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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  December 17, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news far. >> i love to be late to work. but we're james. wright is here. we're all here reading show see what's going on outside as you step out. i just noticed it was freezing but know me john. yeah. how cold are we talking about this morning i know it's like it. would rather have the super cold winter weather rainy snowy stuff. well, i'm not, you know, old, yeah, we need the rain what we will take either of i guess because this morning it's a good chance to just keep cold allow some of that snow pack did not melt off in the sierra nevada. i mean, it would be cold enough to almost see some snow here in the bay area with what we're looking at this morning.
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not the most fun to be stepping outside. but it will be your instant coffee. i guess we can, you know, right up as that cold wind hit show when he opened the door. you look outside of berkeley hills camera right here crystal clear. it is dry. that is a nice change of pace. so your commute itself is going to be easier. but you're trading that in for just the way it feels this morning which is really cold. morgan hill san jose fremont each at 39 right now dublin at 36 degrees. santa rosa you're 33 and saint helene at 32 some of our more rural spots that are inland valleys falling into the upper 20's. so this is the coldest morning of the season so far. >> nevado and conquer down 11 degrees from what was already a chilly morning yesterday oakland, hayward and san francisco temperatures down 9 degrees and the biggest change that santa rosa down 15 degrees from 24 hours ago. so rain. it's really cold out there. but at least travel conditions are better. exactly. i guess that's a good trade off this morning as you're hitting the roads definitely just bring a jacket. but you can take a little extra time today. a
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little under 9 minutes as you're heading into the city right now to that fremont street exit no accidents along 5, 1880, as you're traveling along hayward in berkeley heading across towards the peninsula. little under 13 minutes golden gate bridge 37 to the tolls about 24 you there. and the south bay. let's check on this quickly to 37 85 in 82. i don't see any accidents 85 to menlo park about a 30 minute drive. darya james, back to you. thanks. it's 5. '02, and happening today. bay area schools are going to be on high alert. there was a disturbing tiktok challenge going on and it threatens violent. yeah. the tick talk threat has appeared in school districts nationwide. it's so serious. in fact, that one high school is canceled. classes today. >> just out of abundance of caution. we have kron four's will tran live for us in the east bay with more on this. well. >> that's cool that we're talking about james. it's gilroy high school and they have finals set for today. and you know how important finals are, but they're not messing around. they've already told the parents and the kids we
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will push that back until january now other schools, they will have classes today, including the one right behind me. despite them and everybody else pretty much in the country seeing the threat. so let me pull it up for you. it's making its way around social media. and as you know, james and area, it just takes seconds to reach millions of people. so people have seen this and it basically says that it is not a threat, a challenge which in my opinion makes it even worse that it's not one specific school that's being threaten us. just generic. it's anonymous. it's a challenge and it basically says december 17th is national shoot up your school day as far as gilroy high school. obviously they have been paying attention to all of this as well. they thought about it. they could have easily brought in more security officers. police officers to patrol that campus and other campuses with in gilroy. but they're saying no, it's not even worth it. they have not specifically received
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a threat, but they say no classes today. probably they will resume on monday, but they did not specifically say that we've got a chance to s lk to some parents here what they had to say about classes being canceled. >> all the violence. that's going on at their i think that in in an abundance of caution, it was the right thing to do. and so i was actually very relieved to to hear that they were doing the right thing. >> a case. so tiktok did release this is nothing new to take stock all explain in just a few moments. but this is the latest situation. tiktok said said we handle even rumored threats with utmost seriousness, which is why we are working with law enforcement to look in 2 warnings about potential violence of schools even though we have not found evidence of each threat originating or spreading via tiktok. now, i did say that tiktok obviously has had a lot of practice behind all of this
