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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  November 29, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> and thanks for joining us on this monday morning. the last monday of november right. >> yeah. we've got december starting off in the middle of the week. we are in the middle of our morning show. so 07:00am. sure that i'm okay. john was already stretching during the break. i glanced he was with with that that right there. yeah. you got to get limber for cyber haha, i think there's already pretty done with stopping. i know it on the lights on the tree up like you guys. but good for you shopping. that's the biggest all. you've got that done. the right important. now the fun stuff just putting on the
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lights and especially fun with the weather is nice as as it has been and will continue to be nice and clear and dry december first is on wednesday. lot of people shooting for that day to get the lights on the house and hey, if you are, really nice one for it with lots of sunshine and some of our warmest temps of the week. again, that's wednesday. december 1st this morning. certainly not bad. it's clear out there at the embarcadero were cool to start a couple of foggy patches, mostly further inland and skies remaining dry current temperatures are in the 40's to 50's wr amongsour coldest spots right now at 40 degrees. alameda munger warmer areas along with san francisco in the low to mid 50's. currently i'll be talking about what to expect as we round out this month, kicking off december in a few days. all. still ahead, rain john, thank you for that. can't leave the month this fly by so fast tracking your monday morning traffic as you're traveling from the east bay into the city. >> a little under 19 minutes to make that drive heading a law 5, 8, 80's to travel to berkeley and emeryville a
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little under at say 15 minutes to make it from crockett down towards the maze. no hazards as you're heading across towards the peninsula just slower traffic a little under 60 minutes as you're traveling there and a look at the golden gate bridge, about 20 minutes from 37 into the city darya james, back to you. thank you. ran a 7 o on our top story. the reward is growing as police try to find the gunman who shot and killed one of our kron 4 security guards who is a former police officer for many years. his picture, kevin, she to. >> he was shot in oakland last week died over the weekend from his injuries. >> kron four's will tran following the story for us from san jose this morning where she worked as a police officer for a time. well. >> he works for a big chunk of his career for the san jose police department from 2000, one to 2000, 12 and. presumably the flags right behind me have staff for him as they reacted as well as such so many people that the former police chief at the san jose police department. now he's the police chief in
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dallas over the weekend. he spoke about kevin, the shia. here's his picture. he retired officially in 2018, but he loved what he did he loved people. he loved protecting us. so for the last 3 years he was part of security team that protected kron 4 as well as the other bay area news stations when we're out in the field, he leaves behind 2 kids and 3 grandkids. let me show you video of the scene. you talked about it being on wednesday. it was around noon 14th and broadway in downtown oakland. so the sun was out. it was a beautiful day, but it didn't stop. the suspects from pulling up and trying to rob our crew of the equipment kevin nishita was there to protect our crew. he jumped icto action and he was shot multiple times and then the oakland police department, they're they're only about a mile away. so they rushed to the scene saw his injuries. but i'm in the back of a squad car rushed him to highland hospital. we thought he was on the men actually texted him on
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friday just saying hi and letting him know that i'm here for you. unfortunately, his injuries too much that he died on saturday at around 4 o'clock in the morning. and as you mentioned, the search continues. we have a little bit of new information to pass along to you. take a look at your screen. here's the white acura that police officers believe was the getaway cars between 2004 2008 and acura tl with a sunroof as well as no license plate in the front. they believe that the killers fled in this particular car. kevin, the we can do well all we want and how he died. but a lot of people, their dueling on how he lit. yeah, it could. >> and so willing to to do things. i want in and his first day of law enforcement. and boy, if if i can describe it any way be like the energizer bunny.
