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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  November 29, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PST

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year you had that one lone snow fake flake lake hanging was a curtain rod tucker. i think it was what he calls a little guys, you know. and with that with the hats, with health known not. that's the marching guys that soldier. you know, it was toy soldiers to the crow did not crack or i'm yes, so i had in the crater hanging from its very festive. better this got to catch up with guys still decorated at all. even if it is one lone thing. we are looking at a great day to maybe venture out, do some shopping it's cyber monday. but. >> maybe you can find some deals in the store still today because it's just so nice out there. you look outside of the embarcadero is looking crystal clear. lots of sunshine expected yet again today. and even after a very chilly start to this morning. we will be in store for a comfortable afternoon. feeling a lot like we did this past weekend 50's 60's for some of our current temperatures. a few 40's lingering in areas like dublin, livermore, petaluma, santa rosa nevado. just don't forget your jackets. these
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next few hours. reena john, thanks for that. a couple of problems but also a couple of improved spots. >> here pleasant hill. we have an accident southbound 6.80, just south of monument boulevard. so we have seeing delays along 6.80, but improvement along highway 4 under 17 minutes is a traveling from the east bay into the city. now that they turn lights off at the bay bridge. so improvement here and the same story for the san mateo bridge a little under 14 minutes. we're up to almost 20 another accident here in oakland, northbound 8.80, just south of high street. we are seeing delays along 88 e as you're traveling there. we'll have more on traffic coming up with daryn james, back to you. thanks a lot radar. there's a bigger reward this morning for finding the gunman who shot and killed the kron 4 security guards. you can see his picture here. kevin. >> the he was shot in oakland last week while on duty. protecting one of our reporter crews fortunately died over the weekend because of those injuries. kron four's will tran is standing by for us in san jose where he worked with
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san jose people actually will. let's pause this for a second winter said the president's coming out to speak and talk to the nation about the covid-19. all right. so let's take a look at that. and then we will go back to will for the latest on the security situation. can you this thanksgiving? >> after being apart last year. and we have much to be grateful for as a nation. when i was elected, i said i would always be honest with you. so today i want to take a few moments to talk about the new covid variant first identified last week in southern africa. it's called the on the ground. it is to their credit. the scientific community in south africa quickly notified the world of the emergence of this to vary. this kind of transparency is to be encouraged and applauded because it increases our ability to respond quickly to any new threats and that's exactly what we did. the very day the world health organization identified the new variant i took immediate steps to restrict travel from countries in southern africa.
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while we had that travel restrictions can slow the speed of the crime. it cannot prevent. but here's what it does. it gives us time gives us time to take more actions to move quicker make sure people understand you have to get your vaccine. you have to get the shot. you have to get get the booster if you sooner or later we're going to see cases this new variant here in the united states left to face with rent. just we face those that come before. today. there are 3 messages about the new variant that i want the american people here first. this variant is a cause for concern. not a cause for panic. we have the best vaccine in the world. the best medicines, the best scientist and we're learning more every single day and we'll fight this variance with scientific and and knowledgeable actions and speed, not chaos and
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confusion. we have more tools today to fight the variant that we've ever had before. from vaccines to boosters. 2 vaccines for children. 5 years and older and much more. a year ago america's flounder in against the first variant of covid. we beat that very significantly and then we got hit by 4 more powerful threat. the delta variant. but we took action. and now we're seeing that some delta come down. we'll fight look, we're going to fight and beat this new variant as well. we're learning more about this new variant every single day. and as we learn more, we're going to share that information with american people. candidly him promptly. second. the best protection. i know you're tired me says the best protection against this new variant or any of the of the various health. they're the ones we've been dealing with already. he's getting fully vaccinated. and getting a booster ehot. most americans
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are fully vaccinated but not yet boosted. if you're 18 years or over and got fully vaccinated before june. the first go get the booster shot today. they're free and there are available to 80,000 locations coast to coast. fully vaccinated booster person is the most protected against covid. do not wait. go get your booster if it's time for you to do so. and if you are not vaccinated now's the time to get vaccinated. take your children to be backstage. every child age 5 or older can get safe and effective vaccines. now. well, it'll be a few weeks before we know everything we need to know about how strongly the existing vaccines protect variant doctor fauci is with the day. our medical team. and believe that the vaccines will continue to provide a degree of protection against severe disease. and as additional