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and here's the reason why a lot of kids are using tiktok as their form, not so much facebook or even twitter. but tiktok, it seems to be the choice for this tiktok. back in october. they had a national slap your teacher day. so tiktok had to work with investigators at that particular time and no arrest happened as far as that specific threat and then the month before that was vandalizing your bathrooms in your school. so this is happening more frequently. tiktok is working with law enforcement officers across the country a little of sure they're working with the fbi as well. we are going to go around at the schools throughout the bay area and obviously talk to parents and teachers. but you might want to hug. this is just me talking. you might want to hug your kids a little bit higher this morning because we live in incredibly scary times. james and ari, a. thank you will. >> 5. '05, right now and breaking news from overnight. a man died in from what appears to be carbon monoxide
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exposure in a house in pittsburgh. this house in the 100 block of vincennes street emergency crews got there. they found a woman and 3 children. we're sick inside. and the man who had already died inside the children have been hospitalized. we don't know the condition of the woman who was also in that home. >> happening today. we have governor gavin newsome now and state attorney general rob bonta. they're going to be back in the bay area to announce new efforts by the state to combat the recent rise in crimes. now, this comes as the bay area has seen an increase in special grab robberies jewelry stores high-end retailers, as we now have been recent targets of these thieves robberies at leave it on in san francisco and nordstrom in walnut creek are just 2 examples of what's been happening. today's announcement will take place at about 1040, this morning and we will have complete coverage for you on our 24 7 streaming service kronon. new this morning. police in city are also investigating a possible homicide. it happened
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around 8.30, last night. along the 40 to 4500 block of all of avenue when officers arrived, they found a man with critical injuries. he ended up dying shortly after officers got there. no one's been arrested just yet. >> it's 5. '06 in sunnyvale. police arrested a man on suspicion of shooting and killing another man at an illegal air bnb party in sunnyvale. this happened back in august. the home on navarro drive where up to 200 people were at the party 18 year-old eli, us ilani a was shot and killed. and on wednesday, police arrested 18 year-old sean james junior for that shooting officers say they found several handguns and ammunition in his home. he was booked into the santa clara county juvenile hall because he was 17 at the time of the shooting. it's 5. '07, and the tesla employee who is accused of shooting and killing his coworker has now been charged with murder. 29 year-old
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anthony was arraigned in court in dublin yesterday. prosecutors say that he got into an argument with another man at the tesla factory co-worker on monday and waited for the co-worker in the parking lot where the co-worker ended up being shot and killed. selena is being held without bail. >> well, happening today. closing arguments will be wrapped up in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. holmes is accused of defrauding investors in misleading patients about whether startups medical technology could do the prosecutors use homes his own words against her by playing recordings of a presentation that she made to investors and in those recordings homes can be heard exaggerating the abilities of the theranos blood test. meanwhile, homes as defense attorney says that she was building a business, not a criminal enterprise once closing arguments wrap up today the case will be turned over to the jury for deliberations. it's 5 '08. and another big story doctor say the omicron variant of covid is soon going to come.
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>> the dominant strain here in the u.s. doctor anthony fauci says that we could see a surge of cases in january when people are back from celebrating the holidays kron fours, camila barco following the story for us live in the newsroom this morning. commute. >> good morning, guys. yeah. with the vaccines at hand this year. more people will be traveling and meeting with friends and family to celebrate christmas and new year's now doctor anthony fauci is urging people to get a booster shot as the holidays are upon us. he says the omicron variant is present and it's going to spread much more rapidly. the variant has been detected in almost 40 states including here in california. he says there is no need for a variant-specific booster shot at the moment. however, president joe biden is urging people to get vaccinated and boosted he says hospitals are becoming overwhelmed with unvaccinated patients more than 3900 people in california are in the hospital with covid. fauci says that this shouldn't interrupt holiday plans as long as you roll up your sleeves.
