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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 29, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news the hard part for a lot of small business owners in talking to several. >> is that we really don't know what the city is doing. this violence new at 9, another small business burglarized in oakland. the latest to be victimized. >> is a shop called renegade running it on grand avenue near broadway. good evening, everybody. welcome to it. kron 4 news at 9. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus surveillance cameras captured 2 seeds breaking into the
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store. 4 sailors second. joining us now live from the studio with more on the story, you will only see here on kron 4 taylor. it seems to never it can't catch a break. can't catch a break. and as you can imagine, these store owners are of course, frustrated. >> a lot of them are feeling feeling anxious lately with all of these burglaries and break-ins. one of the owners at renegade running says this is the 3rd time they've been burglarized this year. the 4th time since they opened a year and a half ago and they're just not sure how much more that they can take. >> i don't know how many more incidents like this we can take to keep our doors open. one of the owners of renegade running victor diaz is contemplating keeping his doors open for business in oakland. >> after they were most recently shattered late sunday night and looks like 2 individuals broke and to the store. >> they attempted to smash one closest to the sidewalk and we're not able to penetrate that window and then. tried
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the door and then were able to penetrate through through into the store through that door surveillance cameras captured the burglars going in and out of the store multiple times. >> killing several bags of items and eventually taking off in a getaway car parked right outside the business diaz spoke to us on monday as workers came to replace the glass door between the shpes stolen and the damage he says the theft costs the store at least $5,000. and this isn't the first time diaz says the running shops been broken into 3 times this year. when you're building community. >> and we love being in oakland. and when something like this happens, it's just it's just heart it's sad. of course it's a little scary and frightening. he says a lot of businesses in the area are on edge after the numerous burglaries these last couple of weeks. there are people who. >> logically do not want to come downtown do not want to being involved in any kind of physical altercation with
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people either saving the goods in their car or been witness to it in a store. and again, it feels like. you know, the police are so short staff that they're not visible through no fault of their own and there's no city. our public officials that are out talking to us, you know, to find out. either what they can do or to hear from them what they are doing. so all of it just feels like kind of a big ball of like frustration and wondering. and and in sometimes in some cases just feeling. you know, like maybe there is no way out. >> in reaction to the many burglaries robberies and homicides. this past week. oakland police announced that they will have additional staff to address the increase in violent crime and nikki. thank you taylor today oakland city leaders honored the kron 4 security guard who was. >> tragically shot and killed
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while on assignment last wednesday and tonight police are still looking for that killer. >> $32,500 reward is being offered for information that leads to the arrest of the person who shot and killed kevin nishita over the weekend. oakland police released this picture. what is believed to be the suspect's car. it is a white 2004 to 2008 ac ra tl with 4 doors and the sunroof. it does not have a front license plate. oakland police say the gunman shot the shooter trying to steal our reporter's news camera. he passed away on saturday morning from his injuries today, oakland city leaders came together to honor an issue to kron 4 says he you has that part of our coverage. >> so you're about play actions about the tragic shooting death of you. >> and we just extend our grief. to the friends, the family, the huge community that we know and benefited
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from the service of kevin shida. >> oakland. mayor libby chef and council shade lauren taylor and reed share their reactions to the shooting death of kevin nishita, a security guard who was gunned down last week while guarding kron 4 news crew working on a story in and again, this is a gun at them. so we must tackle the gun epidemic and this. >> them. it doesn't have city boundaries. and so we have to come together call for regional action. >> i had the opportunity meet. kevin on several occasions and always, a warm inviting sort of smile. company have. my heart broke when i initially learned of his passing. he deserves to be calm. >> and to have been. working with a sense of protection in the city and not shown up for