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>> he certainly was and he was jolly. you don't get to use that word often for people that he was jolly his family asking privacy at this particular time where we don't know any funeral rain, rain events have been made. but the search continues for his killers. and a lot of people have contributed. kron 4 has contributed as well. that reward money now stands at 32,000 $500 for any information to track down whoever took our friend from us. thanks a >> and we have want to share with you the fact that a fund has been set up for the shooter's family donations can be made to the kevin issue to trust that's been set up there at the metropolitan bank in oakland. you can make that donation in person there at the bank or you can send it in through the mail. the information that you need is on your screen. and we also have it on our web site, too. so if you need to access it at a later time today when it's more convenient. look for it. there. and if you can donate to help the family. our friend
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isn't the only one who's died in oakland doing his job. or just minding his own business and it's happened to young and old. and it. >> just got out of control and oakland is trying still trying to get a handle on this violence. they had a violent weekend once again. sounds like a broken record, but another person was shot and killed over the weekend. kron 4. sarah stinson is up in the newsroom right now. >> with the latest on all of this era. >> can you believe this violence just continues even though the stories they stick with us. hopefully they stick with people who are responsible for these types of crimes deterring them from further doing that now oakland police. they're doing what they can. they have several tactical teams are brand-new. there will be starting to help support the patrol officers who are responding to armed caravans illegal sideshows in the various violent crimes that we have seen recently that big uptick. police say these teams are highly skilled in de escalating incidents. the police department has their hands full with
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continued violence and then think all the ongoing investigations. it's hit really close for us at kron. huge us her will's report with our own security guard kevin issued a shot and killed while with our news crew just hours after the police department announced this new tactical team. another deadly shooting happened this time at lake merritt sunday afternoon at 3.30 broad daylight. police say a man was shot and killed while trying to stop someone from breaking into his car on grand avenue. police say the man was taken to hospital where he later died from his injuries. they say the shooter fled from the scene in his own car. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. add this to the list of investigations where police continue to look for the shooter responsible. this is 15 year-old. she married young. just 15 years old. another young life lost meryl was in the car with her uncle on october 6th. unfortunately, a road raid inches incident occurred with another driver and that led to her being shot and killed no arrests have been made in that
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case. and before that a 23 month-old boy jasper wu shot in the car while with his mom and oakland. it was a gang-related gunfight on 8.80, in stray bullets got him killed him. no arrests have been made in this case either. so a lot of investigations where they're still looking for the shooters responsible and there's been 127 homicides in oakland just this year, a number that unfortunately grows by the day, almost certainly by the week. so it's very devastating and we were we hope to hear from local police today about those tactical teams. for now reporting live in the newsroom. sarah stinson, back to you. all right. thank you, sarah. >> well, we've got another sad story to report to violence in the east bay in oakley, a 13 year-old is been arrested now for a carjacking after leading police on a high-speed chase. officers say the car was stolen in oakland and then spotted in antioch early yesterday morning. police were
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told that the teen had guns. so they were extremely cautious. they responded with the boy led them on a chase that ended oakley when he ended up crashing on main street. and that is when officers took him into custody. >> time now 7 and the other big story that we're following this morning as the coronavirus and the growing fear over that new variant from his health africa across some experts think this variant could spread even quicker than the current strain of the virus. so far no cases. >> of this new variant has been detected in the u.s. but doctor anthony fauci says that we should be prepared for the worst. yeah, he is fearing that it's probably here but hasn't been detected yet and so what he wants is everybody to make sure they're they're vaccinated and getting boosted. >> he does think that the vaccines that we have now are providing some amount of protection. >> i don't think there's any possibility that this could completely of aid, any protection by it may diminish bit. but that's the reason why you boost. >> doctor fauci says it's
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going to take about 2 weeks for us to know how this variant reacts to our current vaccines. this train, as we said, was first detected in south africa. but it is already made its way into other countries the u.s. has a new travel restrictions in place for parts of africa today. and then later this morning we're waiting within the hour or so. president biden is expected to talk about the new variant, what the nation is going to do will carry that live in the 8 o'clock hour. so stay tuned. meantime, today there's going to be a community protest against vaccine mandates in the west contra costa unified school district. the mandate requires students 12 to 18 and teachers k through 12 to be vaccinated. the people who are upset about this think the school district should not have full authority to impose a vaccine mandate. they say the district who is granting religious and medical exemptions for staff. but the some of them say they're not doing it for students. the protest is supposed to start at 10 o'clock in front of the district, building enrichment.
