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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  November 29, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PST

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♪ >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news >> all right. we'll show thanksgiving. i'm just going to gone. i'm trying because now i've got a christmas to from johns boyfriend's family out which you just keep feeding us. and we're happy it's so. >> but just like chavez upstate well, he's cut back because jim week you said for you and rain at this gym week. this is the now that the leftovers or because reading the now it's back to the okay for a couple of days. and i know i'm the worst. i looked like the least to molly either weekend for christmas to really buckle down, get to the
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gym whether you walk a sidewalk outside the weather's going so gorgeous. you've got a couple of weeks here to get back together before you lose it all christmas well, all the food that's still to come before 2020 to even arrives. we are going to be seeing a beautiful day to step outside. get that jog in or just maybe do some yard work at the lawn prepped for all the christmas decorations. you may be putting out. as for downtown san francisco looks good under some beautiful sunshine right now. little accent of some low cloud cover in the distance. but overall visibility has been a okay. santa rosa visibility up around the city of santa rosa is being affected by some valley fog. most of what we're seeing in the central valley is staying. >> out inland away from the delta. now radar is showing clear skies dry conditions. and we're in for another really comfortable afternoon this morning, though, you do want to layer up maybe stepping outside for that jog anticipates some low 40's and dublin santa rosa nevado, a little more mild in hayward alameda oakland and san francisco each in the 50's
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this morning i'll be talking more about the rest of your forecast. still to come, first, though, on over to who is talking some slow spots out there. yeah. you know, everyone had the week off last week. now the people are back were seen accidents here in the air. >> this 1, 5, 80 westbound east of 13 north here in oakland. so we are seeing delays. it's backed up to about san leandro. another traffic hazard on 8.80, south of hagan berger wrote on the northbound side. so we are seeing delays as you're traveling there heading into the city a little under 19 minutes for your drive time there. the san mateo bridge. also pretty busy this morning as you're heading across towards the peninsula a little under 19. there and the south bay report of a fire southbound. 1, 1, just north of taylor in san jose will have on your traffic. is there other slow spots. but daryn, james, back to you. thanks so much. rain is 8. '02, right now. and our top story is the death of one of our kron 4 security guards, somebody killed our kevin nishita and kron is offering a reward we're hoping to catch the killers and we're also
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celebrating kevin's life and contributions to the world. he was a police officer and guard for us made an impact not only to us here. >> kron 4. but he also provide security from time to time to other news crews at other stations here in the area and as we know, he died over the weekend. he succumbed to his wounds injuries that he sustained in that shooting last week while you're protecting one of our reporters. we've got kron. four's will tran in san jose this morning. we're police are still looking for the person behind his murder. well. you talked about touch the world james is cnn did a story on our friend. can. >> can the shia kevin mission issued, i should say. and then you know, he hasn't been here for 9 years and look at this. the flag is flying at half-staff for you and kevin, this year actually, i texted him on friday thought that he was on the mend. we all thought he was on them. and yes, he had not one but 2 surgeries. but we thought he was doing ok and all of a
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sudden we found on the overnight hours on saturday that he like you said, his injuries simply too much that he died at around 4 o'clock in the morning. there was a police procession from police departments all over the bay area at the hospital just to escort his body away. now here's a picture of kevin. he leaves behind 2 kids, 3 grandkids, a wi fi. it was from san jose. i worked with him several times. always a happy guy. always jolly actually retired from the police departments. i say multiple because he worked at san jose. he also worked coleman. he also worked at the hayward police department. he retired from law enforcement in 2018 but for the last 3 years he loved just protecting people, loved people themselves and that's why he was a security guard for bay area stations. unfortunately on wednesday at noon. how brazen assists downtown oakland 14th and broadway just a mile, maybe even less than that from the oakland police department when a couple of