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work with any fear or trepidation. losing his life no one and has he come in. you and i know you know him personally. >> and again, our heart goes out to you and everyone at prom. >> how is it that cried for 2 >> and our hearts go out to kevin the shooter's family. we are in touch with them. a fund has been set up for the shooter's family. we are supporting them and many other people are chipping in as well. donations to his family can be made to the kevin issued a trust that has been set up at metropolitan bank in oakland donations can be made in person or by mail the information on their screen. there is also available on our website kron 4 dot com, where you can also read about the many ways. kevin helped and touched the bay area community. >> investigators are working to solve that city's 100 27th homicide of the year. oakland police say the most recent victim was a man who was shot and killed. well, trying to be
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a good samaritan at lake merritt sunday afternoon. the victim, according to police, tried to stop an auto burglary when they were shot by a passenger in the suspects vehicle that car a black toyota rav 4 got away. this is just the latest incident in what city leaders are calling a public health crisis of gun violence in oakland and now some officials want to reverse course on previous decisions. they say there is an urgent need to take immediate action. >> we will not only police department over 678 officers. but in fact, maintain those middle staffing >> oakland's current budget freezes. an additional 50,050 rather positions in the police department. mayor schaff says the city will be making the case to reverse police budget cuts and hiring freezes which are scheduled to start. in 8 schaff also says a hiring plan for new officers will be
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brought in front of the council by friday. police in the east bay were also kept. busy was 2 separate car jackings over the weekend. but what could have been even more disturbing. is that kids under the age of 16 are being accused of committing the crimes. in one case a 13 year-old boy was arrested after police say stole a car in oakland. >> and then led officers on a chase eventually crashing the car in oakley this type of criminal activity involving young people has set in several times now over the last year. but first, dan talking with a local organization about keeping kids away from crime. he joins us now live in the newsroom with more on that tonight. dan will begin grande opened based organization youth uprising has been. >> working to break the cycle of generational poverty and violence here locally in these recent crimes involving teens in some cases kids even younger than that has become alarming and the the chief executive of the organization is pointing to a lack of resources and programs that
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keep kids away from crime. >> a 12 year-old and 2.13 year-olds are arrested in connection with 2 separate carjackings in the east bay. police say the first happened friday night in san leandro when a group of kids armed with a gun robbed, a pizza delivery worker. the car was later found by investigators on sunday morning and a 1213 year-old were taken into custody. the second ended with a crash early sunday morning, another 13 year-old who police say also had a gun is accused of taking a car in oakland and leading police on a chase through the city of antioch before crashing into a starbucks in oakley continue to be heartbroken. >> by by seeing this. it is it's not far removed from any of us. not burrell is the ceo of youth uprising. she says the lack of outlets and a failure by adults is contributing to the increase in these crimes. >> in terms of punishment burrell believes that's not the issue. i do not believe
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we've been stopped. we have definitely not been proactive and intentional enough to make sure when they come home. there's a plan last month. police arrested an 11 year-old along with other juveniles in connection with the crime spree in berkeley and in april, a group of teens were caught after trying to carjack a man outside of his home in san leandro. the ages of the suspects has become increasingly alarming and burrell says the focus needs to be on rehab and coming up with fresh start resources for kids who leave the juvenile justice system is it just jail? what else can we do while we even have them in our presence. it's not ok, here's the key. it is some time and that's it. what rehabilitation can happen. well, we have their attention. we have them. well, police are still looking for information in connection with the crimes in san leandro and oakley burrell hopes that these carjackings are a wake-up call for people to get involved. >> in youth programs.
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reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> thank you, dan. of course, of violence and crime is not limited to oakland. san francisco police are also busy investigating after a crime filled weekend. police say they were 3 shootings. one of the victims died from his injuries. there were also 2 sideshows scrub force. amanda hari has the details of what happened and how officials now responding. >> the san francisco city supervisor that i spoke with describe the weekend of multiple shootings. one, a homicide and sideshows as disturbing. he says it needs to end and we have to protect our streets here in san francisco. san francisco police were busy this past weekend. officers say there were 3 shootings in less than 4 hours. >> san francisco hsus off. i e says crime isn't at its worst. historically. but it is increasing. definitely some of the violent activity involving guns has ticked up.
