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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  December 23, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> all right now president biden, we've been talking about holiday shopping and he's been arguing that store shelves looking a lot better. then critics predicted this christmas shopping season. he says the shelves are stocked. they're stopped and gifts are being delivered on time as our washington correspondent jessi
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tenure reports the president is crediting the actions. he and his business leaders to it together. just rain out the kinks and the nation's supply chain. >> shelves are not empty. president biden says supply chain issues did not play the grinch after all, despite fears of product shortages. americans have been able to put presents under the tree packages are moving. gifts are being delivered delivery times this season for fedex ups and the u.s. postal service are faster than before the pandemic. even as americans have purchased a record amount of goods in a meeting with the white house supply chain task force made up of cabinet members and ceos. the president reported retail inventory is up 3% from last year and fedex ceo fred smith says ports and trucking companies hire more workers. the supply chain is beginning to get back on track. most of us santa clauses. >> product be delivered consumers both smith and president biden also credit the progress made in an
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sticking bottlenecks between congested ports and stores were moving towards a 24, 7 operations at the ports. port. officials say the administration's plan to extend port operation hours and provide incentives for shippers to move goods faster seems to be working. it is going to be a good holiday season on thursday. the biden administration will announce 230 million dollars in grants for ports from the new infrastructure law to further speed up deliveries and drive down prices addressing these costs has been and will continue to be my top priority. the entire administration, though president biden says the biggest weapon in his arsenal is social spending and climate plan, which is stuck in congress in washington. i'm jessi tenure. all right. the time for you now for 35 08:00am here on the day before the day before christmas. so all of us. >> are getting ready. hopefully you left the house early because you never know what you might run into. i can tell you rain and slick conditions on the roadways. our meteorologists john sabol. you've been tracking that john, what's happening
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outside. yeah, definitely some heavy rain in pockets out there. rain is something that. >> you will be running into as you venture outside this morning. so take it slower even weather spots than what we had yesterday. ground was already pretty saturated from yesterday showers. so now he's sort of rainfall. we have is just going to take a little bit longer to soak on into the ground. your view outside right now at what we do have in san francisco doesn't look so bad. we definitely got a web camera lens there. but conditions are overall clear enough. as you can see, the transamerica pyramid could even see that yesterday because the low cloud cover we had. so are we sitting with this rain right now where there's still plenty to our west. that's about to working its way onshore over these next few minutes. showers are generally moving their way in from the southwest. so that is something that we're going to be seeing throughout the course of the morning this off and on shower activity staying with us. let's zoom in on some of the spots that we are seeing right now we're heavy rainfalls following including the richmond sandra fell bridge oakland on up through berkeley out towards the
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lafayette and walnut creek and then if you are traveling highway 4 from concord to pittsburgh. you're running into some heavier stuff, too. hercules across the car keen as on over towards benicia martinez of allay eventually up to fairfield and vacaville. all this is pretty wet this morning and some heavier rainfall in northern napa county on up into calusa and lake counties too little bit further south. and we do have some shower activity. mostly light or further south in the bay. but we are seeing some heavier rain in the santa cruz mountains, pulling out across the region. there are still plenty of rainfall towards our west. that is yet to work its way on into the bay. and of course, more snowfall to be had up in the sierra nevada. we're still on the warm end of the system in the u.s. we're still looking at rain snow mix around lake tahoe. that doesn't sound good right. well, not to worry because things do cool down into the coming days and that will allow snow to fall at lower and lower elevations. that's going to be excellent news for skiers. futurecast shows you that heavy rain that we have on and off throughout the course of the morning today is
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going to bring our heaviest of rain pre noontime. once we reach the afternoon you can expect the isolated chance of a thunderstorm or 2. but skies overall will be a lot drier you'll actually have some bits of brightness towards the afternoon. some sunshine through the clouds but don't rule out those isolated showers and maybe even a roll of thunder too early morning hours of tomorrow come along with resurgence of rainfall followed by some clearing skies for the bay throughout the course of daytime hours on christmas eve on friday. this is going to be your longest break from the rain and certainly want to take advantage of if you need to do some travels are just some last-minute holiday shopping. notice how snow in the sierra nevada. pretty much keeps going for most of the day on friday. so you're not catching as much of a break in the sierra as you will right here across the bay area for christmas eve as for temperatures right now we're in the 50's. this is unseasonably mild to be starting the morning this way, fremont and hayward at 57 degrees. same for you in san francisco. well, a few 40's in areas like saint helene, a