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protections, please wear your masks when you're indoors in public settings around other people. it protects you. it protects those around you. in the event hopefully unlikely that updated vaccinations for boosters are needed to respond to this new variant. we will accelerate their development and deployment with every available tool. i want to reiterate doctor fauci believes that the current vaccines provide at least some protection against new variant and the bush or strengthen that protection significantly. we do not yet believe that additional measures will be needed. so that we are prepared if needed. my team is already working with officials at pfizer and moderna and johnson and johnson to develop contingency plans for vaccines or boosters. if needed. and i will also direct the fda, the
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cdc to use the fastest process available without cutting any corners for safety to get such vaccines approved and on the market if needed. and we'll do that the same way any modifications are needed. current treatments need to use to help those with the who get ill with covid virus. i'm sparing no effort. removing all roadblocks to keep american people safe. all of this is a confusing to a lot of people. but it does confuse. you do. let me close with this simple message. if you are vaccinated, but still worried about the new variant. get your booster. if you're unvaccinated, get that shot, go get that first shot. my team at the white house will provide me with daily updates this week and thursday, i'll be putting forward a detail strategy outlined how we're going to fight covid this winter not was shutdowns and
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lockdowns o and more widespread vaccinations, boosters testing and more. i promised every american that there will be always be the latest vaccines available in the booster shots available them and for free and everywhere available every single american free of charge. and i will keep that commitment. we need to do more than vaccinate americans to beat the pandemic. we have to vaccinate the world as well. and america's leading that effort. we've shipped for free, more vaccines to other countries spent all other countries in the world combined. over 275 million vaccines, 2, 1, 100, 10 countries. now we need the rest of the world to step up as well. let me be clear. not a single vaccine shot americans ever sent to the rest of the world will ever come at the expense of any american. i always make sure that our people are protected first. but vaccinating the world is just one more tool
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and how we need to meet our moral obligations. americans and how to best protect americans as well. the delta variant and now the variant all emerge elsewhere in the world. so we can't let up until the world is vaccinated. we're protecting americans by doing that. as well as we continue this effort must remember where we stand. we're in a very different place as we enter the month of december this month compared to where we were %ast attempt last christmas last christmas. the one percent of american adults are vaccinated. this christmas. the number will be over 71%, including more than 86% of seniors last christmas. our children are at risk without a vaccine. this christmas. we have safe and effective vaccines for children, ages 5 and older. with more than 19 million children and county now vaccinated. last year. the
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majority of schools are closed this year 99% of our schools are open. then be really, really wants more. we also now have booster shots to provide extra protection. they're free and convenient. there's still time to get your first 2 shots or your booster shot for get your children vaccinated before christmas. all 3 are available can be done before christmas. if you and your family are fully vaccinated. you can celebrate the holidays much more safely. and given where we were last year. that's a blessing. and none of us should take for granted. we're throwing everything we can get this virus tracking it from every angle. and that's what we have to keep doing. that's how we reopen our country. and so we really want our businesses reopen our schools. that's how the with the pandemic. we've generated a record job creation, record economic growth in this country. we move forward in the face of covid-19. we have
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moved forward in the face of the delta variant. and we move forward now in the face very well. so thank you. bless our troops. i hope you all have. i'll be speaking before them. but a merry christmas as we approach it. it is. >> all right. we're we're actually not going to take those questions because actually when she said should americans be worried sir. right. that is best answered by the medical community. and we actually have coming up, the whole interview. we've done with ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong about this covid variant. what you have to worried about. you know why how to get here, where might go next and he's got all of the medical answers will have that coming up in about a half hour's time. so stay tuned for that. now let's get back to the other big story that we're following this morning. the fact that the reward money has gone up. >> for any information leading to the arrest. the gunman who killed a private security officer who was working for us