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>> over the previous year. this is citizen app video of the first shooting on friday. e-street in the bayview neighborhooa. >> sfpd says it happened around one 30 sunday morning. detectives say they found a man at the scene with a non-life-threatening injury. this is video of that second shooting that was about 90 minutes later at turk and taylor streets. police say a man was injured. worst form in. >> you know, ends up with the loss of life. police say the 3rd shooting is being investigated as a homicide it happened around 5 sunday morning in the mission district officers found a man shot at the scene. he was rushed to the hospital where he later died. this is video of a sideshow in the west portal area. >> officers responded at 1240 sunday morning. 10 minutes later they responded to another sideshow. your and 29th avenue. only the organizers of this. i actually knew that there was a lot of. >> attention and focus on the
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organized retail there's a lot of deployment in other parts of the city. and they chose a very quiet commercial corridor. police say there have been no arrests in the sideshow but supervisors often ian says there's still maybe we will follow up. >> and there has been significant success. >> and seizing that vehicle. police say the 3 shootings aren't connected and no arrests have been made in those crimes either in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> new tonight at 9 caught on camera. we're learning new details tonight about this wild scene near the bay bridge toll plaza. as you saw there, a tow truck slammed into a chp patrol car. the chp officer was hurt in the incident. first told you about this story last night on kron 4 news at 6 suspect is now behind bars. and we're learning that oakland police are also now involved in this investigation. >> first, jonathan live for us in the city to break down all the latest details jonathan.
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>> grant. vicki, good evening. the officer injured in this incident is on the mend tonight out of the hospital and back home. chp says that in a matter of just a one hour that suspect was able to not only still that tow truck but twice and drove into oncoming traffic hit that chp patrol car and then injured. that officer all before he was finally caught. >> here's a look at the video that is now going viral of the moment that a tow truck hits a chp patrol car. luckily, according to chp, the officer was not inside of the car at the time that officer was trying to deploy spike strips but get this. this scene is actually the second time thisi suspect was driving in the wrong direction on the west lanes of i 80 chp says that this all went down sunday afternoon around 4 o'clock when 46 year-old michael kay a of oakland stole his nephews
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tow truck. police say he parked it in the middle of the west lanes of i 80 just past the bay bridge toll plaza. the first time. police say he turned around going back past the toll booths into oncoming traffic. chp says he made all the way to interstate 5, 80 driving in the opposite direction until he got the highway. 24 he even hit a car along the way when he got there, police say he turned around headed in the right direction. this time and went straight toward the bay bridge toll plaza for that second time he went through the toll plaza again. and this time he turned back around headed in the opposite direction. this time, the second time chp officers were waiting. in addition to hitting the patrol car. officers say that tried to hit another chp patrol car officers were finally able to catch up with him after he hit another driver's car. that officer was hurt while trying to take know into custody. he
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was taken to the hospital and is now out and recovering. none of the drivers hit in the crashes were seriously hurt. >> while the scene indeed. cayo tunnel tonight. now behind bars at the santa rita jail facing a number of felony charges. as for oakland police in their investigation because that tow truck was stolen from kid tunnels, nephew. they are now the agency investigating that part of this crazy scene. we're live tonight in the city. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> all right. jonathan raising something. all right. with that. >> slow down a little switch gears and take a peek outside. >> let's little less little scene over san francisco's that monday after thanksgiving beautiful preference chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk about lack of rain. rain. yeah. quite a while, guys. we've had that sunshine around. of course, this weekend. it was something else temperatures in the 70's
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and well, we continue that way again today. things begin to it's kind sitting along the coastline in the morning. we have those temperatures shoot up into the 70's. but all of a sudden it's an onshore breeze kicking. and then this started rolling into town and it continues to move on shore. some thick fog moving in along the coastline right through the golden gate bridge right now and more than on the way overnight tonight. but as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. i think that backs off again. and we crank up these temperatures dry as can be 68 degrees in san francisco today. well above the average 68 in oakland, 70 degrees in san jose 68 in livermore, 70 in concord and 72 degrees in santa rosa. right now. the big dome of high pressure just too strong for anything to break through. so you see these fronts come by the running to that ridge, the fall apart. leave behind some high clouds. and that's about it. no rainfall. i have seen the switch in the winds, though. we've had more of an onshore push into the evening hours. but now we're starting to see a little northerly component in the north bay. i think that the offshore wind likely the kick in least it's going to be weak of those will be strong
