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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  December 13, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PST

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would rather to show pictures your dog. we know what rain looks like. i'd like to see your dog. so i'd like pictures of your kids dressed up. >> ready for the rain. here's the problem. i was looking at reese witherspoon. she's putting out her christmas card and it's her dogs because she said the kids they don't want to be alive and now they don't. he can't write the dogs the dogs have no yeah. and you. we are released for the dog. by the way, we need just signed a release. so go to the kron 4 reported tab. send us a picture of your wet dog. and that's what we'll share this morning. it's kind of fun and makes more fun. >> anything you want send them want to know what it's like in your neighborhood because it's kind of widespread, as you can see they're right. i've got a great picture. graham looking very concerning out in the rain as he would not go out, johnson arrest him out. just looking ok alright, send go with that we i will definitely so. of and hopefully you guys can get outside with the dog owes really quick. even just raining pretty good out there. i know they're not going to want to go outside. >> you're probably not want to
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go outside either. if you have the work from home option you are so lucky. i'd take it today because the rest of us had to get out there and brave these not so great travel conditions your view outside of her berkeley hills. cam is looking really gray, really wet the core of the atmospheric river is pushed right into the center of the bay. you can actually see between our 2 red arrow lines. there where that core of deep moisture is that is really affecting a whole lot they're very well traveled portions of the bay, including our bridges this morning. you can see from the bay bridge, golden gate bridge richmond center, fell bridge, all of them are in the midst of at least light moderate even heavy pockets of rain fall. we're also looking at some lighter showers for the southward from their redwood city. you're starting to see it picking up as you are further southward around palo alto. i'm in a little bit seeing heavier rainfall right around napa down towards american canyon. 80. it's been a mess all morning long as as has been eastern solano county. all that's been staying north of you antioch.
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you've been staying a little quieter than areas to the north like rio vista have now we are in the midst of at least moderate conditions. so it's very, very wet. it's pretty windy. temperatures are cool but not as cold as it about to be tomorrow morning. that's when we'll actually see some snow top mountain tops here in san francisco in the bay area. i mean, talking about just what to expect. these next 24 hours all. still to come on over to rain that you that, you know, we have some major delays in hot spots out there like this one along 6.80 southbound south. >> vargas road in fremont. so you see people are trying to take 84 to get around this. also, if you're taking bar today, there is a 10 minute delay system wide across all locations and in all directions. >> because of the weather conditions today. so that's bart give yourself more time. a downed tree 5, 80 eastbound at avenue in oakland. 5, 80 westbound at park boulevard in oakland. another accident traveling into the city. i could barely see anything this morning. high slick conditions. so 22 minutes and counting. so factor in a
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little more time on to that heading across towards the peninsula. little under 9 teams still very slick and wet along 8.80 southbound marina boulevard. you got an accident. another one in hayward southbound, north and west a street. so we are seeing sluggish conditions all along 8.80. it's been that way for the past 3 hours out in fairfield, 80 westbound under highway 12 an accident. so you are seeing delays as you're traveling there at a richmond. it's coming down pretty hard. can't even see the bridge a little under 15 minutes for your drive time there still very slick conditions. a 25 minute drive traveling from 37 to the tolls. and you have those high winds to factor in as well out in san pablo 80 eastbound west of san pablo dam road. you've got an accident. so we are seeing delays, san pablo avenue. good alternate. if you're trying to get around that. we have a little more traffic coming up daryn james. let's get back to the weather all right. yeah, well, i the worst thing about the weather is when you have to drive in at the best thing is we need the rain and we've been waiting a long time for this. yes, no, and it's here now, obviously, and you can
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see this is just round one. we've got several coming our way. but proper sarah stinson is out in it. >> so that you have an idea exactly what to expect before you step outside in redwood city. good morning, sir. >> yeah. we're live in redwood city just right off of one. oh, one, you can see the north and southbound lanes where we're standing. let's zoom on in so can see the road conditions here where we're at right now. every one of their headlights on that step number one, right. step number 2, make sure that you keep your speeds lower than they usually would be. i was driving on average 50 miles per hour because there's just a lot of water accumulation. the rain has been consistent throughout the night and into the morning. we're finally getting some light out here so we can show you. but intense out there. there's a lot of flooding at certain exits from san francisco driving southbound down here to redwood city and a lot of people not quite prepared for that. so they come upon it at a high speed and then there's they're breaking in there trying to brace for that type
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of condition. but it is the only way you can truly brace for that is just a slow your speed down and now that the sun starting to come out a little bit. i mean, we won't see it with our eyes. bill is getting lighter, at least now you'll be able to see where there's puddling before it was just pitch. dark outside to really didn't have a good idea. always make sure you have you know, you're when we're windshield wipers and today might be a good test to see if your windshield wipers need replacing you do not want old windshield wipers as you drive out there on the roads. so maybe after today. if yours are looking not so good. good time to replace those make sure your tires are in good shape because this rain is not going to necessarily just stop today. we're hoping for more and more rain and so john tree was falling that. but as you head out the door, make sure you are ready to go with your peril. of course, that's only way to go on to the rain and not be miserable because, of course, we do rain dance.
