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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  December 9, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PST

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kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> morning and thanks for waking up with us on a thursday daria and i'm james. it is 07:00am. we'll start the hour with a check of weather and traffic. before we get to the headlines and there is a little dampness out their stuff to keep you busy. john was going on. yeah. just a little bit of slick spots out there for sure. after last night's rainfall. but. >> rain mist wasting no time clearing out of this picture. so it's not going to take long for those roads to dry out this morning was a good dose of rainfall. we had last night for the south bay, especially though your view outside right now to berkeley hills camera brighter with just a few w- sprinkles lingering across the bay. if we zoom out across the region still plenty of rain out in the central coast. central valley and snow lingers in the sierra nevada. 40's and 50's for current temperatures conquer dublin at 49 degrees. oakland san mateo brentwood at 51 a little cooler up in the north bay reyna. john, thanks for that. we have a few problem spots out there like in the south bay long one. oh, one here. >> at oakland road. so we are seeing delays because of that
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accident on the northbound side along 80 here in san pablo enrichment, 80 eastbound west of san pablo dam. road. another one west of solano avenue. so we're seeing delays on both the eastbound and westbound side because of those 2 accidents traveling into the city. a little under 21 minutes. we got slick conditions there. high winds along the san mateo bridge a little under 17 minutes as you're heading across towards the peninsula here in san francisco. northbound 1, 1, south of mission street. we have an accident, not seeing major delays there. but this one in castro valley 5, 80 westbound at crow canyon road. we are seeing some slowing keeping a close eye on that. we'll have more coming up. a dorian james, back to you. thank you reyna 71 is today is the memorial service for our kron 4 security guard kevin nishita who was gunned down in oakland happened last month. he was out there guarding one of our reporter crews when somebody came up and opened fire. >> kron four's will tran is standing by in san jose this morning with more on today's service will.
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>> james. let me add just a little texture to kevin this year. i was out at scott peterson's trial yesterday. his re sentencing and i talked to his colleagues. none of them. our surprise. he did what he did that he spent a whole lifetime protecting people. he was a police officer. so running in to protect somebody else. nobody is surprised that he did that. unfortunately he paid for that with his life. and that is why we are here this morning at the san jose civic center where in 5 hours from now, there will be a memorial service and we expect hundreds of thousands of people to show up. he worked at 3 bay area police departments. so they more than likely a lot of them will show up, including police officers from across the country. >> yes, he was retired for 3 years, but he will be honored and memorialized as though he was active duty police officer because his act running in there to protect one of our own our colleague while she was out there reporting.
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>> that in of say that is an act of a police officer. we've got a chance to actually tracked down his family. they've been very obviously heartbroken very private during this time the kron four's pam moore got a chance to sit down with his family. they are not surprised about his bravery. the retired. >> many stories that come out about him. so then we got to hear all the good stories of what he did and how he protected in. so amazing what one recently at his retirement party was how he kind jumped in front of. like kind of fight that was going on. he try to get in the middle and stop it apparently the people who are stopping were of the taller than him. so it was like pretty dangerous situation he didn't hesitate to just get the middle and you know, kind of stop it.
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>> you know what i heard that when that was being shown. and i said absolutely. that's kevin this for those that didn't meet kevin this year to put it this way. i low walking next to him because he made me look and feel taller. but i was certainly not as brave so for those who did not get a chance to meet kevin, the shia. but you want to get to know him a little bit better. well, i can tell you he leaves behind 2 kids escuse to kids actually and 3 grandkids and a lot of people will be in attendance at the memorial. but you can get to know him just wherever you are saying you're at home we will broadcasted on kron 4 at noon. and if you're at the office, we're at a coffee shop. go to kron on. we will stream it there as well. it is my hope that people get to know my friend our friend in your own way and crop for has you covered. >> wall to wall once it begins right here. >> thank you so much. will. and like will said today is about remembering his legacy. but we're also still searching
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the oakland police are looking for his killer. and the only thing that we have to go on and broadcast to you so far as they're looking for this white acura tl it 8 model and you can see the sun roof. they say that this was the getaway car of the person who killed kevin nishita and authorities also believe there is cell phone video out there that could help them solve this murder as well. so they're asking for anybody to come forward who might have information and that just $38,500 reward for information that leads to an arrest. there's also a fund where you can donate to help the initiative family and that at any metropolitan bank either in person or via mail. and if you need any information on any of this. it's all at kron. 4 dot com. >> 7. '05, is the time and new this morning, the oakland unified school district now is extending its deadline for students to be fully vaccinated from covid-19 and the question is why. let's go right now to the newsroom and get the very latest because sarah stinson has been following this. so why did they get more time now. sara.