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enough to warm up those temperatures still got a lot of 40's and 50's around the bay area at this hour in these numbers, they're going to be cold in spots overnight. you're dropping down low 40's in parts of the north bay. but by day you've got a lot of sunshine coming and dry weather. in fact, we're looking about 71 degrees in the napa valley. 70 in the bottle. 62 degrees. little cooler in the san francisco. you may be dealing with a couple of patches of fog along the coastline and then some 70's saw the way in the south bay about 73 in live more next few days had better news as far as rain is concerned. here we go. december begins on wednesday. december the beginning of that trifecta, december january and february. those are the 3 wettest months in the bay area. right now it's looking dry to start out those temperatures to cool down and good to see some clouds roll in come monday, but no promise ranges ship and looks like next weekend. the pattern may begin to shift and we'll get back. hopefully some rain. thanks. thanks for it. we're also staying on top on the kron. a covid-19 variant bay area infectious disease
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experts call this new variant. >> a cause for concern but not a cause for panic. the world health organization is warning the on the kron variant represents a quote, high risk to the global community while bay area health experts we talked to today say their level of concern remains. >> in a holding pattern until some key questions are answered kron four's. dan kerman reports. >> we didn't want to hear this news right now. none of the state. it's it's really terribly. disappointing. >> infectious disease specialist speaking about the latest covid-19 threat. kron variant. they had to mean red flags that make me pretty sleek concerned that is a rate of increase. >> that happened really overnight inside africa from going to from, you know, a few 100 cases. so few 1000 cases. and that, of course, is driven by the predominance of this very and whether or not it was the cause of it was is being associated with it remains to be seen. the second red flag for me was just a vast amount
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of mutations. and this new variant still infectious disease. experts say we still don't have enough data to answer a key series of questions. >> transmissible a t how will it responds unity and how they're doing is that house. it make us. these are the 3 big questions and frankly our feet are planted pretty much in the air on all 3 of the answers to those. but they are real. doctors say this is just another reason to get the jab with this new variant looming out there. >> you want to offer yourself the greatest protection you can get in the way to do that is to get fully vaccinated quickly as possible. and if you are fully vaccinated but haven't received your booster yet. get the booster. so you have really a good robust immune response. if this virus does take off here in the united states. and doctors also point out should it turn out on the kron can over take the vaccine. >> that does not necessarily mean it will cause severe disease and death. even
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nobody's getting hits on t cells and other arms of the immune system will still be intact to get the enemy out of the body infectious disease. experts say like everything else with covid-19. this is developing in real time. >> so we'll have to wait about 10 to 14 days to get those critical questions about on the kron answered. in the meantime, take those extra steps to protect yourself. dan kerman kron 4 news. if you'd like to learn more about this new variant. you can scan that qr code there on your screen. it will take you to our special. >> coronavirus page on our website. kron 4 dot com there. you can also read about crime as well as find vaccine information how to get boosted around the bay area. still to come tonight on kron, 4 news at 9. we continue our coverage of this new variant will be speaking live with an emergency medical doctor from stanford. >> about how we can navigate the next couple of weeks as safely as possible, waiting for more concrete data. then
9:22 pm
why san jose officials are getting criticized over efforts to clean up a homeless camp. >> and first the case that could overturn roe v wade gets its day in court this week with women's rights activists are saying ahead of the supreme court case. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. >> the u.s. supreme court is getting ready to hear the biggest abortion case in
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decades that is this coming wednesday. the lobbying question is mississippi's ban on abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. our washington, dc correspondent jessi tenure gives us a preview of what to expect. >> the government cannot force or to against her will attorneys representing mississippi's lone abortion clinic say that's what's at stake when the nstion's highest court takes up the state's 15 week abortion ban on wednesday. a woman has the right. >> to chino whether to carry her pregnancy to term. rob mcduff with the mississippi center for justice argues the u.s. supreme court has already decided and reaffirmed that states cannot ban abortions prior to a fetus is viability. >> which is around 24 weeks. you shouldn't be able to go back and overturned several flights. >> simply because the composition of supreme court is but that's exactly what anti-abortion advocates want and expect the court's new 6,
9:26 pm