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suspects jumped out of their car and try to rob one of our colleagues of her equipment. and that's when kevin jumped into action. unfortunately he was shot several times injuries. so severe guys that i have learned and we do know this, that he was actually put in the back of a squad car and w rushed to highland hospital went into surgery and we all thought he was on the mend. fortunately he. took a turn for the worse in the saturday night hours. and here's a picture of the car that they're still looking for the reward. by the way, $32,500 to catch the killers. they took off. this is from the oakland police department in a white acura tl four-door with a sunroof. no front license plate. the models between 2004 and 2000. so before he worked at all of those police departments. he started off his career at the oakland housing authority decades ago and they still remember >> just so energetic and and so willing to to do things. i
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want in and his first day of law enforcement. and boy, if if i can describe any way be like the energizer bunny. >> energizer bunny for sure. always happy. and this didn't happen to me, guys because he was always sunny when we work together. but i heard other colleagues say that he brought out an umbrella not just for them but for the people that they were interviewing just to make sure that they felt comfortable as well. so he is the real deal and i issue anybody a challenge. good luck finding anybody who has a cop bad word to say about kevin, the shia his family obviously morning at this time and they've asked for privacy even from us. so at this particular point, we don't have any information to pass along. as far as funeral arrangements. we texted every now and then. james, i got to tell you where we have hawaii ties. he loved hawaiian food and he texted me
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and icon of a rice cooker. remember thank you very much. and as we mentioned, you know, the family is asking for privacy right now. but. >> there has been a fund that's been set up to help the family navigate what we're going to very difficult times ahead here donations can be made to the kevin nishita trust. it's been set up there at the metropolitan bank in oakland. you can either make those donations in person at the bank. you can send it in by mail. the information that you need is on your screen. and we've also put all of this on our website as well. kron 4 dot com. so if you're maybe you're busy right now. you have time to write all this information down, come back to at some point during the day to kron 4 dot com. look at this information. we have it there and donate if you can. he's not the only one who died over the weekend in oakland. police say there was another. >> deadly shooting that happened is all part of that over the weekend. more and more violent crime. and it just continues to happen. this is a story the kron 4. sarah stinson is actually following for us this morning. >> up in the newsroom were again. sarah, as daryn mentioned, another violent
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weekend. >> yes, and the violence needs to stop. i think we can all agree. and so the oakland police say now have several tactical teams supporting patrol officers who were responding to these types of crimes like armed caravans, illegal sideshows in the various violent crimes we've seen recently like deadly shootings. police say these teams are highly skilled in the de escalating of incidents. the police department has their hands full with continued violence and ongoing investigations. it's really hit close to home for us here at kron like we'll just said. and daria james with our own security guard kevin ishida being shot and killed while with our news crew now, just hours after the police department announced the new tactical teams. another deadly shooting happened this time at lake merritt sunday afternoon, 3.30 broad daylight. police say a man was shot and killed while trying to stop someone from breaking into his car on grand
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avenue. police say the man was taken to the hospital where he later died from his injuries. they say the shooter fled from the scene in his own car. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. but unfortunately added to the list of investigations where police continue to look for a shooter responsible for killing sometimes very young lives, including the woman on your screen, rather the girl, the 15 year-old girl. she married young. she merrill was in the car with her uncle on october 6th when a road rage incident occurred with another driver and that led to her being shot and killed no arrests have been made in that case either. and then before that you have a 23 month-old jasper wu shot while in the car with his mom in oakland by a gang-related gunfight on 8.80, unfortunately, no arrests have been made in that case either. so a lot of these investigations where the police department is hoping to find out who is responsible. now there's been 127 homicides
