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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  December 31, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> now at 3 o'clock hollywood mourning the loss of comedy icon betty white who died today at the age of 99. and the bay area tv anchors behind bars after allegedly driving under the influence. what we know about his arrest. >> and for your new year's eve night. we're tracking cooler temperatures ranging anywhere from the 30's to 40's at midnight cool dry weather to start out 2022 your full weekend forecast coming up in just a few minutes. sticker on kron 4 news at 3 starts right now.
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>> now from the area's local news station. this is kron 4 news at 3. >> thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 3 o'clock. i'm catherine heenan. a beloved actress comedian american icon really, betty white has died just weeks before a milestone birthday. quite tide this morning. she was a maybe a trailblazer with the longest running tv career of any woman. she started a lot of shows over the past 7 decades beginning in 1949 probably best remembered for her roles on the mary tyler moore show and of course, golden girls. she played rose nyland and golden girls from 1985 to 1992 betty white would have turned 100 years old. january 17th will have more on her amazing career. that's coming up at 3.30. now to a developing story. a long time. bay area tv news anchor frank somerville is facing dui
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charges for a crash that happened in oakland late last night. kron 4 has obtained video of the collision. >> oh, my he's >> you can say the porsche there would rear ended another car and it is believe somerville was driving the porsche. the video shows him using the card to push the other car through the intersection that car then hitting a pole. all of that as a group of people were watching a play out. you heard some of their comments oakland. police say at one point the driver of the other car had jumped out and might not have been in that car when it hit the pole. it happened at the intersection of grand
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avenue and broadway in oakland just after 7.45 somerville was taknn to the hospital to be checked later taken to the santa rita jail where he was booked on dui charges. the other driver was not hurt. frank somerville has been a longtime anchor ktvu. fox 2 but has not appeared on the air for several months. kron 4 has reached out to ktvu for statement but has yet to receive a response. >> it is new year's eve in those people are getting ready to celebrate. there are a lot of concerns about the spread of covid. >> bay area. officials are urging people to celebrate safely. kron 4. sarah stinson is in san francisco with details. >> bay area. health officials say the absolute safest way to celebrate new year's eve is staying at home. you can make it fun. you can wear sparkly dress put on a suit in the comfort of your own home. watch the ball drop and maybe do a fun virtual hang with
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your friends now in san francisco. most of the major events for new year's eve got variant spreading like crazy as we know, the. >> fireworks event in san francisco also got canceled, but now there's concern from health officials that people will stay inside where it's much warmer and have house parties health officials say gatherings should be limited to those who are fully vaccinated and hopefully boosted as well. people who attend gatherings are advised to wear a tight. good fitting mask indoors and test for the virus prior to attending there's no restrictions in place in the bay area on who can participate in private gatherings. we saw those types of restrictions last year when most people were not vaccinated this year most are in the bay area. health officials do advise those who are not unvaccinated to be extra careful avoid holiday events and traveling if you can, for people who are planning to hold a party for new year's health officials
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say omicron spreads like crazy indoors and that's why they advise people to celebrate outdoors, maybe a small celebration outdoors. that is certainly the safest people as we prepare new year's celebrations to play it safe. >> if you do choose to have a traditional celebration need keep that gathering. small plenty of ventilation you know, if you if possible we understand that's not a celebration that even consider a virtual celebration, especially if your family members are these vulnerable older there's like conditions among any or family members. you know, this we are in the to celebrate that this isn't the from a spreading. so rapidly throughout the bay area. >> this is the second year in a row we've had to have events on new year's eve canceled. we've been told to be extremely cautious because of this coronavirus pandemic. but hopefully you can make it safe. and also have fun, maybe
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even in the comfort of your own home. it is going to be a chilly night. well, the only thing left to say is see you next year. reporting in san francisco. sarah stinson back to you. >> well, one safe way to celebrate is right from your couch. starting tonight at 9 on kron 4. that's when the countdown begins. and then at 1130 grant lotus. i'm justine waldman will take over, too ring in the new year. we'll celebrate with a live fireworks show from las vegas all of that only on kron 4. crew shortages and positive covid cases have led to more than a 1000 flight cancellations throughout the country. kron four's charles clifford has a look at what's happening at bay area airports. this new year's eve. >> well, here at sfo on friday and around the bay area. more flight cancellations as covid-19 wreaks havoc on staffing at multiple airlines. now, according to flightaware, dot com nationwide on friday. there were 6500 delayed
