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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 14, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> now keeping covid under control through the holiday season. how one county is relying on the students to make sure the virus does not spread when the children returned from winter break. plus corruption and misconduct accusations against county sheriff details on the charges filed against her. >> and steph making history yet again. how the sports world is reacting to her a steady the new career, 3 point record. thanks for joining us on kron 4 news at 8. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. we are following breaking news
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tonight is coming out of santa clara county. >> a civil jury is indicting sheriff laurie smith for willful and corrupt misconduct. sheriff smith is facing 7 charges including illegally issuing concealed carry weapon permits accepting suite, tickets, food and drinks at san jose sharks games and failing to cooperate was an internal affairs investigation. earlier this year. county and city officials, including san jose mayor sam liccardo called for her to resign at that ricardo specifically mentioned allegations of bribery on 4 shots mccall following up on these charges have more for us coming up on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. >> and another big story we are following tonight. new data coming out on the omicron variant tonight. we're learning more about how that variant will interact with coronavirus vaccinations. our grant lotus joins us now here in the studio with the latest on this grant pen. can a new study out of south africa
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confirms what many people suspected the 2 shots of the pfizer vaccine. >> are less effective against omicron compared to previous forms of covid, including delta. it. now, according to the nation's top infectious disease expert doctor fauci this variant diminishes the efficacy of antibodies created by vaccines. but doctor fauci says it's not all bad news. >> the encouraging news is that when you get a booster shot that we can see it brings back up the level of immunity. number 3, it appears. that the disease when you do get it. somewhat less severe. then delta. >> of course, that is only good news. if you are vaccinated. doctor fauci says the omicron variant will likely be just as brutal on the unvaccinated population as previous variants of covid and though vaccines may not be as effective against omicron. pfizer says its experimental
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pill plaques loaded paxlovid is designed for unvaccinated people to get diagnosed with covid for them to use at home. that is effective against the omicron variant. >> it means sites. with very easily. i prescribe and see if medicines that you can take and get from walgreens and cvs that if you the disease, we can help prevents your progression. tossed by station by as much as 89%. >> doctors want to emphasize that paxlovid is not a replacement for the vaccine, but could be a real game changer, especially for people in developing countries where there's no option to get vaccinated at this point. that pill is not authorized for use, but the fda is expected to take up the matter soon. we'll keep you posted there. ken. pam, back to you. all
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right. grant, thank you for north bay county is taking a novel approach to fighting the spread of covid during the holiday season. >> it's sending home rapid test kits with all students and staff during the holiday break for more on this approach to keeping the schools safe as well as how health officials are stressing some other measures to take as christmas and new year's just around the corner. >> course, there is a statue of joys us from our newsroom. teresa up and in cameron county handing out those rapid test. all students. it follows an outbreak in the thanksgiving holiday. >> public health has provided us with 48,000 test kits that will be distributing to every family with a child county school and all staff. >> doctor matt willis marin, county's public health officer about blunting the spread of covid-19 as the holiday break is just around the corner. he explains this proactive approach falls on the heels of an outbreak of thanksgiving the holidays do bring risk. there will be families that are traveling their families to engage in gatherings.