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in oakland just this year. and we'll say it again. ken, this violence, please stop. that's what police are really trying to. have that prevent that. hopefully these tactical teams were co looking from the police department today and learn more about their efforts for now reporting live in the newsroom. back to you. all right. thanks much, sara. >> well, unfortunately, we have to tell you about a crime that first started in oakland then ended in oakley in the east bay and 13 year-old who is apparently now under arrest for carjacking after leading police on a high-speed chase. so again, this car, according to police was stolen in oakland and then spotted in antioch early yesterday morning. police were called to the scene. they were told that the teenager had guns. so they were really cautious about this. the boy led them on a chase that ended as i said in oakley, that's when the boy crashed. the vehicle on main street and was taken into custody. police are still investigating. let you know when we find out more. >> time now is 8 hand and the
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other big sure that we're following this morning as the coronavirus. and there's a growing fear over the new a crime variant of covid. yeah. and at this point some experts think that this variant. >> could spread more quickly than the original strain. that's the worry anyway. and so far there's been no cases officially reported here in the u.s. but that doesn't mean it's not here now. doctor fauci is saying is very possible that somebody has already come down with it. but it hasn't been diagnosed as that strain yet. so he's saying we need to prepare for the worst. yeah. but the vaccine getting a booster shot is what's really important right now ahead of this becoming a problem. i don't think there's any possibility that this could completely of aid, any protection by it may diminish bit. but that's the reason why you both. and so again, that's been the warning from doctor fauci is that we need to be vaccinated in order to stay ahead of this thing. he says it will likely take about 2 weeks to know. >> how this variant reacts to the current vaccines have this strain was first detected in
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south africa in the u.s. has already announced some new travel restrictions to parts of that country and other countries have also done the same where it has been detected already. >> they have travel restrictions and bans on certain travelers and requirements that are new because of this variant and the president is going to be speaking about this new covid variant in this hour. so whenever he does that, we're going to take it live so stay tuned. keep the tv on even if you walk around the house and as soon as you hear president biden speak. come on in because we're going to see what the country is going to do about this and try to head it off. meantime, happening today. community members are protesting against vaccine mandates in the west contra costa unified school district. the mandate is that students ages 12 to 18 and teachers k through 12 have to be vaccinated. but some are against this saying the district should have the authority to impose a vaccine mandate and they say that the district, they say is granting religious and medical exemptions for staff but not
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for students that protest is happening today in front of the district building enrichment. >> 12 is the time and some breaking news that we're following this morning, jack dorsey has apparently resigned as the ceo of twitter happened just moments ago making the announcement on social media that he has step down. he says chief technology officer parag agrawal is now the new ceo of the company. and that's effective today. he's also leaving the twitter board of directors next year. dorsey remains the top executive at square, which is a financial payments company that he found it so that the latest in business news this morning. meanwhile, congress is running out of time to avoid a government shutdown. >> we'll have the latest from washington coming up on that in just a minute. also coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news, a ski resort in this year. it reopens over the weekend despite lack of fresh snow that we've had from mother nature going to take a look at what they've done to look at what they've done to at ♪give my regards to broadway!♪ ♪remember me to herald square!♪
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♪tell all the gang at forty second street♪ ♪that i will soon be there!♪ ♪whisper of how i'm yearning♪ ♪to mingle with the old-time throng!♪ ♪give my regards to old broadway♪ ♪and say that i'll be there, 'ere long!♪
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>> welcome back. it is a 16 right now and we're going to head to tahoe to check out the ski conditions which you are could be better, but they will get better eventually they will now boreal to its credit has been run in the snow blowers all week long. last we getting up for. >> things ready for this coming weekend or this past weekend and they were able to reopen for the thanksgiving weekend. yes. so you're just going to have wait for the new snow and then enjoy what they have right now. let's take a peek. >> it's a timeless tradition.