3 conservative majority to overturn roe v wade. we have an opportunity say millions and millions of lives in the future. if this is to be rolled up favorably, mississippi governor tate reeves shepherded the law in question through the state legislature. >> and fellow republican governors like south dakota's kristi noem support it. we actually got to go out and take actions that offend lives and save lives. the justices are not expected to rule until next summer. >> but if they overturn roe many states, including mississippi and south dakota already have measures in place that would automatically ban abortion in washington. i'm jessi tenure. next at 9 how the state of california is reacting to that new and potentially more across covid-19 variant and we'll speak with a doctor from stanford about the new variant to get some practical you know how we can all stay safe. and then was city's attempt to rehouse the homeless. >> has gotten him in hot water with seemingly every one those stories and much more when we co
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>> we are continuing to cover the new omicron variant of covid-19 no cases have been detected in california. not yet, but state health officials say they're on alert. covers capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the state's latest response. >> california health leaders say they closely monitoring the omicron variant, the new covid-19 variant first found in south africa is not yet on
9:30 pm
the list of 10 variants. actively being tracked in california with no cases detected here yet or in the united states overall. but state health officials say it's only a matter of time. california has a public private sector partnership to analyze genomic sequencing called covid net that officials say will help detect on the kron variant early in the state. meanwhile at airports across california state officials say they're preparing to increase covid-19 testing from legal residents returning from some african countries. health leaders say they're also doubling down on covid-19 vaccine and booster shot efforts. well, a crime variant has yet to be found in any california cases. covid-19 numbers are slightly increasing following the holiday weekend with the now 3% positivity rate statewide. the state is averaging about 4,100 new covid cases per day. the latest data showing the other variant of concern, the delta variant accounts for 99% of cases sequenced state leaders have warned of a potential winter surge that coupled with the new variant of concern prompting governor
9:31 pm
newsom's tweet while on vacation saying in part, we will continue to be guided by data and science right now. the best way we know to protect yourself is to get vaccinated and get your booster go today. don't wait. meanwhile, the california apartment public health says it's in communication with federal health officials to continue gathering information on the new variant in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news a lot to take in. so what does it all mean for those of us here in the bay area if it isn't really as contagious as health experts think and should we be even. >> taking more precautions than before. we are joined live tonight by emergency medical physician and stanford clinical professor doctor. >> like everybody in. thank you, doctor. gerba, good for your time tonight. simply put. how concerned are you about this. >> it's definitely something that is concerning. we're definitely keeping our eye open and keeping our ears and eyes peeled for any more information that we can gather from. >> the cdc and the national institute infectious diseases.
9:32 pm
>> a crime is known to be a highly infectious and transmissible. >> variant. and that is one thing that has led to it to become a variant of concern. but only time will tell how severe of a disease on the kron will create and how effective our vaccines are against it. i guess that was my next question. if it's more contagious is it also losing its lethality. is it is it sort of petering out in terms of >> you know, ultimate effect on people. >> we simply don't know the answer to how severe an illness with on the kron will be i think we'll probably know in the next few weeks as we see how various countries our sequencing and analyzing this. this new variant. matching that with the patients who are testing positive for what their symptoms are, whether they were vaccinated or not. and we'll know more at that
9:33 pm
time. >> the sequencing and surveillance in south africa. i have learned is quite robust and that is in part why this has come to light and they have shared with the world and now the world. some of it has imposed these travel bans to south africa is there a danger of implementing those kinds of policies. if we want everyone to be as transparent as possible with their data. >> i think more than anything the scientists that are out there want everyone in the world to be safe and to be knowledgeable. i don't think that anyone would ever think to. to avoid delaying any information that is necessary for the public. good south africa has an amazing genomic sequencing. it was first identified. there. however, it's in many other countries and it's inevitable to be in this one as well. >> so doctor, as we kind of work our way through the greek alphabet and there are many more letters to work our way through. it begs the question,
9:34 pm
will we ever be done with is is there an answer here. and and and if we're we're now saying, ok, you need you personally needed 2 shots. >> now. the who is saying, yeah, you really need that 3rd, that booster. do you foresee a time we're going to need maybe a 4th boost or. >> i think we're likely going to be seeing probably at least 2 vaccines per year. i think if enough of the population in the world remains unvaccinated covid is going to be around and we're going to have to learn how to live with covid. it's going to be a time when if you're vaccinated, you are going to be protected against severe illness and hospitalization unless you're immunocompromised or of the vulnerable populations like the elderly population. and if you're unvaccinated and you're at potential risk and has variance come some may be more lethal than others.