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transmission can occur. we saw a surge in cases after thanksgiving. and this is really the best way to ensure that. >> nobody who is carrying the infection is actually coming into that school setting so it's the best way to prevent outbreaks that could begin right off the bat if we if we didn't have strategy like this. >> my wife and i decided that we're not going to have people that are home were not fully vaccinated. you know, that doesn't work for everybody. what you can do to give you give yourself some degree of comfort comfort for other people are going to be in your home. it was to do some rapid testing. doctor john swartzberg says that tests can be very helpful for families as they try and steer clear of spreading the disease. >> especially right now with so many questions still looming about the severity of the omicron variant. obviously. so you want to be with your family in the low one. so you have to find that sweet spot and tell everybody before they come, you know. >> i know you wouldn't come if you have any symptoms and i
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promise you, if i wake up in the morning. i'm going to tell you not to come over 5 got the symptoms that mornings. >> well, masking up socially distancing all of those steps we've gotten to know in the past few years. also through the really key moves back to you guys in the newsroom. teresa, thank you. well, the state has also issued new testing recommendations for travelers coming into california. travelers are being advised to get covid tests 3 to 5 days after arriving weather taking a plane bus train or any other transportation this recommendation comes 2 weeks after thanksgiving as we are learning more about how in-person gatherings may have affected state case rates. >> so right now kron 4 dot com. you can get all the information you need on the coronavirus. the headlines are they're just scan. the qr code on your screen. you'll be directed to our website. some of the top headlines include the data on the omicron
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variant pfizer's new pill to fight covid and the new statewide indoor mask mandate is all on our website at kron 4 dot com. other news tonight. the future of the san francisco unified school district is being decided right now. the school board is meeting to discuss ongoing budget issues. >> the district is facing a 125 million dollar budget shortfall for the next school year. if they do not resolve the shortfall. the state says it will step in and take over the district. here's a look at some of the proposals and includes cutting 50 million dollars in funding for individual schools. 10 million dollars cut from student services programs administration in operation services cut by 20 million dollars and almost 400 jobs slashed. we'll continue to follow the meeting as it continues and we'll bring you updates as they come in. now to our 4 zone. weather forecast as we take a live look outside at downtown san francisco from sutro tower and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow says the bay area is in for a very cold
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night tonight. going to be chilly bundle. up next, a lot on the fire. we're talking about these numbers. >> down to freezing in some parts of bay area, maybe a little bit lower out there tonight skies clearing out for the most part, couple remnant clouds still remain and we'll see more of continue to clear out as we head through the night. but there's another storm that's not that far away. doppler radar showing you just a little leftover moisture right now near the coastal sections and over parts of the mountain tops. otherwise we'll clear things out is going to get cold right now. you're down to 39 degrees in santa rosa 39 in napa, 42 degrees and 41 right now in the bottle. 41 and live more 40's elsewhere around the bay area to some very cold temperatures out there right now and it's going to be chilly when you get up tomorrow morning, if we get any cloud cover, though, of any significance that may hold the numbers up a bit. right now we're looking at 20's and 30's in the north bay 40's elsewhere around the bay area. so a cold chilly morning and then we've got a little rain that will be rolling in as we head throughout the day starting in the north bay
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first and spreading across the rest the bay area. so will be another cool day highs tomorrow. you're only in the 50's. maybe mid-fifties as you make your way to san jose. but more storms on the horizon. rain developing throughout the day tomorrow, maybe a lingering shower early on thursday morning. a break on friday and saturday. more rain expected late on sunday. thank you, lawrence. the wait is now over. steph curry is a new 3 point king a short time ago. the warriors superstar broke. >> the all-time record for the most regular season 3 pointers ever made. he did it in a venue fit for the moment. new york's madison square garden and it seemed like everybody who was anybody was there to witness history tonight. our sports director jason dumas has more on this. >> you know, he's so easy to root for. and, you know, for something like this to happen. you feel really good for him because he says a good took the words out of my happy for him. it's like i know him as like a best friend. obviously i didn't know him in a working capacity. i wish i was there at madison square garden. it