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that continues. left or without mother nature going to come in and but it's here. hundreds of skiers snowboarders took advantage of the opportunity to stretch the floor. >> the snow is not as hard as i thought it would be. >> and this isn't the real stuff. a lot of resorts like boreal starting making manmade snow, especially earlier this week at the temperatures were favorable you rather have something than anything is better than nothing. yes. >> oreo whose work hard work, making this winter wonderland come to life again. the resort opened a few weeks ago after the historic bomb cyclones but were forced to close due to warm temperatures. with the portion of them out in open. you know, it's fake it's pretty nice, you know, to get some practices. people of all
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ages soaked in the fun in no masks, no social distancing everything starting to feel normal again. and the next step it snowballs into good time paul year now just pray for snow. >> all right. for snow. that's all we can do because it doesn't seem to happening. i was a kid with all that fix. now. i was thought that the snow is real like it's not vague. it's not like, you know, shredded paper know they just blow it out. make it and that's where we have to do like this has to be called the for that. it doesn't have to reach this thing called the wet bulb temperature in the snoi can actually fall and kind of pack in. it's not as good as the nature stuff that joining a science lesson now. but the wet ball just definitely has to be cold enough actually stick and hasn't been up there the warm days are resulting in some is the ideal. but it looks
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pretty. it is. yeah. and you can see that there's some like white up there in the very of the mountains. but as far as the lakeshore goes, looks like spring or fall. but hopefully we're going to get back into it. we started the season. so strong october was looking great. >> now this high pressure ridge is keeping things really sunny and beautiful. obviously this is not necessarily the way we need to be staying, though. so just enjoy it while it lasts and hopefully that's not a super long time. winds offshore this morning. but very lights just enough to make it a brisk feel this morning. definitely get those layers on to start before a really comfortable afternoon. rain and snow for that matter continues to be sent well, up to the north. you can see some showers up along washington and oregon, especially along the columbia river gorge now skies will remain clear across the bay area today. tonight, a few passing clouds tomorrow we clear right back out tuesday wednesday which is december first and then into thursday and friday. all looking nice and clear and temperatures for the most part solidly in the 60's, if not the low 70's now
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upper 60's for most to san francisco today. couple of 50's right along the coastline and then some 70's mixed into like further south on the peninsula and saying carlos woodside in mountain view and then especially mild in the south bay. campbell, you, our warmest spot today at 73 degrees. low 70's in fremont as well as union city oakland and berkeley while some mid to upper 60's for the inland east bay allay, you'll be at 68 degrees in santa rosa and i 70 tomorrow's temperatures right around the same as today as we kick off december wednesday with highs in the low 70's. great day for putting up some lights around the house as it will be the first day of the new month and little cooler this weekend. but staying clear and dry, right. john, thanks for that. all right. a couple of problem spots out there on our highways today. >> over here, a lo 5.80, westbound east of 13 in oakland. we do have a traffic collision. the air a traffic hazard northbound 80 south of so we are seeing delays along both 8, 8580, international if
8:21 am
you're trying to avoid all of that will be a good option traveling into the city were going down a little under 16 minutes. now we're at about 20 last time we checked in here in fremont, an accident. southbound near maori avenue. so we are seeing delays as you're traveling through newark and the fremont area along 8.80 headed across towards the peninsula a little under 60 minutes. that's also some improvement from last time we checked in and we'll leave you with a look at this in the south bay one. oh, one just north of taylor received a report of a fire and some slowing along one. oh, one darya. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain at 8.21. is the time and happening today we've got congress getting back to work and one other big priorities is going to be avoiding a government shutdown. congress passed a short-term funding bill back in october. but it expires on friday. and if the government shutdown happens, well, we're going to hundreds of thousands of federal workers facing furloughs. but essential workers like tsa and other federal law enforcement. they'll still have to work. they'll just have to work with no pay the last government
8:22 am
shutdown was back in 2019. it lasted 35 days. >> time now is a 21 and jury selection starts today in the trial on actor jussie smollett. he's accused of staging a hate crime when he reported that 2 masked men attacked him in downtown chicago in january of 2019. his story drew skepticism from detectives who couldn't find any evidence any surveillance video or anything of the attack or any witnesses and then later it turns out smollett was charged with lying to the police. key witnesses in the trial are 2 brothers who say they are the ones who small it paid to stage the attack. a 22 is the time. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news it is cyber monday. perhaps you're already at your computer shopping. we'll have some tips on how to find the best deals.