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>> they want to make sure that students have more time to get vaccinated because really not enough have been vaccinated and really they only have one a couple of weeks. they want to get more. they extended it from the first to january 31st giving them a couple more weeks to get that shot in the arm, hoping more education will encourage parents to get their kids vaccinated. students, 12 years and older is who we're talking about in the oakland unified school district to get vaccinated for the spring semester. they have to do this or they'll be put in independent study classes. oakland unified was one of the first school districts in northern california to put a vaccine mandate in place back in september. there are several exemptions to the mandate, including a medical reason personal beliefs or if a student has received their first shot but are not fully vaccinated. the sun can still enroll while they get that second shot in the arm. the vaccine mandate applies to all
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charter schools on district own property. it also applies to any students who participate in the oakland athletic league activities as of december first 55% of students are fully vaccinated. so just a little over half and 6.7% are partially vaccinated. that leaves nearly 6,000 students that still need to be vaccinated if they want to be in person of course, mask on in class. the school board extended the deadline debt to about 4 weeks later to educate families, especially with the omicron variant out there hoping that this will push students and parents to get that vaccination in on time reporting live in the newsroom. sara stinson, back to you. >> ok. thank you very much. sara. then there's that family in the north bay that's being investigated because they sent a kid to school knowing that their child had covid and now the question is, is there some crime they committed. can they be charged with something. this all happened at neil cummins elementary school in
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corte madera. the child went to school there. and as a result, 10 other kids eventually tested positive for covid and 75 students had to quarantine for 10 days. so now that marine county district attorney is investigating. they say the investigation is under way. it's going to take a while to determine whether any laws were broken, 7. '08, is the time right now and other news that we're following. it comes to covid east bay. you may have to reschedule your covid shot. if you had an appointment at one particular place in oakland, a free covid testing and vaccination clinic has closed and it's relocating that clinic was operated by the nonprofit covid clinic. it was at frank ogawa plaza. but now they're moving relocating to east 12th street in the fruitvale area. the new location. you can still get covid testing and shots and, you know, booster, if that's where we are at this point. it's 7 days a week. 95, but if you had an appointment at location. it's not a rollover. an automatic reschedule. you have to go anyway, reschedule
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and go to the new location. >> well, we have a new update on recent covid outbreak in alameda county nearly everyone who tested positive is a kaiser employee at the oakland medical center. 12 people recently tested positive for covid and 11 of them. turns out our kaiser employees and of the 12 cases 5 have been identified as being of the omicron variant. all of the cases are linked to a wedding that happened late last month in wisconsin. all of the kaiser employees were told were vaccinated, fact, most of them had already gotten their booster shots, too. kaiser has also identified 16 additional people who were potentially exposed. so they've all been tested 13 tests have come back negative. we're still waiting on the results of the other 3. >> time now 7. '09, and another big story is the senate senate republicans voted last night a tent not to block the president's vaccine mandate on big businesses. yes. so what does that mean going forward. republicans say it is unconstitutional. they
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convinced the couple democrats too. >> vote along with them. so camila barco up in the newsroom has been following what the ramifications of that vote is good morning. camilla. >> yeah, james. they convinced to democrats last night's vote is symbolic because it is not expected to pass the u.s. house and to the like i said, those 2 senate democrats, joe manchin of west virginia and jon tester of montana joint 50 republicans in voting for the bill. now the biden administration made the announcement on the vaccine mandate last month. businesses are companies with more than a 100 employees need to ensure that their workers are fully vaccinated or get tested for covid weekly. now, last night the senate voted to overturn the vaccine mandate for businesses. some senators are calling the ruling a federal overreach and then attack on the economy. but the senate majority leader says that republicans are ignoring the science for political gain. >> when you put it in these terms either get it or you lose your job. you're on the