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flights and more than 2800 cancellations. jetblue united delta. pretty much all airlines canceling flights problems caused by covid-19 now here in the bay area at sfo. there were 55 cancellations on friday. 51 delays san jose. 9 canceled flights 26 delays in oakland. there were 6 cancellations and 15 delays. also here at sfo at the international terminal. covid-19 testing is required for many international flights that has resulted in long line of people waiting to get tested before they can get on their airplanes. now, if you're headed out to the airports over the next couple of days. keep in mind that we are expecting more cancellations. this problem is going to get worse before it gets better. call ahead. check with your airline to make sure that your flight it's still leaving on time. but for now t sfo, charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> state superintendent of public information. tony thurmond was in the east bay today, tony was helping to hand out covid test kits to
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families. children will be back in school monday. this was at the canyon middle school in castro valley last week, governor newsom announced that 6 million at-home kits would be distributed to k through 12 public and charter school students as winter break comes to a close. california. >> has been able to keep schools open at a higher rate than most of the states because of what we're doing here today. i'm using a rapid covid test and because california has really promoted the importance of getting a simply put. we want to make sure that takes a test before they come to school. and so that if someone is symptomatic that they can quarantine safely. we can keep the rest of the school community safe. we can continue to support keeping our schools open. >> school districts all over the bay area say they will continue masking protocols. things like daily health screenings and they'll continue to push for everybody
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to get vaccinated and get a booster shot. since the emergence of the omicron variant. doctors say it appears to be less severe than other variants. now they think they know why studies are showing that omicron mainly affects the upper airway. that means the nose, the throat, the windpipe so it's seemingly spares the lungs and that's where other variants often did the most damage. doctors say it's because the virus lives primarily in the upper airway and that explains why it is a more easily transmissible as droplets have a better chance of being expelled into the air and in countering new hosts. in national news. a huge wildfire has destroyed at close to 600 homes in colorado forcing thousands of people to evacuate. it has been happening in boulder county words believed downed power lines triggered this fire last night. winds clocking in at more than a 100 miles an hour.
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fed the fire and several heavily populated neighborhoods. at least 7 people have been injured. but there were no immediate reports of deaths or anyone missing. >> here in the bay area. we're getting a break from the rain. we're actually looking at blue skies over the golden gate bridge. that's kind of a nice break, but it's also pretty chilly. >> let's turn things over abry ser rodrik us for the new year's forecast mabrisa. yeah. chilly is going to be the key. we're not just tonight at midnight temperatures going to range anywhere from the mid 30's for our inland valleys. >> mid 40's along the coast with temperatures 5 to 10 degrees below average all weekend long. but first let's turn to what's happening in colorado. unfortunately, this winter storm arriving today. much needed yesterday. we're going to see upwards of 8 inches of snow for the boulder county area from now. >> through saturday. still finally going to see relief for firefighters and those having to evacuate. but we are expecting to see, though
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closer to home in the bay area to a lot of sunshine mix of sun and clouds throughout the weekend. but it's an absolutely spectacular day to head out and enjoy your new year's eve especially along the beach. hopefully you're getting it taking advantage of a walk or hike, especially those of you along our beaches going to bundle up there because we're tracking chilly temperatures for pacifica and half moon bay in the low 50's mid 50's, though, as you make your way into the east bay shoreline with berkeley in hayward both at 55 degrees. slightly cooler, though, for dublin and livermore at 52 degrees as a san jose and temperatures widespread mid 50's. but san anselmo currently at 52 degrees for your new year's eve. we are going to see the return of the king tides this weekend. that's why we have a coastal flood advisory going to go into effect early saturday morning through monday morning. mainly around the low lying areas around the bay area shoreline high tide times as high as 7 feet starting at around 9.30. for your saturday
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morning with the lowest low tide by saturday afternoon. but taking a look ahead at your weekend outlook. it's going to stay sunny but cool with showers arriving early this upcoming week. details in my full forecast in just a few minutes. catherine, back to you. >> thank braces sees some. and coming up, could there be light at the end of the tunnel, the tools that health experts say we should be leaning on to fight the pandemic. and it's a new year. also high bar owners are not so happy with the new to go cocktail law. that takes effect of the start of the new year. and yet another smash-and-grab robbery in san francisco. but this time a beloved family pet was taken. we've got details after
