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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  December 24, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PST

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well, welcome back to the kron 4 morning news here on this christmas eve were filled with so much holiday cheer and a lot of joy here and we are very grateful for you. another thing, though. you've got to keep in mind slick conditions. and i see john, you're ready to us the forecast. but we also have a little holiday spirit going on there with. yeah. >> i know you've got to keep this pier going even on the radius of mornings. so we've got that high on. you've got the red on, which is a very good color. and we're just embrace it at this morning. and arias got the christmas ads. yeah, does. stay tuned for that. we are looking outside conditions today that will eventually clear out. but it is a pretty wet morning to take a little slower if you
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must leave these next couple of hours. if you can wait a little bit later on. you won't regret it. it's so much nicer out past 07:00am is when we're going to see some sunshine returning for a lot of the bay area and some drying conditions well into the afternoon. so we are getting a nice christmas eve break from some of our less than ideal travel weather. your view outside at san francisco right now is definitely great. some low clouds and some rainfall continues across the region now for north bay neighbors up in sonoma and napa counties. you've already dried out and you're going to stay that way. for the most part, we're still seeing showers working their way into moran and san francisco and then especially into solano and contra costa county. some of our heaviest of rainfall right now in eastern portions of solano county, right over the golden gate bridge. you've got this pocket of rainfall right there. as you empty out on into marine county itself. so that is the spot right there that is still making for some wet conditions. also in the san mateo pretty a heavy pocket of rainfall about to
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work its way off the bay on into hayward and a little bit further south from there. even san jose's got a pocket of heavy rainfall from san jose alum rock on up to milpitas the heaviest of showers, though, are in the santa cruz mountains as well as in the blows east of san jose. some good news for the sierra nevada snow level has fallen a lot since yesterday. that's not good news for travel, but it is great news for snowpack building throughout the course of the morning we'll continue to see some showers as a promise just after 07:00am will really start to see some clearing for most of the bay. after that only grows clear through the noon hour on into the afternoon. beautiful, sunny day ahead of us with lot of chances to get back outside do some last-minute shopping aaron's or of course, a last-minute travels. if you wanted to head up into the sierra the time to has passed as far as ideal conditions goes. definitely. don't forget those chains and prepare for some really snowpack conditions at this point. now, tomorrow morning we will see the resurgence of some heavy rainfall right in the middle of your christmas morning. so
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as you're opening presents with the kids. you may be hearing some of that pitter patter on the windows, not just pitter patter but some pretty heavy rain at times. we will see some clearing towards late afternoon on christmas followed by even more rainfall and even some upper elevation snowfall in the bay area saturday night leading into sunday. now as far as temperatures go. right now, we are colder than we were yesterday. livermore. and brett, what are down in the 40's. same for you in petaluma cloverdale say only 9 bodega bay. so this is good. we actually needed to cool things down a little bit for the purpose of snowpack building. that's exactly what we're starting to do so becomes more of a wintry system. now temperatures today will be in the low to mid 50's for your highs later on. >> rain on. thank you for that. right in court madeira near san clemente drive and tim applies drive. you have some roadway flooding there. also roadway flying in the south bay's a story on ramp to northbound want to one 82 northbound to 80. that is also in san jose where we're seeing that roadway flooding. so be careful and mindful as you're
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traveling heading from the east by into the city. slick conditions on your drive this morning. take it easy in if you encounter any roadway flooding that just looks too high. don't drive through it. san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula. very slick conditions. there. about a 40 minute drive for you this morning. heading out of richmond across towards san rafale. we're looking at slick conditions as well. so people are taking it easy this morning as traveling golden gate bridge about a 23 minute drive from the north bay into the city. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up. now let's switch gears. so we've been talking about coronavirus and in marion county, public health officials are seeing the start of a surge in cases less than one week after that first case of the omicron variant was detected there. the more contagious omicron variant is expected to soon to become the dominant strain and marin county. a 112 new cases were reported on tuesday alone. that's already more than the highest case count during the