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was awesome. in just 789 regular season games. he's broken the record. he is the all-time leader. let's see how it all went down. it was a special special moment. so. >> here is the 3 pointer to tie the record. pulled up from the logo. typical staff kisses, the crowd now let's rewind for a second. i want to take you back to 10/30/2000, 9 that steph curry first career 3 pointer. a day before halloween in 2009 back to present day stat. i did in the lane pokes out real quick. he said that the warriors run this play all the time and he's usually not the first look, but i guess his teammate. they were feeding him. there's mama duke sees proud. here's the game ball watching say the ball that broke the record. those who is pops, here's a cool view of the shot right from dell's vantage point and then here is
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the moment where he embraces ray allen who held the record. ray allen known as one of the best basketball players of all time. steph curry joins sam. we always known. he's one of the best basketball players of all time. but that's just a special moment. now let's hear what some people around the nba had to say, look, it baby bro. seth curry. the official 3 got. i know he wishes he was there. lebron james does landed in dallas to see steph broke the record and make it even doper. he did it at the garden. congrats brother magic johnson, congratulating staff mentioning dell and sign up for supporting him. obviously earvin magic johnson. one of the pillars in the nba world trae young. he's like a little step pro day. when we say steph curry change the game. you see it in guys like trey young seidel curry his little brother. the wife of staff's teammate damian lee
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congratulating him. jamal murray. steph favor. he is steph a steph is his favorite player. i should say. and then last but not least, donovan mitchell. another great nba player just congratulating staff. so it was like a mini celebration and. steph spoke after the game. he said he really increase. she ate the crowd for letting him have that moment because remember, it's a road crowd is not like he's here san francisco. but it was a standing ovation. he said it felt like he was home almost they let him embrace that moment and it was, you know, was a special moment, one that remember forever. well, visiting teams. you know, they they can be depends what city you're in york show some class. yeah. you know, and it. >> it's ironic staff, obviously he's happy he landed in the bay. but when he was coming out of davidson. he wanted to go to the knicks court and and the warriors picked him one pick before the knicks were up. so their whole camp was like, let's go to new
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york at what's not to love about that situation with steve kerr almost went to new york to yeah. so step came here and the rest is history and we'll hear from staff later in the hour. good. i thank you, jason. >> for doing my job to lebron they are going arrest me they say because i'm not signing anything. >> coming up tonight on kron, 4 news at 8, a ups driver in the city claims she was racially profiled. we'll hear from her and why she says she was threatened with being arrested by sfpd plus a cat might have saved christmas and possibly even its owner's life. but the pet found the lurking around some holiday decorations. >> and there's plenty of snow in the sierra. we'll have the latest totals and the traffic conditions they're seeing start getting ready for a weekend at the slopes. if you want to go
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>> developing tonight in the east bay. 6 women have filed lawsuits alleging that they were sexually harassed while working at tesla. 5 of the women work or words at tesla's fremont factory facilities. well, one was employed in service centers throughout southern california. the women allege that they were subject to constant harassment by both colleagues and supervisors. this latest suit comes a month after another harassmunt suit was filed by a tesla employee who spoke out against the unsafe environment for women. kron four's. dan thorn is following up on this lawsuit
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and he will have new details coming up on our news tonight at 9 o'clock. we're learning new details in the homicide investigation at the tesla factory in fremont. >> including a first look at the suspect and what police say it's a murder weapon. kron four's catherine heenan now in the newsroom for us with the latest katherine police now believe that that man found dead yesterday in the factory parking lot. >> was killed by a co-worker. the shooting happened monday at the factory on fremont boulevard. police say the victim had just finished his shift when he was shot. they say he had been arguing earlier in the day with the suspect. this is 29 year-old anthony so lima who suddenly had walked off the job. a mugshot, the one you just just released today along with news that police tracked him down at his home in milpitas last night and arrested him. they say that's a lima immediately surrendered officers found a loaded short-barrel rifle in his car. there it is the same caliber as shell casings found at the scene tonight. police
