they're dealing with the ice. they've got that snow moving in tonight. winter storm warnings actually in effect, right where the fires taking place. that's good news as far as getting control of that fire. the bad news is lot of folks don't have placed live so dealing with some cold temperatures and the snow out there for tonight. in the meantime, getting back out west. we've got some dry conditions in california as high pressure really taking over. in fact, that they're getting very dry tonight and that is going to lead to some very cold temperatures around much of the bay area here that dome of high pressure that will continue to build in for the weekend bringing with them or sunshine a bit of an offshore wind and some dry conditions and dry air and that could lead to some very cold numbers. in fact, tomorrow morning. you're down the freezer as you head in towards santa rosa 27 degrees downtown about 30 in the napa valley and freezing their 32 in freezing in the bottle. 31 in livermore even inside the
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bay tomorrow. i think we're looking at a very cold start your morning temperatures beginning the new year close to freezing even inside the likely to see some frost early on, although there's not a ton of moisture in the air. so will be a widespread frost of that. but you'll see some white stuff out there early on tomorrow morning. temperatures by the afternoon going to warm up. nicely is still on the cool side, put on 40's and 50's for highs all around the bay area for new year's day and over the next couple days, staying dry and looks like for at least the weekend. then as get into monday, it looks like there's a chance of some showers. returning looks like showers, light showers a possibility through the middle of next week. thank you, lawrence. since the emergence of the omicron variant. doctors say it is clearly less severe than previous variants and its. they say they now know why. >> studies show omicron mainly affects the upper airway, meaning the nose throat and wind pipe. it seems to spare the longs where previous- variants did most of the damage. doctors say because the virus primarily in the upper airway. that may explain why it's more easily
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transmissible. that's because the droplets have a better chance of being expelled into the air. >> with omicron cases on the rise, health leaders are now recommending that people ditch their cloth masks and instead use a surgical mask, a cdc study says cloth masks just don't filter things out as well as medical masks and respirators cloth masks to provide some protection if they're well designed and used correctly, which means, of course, covering the nose and mouth. >> surgical mask has the outer layer words. so proof. so it's the surgical mask prevent you know, droplets from the person out. so but the mice but also put it protects being aware of the mask from outside. there is some but come a liquid. all our top this going to be to the mask. >> doctors also recommend
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using an n 95 mask. but they say you can double mask. also good idea. in other words, use one of each even those symptoms from omicron tend to be milder than delta people with underlying medical conditions could still be at risk for severe illness with the new and more infectious variant sweeping california attorneys representing >> violations of health orders by prison staff risk. a repeat of the outbreaks that killed dozens of inmates during the first year, the pandemic most recent statistics show large percentages of employees who are required to be tested twice weekly aren't doing so. and most face no consequences. corrections officials say those figures are suspect, but they haven't provided updated data. they're shutting down admissions to one prison amid an outbreak. the concern comes as new cases soar across california and state models predict a gradual increase in hospitalizations and intensive care admissions over the next month. for the latest covid
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updates. you can scan that qr code on your screen. that will take you to our website where you'll find things including travel restrictions and the latest cdc recommendations. still ahead tonight, a day out in full the chp is planning to keep the streets safe on this new year's eve others are saying this as new year. new me, what health experts are saying should be your top priority when focusing on staying
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>> if you're planning to become a new you in the new year. think about this resolutions can be a challenge to keep especially diet. but as one nutritionist tells reporter josh williams. >> some healthy trends might just be too hard from the very beginning. >> and wellness are the names of this year's game and in 2022 license nutrition a salad. our of eat while buffalo thinks it's time we leave diet culture behind entirely people will say, well, i have to go on the come poised lose weight and it's more about the healthy have an energy feeling good sticking. well, all those things are what we're looking to do and we can do that with a healthy lifestyle and one of the things is most important, i believe just small changes. one suggestion she has for people hoping to lose a few pounds is switching out the temporary fad of a restrictive salad only approach for a healthy lifestyle. instead, remembering, of course, that
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the best way to achieve any goal is by taking things one baby step at a time maybe as i'm healthy snacking maybe streaking to make. so that maybe it's can do with alcohol, whatever it is identified water and then put a plan in place mall changes. and again, it's not going to happen overnight. but know that by starting now within week or 2 weeks, 3 weeks you will definitely begin to see changes and a small changes make a difference over time. another crucial thing to remember is exercise and not just physically either exercise patients with yourself because lasting change requires both consistency and self care. we're going through tough times right now. i mean, tough out there, but i truly believe we are tougher, but we have to be kind ourselves. we have to be kind to ourselves and claim to other in a kind. this makes a huge difference. jazz williams reporting. >> next. tonight, a date the
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ongoing efforts to keep the streets safe. the chp is planning to keep intoxicated drivers off the road and not just the roads that you need to be concerned about how health officials say you can avoid catching covid as you ring in the new year. join us on kron four's. we ring in the new year. grant lotus. i'm justine waldman will calm us down to 2022. >> we'll celebrate with a live fireworks show from las vegas and the party starts at 11:30pm tonight, only on kron. 4.
