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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  December 20, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> the bay area bracing for a lot of wet weather this week. here's a look at futurecast for as we're expecting the big storms to start hitting as soon as tomorrow. >> and a lot of people. james one escape that wet weather. but if you are taking off today and this week, make sure you bring your mask. i'll tell you why. coming up in a live report. >> and the fate of elizabeth holmes now in the hands of the jury as they're set to deliberate for the first full day were on verdict. watch that criminal fraud trial. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at know. good morning, everybody.
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thank you for joining us here on this monday, december 20th on james fletcher. and we're going to start this hour off like we've. >> often like to do with a check of the weather because as we count down the days to christmas we've got a lot of big rain on the way, john. here to help us walk through the timing of it all. hey, john. hey there, james. yeah, rain just around the corner. now we take a break from it this weekend. and we're keeping that going today, which means you have to take full advantage of this one at least if you want to do your errands without getting because starting tomorrow midday showers will finally be getting here. your view outside the golden gate bridge this morning. pretty clear. we do have some low cloud cover overhead and for inland areas. actually some dense fog but not so much near the coastline. our current temperatures range anywhere from the 40's to the low 50's in half moon bay. some of our colder spots are palo alto at 45 degrees. saint helene at 41 fairfield and vallejo each 43 degrees right now. now we are seeing lower visibility in concord, livermore highway for
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6.80 5.80, over the altamonte pass. all these areas seeing some problems as far as visibility goes. so taking a little slower inland elsewhere. you're actually being greeted by views like this. the bay bridge pretty empty this morning. not a lot going on out there don't even need the metering lights. it's only going to take you 8 minutes from the maze to fremont street and only 13 from 80 to one. oh, one as you're crossing the san mateo bridge and are some of our brightest skies in the bay right now. richmond center fell. also pretty empty. it does look like the week before christmas. i think a lot of people either working from home or maybe taking the holiday a little early. james. all right, john, thank you very much. some breaking news from overnight on the medical front. we have moderna saying that its 3rd dose of the vaccine significantly increases protection against the omicron variant of covid-19. >> the drug maker says that their booster shot increases the antibodies to a level needed to fight that variant despite the positive news moderna says it is still continuing to develop a vaccine specifically designed
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to fight omicron. they say that vaccine should be ready for clinical trials sometime next year. so be on the lookout for that. meanwhile, it more breaking news from overnight. israel has now banned travel to the united states and canada over concerns about the omicron variant israeli officials have agreed to the travel ban because of the spike in covid infections that they've seen in that country. so what this means is israelis are banned from traveling to the u.s. and anyone currently hear that is trying to get back to israel will have to go into quarantine when they return. the travel ban is set to take effect wednesday at midnight. so wednesday morning. and we are just 4 days away from christmas and holiday travel season. obviously in full swing out of places like sfo. doctors say that you should prepared to wait in line. make sure you bring your mask. the due course continue to to really pressure people to get their vaccine, get their booster shots. it's just one of a number of safety measures they'd like to have in place
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to try to stave off a surge. this holiday kron four's will tran is live at sfo with more on what you expect. they're good morning. we'll have look at. >> i just did my jacket. lord hawaii, 5 o turned because i'm on vacation mode. i'm joking. i'm working here letting, you know, some information that you need to know because it is even busier james than it was for thanksgiving, not just yoli and my imagination. talk to a police officer. 50,000 people will be traveling through as cfo said day and millions of people across the country. and this is as close as we have seen to prepandemic levels as far as christmas travel. you can see look at this. usually right around this time james, it would be almost barron. but look at that. just a stream of cars and inside. it's even worse. it has been flows at this time. but this was video that we shot at around say 6 o'clock in the morning. a look at the long lines. here's why it's so important for you to take care of yourself because
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on the kron. well, it's not just something that they're talking about now. it's a lurking. know they expect a strong surge during the winter months and that is not even take into account liked cramped places like airports and airplanes where you're in there and that is why they're telling people what you should already know already know for the past 18 to 19 months mask up. we've got a chance to talk to some travelers this morning heading to new york city. here's what they had to say about being scared or not. >> i mean, i'm not really that worried about it. i mean, i'm taking the precautions were both vaccinated you know, it's the golidays. you know, we've got got to keep live. and you can just stopped. so you just take the precautions to protect yourself. courteous protect others and then you just get through the lines. that's it. a lot of patients goes a long wait. >> here's what you need to know if you love masks, which i do. the good part is sfo. if
