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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  December 23, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning. and here's a live look at this storm. it's a monster. while this is a big storm. but we're all in it together. we're all in it. feel better at all. a lot better make more reassured way now. but it's not like missouri likes it's like happiness like to help plants need this and the this all of that. it's a good and tahoe needed were good all around. we can take a little rain, just prepare for it and no one is coming where it's coming along a tear. and that's what john, that's where he comes exactly. you got to know what it's going to be here. and when you get that break from it too, because it is that busy time of year right now. so many people have travel plans shopping or errands that need to be done so in that case you really got to pay attention and this morning it's not going to be the best time for any of that. >> if you can stay at home until around noontime, then you can venture outside post
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that it will be a whole lot nicer for it. your view outside currently is showing your berkeley hills camera. with that low cloud cover and the heavy rainfall that we see working its way back into the bay right now that heavy swath of rain that has returned to the peninsula. san francisco over our bridges from the san mateo bridge on up to the bay bridge out to the east bay from hayward up to oakland in richmond really picking up out that direction. so our bridges are wet. it is windy as well. not your best morning for travels. i know not a lot of people are on the roads compared to a normal commute anyways but still take it slower. you got to slow yourself down when there's not traffic to do it for you. south bay conditions are a little calmer for the time being. but your rainfall will also pick up later on north a little bit calmer and the inland east bay is calmer for now generally this line of showers is moving to the north and east, though, so it will inundate areas like along 6.80 further out towards the car. king is in the delta here in just a matter of time. so just to prepare yourself for that for sure. as we do look at this rainfall picking up. in fact, we can track it in
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future cast right here. showers will move to the northeast. but generally slide to the south gradually through the morning. this means areas like san jose where you haven't seen the rain picking up as much as the rest of the bay area yet you've got your heavier dose of rainfall just a little bit later on this morning post noontime will really start to see signs of clearing. and then we've actually got a really nice afternoon ahead of us with some sunshine. but between those areas of sun, the isolated opportunity for some thunderstorm development too. just keep that in mind. don't get too comfortable stepping outside later on today. tonight we will see another resurgence of rain during your pre-dawn hours tomorrow during christmas eve. your longest break from the rain. in fact, we'll get a lot of sunshine on your friday. take full advantage of it because friday night into saturday. one of our heaviest of systems will be moving in. this one is going to come along with colder temperatures to that's going to be more snowfall in the sierra nevada friday night into saturday for christmas 50's for our current temperatures. it is a warm start to this day. it's
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actually going to be pretty mild afternoon to all keep you updated on those showers as we move through the morning rate as people are getting outside. they're venturing out to some really wet stuff. exactly. is really wet out there. we are seeing a couple of accidents out there. >> 1, 5.80, westbound east of grand avenue in oakland. you got another one. while highway 4 westbound at port chicago highway in concord in the south bay. we have 1, 1, 1, northbound south of 8.80, north and i'm seeing a slight delay from that to traveling from the east bay into the city about 13 minutes for you. the let's head over look at the san mateo bridge because we have an accident on the bridge. now 92 westbound at. right at the high rise. so that is slowing us down a little bit as you're heading across towards the peninsula. you definitely want to drive a little slower and take it easy for you. there. also, let's check out the richmond sandra fell bridge as you're heading out of richmond across towards san rafale. you can see all those slick conditions along the bridge. so about i would say a 13 minute drive for you. the golden gate bridge traveling from the north bay into the city about 23
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minutes. take it slow and easy as you travel a lot more weather and traffic coming up. for now, let's talk about the sky. all weather to the airport do because these are big travel days. >> for the christmas vacations well, we see rain at sfo. you know what that means exactly. delays delays all over the place. and there are some actually this morning. unfortunately, look at this san francisco is looking at 10 cancellations and 29 delays. all i got. should you like doubled in the last half hour last time we checked. so those are stacking up. san jose cancellations. neither is oakland, but they have delays. so it's something to keep in mind and as will tran knows, i like to call sfo the happiest place on earth because it's never the happiest place on earth. and then he had covid and you know, the in the holidays and all of that and everybody is concerned. so let's go out, you will. and now he is in oakland this