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summer surge driven by the delta variant, which was 86 doctor matt willis. he's with the moraine county. says that it is expected with this more infectious variant. he advises the key holiday parties to a small group. he wants people to do rapid tests. a day of the event wear a mask. get a booster shot for added security. and when you get together with your family and friends, make sure to socially distance. >> the residents have really been differentially impacted at a higher risk. i'm in my own family, my my mother-in-law's visiting she's about a 75 my kids are high school. they had planned on going out with friends. we're going to move the last night and iaasked them not to knowing what i can say with the case counts. that just knowing that the risk is higher for potentially being affected out in the community know and knowing that she might be at higher risk of sure infected. we decided to take that step to curtail some of those things that we had planned to do out in the community over the coming days
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order to protect her knowing that she's indoors with us. and that's the kind of decision making that. i think we're all going to have to engage. and now. >> there is good news, though, during this latest covid surge. doctor, willis says vaccines booster shots of cat. many people out of the hospital. now it's not just over county. the entire bay area is bracing for a post holiday surge, although some experts say you shouldn't change your holiday plans. if you are fully vaccinated. the number of breakthrough infections from the omicron variant is raising some concerns kron four's. dan thorn has more now from contra, costa county. >> the new covid-19 variant is spreading in the bay area public health officials are worried a surge of omicron cases might follow the holiday gatherings. federal experts have warned about the new variants ability to transmit rapidly. it's really concerning the doubling time of every 2 days means we could see, you know, hundreds of thousands of cases within a
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few weeks whether that will turn into a surge of hospitalizations. >> is is yet to be seen breakthrough infections for vaccinated. people have also become more common with omicron leading to a continued push for booster shots. >> the strain might not be as severe as other covid variants. but health officials say that does not mean it should be treated lightly. even if it's less severe on then previous strains of covid. if there's a really large number of. that could still have a big impact on hospitals contra costa county health officer chris says county leaders have been meeting with partner hospitals to discuss preparations for a surge. some issues that have already come up for a lack of staff or staffing burnout and hospitals already being filled with non-covid related patients while trying to stop the spread challenges have also come up for people looking to get boosters or even tests before visiting with family contra, costa county supervisor john joya on thursday gave out 800 free
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at-home test kits after giving out 2500 earlier in the week. >> for now, health officials want people to stay vigilant and make responsible decisions to keep themselves and those around them safe. >> you're not fully vaccinated until you're boosted with this with this omicron with just 2 doses. you're not safe anymore. if you've been feeling safe because you had a peior infection. crime fiction doesn't seem to protect you against omicron so if really need to get vaccinated and boosted. >> reporting in contra, costa county. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> all because of the demand for testing appointments are now required at the contra costa county covid-19 testing locations enrichment in san ramon these addresses on your screen. the new policy is going to be in place until further notice. >> now the cdc they shorten the required isolation period for health care workers. >> who test positive for covid. the agency now says workers can return to work 7 days after testing positive is set at 10 that isolation time
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can be cut even further. if there are staffing shortages. the cdc also says health care workers who've gotten their booster shot. do not need to quarantine at all. even if they've been exposed to covid. this comes as the looming surge of covid cases is expected to put new stresses on the country's health care system. well, now the napa county sheriff's office says a body that was found appears to be that of crystal mccarthy has been missing for more than a week, a sheriff's deputy spotted a woman's body in the river near the 3rd street bridge in napa yesterday an autopsy is scheduled for next week. according to mccarthy's boyfriend who reported her missing. she was last seen near the napa river 10 days ago. police also found mccarthy's boots and other personal items near the river. jurors in the trial of former theranos founder elizabeth holmes may take a break until january holmes is accused of defrauding her investors out of hundreds of millions of
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dollars after 3 days of deliberations jurors have not yet reached a verdict. >> charges. convicted. he has g
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and we back on air.