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you're inside, there's no wiggle room. you have to wear your mask inside and the airlines are not going to fly. we've seen people kicked off of airplanes who refused to masks. so that is there whether you like it or not. but there are other places, obviously when you're walking around, they're encouraging people to mask up julius evans and i our booster shot or vaccinations. which is why i don't have my mask outside. but you better believe even close to anybody mask up because the numbers say that they expect an explosion in cases of covid-19 and this blew my mind james. but one in 4 americans still have not even received their first shot of the vaccine. got to mask up. make sure that you don't wrap your christmas presents, by the way, because they're going to ask you to take it off anyway for tsa. the only thing you should be wrapping is your face back to you. >> thank you very much. well, yeah. 25% of americans still unvaccinated. we've got to get that number up. thank you for
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the update there at sfo are also already seeing a big spike in covid cases across the country. in fact, a lot of americans traveling right now and those numbers are only expected to grow. we got rid of the bay shahbazi with more on that part of the story. >> with less than a week until christmas america is bracing for a 1, 2, punch from omicron and delta. it is just, you know, raging through through the world. really the omicron variant now in 41 states and counting. according to the cdc predicted to be the new dominant strain in the u.s. within weeks in new york city cancellations from broadway shows to live audiences that saturday night live image is giving flashbacks to 2020 of sidewalks lined with people waiting for a test. i've been an hour and a half. >> and has been very long. everyone's just been waiting and waiting actually today. i just yesterday. i just so from the lot of fun, and all my
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friends like this. so scary covid here that's what me to get that. as you it's a big mess here that big wave is spreading cases are rising in about half of us states. according to johns hopkins university doctor anthony fauci saying the worst of it hasn't even hit yet. if things look like they're looking now. >> in the next week or 2, going to be very stressed with people because again, we have so many people. >> in this country who are eligible to be vaccinated, who have not yet been vaccinated and that's going to be a real problem for stress on the hospital system data on omicron is still new and limited, but studies from the u k show. no evidence it any less severe than delta. we are going to see breakthrough infections truck. there's no doubt about that. >> the difference between a vaccinated and boosted person who has an infection in someone who has an infection news never been vaccinated. a major difference with regard
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to the risk of severity, an increase in positive cases forcing the nfl and nba to cancel games. even prompting president biden to address the nation on tuesday on the country's fight to contain omicron and with 109 million americans expected to travel before the end of the year. doctor fauci says the safest thing you can do is get vaccinated and boosted. if you're vaccinated and you're boosted and you take care when you go into congregate settings like airports. >> to make sure you continually wear your mask. you should be ok. >> well, in terms of its impacts on the sporting world. covid is pushing not just the nfl and the nba to postpone games. it's now the nhl too. also taking action. so the league has suspended games involving cross border travel until after the christmas break. 12 games and all have been postponed now between teams here in the u.s. and teams in canada. the san jose sharks, for example, their next 2 games against canadian
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teams have been postponed. the sharks will be playing now until after the holiday break on december 27th. meantime, the raiders. they're going to be playing today against the cleveland browns on the road. and this is a game that again was pushed back because of covid. the browns were facing some challenges on that front when their game was originally scheduled. so today will be a makeup game that will be this afternoon with kickoff set at 02:00pm several large school districts across the state, including west contra. costa county have delayed their vaccine mandate deadlines for students. they say they made that call after it was clear that they were unprepared to add thousands of students to their independent and virtual study programs which was the alternative if kids don't get vaccinated. so west contra, costa county school board members voted to push the deadline for january 3rd until february 18th giving people more time to get those shots. the state's vaccine mandate will follow the fda's full approval of the covid vaccine for each age group and that's expected to go into effect in