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>> we'll take a break here at the kron 00:00am morning news. still ahead though, a bay area. congressman eric swalwell can be joining us live on the kron 4 morning news to talk about the rise of crime that we've seen in east bay and other topics as well. so stay tuned for that. plus, a french bulldogs stolen at gunpoint in oakland. speaking of violence in oakland. we're going to hear from the distressed owner in just a minute. and congress is running out of time to avoid a government shutdown will have very latest from dc and we're looking at a really nice day ahead of us temperatures right back into the upper 60's to low 70's really enjoyable afternoon. will it stay this way. i've got your forecast. >> and after a slow week last week on the road this morning. things are really starting to pick up. we'll have a look at your drive times in your commute wants to get back from break.
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>> 7.14 and normally when we would be showered with cookies since it see tis the amy, our floor director brought in little tiny many pecan pie. he's looking this is great. i am in love. they are wonderfully good. this is a little slice. i took a tiny bite. haha. so yes. thanks for spreading cheer. will be enjoying amy and her wife made it so that you get the props where they props are due. on this wild, john, does the weather forecast here for as
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minutes that become pies kind of hit or miss for me it's actually really yeah. >> but yes, as you guys are much and we'll get to the forecast, which is looking really good to get again. shouldn't be a surprise that this point because this is the way we've gotten settled into lately. some really comfortable afternoons. lots of sunshine. >> but her chilly mornings have continued in right now. we are in the low 40's for a lot of the bay. so just put those extra layers on this morning and then you can take him right off later today as for berkeley hills camera looking beautiful. if you look really close, you can see the skyline of san francisco clear free of any fog this morning. just a modest offshore breeze mostly from the northeast out of those inland valleys. a little bit of fog for the delta as well as up into areas surrounding santa rosa side from this that we really are clear and dry as the jet stream continues its upward trajectory right on the pacific northwest high pressure ridge ensuring that all that moisture stays to our north and we'll continue to not make its way down into the bay. so we will finish
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november on a dry note kick off december also on a very dry know lots of sunshine out there, something that is good for putting up those christmas lights are whatever you may be doing. the shopping. the errands, the next few days. it's not necessarily get his first. the drought is concerned, obviously. so at some point we need to turn the faucet back on. it's not happening anytime soon, though, 60's for your highs in sf 50's and 60's near the coastline and then a range of 60's to 70's across the rest of the bay area really comfortable day ahead. light jacket and t-shirt kind of weather depending on what your threshold is. campbell at 73 degrees today. fremont union city in the low 70's. well, berkeley among our warmer spots at 72 degrees. concord and walnut creek at 66 vacaville fairfield benicia as well. santa rosa, all evenly out of 70 degrees today, tomorrow right around the same as today. wednesday, december. 1st, a lot of people putting up lights on that day. we'll be looking really nice for it with highs actually had our warmest on average. we cool down just a touch. this weekend. but still remaining
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comfortable rain. john, thanks for that started in the south bay. let's check on conditions down there as you're traveling along one o one 85 towards park. >> a little under 33 minutes to 3785 in 82. i don't see any hazards or delays a little under 21 minutes travel into the city. so traffic is picking up to see some cars over the overpass there as you're traveling along 5, 1880, traveling crockett down towards the maze a little under 20 minutes, a little under 16 as you're making your way across towards the peninsula, the of the san mateo bridge. howie for is also starting to slow down a bit. 36 minutes heading from one 60 along to 2.42. let's get a look at 6.80. if you're traveling doubling down to fremont to 62 about 18 minutes for your drive time their target. james, back to you. thanks a lot. 7.17 for your money this morning. your favorite restaurant might be taking delivery off the venue. and moderna says mccrone variant vaccine could be ready. >> in early 2022 jane king is live at the nasdaq with these stories and more. hi, jane.