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we're so excited for the rain, but we also need to just stay warm. know that i've got on my water resistant clothing on that rain boots on as well. and that really helps as you head out the door and walk into some puddles, especially even just walking from his car door to your office store. you can get pretty. so. so you want to stay dry. stay warm and be prepared out there on the roads. it is extremely dangerous. you just heard all of the the accidents that is reporting on and it will continue through the morning. so daria it's another rainy day in the books. but we're grateful for our legal and clearly you are a waterproof and weatherproof you write down your mascara and eye right. >> because you look you have one of best yeah. haha. >> yeah. this hat projects, the whole make up its own good, think about hair back, tuck it in. >> you do what you got? a new james. absolutely. thank you very much. chair and stay safe. she said, when you're out there in the south bay.
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we've also been tracking some rain. it's been on the lighter side in the south bay. but that's going to be changing throughout the morning. will tran has been our weather gauge out there on this on the streets as well. i guess you you've you're at the airport now are in. >> i'm at the airport. so we're moving around just to give people perspective of the south bay and it hasn't picked up so intensity. but i can tell you the wind. it's not even gots it's a steady strong breeze it's still obviously very cold this morning, although don't don't look at that. but other than that. e v- >> it is cold as ice cream with the sun coming up. so bundle up by all means let me step out. just show you what's going on. people are landing. it sounds weird. i could cut you off with a straight face. but i too, feel sorry for people who land hoping for sunshine. i always have when they land hoping for sunshine, al of a sudden this is what they get. so this the south bay. and you can see only if
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you can just show the sidewalk and you can see the rain being driven by the windy conditions. so by all means buckle up 2 hands on the wheel. we talked about this earlier news you can use make sure you everything in your body because there could be an accident. and i've been in backed up in accidents where a minute seems like an hour or so by all means, take care of business. before you go have a warm cup of coffee rain. not so bad. i'm still waiting for the heavy rainfall because. james, as you know, i don't do anything halfway. i'm ready to roll. i got my rain gear on. i got my flip-flops. i have my hat. the hoodies ready to roll. all i is mother nature to do her thing >> wow, drop of the challenge has been made. i think mother nature's going to answer to would rather drive or fly in the rain. really rather fly. oh, absolutely. i mean, there are delays, but i'd rather fly
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because. >> here at sfo, we've seen them stacking up with the laser we are. and that's both in and out. you know, whether you're picking somebody up me from college last check. there were 16 flights delayed now 18. so that number continues to climb over rain. so 1316 now a tennis like that's a that's a slow day. and you can bet the same thing is going to be tomorrow. so make your plans now for picking up kids. the airport that a comeback from college. if you're going somewhere leave extra time and just be prepared for a loan travel. absolutely. all right. well, in the middle of all this rain. we actually have a fire to tell you about it. some breaking news out of the east bay this morning where we've got crews on the scene of a house fire. >> along the 3400 block of magnolia street. you can really see it there in that video. 2 story home where that shooting out the windows out of the roof. >> we don't know if anybody has been hurt at this point. but they are working this fire they got a handle on it. so we're going to have more on that way. you know, when it gets to this point and the crews just arrive and see
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this. it's a defensive mode. i mean, they're just hoping that it doesn't spread. that's what they have to be concerned with. and sadly, when something breaks out early in the morning like this. there's a big concern that everybody's ok, so we're going to continue to follow that this morning and we we hope to report that there were no deaths or injuries in this big fire update you as more information comes in. in the meantime, we'll take a quick break, but a look ahead. john raymond working waves of rainfall continuing to push to the bay area. we're in the first wave this morning, which is having a big impact on your morning commute. >> areas like alameda oakland berkeley on up through napa seeing some of our heaviest of rainfall. it will die down and then pick back up early afternoon after lonely this morning will be tracking it all for you to keep you updated. still to come. >> and unfortunately travel is impacted by the rain we're seeing out here. we've got longer drive times accidents in hot spots and a systemwide part delay. we'll have a look at that once we get back from break.