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july of 2022. san francisco's largest landlord, very toss investments says it will forgive background on owed by people who are unable to pay because of the pandemic. there are talks which owns about 250 residential buildings in the city announced the new rent relief program to cover 10. it's back grant as long as they apply for state relief money by january 31st. if applicants are denied by the state. then bear toss would cover up to 18 months of back rent in place of what the state would have offered. we'll take a break here at 9.11. still ahead, a man wanted for exposing himself to young girl in the south. they were going to take a closer look at the sketch. >> of the man that police are looking for and a violent encounter caught on camera in san francisco. a woman wielding a knife threatened him and from his own home. and a cloudy one out there to a foggy one for some of our inland areas. so be mindful of those lower visibility spots. >> at least it is a dry day highs in the 50's later on dry
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and cool before rainfall does arrive. tomo
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i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm. that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> nearing 9.15 on the clock. we want to get a check of the weather that's going to be a big story going forward this week as we're getting closer and closer to christmas and the weather is going to get wetter and wetter as we get there, john. yeah, absolutely. is. james tomorrow. the start of rainfall that will carry us through the into the weekend after christmas to that sunday and even into the monday
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after. >> so travel is going to be a little less than ideal in the days to come. this morning, is your best opportunity to be getting out there really today in general is your best opportunity despite the fact that it is breezy. it is cloudy. it is cool. look at the flag over pier 15. and you can see just how windy it is right along the embarcadero right now. so skies are mostly cloudy this morning. but at least they are dry immediately to our west. there's your storm system that's just been sitting out there for a few days now. really stalled out just before reaching the bay area. but it is finally going make its way our direction come the middle of the day tomorrow. so today and tomorrow's morning commutes are your easiest tomorrow midday. we'll start to see that rain pushing in and once it does, it's going to start to come down. pretty good in some pockets across the bay having impact on your tuesday drive home from work. not so much your drive to work on tuesday morning. showers will remain with us through wednesday morning, making for slick morning commute wednesday and that by no means is the end of it really just the start as rainfall does
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continue from wednesday into thursday. we take a step back from it just a bit on friday for christmas eve, you'll still have some showers, but our lightest in the forecast, then come saturday rain and snow picks back up in saturday night into sunday. we'll bring some of our lowest elevation snowfall. of course, saturday is christmas day so plan on being cozy and indoors for that one. sunday's going to be a rough one for your travels. if you can wait until monday as we'll have some improved conditions to start next week. now here's the good news about spacing. the rainfall out like we are even though we are looking at anywhere from one to 3 inches of rain over the course of a week here that's not all coming down at once. so it gives the time to soak into the ground nicely. flooding risk is going to be pretty minimal as we work our way back into such a wet period 50's for your daytime highs today unless you're for this to inland like an antioch or on up to fairfield and vacaville. we have a cold air inversion in the central valley that's making for some foggy conditions making for some cooler conditions out towards our inland valleys
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tomorrow. winter begins and not because it's actually be getting, but also because the rain and snow starts up again. and it stays with us through the rest of the forecast. like i mentioned, friday going to bring some of our lightest of shower potential for christmas eve before it picks back up on christmas day as far as traffic goes, it hasn't picked up at all. it's been a very empty morning on the bay bridge that has greeted drivers with only an 8 minute commute from the maze to fremont street. a pretty easy 13 minutes across the san mateo bridge and are inviting looking skies there. the richmond center fell bridge. only 7 minutes and the golden gate bridge, an easy 20 minutes from 37 to the tolls. hi, easy. conditions on highway 4 right now only 14 minutes from antioch to concord. that's honestly not ideal, though, because we have so much dense fog out that direction though. you're going to slow yourself down instead of traffic doing it for you. just take a little bit easy towards those inland valleys. a lot clear visibility wise
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along one o one. 28 minutes from san jose to menlo park james. all right, john, thank you. 9.17 the time. time to talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob black joining us this morning to help. >> calm our nerves a little bit. rob, i'm looking at the markets right now. nasdaq off by like 2.50. the dow off by more than 600. explain. walk me through this. >> or this far away from all-time >> on the crowd is doing what i mean. crown does as far as viruses go its making big headlines. >> in about 2 months from now. is the headline start to die down. sadly, after many dots in the world. wall street will be back where it is at record highs because the fed to do a lot last keep great. pretty darned low for the foreseeable future, not as low as they were pretty darned. well, there's new lockdown fears due to covid on omicron. europe is locking down. joe mansion is the grinch who stole the democrats christmas this year and no build back better america deal done this year.
