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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  December 1, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PST

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the bay bridge. as you can really go into the right across the tunnel right there. the they got the embarcadero center lit all union square's got the ice skating back out there. >> your deli scores my favorite place to be this time of it's also nice it definitely warms your heart on these longer nights that we've been having. but can say the days have been much cooler because it's actually been quite warm. and today to start december is about to be the warmest of the forecast daytime highs climbing well into the 70's. so maybe december. 1st doesn't really feel like it, though, looking outside right now we are seeing clear skies above your berkeley hills camera right here. we're going to be staying that in the berkeley hills. while there are some patches of fog. it's not as much of an issue for most of the bay area's we saw yesterday dense fog advisories in effect for solano county. aside from that a little bit. fair skies and yesterday offered us now we do have some 30's in the north bay. most of
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us are pretty mild, though, with some 50's for a lot of our bayshore cities nevado in santa rosa notably our cooler spots in the 30's well, areas like pacific on bodega bay right at the coastline in the 60's to start your morning reyna. john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at the traffic this morning as you're traveling from on the east bay and the city. >> a little under 10 minutes for your drive time there. the san mateo bridge and it across towards the peninsula. you can make that in a little under 13 no major issues there. and the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes traveling from the north bay into the city. in our coronavirus coverage. an fda panel of health advisors narrowly indoors. marcus covid treatment. pill. the fda panel voted 1310 that the drug's benefits outweigh its risks, including potential birth defects if use during pregnancy. well, the drug designed to treat adults with mild to moderate covid-19 faced greatest risk including those with conditions such as obesity, asthma and old age.
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it still needs final approval from the fda and cdc before it can be used by the public. well, the new omicron variant of covid-19 has been detected in a growing number of countries, including brazil and japan scientists around the world. now trying to determine just how dangerous this strand really is. kron four's. grant lotus has the latest for us. >> this new variant is a cause for concern. but not panic. the white house covid-19 response team echoing president biden's comments this week on the new omicron variant that is spreading in other parts of the world, including australia austria, belgium, canada and france. a dutch health agency is now reporting that concerning new variant that has not been detected so far in the u.s. was already in the netherlands a week before south africa disclosed its early cases. the u.s. is now restricted travel in 8, south african countries with experts predicting it is only a matter of time before the variant surfaces in the
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u.s. while it is still unclear if this strain is deadly and contagious as the delta variant the nation's leading infectious disease expert doctor anthony fauci offer this guidance in a morning briefing to infer what the relationship between this transmissability is. >> and delta, although you can suggest that might be more. we do not know until we see the dynamics of how this evolves on the issue of vaccine effectiveness as with other variants, although partial immune escape may occur. vaccines and particularly boosters give a level of anybody that even with variants like delta give you a degree of protection, particularly against severe disease as researchers work to learn more about omicron and the threat it poses. >> the cdc director says the u.s. is in a better position to protect the public. we have increased our protection through vaccination for everyone 5 years or not.
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>> and we have vaccine booster for all adults to optimize that vaccine protection. president biden has been criticized by some for implementing a travel ban with even the world health organization calling the move premature as there is still so much we do not know about the new variant biden defended the move arguing it will nonetheless slow the spread of the omicron variant. >> given the u.s. more time to respond. those efforts may include requiring all international travelers to the u.s. to be tested for covid within a day of boarding. their flight fully vaccinated. people may be able to test within 3 days of boarding. in a statement the cdc says the testing protocols are still being finalized. president biden is expected to outline his specific strategy to fight the virus in a speech this thursday. >> well, as the omicron variant continues to spread across the globe. the ceo of moderna says existing vaccines might not be as effective
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while makers of the pfizer vaccine say they're confident the shots will work. doctors say the bottom line is data isn't a likely show. the vaccines. well still be affected to some degree and we'll know much more as new data comes in over the next couple of weeks. in the south bay, former jose sharks player evander kane has finished serving a 21 game suspension for violating the nhl's covid protocols. kate is now practicing with the minor league team in san jose barracuda is after being placed on waivers by the sharks last sunday. that suspension resulted from allegations that cain submitted a fake covid vaccine car to the leak king says he's fully vaccinated and his focus on getting himself in shape to play wherever that may be. >> my job don't go i so i for you know, we go certain issues take time.