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at kron 4 protecting one of our reporter chris kevin, the >> and for years he was a police officer and then he started doing security for kron 4 and for other very news outlets. and we were out doing our job, one of our reporters when he was shot trying to protect them and so will tran is out this morning in selling as a as a taking a closer look. and this man's wonderful life what he means to all of us. and and hopefully bringing someone to justice will. >> they are still looking for their killers this morning. i'm in front of the san jose police department even though he was shot in oakland. reason being there also morning you can see the flags at half-staff. he was here for a big chunk of his career from 2000, one to 2000, 12, but they have certainly not forgotten about him. and that's why they are remembering him as well from the san jose police department. he moved to other police departments in the bay area, including a word. he
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ultimately retired in 2018, but he loved being out in the field. love protecting love just justice, which is why for the last 3 years he was protecting. bay area news stations and he was doing just that. and here's video from wednesday at around noon when he was out there protecting one of our video journalists this is at 14th and broadway noon broad daylight. everybody is out and about, but it didn't stop the killers from pulling up and trying to rob our video journalist of her equipment. he jumped into action shot a couple of times and actually put him in the back of an oakland police car and rushed him to the hospital. we thought he was on the mend. he was in the intensive care unit actually even texted him on friday saying eat anything. let me know hoping that he wasn't so medicated that he could respond. they are searching for the driver and the people inside what they believe is this getaway car. so take a look at your screen. there is
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a white acura tl 4 doors with a sunroof. no front license plate. this was captured by cameras in the area by the oakland police department. they think they the killers got away in this car and they're still obviously searching for whoever did this. in the meantime, a lot of people we talked about his death, but we also want to remember his life, including people at the oakland housing authority where he also where he started his career. >> just so energetic and and so willing to to do things. i want in and his first day of law enforcement. and boy, if if i can describe it any way be like the energizer bunny. >> he was also very jolly. he leaves behind 2 kids, 3 grand kids and james when he was with the san jose police department. he risked his life every day as a member of the gang enforcement team game
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task force and fortunately he survived all of his police career only to be shot in downtown open as a security guard protecting us. >> back to you. and we do thank him for that ultimate sacrifice. thank you so much. will and he's not the only victim we have seen so many murders in oakland that we've set up a fund for kevin to she does family. and and we urge you to give if you can. what you can. it's the kevin issued a trust at the metropolitan bank in oakland and so we're accepting donations for that were also as we'll talk about offering a reward to try to get justice for this death. but as we said, there are so many other victims and many of those crimes are still unsolved. it will even there this past weekend there was another deadly shooting on the shot and killed a cropper. sarah stinson following the story for us talking about this most recent incident and the incidents that have led up to this as well. sarah. >> now we keep telling you, brit heartbreaking stories
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about violence in yet they continue to happen. oakland police will have several tactical team supporting patrol officers. this is a new thing. they're doing and trying to help those officers were responding to armed caravans illegal sideshows in the various violent crimes that we've seen recently, including a lot of deadly shootings. police say these teams are highly skilled in de escalating incidents. the police department has their hands full with continued violence. on top of ongoing investigations. it's really hit close to home with everything that you just learned that we just told you about with our security guard. kevin nishita shot and killed while with one of our news crews just hours after the police department announced the new tactical teams. another deadly shooting happened this time at lake merritt sunday afternoon at 3.30 again, broad daylight police say a man was shot and killed well trying to stop someone for breaking into his car on grand avenue. police say the man was taken to the hospital. but died there later
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from his injuries. they say the shooter fled from the scene in his car. the $10,000 reward has been set up for information leading to an arrest. and you can just add this to the list of investigations were police continue to look for the shooter responsible, including the person who killed this young lady on your screen. this is 15 year-old mara young tomorrow is in the car with her uncle on october 6th when they got into a road rage incident with another driver that led to her being shot and killed. no arrects have been made in that case and then before that 23 year-old jasper wu shot while in the car with his mom in oakland by a gang-related gun gun fight in 8.80, a stray bullet hit him. no arrests have been made in that case either. so police are looking for all of these shooters in these different cases on top of just having more cases stack up in stack up. and so hopefully those new tactical teams will help the officers out there on the
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streets. there's been 127 homicides in oakland this year. so again, violence just continues to stack up in oakland and of course, it's is very worrisome. doris doris james. >> and there is thank you, reza. want to continue to cover this because bringing attention to the problem is part of getting solutions and funding and everything else to. stop. and thanks so much in oakley, a 13 year-old was arrested for a carjacking after leading police on a high-speed chase. the car was stolen in oakland and then spotted an antioch early yesterday morning. and police were told that the teenager had guns. they responded and the boy led them on a chase that ended in oakley where he crashed on main street and that's where he was taken into custody. >> 9.18 is the time. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. we're going to chat with barry congressman eric swalwell about the rise in crime that we've seen in his area of the east bay that he represents and all around