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parts of it will get done next year. but it's not going to be a sweeping package is the thought i'm not a politician for the year. the s p 500 up 23%. cry about today. the nasdaq is up 17.7%. the dow is up 15.5% moderna over the weekend said that get their booster 37 fold better for you. all as far as creating antibodies and you will be omicron. so we know that in 2 months from now we're going to be in a decent position. but right now we're in a little freaked out positioned elon musk is freaking out. he's paying dollars in taxes this year calling senator elizabeth warren, senator karen, which is hilarious and get tiktok tiktok is getting into food delivery. so your daughter likes the feta pasta or your son likes the corn reds and now they will be starting to get it delivered to your home. that's a crazy vertical. i never saw coming tiktok and restaurants. it's happening like they're going to drivers and things like bring it to your like like.
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>> uber and and kitchens tied towards over. ghost kitchens are kitchens that are really restaurants. the cooking for the restaurant. okay. and in this case it's for tiktok viral videos. and i think texans start. >> saying like, hey, james, you want to come up with a crazy pasta and you get a 100 million hits will pale. so and that something's going on. okay. all right. so that will be a thing going forward. >> also, we were out live at sfo talking about air travel. and i think it was like last friday. this is past friday was like the busiest travel day for the christmas holiday for sfo. our how are we comparing to like last year in the air before this feels like things are getting back. and again. >> only crowded hit. it had hit november ones did the day after thanksgiving, maybe not. but i'm going to tahoe today. then next tuesday taking a flight to new york. so yeah, we're getting backward or canceling canceling. trying to get together with people. christmas is only days away.
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4.3 million people went through tsa on friday. double-digit from last are double growth from last year, but 16% lower. then covid prepandemic numbers in 2000, 19. so it's pretty close to 2018 was record years that were just to off a record year. and with the pandemic and everything. i think this is pretty robust and telling you that americans are starting to treat on the kron is more of it's a disease or it's it's a it's it's fluid states like i've been vaccinated at those pills out there on this good as i can be ok live my life. that's what the numbers tell me. 100, 10 million people trout plan to travel over 50 miles from their home. that's the record of all time is a 119 million so we're out there and working and could move in. >> and i'll tell you, one of the one of the signs for me that people are kind of like not freaking out too much about the omicron variant is the fact that i went twice this weekend to go see the new
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spiderman film both times the entire theater was sold out sold out. people are people. it will at least for spiderman. they're willing to roll the dice with this covid variant. >> that's that's good stuff. there. i just wish he would have invited why someone say kids girlfriend and doesn't want me to go anymore. so i have no one to see spider-man movies last. >> but i guess it's it's pulling in big numbers, right. like it's if we read, if remember the story. right. that's like the 3rd highest grossing film of all time. first weekend. >> and what we're learning is as far as movies going, this speaks for me. and you. i think we want more swing and less we're not seeing the in the heights. we're not seeing the west side story remakes awful, awfnl movies awful you did reviews. now. i have no interest. but we do want to see the web slinger to the tune of 253 million. the number 3 opening of all time
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in america. prepandemic and posting them whatever number 3 behind only the last avenger films sets, that's big for hollywood and it's got people thinking great things. i think hollywood needs a good independent film. yeah, other than a spider or a superhero film. really prove that we're back to movies. but this is a good story and internationally. it's a good story. 334 million said domestic domestic and international and pulled in over 500, 80 million. so it's it's on that march towards billion awesome. i'm excited by that. and again, we're getting back and again, it's in the face of omicron. and i want to downplay yeah. all right. well, i think we'll bs paying the price for this in about a month going to movie theaters and traveling christmas. with that said, the crime appears a lot less dangerous and therefore people are extrapolating long, probably say something been some money and it's good news the economy and stock market. interesting. all right. we'll see where the numbers go as we get into like middle of next month or so. how many days we have you this week before. you're off. will stay all
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week. safe. all right. be in all wear suits water cam perfect look forward to that. thank you, rob, as always and let ron know what topics you wanted to expound on facebook, twitter. you can find him there. you can e-mail him directly rob at rob black dot com. 9.26. is the time a story
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out of san francisco that
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we're following. a man had a violent encounter with a stranger right outside of his own home. >> it was all caught on camera. we'll play some of that for you here. this was last friday night in the city's richmond district. richard greenberg came home to find a woman blocking his front door. he said she became aggressive and threatened him with a knife at one point and that's when he called 911, and then managed to get inside his home before things escalated. that woman was arrested by police and reimburse as he thinking now about filing a restraining order against her. we'll take a break at 9.27. coming up, president biden's build back better plan is in jeopardy. as democratic senator joe manchin says he just can't support it. >> we'll have reaction from our political analyst in just a minute. 9.30 is the time.