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>> 7.13 and we're taking a live look at this year. a little 89 most quite a yeah. >> mason. i know a couple more resorts open up this past weekend to. that's right. and plus between now and tomorrow i think to get halfway. there so 4 feet now 4 to 8 feet total, and by this coming weekend, the road. to be clear enough to be safe to head up there. a lot safer than right
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wears that this is 80 and honor summit. so it's windy. you got the camera blowing in the wind here. >> you're also looking at that drifting snow blowing snow on the roadway. i haven't seen anyone here for a minute. i was it was the plot was the plow guys sick they're trying up. there just looking so great. it's that wind that is blowing it right over those recently plowed areas. so even if you do have the plowed coming right through here's another concern. we have the winter storm warning up there. we've got one guy, one brave person and another person heading westbound. it looks like on the other side, too. so this snow is going to be blowing right back onto the roadway. that's exactly what you're seeing at 80 right here. the heaviest snowfall still north of 80, but it's going to start working its way down a little bit further to the south that will have more and more of an impact on those drivers heading up to lake tahoe. that direction. the core the atmospheric river is pretty squared up from san francisco down the peninsula on up into northern alameda and contra. costa counties through solano county on through sacramento. oroville
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chico in the foothills and then on up into the northern syrian colored southern cascades. it's going to shift gradually further and further southward through the course of this morning. but right now some of our heaviest of rainfall is in areas like vacaville through richmond further southward on through oakland currently seeing some heavier rainfall. and in fact, those little circles are indicating areas of standing water that we're starting to see piling up on some of those lower elevation areas richmond center fell bridge in the midst of some moderate shower activity. further southward. a pocket of heavy rainfall round redwood city further south from their heavy rainfall right along the santa cruz mountains. you're still cast in the rain shadow down in san jose. rainfall has been a lot lighter than those upper elevation areas. this low pressure area digging nudging out any remnants of what would have been a high pressure ridge and now we're just in the midst of much colder and stormier conditions tonight into tomorrow is going to be the coldest of the storm. as
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for today, it's all about waves of moisture. so we're currently seeing this first wave of rainfall pushing through after 09:00am you get a break in. you're actually going to see some sunshine. don't expect it to last for long. come the early afternoon, another wave of heavy rainfall pushes through this one could come along with some isolated thunderstorms and some really strong winds, too. you'll see another break late afternoon into early evening before 3rd wave of moisture also coming along with the chance of thunderstorms past sunset tonight notice that we will have blue popping up in some upper elevations here in the bay that you're a mountain fall snowfall right here in the bay area itself and enough of that snowfall up in the sierra nevada that we are looking at a winter storm warning. as for the next 24 hours in the bay anywhere from an inch to 2 inches of additional rainfall on top of what we've already seen winter storm warning remains through tomorrow night at 10:00pm multiple more feet of snowfall still to be seen in the sierra as well as in those coastal ranges, upper elevations of lake county. and look at this. a winter weather advisory along one. oh, one from ukiah on up through leighton bill
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windy conditions on top of all of we do have a wind advisory on the peninsula. south bay east bay and solano county through 04:00pm today. winds gusting towards 20 to 30 miles per hour. so temperatures be. it's going to be the 50's this afternoon. that's something that we're used to about everything else in this forecast is not what we're used to anymore. after such ppdry weather rainfall continue when waves heavy at times through the day today. tuesday morning, bringing some rain and low elevation snow fall. the some of our mountain tops in the bay area. wednesday and thursday off and on showers and then drying out into the weekend john, thanks for that. alright hot spots all over today on this wet one in fremont, southbound, 6.80, south of argus road. >> you have an accident. you see delays. a lot of people trying to get around that. i take an 84 so everything's pretty most congested. if you're heading down to the south bay 5.80, to 80 might be good options for you. there. also in the maze, 5.80, westbound park boulevard. you
7:18 am
got to an accident here. hotspot lanes blocked. also a downed tree, 5, 80 eastbound at 98th avenue. almost a 30 minute drive for you heading into the city this morning because of slick wet conditions, pockets and puddles. you see the same situation along the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula. a little under 18 minutes for you. there along 80 multiple accidents like this one in san leandro southbound at marina boulevard. you seen delays that stretching along to 38 as well. and down here in hayward, southbound, just north of west a street there up in fairfield, 80 westbound under highway 24. so you've got that delays are traveling through fairfield. some slick conditions as you're heading out of richmond can't even see the bridge there. about 15 minutes traveling across towards sandra fell out of the oh, wow. you can see that dense fog. the rain as well about a 26 minute drive as you're traveling into the city here in san pablo 80 eastbound west of san pablo dam road. we're going have more on your traffic coming up, the darya james, we'll send it over to
7:19 am