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>> a separate investigation. the nhl found no evidence cain gambled on games. those allegations came from cain's estranged wife also accuses cain of domestic violence, an investigation into those claims is still ongoing. los angeles lakers lebron james entered the nba as covid protocols and tmz is reporting he tested positive for the virus. james is vaccinated. so according to nba procedures, you can return to play if you test negative for the virus on consecutive tests. 24 hours apart or if he's gone 10 days without symptoms after 10 days, you must undergo a cardiac screening before he's cleared to return to the court. james already missed 11 of the lakers 22 games because of injuries as well as suspension. well, the pandemic has led to learning loss and a drop in enrollment schools across california. that's all according to state tested and oversight hearing that more students are missing and at least 10% of their students.
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this year. well, experts say the attendance issues stem from an increase in covid cases. students are sticking with remote learning and older students juggling family work as well as responsibilities. >> public school traditional. and charter public will tell you that experience issues around a tendon that they are concerned about what that means for the fiscal cliff going forward. >> here in the bay area school district officials in cupertino and hayward and voted to close a number of schools due to declining enrollment of california. lawmakers say funding should not be an issue next school year. officials say projecting a budget surplus that make 20 billion dollars available for education spending in the upcoming state budget. >> at the white house. president biden signed 4 bills into law benefit the military families and veterans. one law focuses on college education for surviving spouses and children of veterans by making them eligible for in-state tuition, where ever they choose to go to school. the
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president says these are important pieces of legislation to help our war heroes. >> i have one truly sacred obligation. my view and that is prepare those we sent into harm's way care for the families when they're gone and care for them and their families. but they're all. that's a that's a lifetime commitment. lifetime commitment to nation owes to every one of our veterans. >> other laws include a study of race in f it ethnic disparities in the veterans affairs office and provide funding for maternity care for veterans. a pair of homicide suspects in san jose are back on the streets after they were released without bail. alfred casteel friends or as were arrested and charged the fatal halloween shooting and the decision to release them is drawn intense criticism from city leaders. the department tweeted that taking someone's life is the ultimate crime and that the system has failed. mayor sam liccardo releasing a statement that reads, quote, i
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appreciate the purpose of bail reform, but releasing a homicide suspect without bill is outrageous and the pendulum has swung too far and it's our neighborhoods and indoor the most crime that suffer as a result in, quote. the grand opening of a new restaurant in downtown san francisco will likely now be delayed. >> that's after the owners say that these not only broke into their business stole equipment and furniture. but apparently they also threw a large party inside the restaurant rahman she was set to open early next month. how aqi has that story. >> front and back that color the knife is so that people from all sides can all see what's going co-owner daniel bonia recently returned to this strange scene tape to cover glass windows and his newest restaurant rahman she planned to open early next month in san francisco. however, that grand opening is now in jeopardy because of what bonia found inside beyond
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the show did windows. people came in. >> i suspect at least 30 to 50 minimum based on the order. the euro sink handsome or that, you know, people sick and parole a flight. the only us as the smashed their lock box and then broke into the restaurant on saturday night, 2 weeks ago. >> he says he quickly realized that the burglars stole some of their equipment and furniture and apparently host a large underground party in the space based on the trash in vomit left behind very much upset and we angry signs were also posted up on the walls, letting party goers know where the bathrooms are located. he says the place reeked of marijuana school. >> all pumps and pan and the me big hearts. he's carrying, you know, those parks and the u.s. have why paul o one and o year e and also. school call
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brand new that we all preparing for these. so if that right now-a or it's not there. and also most office tables. he says their surveillance camera system was also stolen. >> well, mia says he's now sharing their story to warn other businesses and the people broke into all all. restaurant that upon to that is not and that's people need to wear this. >> the restaurant has since replaced its security cameras and surveillance system. the original target date for that grand opening was december 10th. but with everything that was stolen and needs to be replaced they say could take much longer in san francisco. taylor kron 4 news. >> well, it's been one year since the city of san francisco launched its street crisis response team. that program as a joint effort between several city agencies designed to address one of the biggest problems affecting san francisco's homelessness, rather than city police