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>> hi, darya. good morning to. we're also watching twitter today. cnbc is reporting that ceo jack dorsey will step down from that position. and in fact, twitter shares are halted on pending news. so we don't know exactly what that news is. the cdc is reporting that we don't know who a replacement potentially could be a twitter. the shares of twitter are up here this morning. course. he also runs square. the payment processing company. there's been some scrutiny of that running 2 major companies and of course, twitter as coming under a lot of public and regulatory scrutiny which could be stressful as well. so we'll continue to watch that story today. well, it chief medical officer paul burton says that vaccine the vaccine maker could have a reformulated vaccine against kron variant early next year. now it's not clear even if a new formulation is needed or if the current vaccines work moderna ceo said this morning. >> they'll take about 2 weeks before they will know more about that and airlines passengers and businesses scrambled to respond to new
7:19 am
travel restrictions announced over the weekend. airline executives say christmas bookings will be weaker than expected prior to the area and some restaurants struggling with labor shortages and the return of customers to on-site dining are choosing to scale back delivery. now, the wall street journal says that a lot of times orders are all coming in at the same time, there's people in the restaurant, there's apps and websites and phone orders and that they're looking at limiting the deliveries which aren't as profitable because they have to pay the delivery company sometimes up to 30% of the order and shoppers return to stores on black friday. but traffic remained well below pre-pandemic levels. according to sensor matic solutions for the first time ever spending online traditionally on black friday one of the biggest shopping of the year. fell compared to recent years according to adobe live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. daria, i was in your neighborhood on black friday. i was shopping in new on black friday ad and it was >> and really crowded. i was
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very cold. we were out ice skating you should come i don't know how you do when you talk about the the restaurants to i love the you know, areas they have in the street. they're beautiful. but again, it's freezing there. yeah. i like. i there's a deal with propane the case. the propane heat yet. problem right at the propane last winter, ok, so i don't know what they're going think you. it was a joyful being there. but i'm back now and happy >> happy holidays. thanks a lot. j. >> thanks. but 7.20 is that i've mail carriers for the post office. they're actually going to start their rounds a little earlier than usual across the bay area during the holiday season. and this is supposed to help them keep up with the heavy volumes of letters and packages and mail that they're expecting over the next month neighborhood letter carriers. they're going to be out as early as 06:00am still here, the trucks going by and that will be helping their peak season here. the season runs from thanksgiving to new year's day and the usps
7:21 am
expects to deliver. they say about 12 billion letters and cards and packages during that time there could be busy. well in the east bay family. walnut creek is trying to figure out why they've been targeted after their home was vandalized. several times. so we have pictures of the vandalism that happened last monday and tuesday nights. someone threw toilet paper. as you can see, eggs even wrap. the bush is in surround wrapped the homeowners thought was just a prank. but then their homes to the 3rd time and a homophobic slur was written on there front drive. as you can see here. take a listen. >> they rode out. >> some pretty offensive messages using the tp on street side. but there was more tp. there was. >> they took it to next step in the sense that they started throwing in our driveway. >> the family has filed a report with the law. creek police department officers say they are going to be patrolling the neighborhood a little more often.
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>> it's 7.21. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news several violent crimes in san francisco over the weekend. we're going break down what happened.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. now in the east bay antioch police are looking for 4 people who walked into a walgreens on saturday night and looted. the place. this is
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the store on deer valley road, 3 men and one woman went in, they ransacked the cosmetics used hammers to smash the glass cases and then made off with about $2400 worth of products. >> well, san francisco police right now are searching for clues in 3 separate shootings that happened in less than 4 hours. so the first shooting happened just after one 30 sunday morning. it was on friedel street in the bayview neighborhood. this is video captured on the citizens app. detectives say they found a man seen there with a non-life threatening wound and then about 90 minutes later, another shooting a second one. this can tailor again. the citizen app with video of the scene. a man was injured here. no word on the extent of that person's injuries. but we're tracking that and then there was that 3rd shooting that happened about 2 hours later, it was on patrol and cesar chavez in the mission district officers say they found a man at the scene with gunshot wounds. they rushed him to the hospital. but unfortunately he died. detectives haven't
7:26 am
released his name and they don't know yet if these are connected to this point. they don't think they are, but they're still looking into it. no word on if any arrests have been made either. we're looking to get confirmation on that. >> this was the scene saturday night in san francisco in the west portal neighborhood. we got this video from kites, parnas who lives in that neighborhood. we live there for 20 years and he says he's be quiet. but now, as you can see, it certainly was not on saturday night. all cars doing donuts in all of these people gathered to watch dangerously close. as you can see here, running around all the burn rubber could be seeing the next day to this is that you lois street and clairmount boulevard and we did reach out to the san francisco police department. here's the aftermath it left, but they haven't called us back about it. >> we'll take a break. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news barry congressman eric swalwell will be joining us live here on the morning news to talk about the rise that we're seeing in crime when it
7:27 am
comes to the east bay state. we'll be right back.