you. thank you. ray. 7.18 for your money. a new law is supposed to go into effect in california. january 1st, that could impact the supply of bacon. for that more. let's go to jane king live at the nasdaq, a j. >> the idea. a good morning. and let's start with also prices for new cars hit another record high in november 8th straight month. we've seen a record high in new cars. so according to kelley blue book's of average price. now $46,320 at 13% over where it was november of 2020 sales are down due to short supply, which is because of the computer chip shortage that has reduced incentives and driven that the average price higher well coalition of california restaurants and grocery stores not a lawsuit to block the start of a new farm animal welfare law. this law requires that breeding pigs egg-laying chickens and veal calves be given enough space to stand in, turn around. but many producers have not yet made the necessary changes and they're asking that that implementation be delayed as
7:20 am
southwest airlines will offer another fare option for flyers starting next year. another carrier told fox business it will be launching this for fair sometime in the spring, but it did get a lot of details about except to say that it will not be the lowest fare. so that will stay with the one to get away. fair and 80% of gen z workers say they've taken a nap on the job. plush beds. it's a maker of mattresses and pillows says americans as we continue to work from home. we found it. we can do some things that we didn't use to do with the office like take a nap here and there live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. back to area. >> sorry day. all right. thanks a lot work the alarm >> 7.20 is the back in the headlines now in the east bay, the contra costa county sheriff's office is investigating a shooting that involved an off-duty police officer. it happened in the nation's hamburger restaurant in san pablo apparently man came in with a gun. rob, the cashier what he didn't realize was there's an off-duty sergeant with uc berkeley police eating there at the
7:21 am
time that officer confronted the robber shooting him once that man was taken to the hospital where he later died. >> today is the deadline for all our employees and board members to be fully vaccinated for covid. they had until today they announced in october. so gave them plenty of time. plus there's an exemption for religious reasons. >> bart ridership has been close to prepandemic levels now since august. >> it's 7.21. and if you are taking part where you're driving yourself. it's going to be a little longer traveling today because of the rain. we're going to have team coverage as we continue. we'll be right back.
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and using their own chase mobile app, they can set big savings goals. all with no monthly service fee. chase first banking. >> all right. let's have a little fun now and see what things are like all around the bay. as you can see, it's wet everywhere. but areas of yellow are the hardest downpours. yeah. we've been out and about rain hunting this morning. and we've been finding some pretty decent showers here and there to kind of depends on where you are and where the front is at the moment. >> you can see it's fairly widespread right now. we're also looking at some live cameras to this is 8.80. yes, definitely you can see the traffic beginning to slow down a bit in the commute direction. and that's a good thing. actually because it does bring everybody speed down. hopefully that will cut down on the number of accidents. rain has been following a few hot spots here and there. let's hope it stays at a minimum today and the senate to reject looks pretty pretty good. traffic is moving the way it should kind of.
7:25 am
sluggish but rolling need see the brake lights there. tapping just for a moment that moment a moment. >> do not being a russian. it's not going to be a problem for, you know, and we'll put one more call out there for you. we've got pictures this morning of what it looks like in your neighborhood. >> as the wind is blowing in. the rain is coming down snap. a quick photo use the kron 4 news app with the reported tab and send that right into our newsroom. don't forget show us your wet dog. yes, because we're very proud of the that can go out and the rating and v s and john is going to share his picture here. briefly. so just going to be able to see all of your pets and your conditions this morning. all right. we'll be right back with more of all of the storm coverage. plus a few best news headlines as well. just a headlines as well. just a minute. i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another, so we chose xarelto®, to help keep you protected. xarelto® is proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt
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>> 7.28 right now and it is messy. all i can say is leave early because i was not that i was late. james. right. but i definitely didn't have extra time and i would have really liked to have. extra time just breathe yeah, i would have liked to have extra time give your luckily that because here's the thing. this shot looks great. no accidents. but when there's an accident, .pthat's what it's going to get you. >> because you give yourself all the time. you need to get to work and then some because you're going to. >> you're going to need it. and here's the storm on the big board that shows us how
7:29 am
just widespread it is all around the bay area this morning. how long are eggs good for by the way, in the fridge. did you just eat no, i haven't looked yet, but i was the because as you may over and i thought i'm going to i'm going to cook those but i think they've been in the fridge for. >> for weeks. >> how do you know if bad before you and even when you crack it open. >> kevin's telling me if you if thinks it's good water if floats, that's not good go to assigned it sinks. it's ok. i'm going to play and then i'll cook and then a for now i'm having this yogurt mush enjoy that. all right. so waiting her shot your dogs. yeah. john's shot of a dog is in. we don't have a quite yet, but we're going to share that soon because if you have haha has just sort of encouraging you to send yeah. so we will get a kron 4 reported to you. in the meantime, we're all over the place. john houser it is all over the place actually of. we are looking at a very rainy morning from north to south, east to west all across the bay area.