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limited availability in select areas. was anything but a vacation for one family after their beloved cat was stolen from their car. that couple says they've been visiting the city. >> and became the victim of a smash-and-grab. now they are desperately looking for their pet kron four's. gayle ong has the story. >> so heartbreaking cesar granados and his wife frozen in their tracks as they approach their suv. the back passenger window shattered a moment later, discovering the unthinkable. she was gone. their one year-old cat meat a loose. i'm missing. it was a cold winter night and we know we decided to keep, you know, we didn't want. >> kerry the a cousin of the
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picker doesn't provide much shelter from the cold. so we decided to keep her warm and cozy inside of the vehicle. and within plan to take much time outside. and then at the same time we put of dark blankets over her to keep her more because he and at the same time concealed or. >> the couple from anaheim had just arrived in san francisco on a holiday getaway. the thief striking while their suv was parked at the la marque street parking garage on molton street and the city's cow hollow neighborhood. it's been 10 days and their cats still nowhere to be found. >> it is possible that if the council you know, not of any use for them to released returned to the streets which is terrible bit counts. you know, they have a great instinct up hiding. so. she may be still hiding. help. there. >> granados rescued mean a loose 4 months old and says that she's been their travel companion ever sense donors printed and posted around 200 fires and spoke to neighbors in the area and notify local
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animal shelters me knows that is not microchipped, but they ope someone will see her picture and recogniztd her. and i hope someone. >> pointer and her back to us. >> the owners filed a police report and are offering a cash reward for anyone who returns their cat reporting from san francisco. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> napa police are looking for a man they say stole narcotics from a cbs store. they have released surveillance photos of the suspect. this happened wednesday night about 9.30 at the corner of trying to us and jefferson police say that man jumped the counter and the pharmacy and might have had a gun. he demanded access to the safe were narcotics are kept before leaving in a dark colored sedan. happening tonight. chp maximum enforcement begins at 00:00pm tonight lasting until late sunday evening. officers will be looking for any signs of impaired drivers. also anyone
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a speeding or not wearing a seatbelt. the chp says 56 people died in crashes during last year's new year's eve. most of them had not been wearing a seatbelt. all right. time for another look at the forecast as we look live over downtown san francisco kron for meteorologists debris. sarah rodriguez is here and the bridge. so we better bundle up. i guess if we're going up tonight yeah, definitely dress in layers. grab that fake or cau because we're certainly going to need it tonight. >> so far national weather service holding back on issuing any freeze warnings that could be the possibility, though. tonight and even lasting through saturday night into sunday morning as well. live look outside golden gate bridge. a lot of sunshine out there. it is a chilly day, though. so don't let that sun glare full you. we're tracking right now with the radar for not even seeing any high clouds. really they will increase throughout the day on saturday bringing us a mix of
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sun and clouds. but temperatures pretty uniform. low 50's along the coast mid 50's throughout the east bay shoreline. but we're still all well below average. we should be in the mid to upper 50's this time of year right now, berkeley, 54 degrees. those of you a nap in the mid-fifties with of allay at 53 degrees in downtown san francisco. also in the mid-fifties at 53 degrees and wind tracker for we are seeing noticeable wind chill out there right now making temperatures feel cooler because of sustained winds, 20 miles per hour. less. the breezy us to over downtown san francisco and overnight lows tonight, we could dip into the upper 20's for coolest inland valleys specifically for those of you in the north bay santa rosa 29 degrees. so bone chilling temperatures there. widespread low to mid and upper 30's everywhere else downtown san francisco 38 degrees 37 for those of you in hayward with low 30's for livermore mountain view and san jose
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cooling down to 34 degrees. and it's because of the overnight lows tonight that our daytime highs also going to plunge as well. mid 40's to low 50's. that's going to be the range easily 5 to 10 degrees below average 47 degrees for those of you in livermore. but a milder 52 degrees in redwood city and hayward san jose as well. so from coastal valleys that ay e- trend going to continue all weekend long until that cloud cover bringing a slight scattered showers arrives next week warming up our overnight lows and daytime highs to near average starting the middle of this upcoming week. back to you. catherine, thank and as my breezes telling us, it will be cold over the next few days. several warming centers are being set up across the bay area. >> and san francisco shelter opened at the gene friend recreation center. 6 street. it will be open. 24 hours a day through sunday in oakland, a warming center opened today at the saint vincent depaul
3:21 pm