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>> here. it's going to start to spread much more rapidly beginning of the year for unvaccinated. we're looking at a winner of severe and if we continue to get people vaccinated. >> that we will be able. to counter the emerging variants that we might see as the months go by. >> the cdc is also recommending people get pfizer's or moderna's vaccine over the johnson and johnson vaccine. the recommendation comes after new data shows the vaccine is linked to rare complications like rare blood clots. the j j and j excuse me, the j and j shot will still be available to people who want it health experts say that the one-dose vaccine. it's still better than nothing at all. diane james, back to you, ok. thank you very much. coming up. >> now let's talk holiday travel and what's going to happen. you can take a live look here at sfo, the ceo of 2
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major airlines. >> don't believe that wearing masks on plane is going to provide planes going provide much additional protection against covid spreading. still, they say their cabins are very safe. >> i think the is very strong that mask don't add much if in the air cabin. i concur the air aircraft safe place be. >> let's confusing and contradictory isn't at the remarks recently made their the senate panel and we'll southwest and american airlines later issued statements supporting the federal mask mandate on planes. however, local infectious disease experts urge you to be cautious. if you're traveling, they say that because planes are, you know, it's it's they're small crowded areas and makes it easy for rapid transmission of covid. >> no, we're not ready to go on airplanes. i think it's a horrible idea. yes, airplanes
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have very good ventilation. but when the airplane to on the tarmac. there is not very good ventilation. i would encourage people to. >> if they find the airlines with ceos think they don't need to wear a mask to please wear masks when they're on the it's a they're crowded environments. it's far and away the better part of valor and we have omicron coming. >> and at this point it's not even just a plea. its rule. you have to wear a mask on airplanes of mask mandates for the plains and all public transportation. one of the first executive orders implemented by the president and that stands and there is a new stricter mandates, as we all know until march at least. >> we'll take a break here at 5.12. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news we are hearing from the ups driver who accused the sfpd of racial profiling when she double parker ups truck full packages and they ticketed her for it. we're going to have more on her story coming up. this one, you'll see only on kron 4. meanwhile, after the break. state lawmakers are taking a closer look at how the drought is impacting california's food supply, trying to figure out ways to fix it in the future.
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yeah. and obviously droughts been something we've talked about a lot this year. a few good storms. going to pull us out just yet. we are in for a dry couple of days ahead of us before the return of rain next week. >> so enjoy it. even though it is kind of chilly out there. some 50's this afternoon after a morning spent in the 30's for many of us i've got your forecast and lighter conditions out there on our roads today. hopefully the state friday light. we're going to be tracking your friday drive will have more
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>> 5.15 is the time and bay area reservoirs are getting a slight boost with all this rain that we've seen recently and more on the way. so here's a look at the numbers and where they stand right now. the reservoirs in marin county are at 96% of normal for this time of year, which is good news. san francisco's main water supplies at 72% of capacity east bay. much says that their reservoirs are right now at about 59% of capacity. meanwhile, santa clara valley water district says that the reservoirs are only at about 37% capacity. so clearly they've got a long way to go. red counties really been the main beneficiary of all this wet weather yeah. california lawmakers are taking a closer look at the impact of the drought. the state provides 2 thirds. >> of the nation's fruit and nuts and the 3rd of all the vegetables in the u.s. come from california. and so this could mean price increases are on the horizon. experts also say the drought could
5:17 am
contribute to food insecurity which could lead to health issues. they say short-term solutions could include food and cash aid programs have longer term solutions could be bigger. infrastructure changes. >> droughts have far-reaching impacts, including the well-being of communities, large and small that people that are hardest hit are the most people that are already in deaths. >> they are exploring ways right now to increase the state's water storage, although the warning is the estimated cost of 8 proposed projects totals about 14 billion dollars. right remember loaded with just a week ago we said where's the pipeline. >> exactly what we invented from the pacific northwest, washington all the way down a california be great. if we get some of that they got more than they can handle any way. i'm going to do this thing. could move my nose like the yes, i think she knew. we've got john in the weather
5:18 am