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wrong side of the issue. and what is the science show. the more people get vaccinated. the greater chance. we have to eliminate or and certainly greatly reduce the virulence and widespread of this of this disease. >> deaths in the united states stemming from covid-19, are averaging close to 1600 a day. the pandemic started almost 2 years ago and the overall covid-19 death toll in the country could soon reach 800,000 now the senate vote on this legislation will be sent to the house of representatives. the white house has vowed to push back on it. if it arrives on the president's tax desk and president biden has threatened to veto it back to you guys. well, okay. thank you very much. camilla. >> 7.11 is the time. and still ahead, there's a way for small businesses struggling in the south bay to get some help. going to tell you about that and the community comes together to honor the life of alameda county su
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yes! look for genexa, the first clean medicine company. there's this feeling we chase... yes! look for genexa, like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. a full body endorphin rush we'll chase again and again. feel the hydrow high this holiday season. >> 7.14, would you like to sing. let it snow. >> let it snow, let it snow and it our live picture of the king bail this i know that station where you get the chains or, you know, if you need a soda or coffee or something to pull over stopped for any reason. >> looks like looks like a winter wonderland once again, we need change today. all right. just yesterday it was all green. and yeah, not marry a snowflake in sight. well,
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this is how it works. that science. james it's other yeah. wether is side based on. it will big part of it. forecasting i say it's hits. go to our resident addition. in the weather center with a forecast of more snow to john. i mean, this time of year, it does feel like magic getting a white christmas to its right. we just saw snow plow making its way down the side of the road right there saw a school bus making its way up to 80 a second ago. donner summit. >> and that is something that is going to obviously the snow is going to slow you down. but it's to put things to a halt up there in the sierra nevada. now, what we are going to be seeing later on today is clear skies for the bay area and clearing skies for those upper elevations in the sierra actually saw a bit of rain snow mix at the very top of mount hamilton last night to above san jose. a nice little note there. it's all because it's colder now, not just a warm storm like we were seeing for much november now we've
7:16 am
actually got some cold air stash up behind it. so you're really getting a solid dose of what is some conditions out there that are taking the over this direction >> went there. get them on camera. take the this is thursday. i don't even know what day it is and more. >> rainfall. does arrive, rain and snow into next week. the heaviest of it around one and a half to 3 inches of it across the bay area temperatures today will rise into the upper 50's for most areas and looking ahead at your next 7 days. we cool down into the 40's along with that heavy rain sunday and monday into tuesday. don, thanks to that. he were pretty busy out here on our roadways and highways as well. get this accident down in sun. all southbound 6.80 at dallas. he tells road. so we are seeing delays along 6.80, if you're traveling through that area.
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>> here in castro valley, 5.80, westbound croaking year-old, you have an accident, so you are seeing delays and some backing up as you're traveling along 5.80, what you do hit the may's a little under 20 minutes into the city. we have slick conditions early this morning. so that's slowing traffic down a little bit along the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge as well. there are high wind. so definitely want to be cautious. as you're driving. you see there warning their highways, you're heading across towards the peninsula and the south bay northbound 1 one oakland road got an accident. so you're seeing some delays issues, a richmond a little under 14 minutes for your drive time there. emily with a look at how a 4 which is pretty slow, but no accidents here about 44 minutes as you're heading from one 60 to 2.42 darya. james, back to you. >> thank you. ran a 7.17 is the time. let's talk news for your money this morning. google is sharing the top searches that came in for 2021 and where does california rank when it comes to id theft and fraud. well, jane king has the answer to that. joining us live from the nasdaq morning. jane.