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the bay for that matter. and we'll also talk to about what's up in washington this
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mill valley at 71 each well, fremont mountain view in santa rosa will each rise to 70 later on. we're going to stay that way through the end of the month tomorrow and the first day of december on wednesday. staying dry all the way through the upcoming weekend brain. todd, thank you for that. we had a break last week. but this we're back to being busy. so pleasant hill southbound 6.80, south of monument boulevard. he got an accident. there were still seeing delays traveling into the city a little under 15 minutes for your drive time heading across towards the peninsula a little under 14 minutes to make that drive. >> here in oakland northbound 8.80, south of the high street. you do have an accident. so we are seeing some delays. and now here in quarter, madeira southbound one. oh, one at madeira boulevard, an accident. so we are seen residual
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my friend recommended that i try prevagen and over time, it made a very significant difference in my memory and in my cognitive ability. i started to feel a much better sense of well-being. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> time now to talk winners and losers on wall street. financial expert rob black joining us to share his insights. and rob, as i take a look at the markets this morning. it looks like we're bouncing back fairly nicely. is that what you're saying? >> absolutely. and on black friday has come with some good news and some bad news store traffic was up 47% year over year, but still down from 2019 levels. i say that's good news and bad news. but we also got a new covid variant introduced to us on friday, which probably spooked. some people and rightfully so as we have a lot of on it. target and wal-mart were closed for so there's a little bit of downside on traffic because of
9:26 am
that online spending cyber monday. today we're about 10.2 billion to 11.0, 3 billion in sales but no online spending is down because black friday is not what it used to be. we started earlier this were shopping whenever we want this whole three-day weekend things just not as important as it used to be. >> yeah. interesting note is that black descent have to wait till black friday or cyber monday anymore. it's kind of months long in the making. okay. one big story to broke this morning. jacm dorsey stepping down as twitter ceo. i just look at the stock looks like it's off a little bit. is that in response to that news. you think. >> so? it up a little bit earlier, maybe say it's down. i he's stepping down as ceo of twitter and he's also the ceo of square. a lot of people have been really upset ceo of 2 companies breakfast, one lunch of the other kind of idea he did step down. are ready and the company they founded in from 2008 to 2015 a guy costello and the company.
9:27 am
he came back to kind of save the company did. i'm guessing it probably tired of congress. i'm guessing that he wants to focus on square. but those are all guests us. keep in mind he's another billionaire who has a big ego ambitions of helping the world, especially africa and crypto currency, something that is focused on right now of no, not a college graduate. i'm just throwing that out just case it helps you and your family this yeah. okay. thank you very much, rob, as always. >> let rob know. like in the chat about or if you've got a question you need answer reach out facebook, twitter, you can e-mail directly as well, rob at rob black dot com, thanks, rob. we'll see tomorrow.
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>> 29 a beautiful shot here of quite how are they don't like for the holidays, which which is a missed opportunity. i mean, i know that put a spotlight on, but they could, you know, yeah, they're yellow and green lights on latter up there now. hey, honey. now to a letter on quite i don't want to do lights around my well, i'm going to do my banister. >> all like 33 steps of it all holiday e tomorrow. yeah, because i get away from the lights. yeah. and then you're still ahead of schedule because it's only last a november that's right. got up before december 2nd day of hanukkah. you can be exactly that right on time. right on we are looking at lots of sunshine mother nature is lagging behind a little bit. we're supposed to be kicking in some more wintry conditions than what we are seeing. >> still feels a little too
9:31 am
warm and dry what we need to be seeing at least your view outside at berkeley hills. abundantly sunny and it's going to get really mild really quickly and are all the sunshine. we're still fairly chilly right now. so for the next couple of hours do keep the jackets close on hand were in the 50's for most areas livermore petaluma, santa rosa still holding out in the upper 40's will pacifica the first spot in the 60's that 63 currently reyna. the 2 are busy commute on this monday. let's talk about it here in oakland, north on 8.80, south of high street. we do have an accident there. so we are currently keeping on top of that and tracking that. >> as we head in a cross towards the peninsula. little under 14 minutes to make that drive. we're almost at 20 minutes earlier, the bay bridge traveling from the east bay into the city. now you're down to little under 16 as they turn the metering lights off there. and here in pleasant hill. looks like we just had this accident cleared, southbound 6.80, south of monument boulevard now looks like traffic moving along pretty nicely. all right. james, back to you.