center. he's actually got a closer look at the drought impacts and with the current forecast is now on that front. hey, john. yeah. we've had 2 big atmospheric river so far. so that does help out a little bit, but we are so deep into drought. >> that even those couple of atmospheric rivers we've had. all right. getting us out of the exceptional category of drought just yet. okay. so this is where we're sitting on october 1st right here, the start of the water year. and when we were really deep and route. you can see that exceptional drought maroon. that's your worst category stretching from the bay area down into the central valley where all the agriculture, of course, takes place after our first atmospheric river. we took a step back from them are in the exceptional back into extreme the second worst category of drought, which is a bad situation, but improved across the bay area after that, we've seen further improvement. some of the north coast is back into a moderate category of drought. now. but as for the bay area's portions of santa clara alameda and contra costa counties are still in that exceptional category. so we have a big improvements here. but of
5:19 am
course, even a couple of big storms are going to pull us out of a drought that spanned a couple of years. so we still need that tap to further be flowing if it runs out. we're going to be a bad set up, but we are looking hopeful for the next couple of weeks here as we continue to see wet weather. and it's actually kind of nice to dry out for a couple of days. allowing some of the rain and snow that we've seen recently to sink into the ground a bit. this is your view at donner summit right here. 80 is clear. crews have had a great chance to get a handle on that up there with no new snowfall. the next couple of days. today, tomorrow and even sunday are going to be a-ok days to be heading on up into the sierra. it looks like we may need to be wrapping right now. is that correct. you can still all right. heard a wrap, but that's okay. so we are going to be looking at conditions today. that will be nice and clear we are going to see clear conditions as well on up into the sierra nevada and that is something that is going to make for that good
5:20 am
travel weather as we work our way through the next couple of days. high pressure ridge is going to at least keep us dry for a couple of days here this weekend before christmas does look nice for your travels. any sort of aaron's last minute shopping that you need to be doing now. futurecast shows that we will eventually work our way back into the rain. this system is stalling out, though, before it reaches the base. so that means that today, tomorrow and now sunday are solidly dry sunday still going to be a good day for travels for shopping monday will also remain dry, but it's going to be windy and cloudy. all right. it looks like we actually are wrapping now. do toss over to rain and we're back to the desk. all right, john, let's get a look at your traffic today as you're traveling from the east bay into the city a little under 9 minutes. >> for your drive time right now heading across towards the peninsula a little under 13 minutes as you're traveling there and along highway 24 in walnut creek traveling from a long 24 to 5.80. a little under 12 minutes we'll have a weather and traffic coming up. but for now, daryn, james, back to you. thanks a lot
5:21 am
right. >> now to a story you'll see only on kron 4. the naacp says that san francisco's police department owes an apology to a black ups driver who was told that she would be arrested if she didn't sign a ticket for being double parked. we first brought you this story on tuesday and the driver spoke exclusively. now with kron four's has menu. >> a single mother of 2 kids like i want to go to jail, not in work. >> the lack of available parking for delivery drivers in san francisco often leaves no other option then to double park while making deliveries of the city. we is not like our intention is to double clark and impeding traffic. i don't know what's in those boxes that are given to those people. i don't know this medication like i did want to make sure that we can get the packages to the people who needs them. >> however, ups driver and acacia ferguson faced being arrested by sfpd. if she did not sign a citation for being double parked on haight street while making a delivery.
5:22 am
>> at first i thought he was joking never been ticketed. i'm just the day previous in the same area right up the street. another police officer went around me. >> but it was no laughing matter with the san francisco police officer told ferguson to put her hands behind her back after she refused to sign the ticket, not wanting to go to jail. she reluctantly signed the ticket. but that is when she says she felt racially profiled for something she says delivery drivers do every day and francisco. >> honestly, yes, and it because of my skin i i don't see no other reason they were taking me. everybody double parked everyone. dhl amazon ups. >> the naacp is now conducting an investigation into the he will go through how to teach police station. and we will happen 10 years. conversations xi. until we get this matter
5:23 am
rectified. >> hate district san francisco supervisor dean preston is office said, quote, for a statement that reads, quote, we're extremely concerned about the incident in which sfpd ticket at a black ups driver and the hate for double parking while making a delivery. we have reached out to sfpd and are eager to get to the bottom of this unquote. the san francisco police department's it does statement that reads, quote, this incident is now under investigation by the sf department of public accountability because this is an open investigation. we cannot comment further unquote has due kron 4 news. >> it's 5.23. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news today. the city of oakland takes another step towards its effort to keep the a's in town.
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just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. step towards keeping the a's in oakland. the final environmental impact report is going to be released this morning. this is significant in the city's effort to build a new waterfront ballpark at the howard terminal. mayor libby shaft release a statement saying the report ensures the project is environmentally safe and sustainable. she says the release of the report keeps the city on track to bring the project to a final vote by the city council early next year.