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>> developing tonight at 8.30, longtime bay area. tv news anchor frank somerville is facing dui charges. this after a crash that happened in oakland last night. kron four's got video of the collision. take a look. >> oh, my he's >> this is cell phone video. the shot last night. you can see a porsche rear-ending another car believed to be an audi which forced the driver of the audi get out of that car. the person in the porsche believed to be somerville, then slammed both vehicles
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through the intersection and crashed into that pole. on the other side of the street. while a group of people watched the entire scene play out and recorded on their phones. this happened at the intersection of grand avenue and broadway just after 7.45 last night, somerville was taken to the hospital to be checked out. and later taken to the santa rita jail where police say he was booked on dui charges. the other driver was not hurt. frank somerville, of course, has been a longtime anchor of ktvu fox 2 but has not appeared on the air for several months. kron four's reach out to channel 2 for a statement, but we have yet to receive a response. >> the countdown to the new year's on and law enforcement will be out in full force tonight more than 360 people were arrested for dui in california during the christmas holiday weekend. the chp will be conducting maximum enforcement as they put it again tonight. and they say they are ready to make arrests. kron four's. rob nesbitt has more on how officers hope this helps prevent another tragedy.
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>> this is a time to celebrate. we've made it through a difficult year after all. but with ride sharing apps, there's really no excuse to get behind the wheel after a night of drinking. you've heard drive sober or get pulled over the stats, prove it christmas weekend 28 people died in car crashes on california roadways and chp conducted an average of one dui arrest every 9 minutes. it's a time of a lot of travel. >> so we're out you know, adding a visual presidents to to make sure that people are making those right decisions. chp officer edgar vega says maximum enforcement will be happening for new year's eve. >> police on high alert for anyone making the wrong decision speed violations. >> the u.s. if change is reckless driving and you >> that's what we truly focus 100 maximum enforcement, period. it's been exactly one year since 60 year-old elizabeth plat and 27 they were struck and killed while in this san francisco crosswalk the driver 20
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calloused are arrested for dui and charged with manslaughter. there's no excuses, no excuses, no excuses, executive director of mothers against drunk driving northern california and the toss to thomas says there are several ways to plan for a safe night from uber and lyft to a designated driver becomes to a dui. we know what that kirk caution is right. we have the cure and that's not to get behind the wheel intoxicated providing support to those who have lost a loved one because of a dui is one of the many jobs of thomas's organization. >> she hopes the countdown to 2022 doesn't result in any new members. you can enjoy yourself. you can't have fun. but you've got to be safe plan. a hit. dui does not just mean drunk driving chp is also part of the drive high. get a dui campaign to identify and remove impaired drivers from the roads in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. >> bay area health officials are urging people to take precautions as they celebrate new year's eve tonight, most
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major events in and around san francisco have been canceled. so a lot of the concern focuses on indoor house parties. health officials say people who are unvaccinated should simply avoid holiday events and traveling as we've learned omicron spreads quickly. so new year's gatherings that are small or outdoors are the safest. >> you know, if you if possible we understand that's not a celebration that even consider a virtual celebration, especially if your family members are these vulnerable older there's like conditions among any or family members. you know, this we are in the to celebrate that this isn't the from a spreading. so rapidly throughout the bay area. >> health officials say any gathering should be limited to people who are fully vaccinated. ideally people have had a booster shot. everybody should wear a good mask, one that fits well and test for the virus before