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>> all right. well, we're back just fix the mikes. and we are talking about. >> christmas eve the day before christmas. hopefully you got all your christmas shopping done because you really don't have much time today. john, i know you've got all your things out of the way because you already started past now gifts everybody of the station which is so sweet. thank you for everybody who's left gives on my desk this morning. that's so sweet of you. we are forecast. a lot of wet conditions out there this morning. i left early. i would suggest you do the same. just because the holidays, you know, don't take the risk. leave early to get to where you need to get to today because a lot of people are still traveling. john, what's happening with the forecast right now. yeah, definitely. still a lot of travel out there i do want to say thank you as well. really quick to those who left the gifts that might just get so well because it was really sweet know. >> but yeah, back to the weather. you can see outside that we do have conditions that are very wet this morning. i would wait until after 07:00am to do a little travels as well as we are going to be looking at just a
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wet next couple of hours that's going to keep conditions out there less than ideal for your morning travels. but if you want to travel after 07:00am on up into the after late afternoon and early evening tonight, some much better weather for doing so financial district. san francisco just looking cloudy and wet those showers continue to move through north bay is our first spot to dry out sonoma and napa counties, at least for the most part, having really dried out. now we still do have moderate showers across the east bay as well as across the peninsula right here. golden gate bridge richmond center fell bridge and the bay bridge. each looking at conditions that are wet with the rainfall on them currently heavy rainfall around gilroy and morgan hill up to san jose is definitely calmed down compared to where we were earlier. sierra nevada. i'd recommend against it from this point forward. if you really want to get up there. the time has already passed snow packed roadways and at times some closures are possible. we are seeing snow really piling up on 80 this morning. can't even see the view and many of our 80 web cams. it's falling. so heavy
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currently now rainfall will continue to push on through the bay area over the next couple of hours. we see it's getting out of the region. really quickly, though, and really most of the day on friday for your christmas eve is set up to be a beautiful clear break from the rain. good for the holiday shopping and errands. i know some of us still have to take care of all that. then as we move our way into tomorrow morning. heavy rainfall makes its return to the bay area pockets of heavy rainfall draping the bay towards tomorrow morning as you're opening christmas presents. we will see on and off showers on to the remainder of the day after that snowfall in the sierra is not going anywhere as temperatures only get colder on into sunday and monday of next week or coldest temperatures cold enough that we could see some snowfall in some of our highest mountain peaks here in the bay area rainfall especially monday morning, it's going to slow you down as you possibly make your return to work that way tuesday continuing to see some showers at times as we will into wednesday have some rainfall potential too. now winter storm warnings up in the sierra nevada remain
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through sunday afternoon. we also have winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings on up to the northern portions of lake and mendocino counties, especially in those upper elevations. today's daytime hoghs will be in the 40's to 50's cooler than we have been. and your next 7 days. stay that way. if not only getting a little cooler into next week. expect today to be the biggest break from the rain tonight into tomorrow morning rainfall makes its return sunday night into monday morning. some heavy rain and snow as well. right now john, thank you that. ok, slick conditions out the air like we talked about leaving the house early is a good bet. >> heading from the east bay into the city. a little under 14 minute because of those slick conditions out there. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula definitely want to give yourself more time. as you can see, the puddles of water as you're traveling across towards the peninsula about 15 minute drive for you as you're traveling. it looks like in the south bay we also have some flooding. this is taylor street southbound. 87 looks like lanes are flooded there
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as you're traveling heading out of richmond, their view. the richmond sandra fell bridge traveling along. it will be about 11 minutes. also some other areas in the south bay looks like brokaw on ramp to southbound 80 in san jose there. some flooding the air. also have southbound 8.80, to northbound 2, 80 that's in san jose that area. we're seeing some flooding story on ramp to northbound one. oh, one. those lanes are flooded as well. and the south face overseen multiple pockets of water. definitely want to take your time and your drive. and if you think that those areas water too high to not drive through them. the golden gate bridge about a 20 minute drive traveling from the north bay into the city. we'll have more on your commute. but obviously it's a day to slow it down and leave the house early. all right. switching gears, the bay area sports. now the warriors they're getting ready for christmas day against the suns and they're also enjoying christmas eve after a win over the grizzlies while the forty-niners are still in the
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wild card race despite a loss to the tennessee titans. kron four's. kate rooney has that story. well, i guess somehow the forty-niners ended up on the naughty list because their pre-christmas matchup in tennessee. >> certainly was not. but san francisco asked for it was a short week for kyle shanahan and company against a very good injured titans squad opening drive to be corrupt below deebo samuel love that combo. samuel ruled out of the one. so no formal. they're not to worry forty-niners would capitalize to jeff wilson junior. from a yard out guest in and that made it 7. nothing niners. now the defense was great in the first happened. this one sampson cam with the sack here. the titans had only 55 yards of offense at the break. but jimmy garoppolo. but the chance to really take control of the game. misses a wide open. kyle use check in the end zone. instead just forces it to george kittle. and yeah, it's going to get picked. so golden opportunity
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gone. it was 10, nothing niners at the half. go to the 3rd quarter growth low again throws it right to him on the for his second interception of the game return it to the niners 18 yard line and the titans castor. i didn't. but there was still time less than 4 minutes left garoppolo to samuel. he splits the defense and his loose for a 56 yard gain to the titans. 6 yard line. not bad for deebo 9 receptions 5 carries and a 191 total yards in the game 2 plays later, jimmy g finds. brandon, i you for the touchdown to tie it. niners have life 1717 with 2 20 left in the game. that's a lot of time. ensuing titans possession tannehill takes off of the mill. let him run that far. 23 yard gain to the forty-niners 31 and that would set up a field goal. randy bullock from 44 yards out. yeah, that is good. just 4
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seconds left on the clock. and so it was a desperation scramble play by the forty-niners after the kickoff was well short. the titans go on to win 20 to 17. all right. meanwhile, the warriors were back at chase center after beating the kings on monday hosting the team that ended their season short of the playoffs last may, the memphis grizzlies. we'll pick up things in the 3rd quarter warriors down by one step right in the face of dillon brooks. plus is in the 3. and later in the 3rd step. with the no look pass to gary payton, the sec in gp 2 making his first warriors start. he gets a 3 of his own warriors with a close one point lead after 3 4th quarter dubs up by 3 step to otto porter junior back out to curry nothing but net. 46 points for curry threes in the game for him as well. only need 6 more to reach 3,000. can you believe that warriors win one 13 to one '04. that will do it for sports.