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let's get a check of the forecast quickly with john. is he standing by looking at the rain on the way. >> as we head towards christmas john. yeah, we are seeing a lot of it too. it's pretty spread out starting tomorrow all the way through christmas and even into the day after it too. >> so time to get the rain jackets prepared at least although you don't have to worry about him today. we are staying dry for your monday, which is a nice note, especially if you need to get some shopping and errands done. i know a lot of us do your view outside of the golden gate bridge is clear enough. we are seeing clear skies. generally towards the coastline. some dense fog has formed again, inland which has been holding up traffic in some areas. current temperatures are mostly in the 40's with dublin. napa.
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pittsburgh is sitting right at 44 degrees. san francisco at 47. now, as far as visibility goes. definitely below a mile long stretches like highway for portions of 6.80, the altamonte passes been really rough as far as visibility concord in livermore on this map showing visibility below a mile currently as far as traffic goes, aside from the fog. you're not encountering much anything out there. the bay bridge has been empty all morning long. hardly even needed the metering lights from the maze to fremont street. that's only 8 minutes really inviting look there at the san mateo bridge. bright skies and a 13 minute drive across the span. the richmond center fell bridge is also been very smooth. 7 minutes from the tolls to one o one and rounding us out with some more smooth bridge crossings at the golden gate bridge from 37 to the tolls. only 20 minutes back to you, james. all right. thank you, john. 9.31 is the time. another story we're following comes at a dc where there's a big blow now to president biden's build back better plan. >> they thought they might be able to find a path forward
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after months of back and forth negotiations. but in the end, this weekend, west virginia senator joe manchin says he just can't support it. kron four's, dc correspondent jessi turnure explains. >> mansions blow to the president's agenda comes after months of negotiations taking many in his own party by surprise. >> i can not vote to continue with this piece of legislation. i just can't. and just like that president biden's social spending and climate plan appears to have died in the senate. this is a no. >> on this legislation i have tried everything i know to do west virginia senator joe manchin has long been the key holdout on the 2 trillion dollar bill and said on fox news sunday. it's still too expensive and too broad, not changing our approach, not targeting things we should be doing making sure that people basically that really needed are getting mansion said congress should instead focus on rising inflation and covid. there's a lot of good, but that bill is a mammoth piece of legislation mansions pronouncement seem to take the white house by surprise press
9:33 am
secretary jen psaki called his decision a quote sudden and inexplicable reversal in his position and a breach of his commitments to the president and congressional democrats earlier this week president biden had agreed to back off a christmas deadline to vote on the bill to continue negotiations with mansion, let them vote no in front of the whole world on cnn state of the union. a visibly angry. vermont senator bernie sanders accused mansion of caving to pressure from the energy industry and others let miss them and explain to the people of west virginia. why he doesn't have the guts to stand up to powerful special interests. the white house left open the possibility of further negotiations with mansion. senators come back to work january. 3rd. now. democrats could pivot here and try to pass some parts of the plan as stand-alone bills or they could turn their attention to another looming priority ahead of the 2022 midterms voting rights legislation in washington. i'm jessi tenure. all right. well, to talk more about the fate of the president's build back
9:34 am
better plan and a more headlines from capitol hill. we're joined by kron 4 political analyst. >> michael yaki and michael, good morning. thank you for joining us. yeah. this kind of came out of left field for a lot of lawmakers. >> you know, this is this is the kind of situation where you start joe manchin as the grinch who stole christmas and certainly for the democrats. that's exactly what they think of in terms of weather as hard as 2 sizes too small. this was you can tell by the reaction of the white house. in fact, behind the scenes mansion didn't even bother calling the president. he said an aide to the white house to just let him know i'm going to go in fox news and say no, i'm not even the courtesy of a phone call when they tried to call him back. i mean that you senior aides in the white house. they were met basically no sorry. call back later. >> clearly a bit of whiplash because it seemed like they were getting to some sort of agreement there. >> i was never really sure if they were really going to get an agreement. certainly not
9:35 am
the 2.2 trillion that they were looking at. continually made throughout that entire time. the idea that this is too big and too much and. notice what he said in the fox news interview, there is some good in there. so the question is whether or not they're going to take something. for example, the child care tax credit, probably the single most effective antipoverty device for children in this country for families and children in this country expires at the end of this that that was going to be in build back better. are they going to trade at least take that out. and he did couple more things. even speaker pelosi early on that said maybe we should do fewer things bigger rather than train push everything in there, which is what they try to do and then through legislative mechanics come up with the same number, but i'm feeling that there still a deal to be made. but we won't see until the new year. and it certainly is not going to be a very good christmas for the bidens or for or for the progressives in congress right now.