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morning taking a line that oakland is truly the happiest they have his airport on earth. i love oakland. i love the look >> oakland is strategically place because they say a lot of the bay area employers are based in the east bay at least more than half of them. so it's perfect and most of the population is in the east bay. if you want to break it down. so this is great for so many people and if you're coming now, guess what, you dodged a bullet because let me show you some video that we shot about 30 minutes ago, guys, look at the long lines just to get through the checkpoint. and believe me, it's a victory even to get to this location because as soon as you walk in, if you ever been to oakland international. you know where baggage claim is. so the line, ashley stretched all the way back to baggage claim and then snaked around almost outside to drop off locations. that's how bad it was as so many people are
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traveling. this is as close as we are going to see to 2019 levels. they expect about 90% of 2019 levels. 375,000 people from now until january 2nd will pass through oakland international and if the long lines don't scare you enough. well, there's on the crime. i've got a chance to talk to a woman heading to see her daughter. that is on her mind. of course i am worry about was about the council. going to a possible fix. this and i spoke to my daughter just you know, before i went to sleep. >> and she said that that was really bad and but you're going anyway. regardless you know that. you know, the stuff like >> ok. so doctor fauci says as long as you're vaccinated and you're in that bubble and
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they're vaccinated. you should be okay. i mean, there's a chance always that you could come down with something. but at least you put on that body armor, so to speak, to do everything that you can as far as travel across the country. they expect about a 109 million people to travel from now until january 2nd across the country and that is that 92%. what we saw since 2019. so this is pre pandemic. if you're coming down. now, i got to tell you. this might be a delight because i'm not complaining were inside we're dry outside. the weather is so frightful but inside saw what? and we like the delightful outfit that you have underneath. >> when you get to go full santa claus. and are you working tomorrow. >> yeah. i'm working just the one people getting triggered by seeing an asian santa has a lot of people. let's face it, they will get triggered less.
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the santa was every color. is black in my home. sure well, celebrated like guns. >> another big story that we're following is in the north bay. we've all been talking about covid and in marion county. the thing everybody is going to gather for the holidays. they've already seen omicron and now they're thinking it's going to really rock exactly. it's been scary for a lot of people, kron 4 barco has been following that tracking the numbers. how are you this morning? camilla. well, daria rain on the county's public health officer says that we should assume that every one of these covid cases is most likely due to omicron because it's spreading. >> so fast. now. the county reported a 112 new covid cases on tuesday alone. and that's the highest number of cases in one day since january in moraine county. the county county's public health officer doctor matt willis is reminding people to not let your guard down. he says that the omicron variant is taking
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over as the dominant strain in marine county as it is in other parts of the world county officials are starting to see a surge mark on the kron cases just less than a week after the county detected its first case, the person travel to the east coast. they were fully vaccinated, but they had not received a booster shot. the omicron variant is known to be highly transmissible and that's why county officials say that the variant could pose as a wrist during the holiday season with people gathering. so will is distressing to practice covid safety when leaving your home or inviting people over christmas eve. it's tomorrow less than 24 hours a day and many people are going to be getting together and hosting. and there's a few you can have fun and enjoy the company and also stay safe. take a look at your screen. these are some tips from county officials limit the party to people who are fully vaccinated and boosted keep the party small.
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if you're gathering do it outside or inside where there is good ventilation write down the name of people who are attending the party just in case there is a covid outbreak. keep the indoor activities to a minimum and ask your attendees to take a covid test that but the message that we have all been hearing from health experts is to get vaccinated, get boosted and many clinics and vaccination sites are going to be closed because of the holidays. but if you're in moraine county officials are offering covid shots at the north bay mall today that site opens at 09:00am and those shots will be offered on a first come first served basis iranian back to you. thanks a and emery county, by the way, the long lines for because every time you get because that if you get a sniffle like i got to know i just want to be sure. i want to. >> you know, and then you get the test and then they say but the great thing is the lady who put the thing on my like a butterfly. it she was amazing. yeah. and it's no flu. it's no