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and ask your doctor if biktarvy is right for you. >> 7.29, thanks for tuning in to the kron 4 morning news getting started here with a beautiful look at the golden gate bridge. a gorgeous shot there. we've got john in the weather center with more on our outlook today. wanted john, good morning, guys. beautiful, beautiful start. i've got darrius favorite camp pulled up the quite looking next are gorgeous. let's say it won't be based in its lighted actually sunlight
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haha. >> yeah, it's a nice way to start the week for sure. if you're kind of sad that it's back to work. this monday after hopefully what you had was an extended weekend at least mother nature is making it easy to pull yourself out of that and maybe get outside for a little jog before you get yourself going really nice way to kick things off as long as you've got the jacket on because it is chilly out there. a couple of foggy patches mostly up around santa rosa as well as in towards our inland valleys out towards the delta. a couple of patches of fog too skies remain dry. no surprise there. and we're going to stay that way through the start of december here in just a couple of days. current temperatures are in the 40's to 50's w we're cold spot right now at a pretty chilly 40 degrees reyna. john, thanks for that. so we do have a traffic hazard here along eastbound, though. >> west of san pablo dam road. so we're seeing delays on the eastbound side, but also on the westbound side as you're traveling along there and a couple of delays along the richmond sandra fell bridge
7:31 am
will take you a little under 15 minutes as you're heading from richmond across towards sandra fell about 20 minutes drive into the city right now. no hazards or issues just an uptick in traffic last week. the slopes, every was at home headed across towards the peninsula. little under 17 minutes. that's an uptick from the last time we checked in there in the south bay along one o one 85 to menlo park a little under 40 minutes started. james, back to you. let's get to the big story that we're covering this morning, which is the rising violence in the east bay kron 4 security guard was shot and killed in oakland. one of many killings that continue to happen and we talk about one happening just this very weekend. >> joining us here. talk a bit more about the crime we're seeing in the east. bay's barry congressman eric swalwell who represents a good portion of the east bay. congressman swalwell, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> good morning. and i want to express my condolences to the kron. and next, our team for the loss of temper. the
7:32 am
shooter who started his career as a police officer in our district is a hayward, a police officer. and so we mourn we are just terrorism and and we wish his family peace and we hope that his very soon will be just as we talk about what is. >> what is really going on in in oakland, ok, and they've had so many murders and when a news crew is hit. we're there. as you know, to cover the violence to bring attention to the problem because that's how solutions happened. so if we can't be safe doing our jobs and kevin was protecting our crews. then then the problem doesn't go away. but they think it's no coverage. and then you get your solution to this. is this is it a horrible cycle that won't stop. >> hear ye. yes, oakland and needs more police officers. they are are currently under a policed right now. fortunately, what we've done on the federal side through
7:33 am
the american rescue plan through the infrastructure bill. and also called build back better. we're funding additional community police officers across the country. i hope, you know, communities like oakland take us up on no deploying those officers we've seen the benefits across the country. when you have a more officers spent our community oriented. all right. and just responding to services. you also need more patrol officers as well. but having more cops officers people go a long way to making the streets safe. >> what else can do, though, because this is in this case it's a crime motivated camera. i mean, which is robbery. they want to take stuff. steal stuff. sell stuff. i mean, what else can you do to get to crimes that are motivated by somebody wanting money. >> well, that's right. and it's also we've seen no increase in juvenile crimes making sure that our kids are in school is critically important and you know,
7:34 am
schools in the neighborhoods are the ones that have to see us resources when it comes to, you know, distance learning. and if you can't connect to broadband, you know, to get the curriculum that you need. you're going to be out. you know, forward and sometimes up to no good. and we've seen that. and so, you know, really devoting resources to the places that need it the most. you know, our faith-based community our community, boys and girls clubs. they also can go a long way. to making sure that the most at risk youth. i like in our district. we have to reached center which seats in san lorenzo to try and let you know, in into better choices. so it's not a single but right now a crime is on the rise. people are rightfully terrorize and we all need to do better. >> i wonder, too, about the guns because you think, okay, if they wanted the camera or if going brobst a kind of situations and they're armed that upset a level because
7:35 am