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officers to every situation. the crisis team can provide a more tailored response based on the needs of an individual mayor london breed says over the past years, team members have responded to more than 5,000 calls for help. we have a lot of challenges in san francisco and we truly appreciate in value. >> our police department and the work that they do to serve and protect the people of this city. but we also understand that there are some calls that they are not necessarily needed the mayor also says she's pushing to add hundreds of additional beds to the upcoming city budget. >> the best of the available for people suffering from mental health and drug abuse problems. coming up next to the kron 4 morning news. the suns snapped. >> the lawyers winning streak going to have the highlights and they're standing in the lead after we come back from break. welcome back to
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the kron 4 morning news at times are u now. 04:45am on this december. 1st. >> midway through the week. we've already started getting festive for the holidays and could mariah carey albums and enjoying all the decorations. and i've been seen. i have not started decorating john, but this is time for me to get in the spirit purchase of decoration. that's okay. no pressure even though it seems like this year everyone is going forward a little bit quicker. >> i know in my case that wrapping presents yesterday. that early. certainly more joy
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earlier. there you green little more. just spread the joy little bit sooner doesn't run out through december. we are going to be seeing conditions out there that are in nice and clear this morning at least for most of the bay area. there are some dense fog advisories out into the central valley, including solano county. obviously not the case of the golden gate bridge where conditions out there are so nice and clear skies will remain this way through the day today through the rest of this week's forecast. rain snow for that matter continues to be consent. well to the north of us will high pressure keeps us dry a little on the easy side of times, but especially on the warm side today. today will be the warmest of the forecast with daytime highs climbing well into the upper 70's for parts of the inland. south bay and some 70's for the rest of the bay area too, on into tomorrow. not quite as warm as today, but still looking comfortable and mild as well. also be the case into friday. just getting a little bit cooler come the weekend. today's daytime highs in the
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60's for san francisco 60's to 70's right along the coastline and then some 70 solidly along the bay shore today saying carlos and woodside each at 73 degrees. south bay temperatures in the mid 70's with san jose at 75 degrees and we will be looking at conditions out there in los gatos and morgan hill at are very warmest, upper 70's, pleasanton dublin at 70 while oakland at 70 to walnut creek. 70 degrees. well, looking at some low 70's and allay napa sonoma, as well as santa rosa. here's a look ahead at our next 7 days right here. temperatures will be cooling just a touch into the upper 60's on average towards the weekend and then just that slight chance of a few sprinkles on monday night. aside from this. we stay dry reyna. tom, thank you for that. are looking look at your traffic as you're traveling from the east bay into the city a little under 2 minutes for your drive time. there. >> heading across towards the peninsula. little under 30 minutes to make that drive. and let's get a look at the golden gate bridge will be about 20 minutes from the
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north bay into the city will have more on your traffic coming up. but for now, let's get back to i guess avenue right now. so again, we've been talking about when you're on the court. everybody's been watching and the phoenix suns stay put a stop to the lawyers. 7 game win streak. a lot of people not happy about that. both teams are 18 to 3 kron 4 sports director jason dumas has the highlights. >> does in the valley of the sun taking off phoenix. the squad with the second best record in the nba behind golden state. i've been waiting for this matchup all weekend. it did not disappoint. 1st quarter. it turned into the jordan poole he had a career-high 16 points in the quarter. >> including 4, 3, pointers to he was just unconscious he so good year. 2nd quarter big loss for us. and devin booker goes up for a layup hamstring injury tweaks, a hammy. he would not return. it really
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matter that much for phoenix nearing halftime tied at 54 chris paul. the andre ayton ayton was a force 16 4 run to end the half warriors down to it. 3rd quarter. now sons of 6 bad pass by jordan poole macau bridges. the pride and joy of great valley high out there in pennsylvania with the dunk. that was his only 2 points. but he was a plus 21 on the night to suffocating on defense later on, though suns lead cut to 2 paul steele to gary payton. the second he slams it. payton is the warriors defensive stopper once again only down by 2 at the end of the 3rd. all right. let's get to the 4th money-making time. the knicks up by 4 hit to the head that she owns a. curry to that i didn't think i would be saying that this year warriors cut it to one later cp 3 to crowder. alternate veteran. he hits the