9:36 am
>> well, we did hear from schumer that he will probably hold a vote on this in january. is there is there time then do you think, to cobble something together. can it still be saved or like you said, is just going to be broken up now and offered up in separate legislation. >> well, it's even sure whether or not you would vote for in separate legislation. i mean, that's the whole point. the idea of a big bill is that you put in staff that some people like some people don't like some people like that to be like other parts and you kind of deal with the possibility that on stand-alone buildings bills, certain things could die and you put them all together to make them all go at the same rate. so i think they still want to do that. i think the child care tax credit is going to be number one in that ice. i still think there's some issues regarding taxes corporations that could you what? there's still some pay for us, which is congressional speak for making sure that your should pay for what it is you're spending that they can be negotiated. but right now build back better as it is with all the different aspects
9:37 am
of it, including the climate change and other parts. it is dead and they're going essentially figure out what will build back better. the smaller bill be if they're going to get something done in january. lot of brainstorming that's going to need to be done michael, before we let you go, we do want to. i know that. >> house speaker nancy pelosi. she's set to speak in san francisco in a couple of hours here. but we're also hearing that she might be actually seeking reelection. >> yeah, there's report out that she was going to do it. and for those reports, there was really wasn't any push-back from anyone in the camp. i think that's probably the right you're going you seen the retirements like jackie spear and others. but i think leaving is would not be a good, the matter what happens in the midterm elections in 2022 taking her out of that equation. now from her point of view would not be a great thing. so it's a good thing for san francisco. it's and i'm really happy that she's continuing. and she
9:38 am
certainly proved that she is still the most effective speaker and history and history. the united states. >> and turning 82 in march. let's not forget still have wheels quite a bit of power there. if you watch if i would if i was like i like that. it 82 teachers like the new 62 especially when to nancy pelosi. so people underestimate or to their detriment every year. she's going to be just that at age. is that just number for her. >> not hang it up just yet. all right. michael, thank you so much for joining us. talk with you soon. we'll be right with you soon. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ you are my fire ♪ ♪ the one desire ♪ ♪ you are, you are, ♪ ♪ don't wanna hear you say... ♪ ♪
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get up to 50% off toys... silver jewelry gifts for $17.59... and, earn kohl's cash! kohl's. >> 9 40's the time. breaking news overnight. a fatal hit and run in the city of antioch. it happened just after midnight this morning on the 1200 block of sunset drive. that's where police found a 40 year-old man unresponsive in the street. they eventually pronounced him dead. police this point don't have a description yet of the car that they believe hit that man. but as soon as they do release want to make it public. we'll let you know. also happening right now, police in san jose are looking for a man who they say exposed himself to a young girl. police have released a sketch of the suspect. take a good look. hopefully recognize them and help police out. this incident happened last wednesday in the area of lee avenue and missy the way officers think he's been involved in perhaps a series of similar incidents. he was
9:42 am
last seen driving away in a newer gray toyota camry or possibly a nissan altima with tinted windows. happening today. the jury will begin its first full day of deliberations in the fraud trial of theranos founder elizabeth holmes after a 3 month trial. the jury of 8 men and 4 women have to decide now with holmes is guilty of multiple counts of wire fraud. closing arguments wrapped up on friday. prosecutors argued that the founder of the blood testing company. theranos is guilty of defrauding her investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars. her defense team responded by saying holmes was simply building a business, not a criminal enterprise and that she decided to go down with the ship rather than run away. theranos failed in 2018 after its technology proved not to work as advertised if convicted holmes faces up to 20 years in prison for each count of wire fraud and conspiracy as well as substantial fines. we'll take a break at 9.42 coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news.
