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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  December 31, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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where you see the police presence, but then you'll see somebody being taken out of the there. somebody is being brought out will be put onto an ambulance. we don't have any details yet on injuries or how many people were injured. people are being advised by police to simply stay away. one of our reporters is heading to the mall will bring you any updates as soon as they come into the newsroom. how come one person get that lucky. >> consistently and don't i don't know the answer, but i do snowflakes. >> remembering a television trailblazer friends fellow actors and countless fans are saying goodbye to legendary comedian and golden girl betty white. tonight. we're mourning the loss of a longtime television and movie star betty white passed away this morning just weeks before her milestone. one 100th birthday. she often described herself as
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a lucky old broad as she put done one seemingly loved by every generation, but he was a fixture on radio early in her career than television and movies. she was on a lot of shows, including the mary tyler moore show the golden girls. boston legal hot in cleveland. her agent says that she had been staying pretty close to her los angeles home during the pandemic. but she has been amazingly a busy and active apparently healthy. she had. >> no diagnosed illness. one friend says it seems that she went to bed last night and just never woke up actors and politicians and fans have been remembering her with great affection. fans have been putting flowers outside her home and alongside her hollywood star betty white's death is being felt here at home in the bay area. the golden girls live show has been a longtime san francisco tradition. >> the show just wrapped up a week ago at the victoria theater kron four's, gayle ong talk with one of the actors
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who plays and did play flights hit character. >> rose. >> now exactly how you feel. she's really part of my life and having her be gone. all of a sudden is heartbreaking darcy drawing or played betty white's beloved character rose nyland for 7 years in the draft version of the golden girls really gotten to know. >> her as an actress and i've lived with her my whole life and growing up with mary tyler moore show tillis i even shared the same birth date drawling or is the owner of oasis nightclub in san francisco. any producer and director of the live adaptation. i was really angry. the golden girls lived has been a san francisco tradition since 2000, 7. >> the show just wrapped a week ago at victoria theater the tv legend died friday just days before her 100 birthday. >> drawing or never got the chance to meet fight but says rather than being said, i want to be inspired and how i can be a little more like betty white walking through the world. a true original amazing
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master comedians. >> it's tough. but the live show will go on drawing or says next year's performance will feature strong betty white episodes. >> it's a joy to do people love that and all 4 of those women were master comedians and betty white was the very last one lives. so we've lost the final golden girl. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> and at 6.30. we will have more on betty white's long and amazing career. now to a developing story this afternoon. longtime bay area tv news anchor frank somerville is facing dui charges for a crash that happened in oakland last night. >> kron 4 has video of the collision.
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>> well, as you can see in that video a porsche rear ended. another vehicle believed to be an audi forcing the audi driver to get out of their car. the person driving the porsche is believed to have been frank somerville. that vehicle and pushes through the intersection into the other vehicle and crashes into a pole on the other side of the street. well, as you see a group of people watched the entire scene play out. some with their phones recording the incident. this happened at the intersection of grand avenue and broadway just after 7.45 last night, somerville was taken to the hospital to be checked out and later taken to santa rita jail where he was booked on dui charges. the other driver was not hurt. frank somerville, of course, has been a longtime anchor of ktvu fox 2 but has not appeared on the air for several months. kron 4 has reached out to channel 2 for a statement. but we have yet to receive a response. >> the countdown to the new year's law enforcement will be out in full force. more than
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360 people were arrested for dui in california during the christmas holiday weekend. the chp will be conducting maximum enforcement again tonight. and of course they say they are ready to make arrests kron four's. rob nesbitt joining us now live with more on how officers hope this prevents another tragedy, rob. >> ken and catherine, this is a night for celebration. but with ride sharing apps, there's really no excuse to get behind the wheel after a night of drinking. you've heard drive sober or get pulled over. but the stats prove it christmas weekend 28 people died in car crashes on california roadways and chp conducted an average of one dui arrest every 9 minutes. it's a time of a lot of travel. >> so we're out you know, adding a visual presidents to to make sure that people are making those right decisions. chp officer edgar vega says maximum enforcement will be happening for new year's eve.
