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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  November 30, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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when you help heal your skin from within you can change how your skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment.
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when a truck hit my son, talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> our top story tonight at 6.30. there seems to be an increase in anxiety across the bay area given some of these recent the smash and grabs a department store robberies and burglaries. deadly shooting. sideshows is just a lot going on tonight. we want to take a moment to reflect and also get some techniques for coping. so joining us live with some advice. author and motivational speaker mike robbins joining us from the
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north bay, thank you so much. let's just start with. >> setting the scene about what's going on today. the retailers association labeled this activity that's going on with these burglaries and robberies, domestic terrorism. some people feel is growing sense of lawlessness that there's a breakdown of some sort civil society. how do you characterize what's going on. >> i mean, i think it's really sad it's really scary. you know, for all of us here in the bay area and other places around the country. you know, we hear about a school shooting in michigan. and we know what's been happening in oakland and all throughout the bay area. so i think it's definitely concerning on top of, you know, 20 almost 21 months of us dealing with covid and we know about a new variant. i mean, there's a lot of things that are definitely concerning and scary for us here in the bay area around the country, around the world. >> people who have holiday traditions and one of them that i'm aware of with my wife and her girlfriends is to go to union square and go have a lunch at neiman marcus go shopping. all that one of her
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girlfriends said i'm not doing it. i'm too afraid to go. is that unusual and how do you deal with something like that. >> now, again, i think the fear is real. i mean, you think of again, all the social anxiety we've all dealt with over the last year and a half or so. and now with recent crime, it makes sense. and i think look, we all have to take certain precautions in our lives and we have to be real with ourselves and with our friends and our family about what we feel comfortable doing and not doing these days. and it's unfortunate, of course. but you know, look, i think i say this all the time to the people that i work i don't think any of us are really playing with a full deck emotionally these days. given everything that we've been through. and i think this you know, crime spree that we're seeing is, of course, very concerning for a number of reasons. but i think it's really important that we all take care of ourselves as best we can. so there's a sense of a collective stress just like when 9 11 happened in the whole nation reacted. and then of course, everybody has their own individual stress is just life day-to-day issues.
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>> are they different in terms of how you address them and what you should do about it. >> yeah. you know, pam, i recently wrote a book called we're all in this together. it came out right as we're going into the pandemic and i had people asking me, are we really all in this together and what's become abundantly clear to me, especially in the last year and a half or so. it's more like we're all in the same storm. but we're in different boats. and so these things affect us collectively like 9.11 like the pandemic like what's happening recently here in the bay area. but they also impacting us differently based on our own personal circumstances aren't family situation. our own mental health situations. so we have to adjust accordingly and respond based on our own situation and our own needs. what we can all point problems that we've set discussed here, individual problems. we all have individually. >> plus he's bigger problems with a smash and grab some covid and all of that. how do we cope give us some techniques on how we can deal with these things that say i want to go to union square, but i have trepidation about that. how can i cope to make that happen. well, the first
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thing we have to do is be real about how we feel, you know, there's nothing wrong with feeling scared. there's nothing wrong with feeling sad or angry. i mean, look, even sports stars like our klay thompson the other night after the game. you can see his emotion. you know, he's coming back from 2 years of injury. >> and i think being real with our feelings is really important. and if we don't feel safe or comfortable going out to see friends are going to union square as you were saying. that's ok, i think we've got to be honest about that. first and foremost because we can't selectively mute emotions. that was am not going to feel scared. i'm not going to feel sad or i'm not going to feel angry. that also means we don't have as much access to love and to joy gratitude so being real is is the first step in really taking care of ourselves. you actually have 4 points that to mention to our producer that we want to put the graphic up on the board, of course, being real about how you feel was one of those of britain, if you can put that graphic up. >> and then maybe you can just walk us through the other 3 on the list. yeah. another thing can we can do is focus on
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self-care taking care of ourselves and our mental health is as importtnt if not more important than our physical health. so, you know, we think of self-care, as you know, getting rest and eating and exercising, which it is. but also sometimes just taking a break, putting our phone down writing in a journal meditating talking to a friend. there are lots of ways we can care for ourselves and things get really stressful and scary. there's a tendency to think that that's like a luxury. but it's really a necessity. another thing that's super important to do and very hard for a lot of us is actually asking for help asking for support you know, often when i'm speaking to groups of people, whether it's on zoom these days are you know, back before covid when i was with larger groups of people. i would ask the audience how many of you like helping other people and almost everyone in every group i've ever been in front of will raise their hand. but then i ask a follow-up question, which is how many of you love asking other people for help and very few people raise their hands. so if we can actually reach out for help. not only might we get some help, but we actually give the people around us, the people in our lives or even
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professionals the opportunity to do something which most people love to do, which is help. there's a time that support and help out there for all of us, especially these days, even though at the same time, a lot of people are are feeling the effects of what we've been through. and then the final thing is and you know, we just got through the thanksgiving holiday. we're moving into a tonic and now in christmas and new year's. but if we can reflect on some of the things that we're grateful for being grateful doesn't mean everything's perfect. it just means we actually stopped and focus on things that we do appreciate and the blessings in our lives because there's many of those even in stressful times. that's true. of course, the fear is real. i mean, we're seeing the video every day. the fear is real. >> that this is the kind of a compound question and we're running out of time. but i do want to address. how do we also guarding deal with the fear also guard against slipping back into stereotyping to categorizing people based on the pictures we keep saying when it's been such a fight to try and turn those attitudes around.