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>> all right. so on this holiday, if you are hungry at all like we are. we're always talking about places where you can actually eat and grab a meal to eat. and this week stein a district show you a very special restaurant with vicki liviakis. take a look. >> what makes water bar so popular besides raw oysters and shellfish this is the ambiance jain aquariums and views of the bay bridge. >> barr in san francisco is known for its oysters and great bar scene. but there's also a sweet treat that you're not going to want to jack descending on the iconic pill that you see in the movie and this is his house and it's kind of decorated with some different there. it is not your standard gingerbread house lovingly created by erica land. the restaurant's pastry chef every year. we gingerbread display and last year, sadly, the gingerbread display wasn't actually opens the public's. i kind of wanted to go all out and i put
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together huge display for the space on tim burton's nightmare before christmas and light. the court to a movie on sugar seen as a real conversation starter. i love is this halloween or is this christmas time general manager pete sicknick who sounds a lot like saint nick says it's a gingerbread house for the times and the underlying message is that there's the christmas spirit in all of us. >> jeff. erica spent countless hours on the cast of characters. all made of very it yes. >> everything this is about 98% edible. okay. but what really want to eat is any number of mouth watering seasonal deserves. this is a chocolate cream pie. >> you want to check out gender bread house. it's up until the new year going to do our best to people's spirits up there. you know, hopefully
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end this year on a positive in san francisco. vicki liviakis kron 4 news. what a unique restaurant. well, kron four's teaming up with the souper bowl of caring to help support local food charities. >> if you like to donate, you can use your phone scan that qr code on your screen or you can text in y e donate to 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, you can also visit tackle hunger dot org and pick a local charity. >> to help right back after the break.
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>> welcome back. for 55 on this christmas eve morning. hopefully that you are starting the stay on the calmer side. if you are up this early, though. i have a feeling you have a few things that you probably need to get done. here's some good news. we will see good weather today for taking care of some stuff. the bad news is it's still raining outside, but you don't to wait long fall long for that rainfall to clear its way on out where we're sitting right now. we do have dry conditions in portions of sonoma and napa counties rainfall still sitting in marine as well as over san pablo bay. the peninsula. south bay and then especially across the east bay. some of our heavier pockets of already left the picture down into the central coast around gilroy southward and out into the central valley to snow in the sierra nevada will really snarled traffic up there through the remainder of the weekend. some of our bridges are still in the midst of moderate rainfall, including the bay bridge center fell bridge as well as the golden gate bridge. so a little
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slower stretches and some pockets of heavier rainfall right around. so no free. my hayward on up towards livermore, reena. >> this story is just incredible. what you're looking at. dramatic body camera video from the aftermath of a tornado in kentucky shows the 2 babies found wrapped in blanket inside a bafta that have been thrown from a home. now, the grandmother it took them into the bathtub for safety along with blankets and the bible as the storm bore down on them. december 10th the boy's 15 month year-old kaden and 3 month year-old dallas were pulled from the rubble by deputies hours after the storm. one of them was taken to the hospital for treatment of a head injury but will be ok, both children survived and so did their grandmother. that is miraculous. coming up in
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