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manufacturers have extra savings. if you sign up for emails or texts. browser extensions can help fill in coupon codes. try retail me not honey and simply coats finally for price checks camel camel camel shows a product's amazon price history having a sense of what you're looking for is definitely a good strategy because otherwise things can get very overwhelming very quickly. >> oh, don't get me started. second. you click on something in everything else is going to be up on the side. that's right. all right. it is 8.27. we'll take a quick break. but as you can see, coming up, we're going to be talking about the new covid variant that is causing a lot of concern here in the u.s. we're going to speak to local infectious disease expert doctor peter chin-hong. >> about it. what we need to know. and you know how we can be prepared for. we'll be
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>> right now. and i know it's cyber monday. but if you get outside, it's a great day for shopping. it is. we've got john with our forecast morning. john sunday or monday cyber shopping and the backyard make it with the laptop. it is going to be gorgeous out there may be burning off some calories post thanksgiving as well. nice sunny skies across the bay area. you can see that from financial district right here. and for the most part in the shooting out to the central valley. that's exactly the way it is for the rest of the bay area too. now current temperatures are chilly enough that you do want to layer up. we've got some 40's 50's on the map. no 30's this morning, though. so a bit more mild than a few of our mornings were last week. reyna john,
8:31 am
thank you for that. a few issues to tell you about out there on our highways this morning. >> right here, southbound want to want at madeira boulevard. this is out in court in madeira, rather. and you start to see a delay as you're traveling through larkspur 5.80, though, as you're traveling across towards sandra fell. we're seeing some improvement along the richmond sandra fell bridge here in oakland 5.80, westbound east of 13 north. you're still seeing issues as you're traveling along. there. we had an earlier hazard along 8.80 that's been clear. but we still are seeing residual delays across both highways a little under 14 minutes via the san mateo bridge and traveling into the city. here we are a little under 14 the best. we've been all morning. daryn, james, back to you. the big story that we're following this morning as the concern over the new strain of covid mccraw. yeah. it's a variant of covid-19 one that's. >> causing a lot of worry here in the u.s. and around the world. experts think it perhaps could spread quicker. could it be more resilient against the vaccine. we're not quite sure yet. but here to
8:32 am
help talk about this is ucsf infectious disease expert doctor peter chin. hong, thank you so much for joining us. doctor chan, always great to have you here. helping assuage our concerns with the new information or should we be concerned. are you going to make us more worried. so tell us from the beginning about this variant and why it's such a big deal and why it's different. >> thanks having me on, james and ari, i think the big red flag was inside africa when they were kind the law in cases kind of like where we were in california and all of us. so a big swing up. so they decide to investigate and the wonderful in one province called go tang. there a bunch of most of the cases are coming from this area in south africa. but 70%. and there was a big upswing in cases might mean young people aged 18 to 34 from the university and they found that it was this weird very and that had a ton of new medications, more than any other variants of 2030, mutations over on the spike
8:33 am
protein. 10 of them at the end of the spike which might make it secure. so that was kind of the red flag. the rate of increase, the rapid rise to dominance and member delta was that name of the game inside africa just like it was in the u.s. and all of a sudden here is this new upstart making itself known. but do you compare. >> the spread there to spread. that could happen here because their vaccination rate. there's like 20 or 21%. ours so much higher. >> yes, so i think will be a little bit by our higher vaccination rate. but as we can see from europe like it. you require a lot more people vaccinated to kind of new variants of the day and not europe. you know, like germany has very similar vaccination team higher than us and yet they're seeing a big states. it means that if there are enough people and their millions of americans are still i haven't been
8:34 am
vaccinated. i've seen natural that gives enough and noses and mouths for something to spread around. that's interesting. find it there's a ton of mutations apparently with this variant. >> and it appears to be striking predominantly the younger demographic there in south africa is because of these mutations, its it's spreading more quickly through younger folks. well, i think it's spreading in the younger folks because they're the ones who are the bile but also the ones even i lu a vaccination country like africa. it's a population that's the least so i think that's part of it moves to the cases so by report have been milder. they have again in these young people and they've been mainly in unvaccinated. so the admissions is seen inside africa again, kind of like the same old mainly unvaccinated people. >> now we've got travel restrictions in place starting today with the u.s. and south