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further inland, a wet tarmac. that's the same situation you're looking out out there on the roads. as for the afternoon, you will get sometimes of sunshine. but on and off showers cannot be ruled out. and as i promised you that chance of a thunderstorm cannot be ruled out either. i'll be tracking what we've got through the holiday weekend. a very important travel forecast. still to come back over to rain. don, thank you for that. right. slick conditions out there on your roadways. you're traveling from the east bay into the city. remember. >> at some time on to just about every bridge a little under 13 minutes. traveling into the city, the san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula about 14 minutes with slick roadways. heading out of richmond across towards san rafale. you're looking at about a 13 minute commute for you as you're traveling just a little slower and the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes from the north bay into the city. well, the omicron variant is expected to spread exponentially over the next few months with researchers predicting. it's going to affect a 140 million americans
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by march. health experts say the omicron variant spreads faster in any of the other covid variants. but so far it also causes far fewer hospitalizations and deaths. then the delta variant researchers estimate that the omicron surge. it's going to peak in late january and about 2.8 infections a day before it finally starts to subside and there's potentially some good news from south africa. we're a crime was first detected health officials there say the country is quickly passed the peak of new cases. they're down about 20% over the last 7 days, although experts say it's way too early to draw any conclusions. >> we are really know the story about re infection with omicron yet. let's be clear about that. what we know is that this is your initial infections that doesn't burn to the population, then cycle right back. we don't know the answer that right. >> well, the cdc says the u.s. is now averaging more than a 122,000 new cases a day, a number that's expected to go up. county public health
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officers are seen the start of a surge. less than one week after they first saw that first case of omicron variant was detected there 112 new cases were reported on tuesday alone. that's already more than the highest case count during the summer surge driven by the delta variant, which was 86 the more contagious omicron variant is expected to soon become the dominant strand in moraine county. so people are asked to be cautious when gathering indoors that means they want you to keep the party small and wear a mask and get your booster shot. now the u.s. army is developing a so-called super vaccine. they say it's going to protect people from all covid variant, including omicron. it's evening and provide protection against sars. scientists at the walter reed army institute. a research have been working on this super vaccine for nearly 2 years. phase. one human trials wrapped up this month and generated positive results that are now being reviewed. it's not clear that vaccine is
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going to be a single or a multiple dose just yet. in national news. they're still no verdict in the trial of the former police officer who says she accidentally used a gun instead of her taser when she shot and killed a black driver during an arrest. the jury spent 3 days deciding the fate of kim potter who resigned shortly after that shooting tuesday. the jury asked the judge what they could or what they should do if they are not able to reach a verdict. well, the judge told them keep trying. potter has pleaded not guilty to first and second-degree manslaughter. on capitol hill. a congressional committee has launched an investigation into the promoter of the deadly astroworld music festival. 10 people were killed during a crowd surge as rap star travis scott performed lawmakers want details from the promoter about security crowd control and mass casualty planning the company has not publicly responded to that investigation yet. house
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committee investigating the january 6 riot at the capitol wants to que.tion jim jordan, one of the former president trump's top congressional allies. jordan is also one of the republicans who tested trump chief of staff mark meadows the day before the insurrection. now the committee says it's seeking jordan's voluntary cooperation. it is not clear if they're going to get republican congressman scott perry of pennsylvania has already refused to cooperate. trump is planning to hold a news conference on the one-year anniversary of the riot. he's going to speak from his mar-a-lago resort in florida in a statement announcing the speech the former president downplayed the event of january 6 and continued to make false claims that the 2020 election was rate. tesla. they're now being investigated again by the national highway traffic safety administration. this time over the video games that are installed in their front touch screen, which can be
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play while the car is in motion. there's no evidence that anyone playing the game while driving a tesla has let any crashes. but as nancy loo reports, federal regulators believe it's worth getting a closer look. i don't even know how this works. lilly abbott dini says she rarely taps into the video games loaded indoor tesla, but it's a cool feature to have gaming on the center console while moving is meant for passengers. but the system doesn't prevent a driver from playing. >> a recent update added some new games including solitaire safeguards do kick in when in motion. i do know that some of the games like they do, you know, close down. so maybe all of them would close down. that would be better. like i know i'm not going play this while driving. >> but i think maybe there's people out there that, you know, don't think like that consumer concerns over distracted driving prompted the new federal investigation into tesla, which comes as no surprise to those who follow the industry. if you look at