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say they do not believe there are other suspects and selena has been booked into the santa rita jail. the identity of the victim has not been publicly released. that's pending confirmation from the coroner's office. pam and ken. >> thank you, catherine. the father and son charged with starting the caldor fire are now out of jail. a judge reduced their bail from 1 million dollars to $50,000 for the sun and $25,000 for the father. the judge said that there was no evidence travis and david smith were flight risks or that they acted with malice when they started the fire, the caldor fire forced 10's of thousands of people to flee lake tahoe communities earlier this year. >> all that weekend. rain. we saw here snowcapped mountains surround the bay area last night about 4 inches of snow fell on the summit of mount hamilton east of san jose. the snow usually doesn't last too long up there. but as kron four's, charles clifford says
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look like this snow may make it at least through the night. yeah, sure does. and in the. >> sierra course, there's plenty of snow to go around and it is definitely causing some problems on the road. the report are a ton wallace was in colfax on interstate 80 where some semi truck drivers express storm frustrations while others were pretty happy to see the snow. >> before the sun rose the snow fell pre-dawn. this is what it looked like in colfax elevation, 2400 snowfall, keeping the snow plows busy throughout the morning and throughout the region in areas where the white stuff is rather uncommon areas like auburn where snow fell on i 80 for colfax local dwayne watson, the storm and what it brought with it was welcome news we i like to see maher. i hope to get an up by next summer. >> act also to fill the lakes up. wade got water for next
8:20 pm
summer. >> but for others, mother nature got in the way crews closed down. i 80 between colfax and the nevada state line for several hours during the morning to clear downed power lines just after sunrise passenger cars with chains and all-wheel-drive vehicles were allowed through. while those drivers are given the go ahead to get back on the highway. >> big rigs were told they had to stay put. 10. >> working my i don't know what time open. finish my for team what time will come. >> got his answer around 10 this morning. big rigs were given the all-clear to get back on the highway and that's for watson. he's just happy. it's noted all. >> makes little bit. nice to see it. we're grateful to see snow and hopeful more is on its way and colfax a tone was. >> well, let's check on our 4 zone forecast and go up to the sierra says that's what we're talking about here. this is highway 2.67 near truckee and
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a lot of snow on the road. there you see some headlines. and fortunately they are moving slowly. yeah. it's a beautiful sight up their chrome for chief. meteorologist lawrence karnow has the details on the. >> snow conditions out there, lawrence. yeah. rough up there. still there still chain up. both on i 80 and 50 as well as we're still seeing some snow coming down. there's a lot more to come. in fact, we've got a series of storms not only the next couple days. i think maybe to the end of the year. so all those skiers although snowboarders who people want to get up there. enjoy the snow got a time out the storm before you go up. it's dangerous up there. getting up there right now looking at donner summit. i was just talking to a friend yesterday that decided to go up there got stuck out there on the road for quite a while. so it's kind of dangerous, but it has been great to see all that snow up there. we have really watch the percentage of totals jumping wildly over the last couple of days with all that snow just a few days ago before our big atmospheric river event hit. we're looking at numbers in the teens as far as percentage for snowfall up there. now we're at 71% of
8:22 pm
normal in the northern sierra nevada 77% of normal in the central and 76% in normal in the southern sierra nevada. and there's a whole lot more to snow to come. we've got winter storm warnings up again for tomorrow afternoon continuing into thursday. expect another 2, maybe 3 feet of snow across some of the higher peaks. also the shasta area more snow for them. mendocino county, lake county looking at some winter weather advisories going to see that snow fall made out all the way down about 2000 feet. so that's get very low out there. maybe a little dusting across our peaks to so storm clouds rolling back in. looks like overnight tonight. in fact, around the bay area tomorrow morning. we'll see those clouds begin to gather. and by tomorrow morning, rain showing up in the north bay beginning in the middle of the day. and then as we head toward the afternoon that start to work its way across the rest. the bay area. this one not going to be huge. atmospheric river event. you're talking about maybe about a quarter of an inch to about an inch of rain, not inches of rain like that. last storm. but hey, they're lining up out there. we've got more to come. looks like at least to christmas rain,
8:23 pm