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attending some people are getting around all of this by having virtual get-togethers with friends. >> local public transit services want to help party goers get around this new year's eve. muni is offering free rides tonight started at 8 o'clock and goes until 5 o'clock in the morning. you still have to pay for bart fares. but that service is extended the last east bay bound train set for around one 30 in the morning. the last millbrae train through downtown san francisco. 02:10am, caltrain valley transit authority and sam will extend their service tonight. holiday travel plans once again affected by massive flight cancellations across the country. so far nationwide. more than a 1000 flights have been canceled today. that's according to flight tracking website flightaware, thousands of flights have been canceled since christmas eve part of the problem has been the spread of the omicron variant which has affected flight crews and tsa at airports across the country. here's a look at how bay area airports
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are handling this. the numbers represent both incoming and outgoing flights at sfo. 59 flights were canceled today oakland had 6 flights canceled in san jose had 11. >> starting tomorrow. drivers will have to show a more to drive on bay area bridges again, bridge tolls for most vehicles. well, go up a dollar from $6 to $7. this applies to the bay bridge antioch bridge punish a martinez r keane the dunbarton richmond sandra fell bridge and the san mateo hayward bridge. it is the second of 3 one dollar increase is approved by state lawmakers in 2017 have passed by voters in 2018. gas prices expected to be at their highest at the beginning of the year. this is according to the at gas buddy prices could hit a national average of $4 a gallon by spring and could easily reach $5 in california. this is all being blamed on
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the pandemic and rise in demand. things could get better towards the end of 2022 as for bay area prices. the most expensive gas is an app off $4.89 a gallon. san francisco not far behind for 82 in san jose. it's $4.75, the cheapest gas in the bay area is in solano county at $4 and $0.66. >> and our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look on fremont street in downtown las vegas and it is packed tonight getting ready for the stroke of midnight. yeah. which is coming up and to kron four's, chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. so 2022 is coming in looking like. >> little or yeah. a quieter little cold out there too loud tonight. if you are headed out to do a little reveling the temperatures are in the 30's in some parts of the bay area clear skies. the air is very dry now. so if you're headed out tonight. yeah. pack up all
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that warm weather gear and head on out temperatures dropping off in the 30's and the 40's as we head toward midnight tonight. tomorrow looks like it will be a nice day. it will be a dry day. at least. we'll still be a little bit on the cool side highs by the afternoon. only in the 50's, maybe a little bit warmer than what we had today, but not by much, but it will be dry and that should be a nice day temperatures around the bay area getting cold in spots 42 already in morgan hill. 46 now in san mateo, 39 degrees. now in livermore, 40 in dublin, 38 degrees. now in the napa valley get a little bit of a breeze and that picked up the temperatures a little bit in petaluma now at 4541 in santa rosa and 41 insane lina. so getting cold enough out there already something else to deal with tonight and tomorrow, the king tides to make a return for the weekend likely to see some minor flooding in and around the bay. some flood advisories have been posted by the national weather service. looking at a king tide tomorrow morning just after about 9.30 or so of over 7
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feet. so that's a pretty good time. you could see some flooding there along the embarcadero. if you're out there for a walk tomorrow morning and that is going to happen again on sunday. a little bit later. just after 10 and again on monday to so be prepared for that likely see some minor flooding around the bay. do the king tides, but also an extremely low tide by tomorrow afternoon, temperatures tonight going to head to the freezing point, even below that 27 and santa rosa about 31 a little more than 34 degrees in santa rosa. thank still ahead tonight at 8 o'clock honoring the life of the football legends. >> the special memorial. you can see tomorrow in john madden's memory. also, we have some tips to help you stay on track with your financial goals for the new year. and don't forget kron. 4 celebrating remarkable women in the bay area. we need your help to share their stories. if you know a woman making a difference in her community. you can nominate her for a chance to be awarded woman of the year. you can enter your nominations to get details at kron 4 dot com. take a qu