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vehicles on the road today. they're meant for transportation and safety always needs to be paramount. the fact that needs is opening up an investigation into tesla. >> means that there might be something wrong that we need to address it. says already investigating tesla's autopilot system which prompted this person to show off as a literal back seat driver in october and out of control. tesla crashed into a building in kansas. auto pilot has also been linked to a series of crashes, a number of them deadly. this august crash into the vehicle of a florida state trooper is part of the federal investigation driving the tesla told the trooper that the car was on a driver assist, you know, some people call it assist, many agree the warning about gaming is warranted. >> these are all things that can deter the driver from their number one responsibility. and that is driving and driving safely behind the wheel. >> well, that was nancy loo reporting for us so far no
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response to tesla on the new federal investigation. the company disbanded its media relations department last year. all right. we havw to get another check of weather because it's raining across multiple parts of the bay area. i left the house a little bit earlier this morning, john, of been doing that all week long where we sit now at how long it's going to coming down outside. glad you've been getting here and that's early rain because that's what a lot of people are realizing that they probably could be doing when you need to be slowing down and. >> venturing out onto those wet roadways. of course, the traffic may help you out a little bit because there hasn't been a ton of it. your view outside our half moon bay camera right here is looking wet just like the rest of the bay as rain already told you that. >> we're wet all across the region. today's showers are heavier than yesterday morning's, though, so do expect the possibility of some more standing water on roadways because rainfall intensity is that we actually do have heavier showers that are continuing to work their way on into the bay. so even if you are in a spot that's come down like portions of
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sonoma county. don't necessarily expect that to last all day long for the rest of the morning. you can actually see that we do have some upward motion in some of the clouds sitting between benicia and billy. whoa. that is some convection. it's called and that is what sets us up for thunderstorms during afternoon hours, which is a possibility today. we could see a few isolated roles of thunder later on today. most of our showers this morning are just pockets of heavier rain. you can see most of our inland areas are on the moderate side of things. where is conquered from walnut creek on down into berkeley and oakland seeing some moderate pockets of rainfall, little heavier in there, too. a richmond on over center fell. also dealing with some moderate rainfall right now. this is really the core of the heaviest of rain. morgan hill down towards gilroy on up to san jose. also in the midst of some wet conditions. we have rain snow mix on up in the sierra nevada snow level will continue to fall in the days to come as we have another cold front set to drop into the bay area tonight leading
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into a colder day tomorrow. so it's just one storm system after the next. now that the storm door is open heaviest of e rainfall will be during morning hours today. so do expect heavy pockets of rain through the morning commute, whether you're an early riser. later riser. all of us are going to be dealing with those wet spots post noontime. we'll see a lotbof clearing and some common conditions a little bit of sunshine in there this afternoon. don't rule out the isolated chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon. tonight into tomorrow morning. we'll see a resurgence of rainfall again. but after that post sunrise, we'll have our longest break from the rain in the forecast christmas season does come along with some daytime sunshine, some really nice conditions to get some shopping done during the day showers push back in friday. nightninto saturday morning for christmas day and christmas itself will come along with the push of rain for the bay and some lower elevation snowfall up in the sierra nevada snow will stay with us on and off as we work our way through the weekend. so this weekend's travel is not necessarily ideal by any
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means. so do anticipate some slowdowns, possibly even some highway closures up in the sierra nevada. we're already under winter storm warnings up there with 4 to 8 feet of snowfall set to be accumulating from the system. today's daytime highs right around the same as yesterday's in the 50's to 60's very mild day for this time of year after this. we really cool things down. tomorrow. is your best travel day but hit it early as friday night into saturday, rain and snow returns. all right. john is going to be busy one out there. so as you're traveling from the east bay into the city. we're looking at slick conditions. >> about an 11 minute drive. is your head traveling into the city this morning. the silver lining is not a lot of people out on the roads all this week. still, you don't want to rush this morning because of the conditions, san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula about a 40 minute drive. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up now let's talk about sports right here in the bay area. the warriors are getting ready to host the grizzlies tonight at the chase center.