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>> happier news, the forty-niners one step closer to the playoffs after a big win over the atlanta falcons yesterday. we'll have complete highlights coming up. 9.45 is
9:44 am
9:45 am
the time happening tomorrow. the pleasanton city council is set to make smoking inside some residential buildings. >> illegal. the council approved the original idea earlier this month and it's expected to vote to adopt the ordinance tomorrow. once
9:46 am
approved smoking will then be banned inside town homes and condos basically any building with 3 or more attached units. also, people won't be allowed to smoke in common areas like hallways and lobbies even outside spaces like playgrounds or parking lots and that dam would also extend to outside private spaces as well like decks and patios because secondhand smoke can drift over to others and potentially harm them. if you are hitting the road for the holidays. gas prices are a little cheaper for you. so there's some good news over the past 2 weeks the nationwide average has dropped about $0.6. experts say it's basically falling for about a month now because of lower crude oil prices globally. but the bay area corps still the most expensive in the country and here's a quick look at the latest from triple a on average. they say you can expect to pay about $4.84. per gallon in san francisco for 75 in oakland for 77 in san jose and for 82 on average up in sandra fell. well, let's get a
9:47 am
check of the forecast, too, because we're also tracking our approach to christmas and the approach of an oncoming storms. john, good morning. it's a. >> been a minute. now we've got a little break from the rain this weekend. and i hope you're taking full advantage of it still as we look at a break from a continuing today because james is exactly right. we've got rainfall just around the corner more snowfall to for the sierra nevada and it all kicks off in the middle of the day tomorrow. so views like this. we're going to be in short order here in just a few days. we've got bright skies reaching down to the coit tower. you can see some cloud cover in the distance. but overall certainly has not been a bad morning. it's just chilly and definitely brisk because of some winds across the bay just mostly cloudy this morning. some fog inland. there's the system that's just been sitting offshore eyeing us the past few days. finally deciding to make its way inland middle of the day tomorrow. so today mostly cloudy. but staying dry tonight into tomorrow morning. more dry weather. so you're actually going to have a really smooth commute to work on into your tuesday morning,
9:48 am
too won't be until the middle of the day tomorrow and rainfall does get here and we'll see pockets of heavy rain embedded in what will be mostly light showers on into the middle of the day tuesday tuesday. afternoon's commute might be a little rough and so will be wednesday morning your drive into work. our first morning of the week with some wet conditions on roadways by no means will wednesday be the end of it either. we'll continue to look at rainfall on into thursday and friday. now friday being christmas eve. a lot of people are going to be on roadways. and here's a little bit of good news about friday is that we will be looking at some of our driest conditions of this forecast, not a 100% a dry day but showers taking a back seat intermixed with some wet conditions at times and then some peeks of sunshine at other times rainfall and snowfall picking back up into saturday. so get everything you need to get done friday if you haven't already taken care of it and then just keep it cozy for christmas as will see some snowy conditions in the sierra and some rainy conditions for the bay. that will also stay with us into
9:49 am
sunday. so maybe delay those travels back home until monday. a much better day for any sort of travels as well. rainfall amounts by the start of next week will be anywhere from an inch to 3 inches of rainfall. this is good news. it's all spread out. so your risks of flooding is pretty minimal as that rain just has a nice chance to soak into the ground. exactly what we need, considering the drought as far as daytime highs go back to the 50's today. half moon bay. one of the more mild spots along with burlingame in south san francisco each at 58 degrees. some of her more mild areas are right along the bay shore while a further inland. you get generally are cooler. temperatures can be found livermore at 51 today. well, actually only be looking at 40's up in solano county as well as down into antioch in pittsburgh. and the reason behind that is an inversion across the valley that's also been resulting in some dense fog that we're also seeing this morning now tomorrow the official start of winter and we're working our way back into some wintry weather in the sierra with snowfall,
9:50 am