9:32 am
let's get to the big story that we're covering this morning, which is the rising violence in the east bay kron 4 security guard was shot and killed in oakland. one of many killings that continue to happen and we talk about one happening just this very weekend. >> joining us here. talk a bit more about the crime we're seeing in the east. bay's barry congressman eric swalwell who represents a good portion of the east bay. congressman swalwell, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> good morning. and i want to express my condolences to the kron. and next, our team for the loss of temper. the shooter who started his career as a police officer in our district is a hayward, a police officer. and so we mourn we and and we wish his family peace and we hope that his very soon will be just as we talk about what is. ip>> what is really going on in in oakland, ok, and they've had so many murders and when a
9:33 am
news crew is hit. we're there. as you know, to cover the violence to bring attention to the problem because that's how solutions happened. so if we can't be safe doing our jobs and kevin was protecting our crews. then then the problem doesn't go away. but they think it's no coverage. and then you get your solution to this. is this a horrible cycle that won't stop. >> hear ye. yes, oakland and needs more police officers. they are are currently under a e policed right now. fortunately, what we've done on the federal side through the american rescue plan through the infrastructure bill. and also called build back better. we're funding additional community police officers across the country. i hope, you know, communities like oakland take us up on no deploying those officers we've seen the benefits across the country. when you have a more officers spent our community oriented all rather than just
9:34 am
responding to services. you also need more patrol officers as well. but having more cops officers i think will go a long way to making the streets safer. >> what else can do, though, because this is in this case it's a crime motivated camera. i mean, which is robbery. they want to take stuff. steal stuff. sell stuff. i mean, what else can you do to get to crimes that are motivated by somebody wanting money. >> well, that's right. and it's also we've seen no increase in juvenile crimes and making sure that our kids are in school is critically important and you know, schools in the neighborhoods are the ones that have fewest resources when it comes to, you know, distance learning. and if you can't connect to broadband, you know, to get the curriculum that you need. you're going to be out. you know, forward and sometimes up to no good. and we've seen that. and so, you know, really devoting resources to the places that need it the most. and you know, our faith-based community our community,
9:35 am
groups, boys and girls clubs. they also can go a long way. to making sure that the most at risk youth. i like in our district. we have to reached center which seats in san lorenzo to try and let you know, in into better choices. so it's not a single but right now a crime is on the rise. ppeople are rightfully terrorize and we all need to do better. >> i wonder, too, about the guns because you think, okay, if they wanted the camera or if going arobst a kind of situations and they're armed that upset a level because then somebody could pay the price with their life because they wanted some kind of material saying. so what about the gun angle on this and maybe doing something about that with that help. >> and we're a country with nearly unrestricted weaponry and california has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. however, when you border arizona, where we know and just turning. nancy
9:36 am
o'malley recently put study out showing that a large amount of guns and the alameda county area came that are used in crimes came from arizona and nevada. so you're only as safe the states around us. that's why having national background checks are important. i support having a ban on assault rifles. but again, it's not just gun violence measures that investing in communities. and i saw is in oakland prosecutor too often as you went through streets. you hear the screeching sound of police cars and police sirens. you see the lap of schools. and you saw that there was just a a deficit of hope. and so that's not a single solution. that's investing in communities believe in people and of course, having a more police to attack the crime. >> i see we've only got a couple minutes left with you. we want to respect your time. but while we have you can ask you quickly about a couple of other issues, too, that are on the horizon. we have an impending government shutdown as of friday. i know lawmakers
9:37 am
are getting back to work today. what's the likelihood we're going to be able to find a deal before then. what do you are we should we brace for a shutdown. >> we cannot shut down that that would just be intolerable for federal workers who are already, you know, the effects of the pandemic and hoping that we can see costs. you know, come across the country because of supply shortages in america. we can't shut the federal government down. democrats will offer up a budget that extends funding a republican should take that deal the worst time shut down the government for anyone to force to during a hanukkah and christmas holidays coming up. so i'm confident that we'll find a way to do that and then hopefully the senate passed the build back better agenda that extends benefits that lower costs for health for child care for education really will address some of the rising costs are seeing across the country will say we can't afford to shut down. what about a lockdown.