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covid. it's no nothing. so what you can do is worth the wait, though. that yeah. hey, liz covid-19 cases on the rise and we talked about here in california, governor gavin newsom says the state is also focused on expanding access to testing are talked about how long the lines are on newsom says the state is going also provide up to 2 covid test all public kindergarten through 12th grade students before they head back to class. just remember marine county give them out and it wasn't always you that everywhere, right eye. so now newsom is let's do it statewide as state leaders are committed to keeping schools open. so they're doing this by trying to make sure all the kids there are tested. cannot impress upon you more how important it is to keep our schools open and how important it is to get our kids tested. >> vaccinated and continuing our mask requirements. >> newsom also announced the state's 2.5 million health care workers face a new state mandate. the governor says all
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workers are going to require to have their booster shots by february. 1st. a lot of people in the bay area struggling to find those at home i told you about, you know, i got a couple for thanksgiving and now they're out of the stores cvs and walgreens. supervisor in contra, costa county is doing his part by giving them making it easy. john boyer represents west contra costa county. and this week his office in el serino started handing out those covid tests that you can take home with you for free and word got out and look at the lines but you know what? but i mean, it's better than driving around town looking for these covid test and the pay. and i think it was about 24 bucks, the 12 bucks each. so he's getting for free and the supervisor is hoping that, you know, that what they last and that they'll keep doing this because he wishes there were more widely available. >> county test sites are overloaded as well, which is seeing a major increase demand for testing we're seeing an
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overwhelming response people wanted to get tested. so we're getting home test kits we've distributed over the last 2 days around 2500 cast. >> they're just going to do their best to keep up with supply because the demand sure is out there and if if you you know, even if you don't need the test. now. ray what i yes. so get and keep it home and then hold on. just make it yes, good. that's good. >> yeah, i say if you can see one in the story probably just get it, especially because you don't out too much his next few days anyways so limit your to those drier hours like we'll see this afternoon. this morning. it is wet out there. if you don't have to go outside this morning. still bother with it. we get the heavy rain on the peninsula. san francisco, north bay as well as the golden gate bridge bay bridge richmond center fell bridge all through the east bay. watch for those puddles spots of water on roads as this rain
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>> 6.16 right now. and while the storm is a monster she was coming down pretty hard outside right now because muster make it sound like it's bad. it's ounce big. okay. okay. good because yeah. i'm not afraid of it. i won't melt or anything. yeah. well, you it kind of looks like a monster too. when you look at it on the radar. the green. yeah, oh, yeah. and the abominable snowman out with the blue. that is a little
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less abominable. this time around. yeah, you'd like to see more of that blue. but. >> it's a warm system. so this is your look at who right now and it's a mix of rain and snow. much as we saw yesterday, unfortunately, this is helping to melt a little bit of the snow pack that we've achieved the past few weeks off a tahoe. but here's the good news that may be a cold warm start to the storm. but things will be cooling down in the forecast ahead of us specially into next week. that's when we're going to really stack up some snowfall in the sierra. as for the bay this morning. look at this. we got a line of showers stretching from san francisco on up through sacramento north bay conditions. some of our lightest rainfall continued into the core of the bay area, though, from brentwood in antioch on over to concord walnut creek down 24 into richmond, oakland and berkeley eventually on to the peninsula. wit san francisco on up into marine county down on to the peninsula itself. we are seeing some of those pockets of heavier rainfall. this is resulting in some standing water on roadways. so you want to take it a little
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bit slower out there. the mountains above san jose are getting some upslope and that's the heavier rainfall that you're seeing right now right around mount hamilton san jose itself actually on the calmer side multiple system set to drop into the bay area. it's really one after the dropping into the bay these next several days. breaks from the rain and then rainfall will pick up this morning. certainly not a break from it. we have the heavy rain across the bay area. tell around noontime today after which point you actually get some sunshine and there but don't get too comfortable chance of thunderstorm development into the afternoon is very possible that could result in an uptick in rainfall in a very short amount of time without a lot of warning. so be ready for it tomorrow morning. some pre-dawn showers that won't last very long at all. this will actually be followed by some nice clearing going on your christmas eve afternoon. our longest break from the rainfall will be for mid morning tomorrow all the way into mid afternoon with some sunshine in there, too. so do enjoy that get that shopping done any sort of travel. you need to get done as tomorrow night into christmas day on