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3 phoenix starting to pull away. here was the dagger hand down, man down landry shamet, a former 76 er. 104 to 96 the sun extend their win streak. his 17 points. check out the college kids one of the best college hoops programs of the young season is right here in the bay. usf men's hoops. >> they're off to its best start in 45 years and they're just want to 20 and be in team left in the nation. that's thanks in part to a veteran backcourt duo. jamari and kohli osha bad. they've been showing yay is the leading scorer in the wcc head coach todd golden chatted with us today. he said his team have had great starts before. but something about this year feels a little different. >> some of our winds. we've had really good. i think that in the past couple years we've these good start. we had played his high level competition. but you a b
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davidson, nevada. all those winds are going to go a long way for us over the course of the season. so i feel like that along with that of guys that we have program. it feels different. i think it is different. we're taking a day, but really enjoy each having a fun time to practice every day. having a fun time competing. and we're just really just trying to get lost in the moment that way. it's a great group to be around great group to coach our staffs really enjoying it. and we're just taking it day by day, looking for to, you know, be on saturday. >> one quick note, the sharks won tonight and dirty jurors 5 to 2. they will play in long island in a couple of days. nice win by the sharks. all righty. that's your look at sports. >> all righ the lawyers and the suns are going play each other again this friday that's at the chase center. tipoff is at 07:00pm. make sure you set your alarm for that. well, take a look at this. a high school football player in rhode island has a secret weapon for distracting the defense doing back wire is here. joey, a cardinal doing multiple black flips at the snap catching the. opposing team off guard and it worked.
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his team scored the touched the seager play came about because he's a dancer off the field multi talented. he's been before mays acrobatic stunt since he was little. i look at him go. the video has his moves has gone viral on social media because obviously that's fantastic, it will be right back after the break.
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>> welcome back 4.55 on this wednesday morning. the first day of december and conditions out there not feeling like the first day of december. that is for sure. we are holding on to some 70's and actually in for warmest day of this forecast. daytime highs today climbing into the upper 70's for a couple spots in the south bay your view outside quite hour right now. it's gorgeous. it's clear we are seeing some fog at are for this to inland areas. but coastal areas are fairing pretty well this morning we actually got a very mild start right along the coastline with some upper 50's to low 60's. we'll be in the upper 60's up the coast later today. but our inland valleys climbing well into the 70's. a little cooler further north in the day. but generally warmer the further south you get. you can see that our daytime highs later on today. areas like san jose climbing up to 75 morgan hill up to 77. well, antioch concord and livermore holding
4:56 am
on to the upper 60's oakland really comfortable 72 reyna. john, thank you for that. >> well happening tomorrow. skiers and snowboards fans are getting ready to gear up as snow machines are producing fresh powder on big bear mountain. the resort says they are mountain and snow summit are set to open tomorrow to season pass holders and friday for the general public. meanwhile, a number of years ski resorts are delaying the open season. and we're not sure why anyone would want to name their pet and remind them of covid, the pet names inspired by the pandemic are on the rise. apparently this year according to rover dot com, the names bella luna max and charlie are still at the top of the favorites for pets. but then a fauci i've legitimately seen someone who said they name their job fauci went up 270% and the name covid by 35%. why would you do it to you to your pets rover.
4:57 am
also detected a big increase in the names. siri and google and the number one train a dog named in the country. can you guess. it's grogu from star wars show the mandalorian. so a lot of people watching the disney plus and name and their dogs after doctor fauci. coming up the next hour wanna creek wants to hire more officers to protect shopping centers or to tell you how the city plans to get the money to do it. >> and to halloween homicide suspects released from jail without bail live this as san jose's mayor all fired up. plus the u.s. supreme court hear arguments in the landmark mississippi abortion case what the outcome could got roe versus wade will have more on that when we get back.
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that's what makes us special! oh..but... i'm special... usaa. only for the military community. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news car. >> and look who's catching up with us on wednesday feeling better. a feeling a little better, but now james is the one feeling that i tell you what, impasse on no, no, it was it was back and as john knows, it's not working out that olympian and taking 2 steps at a time. too many steps. you know, when


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