probably the end of the new year. that's good yeah. thank you. okay. still ahead tonight, a retail theft round table. california's attorney general. >> sharing how he plans to try to tackle the growing problem of retail theft. but first, there is a big cat on the prowl. we'll tell you where this month the line was seen taking a stroll in the bay area.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> take a look at this. mountain lion spotted in the hills of san mateo this morning along oak valley road just south of crystal springs road near the hillsborough border. the homeowner says the big cat ran onto the driveway saw him walk by the car there to the left and then he kind of disappeared into the nearby woods. authorities say if you encounter a mountain lion, don't run away. try to make a lot of noise to scare the animal away and do not approach it. >> what you got to see here. this is not tensile in this christmas tree. it is a deadly snake. look at that. a family in south africa recently found this dangerous intruder turking inside their christmas tree. thanks to the curious cats. look at this in a coma and it turns out it was one of the most poisonous snakes in africa. the boom slaying the family immediately called a snake catcher who told them to stay away from the tree without letting the serpent out of their sight. he arrived
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2 hours later. oh, my gosh. that would have been too long and use a snake tongs to safely remove the reptile making christmas a bit safer for that frightened family. if you just add wrapping gifts, then have no fear. tiktok has some tips to help you social media elves have been giving their hecs for wrapping in some of these might help you out. oddly shaped gifts will not be a problem. thanks to a cute new trick to turn your wrapping paper into a bag or fitted around a cylindrical item if you're measuring ways always trips. if you're measuring trips you up a life changing trick, they say is turning the gift diagonally to make. you say some paper. here's a good tip. >> coming up next tonight on the news today. a ups driver says she was racially profiled by san francisco police. hear her plea in a story you'll find only here on kron 4 plus tracking down on crime. the city's mayor says explicit
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frustrations with the state of things in san francisco and she describes your plan to get things back on track and get ready to pick up those payments. when you have to start settling your student loans for the first time in almost 2 years. more news our t
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now at 8.30, sign a citation for a driving infraction or go to jail. those were the 2 choices given to a ups driver. a black woman in san francisco. that woman says she
8:31 pm
thinks the officers racially profiled her. this incident was recorded on her cell phone video that has gone viral today. we hear from her for the first time since the incident occurred. she talked to our has monday in an interview you'll only see on kron 4. >> for doing my job to lebron they are going arrest me they say because i'm not signing anything. i'm not signing anything i'm not signing close to where refused to sign the citation. >> you're subject to arrest. the should be code know i've got in my truck and not cry hysterically. i called my boss and told them that i was just about to get arrested for double parking. >> it happened back on december 7. that around 11:30am haight street near the sonic in san francisco that is where ups driver dedication, ferguson. let's double parked while delivering multiple packages that a bill depot. i am a ups driver. >> and full brown. delivering
8:32 pm
packages. why was she double parked. >> a pullover everywhere own a street. there's nowhere for me to go up and down. >> they hate. it's rare to find parking in san you good. civilians parking in >> zones. anyone familiar with the parking situation in san francisco knows you can drive for blocks day or night without finding a parking space. what used to be available street parking is now occupied by restaurant park. let's and bike share docking stations at this point. delivery drivers double parking set up a part of the landscape. in fact, it is something ferguson says she's been doing as an employee for ups for over 3 years. that never knew they pulled over people the ups drivers. >> fedex drivers. amazon drivers. everybody that. >> double parking to to to
8:33 pm
deliver however, this is the first time she's been approached by police to be ticketed of the job she believes the officers targeted her simply because she's a black woman. i feel like if i wasn't. >> this young black girl, i would have got to take it up. hollywood got a warning. i would even got to a siren. move your vehicle. >> the key shipper, gus and signed the ticket. this mom says she didn't want to go to jail for double parking. there is another reason she says she signed the citation. people are counting on those packages on her truck being delivered. just want to make sure that i can get them. the air. >> product when they i suppose that we deliver to businesses that keep the low of san francisco going. i reached out to the san francisco police department to give them an opportunity to explain what happened from their perspective. >> i received no reply. has it kron. 4 news.