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saturday rainfall and snowfall the for that matter. really pushes back in this time around cold enough that we're really going to start to see snowfall piling up in the sierra nevada and it's going to continue to be that way through sunday. monday, tuesday, even possibly into wednesday of next week ahead of this. we already have winter storm warnings in effect for to 8 feet of snowfall piling up in those highest elevations in the sierra. now, as far as temperatures go today. it's another mild one upper 50's to low 60's. that's why it's not really the most wintry of storms just yet. but temperatures do cool down pretty significantly into next week and that will even allow for maybe some snowfall in our highest bay area peaks like mount tam mount hamilton, possibly even a top twin peaks towards the middle of next week. rainfall at its heaviest this morning again, friday night into saturday and likely some more heavy rainfall next week. reyna john, thank for that. right. let's start in the in the south bay when they will >> accidents. one. oh, one northbound at cochran rolled out in morgan hill and then
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san jose want to one north down south of 8.80, north. you're looking at the bay bridge right now traveling from the east bay into the city to take about 14 minutes. let's go ahead and look at the san mateo bridge where there is an accident on the westbound side of the bridge there near the high rise. so as you're traveling, we are seeing delays about a 20 2 minute drive for you here down in mountain view northbound south that boulevard. there is an accident. there on richmond. looking at that commute about 13 minutes heading across or sandra fell 5.80, westbound east of grand avenue in oakland. you got an accident along there. and in pleasant hill said city southbound north of oak park boulevard. an accident. there. 20 minutes for you as you're traveling from the north bay into the city. still take it easy because conditions are slick and wet will have more weather and traffic coming up. but for now, let's get back to our national story. yes, families are preparing to gather for the holidays. health officials are worried about covid. doctors are blaming the omicron variant for the new surge we're seeing
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in the hospital. exactly. anna wiernicki joins us live from dc with the latest on how health officials are responding to the search. good morning, anna. good morning. well, us health regulators announced yesterday that the first pill against covid-19. >> has been authorized to now this we did milestone comes as the omicron variant continues to spread and the rapid rate. >> the fda has given its stamp of approval on the first antiviral pill to treat covid-19 the very good news is that we have a product now that has about a 90% efficacy in preventing hospitalization. white house chief medical advisor doctor anthony fauci says pfizer's pill is a huge step in the fight against covid americans can take the pill at home before they get sick enough to be hospitalized. white house press secretary jen psaki says the administration has pre purchased 10 million doses of the pill in a 5 billion dollar deal and will be prepared to
6:22 am
distribute as and another of our treatment options around the country as soon as supply is ready. but white house covid-19 response coordinator jeff zients says making the pill takes time roughly 6 to 8 months and now that the phils authorize will have to shuns to explore how we can help them improve their manufacturing capacity even further. >> by providing any resources needed wednesday's authorization comes at a critical time as hospitals are battling a new wave of covid this christmas fueled by the highly transmissible omicron variant and while the pill is expected to help reduce hospitalizations cdc director doctor rochelle walensky says vaccines still remain the first line of defense to fight covid to be very clear. our recommendations are to get this debt. >> now the cdc still needs to give their final stamp of approval. but the white house says once that happens and they're prepared to start distributing the pills to states immediately for now
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live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. all right. thanks, anna. >> it's 6.22 and coming up, more storm coverage for you. we're keeping our eye on this one with stormtracker 4. can see the radar showing heavy downpours now, if you live in the areas where you see yellow and red. it is really coming down. if you wait a little bit of my tees off so looks like san francisco's get hit re ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ ho. ho. ho. it's santa. we got a problem.
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♪ ho! ho! ho!
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6 25 and in bay, the search is underway for a nap. a woman who's been missing for more than a week now. 37 year-old crystal mccarthy. >> was seen last on december 13th police found her boots and other personal items in downtown napa near the river. she was reported missing by her boyfriend. he says they had dinner together and later spoke by phone from his job the night that she went missing. >> got home about midnight. when i got home she wasn't there. i gave her phone ring and didn't answer tried calling phone a bunch, nothing ever got more than 2 days that contacting somebody at this >> we're considering foul play at this point, given the information that we have. >> anyone with information is asked to contact the napa police. >> take a look at this. authorities have recovered a stolen big rig full of merchandise and fairfield. chp
6:27 am
says officers spotted a stolen tractor trailer on sunday morning heading westbound on. i 80 at travis boulevard. will it eventually stopped at the core. delia vehicle enforcement facility in officers found more than $250,000 worth of stolen cargo, including wine and alcohol. well, 30 year-old ronald stephens of clyde in contra, costa county was booked into jail on multiple felony charges. >> it's 6.27, and coming up, more team coverage of the rain that you can see here in stormtracker 4, all lit up with yellow and that means real heavy rain. we're going to take a peek at your