9:38 am
>> i mean, that's yeah. i i guess maybe a possibility, depending on what happens with this new coronavirus variant. >> come to government. there's things we can control and things that we cannot control and we can't control we're vaccinated, whether we're boosted when we get our kids, if eligible vaccinated and whether we take precautions like masking and that all will go a long way to stopping more and more mutations of the virus and so only 59% and our country right now. that's about the middle of the pack for countries around our side. so we really need to step it up. it's not a political statement. whether you're vaccinated or it's a statement about your health and what you think of the people around you. let's celebrate the holidays. get vaccinated and you know, your family will miss you if you're got so it's not worth making a political statement to not get please do that. that's what we can control okay. thank you so much congress yeah. we appreciate your time this morning. thank you so much. and good luck this week.
9:39 am
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9:42 am
they demand the dog. she handed over the dog and they jumped in a car and took off. french bulldogs have been a very popular target for thieves because they resell them at a higher price. so now the dog's owner is pleading with you to pay attention and see if you can spot merlin. and if so, there is a reward by the way, we have all the information on more about what, you know, the dog particular looks like keep your eye out and the reward is on kron. 4 dot com. 9.42. we'll be right.
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when you finance through gm financial. we are professional grade. gmc >> welcome back. it is 9.45 on monday. back to work, kind a day after what was the thanksgiving holiday. hopefully enjoy the long weekend certainly had great weather for it. >> we're keeping that going today to clear skies above your berkeley hills camera really not a cloud in the sky and well temperatures may be cool right now, but they won't be later today looking at a really warm afternoon oakland of mill valley at 71 fremont mountain view and san jose santa rosa each at 70 degrees. so we are definitely climbing right back into the 70's will continue to do that at the start of december on wednesday. touch of a cooler weekend staying dry all the way through the forecast thanks for that. all right. we've been tracking your commute for your monday. little under 17 minute. >> traveling from the east bay into the city. and you can see that turn the meteor lights off. so traffic is flowing along pretty nicely across
9:46 am
towards the peninsula. little under 14 minutes force. there. the golden gate bridge. no major issues about 20 minutes traveling from highway 37 to the tolls as you are in the south bay traveling along one. oh, not see any major delays 85 towards menlo park at a little under 29 minutes started. james, back to you. the big story that we're following this morning as the concern over the new strain of covid mccraw. yeah. it's a variant of covid-19 one that's. >> causing a lot of worry here in the u.s. and around the world. experts think it perhaps could spread quicker. >> could it be more resilient against the vaccine. we're not quite sure yet. but here to help talk about this is ucsf infectious disease expert doctor peter chin. hong, thank you so much for joining us. doctor chan, always great to have you here. helping assuage our concerns with the new information or should we be concerned. are you going to make us more worried. so tell us from the beginning about this variant and why it's such a big deal and why it's different. >> yes, so thanks having me
9:47 am
on, james and ari, i think the big red flag was in south africa when they were kind of law in cases. kind of like where we were in california and all of a sudden they so a big swing up. so they decide to investigate and wonderful in one province called go tang. there a bunch of most of the cases are coming from this area in south africa. but 70%. and there was a big upswing in cases. might many young people aged 18 to 34 from the university and they found that it was this weird very and that had a ton of new medications, more than any other variants of 2030, mutations over on the spike protein. 10 of them at the end of the spike which might make it so that was kind of the red flag. the rate of increase, the rapid rise to dominance and member delta was that name of the game inside africa just like it was in the u.s. and all of a sudden here is this new upstart making itself known. but do you compare. >> this spread there to spread. that could happen here
9:48 am
because their vaccination rate. there's like 20 or 21%. resurrect so much higher. >> yes. so i think we'll be buttressed a little bit by our higher vaccination rate. but as we can see from europe like it. you require a lot more people vaccinated to kind of new variants of the day and not europe. you know, like germany has very similar vaccination team higher than us and yet they're seeing a big states. it means that if there are enough people in their millions of americans are still i haven't been vaccinated. i've seen natural that gives noses and mouths full. it's something to spread around. that's interesting. find it there's a ton of mutations apparently with this variant. >> and it appears to be striking predominantly the younger demographic there in south africa is that because of these mutations, its. >> it spread more quickly through younger folks.