then somebody could pay the price with their life because they wanted some kind of material saying. so what about the gun angle on this and maybe doing something about that with that help. >> and we're a country with nearly unrestricted weaponry and california has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. however, when you border arizona, where we know and just turning. nancy o'malley recently put study out showing that a large amount guns and the alameda county area came that are used in crimes came from arizona and nevada. so you're only as safe the states around us. that's why having national background checks are important. i support having a ban on assault rifles. but again, it's not just gun violence measures that investing in communities and i saw oakland prosecutor too often as you went through streets. you hear the screeching sound of police cars and police sirens. you see the lap of schools. and you saw that there was just a
7:36 am
a deficit of hope. and so that's not a single solution. that's investing in communities believe in people and of course, having a more police to attack the crime. >> i see got a couple minutes left with you. we want to respect your time. but while we have you can ask you quickly about a couple of other issues, too, that are on the horizon. we have an impending government shutdown as of friday. i know lawmakers are getting back to work today. what's the likelihood we're going to be able to find a deal before then. what do you are we should we brace for a shutdown. >> we cannot shut down and that that would just be intolerable for federal workers who are already, you know, the effects of the pandemic and hoping that we can see costs. you know, come across the country because of supply shortages in america. we can't shut the federal government down. democrats will offer up a budget that extends funding a republican should take that deal the
7:37 am
worst time shut down the government for anyone to force a be during a hanukkah and christmas holidays coming up. so i'm confident that we'll find a way to do that and then hopefully the senate passed the build back better agenda that extends benefits that lower costs for health for child care for education and really will address some of the rising costs are seeing across the country. a say we can't afford to shut down. what about a lockdown. >> i mean, that's yeah. i i guess maybe a possibility, depending on what happens with this new coronavirus variant. >> come to government. there's things we can control and things that we cannot control and we can't control we're vaccinated, whether we're boosted when we get our kids, if eligible vaccinated and whether we take precautions like masking and that all will go a long way to stopping more and more mutations of the virus and so only 59% and our country right now. that's about the middle of the pack for countries around our side. so we really need to step it
7:38 am
up. it's not a political statement. whether you're vaccinated or it's a statement about your health and what you think of the people around you. let's celebrate the holidays. get vaccinated. and you know, your family will miss you if you're got so it's not worth making a political statement to not get please do that. that's what we can control okay. thank you so much congress yeah. we appreciate your time this morning. thank you so much. and good luck this week. >> as you try, you got to get these things passed. we don't have a shutdown will say have a shutdown will say later. [ding dong] what are you doing? what? just reminding him i serve my breakfast sandwiches all day and all night. ...with freshly cracked eggs! try my 2 for $6 double bacon breakfast sandwiches.
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my 2 for $6 double bacon breakfast sandwiches have freshly cracked fried eggs
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with bacon crumbles cooked right in. and you can get them all day. and night. and day. and night. only at jack in the box. >> 7.40, is the time of the east bay oakland police are looking for the thieves who stole a french bulldog at gunpoint. it happened friday night. the dog's owner had a friend walking the dog they merlin near valdez and 24 street. when 2 men came up to her pointed a gun demanded she hand over the dog which she did. and then they took off with the dog in a car. the french bulldogs, as you probably know, the very popular targets for thieves now because they can be sold at high price and the dog's owner says the last few days have been very emotional. >> it's hard. i can't even. understand why someone would want to do this. i mean, even coming home not running to the door to greet me. or hearing
7:42 am
him run around in the background really should be should. he should. he should have with this change. right now. it's very sad for her. and she's, you know, begging anybody us information and offering a reward. >> for anybody who has information to come forward and to tell you a little bit more about the dog in case you see him get a really good look here. but it's not just any bulldog. there are some spots, including a large spot on one of his shoulders, his left shoulder and then he has a white belly and await chest. so these are things that could distinguish him from another dog. if you think that someone is walking his dog and or london. go ahead and. >> go ahead and try to contact the owner, get the reward and bring back the body somebody to be right back.