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forty-niners have a thursday night showdown against the tennessee titans kron 4 sports director jason dumas has more for us. the forty-niners are playing their best stretch of football this season. so it seems fitting that on wednesday. 5 of them were honored with pro bowl selections offensive tackle trent williams fullback. kyle use check. >> tight end. george kittle wideout deebo. samuel, as you see right behind me and defensive end. nick bosa will all start for the nfc squad. this is devos first pro bowl selection. the niners are currently in nashville prepping for a thursday night matchup with the titans that is going to be a huge now like every team in pro sports. the warriors are trying to navigate through a winter covid spike can see step and them the team now has 3 players in coto covid protocols. >> andrew wiggins, jordan, poole and now damian lee lee was just added the nba has over 90 players in protocols
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and maybe even have to postpone multiple games in the last week. the dubs. well, they're just trying to tread water in, get through this day. >> no, no to do is to cover a watch means. and, you know, does. he's smart not being big crowds and stuff like that. and. now i want to continue to play basketball more than anything. so. you know those everything i just mentioned previously is much more important than basketball foot for me. you know, basketball far away as everything else because i want to be out there i would help my team everything that we do with covid in mind right now. and hopefully we can, you know, figure out moving forward. >> college hoops stanford in hawaii taking on hawaii in the first round of the diamond classic. they're actually taking on wyoming here in ny jumper right here. jaiden delaire with the 3 of his team. high 17 points. now 6 minutes left spencer jones muscles his way in nice
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finish. there. we had a tie game. jones had 15 points. now 2 minutes left michael mcconnell. nice midrange jump shot that put stanford up 5, but 8 seconds left wyoming had the chance to win this game or at least force overtime. open looks right there and they get the offensive rebound for another open. look. they missed them both. the cowboys can't get out and can't get a final look at the buzzer. guess what stanford hangs on to win this one 66 to 63. they advance to the semifinal against liberty. cao hosting pacific. 2nd half grant. and each of it. 10 point. yes, 6, 3 pointers to give the bears a 10 point lead. and they're going to finish now with a 17 treys cow. and the game on a 21 to 2 run. he had 25 points
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bears win 7353 when they don't play again until next year. here at stanford january 2nd. >> we'll be right back after the break.
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>> welcome back. it is 4.55 on this thursday morning. the day before christmas eve. so there's a lot to be getting done out there this morning. probably not the best time to
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be taking care of business. as you can see, we do have some heavy rainfall pushing on into the bay area and we will be looking at these showers making their way in continuously through the morning. this line of showers that you're seeing now just making its way onshore will pass over san francisco within the next 10 minutes on up towards areas like richmond in oakland within the next 30 minutes. so do expect right there. some heavy rainfall to be resurging in the bay in some areas that are actually coming down a little bit right now. zooming in on the peninsula. san francisco. the north bay and into the east bay widespread areas of rain right over our bridges said take it a little slower out there. >> all right. thank you for that, john. now the that we've been tracking may impact your holiday travel plans, but >> we're also at the open air for. we've got a live report people are rushing to catch their flights and warren county is preparing for a surge in omicron cases. people gather for the holidays. what you need to know in the next hour. we'll be right back.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news far. >> good morning. and thanks for joining us. it is a rough one out. there is little i must admit i was going to slow. you can see why. we're not talking green but yellow and red. that's the heavy
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stuff but still moving and it looks like, yeah. how was your ride in this i went slowly was nobody accompanying the on the road really. so i had all don't drive fast like down this morning. yes, you see what it's like out. yeah. it is going to like that all day. just another everyone is dariaz bubble. so the rest of us have to slow down a little bit. but we are looking at some rainfall that is going to stay pretty heavy throughout the rest of the morning afternoon hours will definitely be pulling back from the heavier stuff. >> but from now until noontime. yeah, we're going to be dealing with some heavy rainfall at times. so definitely slow your roll. it's not that traffic super bad this morning. >> road conditions should be the things that slowing down your view outside of berkeley hills camera. not much of a view at just very cloudy and gray as rainfall continues to push on in across the bay area. we are seeing those spots of heavier showers now making resurgence right across the bay. what we are seeing is that yellow and orange right there on the map about to be working its


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