7:30 am
>> wet conditions out there are going to slow you down. so make sure that you venture out a little bit sooner this morning and maybe a little extra time because that dog is not want to go outside looking out there this morning at our birth. the hills camera can see much of anything because it is currently raining. pretty good there. right along the east bay hills. we're seeing the core of this atmospheric river really centered up between where i'm drawing these red arrows. you can see that moisture plume. that is just shifted or right into the middle of the bay. this is where we're currently seeing our heaviest of rainfall. >> let's zoom in on a couple of spots here that are looking at some pretty good rainfall intensity. that includes oakland down through hayward right along to a 80 right there is where we're seeing are not to 80 sorry, 5.80, from oakland right down towards san leandro where we are seeing some heavy rainfall moderate showers richmond center fell bridge on up and down the peninsula. heaviest of rainfall on up into a santa cruz mountains above san jose where you've been cast in a
7:31 am
rain shadow not getting as much rain as the rest of us freeman some moderate showers for you on over towards the east bay antioch over to discovery bay along highway 4. also some moderate showers. the late show up to fairfield heavier pockets in napa. you've been in the midst of some heavier rainfall for a minute now, also just northeast of santa rosa, if you're heading north from saint on up one. oh, one eventually, that's where you're running into a heavier pockets of rain as well. now, current temperatures are right in the 50's oakland alameda san mateo egypt, 52 degrees. san francisco ballet when double in egypt. 51 so we're cool wet windy to start this morning. reyna that all has a big impact on your morning commute. >> exactly. out in fremont. we've been tracking this hot spots as 6.80, southbound south of vargas wrote, it's been here all throughout the morning and a lot of people we're trying to get around it by taking 84 still seeing delays along there as well. 5, 8880. if you're traveling to the south bay. 5.80 westbound
7:32 am
park boulevard. you got an accident. so we are seeing delays. at least 2 lanes impacted a downed tree, 5, 80 eastbound at 98th avenue. so that's a hazard slowing people down almost a 30 minute drive for you as you're traveling into the city this morning. pretty slick along 5.18, 80's. well, as traffic continues to build because of the high winds and the slowing the air puddles across the san mateo bridge. you're traveling about a 20 minute commute for you at this time. out in san leandro. 8, 80 southbound at marina boulevard. you got an accident. we have some other ones along 80. those have since been cleared. but you got residual delays and backup all to castro valley hayward along to 38 as well out in fairfield, 80 westbound right here near highway 12. you got that accident. it's been here pretty much all of the morning causing delays out of richmond heading across the war. sandra fell a little under 17 minutes for your commute this morning. a lot of fog moving in along the golden gate bridge. so 37 to the tolls. it's going to take you over 30 minutes as you're traveling this morning.