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>> police on high alert for anyone making the wrong decision speed violations. >> the u.s. a changes reckless driving. and you >> that's what we truly focus 100 maximum enforcement, period. it's been exactly one year since 60 year-old elizabeth plat and 27 they were struck and killed while in this san francisco crosswalk, the driver 20 calloused are arrested for dui and charged with manslaughter. there's no excuses, no excuses, no excuses, executive director of mothers against drunk driving northern california and the toss thomas says there are several ways to plan for a safe night from uber and lyft to a designated driver becomes to a dui. we know what they heard caution is right. we have the cure and that's not to get behind the wheel intoxicated providing support to those who have lost a loved one because of a dui is one of the many jobs of thomas's organization. >> she hopes the countdown to 2022 doesn't result in any new members. you can enjoy
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yourself. you can't have fun. but you've got to be safe and plan ahead. dui does not just mean drunk driving. chp is also part of the drive high. get a dui campaign. >> that identifies impaired driver and get them off the road live in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. rob, thank you for that. local public transit services. want to help party goers get around this new year's eve. muni is offering free rides tonight from 8 o'clock until 5 in the morning. >> you still have to pay for bart fares but service time is being extended. the last east bay bound train leaves about one 30 in the morning. the last millbrae trip millbrae trains for downtown san francisco said 4 to 10, am caltrain vta and sam trans will also extend their service tonight. now to our coronavirus coverage. the u.s. has set another record for covid cases. >> for the first time during the pandemic, more than 2 million covid cases have been confirmed in just a
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single week that shatters the record of 1.7 million that was set in the first week last january there were about as many cases nationwide this past week as there were the entire month of november across the world. cases are up more than 60% over the previous week. state school superintendent tony thurmond joined other educators and more to pass >> covid test kits in the east bay to families as they prepare to send their children back to school on monday. this was at canyon middle school in castro valley families received covid-19 antigen test kits. last week, governor gavin newsom announced that 6 million at-home covid test kits will be distributed to k through 12 public and charter school students as winter break comes to a close. california. >> has been able to keep schools open at a higher rate than most of the states because of what we're doing here today. i'm using a rapid
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covid test and because california has really promoted the getting a simply put. we want to make sure that takes a test before they come to school. and so that if someone is symptomatic that they can quarantine safely. we can keep the rest of the school community safe. we can continue to support keeping our schools open. >> school districts around the bay area say they'll continue with masking protocols, daily health screenings and continue to push for eligible students to get their covid vaccines and booster shots when they're available. >> holiday travel plans there again being affected by a lot of flight cancellations across the country. so far nationwide more than a 1000 flights have been canceled. that's according to the flight tracking website, flight aware thousands of flights have been canceled since christmas eve. and of course, part of the problem, the spread of the omicron variant, which has led to crew shortages on several
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airlines. as for local airports at sfo, a 59 flights canceled in oakland, 6 flights canceled today. and san jose 11 flights have been canceled, of to is affecting airports everywhere. kron four's charles clifford has a look at what's happening at. >> bay area airports through new year's eve. >> well, here at sfo on friday and around the bay area. more flight cancellations as covid-19 wreaks havoc on staffing at multiple airlines. now, according to flightaware, dot com nationwide on friday. there were 6500 delayed flights and more than 2800 cancellations. jetblue united delta, pretty much all airlines canceling flights problems caused by covid-19 now here in the bay area at sfo. there were 55 cancellations on friday. 51 delays san jose. 9 canceled flights 26 delays in oakland. there were 6 cancellations and 15 delays. also here at sfo at the international terminal.