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>> mayor london breed says san francisco will be making more arrests in order to tackle illegal drug use in public spaces. the mayor says enough is enough, making the announcement after speaking with several people who live in the tenderloin residents who see drugs being self injected every day. mayor breed announced several new initiatives on public safety. the biggest change is arguably the city's level of tolerance for illegal drug use. and less tolerant. >> that is destroyed our city. they're not going to just walk by and let someone use in broad daylight on the streets and not give them a choice between going to the location. we have identified them. we're going to jail. >> mayor breed says the tenderloin emergency plan is already underway. the new initiatives will require more officers and more overtime for police brees says she is securing emergency police
8:35 pm
money to ensure that the city has the resources to combat major safety problems over the next several months. state attorney general rob bonta says the smash-and-grab robberies we've been seeing are the result of well organized crime. these are not necessarily new. organized criminal groups that are popping up and committing organized retail theft for the first time. it's. >> existing organization and a lot of cases that as are now turning their. they're working their attention to organized retail >> bonta held a roundtable discussion today with law enforcement representatives retailers. the goal is to try to come up with stronger ways to proactively combat this crime wave that's costing retailers. millions of dollars. boehner says that includes a crackdown on groups reselling the stolen goods trying to freeze their online accounts. >> a newly discovered comet called leonard will be visible starting tonight through christmas day, astronomers say to spot it. you have to look to the western horizon about one hour after sunset leonard
8:36 pm
may not be very bright, though. so you may need a pair of binoculars to see it the experts add that this will be the only chance you'll ever have to see this comment because it only comes around once every time, 80,000 years leonard's offended when he said he's not very bright >> well, a live look outside seeing this beautiful picture that we love of the golden gate bridge once it is a kind of nice but chilly out there. yeah, getting cold out there now, but we're getting ready for another storm system roll in the bay area. maybe a series of storms coming our way. i want to give you a look at this tonight is what we're picking up with the outside right now. the skies are parting the cold air settling in going to be chilly night overnight lows in the 20's and much of the bay area. now one cold front moving out of town. that was a big atmospheric river event. this one coming on the gulf of alaska. this could be more of a typical storm system rolling on through few hours rain. then it kind of moves out of town. but you're not going to see
8:37 pm
that three-day event like we have with the last one. but then behind it we get a little bit of a break and that is some good news because after we get into sunday, everything changes. look at the storm system. begin to develop this on saturday. not here just yet. you can see this line all the way down. again, this looks like it may tap some tropical moisture. this may be another atmospheric river event developing out there as we get to sunday. here comes stalling out across the bay area and there it sits as we get into sunday afternoon, low pressure diving on the backside of watch. it happened. all that moisture just wraps around that low and rotates to the bay area from sunday, monday, tuesday and into wednesday. we could be talking about a significant amount of rain behind that. you've got another cold front that's likely drop in right on thursday. so rainfall amounts. this long-range forecast right now. that's not what we want to see, especially on top of what we just had the first system just an ordinary storm may be dropping a quarter of an inch, maybe an inch or so. but then we start to throw those totals as we get into
8:38 pm
next week. yeah. then it gets crazy. we're talking about some wild numbers. look at that. santa rosa over 8 and a half inches of rain between now and then. 3, 4, 5, inches in other parts of the bay area. this all comes to pass. we'll be talking about more flooding as we get to next week, guys, back to you, lawrence. thank you for that. still ahead tonight at a congress may be facing a christmas deadline. >> the latest on efforts to pass president biden's build back better plan. >> plus, if you're in need of a vacation. check out these destinations. we're looking at the most popular places for tourism this year. >> but first, pushing on through the pandemic, a pessimistic poll shows how americans are feeling as they head into the new
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after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised.
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bart employees who have not provided proof of their covid vaccination will be placed on paid administrative leave until a disciplinary hearing can be held the deadline to provide proof of vaccination was yesterday. those employees can still get their vaccinations while they are waiting for their hearing and once they are fully vaccinated, those hearings will be canceled. so far nearly 150 employees have requested an exemption. those employees will be allowed to keep working while the request is pending. barr says 90% of its employees are fully vaccinated. >> a new survey shows rather pessimistic outlook on our
8:42 pm
post-pandemic lives is comes from wellness company thorn 2 of every 3 americans asked say the pandemic has affected at least one aspect of their well-being. that number is even higher for women specifically gen x-ers. 38% of them say the state of their mental health as fair to poor and 55% say their sleep quality is also fair to poor just about a quarter of those surveyed say they're excited about a new normal diet. sodas may be dying off and it's thanks to the younger generation. is jen's ears say they still like soda, but they're just turned off by the word diet. one research company blames it on a counter diet culture fueled by social media. they also say younger generations are as likely to drink diet sodas is a view them as unhealthy. so 0 sugar might sound more inviting soft drink giants are taking a hit and rebranding their products. canada, dry 7 up and and w already made the switch to calling their products 0 sugar.