5:27 am
the ballpark district would create 18 acres of public parks, affordable housing and hundreds of jobs in oakland. but in the meantime, the a's continue to explore las vegas as a backup or a plan. we don't know how far along it is. >> fingers still crossed on that. alright. also happening today, recreational dungeness crab season can begin off the coast of the bay area still going to be a while before commercial crab season. you can get started. that's been delayed until december 29th the beginning of the crab season. keeps getting pushed back because of whales and other wildlife in the area that can be injured by the crab traps wait for that wildlife to move on. it's 5.27. is the time. we'll be right back.
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>> 5.30 right now. and it is cold outside, which was the least of my chlamydia bears. yeah. you know, i'm running late. we're going to do a big present thing here. it's a surprise for everybody in the 7.30 but so i'm getting bags together. i can't find my car which have my house keys. so i have to use an alternate right then i get to my car, which is electric. as you all know. yes, it was charging all night. no, it i barely have enough juice to get me to work and i'm thinking am i gonna get home today. i don't know. mean, here we are lamenting she couldn't find a that i brought in my forty-niners unknown because i was like
5:31 am
they got a game this great. it before the show started here crash in the back and our know. my fall, yeah. whatever happens this weekend. it's your fault. >> you've broken our good luck. i'm going to just i'm going to own up to it right in the shandy hall me. i'm sorry it will be finep that's right. we'll salvage the day. we'll get it going. hopefully your day go smoother than daria as you mentioned, it is a little cold out there. so at least make sure you bundle don't forget it's just cold for this area's only you hear that the truth, though, at least we got that. here's some good news for the forty-niners game. it is going to be dry during the game. so no inclement weather is good interrupt that you'll just want to be bundled up and all your forty-niners gear come sunday. now, as far as temperatures go this morning are cold this morning. >> of the entire year so far, a lot of us are falling well down into the 30's couple
5:32 am
rural spots of falling into the 20's. so we're in the grips of winter. now you can see outside your berkeley, hills camera looking nice and clear right now, temperatures in san jose and fremont each at 39 degrees dublin. you're at 35 santa rosa sitting right at 33 and below freezing at 31 some rural areas in our inland valleys falling even lower than that. now, this is a lot cooler than yesterday. santa rosa down 15 degrees napa in livermore. each town, 12 degrees from 24 hours ago. we do have some fog out towards the car tina's, but most of us are fog free. certainly dry. it's cold out there. rain at but roadways are looking better roadways are looking much better than the past week or so as you're heading into the city right now. >> no major delays meteor lights are off because traffic is moving along. no hazards on the bridge at this hour. so a little under 9 minutes driving into the city right now heading across towards the peninsula little under 13 minutes for you to make that commute this morning along highway 24 walnut creek to find a just a little under 12
5:33 am
minutes for you there. we have some hot spots along 24 yesterday along 80 crockett to the maze. looks like conditions of dried out. we had a lot of flooding. 15 minutes as you're traveling there and southbound 6.80 dublin to fremont a little under 14 minutes started. james, back to you. the time the big story this morning, public health officials in contra, costa county, our reporting early signs of a winter covid surge. yeah. doctors say that thanksgiving gatherings are probably to blame for this. that's what the timing seems to indicate the sharpest rise in covid-19 cases has been in the eastern part of the county. >> and that's where vaccination rates are lower than the rest of the population. we're talking about richmond conquered. and they've all reported the highest number of cases this past 2 weeks. doctors say the virus appears to be spreading. most among school age children and young adults. >> i just spoke with our contact tracers today and they said that some of the numbers that have come through just in the last few days are
5:34 am
approaching some of the summer numbers we saw back in august. so that is concerning. >> health officials say more than 77% of contra. costa county's population is fully vaccinated. but only 30% have gotten the booster shot at this point. there are no reported cases of the omicron variant. >> well, in an effort to try and get more people vaccinated oakland is reopening one of its major vaccine clinics. it was forced to close earlier this month. so that should go a long way now that what they're hoping is that it will be easier people to get vaccinated and key boosted stinson is live with the details. hi, sara. >> good morning. what good news to hear when you have the vaccine clinic reopenings in a lot of people were confused and worried when they heard that the clinic at the frank ogawa plaza in downtown oakland was closed abruptly last week will this week they got it together and it is reopened how helpful is that?