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>> 6.29 right now and take peek at we can see the transmitter tower has a little bit of clouds over it. so it's foggy rainy going to take a little longer to roll out of bed and get go yeah. but like we were talking about how united ready when we get here. so the smartest thing to do is you can't. yeah. just don't even brush your teeth. don't even take a shower just want to go and don't come to our work your work like fired. >> reyna told me not to shower haha everything else do that work was you get little moment from brown. chris as but it is going i mean, whatever you do this morning. you're going to
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get. well, as soon as you get it's true. it's mother nature brings themselves with yet. and then, you know, to shower in the actual shower and it saves water too. >> just make sure it's a concealed space we are in the midst of conditions out there that are very wet all across the bay area. we're very appreciative of this rainfall for sure. but it is coming at a time when we've got a lot to do between travel shopping isn't errands that we have to get done. >> your view outside a half moon. bay does look, rainy still very dark to get really see the rain much at this moment. heaviest of rainfall is sitting right in marine county over the richmond center fell bridge into the east bay shoreline right on over the peninsula to from san francisco down through the airport. the showers are generally moving inland. so we have seen rainfall picking up for areas like conquered on over towards benicia brentwood and oakley eventually out to the central valley to the south has been a little quieter thus far today, but it's not going to stay that way. rainfall will pick up for you later on this morning. so heavy areas of rainfall throughout the course of the
6:32 am
morning by noontime. we should see some clearing and even some sunshine towards the afternoon. watch for isolated afternoon thunderstorms, though, tomorrow morning during pre-dawn hours, a resurgence of rainfall. you can see on radar right there before longest break from the rain on christmas eve. that's tomorrow from mid morning on until middle of afternoon. best travel weather, best errands and shopping weather, too. so take advantage of that on christmas eve christmas eve night into christmas day is going to be really wet and a little bit colder. as for current temperatures, it's really mild 50's for almost all of the bay area right now hayward and fremont as well as livermore at 56 degrees. >> john, thank you for that. right. let's get a look at your wet commute as you're heading from the east bay into the city. although traffic is pretty light. you still have a number of accidents issues out there. there is an accident on the san mateo bridge. 92 westbound at the high rise still so you're looking at about a 25 minute drive for you this morning in the south bay to 80 northbound south of
6:33 am
lee avenue. and you have an accident there scene at this hour. another one along a northbound 8th avenue. richmond center fell bridge traveling across out of richmond about a 40 minute drive because of the wet conditions and the golden gate bridge. i'd say about 25 minutes because you want to take your time and drive slow because conditions are slick all right. and if you're going to be on the roads and be on the bay area and flying. well, you're going to be looking at delays. >> and cancellations, at least if you're going to sfo, it's messy out there. exactly. we're talking about how many delays we've been tracking that. okay. daria, last time we checked. i remember it was in the 20's. yeah. now, look, it. 35 delays at sfo and 11 cancelations. you don't want to be surprised and show up and go no flight. a san jose and oakland don't have any cancellations, but they do have a couple of delays actually, those delays have gone down. so that's good news. there. and kron four's will tran has been following the holiday travel spreading a little cheer at the airports this morning and how are
6:34 am
people the travels, their and ucla. some guys pointing at the after he saw me do him love yeah. you know what oakland news more durable than sfo. i mean, i can prove it. forget about the numbers. i will show you. >> that things are moving along because look at this, the lines all but dissipated to get to the tsa checkpoint. and on the other side, that's the ticket counter and southwest tends to be a little bit more popular than some of the other airlines here at oakland international and the lines they're not too bad as well. so despite the rain and probably poor visibility for the pilots. they are taking off. let me show you some video. however, if you're coming down, i would say from now maybe the 90 minutes or so. you dodged a major bullet because this is what a lot of people saw at around 5 o'clock in the morning when so many people saw the long lines just wrap around baggage claim and
6:35 am
that is. >> 50 yards or so probably from the tsa checkpoint. so that's how bad it was. and they have the numbers to say it will be bad and maybe even get worse. this being the busiest day. but rain up from now until january 2nd, they expect about 375,000 people to come through oakland international. that's about 90% of 2019 levels and across the country a 109 million people. we'll be traveling during that period and that's 92% of 2019 levels. not coincidentally. that was before we heard of anything. remotely like delta variant omicron covid-19. so make sure you come here early. your biggest obstacle might not even be the line. it is all that rainfall outside. i am not complaining whatsoever. you know, the u.s. of as and may. were raised by dummies give a choice outsider here.