8:43 pm
>> coming up on kron 4 news today held in contempt of congress. what is next for the former white house chief of staff mark meadows says he is charged for failing to comply with the insurrection investigation. and as for its steph curry makes history as he stands alone as the all-time three-point leader director ja
8:44 pm
8:45 pm
>> this just in tonight, the house of representatives has
8:46 pm
voted to hold former white house chief of staff mark meadows in contempt of congress for failing to cooperate with the january 6 committee the move coming one day after the house select panel investigating the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol voted to recommend the criminal charges. given that the former white house officials refusal to testify. the committee also accuse medals. a withholding key information. >> even after mister meadows turned over text. democrats have now gone so far as to see subpoenaed horizon for mister meadows phone records. such neck. it scheming should stay in house of cards and other tv shows not in this chamber. >> the house votes as the matter to the u.s. attorney's office where prosecutors will then decide whether or not to present the case to a grand jury, a contempt of congress charge carries a penalty of up to one year in jail. but that still does not mean that
8:47 pm
congress gets the information that it is seeking the clock is ticking for senate democrats to pass the president's social spending package. their goal is to try to get it done by christmas. >> but moderate democratic senator joe mansion is throwing cold water on the proposed deadline. voicing concern over some of the bill's provisions. and it's almost 2 trillion dollar price tag. the bill includes almost 80 billion dollars in irs funding, which republican senators say could be used by the agency to unfairly target middle-class taxpayers. and probably will bring an amendment on the floor to prohibit the utilization of these dollars to go after. >> any taxpayer who earns less than $400,000. meanwhile, the senate voted today to raise the national debt limit by 2.5 trillion dollars it now goes to the house for a vote. >> the grace period for student loan payments is coming to an and the white house announced yesterday that it has no plans to extend the pause that has been in effect since the start of the
8:48 pm
pandemic. and that means payments will resume on february. the first the biden administration says resources are being made available to ensure a quote, smooth transition. >> travel web site trip advisor is looking back over the last 12 months and how the pandemic affected travel and tourism around the world and despite lockdowns and restrictions. the state says that many people remain hopeful and continue to travel where and where they could in a new year. in a new year in review study by trip. advisor found that a majority of travelers were longing for sunshine this year. some of the favorite sunny destinations for 2021 included honolulu cancun and cana dominican republic. >> in addition to beach getaways travelers are to outdoor experiences trip advisor says denver colorado receive 65% more bookings in 2021 compared to 2019. many people opted for a high kinship to the rocky mountain
8:49 pm
national park. other top outdoor destinations included sedona arizona, ontario, canada moab, utah and la fortuna day left foot to the day. san carlos ago study i need to go >> kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> well, folks, he's done it in just 789 regular season games. steph curry has 2,974, 3 pointers and then be a record. let's see how it all went down to the world's most famous arena we go before the game. what a moment staff ray and ready all embracing reggie passed by ray a little bit ago and and staff obviously this was to tie the record right there right off the gate. now let's rewind real quick. let's
8:50 pm
take you back in time. 10/30/2000, 9 a baby-faced assassin. >> steph curry hits first career. 3 pointer. now let's get back to present day. here he is. 2,900 and 70 for 3 right there. and there you have any blows, a christian, a crowd. he is pumped up flexen there's mama duke's right there here he gives the ball to dell curry. his dad who helped him learn how to shoot. here's a great view from the baseline day celebrating his son. he's going remember that forever. and then this is the icing on the cake. he gives a hug to ray allen who he just passed. 2 competitors right there respecting the moment respecting each other. that's what sports it's all about. all right. back to your regularly scheduled program. warriors are down by 5 stephan it's the triple it's 39 golden
8:51 pm