7:33 am
sam pavel all along 8580, pretty slow. an accident. there on the eastbound side, just west of san pablo dam road. as you can see on the westbound side were also seen sluggish traffic and delays out of walnut creek southbound, 6 city north of 24 east. you have an accident and you're back to pretty much along 6.80, the year in the city. also along one o one. you've got pockets of flooding all throughout the city into a as well. so definitely take your time this morning as you're traveling darya. james, back to you. good advice. and the queen of good advice. sarah stinson show is out there tell us how to drive, which is much appreciated. and sarah is in redwood city right now. sarah, i just want to share this advice. i just learned with you from kevin. our director. if you're wondering if your egg is good or not before you cook it. >> put in a bowl and if it sinks in water, it's put it rises. it's bad. like there's gas that that makes so much sense to me. >> that makes sense because sometimes, you know, the data on them is bad. but they say
7:34 am
that you can go well past that date. so it's good to pa that he did to all stick to their okay. would city. we're still consistent rain. it's not as heavy as was earlier. probably see their camera lens. but now we're a bit closer to the 1, 1, you can see. >> hear all of the cars on the road. they're heading southbound right before they head on 84. and you can see the tires on the on the highway. i mean, it is slick out there. >> but you can tell people are going very fast. and this is something i'm uncomfortable it personally. i like to slow it down 10 to 15 miles per hour when it's raining like this, but especially when it's dark outside. we finally have some light out so you can see what you're up against a little bit. you know, you always want to get distance between you and the car ahead of you because you never know what that car ahead of you is going to experience a it's flooding and they start breaking the new slam into them. it
7:35 am
dangerous out there. i into a gas station earlier. and i heard a guy say most hydroplaned twice and that's something that you encounter this morning. if you're heading out on the roads. the best way to keep yourself safe is one. just stay home. just getting if you have to go into its number one, take it slow number to put your hands. both of them on the steering wheel. so you're prepared for anything. and number 3, make sure you keep it slow out there. be safe. it's dangerous, especially because we have another rain, a good rain like this in a hot minute. so the roads are extra slick and there is a lot of out. there are a lot of the exits on one. oh, one, have a water come you lay shun that you may not be prepared for. and your core view of the truck. you can get stuck in that water. so. >> be safe out there. there is some flooding on one. oh, one, several parts of it where they have it shut down certain lanes of down that have kind of getting us the latest on that, but not so bad right
7:36 am
now. but that doesn't mean that it's not going to pick back up the kind of goes up and down with how much rain we see out here. that's why all have another report for you. about a half hours. so james, back to you. all right. wise beyond her years absolutely. thank you, sarah. i was with tara. we're crossing the street down in san jose. yeah, she's got like a mama bear instinct. >> you know, just like carefully walk she's very you know, it's not just she's not just making stuff up about driving in like the tips for real. she we are going to have to be that way around though. >> haha. just it. >> look both ways. all right. >> let's go to this year. we thank taking care of me. absolutely. what we that's what we do live. look, this is a tee up at whitmore grade or you can see there is definitely a lot of snow up there and as john been saying, more on the way. >> it's only in the fall,
7:37 am
lower elevations to kuz tonight's going to be cold one. cold enough that we've got snow that will be falling at some of our higher elevations right here in the bay area. >> today. it's all about that heavy widespread rainfall that you're seeing from san mateo through san francisco on over the bay bridge to the east bay. 6 ad is very wet from concord down to the tri valley has a tie-up in solano county. >> got your forecast. rain is keeping you updated to you and fortunately roadways, bridges all impacted by this wet weather we're seeing out there. >> definitely need to drive slow today. today's that day. we have some hot spots to update you on. and a systemwide bark delay. once we systemwide bark delay. once we get back from break. when a truck hit my car, systemwide bark delay. once we gthe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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let ouri was hit by a car help yoand needed help. i called the barnes firm. that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> 7.40 right now and in national news, this is a catastrophe of monumental level tornadoes have ripped through 8 states. there are 90 dead and 64 dead in kentucky alone. yeah. they took the hardest hit from this. >> and again, this is something they're going to be recovering from for weeks if not months ahead, 30 tornadoes ripped through 6 states. this was late friday into early saturday. so a lot has happened in the overnight hours. one of those twisters travel. they think more than 250 miles from arkansas all the way to kentucky where some of this damage was recorded is to see people piecing through the rubble and today and just happy to be alive is incredible. the stories that
7:41 am
we're hearing. >> the president has approved fema disaster money. so that's going to help there was one specific place, a candle factory yeah. and in mayfield. pete. yes, the people were hunkered down. they were working on friday night when it hit and there are 8 8 missing there. so that's that's one of the, you know, smaller stories that taken a big hit in the small town. but again, widespread damage, as you can see. and eventually at some point the president himself will come out to assess the damage and. >> try his best to, you know, rally the workers and the people living there to help rebuild. but he says he's going to do that in a bit. he doesn't want to go there. now and distract from the hard work being done right now looks like a war zone. lot of ha to try and recover. >> so they're dealing with that. we're dealing with rain. that's all we've got in the bay area and we're tracking the storm for you so that you can get to work. >> or school or wherever you need to go safely. we'll have our team coverage continuing in just a couple.