community center and shelter on san pablo avenue. that's going to stay open through monday morning in the north bay, city of santa rosa is joining up with catholic charities to open a center on wilson street and that that will be open every night from 08:00pm until 7 in the morning now through sunday. and you can find details of all of that on kron 4 dot com. and kron four's teaming up with the souper bowl of caring to help support local food if you like to donate, you can scan qr code on your screen right. x and y e donate to 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, you can also visit tackle hunger dot org and pick a local charity to help. >> still ahead, a light at the end of the tunnel maybe tools, but health experts say we should be leaning on to fight covid in 2022 and we'd like to see how you're celebrating the new year. even if you're staying at home post your photos on social media. use
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the hashtag and white. the life. we'll share them on our website. kron 4 dot com. we'll be right ba
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>> while we face a surge in new covid cases. a lot of infectious disease. experts say they are still optimistic the 2022 will be a better year and a slew stuart a reports. some say the keys to beating covid are already here. >> it was one year ago when we
3:25 pm
got a look inside north shore university health system's covid icu or pulmonary and critical care doctors respiratory therapists and nurses handle the heavy lifting gear we just catch it so early and in covid and now it's looking traditionally covid or is it something at the time, about 20 beds were occupied on the unit are volumes are not quite as bad as they were last year. their numbers. >> of positive cases are high, but the numbers of of are severely ill patients. thankfully of bin lower and that's been attributed almost exclusively to the vaccine. still, the prognosis for patient on a ventilator remains much. the same. the overwhelming majority of them are unvaccinated. once you're in the icu and once you get on a ventilator that mortality has not really changed. so we have a you know, all of our treatment protocols. >> and not move the needle significant. so i i think the real emphasis for everyone. this just to prevent that
3:26 pm
situation from occurring in the first place. on the way to do that is to be vaccinated. and if you're vaccinated to get busy. we're getting busier. the count is up to 90 plus covid patients at rush university medical center that's compared to the facility's all-time high of a 189. >> during the early stages of the pandemic. >> we're in a better place than that because we do know what does work. >> there are multiple therapies, blood thinners monoclonal antibodies immune modulators and steroids help patients pull through covid and now the hope is to new antiviral pills will keep those at increased risk for severe disease. >> out of the hospital. all those measures help incrementally none have been real game changer years. but you know, it's a you know, it's a disease of increments and everything you can do. hopefully contributes to helping some people get yet. doctors say they're often asked by patients and their families to administer unproven it get it can get very contentious. sure.
3:27 pm
>> we had one of our physicians was a actually a family offered a bribe him with cash to give someone ivermectin. >> you know, of course he refused to do that. it. >> would be inappropriate to me when i know that there is a medication that does work to you something that does. and as we enter another pandemic year a simple message. it's been a long year. it's been a hard year. >> and there's certainly an amount of burnout involved. but i think we're doing pretty well. take care of yourselves and each vaccinate, not just for yourself but for all the. >> other people around that was looted a door to a report on >> coming up at new year's. meantime, new bridge tolls. unfortunately, the bay area bridges that are bumping up toes in 2022 and tv's very lovable betty white. she has died at the age of 99. we're going to take a look back at her amazing career. >> and this year is going to
3:28 pm
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>> a big story this friday comedy icon betty white has died at the age of 99. sam rubin brings us a look at her life and legacy. >> you
3:31 pm
>> that he why didn't just get better with age. she got funnier and raj year. >> i have loved pink's hot dogs for ever and ever. so when they said they were going well, see him when they >> do you think you can get away with it 80 by wooden road or at that he was born in illinois. 1922, or family moved to los angeles during the great depression. >> after graduating from beverly hills high school, but he began performing on radio and the experimental new medium of television, government. is of the month soon after she became one of the first bona fide tv stars. she acted in produced the hit 1950 show life with elizabeth which earned her the first of more than half a dozen emmy awards in 1952. she then moved on to star in date with the angels. all
3:32 pm
>> you in the 1970's white was introduced to a new generation of fans with her emmy winning run. >> on the mary tyler moore show and que me and then stick a stock first for the fact that we love each other. we have always gotten along. >> just think of one of those shows where we don't speak been any fun at the age of 63 white landed. one of her biggest career breaks starring on the hit. nbc show the golden girls. thank you. from the show earned white another emmy and 2 golden globe nominations and introduced her to yet another new generation of things. >> i hate doing most after a trying to find your underwear in the big >> after story a popular snickers commercial fans launched a facebook campaign to get her to host saturday night live in 2010 it worked.