6:36 am
easy choice all right. thanks a lot. well. >> the other big story that we're following. san francisco restaurant. some of them are saying being vaccinated isn't good enough. you have to be boosted to enter their places. exactly. those restaurants say they want to be very careful as omicron cases continue to rise. kron four's. taylor's aqi has that story. >> in addition, a proof of vaccination. some restaurants in san francisco are now taking it a step further and requiring proof of vaccine boosters doing a really good job. this gaping the defenses of initial vaccines that we receive. >> it seemed if if the standard for us was creating a safe environment and there was a safety tool and placed in stick and we need to put that in place to keep. >> everybody in that environment state may ignore says the chef at zuni cafe on market street. >> he says the restaurant will begin checking eligible customers for their booster status on wednesday. the 29th signs are already posted on their doors and staff have
6:37 am
been calling those with future reservations to let them >> got an app at the host and the restaurant at scanned it and then it pops up the information that we need to see and not really much more than that. >> should the vaccine. you know, vaccine been date that person's name and then we just have to see d and then that could become in it's a pretty fluid system. meanwhile, ca 7 san francisco's outer richmond neighborhood. >> already began shaking booster status is on wednesday making the announcement on their social media saying it's the best way to ensure staff and customers. stay safe this variant is and then hearing a lot of. >> they are saying that in all i have but know people that got it right. so we don't want to get day. >> owner. you got your roy says she's planning to close the restaurant for a week after the holidays as a precaution but will stay closed longer if omicron cases
6:38 am
continue rising run through the holiday season at that. >> they put out there and see how it goes. >> while north and you really are the first to implement booster requirements for restaurants in the city. they don't believe that they will be the last in san francisco. i'm taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >> the fda has authorized pfizer's covid-19 pill providing a potent new weapon against the virus that paxlovid tablet can be taken at home after a positive diagnosis to help prevent severe symptoms and hospitalizations. well, pfizer says the pills almost 90% effective in doing so. >> it almost certainly will be a physician writing a prescription for someone who within the first 3 days of notable symptoms of covid and is in a high-risk group to get it. >> how the pill is authorized for anyone wants to use that pill after they have been diagnosed and they can take that pill as well.
6:39 am
>> 6.38 right now and in national news, despite the number of people are getting vaccinated being tested members of the san francisco men's choir. you can the chorus. they had to cancel their show because so many people had covid. they have breakthrough cases. so they decided to cancel all the performances of the home for the holidays shows. and those were supposed to happen in the castro theater. this friday and christmas eve. if you pre purchase your tickets, you can convert them into a tax deductible donation, which is nice. you still want a refund. you can get it. but this isn't the only a show that had to cancel because of covid. i just got an e-mail. where was it? that sh and had to cancel the yeah, they had to cancel their christmas show. you know, christmas, carol and so yeah, this is sad because it's
6:40 am
kind of like we're seeing with sports teams. it's a close crew. you know, they were together. so as soon as somebody gets covid, then with that when they have to do the protocol. nobody's left, you know, and and that's the dash to take to cancel it. yeah. just to be on the safe side. well, happening today in san francisco the board of supervisors are going to fall on mayor london breed's tenderloin emergency intervention plan. now the mayor declared a state of emergency last week. do too. overwhelming overdose cases in the area. she says this will allow the city to move quickly to address the public health crisis on the streets in repose she called for more police officers on the street to stop drug dealers and outdoor drug use. but our plan is facing objections from several city leaders who say there are ways to fix the problem instead of flooding. the tenderloin with police officers and locking people up the board. they go to vote on the mayor's plan this afternoon. we're going to bring you the latest decision right here on kron 4 in the
6:41 am
east bay oakland's police chief says 2 people are now in custody in connection with the murder of kevin nishita. he was shot last month while protecting one of our kron 4 crews in the field doing a story. the attackers were arrested. but it turns out they were already in custody on other charges and police are still searching and they have identified a 3rd suspect. >> we are closing in on this investigation. once we able to apprehend that their and we charge all 3 of the suspects with homicide. i think we'll have better understand all of their roles and motives for factually committing the crime. >> earlier this week. police found that white acura that was used as the getaway car. the shooting one of the 2 people arrested. they say owns that car. there's still a reward out. now it's going to $38,000 for information leading to an arrest in the case. >> well, rainfall this morning
6:42 am
is heavier than it was at any point yesterday so far from the series of systems as a foe is seen around an inch of rainfall mount tam around 2 inches of it. so a nice moderate dose of rain over holds first of multiple days and we've got more of it ahead of us. some of our heaviest right are in southern sonoma and napa portions of the east bay shoreline and now having just passed over san francisco. i've got your forecast ahead.