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>> crews trying help me buy a christmas tree. yes, i jewish. but number 2, because i have never had a fake one, right. and we decided allergies james not recommended and i like it, but i'm going to do. i get flocking are now flocking because it's already fake. it doesn't snow here who like hitting. exactly. it's just a decoration gets everywhere. you don't that. well, doesn't i mean lot and then use a regular pot or does it have to look seasonal like it can't be real potted at santa's. got to be something not back away. easily. there's so many things to consider. if you were here
7:46 am
last week. yes, john conclude you into the once. >> the christmas tree found in the live tree and a light freeze the grocery think they're still in the dirt. but it's line is really allergic yeah. really alert all around. i'll go out all figure this out is cyber monday. everything on sale. >> and then maybe i'll take a picture and we'll see what i arrived at. i'm curious to see how this is going to go. will all share trees with each going to get the plastic and briefly, i already decided first it came out of laziness, not have any because last year i was like i like it with ornaments because i'm lazy. and this year now, i said i like just so i'm not having justify that you've gone full circle yeah. i just like the lights. so there you go. that's what as long as you've got the lights any normal tree with lights ornaments. that's my christmas tree. that's just a are looking at a really nice day to buy that christmas tree to maybe put some lights on your house, too, as we are seeing conditions out there really dry, really mild.
7:47 am
>> obviously nice and sunny, too, as you can see from your berkeley hills count. pretty modest inland. wind pushing out towards the coast this morning and skies are really going to remain clear through the day as the jet stream continues to send any chance of rain or snow for that matter. well to the north. so we're going to be seeing sunshine today sunshine tomorrow. on into december. first on wednesday and really on into the weekend to not a whole lot of changes to know today. it's right back to the 60's and even low 70's. just a couple of 50's near the coastline. as for temperatures right along the bay shore. some of our warmest. we've got san carlos in mountain view right at 70 degrees. warm spot today is campbell at 73 degrees, not far behind that. some spots on the east bay shoreline like berkeley at 72 degrees. 60's for most of our inland valleys, fairfield and vacaville. you will get up to 70, though, and so will santa rosa and the mill valley even going beyond that up to 71 now tomorrow, just like today. wednesday, if you're putting on the lights on your house. on the first day of december
7:48 am
is going to be a beautiful day for it with sunshine. some of her most mild of conditions. we can cools down just a touch but not a huge change. certainly still remaining dry reyna john, thank you for that. all right. we have a couple issues in the south bay. so let's start there. this report of a fire southbound one. oh, one just north of taylor. so i am seeing some delays along one o one. there. >> and even further down as you're traveling a long-lost goggles northbound 17 south of los gatos saratoga road. we do have an accident. we are seeing delays all the way down into the lexington hills area traveling from the east bay into the city. a little under 21 minutes for your drive time. there is starting to pick up a law 5, 8080 as you're traveling to berkeley and emeryville as well heading across towards the peninsula now at a little under 18 minutes. so we are seeing an uptick in traffic here in san pablo 80 eastbound west of san pablo dam. road. you have a traffic hazard. but you also just have delays along 80 as you're traveling there. and we're slowing just a little bit along the richmond sandra fell bridge. all right, james, back to you. thanks, ray.