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>> for your money. america's senior citizens and other beneficiaries of social security can begin to watch their calendars. the social security administration has a calendar out showing one, the country's 70 million recipients of benefits can start seeing a promised cost of living increase. the average retiring will see monthly checks jumped about
8:41 pm
$92. the typical couple will get an added $154 and you can get details on ssa, dot. gov after you're done with new year's ringing in. here are some tips to help you keep any financial resolutions that you may have made. >> several personal finance experts give tips head into 2022 as reminders on how to have financial success. one start out january with a 21 day freeze on major spending to set aside money in savings. but no y and be very specific on the dollar amount. you want to save a number 3 monitor spending that is greater than $100. keep track of your spending about starting off the new year as a multi millionaire. he can have a chance of that tomorrow night. there is the powerball jackpot has now climbed to 500 million dollars. the top prize has been going up since october. 4th. the next drawing is just before 8 o'clock tomorrow night. new year's night.
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>> coming up in sports new insight on who will start under center for the forty-niners sunday. we'll a veteran qb jimmy garoppolo, who's been dealing with that thumb injury for rookie trey lance kylen mills has the answers in sports. and kron teaming up with the souper bowl of caring to help support local food charities. you can donate by scanning the qr code or text and y e donate 2, 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, you can also visit tackle hunger dot com and pick charity to help. we're taking
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>> from engineering human tissue to growing spaced chile's nasa shares the highlights of this year's experiments aboard the international space station space agency posted an online gallery of images depicting the breakthrough investigations that crew members worked on over the past year. that included growing vegetables such as chile's let us in. even the chinese cabbage bok choy in space. scientists also used engineer cells for research into the effect low gravity has on muscle growth. the formation of kidney stones and cardiovascular health. they also used virtual reality to learn more about how humans perceive time in low gravity. looking ahead to next year outside the atmosphere of huge asteroid. that's more than twice the size of the empire state building. well, race past earth at 43,000 miles per hour next month. it will be
8:46 pm
about a million miles away and poses no threat to earth. the asteroid will fly by earth on january 18th and it won't come back again until the year. 21 '05, will be too small to see with the naked eye. but it should be visible was a good telescope. the asteroid's approach will give astronomers a chance to study the surface and learn more about these ancient space rocks. >> now to our 4 zone forecast. we're looking live at times square and new york city. it is just about new year's there and it's a little cold, but not as bad as some of new year's eves in the past. >> years could be frigid there. kathryn, i think you're going to see temperatures now hovering in the low 50's downtown new york getting ready to ring in the new year. there won't be long for us either. yeah. we're going to be ringing the new year, 2 under clear skies around the bay area colder in the bay area. then in new york. how about that as see these temperatures really fallen off now, in fact, we're down to 39 in livermore. 38 the napa valley 49 degrees in san francisco colder here. then in
8:47 pm
new york right now, 47 in san jose. now as we ring in the new year tomorrow. we're talking lots of sunshine. it will be a dry day around the bay area tomorrow. it will be cool, though in watch out for the king tide along the embarcadero inside the bay temperatures in the 50's along the coastline. hey, what if you want to go out and you want to walk along the beach tomorrow. there's going to be very low tide at about 4.30 tomorrow afternoon. so you might be able to see some things that are exposed that you don't usually get to see along the coastline inside the bay 53 degrees in millbrae should be sunny there about 53 also in brisbane work your way down the peninsula. temperatures going to be cool. 52 mount a new 52 to ring in the new year in redwood city, the south bay enjoying temperatures in the 50's there as well. colder temperatures over the mountain tops for tomorrow. so if you some elevated spots, maybe some of those temperatures hovering in the upper 40's. but otherwise mostly 50's around the bay area for tomorrow to start out your saturday. and the new year. little chilly in spots. but otherwise the breeze kicking in the afternoon. a