6:43 am
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6:45 am
>> did look a bit. what your wipers. i need to get them to change every time i'm on the ball with our mom mom their line since that like those and i on a the chain. this hand like the little engine and go to whatever you call and like its these, you know that that it's not a hardware, but it's like for congress this year so it's light now it's going to be in $30. they'll put them on for you. >> the the whole part is that they work and they want this over how long has this been going on with the south say what when did it first, our
6:46 am
rainy. this season started it. the way it's a beautiful noise. it's it's coming. it's almost like a mantra sounds like a road or on the is yet useppa swim, other john. it's it's a nice little swim especially this car or through the rain this morning. it is definitely wet out there so slow it down. definitely put the boat in the first year and just take it a little bit easier. we are looking at donner summit up in the sierra nevada. also a slow go up there. >> we are seeing some rain snow mix in the higher elevations of the sierra nevada donner summit. you're in the snowfall this morning. we have some high elevation rainfall that means lake tahoe. you have surrounded by rain right now not to fear, though. all that snow pack that we've gained the past few weeks will continue, especially on into next week because snow level will fall to lower and lower elevations as temperatures begin to fall.
6:47 am
this just a really warm start to the system as for the bay area. we've seen some heavy rain so far for the north bay. most of that was last night. this energy shifted a little bit further southward. now that means areas like marine county portions of the east bay shoreline on over towards danville up to walnut creek are really getting in the mix as far as heavy rainfall goes. now that system just passed over san francisco. the peninsula were some showers have begun to taper off. now starting to see rainfall picking up around morgan hill. you've been relatively quiet in san jose. but don't worry, you're also going to be in the mix of some heavier rain around the corner. has this energy shifts further and further southward resulting in an even spread or rain all across the bay area. you can see there towards the late morning rainfall spreads further south heavy rain through the morning. but by noontime today we'll see signs of clearing afternoon hours will bring plentiful sunshine to parts of the bay area. don't be too comfortable, though, as we will see isolated thunderstorm potential this afternoon. tomorrow morning we could see
6:48 am
a couple of isolated showers popping up across parts of the bay during our pre-dawn hours overall tomorrow. mid morning through mid-afternoon, though it's going to be our best break from the rain. our longest one good chance to do some shopping. any sort of travels you need to do 80's already a rough go so make sure to check for chain controls and such. if you do need to leave and head over 80 sooner rather than later is always better because we are going to be seeing snowfall falling at increasingly lower elevations come christmas eve night on into christmas day. you can see here christmas morning right here, heavy rainfall beginning to push back into the bay that will come along with a burst of snow in the sierra nevada too. as for sunday will continue to see some off and on showers and some low elevation snow fall monday morning. going to be a rough commute. if you are heading back to work that day tuesday into wednesday. we'll keep that momentum going with off and on showers possible into the middle of next week before we start to see showers moving out of the region by the middle of the day wednesday as for our winter storm warnings there in effect from now until sunday at
6:49 am
04:00pm wouldn't be the surprise to see those extended also a winter weather advisory north of ukiah on along one o one. today's daytime highs only in the 50's to low 60's. they say only because we're kind of sitting very similar to these numbers right now. it's a mild start to the day. it will be a mild finish to it as well. highs tomorrow. start to get a little cooler. we get a little cooler yet on into next week. as for our heaviest of rainfall. we're currently in the midst of some of it right now. friday night into saturday will bring more of that and sunday night into monday morning. also going to bring heavy rain and low elevation. snow reyna. john, thank you for that. hey, we're looking at your traffic this morning as you're traveling from the east bay into the city. it's going to be slower because of those wet conditions. >> we do have a couple accidents along. 80 light. one southbound northern road another just south of high street there in oakland. these are both so things are slow. another one on 5.80, in. this is a just east of grand avenue on the westbound side. so slow
6:50 am