5:35 am
these we know it. there's a high demand for people who are still trying to get boosters. and then of course, get their kids vaccinated as well. there's also a location at the and fruitvale that one is also open. it never closed. but they do have new hours will get to that. it's good timing to have more clinics to be available since the oakland unified school district is now requiring students to get vaccinated. the school board has extended the deadline from january. first to january 31st giving families for weeks to get students vaccinated. >> or they will have to do distance learning now take a look at the new hours for the reopen vaccine clinic in the downtown location. again to 50 frank ago plaza. it's open monday through friday so you can go today if you need to from 9 in the morning until 5 o'clock. by the way, they do have testing as well. so a great resource and then the fruit bill covid clinic. that one has new hours so listen up for that. you can't go today because it's only open
5:36 am
saturday through wednesday and that one's on east 12th street. they they're open from 9 until 5 o'clock and holiday hours at that for bill there even open on christmas day noon to 5 and they're open on new year's day 10 to 5. so a lot of availability which again, good timing because there are those families. we're probably going to have to crunch to get their students vaccinated if they want them to go to in-person learning by that deadline. in january. 31st darya james, it was certainly confusing when it closed. hopefully we can get a clarification as to how it reopened. we know it was closed due to a low staff and limited vaccine. so we'll be following this morning for now, back to you. alright. thanks a lot, sarah. >> ok, let's go to the south bay now where the health officer in santa clara county has announced 10 confirmed cases of the omicron variant. and again, all all of them had
5:37 am
to be hospitalized. and in addition to those confirmed cases doctor sarah. sarah cody says that the variant has also been detected in all 4 santa clara county's sewage, sheds doctor cody says the best way to stop the spread is, of course, to get vaccinated. that includes the booster shot as well. and don't forget, you have to wear a mask if you want to get tested, you have to wear a mask pretty much anywhere anyway. >> this is about layers of prevention. no single strategy works. we have to combine them. >> health officials say that 80% of the entire santa clara population is vaccinated for those age 50 and older who are fully vaccinated. the numbers are more alarming. only half in that age group has actually been boosted. >> cal osha standards board has extended its covid workplace rules for another 90 days. beginning january 14th. they did make some significant changes up to now, if you are exposed and you are vaccinated. you could go back
5:38 am
to the workplace, his place as long as you didn't have any symptoms. but now if you are exposed come in, contact somebody who has covid and you are vaccinated and you show no symptoms. you have to still you have to stay away from work for 14 days. even if you test negative. if you do return to work, you have to wear a mask and stay 6 feet away from everybody else for those 2 weeks. workers safety advocates support this change. >> we can still spread the disease. we can still get and we're in the midst right now. of a very uncertain situation with the new omicron variant. so this is no time to be letting up park off. >> the bay area council and the california chamber of commerce say they are against these workplace covid rules. they argue the change made by cal osha goes too far and provides a disincentive for workers to get vaccinated.
5:39 am
>> we'll take a break here on the kron 4 morning news, but still ahead, we have remarks from president biden after he awarded 3 soldiers, the prestigious medal of honor at the white house will have that story. plus klay thompson is getting ready to make his big return to the court with the warriors will tell you more about when we might see him in the lineup and with fresh snow in the sierra lot of people are expected to visit ski resorts this weekend. we're going to take a look at conditions up here. lake tahoe. we'll be right back. hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet.
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>> in national headlines. president biden awarded 3 medals of honor at the white house yet to those medals were awarded posthumously. the families of sergeant first class alwyn cashe and sergeant first class christopher celiz accepted the medal of honor on their behalf. sergeant cash who is there are the scene there on the left-hand side, suffered fatal injuries in iraq while rescuing his fellow soldiers back in 2000, 5 on the right is sergeant selous who shielded a fellow soldier with his own body. listen now to some of the remarks from the president. >> we honor 3 outstanding soldiers actions higher ideals of something service. we also remember the high price. military members and their families are willing to pay. we have our nation. remember strength. the military families caregivers
5:43 am
>> a metal also went to master sergeant earl plumlee. he fought off several suicide vest wearing insurgents dressed as afghan soldiers before carrying a wounded soldier to safety after a big explosion. so he had now as well. so many sacrifices and great heroic acts. 5.43 is the great heroic acts. 5.43 is the time. we'll be right back. ♪ don't worry mom, we'll be there soon. "we?!" is this "the one". well... let's say i found the one who takes me to another level... always stays calm under pressure. most importantly, the one that helps me discover the coolest places. this sounds wonderful... come outside, i'll introduce you! they're here. ♪ definitely "the one". ha... ha... introducing the all-new 2022 nissan frontier. ♪ right now save on holiday gifts for everyone on your list. get 40% off festive pajamas... nissan frontier. up to 30% off ninja kitchen appliances...