8:35 am
africa. a lot of these other countries some that you mentioned where the variant was found have also enacted sudden strava restrictions. do you think that's going to help because still as i always like to say repeating the same pool. i mean, you're not going to stop this thing from traveling around. >> but definitely being that same proved area. i think that by the time you figure out what's going on. the cat is already out of the bag. >> they're like coronavirus bombs going off all over in the week said it took people to. >> begin to become aware that this was an it's you. i think it may slow down the growth. if you have enough people infected in a particular country. a location, for example, it just kind of goes up exponentially. but maybe this is the earliest ever serve from recognition too. figure something is running the 4 greek letter was assigned the in student. these travel bans. so maybe might slow things down, but it's not
8:36 am
going to stop it. the virus doesn't care what country you're in. so we keep putting out the message to its all the more reason why you need to get vaccinated. get that booster shot. but with the number of mutations in this variant. do we know enough yet to know whether the vaccine is as effective with this is it is with the original or what's the worry? >> that's a great question, james. i think so far nobody knows. but my gut sense is that it's very similar to the beta variant cases frightened called the kama faces frightened rizzo there. just a little bit more vaccine resistant. but we see the vaccines still look very well that not the way i think it's going to play out. i think that's for sure. even if you get a hit and on a body recognition of this enemy in town that the tea south and the other parts of the immune system that kill infected cells will continue to work splendidly and that's why there always have been super vaccines against protecting us turn serious disease hospitalization and that
8:37 am
splendid, nobody says that so doctor, what about you said in town. >> is it in town because they're like oh, fauci said, well, it's not here, but i think it probably is here anyway. do we not really do enough testing to even know if people already have it here. >> it probably is already in probably is already in us because we only do about it. 5 to 10% of cases on any given day, we sequenced so that it takes about 2 weeks to come back. so it's kind of like a delayed but again, this virus is moving very quickly. we're not really sure this is a false alarm or not because. in some senses it could have rose to dominance in south africa just because it was a super spreader and it just happened to be associated by i think it looks kind of like. out how delta started very regional and then exclusive growth. so i think everyone is a little bit worried, but nonetheless, it probably is already here. we have a live in the detection. you know, at some
8:38 am
point will be doing stories about the one in the bay area that it's running and are you still wearing a mask. and so a mosque when it's crowded indoors. but i you know, i'm always a little cautious in scary looking situations. but most places, you know, i as abusive person, i feel kind of to the most going you know, eating with a mosque in the beginning and then taken out. it to i'm going to see in khon 2. i mean, these are the kinds of things that i don't think i'm going to change at this moment based on what i know so far ok. i will do what you're doing. yeah. and again get vaccinated because that's what gives people that sense of security. thank you, doctor peter chin-hong, as always, we appreciate your insights. >> thanks so much, james and all right. we'll be right back. 8.41 is the time in the
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8:41 am
east bay, a family of walnut creek now is try to figure out why they were targeted repeatedly. their home was vandalized. several times. we have some pictures of the vandalism they're dealing with last monday and tuesday night. you can see all the toilet paper someone not only that but eggs even wrapped their bushes and saran wrap. the homeowners thought it was just a prank and then they saw on
8:42 am
the front lawn. yeah. homophobic slurs written there in toilet. paper. this was what they saw when they came home. >> they rode out. >> some pretty offensive messages using the tp on street side. but there was more tp. there was. >> they took it to next step in the sense that they started throwing in our driveway. >> and the family has filed a report with while the creek police officers say that they are going to be patrolling the area a little more frequently. there in the future hoping to catch whoever is behind this. we'll be right back.