7:18 am
>> hi, james. good morning. how funny actually right in the middle of states when it comes to be a number of occurrences of id theft and fraud. now won't have ranks 25th. so california was near the top of that when it came to the average financial loss per incident of these id theft happened through e-mail through these phishing emails. we click on something and malware is installed. well, lyft has pushed back its staff returned to the office until 2000, 23 the earliest list office will fully reopen in february is planned for employees who want to come back, but they will not be required to for all of next year. and southwest airlines adding new and returning flight risk for february and april. so customers can give the gift of travel. they say the airline said its customer base being given this option to purchase they can. governor lee summer vacation as well. so did start this some of these new flights and this will through the through june of next year. well, google
7:19 am
police twenty-twenty ones top trending searches in the u.s. says nba was the top trending search this year. searches on stimulus checks. also very common and a lot of interest on crypto currencies, especially doe's coin and the live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. back to you. all right, jane, thank you very much. >> it's 7.19 in the south bay. 20 million dollars is going to be used to help struggling small businesses in santa clara county, the board of supervisors voted unanimously to approve the money this week. the relief funds come from the federal american rescue plan and the board is hoping the money will make a difference to be available by the end of the year. we talk to a small business owner and a supervisor about the plan. >> as we know, small businesses. the backbone the american economy and the small businesses by far been taken the hardest blows during this pandemic. they want to. but get this comes soon as possible to people because they're so sorely needed. i can't look at this and go yes,
7:20 am
for good. >> it's more like, well, hopefully some of that comes our way. and if it does, we'll do our best to to make it last. >> and the county board is also looking into fee waiver program is to help businesses as well. >> a father and son now under arrest accused of arson in connection with the caldor fire. according to el dorado county sheriff's deputies, 66 year-old david smith and his 32 year-old son travis are accused of reckless arson, which caused property damage and injuries to multiple victims. each of these men now being held on 1 million dollars bail in total that fire burned more than 220,000 acres. meanwhile, police in san francisco are asking for your help now in finding the person responsible for killing an uber driver ahmad for wide fee was shot during an armed robbery last month that happened while he and a friend were parked on patrol avenue near cesar chavez street. the victim's brother tells us that he and his brother and his friend were in san francisco. they were working as uber and lyft drivers when someone
7:21 am
shot, the victim was stealing his wallet. youssouf. it was a refugee from afghanistan. who had worked as a translator for the u.s. military before he and his family were granted special immigration status back in 2018, his brother says he can't believe that you sufi survive the war torn country. they came from only to be gunned down in america over a wallet. >> my brother us behind a way to try to get the wallet. this thing's for it. but the 60's, but it could get the wall that this thing just they should then executive the heart of the new york the night that the new is someone has come before one wallet did my brother. we know that if. >> and friends and family remember him as a kind man who help to anyone he could. he leaves behind a wife and 3 small children. >> it's 7.21. and coming up, steph curry has a great night but not good enough. to get him into the record books.
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when you help heal your skin from within you can change how your skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. >> 7.24 is the time and new this morning, steph curry is getting more involved in social issues and politics. yeah. let's listen to his a new message. >> there's the curve from the
7:25 am
golden state warriors. but i'm also team democracy. we've got some work. after huge turnout in 2020 election. 19 states and that the 33 different that make it harder for the citizens to vote. everyone to call their senators and tell them you want to see the freedom to vote at pass to that we all can make our voices heard. >> you go. that was an ad that was released just this morning actually by the nba, social justice coalition and represent us coalition. that's pushing to pass the freedom to vote act in congress that you just heard staff talking about. well, and so, you know, the point is they want everybody to be able to vote. >> and have the freedom vote. i want to i think this is fantastic. i'm getting all involved like this lou. he's urging americans when he wants us to call our senators and pass this bill. it's amazing. so that's where he's moving
7:26 am
into like politics and social justice and things like that which has been doing for a long time now that the whole team led by coach for coach kerr. very active on absolutely. and then also later on, we're going to talk about where he's heading as far as the record books go. so a lot of good legacies in the making in the works for steph >> all right. we are going to take a quick break. coming up in the next half hour. the kron 00:00am morning news, another car burglary in san francisco but get a load of this. this one happened while the passengers and the driver were still in the car. we're actually going to hear from the victims.