8:48 pm
little bit on the cool side next couple days as we ring in the new year. we're talking about some dry weather, saturday and sunday by sunday night, the clouds begin to gather again. a chance of showers returns, at least on monday. it doesn't look like any big storms headed our way. but unsettled weather probably through the middle of next week. >> thank you, lawrence. will most people celebrate new year's eve with noisemakers hats. maybe champagne and some cities. it is more unusual in key west, florida. drag queen climbs into an oversized shoe and is lowered from a balcony and the east over north carolina, 30 pound ceramic fleas are dropped to the ground in mount olive new jersey, home to the mount olive pickle company. a giant pickle slides down a flag pole and in some countries like italy and spain. people wear red underwear for good luck. and we want to see how you're celebrating the new year. post your photos on social media and use the hashtag and why
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eli, we'll share the photos on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> tomorrow. cal poly will be honoring the late nfl hall of fame coach in sports broadcaster. john madden the to cal poly universities. san luis obispo and pomona made a last-minute adjustment to their annual rose parade float to honor their famous alum madden played both football and baseball at the san luis obispo campus when the school was known simply as cal poly. the tribute will be a subtle one, but keen eyes will be able to spot it. there's going to be a small football. the bears man's name with the slogan ride high, which is a reference to the universities fight song. so look for that tomorrow morning. the 100 33rd rose parade is a go tomorrow morning. watch it right here on kron. 4 in on kron on live new year's day. our coverage starts at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning. the parade begins commercial free at 08:00am. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk.
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>> sunday may be the time to shine for forty-niners rookie quarterback trey lance today veteran qb jimmy garoppolo is officially listed as doubtful for this weekend's game against the texans earlier this week the team announced rob lowe seriously sprained a ligament in his right thumb. he did not practice again today and it's unlikely he will play. lance took reps with the starters he hasn't thrown in a game since october. 10th. however, shanahan said he has been improving in practice and he'll be ready. the forty-niners and texans kickoff at levi stadium at one. '05, on sunday. the college football playoffs are underway georgia and michigan facing off in the orange bowl. someone called the baha men who let the dogs out georgia was dominant from kickoff 34 3 bulldogs. the final score. that game just wrapped up. they move on to the national championship on monday. january 10th. the cincinnati an alabama college football playoff game has often been compared to the battle of
8:51 pm
david and goliath much like the biblical giant alabama's known as a massive college football powerhouse having won 18 national titles. the bearcats have won about half as many postseason bowl games, period. could the underdogs pull off a shocking upset just like david cincinnati, the first non power. 5 conference team to make the playoff late in the 2nd quarter. alabama up the here. nice pressure by the bearcats, but they can't recover it missed opportunity there. crimson tide hold on to a one-score lead. the alabama offense led by bryce young just took over 2 minutes later, the heisman winner airs it out to jeff corey brooks. he makes it in for the score. a 44 yard touchdown. they go up 17 to 3 at half cincinnati showing signs of life early in the 3rd safety. brian cook picks off this young pass over the middle. however they couldn't score on the ensuing drive another missed opportunity early in the 4th young on the play action
8:52 pm