there, san mateo bridge still that that accident there 92 westbound near the high rise slowing us down as you're traveling there to get slick conditions and an accident. then when you get off on the peninsula side, you have another accident. 1, 1, northbound south of anza boulevard in burlingame, a little further down their mountain view. this is a south of l a street on one. oh, one. so it's a little slow as you're traveling to that mountain the area, the richmond sandra fell bridge to see there any accidents along that area. don't see any just a little slowing as you're traveling along there. there's one of the hercules though, on the eastbound side, less to willow avenue and the golden gate bridge. it's about a 23 minute drive as you're heading from the north bay into the city. another accident up in the bottle. one. oh, one northbound north of atherton avenue. so we're going to be a close eye on your weather and your traffic. for now, let's talk about sports. yeah. the worry is again ready to host the grizzlies tonight at the chase center gather going to be there. >> and the forty-niners have a thursday night showdown against the tennessee titans proper sports director jason dumas 6 peak. the forty-niners
6:51 am
are playing their best stretch of football this season. so it seems fitting that on wednesday. 5 of them were honored with pro bowl selections offensive tackle trent williams fullback. kyle use check. >> tight end. george kittle wideout deebo. samuel, as you see right behind me and defensive end. nick bosa will all start for the nfc squad. this is devos first pro bowl selection. the niners are currently in nashville prepping for a thursday night matchup with the titans that is going to be a huge now like every team in pro sports. the warriors are trying to navigate through a winter covid spike can see step and them the team now has 3 players in coto covid protocols. >> andrew wiggins jordan poole and now damion lee lee was just added the nba has over 90 players in protocols and maybe even had to postpone multiple games in the last week. the
6:52 am
dubs. well, they're just trying to tread water in, get through this day. >> don't be to do is to cover a watch means. and, you know, does. he's smart not being big crowds and stuff like that. and. no. i want to continue to play basketball more than anything. so. you know those everything i just mentioned previously is much more important than basketball foot for me. you know, basketball far away as everything else because i want to be out there i would help my team everything that we do with covid in mind right now. and hopefully we can, you know, figure out moving forward. >> college hoops stanford in hawaii taking on hawaii in the first round of the diamond classic. they're actually taking on wyoming here in ny jumper right here. jaiden delaire with the 3 of his team. high 17 points. now 6 minutes left spencer jones muscles his way in nice finish. there. we had a tie game. jones had 15 points. now
6:53 am
2 minutes left michael mcconnell. nice midrange jump shot that put stanford up 5, but 8 seconds left wyoming had the chance to win this game or at least force overtime. open looks right there and they get the offensive rebound for another open. look. they missed them both. the cowboys can't get out and can't get a final look at the buzzer. guess what stanford hangs on to win this one 66 to 63. they advance to the semifinal against liberty. cao hosting pacific. 2nd half grant. and teach of it. 10 point. yes, 6, 3 pointers to give the bears a 10 point lead. and they're going to finish now with a 17 treys cow. and the game on a 21 to 2 run. he had 25 points bears win 7353 when they don't play again until next year.
6:54 am
here at stanford january 2nd. >> 6.53. is the time. and as we head to break, we want to tell you about the super bowl of caring. it's a way that you can support local food charities if you want to donate you can scan the qr code that you see on your screen or text and y e donate 2, 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, >> you can also visit hacker humbled of hunger dot org and humbled of hunger dot org and you can pic ♪ ♪ you are my fire ♪ ♪ the one desire ♪ ♪ you are, you are, ♪ ♪ don't wanna hear you say... ♪ ♪ ♪ i want it that way ♪
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
>> 6.56 is the time and our big story is the big storm it's not only blanketing maybe a bay area it's hitting tahoe as well. >> so we'll have all the totals and what's expected out of this thing done, which is going to be about a week. but there are some breaks that you'll get to have. and we'll tell you exactly wednesday. you can plan your activities will be right back. ♪ ♪ and have yourself a merry little christmas now. ♪
6:58 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> it is so great to be here to help you out on the day before christmas eve loving. and we'll be back tomorrow for christmas eve. to give you a nice start to that day. >> now is a wet start we're going to cover all this rain today, but we also have some breaks i guess on the way and i was peeking at tomorrow. i think that's our best shot years. crossed on tomorrow is going to be a pretty nice one during the day. so you got to take advantage of it for sure. will actually even have some sunshine mixed in there and some dry skies as you do venture outside to a hopefully get some last minute stuff done as it will be christmas eve tomorrow. >> today is not going to be a bad day afternoon. the morning, though, don't venture out there unless you have to because it is wet and some heavier


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