returning and rain for the bay rain. as you can see, possible. each of the next 6 days after today's dry conditions. so take full advantage of today's dry weather. it's definitely not staying that way. as far as the roads go, they've been staying really empty all morning. the bay bridge looks great. only 8 minutes from the maze to fremont street. hardly anyone out there which we could see it that way all the time. certainly looks like a nice dry, san mateo bridge. nice and bright 12 minutes and looking at an easy one across the richmond center center fell bridge as well. the golden gate bridge been easy all morning long. 20 minutes from 37 to the tolls. james. all right, john, thank you very much. at 9.50 bay area sports, the niners pulling off a big win against the atlanta falcons and now they're just one step closer. >> to making the playoffs still in the running kron. 4 sports director jason dumas has the highlights. >> the forty-niners had a chance to up their playoff chances a win against the falcons would put them in a really good spot. let's head to levi's kyle shanahan very
9:51 am
familiar with atlanta falcons. he with their offensive coordinator. the year with super bowl opening kickoff special team issues remain on this forty-niners team to michael. hey, c. he fumbles on the opening kickoff. atlanta recovers deep in minors territory. but guess what? the forty-niners defend holds up. that was for fun gold. the classic huge with the goal line stand that set the tone for the defense all day. 2nd quarter. get the ball. this guy. because good things always happen. deebo samuel around the corner. 1710, 9 years at the half 2nd, half all 49 ers, especially defense. bosa with strip-sack right here. fred warner hops on the ball. 15 sack of the season that led to a touchdown. let's go to the 3rd quarter now it's 24 to 13 jimmy garoppolo 5 to one jennings. beautiful football,
9:52 am
3113 and that was the final score. the niners have won 5 of their last 6 games. so looking like playoff team. break this week have affected the warrior and your weekend has been placed in covid protocols. they've affected the raiders in the game against the postponed until monday night and now they are affecting the sharks. san jose's next. 2 games have been postponed because they are against canadian-based teams in the nhl had banned cross country travel. the sharks were supposed cover on edmonton on thursday. we don't know windows. >> games will be rescheduled. yes, at this time. >> well, that was jason dumas reporting this morning. as for the warriors, they're going to be hosting the sacramento kings tonight at the chase center with tipoff at 7 o'clock. 5 or 9.52 is the time. and don't forget the kron on is also teaming up with the souper bowl of caring to help support local food charities. if you'd like to
9:53 am
donate. all you need to do is use your phone scanned. the qr code that you see on your screen or you can text and y e donate to 2, 6, 9, 8, 9. and you can also visit if you'd like tackle hunger dot org and pick a local charity to help.
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9.55 is the time we're just about done here on the kron 00:00am morning news. but if you want the news to continue your luck kron on. it never stops. and theresa stasi is standing by for the newsroom with a preview of what's ahead. good morning, teresa and good morning, james. we're following several big stories weather is one another big storm is about ready to bear down on all of us here. >> in the bay area as well as in the mountains. we're tracking that for you. also, nancy pelosi is in town. she is talking about the infrastructure bill and how it is being blocked right now and we're watching the latest on covid-19 cases are sadly going up again to see that interview. well, nancy pelosi and everything else to get real-time updates on local and national headlines. grab your phone scam, this code and it will take you straight to the app stores. you can download kron-on for free. james. all right, teresa, thank you very much. and a quick reminder that we do have more snow on the way as we take a quick look up here at the sierra. >> this is the palisades tahoe ski resort where you can see they've got enough for folks to really enjoy skiing right now. the live camera shows you that we had a whole lot more coming this week and yet,
9:57 am
john, with a recap of that too. love that view right there got the blue skies. no. you can't beat it. >> today is the last of the dry ones after this. you can see every single day has at least a chance of rainfall. so expect rain to arrive midday tomorrow and those going to hang out with us on through thursday, we take a step back from it friday still a few light showers before it picks back up on all right. that's it for us here on the kron 00:00am morning news for john myself. we'll see you tomorrow morning. just going
9:58 am
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