7:49 am
>> let's turn our attention to bury sports. now we've got 2 teams to celebrate first off, the forty-niners. they're on a three-game winning streak now. and then of course, is the sure celebrate their domination of the clippers kron 4 sports director jason dumas says the highlights. >> 2 teams identical records fighting for one of the final nfc playoff spots. yeah. i know there's still a lot of football to be played blah, blah, blah. but you get the sense that the niners and the vikings, they'll be battling it out till the end. kyle shanahan looking to make it a season-high 3 game win streak said issue. here we it's hard. not that high 3rd quarter. >> forty-niners up by 7 allied to mitchell. he was the workhorse. the niners need it all day long. 27 carry the 133 yards and that touchdown later on. look at this kickoff. vikings can name of ron will. we like to call this a house call. and no one picked up at
7:50 am
levi stadium a 5 point game. can't let that 4th quarter now down 2 minute warning robbie gold looking to ice this one. but. right. you will see that very often for robbie kyle shanahan and company. they can't believe it under a minute to go luckily forty-niners kirk cousins. in the custom doing things like that. overthrows justin jefferson who was open that'll do it forty-niners hang on to win this one 34 to 26. the dubs trying to make it a league, best. 18 2 on the season. >> first game of that quick two-game road trip starting at staple center with the clippers and just under a month left before staples center is renamed to the center. let's go right to the 3rd steph curry, steph down the lane behind path behind the back to dream on 50 to 44
7:51 am
warriors. scott. yeah. just jordan poole check this out. he gets his shot. block talk and isaiah hartenstein and never even heard of the guy he talks 22 bench players talking like starters, i hate it. jordan poole respond 4 straight. 3 pointers, including that one off the back for you have 7 teams check this out to the curb. steph curry gets hit checked the rest while owes his whistle let them know how he feels. all see him get that animated that much. this 45, you want to relive the there's this is the friendly show. anyway, staff responded step back 3 pointer. that was his 3rd 3 in 90 seconds. he finishes with 33 points warriors win one o 5 to 90. they are an nba 18 into a play to 17. it's 3 phoenix on tuesday and then they follow that up on friday with another matchup with wilson. the giants had a pretty productive roster from top to bottom last
7:52 am
season. it was definitely a team effort getting to a 107 wins. but it was also clear that their top 2 starters were head and shoulders above the rest of the staff and the lose one of them. this offseason kevin gausman has signed a five-year 110 million dollar deal with the toronto blue jays got minutes coming off the best season of his career. he had his first pitch all-star selection. he was 14 in 6 2.8 1 punched out 227 batters with the giants. best of luck to him above the border. sharks in chicago taking on the blackhawks second period. feel like is the time for a name change, by the way, for black hole. >> rudolph blazers rifles, one in, but it was hit by timo meier. shark strike. first for the put it on ice here. empty netter myers second goal of the game. they're going to win 2 to nothing. second will take on the new jersey devils on tuesday.
7:53 am
>> and that was sports director jason dumas for us. we'll root on the forty-niners are going to be up in seattle facing the seahawks next i'm going pay more attention. the worriers. has. we learn about covid-19,
7:54 am
7:55 am
the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. >> some 55 right now. and the white house is celebrating the start. the jewish holiday
7:56 am
hanukkah. >> with a menorah. they are. yeah. we had vice president kamala harris and second gentleman, doug emhoff lighting a menorah last your mike's not working taking over kuz hanukkah is my specialty. and yet although my menorah is not a traditional one day. have a nice traditional, an already here. >> in case you're wondering, kids. it's 8 crazy nights, but you say, well, why are there are 9 candles. because one of your life with the one in the so just say that and also president biden sent a happy hanukkah wish to everybody. celebrating hanukkah in the united states. and of course, we're also going to be celebrating christmas soon and tree lighting ceremonies are ramping up this is one in san francisco that begins at 6 o'clock. i think this is from last year that we're showing it is. yeah, but it will probably be. is fun. colorful and i'm now thinking i want to do a rainbow christmas team or july really like that but obviously they're going to be doing the live tonight. so we're looking forward to that mayor london breed expected to be on hand city police chief scott. >> making some remarks they don't put any know. those are
7:57 am
big. they do have more on this on anyway on the fan of ordinance. that's because i'm lazy and it's clean and efficient and that's what i'm doing to make out. >> all right. coming up on the kron 4 morning news in the next hour. we have to talk about upticking crime that we've seen in oakland officers say they're stretched thin how department plans to get more officers support when they respond to these different incidents. so we'll take a closer look. and of course the bay area is remembering the life of prom for security guard kevin nishita, his impact on the community and the latest on the investigation in his murder will be right ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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♪ >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news >> all right. we'll show thanksgiving. i'm just going to gone. i'm trying because now i've got a christmas to from johns boyfriend's family out which you just keep feeding us. and we're happy it's so. >> but just like chavez upstate well, he's cut back because jim week you said for you and rain at this gym week. this is the now that the leftovers or because reading the now it's back to the okay for a couple of days. and i know i'm the worst. i looked like the least to molly either weekend for christmas to really buckle down, get to the


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