3:33 pm
and she became the oldest and one of the best hosts in snl history. >> campaign to get me to host saturday night live. i didn't know what facebook and know that i do know what it is. i have to say it sounds like a huge waste of >> white parlayed that hosting gig into a starring role in the tv land show hot in cleveland. which one or another and the and to sag awards. i am now in addition to acting that he has served as the ambassador for animal rights. donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to the la zoo, perhaps the only thing she enjoyed more than helping animals was being in front of the camera. and when i asked her what kept her going after 8 decades in hollywood. she said it was the internal joy and gratefulness for her career. i've been around so long that can't get rid of 3 years is a long time would live or green.
3:34 pm
>> that 90 years old and still be. privilege to be asked to do stuff. and i i am i don't take it for granted. a taste. every one of them. >> happening drivers are going to have to shell out more to drive on bay area bridges, bridge tolls suffer. most vehicles going up a dollar from $6 to $7. the golden gates already more expense of 8 or 9 depending on whether you have fast track this new hike applies to the bay bridges, antioch bridge that the nation martinez bridge turkey in a system bart and richmond sandra fell and the san mateo hayward bridge. it is the second of 3 one dollar increase is approved by state lawmakers and 2017 and passed by voters in 2018. during the
3:35 pm
pandemic cocktails to go. that was a big hit for local bars and restaurants and tomorrow a new laws taking effect making that official. the problem is the law and the current form might not be what was expected or hope for kron four's dan thorn explains. >> over the last 2 years to go cocktails, offered relief to bars and restaurants, trying to make ends meet. governor gavin newsom signed senate bill 3.89 in october to make the idea legal beginning january first and lasting the next 5 years. the concern is the new law is much more restrictive than expected when it was originally written it read very well a lot of good intentions. it looked like you going to let us continue to do a lot of the things that is it is. >> safe business then some more rounds got involved cut all that out h it is the owner of a saloon in san francisco. >> he feels the law is making life worse for bars like his
3:36 pm
as opposed to making things better. s p 3.89 requires customers to buy a full meal to a company. any cocktails to go customers must also pick up their orders. in-person ending any ordering through 3rd party delivery apps a meal as defined by the state's alcohol beverage control is a sufficient quantity that would constitute a main course in a multiple course dining experience foods such as chicken wings, french fries prepackaged sandwiches, cups of soup or egg rolls are examples that do not meet the requirement. >> an and other bar owners. the law appeared to make selling cocktails easier for places that specialize in cocktails. now he believes it's accomplishing the opposite and he's not sure why the state, the city of san francisco have done so little to help. >> you know, our industry survive. it's it's baffling to make the law expires. december 31st, 2026 reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news.