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>> 45 right now and we are standing by for president biden. talk about that new coronavirus variant. it hasn't happened yet, but when it comes out, we'll take him live immediately. absolutely. in the meantime, let's get a check of weather and traffic. we've got john starting us off in the weather center with you. a nice looking shot there. the transamerica pyramid. john. yeah. gorgeous out there this morning. more sunshine in this forecast. that's not going anywhere. as we round out, november and kick off december now just 2 days away. wednesday is december. 1st. >> a little bit of low cloud cover. as you can see, just accepting the sunshine that the rest of us have now we do have an offshore breeze. it's very light just enough to keep things a bit brisk feeling this morning as we're still
8:46 am
hovering in the 40's as you're venturing outside these next couple of minutes skies will remain clear and dry. any rainfall continues to be sent to the north across areas that are already soaked like washington, oregon and western canada. that's where those recent atmospheric rivers have been squared up to and they've just seen shower after shower. we've been looking at sunny day after sunny day and that is not changing in this forecast today into tomorrow. the last 2 days of november. nice dry and mild wednesday starting off the new month with much the same and will stay that way all the way into the upcoming weekend. current temperatures may be cool. but later today we are talking some really mild conditions. a lot of 60's on the map and a fair share of 70's to burlingame at 69 today saying carlos as well as mountain view each at 70 south bay temperature. some of our warmest campbell at 73 for your daytime high and low 70's right along the east bay shoreline mostly 60's further inland danville at 65 degrees fillet. how at 68 santa rosa right at 70 looking ahead at
8:47 am
our next 7 days. we remain in the 70's through thursday and some 60's for warmest of highs come the weekend. not a big change, but just a touch of a cooler weekend around the corner. rain toppings for that. yet things have been pretty busy this morning in paris until last week. >> another new accident popping up. this is in pleasant hill. southbound 6.80, south of monument boulevard. so we are seeing some delays. you're traveling along 6.80 howie, for the looks like a lot of improvement as you're traveling along there heading across towards the peninsula a little under 14 minutes for your drive time. that's the best we've seen it all throughout the morning. the bay bridge, the same a little under 15 minutes. ttey turn the metering lights off here. another accident to tell you about. this is a long 8.80, northbound just south of high street. we'll have more on that coming up. dorian james, back to you. >> thanks let's talk sports now. and forty-niners are on a roll 3 games in a row that that's right. beat the vikings over the weekend and the warriors also dominated the clippers. so 2 teams with
8:48 am
winds in the win column from 4 sports director jason dumas says the high life. 2 teams identical records fighting for one of the final nfc playoff spots. >> yeah. i know there's still a lot of football to be played blah, blah, blah. but you get the sense that the niners and the vikings, they'll be battling it out till the end. kyle shanahan looking to make it a season-high 3 game win streak said issue. here we it's hard. not that high. 3 3rd quarter. >> forty-niners up by 7 allied to mitchell. he was the workhorse. the niners need it all day long. 27 carries a 133 yards and that touchdown later on. look at this kickoff. vikings can name of ron will. we like to call this a house call. and no one picked up at levi stadium it's a 5 point game. can't let that 4th quarter now down 2 minute warning robbie gold looking to ice this one. but. right. you
8:49 am
all see that very often for robbie kyle shanahan and company. they can't believe it under a minute to go luckily forty-niners kirk cousins. in the custom doing things like that. overthrows justin jefferson who was open that'll do it forty-niners hang on to win this one 34 to 26. the dubs trying to make it a league, best. 18 2 on the season. >> first game of that quick two-game road trip starting at staple center with the clippers and just under a month left before staples center is renamed to the center. let's go right to the 3rd steph curry, steph down the lane behind path behind the back to dream on 50 to 44 warriors. scott. yeah. just jordan poole check this out. he gets his shot. blocked talk and isaiah hartenstein and never even heard of the guy he tosses 22 bench players
8:50 am
talking like starters, i hate it. jordan poole respond 4 straight. 3 pointers, including that one off the back for you have 7 teams check this out to the curb. steph curry gets hit checked the rest while owes his whistle let them know how he feels. all see him get that animated that much. this 45, you want to relive the there's this is the friendly show. anyway, staff responded step back 3 pointer. that was his 3rd 3fin 90 seconds. he finishes with 33 point warriors win one o 5 to 90. they are an nba 18 into a play to 17. it's 3 phoenix on tuesday and then they follow that up on friday with another matchup with wilson. the giants had a pretty productive roster from top to bottom last season. it was definitely a team effort getting to a 107 wins. but it was also clear that their top 2 starters were head and shoulders above the rest of the staff and the lose
8:51 am
one of them. this offseason kevin gausman has signed a five-year 110 million dollar deal with the toronto blue jays got minutes coming off the best season of his career. he had his first pitch all-star selection. he was 14 in 6 2.8 1 punched out 227 batters with the giants. best of luck to him above the border. sharks in chicago taking on the blackhawks second period. feel like is the time for a name change, by the way, for black hole. >> rudolph blazers rifles, one in, but it was hit by timo meier. shark strike. first for the put it on ice here. empty netter myers second goal of the game. they're going to win 2 to nothing. second will take on the new jersey devils on tuesday. >> and that supports getting right back.