9:35 pm
>> really. the ultimate question here is how to our vaccine. stand up to crown, which we will learn shortly. would you be shocked if our vaccines were ineffective and is it possible that the mri days, the pfizer moderna handle it differently than say the j and j. >> i think there's going to be a degree of protection against on the kron with the current vaccines that we have with both mrna and johnson and johnson to what degree is still to be determined. the good thing about the mrna vaccine technology is that if you identify new sequence, you can put it in that technology. you can develop a vaccine within just a few months and then get it distributed out to the pharmacies if needed. >> you know. but we've seen that with the flu vaccines. you know, one season you have to design a vaccine for that particular a variant. it does is kind of mimic the same trajectory that the flu vaccine. has a unit. in other
9:36 pm
words, that were they're going to be adapting as we go along every year, every season, every year. was there a season for covid. now seems like it's 3.65 right. yes, it seems like every few months we have a new covid variant that that comes about. >> the flu vaccine is not an mrna vaccine, but because we can sequence of virus and put it quickly into an mrna technology. quite a few of the companies are now thinking that the flu vaccine should be transition to an mrna vaccine. so it has an increase in effectiveness to variants that are known to come about every year. so i won't be surprised if because of the mrna technology, the flu vaccine and the effectiveness of that vaccine actually increase along with keeping us protected against covid as well. fascinating. >> that is play a different doctor. really quickly. parents at home watching this. why should day not be panicking right now. why should they not be changing their kids play dates with other kids and really you
9:37 pm
know, taking bold steps because of this new news. >> what's important is that if your child qualifies to get vaccinated, please get them vaccinated. that's the first layer protection against getting covid and if they do get covid against getting severe disease. and i think what is also known is that with our basic measures of protection like masking social distancing and being safe. we still can protect ourselves from a crime variant as well. >> great professor doctor la la. they're a bogey we have learned a lot. we hope to be able to speak with you again as we. as you find out more about this new variant. have a good evening. thanks. thank you. thanks for having me. and if you want to learn more about how this new variant to scan this qr code on your screen. it will take you to our special coronavirus page on our website, kron 4 dot com
9:38 pm
and there you can read all about the on the kron, the variant as well as vaccine information all around the bay area still ahead tonight, the city of modesto working to get more people off the streets and. >> in the homes how their new program is changing lives and in sports klay thompson was in santa cruz today working out with the worries g league team. jason us says reaction coming from that play is almost back.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the niners won their 3rd straight game on sunday when they took down the vikings. but it did not come without call deebo samuel and fred warner have already been ruled out for next week's divisional matchup. >> against the seahawks who lost tonight. by the way, for deebo it's a strained groin and will be out one to 2 weeks. warner. he's dealing with a hamstring kyle shanahan said someone is going to have to step up where d both who is on the shortlist for mvp this season. >> it's been a big part of our offense. but i think we're in a spot right now that we overcome came in yesterday made a huge play. i use 7 up each week doing better. yes, each coming along. but to give all travelers been more opportunities anyways have beat out there and it will get a healthier better each
9:42 pm
weekend. i'm going do a little too. >> day by day, brick by brick. that's been klay thompson's attitude as he works towards a return to the court for the first time in over 2 and a half years and man, it's getting so close. i can just feel it. i can't wait for that night. the santa cruz warriors released some video of clay scrimmaging with the team. and as you can see for clay for someone as skilled as him. it's like riding a bike taken the to the hole icu. but hey, i caution be patient. i'd be irresponsible of. i didn't remind everyone at home. just how tough it is to do what clay is attempting to do. come back from those 2 traumatic injuries, santa cruz warriors coach seth cooper. he shared his thoughts on clay at practice. he was cleared for full go. >> everything we did was full of 100%. he was going there was no holding them back in
9:43 pm
u.s. live stream it to live today in practice. he was totally lives. so there was no point back goes, it was just really what im going. but in experience playing all out and he did that. and he looked really good at doing that. >> a's fans. they've been nervous that there would be a roster fire sale this offseason and for good reason. they've already lost skipper bob melvin sterling mark tay and mark hanna. but the organization did resign. chad pender and tony kemp. so all is not law. you have something to smile take those smiles. >> when you can get >> all righty. that is your look at sports. one quick note, rest in peace to lee elder who passed away today at 87 a trailblazer in the world of golf. that's a look at sports. we'll be right back.