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>> 5.45 of excited. yes, we can. a lot of folks are going to be heading up to this year. this is a live look here at 80 up near donner lake and there is a lot of snow on the ground and it looks like the roads nice and clear for you, whilst as we were hoping they would be no time for the look at james okay. and when you're going yesterday, same thing. it was early member, john. it was like i was 06:07am, in the morning and we saw see this parade of cars it's we it was like 5 at a time which as you know, this early and was on a thursday. so this morning we're going to see, i'm sure, right job. i probably 7 o'clock. we're going to see a lot more to get away traffic heading up there. i think 80's going to be today because it's such a good travel day and we've seen such good snowfall recently seen. you know, everybody is itching to get up there. >> that was donner lake. this is donner summit just about a mile away from each other. and you can see that we do have travel moving along just fine on eastbound, 80 on what is a nice dry roadway. calm winds
5:47 am
up there really is a nice day to be traveling today. tomorrow, sunday all looking a okay monday. things will start to get really windy up there, not will make for less than ideal conditions. anyways clear conditions across the bay. and as you saw just a second ago up in the sierra much the same to we do have a high pressure ridge building in. it's not really going to overtake the bain or the state of california. but it is enough to at least a dozen staying dry for a couple of days. good chance for some of that rain. the wet weather that we've had recently to just soak info the ground easing off the gas pedal for a minute as we work into next week, i was talking about how we could have a system that stalls across the bay. well, the system looks like it's actually stalling before it even gets to the bay. so what does that mean? well, sunday is now going to be a solid lead ride. a great news for the forty-niners game. if you want to get out there. monday is also looking to be a really dry one. it's going to be a lot cloudier, though, really windy one on monday. so may be a dry day on monday. but we're still going to have the negative effects of a storm,
5:48 am
which is the less than ideal conditions to be outside monday night into tuesday as one might rainfall finally arrives to the bay heaviest of rainfall potential will be on tuesday, although we will have some lingering showers into wednesday. likely showers picking back up on thursday and a little good news before christmas next friday. we do look to have a fairly dry day on christmas eve before resurgence of rain and mountain snow on into christmas day itself could result in a white christmas up in the sierra nevada, not that it's already a white christmas up there 50's for your daytime highs all across the board, whether you're at the coast right along the bay or further inland burlingame. a cool 55 saying carlos at 56 south bay temperatures in the low to mid 50's today. well, fremont on up to hayward at 54 same numbers from oakland up to richmond. now it is such a cold morning. i know you're going to be putting on every layer this morning to stay cozy this afternoon. i would just keep the couple of those layers with you because with
5:49 am
that cool sunshine and temperatures only in the 50's. it does remain a cool field tomorrow morning. another cold start less cold evenings in the week week ahead of us next week. just get ready for winter and rainfall to return again right. john. clear skies for our weekend. let's start in the south bay 2 3785 82. no major delays. a little under 30 minute drive an you're traveling along one. oh, one. >> 85 to menlo park. also, i don't see any delays along 8.80, as you're traveling through fremont heading into the city right now. a little under 11 minutes for your drive time at this hour, heading across towards the peninsula. little under 30 minutes as you're traveling there. the golden gate bridge. you're heading from the north bay into the city. still a little under 18 minutes, much drier conditions from today than yesterday and along 6.80 dublin to fremont about 15 minutes. all right. james, back to you. >> all right. let's talk basketball. the warriors of the best team in the nba right now in the lonely get better when klay thompson comes back.