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-well we're vegans. -with gluten allergies. -is genexa right for me? -yes! look for genexa, the first clean medicine company. (honks and cheers) >> 7.20 right now. and we're taking a look at the weather and you can see sky. how about that? you can see the clouds above the transamerica pyramid. they're standing starkly against that light sky. we've got rain that fell overnight. so you're probably going to notice a puddle or 2 as you're making your way through the city. so be careful where you step clearing out know which direction is it going to go in later today. john. yeah, it's going to move out of here and it's only going to clear unclear. >> but even those skies today are going to be nice and sunny, don't expected to be warm by any means today. going to be cooler than your misty day was yesterday. so winter is here to stay even on our sunnier days you look outside there at your berkeley hills camera is showing more and more of that sunshine rainfall. you can see it there
7:30 am
on the edge of your screen. it is accident into the central coast, central valley and snowfall up in the sierra nevada and very welcome sight after such a dry november and start to december 40's and 50's for current temperatures. it's good that we're so cold. that means that we get more snowfall ahead of us, too, in specially into next week which will be talking about still to john, thank you for that. busy conditions here all along the bay bridge. so we've had slick conditions. >> a lot of traffic they're building a little under 22 minutes for your drive time as you're traveling from the east bay into the city to that fremont street exit. we still have high winds and slick highways here as traveling across towards one o one towards the peninsula. there's a little under 18 minutes as you're driving. want to take your time like that traffic is doing there out of richmond. a little under 15 minutes for your drive time. no major has it. your delays just uptick in traffic. there about 43 minutes. if you're traveling from one, 60 along to 2.42 and we'll leave you with a look at
7:31 am
8580, traveling crockett down towards the maze. about 30 minutes for you to make that drive. darya james, back to you. >> thanks, la 7.30. you probably seen a lot of smash-and-grab car burglaries we've done a lot of those stories that you do if you were in the car when it happened. >> yeah. that's what played out in san francisco smash-and-grab with a family inside that included 2 toddlers. we have video released images of how it was carried out. the car was stopped on high street near lumbar by these robbers. a witness nearby saw what was happening. it took these pictures. they say actually 3 cars were circling the area when all of this went down and were all involved in the robbery. the victim says that bag was ripped out of the back of the vehicle. they were in had a computer headphones passport all within a matter of seconds. >> you could see that people were in the car. so at each seat was taken, you know, and my 2 daughters are in the wants to win once for and it was behind the 4 year-old. and like i said, she's seen him.
7:32 am
he had a ski mask on and he was wearing all black. and she said that men job took that back. >> so at a very shocking obviously. and they were very nervous. but everybody's okay. which is great. and i think that's the way they would have wanted. it is just, you know, take my stuff and leave because nobody wants to get her. but they did continue tracking because they ups device on that laptop. in fact, they said that they called san francisco police. >> and said that we still see this. this indicator moving along the streets. if that actually in oakland right now. can you help us? but they say so far they haven't heard back from sfpd. >> 7.32. is the time right now and police in san ramon have arrested 2 guys for stealing more than $15,000 worth of tools from home depot stores throughout the bay area. take a look at the stolen items that police recovered in making the arrest of the 2 people that haven't named the 2 men that they arrested. but with they did tell us that one of them was on parole for other charges related to stealing. police in antioch a
7:33 am
good start upping their patrols near retail businesses and shopping centers because there been a spike in retail staff says there have been all over the bay area. antioch police are working with other cities doing what they can to deter criminals from targeting stores. and today california attorney general day is going to be in san francisco promoting a gun buyback event. the gun buyback event happens this weekend. it saturday from 08:00am to noon on howard street. it's hosted by a group that will give you cash for guns if you turn in. handguns and shotguns. get a $100 each. if it's an automatic weapon, you get $200 for turning those in. >> in the east bay berkeley police have arrested a man that they say was claiming to be a police officer and then going around demanding hugs from high school girls. we told you about the story first yesterday here on the kron 00:00am morning news. well, in the mean in the interim. police say they have now arrested a 32 year-old man from oakland in connection
7:34 am
with this case and the break in the case was a potential 3rd victim coming forward and giving police what they believed was this man's license plate number. officers say the first incident took place back on september 29th. that was on gilman street. the most recent one happened just this past monday. it involved a different girl in all of the cases, the girls were able to get away. this morning. police in mountain view are looking for a man who apparently touched a young girl while she was walking to school yesterday morning. it happened on the 1900 block of california street. the man touched the girl and then grabbed her hand and told her to come back to his apartment, but she was able to wrestle herself away and call police. so far there's been no detailed description of the attacker. police are working on that will let you know when they issue under the public. o> contra. costa county us to hold an about-face again. it when it comes to restaurants that are violating the county rules. they're in jeopardy being fined or even having their business permit revoked.