state within 2. then in the 3rd, got a tie game curry. no look pass to jordan poll finishes above the rim paul had 19 points on the night. all right. same quarter andre iguodala. now the shot you want, but he gets his own rebound. gets to the staff. he hit the 3 emanuel quickly faith that his first $0.3, 2nd quarter mom dad love it. how about more step pump fake. all 3 of those hand down, man down. 5th, 3 pointer of the game. he now has 2,977 career threes warriors win by 11. look at this after the game, steph was surprised with a jersey with the record breaking number on it from reggie miller and ray allen. those are 3 of the best shooters who have ever grace this planet. klay thompson needs to be up there good. he there to see him back on the
8:52 pm
court sometime soon we hear from staff after this historic night. well, red is a call. it ending to this last weekend. >> 2. >> it is special newgarden we deliver. >> in terms is how i kind places. but i really can't say enough. i appreciate so much the way the fans embrace would mean let me just kind of get lost in a gun. a special moment for sure. and i appreciate no member for. rest of my life. in terms what it means to 2 to pass or you know, and the reggie and does a little too coming into the game. so nothing special. >> great stuff. all right. let's see how people around the league celebrated steph curry, baby bro bank guthrie got lebron james just landed in dallas. this east f kerry break the record and even dover. he did it in the garden. congrats brother.
8:53 pm
here's magic johnson. one of the icons of the sports world. congratulating magic, eric congratulating. steph. so you get the point. yes, great stuff from everybody around the league was the host or it might for sure. definitely. >> can't wait for to come home. as you know, the hometown folks are going yeah. help help him celebrate soon. we'll see clay hopefully within a month. it could be as early as next week. this could be really one of of all the magic seasons, the warriors of had this could be, you know, clay coming back and they get to the nba finals. i thanks, jason. as we head to the break tonight boys once again celebrating remarkable women in the bay area and we need your help to share their stories. >> if you know a woman making a difference in her community. nominate her for a chance to be awarded woman of the year. you can enter your nomination you can enter your nomination to ge ♪ don't worry mom, we'll be there soon.
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"we?!" is this "the one". well... let's say i found the one who takes me to another level... always stays calm under pressure. most importantly, the one that helps me discover the coolest places. this sounds wonderful... come outside, i'll introduce you! they're here. ♪ definitely "the one". ha... ha... introducing the all-new 2022 nissan frontier. ♪
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>> superheroes can move mountains save the world many occasions. but can they hold back the hands of time. all those battle scars will probably catch up to the super heroes of marbles cinematic universe. and this is what a team of australian researchers wanted to know they want to figure out how the avengers will fare in old age so they used lockdown to study the film fan to. so the good news for iron man in particular is at his billions of dollars gave him access to health care
8:57 pm
but is ptsd and chronic heart disease is going to hurt him down the line. black panther hail. so one of the world's most tech developed countries, but that performance enhancing or potion may have adverse effects. >> meantime, spiderman is surrounded by great people. but all that crime fighting at night will take its toll on the teen and the incredible hawks, heart rate, spike suggests that the green guy may have an underlying condition anger. of course not good for your health. so there you go. oh, there you go. it's not always so great being a super. i'm telling you what bus mounting. that wraps up by news tonight at 8 o'clock grant vicki standing by or the news at 9 fit and healthy ready to go hours. not you guys are great. just clark lois lane superman and his kids that he brightens dollars. thank you to here's what's cut 4 news at 9. a grand jury indicting santa clara counties. >> sheriff here on 7 counts of misconduct and corruption.
8:58 pm
>> now she's accused of abusing her power and the renewed calls tonight. she is now facing to step down immediately plus, tesla facing a lawsuit tonight over claims of harassment at its fremont plant. details of the work environment. they described as a crude frat house. those stories and more coming up on kron 4 news at 9.
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