3:37 pm
>> all right. time to take another look at the forecast as we look live a beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge and the marin headlands. let's go back to rodriguez really is time chilly, but it's of recent. yeah, especially for those of you on this sierra wanting to take advantage of all that feet of snow. >> and inches that we saw earlier this week. you're in luck. we're tracking dry. but cool. but clear conditions out there right now. and we're taking a look at that fresh powder off on the roads. finally able to make out the roadways for those of you heading in and out of this today, radar for dry clear conditions. but for those of you in the sierra could see some light snow showers. very scattered in nature. primarily impacting the western slopes of the sierra right now. but truckee and even south lake tahoe dry for now. but expect some snow flurries throughout later today into early this evening. futurecast for
3:38 pm
though, going to track a drier and clear air mass and we're going to see overnight lows tonight. dip into the teens to single digits. and with that wind chill, it could feel near 0. so make sure to bundle up, especially for those of you heading out to celebrate your new year's eve at the sierra and also specifically for south lake tahoe. we're tracking temperatures saturday and sunday in the mid to upper 30's mostly sunny skies. but it's because of that lack of blanket of storm cloud cover and relatively calm wind speed that temperatures are going to plummet to as low as a single digits for the next couple of nights by monday, though we're going to see that increase in cloud cover partly cloudy skies. overall fairly dry conditions with light snow showers, arriving later this upcoming week. catherine, back to you. >> still details on who's eligible for a boost in social seturity benefits and the new year. and details on when gas prices might finally begin to
3:39 pm
come down. kron 4 news at free will be b gas prices are
3:40 pm
3:41 pm
expected to be at their highest in the beginning of the new year. that's according to the. >> app gasbuddy prices could hit a national average of $4 a gallon by spring and could easily reach $5 in california that of course, being blamed on the pandemic and rising demand. things could get better towards the end of
3:42 pm
2022. as for bay area prices. the most expensive gas. that's a napa and $4 and $0.89 a gallon. san francisco not far behind with 4.82 in san jose. $4.75, the cheapest gas in the bay, area's and solano county. $4.66. for your money. this friday, america's senior citizens and other beneficiaries of social security can mark their calendars. the social security administration has published calendar. it shows when the country's 70 million recipients will get a promised cost of living increase. the average retiree will see monthly checks jumped $92. the typical couple will get another $154 and you can get details on the website. ssa dot gov. kron 4 celebrating remarkable women in the bay area. we need your help to share their stories. if you
3:43 pm
know a woman making a difference in her community. you can nominate her for a chance to be awarded woman of the year. you can enter your nominations and get details on kron 4 dot com. going to take a
3:44 pm
3:45 pm
>> just about 3.45 on this new year's eve. we're going to talk about the forecast as we're looking live over. >> downtown san francisco in the we're getting a bit of a break. but definitely more
3:46 pm
storms coming. yeah, but not the storms that we've been seeing for the last couple weeks and certainly. >> not going to be an atmosphere river. this is going to be light scattered showers that we're expecting early this upcoming weekend. we are tracking very dry clear conditions storms churning out in the pacific. going to give us lighter weaker storms in the week ahead. so let's track it all hour by hour because by monday afternoon going to see some light bands of rain and the showers that are heading our way. certainly going to benefit those of you in the north bay going to try to clip. but most of the san francisco peninsula but just barely by tuesday morning, the storm track looking drier and drier by the day, by wednesday, we're barely going to see any showers, if any, for those of you in the north bay santa rosa, you could see some very light scattered showers. but really just racism out at best with that drying trend continuing by
3:47 pm
thursday and into friday. we're seeing this storm arriving slower. so it is expected to impact the bay area mainly by saturday. but you could see that storm starting to arrive by saturday afternoon light to moderate rain. so these are the storms that we've been used to. but it's going to take nearly a week from now for us to see some beneficial widespread rain returning to the bay area very long. nina pattern out there right now. but it's really benefited us to start out this wet season. and we're going to see those scattered showers even continuing through sunday morning. drier conditions by sunday afternoon. still too early to see what's going to happen with the next weekend's wet weather. but from monday through thursday, we could see up to about 3 quarters of an inch of rain or less for most of the north bay specifically santa rosa but primarily about a quarter of an inch of rain or less as we make our way to the rest of the san francisco peninsula and even east bay shoreline. for those of you in the valleys in the east bay
3:48 pm
and south bay unfortunately traces amount at best. but the girls cross that that storm next saturday really does pan out. catherine, back to you. >> thank a bridge. so we have a programming reminder of the 100 33rd rose parade is a go for tomorrow morning. you can watch it live on kron 4 and kron on coverage begins at 06:00am the parade begins commercial free at 8. 2021 saw the return of more movies being played an actual theaters in front of a live audience as well as more home releases. dean richards breaks down his top 10 movies of the year. >> people become the weapon. >> daniel craig's swan song as james bond was an unusually emotional one. we also w 7 go places. we've never seen him