looking left finds camera lot to over the middle for the touchdown young cooler than the other side of the pillow on that play 27 to 6 alabama. the final score. it will be sec battle in the national championship. in college hoops. the west coast conference just announced that the saint mary's first usf men's basketball game scheduled for saturday evening has been postponed. that means all of the league's men's and women's games that were set for this weekend have been put on hold. the gaels are dealing with covid issues within their programs. this is the second time in the last year that saint mary's has been hit with covid in late january. the team had to pause activities for 3 weeks because of the virus. covid is affecting a lot of teams, though. in fact, all 12 bay area division. one college basketball programs have had games this week postponed due to covid. a welcome sight for warriors fans. the team shared video on twitter of star shooting guard klay thompson scrimmaging in denver. thompson is expected to make his return in the month of january. keep progression in his recovery
8:53 pm
from the torn. achilles is playing scrimmages head coach steve kerr said that thompson is looking good and when number 11 returns, kerr said he will start a date for his first game back is not yet been set. many fans, of course, are anxious to see the splash brothers reunited and the warriors play the jazz on the road on saturday night. that's all we've got for sports. let's send it back to you in studio. thanks very join us on kron 4 as we ring in the new year. i'm grant lotus. i'm justine waltman will be. >> calming us down to 2022. we will celebrate with a live fireworks show from las vegas and the party starts 11:30pm tonight only on kron on. but after the break, we'll get a preview of what to expect. we'll be right back. rink.
8:54 pm
before that drink turns to drinks, make a plan to get home safe. just call a friend, a cab, and get a rideshare. whatever you do, don't let drunk drive. go safely, california.
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hair, done. fit, fantastic! marijuana. not so fast. remember, marijuana and some meds don't mix. a sober driver can cure that. don't let high drive. go safely, california. >> we are wrapping up the final newscast of kron 4 for 2021 hard to believe isn't it count? it is. i mean, the year has kind of swept by good and bad as it was, it still moved awfully quickly. mostly pad for a lot of because of it just affected so many of us in so many different ways. you know, on the real personal level of somebody being sick or even worse. >> but you know, business is just our ability to get around, go on vacation. just really how it's kind shackled us during the last 2 years. yeah, and i think at this point we all know somebody who got sick and. >> many cases, not terribly sick. but, you know, it's so
8:57 pm
many people have been really hurt by covid. well, grant lotus i'm justine waldman. they are in the ready to ring the new you got your she's going and every year. it's still just i all right. what do you think watch what's happening with your 12 kron. 4 news live starting at 11:30pm tonight. we're going to show you fireworks from all across the country. plus, we want to see how you're celebrating new year. so make sure you send >> your new year's picks using the hashtag and white live grand. are you excited? so excited. >> some social media. happy see it but.
8:58 pm
>> we are here on the las vegas strip at the brand new resorts world las vegas. welcome to the biggest party of the year. i'm michael yo. i'm nikki novak. get ready to ring in the new year across the entire country from new york to dallas to denver. >> to right here in las vegas.
8:59 pm
>> how we have it. all. we have fireworks, live music, celebrities and the hottest acts from the las vegas strip. i have some surprise when she got up your sleeve there. michael. i i can't reveal that yet making of it, but it could be a are things about to get real. it's about to get real. yeah. and the party of coin to be off the hook. we have cameras right in the middle of all the action. check out the scene right now outside at treasure island las vegas. now there's not a lot of action right now, but it will fill we get closer to midnight. now let's go to the big board where we'll be tracking the celebrations tonight. the first one is about to get underway. we're talking about the ball drop in new york city. we're kicking it off right away. you know. and this is i'm be honest with you. we have 45 seconds. but this is the first time i've ever seen the new york bald, right. i know it sounds crazy. but this is the first time about every your life ever. i'm always sleeping 8.30, dad. that's why
9:00 pm
the those people there. it's so exciting. we're counting down. oh, my gosh. only a few seconds left. yeah. it's gorgeous. i mean. it feels like things are getting back to normal. you know what i mean. and love 21. we've got 2070 seconds and it looks like it's about as cold. there is it is here. that is it is time to get 2021 out of here and we need yes. all right. here we go. 10 seconds.


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