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>> in the south bay san jose's ongoing effort to clear the city's largest homeless camps is progressing. but some advocates for the homeless are pushing back now on that whole strategy. you know, the city's largest homeless camp is now surrounded by. >> concrete k rail barriers to temporary solution. >> designed to keep unhoused people from returning to their previous camp site. but many of the unhoused people living in the camp have relocated next door just east of spring street near columbus park advocates for the unhoused say the barriers are doing more harm than good by making it those trying to bring food and other services into the area.
9:47 pm
we've had trouble thanksgiving. we distribute it may be 500 meals and we had to get back up on spring street to get into the camp. we had to go down a trail with a truck and distribute the meals where if we have access from the roadway. it's just so much easier. the barriers went up just before thanksgiving after the faa gave the city an ultimatum to clear the camp or risk losing millions of dollars in federal funding. in a statement, the airport said in part, quote, this closure creates a long dead end street that still allows for unhoused residents and service providers to access the area. >> helps decrease through traffic to increase safety and helps prevent illegal dumping and quote, the barriers are to remain in place until the june deadline for the entire 40 acre site to be clear. as part of that faa ultimatum. >> the city of modesto is working to help get people off the streets and into homes. city is partnering with a
9:48 pm
nonprofit to launched the camp to home program. kristi gross spoke to one woman who says because of this program she got to spend thanksgiving in a home instead of a shelter. >> love it. it's very spacious. it's comfortable after escaping an abusive relationship and living in encampments in shelters. colleen mcbride is just happy to have her own room once again. now it's like everything is just perfect in my life. everything is just everything i could. all i can't even imagine. >> being where i'm at now. a year ago, bright credit to getting involved in modesto is downtown streets. team. >> and their camp to home program for turning her life around anybody can be and do what i've done if they want it bad enough and they've got the support system of the street team, just like the name suggests camp to home provides job training and housing to get people out of encampments in shelters like this one. into permanent housing and on the path to self-sufficiency. everything kind of matched up the dogs, hit it off.
9:49 pm
>> we hit it off. it was just a perfect match 6 months ago. kathleen mooney has opened up her home and offered to rent out a room as part of the program after her husband died last year. this home. >> it's a really nice place to be. but it's not good for one person camp to home screens each participant matches them with an appropriate landlord than a couple of months looking for a person that would be a good fit for me. i think they succeeded with the help of cares act funding the city pays a portion of the rent to landlords like munoz with the goal that tenants would become full the responsible for payments over time. now i'm paying 75% of the rent. >> and they're paying the 25 and within another 6 months i should be paying the full amount isn't about the money. >> it's you know, this helping people to make these steps for mcbride and munoz will be can is an arrangement. has transformed into a friendship
9:50 pm
spent thanksgiving at some friends of hers. i think it has become more of a friendship. >> that was kristi gross reporting for us tonight. camp to home says they're looking to partner now with more homeowners property managers and apartment complexes. >> right now we're 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look at the conditions out there in the golden gate bridge sock whole lot of fog on this monday night after thanksgiving. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow back with us now. >> for a look ahead, lawrence. and we're looking for some rain. it's that time of year. yeah. like that rain. go on the head into the heart of the rain season. now december january and february. really. those are the rainiest months and we'd like to get back into it right now. almost like summer out there. we've had temperatures running well in the 70's. you can see that again. i think for tomorrow that fog looking reminiscent of a summer day thick out there right now. probably see that dissipate throughout the night tonight but still the rain would like to get things going. still this where we said, of course we have the majority that with those atmospheric river events and how about that? we've had over 8 inches of rainfall in san
9:51 pm