3:49 pm
go before. what we also saw the core of why this character's been so beloved for so long. no time to die encapsulated all of that and delivered my number 10 pick for the best of 2021 this year was definitely not friendly to musicals. there's a variety of reasons why movies like in the heights didn't perform well at the box office. they were not the quality of the movie making the performances here nor the pure joy. this movie exuded. >> i still look at it and picked. it is my number 9 movie of 2021 at number 8. it's the japanese and 3 drive. my car. i thought well written. albeit too long story about a man. >> travels to hiroshima direct the play and communities laura's love loss and grief following the death of his wife. the best documentary of the year is my 7th overall movie of the year. summer of
3:50 pm
soul exam in 1969 harlem cultural festival that was often called the black woodstock. the footage that was largely forgotten here features performances by stevie wonder, nina simone sly and the family stone gospel. great mahalia jackson. >> bb king and many, many more as a statement about a turbulent piece of american history. my 6, the favorite from the year was a filmmaking masterpiece dune the epic sci-fi adventures. the second adaptation of the 1965 freight kerber novel that takes you into the war for the deadly desert planet of or excess. it's the first part of what will be a two-part adaptation from filmmaker villeneuve. there's also director writer, paul thomas anderson's licorice pizza a 70 said coming of age drama comedy starring cooper hoffman, the son of the late philip seymour hoffman and singer alana haim as a 15 year-old in 25
3:51 pm
year-old respectively in a flirtation romance. it's my 5th favorite of the year. >> you're doing mixed up with our at number 4. it's the netflix western drama. the power of the benedict cumberbatch kirsten dunst and newcomer kodi smit-mcphee star in the story about a domineering charismatic rancher, which is a war of intimidation. >> and his brother's new wife and her teen son the most talked about film at festivals around the world this year is the kenneth branagh directed belfast this black and white and 3 is his semi autobiographical telling of his own upbringing, terry family and friends apart and it's the violence in the northern ireland town during the 1960's and the 1970's. it's my number 3 pick for the best of 2021. and number 2, it's the steven spielberg adaptation of the classic
3:52 pm
stage and movie musical west side story. and although this is another example of moviegoers not ready yet to go to theaters to see a movie musical. there is no denying that this is one of the film highlights of the year with its stunning cinematography a respectful, yet. fresh take on the original storyline and one great performance after another. as for the number one movie of 2021 20 me. only a spider-man. no way home breaking pandemic era. box office records. it's also shattering all expectations for the public on how thoughtful and fun of marvel superhero movie can be. i think it's the perfect example of why we love going to the movies and it is my favorite film of 2021. happy new year in chicago and dean richards. >> coming up next, somebody could be starting off the new year as a multimillionaire.
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the latest jackpot so how starti
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the new year as a multimillionaire sound tomorrow night's jackpot for the powerball has climbed to 500 million dollars this is been growing since october. 4th. the next drawing tomorrow night at 8 o'clock. you can still buy a ticket a few if you play local public transit services want to help party
3:56 pm
goers get around this new year's eve muni offering free rides tonight from 8 o'clock until 05:00am you still have to pay full fare for bart, but service is extended the last east bay bound train is scheduled for about one 30 the last no great rain through downtown san francisco set for 2.10 caltrain vta sam trends. they're all extending their service hours tonight. all right. before we wrap up 2021 hear on the news at 3. let's take a final check on the weather with yeah. let's take a look at your new year's eve midnight forecast in the bay area for most of our inland valleys cooling down into the mid 30's. >> mid 40's along the coast slightly milder there. but it's going to be a downright chilly night. ladies, i know you want to dress to impress. but please grab the thicker coat before you head out the door because we're going to see temperatures near freezing not only along the coast but especially for our inland
3:57 pm
valleys and for your new year's day as we start out 2022 it is going to be a noticeably cooler day. widespread mid 40's to low 50's for your afternoon high. so 5 to 10 degrees below average. but it's going to be the chilly overnight lows. that's going to be the talker in the bay area below freezing for santa rose at 29 degrees widespread low to mid and upper 30's everywhere make sure to dress to impress. but let's have a fun and safe new year's. back to you. catherine. happy new year. happy new a brace up. >> and that's it for kron. 4 news at 3. i'm catherine heenan. thank you for joining at 5.
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>> dr. phil: from all of us at "dr. phil"... >> let's have a great 2022. >> happy new year! >> today on "dr. phil"... >> dr. phil: he's pointing the gun at you. >> i'm so scary right, i always beat you right? >> dr. phil: this is in front of the child. this is child abuse. to speak they're going to be looking at me like i'm a piece of. i don't trust females. >> you should lose him. >> dr. phil: why can you not look at her when she's talking to you? >> because she's right. >> dr. phil: let's do it. >> here we go. >> this is a safe space to talk about hard things. standby, we will count you down. today's going to be a chan


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