5:50 am
but the question is will that well, it looks like it's not going to happen by christmas. a lot of fans were hoping for a sports director. jason dumas has more. the wait for clay thompson's highly anticipated return. >> we'll have to wait a little bit longer. many people had hoped it could come next week. but reports have surfaced that it will not be in till at least the 28th of december that would be against the denver nuggets. the 2 following home game after that day are january. 3rd and january 9 for other possible day they can play now let's check out the college kids stanford hosting brendan, very right here. yes, brendan barry he is actually related to rick perry play for dartmouth and he was hoping to 20 points and they were winning for a lot of that game. but here's harrison ingram you depict muscles his way inside weight room. he
5:51 am
gives them the lead right there. now stanford down to final shot. ingram. so good in that low post he scores with the left. we're going to ot more he was just too big for dart nice little hook shot over his shoulder with the right. ingram had 13 7. now just under a minute left. that was the cherry on time. brandon angel in the post for and won the dagger. he had a career-high 18 points that they ended the game on a 22 to 4 run stanford wins 89 to 78. we'll have to play a bit better, though, on sunday in vegas, they take on the 7th ranked texas longhorns. all right. to the nfl, patrick mahomes and the chiefs taking on far the chargers. for first place in the afc west to 24 left, justin herbert to keenan allen. 2821 charges. too much time for patrick mahomes, though he does this his us
5:52 am
capability. that is world. he finds travis kelsey for the 7 yard touchdown. all right. first possession of ot just. get the heck out of here. i want to eat. i want enjoy the la nightlife be a socialite. strive is healthy. he did all the work, though. he added a a 191 yard. that's a career-high 10 catches kansas city wins 34 to 28 straight win. there are now 2 games up in that division raiders just falling falling falling in that afc west. >> all righty. that is your look at 4th. thank you. cation the words, by the way, can be back in action. tonight will be on the road taking on the boston celtics ti
5:53 am
5:54 am
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>> if you want to do a little head bang and for come early for metallica fans. yeah. for the band's 40th anniversary. metallic is going to be hitting the stage at the chase center. 2 nights can't right here. yeah. if you don't have you don't have to go there. no. yeah. it will be streamed online for free through amazon prime. so that's one way you can enjoy them. yeah. it's been an francisco him to tell the drummer lars all records, you know, from here out is performing in san francisco. >> he's going to represent the city at all their events. certainly take a listen. we fly the flag proud. >> san francisco in the bay
5:56 am
area all over the world. a r t shirts. that made in san francisco, born in san francisco, metallica, san francisco, whatever a version of it says. but we're so proud of our a connection to everything that san francisco represents. >> cool, there's mayor breed. she also declared yesterday metallica day and into the band. a proclamation in celebration. as you can see there. >> metallica's also going to be performing on sunday to and that concert will be streamed for free as well for information just head to our website at kron 4 dot com. >> time now is 5.56. and coming up in the next hour, tick tock threat. >> in bay area communities and around the nation actually has. >> at least one school deciding no campus and no finals today. we'll have a live report. >> plus with the omicron variant spreading health officials are trying to avoid a surge during the holidays. we'll tell you what doctor anthony fauci is now saying about the booster shot. we'll
5:57 am
be right back.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> from the bay. area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> and thanks for joining us. now that we're all here centered only up from here this morning. i'm games and hopefully you've got a nice day ahead of you on this friday. looking forward to a
6:00 am
weekend where for the most part, we're going to be dry. yeah. yeah. it's great for dog watching. just got to bundle up right. i'm i'm i'm in to wear hats now actually brought a couple said to have genocide more of them around for it's a good enough for santa. they're good enough for me. keep that warmth which are going to need this morning because it's pretty chilly out there morning, john. going to be looking like she's going to the airport because you always layer up yeah. i wear my entire carry on bags. that's what you get to do as you venture outside today because it's so cold out there this morning. we are venturing out into some 30's and even a couple of 20's for some of our rural inland areas. >> at the coast. some more mild spots. half moon, bay. >> you're sitting right now in the 40's, unlike some of our further inland areas half moon bay or 45 wall. san jose morgan hill freeman in the upper 30's dublin. you're at 35 right now. santa rose at a cool 33 and lead at 31. so temperatures are falling to some of the coldest. we felt them this season for santa rosa. you're down 14 degrees from the same


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