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>> you know, that's a really deep question him. and i think it's heart. you know, i mean, there are some things that come up for this early. but ultimately you know, i like to think of myself as an optimist and a real is that the same time we've got to protect ourselves. we have to be smart and be safe. and at the same time, you know, i think. most people are good at heart. and so i think for us to be honest about our fears to take precautions when we need to and trust in the goodness of humanity. even if there are things that we're seeing recently them a question that i mean, i do really believe in my core that we are all in this together. even though sometimes it feels like were separated from one another. >> yeah. it's easy to be cynical. but a lot of times there's no reason to be because people really genuinely deep down, try to be good. we think most us, mike robbins, thank you so much for being with us tonight. we really appreciate it. thank you. thanks for having me. >> and still ahead at 6, a new bio technology that can stop bleeding in seconds. we will take you inside the new
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facility. his force warriors are in the valley of the sun as they prepare to take on the red-hot phoenix suns who are on a streak of their own sports director jason dumas has reaction from steve kerr on how they got ready. plus 2 little girls. just want to look like elsa. instead, they put him mother through a five-day long diaper cream drama. haha.
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>> no, it's it's our picture of the day. a desire to look
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like a disney. princess led to a five-day diaper rash cream disaster for a new york mom yet. take a look at this. the little girls wanted to look like elsa from frozen their mom. windy tried to wash out the diaper rash cream. but after 3 hours of scrubbing and fruitless internet searches. she turned to facebook for help. the mother posted this picture of her 2 little girls covered in white goo asking parents what you should do after waiting through more than 400 responses. the mother decided to use corn starch, a fine tooth comb and baby oil. she then wash their hair with dawn dish detergent after repeating the process for 5 days. the diaper rash cream was finally gone. wow. don't try that at home. also new at 6 imagine being able to stop a cut from bleeding by simply applying a gel that's made from plants. a new yorker thought of the idea when he's just a freshman in college. >> now it's happening reporter michelle ross has more.
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>> this 25,000 square foot facility is home to this small product. it may look on impressive, but it could save a life and it's made of plants being the plant-derived materials. means you have fewer side effects can be safe and have had a crystal lawn is a biotech company that makes joe which immediately stops bleeding without the need to apply pressure. one of its products joel is used on animals. there are over 3 million every single year in animal health. >> and many more leads on the humid side that we're hoping to eventually be able target the company just submitted to the fda its request to use its other gel product on humans. >> the gel essentially serves as a liquid band-aid and his resort double meaning it can be left inside the body so it can be used for surgery and external bleeds. and alina says it can treat injuries from a paper cut to a gunshot wound but eventually we're looking forward to having this product hopefully in the bill to soldier's able to stop a
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massive hemorrhage. they also hope to move the product into the retail space to make it available for purchase over the counter. i think tree city in brooklyn. michelle ross. >> coming up next, be careful when withdrawing money this holiday season. another skimming device has been found at an atm in the bay area. we'll tell you where it was discovered. first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis. it was really holding me back. standing up... ...even walking was tough. my joints hurt. i was afraid things were going to get worse. i was always hiding, and that's just not me. not being there for my family, that hurt. woooo! i had to do something. i started cosentyx®. i'm feeling good. watch me. cosentyx helps people with psoriatic arthritis move, look, and feel better. it targets more than just joint pain and treats the multiple symptoms like joint swelling and tenderness, back pain, helps clear skin and helps stop further joint damage. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx.