8:52 am
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>> can i nominate him or so hey, check this out. a coyote rescued from san francisco bay back in the wild now you want around. you look like a dog with somebody called in. yeah. and i'm sure they thought probably thought when they went to rescued over the weekend. then realized, oh, wait, no, this is a wild animal, but that's fine. they were able to use a rope to help keep the animal's neck about water before they're
8:55 am
able to. >> finally lifted to safety. they say it likely ran to maybe marina green before ending up in the water, which is pretty chilly. so they'd write it off got it warm and then crews, as daria said, were able to release it back into the wild. >> yesterday. and we also have an adorable new animal to show you in the north bay. it's the new baby giraffe at the safari west a reserve. there's a lot of pattern going on here. but we want look right down here that these heads about my height and yeah actually is about your height, james for real. he could be 66 feet. absolutely dazzling with mama there who's got her head over the fence line so great for safari west. but now they need. you're right. all right. the name up with the name a little guy. hey, hey, want. now. that's no good. have a some of the options get 6. troy says you choose just go to their website. you can cast your vote buster. i like jewelry. featuring fee has cook has huge wave on top of it curry. that might get a lot of votes. and then of course at the very end, you've got maddie vino, which they say just a really nice guy must be
8:56 am
somebody who works there that they all like and admire. but anyway, cast your vote and cast your vote and then some day go a little baby draft before was to talk. they should is nis. all right. we're going to take a quick break as we go. let's give you another reminder. we are waiting for the very latest. adc see the. >> electric set up here. the president expected to make comments to the nation about the new variant of covid-19 that's got the world now on alert will bring that to you as it happens. so keep it in the crowd for.
8:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at know. >> happy monday to you. we are waiting for president biden to speak right now live from washington, dc yeah. the new covid variant on kron. that seems to have the world on alert right now is making big headlines. the president again story mentioned going to be addressing the nation about what. >> the u.s. is doing to keep it from spreading too far. >> and white here in the state as soon as it happens. in the meantime, you meyer the ornaments on the mantle. james. yeah, i know you already to the inside of your house festive ready to roll for christmas tree is up. hopefully maybe this week or this coming weekend. you'll be doing the same. getting into the holiday spirit because we need in or out of the box on the table don that was a president's a live shot here in a second. when it comes up. in the meantime. >> here's weather and john, good morning. i remember last
9:00 am
year you had that one lone snow fake flake lake hanging was a curtain rod tucker. i think it was what he calls a little guys, you know. and with that with the hats, with health known not. that's the marching guys that soldier. you know, it was toy soldiers to the crow did not crack or i'm yes, so i had in the crater hanging from its very festive. better this got to catch up with guys still decorated at all. even if it is one lone thing. we are looking at a great day to maybe venture out, do some shopping it's cyber monday. but. >> maybe you can find some deals in the store still today because it's just so nice out there. you look outside of the embarcadero is looking crystal clear. lots of sunshine expected yet again today. and even after a very chilly start to this morning. we will be in store for a comfortable afternoon. feeling a lot like we did this past weekend 50's 60's for some of our current temperatures. a few 40's lingering in areas like dublin, livermore, petaluma, santa rosa nevado. just don't forgetr


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