9:49 am
>> well, i think it's spreading in the younger folks because they're the ones who the bile, but also the ones even within a vaccination country like africa. it's a population that's the least so i think that's part of it moves to the cases so by report have been milder. they have again in these young people and they've been mainly in unvaccinated. so the admissions is seen inside africa again, kind of like the same old mainly unvaccinated people. >> now we've got travel restrictions in place starting today with the u.s. and south africa. a lot of these other countries some that you mentioned where the variant was found have also enacted sudden straddle restrictions. do you think that's going to help because still as i always like to say repeating the same pool. i mean, you're not going to stop this thing from traveling around. >> but definitely being in that same proved area. i think that by the time you figure
9:50 am
out what's going on. the cat is already out of the bag. >> they're like >> coronavirus bombs going off all over in the week said it took people to. begin become aware that this was an it's you. i think it may slow down the growth by if you have enough people infected in a particular country. a location, for example, it just kind of goes up exponentially. but maybe this is the earliest ever serve from recognition too figure out something is running. the fog greek letter was assigned the in student. these travel bans. so maybe it might slow things down, but it's not going to stop it. the virus doesn't care what country you're in. so we keep putting out the message to all. it's all the more reason why you need to get vaccinated. get that booster shot. but with the number of mutations in this variant. do we know enough yet to know whether the vaccine is as effective with this is it is with the original or what's the worry? >> that's a great question, james. i think so far nobody knows. but my gut sense is
9:51 am
that it's very similar to the beta variant cases frightened called the kama faces frightened rizzo there. just a little bit more vaccine but least the vaccines still look very well that not the way i think it's going to play out. i think that's for sure. even if you get a hit and on a body recognition of this enemy in town that the tea south and the other parts of the immune system that kill infected cells will continue to work splendidly and that's why there always have been super vaccines against protecting us turn serious disease hospitalization and that splendid, nobody says that so doctor, what about you said in town. >> is it in town because they're like. fauci said, well, it's not here, but i think it probably is here anyway. do we not really do enough testing to even know if people already have it here. >> it probably is already in probably is already in the u.s. because we only do about it. 5 to 10% of cases on any
9:52 am
given day, we sequenced so that it takes about 2 weeks to come back. so it's kind of like a delayed but again, this virus is moving very quickly. we're not really sure this is a false alarm or not because. in some senses it could have rose to dominance in south africa just because it was a super spreader and it just happened to be associated. but i think it looks kind of like out how delta started very regional and then exclusive growth. so i think everyone is a little bit worried, but nonetheless, it probably is already here. we have a live in the detection. you know, at some point will be doing stories about the one in area that it's running. are and are you still wearing a mask. i'm still wearing a mask when it's crowded indoors. but i you know, i'm always a little cautious in scary looking situations. but most places, you know, i as abusive person,
9:53 am
i feel kind of to the most going you know, eating with a mosque in the beginning and then taken out. it i'm going to see in khon 2. i mean, these are the kinds of things that i don't think i'm going to change at this moment based on what i know so far ok. i will do what you're doing. yeah. and again get vaccinated because that's what gives people that sense of security. thank you, doctor peter chin-hong, as always, we appreciate your insights. >> thanks so much, james and all right. we'll be right back. (gentle music) ♪ i'll be home for christmas ♪ you can plan on me
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for the morning on a monday. but they never stop on kron-on. so let's go to the get a peek at what they're working on high noel. hey, daria, you know that new covid strain on the kron. you were just talking about it with doctor chin-hong. it has nations around the world putting those travel bans in place here at home. travel bans are now in place for non us citizens coming from south africa and 7 other countries. we're going to have live reports throughout the day today from san francisco international airport about that band to get those details and get real-time updates on local and national headlines all day long. grab your phone scanned the qr code that you see on your screen. it's going to take you straight to your app store. you can download kron-on for free. back to you guys. thanks a and we're a quick reminder that happening tonight we're going to the tree lighting ceremony in san francisco's castro 06:00pm from last year show. we'll
9:57 am
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