7:42 am
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>> some 44 right now and the dogs are not happy that graham. yeah. so graham didn't even go out in the rain. he was looking at it from a distance. you so much back at we're not doing or not doing that. and so, you know, we've encouraged viewers. you guys have sent us pictures just so you know, your dog is not on tv yet because we return to this form. you have to sign a
7:45 am
really. it's really a doggy released because your dog could be a model, make a lot of money. was money for the photo grant. that's free. is getting no payment. that's right. to check your e-mail sign that release yeah. what a dog because i could see your dog. i want to put him on tv. i love i it's just a little joy in the rain. you know. yeah. and this is a lot of joy in the snow. i can't wait for that enjoy being in the snow at all. it's even more and more you know what, i've taken him to the snow a couple of times and he you know, a little yeah. it's been since the end or dogs more of a hot cocoa kind of dog. yeah, but james, at the ski resort. all right. now, you guys can go ski and he's a there's no bad weather just bad clothing. and bed. a don't like the outdoors or just fine, but they're not as adventures as they used to be. that's graham story anyways. we're looking out there at i 80 look at this. they are trying to keep roadways clear. but it's so windy up there. >> we're seeing a lot of snow drifting on to the roadway
7:46 am
itself. you can see that there are conditions that are open dry spots out there. but snow is only going to pick up more and more up along i 80 and other spots in the sierra throughout the day today. the core of this moisture plume is really situated right across the peninsula on inland across the east bay solano county just north of sacramento up to down through grass valley. that's where you're seeing really the core of this atmospheric river. where are we seeing the heaviest of rainfall right now. well, that is stretching from santa rosa on upwards into lake county as well as richmond on up through the up to vacaville napa. you've been seeing heavy rainfall conquer down through walnut creek, moderate rain for you a little bit further south. you are seeing some standing water on some of those roadways right around oakland. that's what those little blew bubbles are showing you currently san francisco through south san francisco, also a moderate rainfall currently. you're seeing rainfall picking up for areas like sonny bill now it's about to do the same over
7:47 am
towards san jose. so i know we've got will standing in san jose. it's been quieter for him so far. but you're about to start to see it picking up a los gatos down the scotts valley right around highway 17 also seeing rainfall picking up this low pressure area isn't only dragging in the atmospheric river but also some colder air stashed up behind it. so tonight into tomorrow morning, we're about to have some of the coldest temps of the season that's going to allow that snow level to fall further and further. now the bay area's in the midst of 3 waves of moisture today. the first we're in the midst of now. look at this. you've got a brief break from the rain until late morning, early afternoon. you're going to see some sunshine not going to last for long be prepared for this mid afternoon. we'll start to see another round of heavy rainfall push right through and it's going to do so really quickly. so be prepared for that around noon. -p02:00pm depending on where you're at in the bay that could also come along with a few areas of thunderstorms developing too. you'll see a brief break from the rainfall right around your evening commute and then it picks
7:48 am
right back sunset and look at this towards 10:45pm. tonight, snow begins to fall in mount hamilton on up towards mount saint helene, a snow level lowers even further up in the sierra nevada and we start tomorrow with some snow in upper elevations and some heavy pockets of rain fall. so tomorrow's rain isn't going to be as widespread as today's, but it's still going to be a problem for us in your tuesday commute tuesday afternoon. we dry things back out. going to be looking much nicer rainfall over the next 24 hours, anywhere from an inch to 2 inches of additional rainfall on top of what we've already seen. and for the sierra nevada, we're talking additional feet. the heaviest is still yet to be seen up there. we are seeing winter storm warnings in effect till 10:00pm tomorrow on up into the sierra as well as upper elevations of lake and mendocino counties in some areas right along highway one oh, one from uk to late in ville under winter weather advisories. that's how low snow will fall be falling. we are also seeing windy conditions wind advisories through 04:00pm today for the peninsula. south bay east bay and solano county. we are
7:49 am
seeing winds as high as 20 to 30 miles per hour for your guests. 50's for your daytime highs today tomorrow's temperatures are going to be colder than today's falling into the low 50's, if not the upper 40's for warmest temps. as for wednesday and thursday some off and on showers interspersed by sunshine in the weekend looks dry, especially if you want to head up to this year to enjoy some skiing. it's going to be great weather for that reyna thought. thanks for that were much read in needed rain that we need it. but unfortunately. >> it's impacted our morning commute. so out of fremont, we've been talking about this hot spot. southbound 6.80, just south of argus road. see a lot of people taking 84 we'll look at the drive times for you up to 72 minutes. if you are trying to stay on that traveling southbound 6.80, down to 2.62. so all over an hour of drive times the air here in oakland, northbound 13 in park boulevard got an accident there. so we are seeing delays along 13 and a downed tree that's 5 80 eastbound at 98th avenue there