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covid-19 testing is required for many international flights that has resulted in a long line of people waiting to get tested before they can get on their airplane. now, if you're headed out to the airports over the next couple of days. keep in mind that we are expecting more cancellations. this problem is going to get worse before it gets better. call ahead. check with your airline to make sure that your flight it's still leaving on time. but for now at sfo, charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> not our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look outside on the embarcadero in the bay bridge all lit up tonight on this new year's eve. yeah. it's a beautiful night. it was a nice day, but a pretty cold chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. yeah. tonight, really going to get colder around the bay area looking live out there in the san francisco gorgeous clear skies out there today and it's going to stay that way tonight. but some dry air begin to move into that allow these temperatures really to fall off. in fact, it's already getting cold outside 45 in santa rosa 45 in the napa valley. 45 in lemore him 48 along the coastline in
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half moon bay these temperatures really going to fall off after midnight tonight as we see those temperatures diving down in the 20's and some of the coldest interior valleys skies. stay mostly clear today. we do have passing high clouds. but other than that, really staying dry. and that's going to be the trend. now. high pressure going to start to build in ever so slowly here that will be just enough. keep us on the dry side of things for at least a few days. i think through the weekend next week and there's a chance some rain make a return. but right now doesn't look like very big storms headed our way so dry now in the new year. that's way it's going to stay for the time being. the temperatures. yeah. that will be the big story tomorrow morning. you're waking up in the freezer arly on about 27 in santa rosa 30 in the napa valley. 31 and freezing in livermore. lot of 30's lot of frost even inside the bay. >> coming up, 2821 isn't finished yet and there's still more weird news as the year comes to an end fish raining. yes, raining fish. this is in texas. it's a true story. we'll explain coming up.
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>> it is, of course, new year's eve as people get ready to celebrate there are some concerns about the spread of covid-19. >> bay area officials are urging people to try to be
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safe as they celebrate kron 4. sarah stinson is in san francisco and has details. >> bay area. health officials say the absolute safest way to celebrate new year's eve is staying at home. you can make it fun. you can where sparkly dress put on a suit in the comfort of your own home- watch the ball drop and maybe do a fun virtual hang with your friends now in san francisco. most of the major events for new year's eve got variant spreading like crazy as we know, the. >> fireworks event in san francisco. also got canceled. but now there's concern from health officials that people will stay inside where it's much warmer. >> and have house parties health officials say gatherings should be limited to those who are fully vaccinated and hopefully boosted as well. people who attend gatherings are advised to wear a tight. good fitting mask indoors and test for the virus prior to attending there's no restrictions in place in the bay area on who
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can participate in private gatherings. we saw those types of restrictions last year when most people were not vaccinated this year most are in the bay area. health officials do advise those who are not unvaccinated to be extra careful avoid holiday events and traveling if you can, for people who are planning to hold a party for new year's health officials say omicron spreads like crazy indoors and that's why they advise people to celebrate outdoors, maybe a small celebration outdoors. that is certainly the safest people as we prepare new year's eve celebrations. >> to play safe. if you do choose to have a traditional celebration need keep that gathering. small plenty of ventilation you know, if you if possible we understand that's not a celebration that even consider a virtual celebration, especially if your family members are these vulnerable older adults
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leaders and like conditions among any or family members. you know, this we are in the to celebrate that this isn't the front of spreading. so rapidly throughout the area. >> this is the second year in a row we've had to have events on new year's eve canceled. we've been told to be extremely cautious because of this coronavirus pandemic. but hopefully you can make it safe. and also have fun, maybe even in the comfort of your own home. it is going to be a chilly night. well, the only thing left to say is we'll see you next year. reporting in san francisco. sarah stinson back to you. >> since the emergence of the omicron variant. doctors say clearly we know that it is less severe than previous variants. they think they know why now studies show omicron mainly affects the upper airway that means the nose throat or windpipe seemingly sparing belongs and that's where previous variants really did. most of the damage. doctors say it's because the virus lives mostly in the upper airway. so that explains why it's more easily
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transmitted that is droplets. have a better chance of being expelled into the air. >> in the north bay santa rosa, police are looking for a woman who they say left an 18 month-old toddler inside a car while fleeing police. police say they responded to a suspicious vehicle parked in the area of majerus rose street and winter haven avenue early this morning. they say they found the female driver who they identified as melissa doyle appeared to be intoxicating. see a bottle of alcohol there in the middle of the seat and they say a toddler was strapped in a rear car seat. police say doyle refused to comply with the officer and drove away additional officers responded to the area and found the car shortly later. but they say doyle fled from the vehicle and left the child in sight. police took the 18 month-old to a hospital for a checkup. now the toddler is with a family member. anyone who has any information about the suspect, melissa doyle is asked to give the police a call. >> starting tomorrow. drivers will have to shell out more to