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anywhere. alameda police are reminding everybody to remain vigilant when using atms last night a service technician located a skimmer device at the south shore center. bank of america. >> police shared these photographs of the device during last night's discovery, the technician located a replica of the machines mirror and camera bar attached to the atm that contained a pinhole camera. he says that it is possible the device was installed up to 4 weeks ago. alameda police officers are now working with the bank of america to review security footage to try identify those who were involved. it's going to cost 2 extra to cross the bay bridge starting january. first the toll jumps from $6 to $7. >> the price hike as part of a ballot measure. those passed back in 2018 what did they do road project was at the toll plaza are fighting. the traffic is not too bad at all. >> let's check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow of course, that take
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the bay bridge. so that slam yeah, i know. hey, you but what a beautiful sight across the bridges today. lots of sunshine really a gorgeous day. other tomorrow likely going to be even nicer. but enjoy what we have and you know how things can change around here. and we could be in for a big change. >> as we get into next week, i'll show you that in a moment. but outside mostly clear skies right now. that's way it is going to say these temperatures today. it was amazing. 70 degrees in san francisco 69 in oakland, 70 in san jose at a record there. 73 degrees. little more 67 in concord. 71 degrees in santa rosa long range forecast. all watch what happens. this is one of our computer models start to pick up a big change. not immediately. we get through this week looking pretty good. high pressure sitting over head mother looking very nice as we head into weekend, although some cooler temperatures and then as we get into monday, all of a sudden here comes that storm system drops in the bay or bring one to the chance. few showers on monday behind that a much colder system kind of rotating over that ridge,
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possibly bring another round of rain on thursday. if you believe this model on the backside. we've been talking about record heat today. we could be talking about snow over our local mountains as we get in the following friday. so that could be in for a big change on the way. so enjoy the sunshine while we have. it should be a gorgeous day in san francisco temperatures in the 60's and low 70's about 72 in daly city. 70 now out of 75 degrees in millbrae all the way down the peninsula. these temperatures really something else. 75 in woodside 76 in palo alto 70's and 80's in the south bay want to be probably some record breaking temperatures in the south bay for tomorrow afternoon mid 70's, a place like livermore and pleasanton 73 in fremont or looking like almost a summer's day out there. these temperatures running very warm all around 74 degrees in sonoma. 74 also bill, 70 degrees in the napa valley. then back toward the coastline. still some nice weather there with those offshore winds and temperatures in the 60's next 2 days. tomorrow. i'm going to be the warmest day of the week and then little bit of sea breeze kicking in on thursday
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that will drop the temperatures down a bit more cooling as we head toward the weekend. then a slight chance of showers by next monday. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> it's hard to make too much of nba games in november. but every now and then there are matchups that feel a little bigger than your typical regular season game. take tonight. for example, the dubs are in the valley of the sun taking on phoenix. have casually one 16 in a row and they are 17 in 3 on the season. they've been tremendous the only team in the league with a better record. golden state and u.s. any time you get staff in cp 3 on the court together. be some hig level basketball. >> and present time problems starting with chris because of the way to manage his innings and organizes their offense. whenever great roster fits
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around him a lot of 3 point shooting and obviously the and javale tough to guard and they make it you to school with their defensive lucia be a lot of pieces. that could good news as well. really >> to the college ranks. one of the best college to programs on the young season is right here in the bay usf men's hoops team is off to its best start in 45 years. and it you know, the dogs are just one of 20 unbeaten teams left in the nation. that's thanks in part to the veteran duo in the backcourt seniors. jamari in calais, osha bags. is the leading scorer in the wcc ensure bags. even he of jim join by a group of transfers. head coach todd golden is in his 3rd year at the helm. he's led the team to good start before. but he admitted it some feels different this year.
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>> some of our winds. we've had really good. i think that in the past couple years we've these good start. we had played his high level competition. but you a b davidson nevada. all those winds are going to go a long way for us over the course of the season. so i feel like that along with that of guys that we have program. it feels different. i think it is different. we're taking a day, but really enjoy each having a fun time to practice every day. having a fun time competing. and we're just really just trying to get lost in moment that way. it's a great group to be around a great group to coach our staffs really enjoying it. and we're just taking day by day, looking for to, you know, be on saturday. >> the sharks in jersey, the dirty chairs taking on the devil. second period sharks up to nothing. >> logan good towards the meyer myers having such a good year. he had 2 goals on the night. 3. nothing sharks. and then just moments later, air carlson makes it 4 nothing. they roll 5 to 2. we'll have strong island take on the new york islanders on but i'm
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excited for this warriors game coming up. i know you guys will have it on do the big game 2 best teams in the nba. what can you say. i mean it it it it almost means nothing because it's so far out from his novella. it's a good barometer for both teams right to see how they stack up against the best competition. yeah. it's going to be all right. thanks, jason. >> we'll be right back. i did some early shopping this year. one for you, one for me. awww. i love it. i got us a little something, too. yeah? yep. one for you and one for me. i love it! oh! actually, that was.. i love it! i like red. current eligible gmc owners get over 25 hundred purchase
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and protect against vision loss. look at this. this laguna beach mansion has broken the orange county record sale price at 70 million dollars. the 18,000 square foot home sold on november. the 18th in an off-market deal. sources say a hedge fund billionaire is the new owner. >> the italian style residents has 5 bedrooms and all-glass gifts house and an ocean facing pool. i would imagine they are ot for air bnb. if they did, they probably get a lot of takers on that mentioned trying to clean that. how saying that's a lot of sweeping and mopping the white down. >> that's a lot out and look at the ocean and it's nice that the ocean is free for have to have that. that's it for us on kron. 4 news tonight
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at 6. we'll see it tonight at 8 o'clock. have a good night and good i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv.
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♪ ♪ >> the new covid variant. >> what you need to know about the symptoms that may be different from the delta variants. >> plus, what does it mean for your holiday travel plans? and the new miss usa. >> kentucky! >> how the covid scare is impacting the miss universe contest. >> i am vaccinated, trying to protect myself. >> and fraternity fight night. how did this 20-year-old student end up dead? >> i felt like he was really getting hurt. >> plus, jeffrey epstein's


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