francisco for the season so far. we're still sitting at 231 percent of normal san jose over 2 inches of rain still a 123% of normal oakland over 6 inches of rain. so still well above the average usually we've had a lot less rain for this time of year. you've had double that and santa rosa. so get the idea even though we had all that rain early on. things have dried out quite a bit. but now we're getting back to the average is here. so we'd like to get that rain going once again tonight, though, staying dry, we've had a bit of an onshore breeze. and that is bringing with it. some of that fog right through the golden gate bridge. but it's right down on the service. very thick fog out there now a little bit of a northerly component. the winds starting to develop in the north. and i think refer running again tomorrow. i think we see a little bit of a northerly wind developing again and we'll see those skies clearing out. lots of sunshine and above normal temperatures, high pressure just too strong right now sending any chance of rain all the way up in the can and the pacific northwest where they really don't need it. they have some flooding concerns. so we're waiting now and looks like the pattern probably going to start to switch gears but not this week. i think we
9:52 pm
have to wait till next week before we really see the changes 49 degrees in dublin right now in cool. 49 in senate. 48 in petaluma overnight tonight. we'll see mostly clear skies cool temperatures and patchy fog along the coastline. and then tomorrow mostly sunny conditions and it will be a bit on the hazy side in the week ahead. looks like more sunshine and above normal temperatures dry weather pattern continuing into the weekend that we're keeping our fingers crossed for the middle of next week out there going to see the temperatures cool off and then by day tomorrow, a nice day. again. 72 degrees san jose 73 in concord. beautiful in oakland tomorrow about 68 degrees and 70 in the bottle next few days. dry weather continue. although the temperatures probably going to back off just a little bit. so not just not start, but the panic button just yet, right. we're going to wait a little bit for that. i think next week we'll see the pattern open up a little bit. hopefully that leads to a weather. and i yes, let's think positive. if we hadn't gotten those store, if we we
9:53 pm
talk about fire danger so that everything else. silver lining. >> we'll be right back.
9:54 pm
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♪ don't worry mom, we'll be there soon. "we?!" is this "the one". well... let's say i found the one who takes me to another level... always stays calm under pressure. most importantly, the one that helps me discover the coolest places. this sounds wonderful... come outside, i'll introduce you! they're here. ♪ definitely "the one". ha... ha... introducing the all-new 2022 nissan frontier. ♪ >> the u.s. postal service's operation. santa is ready to make the holiday special for kids and families every year. kids from around the country dropped their letters off to santa at the post office which
9:56 pm
that processes the letters and send them on to the north pole where santa gets them. no stamp required. the tradition has been going on for more than a century. they also do letter adoption adults can visit the usps website and pick one of the letters to make a child's dream come true. and demands for said his helpers are way up this year, specifically the helpers he sends to malls all across the country. to hear what kids want for christmas. that's right. there's a mall santa shortage. one industry. one expert in the industry says 18% of santas helpers say they may not return to malls this season because of covid and one report says more than 2000 hourly set his helper positions remain unfilled. that kit this supply chain problems are also limiting costume availability. they need help. they need some help. so can you need a side
9:57 pm
hustle. thinking about it. yeah, you and but that santa suit coming from the north pole, the supply chain. you know, who me. lot else. know a lot like sales get up there, get that's what we need come right back. >> flying tails, north pole addition. there we go. all right. thanks. appreciate you being with us for the news ny. the news at 10 the next. thanks, guys. thank you both. coming up next at 10 o'clock. >> we are checking in on what it could mean as we continue to deal with this pandemic. an amazing video a wrong-way truck, a tow truck driver plows into a chp vehicle of the bay toll plaza sending people to the hospital. >> well stories and more coming up next on kron, 4 news at 10. when fun time from the
9:58 pm
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10:00 pm
bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> this period cause for concern not a cause for panic. >> now at 10 president biden promising action against the new mutation of the coronavirus. what you need to know about kron variant and it's anticipated spread across the globe. thank you for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. the world is bracing for the news spread of the new variant. it hasn't been detected here in the u.s. but officials believe it's probably already here


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