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drive on bay area bridges bridge tolls going up again for most vehicles up a dollar from 6 to $7 that change will affect the bay bridge antioch bridge that the nation martinez the barton richmond, sandra fell and an mateo hayward bridges and this is the second of 3 one dollar hikes approved by state lawmakers in 2017 and passed by voters in 2018. now for weather check as we give you a live look over downtown san francisco. the falles sales force tower. you can see all the way across to the east bay hills. it's really clear out there tonight. and if you are going out on the slowly clear night get a warm coat. lawrence seems to be the bottom line. yeah. it's going to be really cold. one out there. temperatures getting chilly already the clear skies settling in. >> looks like tonight. you're going to see these numbers dropping off in the 30's even by midnight tonight. so yeah, your new year's eve forecast for you tonight. if you are planning to do a little wrestling where he was staying at home. yeah. outside those temperatures are going to be the 30's and the 40's at
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midnight tonight. it will be mostly clear out there and then tomorrow should be a nice day, although it'll be cool. mostly sunny skies. a couple passing high clouds in the temperatures. we'll be hovering in the 50's. all right. there's something else to watch out for the king tide returning and that means look at the possibility of some minor flooding in and around the bay tomorrow we'll have a high tide at just over 7 feet that coming about 9.30 tomorrow morning possibility flooding along the embarcadero in the san francisco and also inside the a peninsula here down into the san jose or so, you know, those areas a park before or sometimes are prone to some flooding with a higher tides likely see that tomorrow and that will likely continue again on sunday with another high tide just after 10 o'clock in the morning and possibly in the monday as well. but overall looks like the weather should stay sunny and bright a little bit on the cool side. lawrence, thanks very much. whipping through towns north of denver have destroyed to between 500 and a 1000 homes. there's no. >> final count yet. it is now
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the most destructive wildfire in colorado history. it was fueled by high winds and drought conditions. the fire began spreading very quickly yesterday covering about 6,000 acres. we know at least 7 people have been injured. but there are no confirmed reports of deaths. 10's of thousands of people have been evacuated. >> is your home ok. it's ok. >> i got out yesterday with my 4 year-old boy has been just flew in this morning. i didn't get anything. so we just got some i cut my kid and >> it is believed that this all started because of downed power lines. coming up. we're about 2 and a half hours away from >> we're about 2 and a half hours away from midnight in new york city. we're going to take you to the big apple to see how people are getting ready to ring in 2022. and
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kron 4 celebrating remarkable women in the bay area. you can help to share the stories of to know someone making a difference in her community. nominate her for a chance to be awarded woman of the year and your nominations, get details on kron. 4 dot com.
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>> there will be a lot less people in times square
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tonight. but new york city will still be ringing in the new year and reporter tom negovan. talk to the crews already to celebrate tonight. >> the excitement has been building for days. we've been here since 1230, even though the crowd will be smaller again this year. we have fully well, followed all the just 6 weeks ago, new yorkers. we're looking forward to a full size celebration in times square hundreds of thousands of people. but that was before the omicron variant changed everything. the pandemic has changed literally, you know, all of our lives over the last two-plus tonight, the bottle is tested and ready to along with the confetti that will rain from the sky and a massive display of security. members of the nypd counterterrorism bureau are out in force even though the only credible threat comes from covid-19. it's going to be a great event. whether
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you're here in times square were watching from your home. >> the city's outgoing mayor says celebrating here with people is a way of reminding the world new york is still open for business and the mayor elect says he plans to keep it that way. to keeping your kids safe from the virus and she. >> our city told me. >> that's the goal. >> that was tom negovan reporting. and don't forget, you can join us on kron 4 as we ring in the new year tonight, grant lotus, justine waltman will be counting us down. we will celebrate with a live fireworks show from the from las vegas. the party starting at 11:30pm only on kron. 4 is going to be a lot of fun tonight. also want to how you're celebrating the new year post your pictures on social media using the hashtag and why eli. >> and we'll share them on our website. kron 4 dot com. coming up, why a couple was forced to get married again
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almost 3 decades after their original ceremony. >> and it often seems she would just go on for ever people mourning the death of betty
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>> now at 6.30, america's favorite golden girl betty white. she died today at the age of 99 entertainment reporter sam rubin has more on the woman who brought smiles and laughter to generations of americans.


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