7:35 am
days ago. remember we said the county sent a letter to us. we showed you what told you what they said. they said, oh, we're going to focus on education were more important that educate these restaurants than and force them. if they're in violation. but now they're going back to the, you know, fines and warnings restaurants and other businesses are required by county health orders to confirm the vaccination status of guests. and last month, contra costa services said that they got 99 complaints about 80 businesses not in compliance. members of the board of supervisors raise concern that some violators were getting a pass is not a power grab. it is about doing the job that. >> i and my colleagues were elected to do, which be fair and equitable and be concerned about public health and safety. >> right now. 14 restaurants they say are under investigation for violations in pleasant hill. but we told you how the in and out burger was forced to briefly shut
7:36 am
down indoor dining because of violations eventually did get its business permit restored. >> another big story that we're following the state of california could become a sanctuary for women from other states who are seeking abortions and reproductive care. now abortion advocates released recommendations for the state to consider if the u.s. supreme court overturns roe v wade. and they're asking the state to pay for things like travel expenses, lodging and childcare for those seeking sanctuary from other states. the report also asks lawmakers to reimburse abortion providers for procedures performed for patients who can't afford them. >> we predict that that, you know, we have a real. >> task and important task in front of us and how we can ensure that we're taking care of people. if states are insistent on taking away an essential right to to essential health care. >> governor newsome and other top california lawmakers and
7:37 am
leaders support the recommendations will see if they acted in any way. >> 7 36 and in the east bay, there was a ceremony to honor the life and legacy of alameda county supervisor wilma chan who died last month after being hit by a car while she was crossing the street in alameda and here's video from the ceremony. yesterday was held outside the oakland museum of california and highlighted all the community initiatives and programs that wilma chan was behind throughout her career and chance daughter also shared kind words and memories. >> and will much and we saw a highly intelligent person who believed deeply in helping people live better who wasn't afraid to speak up and someone who was relentless, especially when the fight was hard and challenging and mom. we saw a person who shared her love selectively the wholeheartedly and most enjoyed the very simple things like spending time with family long naps singing and lots of ice cream.
7:38 am
>> donations in chance honor can be made to the supervisor wilma chan legacy fund, which provides grants to community nonprofits and other programs that support her legacy. >> its 7.37 right now. we just want to take a peek at washington, dc and what's going on in the capital. you can see. >> the president and first lady there and they're singing happening right now at the. >> ceremony for bob dole who at the age of 98 from stage 4 lung cancer. he is lying in state right now under the capitol rotunda. >> we as you just saw there, president biden, there are a lot of a congressional leaders. >> and his dole's well, his widow, former senator elizabeth dole is there. >> daughter robin and they're all, of course in attending this private a ceremony not open to the public. there will be public ceremonies tomorrow. but what's interesting is, you know, as far as this funeral goes. first of all, bob dole planning at the age of 98 his one 100th birthday. so he was.
7:39 am
>> he was still they say sharp as a tack, but he actually planned out to who you wanted to speak. so that's very interesting. we saw biden speak already and we're going to be staying tuned throughout the morning to listen to what he wanted. something that was somber but celebratory and he chose the people. >> that represented the sort of a ray of interest and partnerships and things that were important to him. so this is more sort of fall plan to buy him. so we're going to be monitoring goes on there in washington. dc in the capitol rotunda this morning and tomorrow as well. we know there's going to be a a service of memorial service at washington national cathedral will bring you portions of that live. >> as it takes place. we'll take a break right now. time is 7.39 when we come back, the food recycling mandate going you into effect. >> next year. we'll tell you what you need to do with your food scraps going forward. plus an unusual sight in california. not one we're 2 or 3, but a whole pride of mountain lions patrolling this home take a closer look at
7:40 am
what the camera revealed.