7:50 am
not much better, although not seen accidents right there. it is pretty slow traveling into the city. definitely over 30 minutes for your drive. high puddles as you're crossing into the city. definitely want to take your time as you're traveling heading across towards the peninsula. a little under 18 minutes with very slick conditions on the san mateo bridge out and say lee and joe 80 southbound at marina boulevard. the accent. i'm currently still tracking so sluggish on both the southbound the northbound side of 80 as you're traveling there up in fairfield, 80 westbound just under highway. 24, things are slow because of that accident. so as you're traveling along the fairfield, you definitely want to give yourself a little more time out of richmond. you can see we've got crews here. looks like they're taking disabled vehicles off of the richmond sandra fell bridge. still a little under 60 minutes for your drive time as you're traveling there, the golden gate bridge a 40 minute commute. so you've got the rain. you've got the slickness what you also have fog difficult to see if you're traveling there here in walnut creek, southbound, 6.80, north
7:51 am
of 24 east. you have an accident delays. along 6.80 and a long 24 this morning. some other highways and drive times for you. 40 minutes as you're traveling crockett down towards the maze. there is a 10 minute system wine bar delay in all directions because of the weather today. also along one o one traveling from 85 to menlo park up to 15 minutes for your drive. a lot of whether it's slick conditions along one. oh, one as you're traveling there and like we just looked at 2420, minute drive from walnut creek to 5.80 a day to take your time out on the highways and to leave the house with a little extra time darya james, back to you. >> thank you, ray. 7.51 and the niners did it. >> they did. this is a night bangles in overtime. quite the game to watch kron. 4 sports director jason dumas springs us the highlights. >> last week after that niners seahawks matchup. i tweeted that game was drunk. well, looks like the niners are making a trend of it because this week's game in cincinnati. what's even crazier than last week's.
7:52 am
there's deebo samuel fresh off of a strained groin. he's back in action after missing last week's game. and in the 1st half. this was an issue for the bengals all day darrius phillips us the punt trent sherfield recovers for the forty-niners one of 2 muffed punts by philips it leads to this jimmy g all the time in the world. he finds his guy, george kittle gkittle had a huge game. 13 catches 151 yards 76 niners at the half. but in the for the bengals made a furious comeback. joe burrow to ja'marr we have a tie game. one 19 left tonight, a chance may drove the field. but rabi gold slice that kick the way i slice my goal drive. not good. we're going overtime in overtime after cincinnati had opening drive field goal for niners drive down the field. it is kept off gr%nted. i knew what in athletic play
7:53 am
right here to get to the pile on. that's all she wrote ball game baby forty-niners win a thriller. 2623 there are now 7 in 6. they're hanging on to one of the old wild card spot. now let's go to kansas city. for a game. the raiders, right. it's something that smart in my opinion, stopping all over the chiefs logo. you want to get bulletin board material to the 2 time defending afc champs the game. they made him pay jacob first play from scrimmage puts it on the ground. mike hughes pokes it out and recovers it. that's a house call how you start a game, especially when you're just topping on the logo couple seconds ago. 2nd quarter chiefs up before scores car. 5 hunter renfroe. you don't see hunter. make mistakes like that. but guess what, it was hughes again with another poke out honey badger recovered it this time. thanks for calling card for the
7:54 am
raiders and the icing on the cake. clyde edwards helaire to pride and joy of baton rouge, louisiana. takes it in for the touchdown. he had 2 of those bad boys. she's just east rory the raiders 48 to 9 las vegas. they're under 500 for the first time this season and they have a brutal schedule coming up, too. so for death. >> all right. hey, don't forget the warriors play tonight to step could break the 3 point record will be watching. here's a live look at the radar. back with more coverage of the star. justin.
7:55 am
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6.57 is the time. and coming up in the next hour, the kron 4 morning news. of course we're still tracking the rain as it falls across the bay area. a live look at stormtracker 4 shows where we're seeing some of the heavier showers. it's those pockets in yellow in the north bay and some portions of the east bay. john troubles got a full look at the forecast harvey with your traffic impacts and of course our crews out in the field, bringing you the view, what it's like right now. we'll be right back.
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that's a sports injury. at kaiser permanente, we make getting care easy so you can get back on the court quicker. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news. >> thanks for tuning in on a monday and daria, yes, and i'm james and we're looking there at the reason who are opening up with our crews out in the field this morning that a lot of rain out there we sure do. and looks like it's going to be this way for some time to come. which means this is a good one. yes, this is what we've been waiting for. lots of rain and lots of snow. let's get to john. >> yes, it is the storm we've been waiting for because november didn't really come through for us especially didn't come through the sierra because it was just too warm in any sort of rain. we did see didn't measure up to too much. this one, a completely different thing. it's colder


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