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ask your doctor about dupixent. ♪ ♪ you are my fire ♪ ♪ the one desire ♪ ♪ you are, you are, ♪ ♪ don't wanna hear you say... ♪ ♪ ♪ i want it that way ♪ >> some 42. if you don't do recycle your food. well, you better get with the program right now for news going statewide starting next month. >> composting is going to be a mandated thing, which means that we're all going to be working to reduce our organic waste by 75% and increasing. edible food recovery by about 20% all by the year 2020 and
7:43 am
james, i would have done this sooner. but i did. i silly me. i do the news. i didn't know that. see how you can put the food in the because it's the yard waste. and i thought that men yard didn't know it meant. you know, apple whatever, all that stuff. so. >> you have to get with the program that's up. you're going to have to start doing beginning of next year. find out now how to get one of those organic recycling bins for your kitchen. if you want. you can just get one and online, right, which i just did. and then i'm going to take it out of the trash york the single fastest and easiest thing that we can do as a state. >> and as individuals to affect climate change. you know, it takes a little while takes a little education and a little bit of training for people to get used to anything new. >> i think this is important. i think this is a good way we can really just tell the story of food and the fact that we really need to do what's called closing the loop. it's really you know, the food comes from the land that we really should be returning that back to the land and your regular trash in the landfill won't be as full will be recycling we'll take a quick break here at 7.43. we'll be right back.
7:44 am
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>> outline time. check this out in the santa cruz mountains there's a big cat yeah. somebody is front yard front a path there. >> they were sent us. this video, obviously from their home surveillance camera. this was up in ben lomond. this was tuesday night that it was recorded just one cat. well, as you say, if you're one, how about 5? >> yeah, what you call 5
7:47 am
right. rice, a family but pride sounds yeah. here it is. look at that. this too. we see a 3rd one coming into view in the back and keep watching back there because by the time the video and the total 5 mountain lions coming out of buy this obviously they border you know, in this wow and that their casual, though, james, you know, they're just a walk. they clearly this is not a does not seem like there were oua for a morning walk out for a stroll through that. yeah. but what do you do if you come across. >> well, i stay inside james. that's what if you do, of course, make a lot of noise trying to scare as you can, whatever you don't turn and run because that triggers them to think oh, that's potentially food and chase you i would just stay inside and do what they didn't shoot this video, though. i think it's a doorbell camera. >> 7.47 right now. and if you're taking a walk, i would say it's going to be pretty good day for because yesterday was fine. yeah. some brought surprise, surprise. i just put a hat on and it was a great lock. so it was great for you. but look already nice and
7:48 am
sunny today. john, with the forecast to john. yeah. cleared out really quickly wasted no time. they're hardly would even know it rained last night. less. you're looking at those. >> a glistening surfaces like those roads that are still a little bit wet and slick in just a few spots. >> san jose is holding on to a little bit of cloud cover but starting to see some brighter and brighter skies working through. now we are dry for the bay area. some showers do remain in the central valley. sierra foothills, snow in the sierra itself. south bay was the last spot to hold on to rainfall and you have already cleared out so showers making their way out of the region. but behind this cold front, we do have some chilly temperatures that are going to be the case all the way through the rest of this forecast. so no more 60's. it's just 50's to even 40's come next week. rainfall remains in the central valley. snow in the sierra towards around noontime today. bay area. we start our dry trend that starts today into friday saturday and then ends on sunday as heavy rainfall arrives to the bay area to finish out the weekend and
7:49 am
kick off next week and was about to be a much cooler and wetter know rainfall amounts will rise to around one and a half inches to 3 inches of rainfall for the bay area on into the start of next week. that's a significant system. and the most significant we've had in over a month now in the meantime, it's 50's for your daytime highs. i mention that we're pretty much done with the 60's, even though we are getting really close to them today. it will be a cooler day than yesterday, even though yesterday with sow misty and cloudy today with the sunshine. we just got that cooler air mass in place. so sure it's going to look a lot nicer and feel all right, too. just don't forget your jackets as you venture out. as for tomorrow, right around the same as today. honestly saturday will be too. we're pretty level these next 3 days. good opportunity to get outside, maybe do a hiker put on some christmas lights or just gets per get prepped for next week's cooler and wetter conditions late sunday as when showers arrive in the heaviest of rain will be on monday. thanks to that right in the south bay do have an accident
7:50 am
down there. i'm tracking northbound 80. >> at first street. so we have an accident. but we also have delays along 2.80, as well as one. oh, one cell definitely want to give yourself a little more time if you're hopping on those highways in the south bay traveling into the city. a little under 23 minutes via the bay bridge and conditions are still slick from earlier were traveling a richmond as the sun starts to peer through here a little under 17 minutes as you're traveling across towards sandra fell. remember, slick roads are still out there traveling along 80 if you're heading from san leandro to 38 to milpitas to 37. it's going to take about 40 minutes to make that drive as you're commuting and how we for about 37 for you traveling from one, 60 along to 2.42 in concord. darya james, back to you. thanks a lot or a 7.50. let's talk warriors steph curry. oh, so close. >> but he only had 6 only only has 6, 3, pointers. you think about staff 66 putting up to 6 in a game like blah say, only 6.
7:51 am
>> but yes, let's get to the highlights. last night. he needed 16 to break the record. you've got 6 last night in the one o 4 to 94 win over the portland trail blazers. it's not over. there will be other games and try we'll get it. tend to go is what he needs to surpass ray allen's record of all time. threes. the record-setting night. we'll have to wait. of course, maybe it will happen when they're on the road next facing the 76 ers whose brother seth's place for. but for that game. now the bar's you think he's going to have 10. he's had 9 e said 9 many times. yes could very well be depends on if he's hot or not. we'll see what happens. and is just a little by little james, this doesn't have to have like tiger returning to competitive golf, which is amazing. 10 months after hit that car crash nearly took his life, but he's going to be participating in the pnc championship with his son charlie next weekend. yeah, that's video them last year that that was the last official tour event that he played before the accident. and so now to come full circle in less than a year and play it again. >> with his son, charlie is pretty amazing. miraculous
7:52 am
because tiger thought. first of all, i'm lucky to be alive. second of all, i can't believe have a walk. they thought he was used. they were going to amputate so this is amazing. and this is all he wants. this point like, you know what, i'm happy just to play selective things and the first one of his with the sun. i like it. i like it. we wish him the best in his continued recovery. it is 7.52. we've got to take a quick break. as we go, we want to let you know the kron four's once again celebrating the remarkable women of the bay area. we need your help. >> to share their stories. if you know a remarkable woman who's making a difference in your community. >> nominate james nominate yeah. >> i totally would go to kron 4 dot com slash contest. enters someone who you think should be honored as a remarkable moment. we'll be right back. financial planning is finding your home away from home. ♪
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>> so you just convince me to get a fake tree this year, which i did because of allergies and now a study says the real trees actually make a real difference in your mental health. they do. it's something about that fresh cut pine smell. >> does not be fresh cut. but just that pine smell, they say turns out does reduce anxiety does reduce depression. >> even just walking through a forest will give you that same effect, but they say if you're not allergic to pine, right. and you can bring may be a real tree inside that does
7:56 am
wonders for your mental. but you know what? i can go outside any day. i take a look. every day. so stop and smell the roses or the pie or the pine trees. >> 75 is a time coming up in the next hour, the oakland school district has decided to extend the vaccine mandate. >> 4 students will tell you why and how much longer they plus, san francisco police say crime is now going down. >> around union square. we'll have the latest details coming up in a live report from the newsroom and today is going to be the memorial service for our khon, for security guard. kevin nishita. we're going to have a live report.
7:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news >> and thanks for joining us. trying to make it a good day for you. start off thursday with a little bit of sunshine. mother nature doing its part to try and getting off on the right foot. we've got john in the weather center with more on our forecast for the today and beyond. hey, john. big guys. yeah, it stood no time clearing out this morning. we saw showers last night. but those of quickly worked out of the region. >> and now we're just looking at the south side. nice beautiful skies. love this view of palms at the embarcadero and especially love and this one right above the east bay right here looking gorgeous with all that sunshine radar is looking nice
8:00 am
and dry and we're going to stay that way, not just today but on into tomorrow and saturday, too, right now we're in the 40's 50's later today. upper 50's that our warmest the staying cool despite the sunshine. i've got the rest of your forecast ahead. john, thanks to that. we've had a busy slick morning out there on our highways in our bridges. and we're looking at the bay bridge right now. little under 22 minutes as you're traveling from the east bay heading into the city. >> to that fremont street exit 5, 1880, as you're traveling along their crockett down towards the maze. it will take you a little under 25 minutes to make that drive heading across towards the peninsula because those high winds were seen along the san mateo bridge. it'll take you about 23 minutes to make that drive and the south bay. we had some earlier accidents. those have since been cleared but still a long one. oh, one as you're traveling 85 to menlo park about 52 minutes. 8285 still pretty slow as well at this hour and we'll leave you with a look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge a little under 50 traveling out of richmond darya. james, back to you.


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