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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  November 29, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. all right. we we we are changing lives. one morning news mine to start. yes, james has changed my amy's life. john, you may want to consider this. >> it's the whole fake versus real tree situation victory bandwagon here. and now i realize i'm allergic to the outdoors in many ways. why do i want it inside all them jewish holiday you know,
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there's a lot of things working for me. but you may want to consider you try experiment one year. i get fake flowers. what's the big deal, right? all right. so anyway, think about that as we move through the week when you might be getting your house holiday my we're going to say the same thing. holiday to holiday it's a thing. yeah. that's it. that's proper grammar. holidayed. yes, so and as far as that goes, you're going to spray on. i do sometimes the fake snow. i'll do that. but sure because there's no real snow coming. yeah. but the fix those hope you got what i've never heard of this actually yeah. can it looks like a spray can spray it on your tree. you know, you put it, why put it around the windows. sure. so it looks like this like i'm in a little cabin where you get your tree pre flocked, which is where they just yeah. coated in this white stuff. okay. has changed my life. tonight. okay. there we go. i think it's a of but hey, good day for the lights.
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good day for picking out that tree. maybe you're going to stick with the real one. i think the plastics once was just fine. so. >> you can run and get that one to either way. just get out there and enjoy what's going to be another dry day and another day with some 60's and 70's. a view outside right now at the transamerica pyramid fog, free. nice start to the morning. modest breeze out of the north and east and a little bit of fog in patches for areas around santa rosa as well as out into the central valley and even the delta otherwise we remain dry just as we for so long now current temperatures are in the 40's and 50's not seeing any 30's on the map. although dublin, you're getting very close at 40 degrees right now. bundle up this morning. you've got another nice afternoon to look for too reyna. >> the for that. all right. and we do have some accidents out there to tell you about. this 1, 8, 80 northbound south of road in oakland. so we're keeping a close eye on this as you're traveling through that area and the south bay about 32 minutes traveling from 85 towards menlo park. no major delays along 85 or 82. if
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you're traveling crockett down towards the maze. it'll take you a little under 17 minutes heading into the city right now. little under 12. you can see we just turn the meteor lights on and we'll leave you with a look at the san mateo bridge a little under 14 darya james, back to you. thanks a lot or a 6. '02, right now. and our top story. that's how we're morning here at kron 4, we lost a beloved security guard who was a police officer for years and then ended up guarding our crews that are out there trying to do their jobs and he died doing it kevin nishita shot in oakland last week. died over the weekend. unfortunately from his injuries and he has already mentioned did provide security for a lot of our crews out in the field here, kron and other stations as well. kron four's will tran actually. >> has worked with him in the past. he's here in san jose with more on some of the memorials and the investigation and all things involved with this will the morning. >> here's what you need to know that the investigation
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continues. they have not tracked down his killers. i'll tell you all about that in just a few moments. but we're here in front of the san jose police department despite him being shot in oakland's because at one point a big portion of his career. he spent it right here at the san jose police department. i presume the flags are at half-staff because of him. he was here from 2000. one to 2012. he bounced around after that he went to call money, went to hayward pd where he eventually retired actually from the coma pd in 2018 but he love law enforcement. he loved protecting people and that is why he went into security to protect us out in the field. let me show you video of what went down. this was on wednesday at around noon the day before thanksgiving. our crews are in downtown oakland on 14th and oakland working on a story when a couple of suspects jumped out of the car, tried to rob our crew of equipment. kevin was there. kevin, the
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shooter. he jumped into action. and unfortunately he was shot twice. we understand that he was pretty bad where the oakland police officers. they came to the scene. they saw. they recognize that he was one of them. they put him in the back of a a squad car and rushed him to highland hospital where he underwent surgery and james it rocked the media in the bay area on saturday because we all thought he was on them. and i found out on saturday morning that he had died. i couldn't believe it because i actually texted him on friday saying if you need anything, i'm there for you. now i know why he did not respond. here's video or picture, i should say, provided to us by the oakland police department of what they believe is the getaway car. it's a 2004, 2, 2008 acura tl with that. no license plate in the front. there's a sunroof as well. hopefully you will recognize it and let investigators know, by the way, guys oakland was actually where he started his career
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with the oakland housing authority decades ago. this is how much he was beloved. they still remember him. >> just so energetic and and so willing to to do things. i want in and his first day of law enforcement. and boy, if if i can describe it any way be like the energizer bunny. >> can i describe him? he was jolly. you don't call people jolly off and he was a very jolly man. always had a smile on his face. he leaves behind 2 kids, 3 grand kids and a wife. they obviously want their privacy as well to the point where we don't know any funeral arrangements at this time. a lot of people have pitched in, including the oakland police department. there is a $32,500 reward for any information that can help the investigators tracked down. kevin, this killers. >> i think we'll win. you'll use that word jolly a person
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is jolly like him, right when they love what they do. they're not doing it for money. they're doing it because they love it because they want to protect you will right and you're out there doing your job because you want to protect the community. >> i mean, if we can't be safe doing these stories. we can help bring attention to what needs to be fixed in the community to save people from the very crimes were trying to cover. >> it goes to show how much she are we meant to him because he easily could have let the robbery go down. this is me. speculating but knowing kevin for the limited time that i did know and we hit he we hit it off right away. good friends. we texted each other from time to time share the fact that he jumped into action because he saw our crews in danger that speaks volumes about this man's bravery absolutely. and this is one time. where will you know what? >> like when you talk to a family after a terrible thing happens. you're allowed to
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speak. you're allowed to give your opinion because you have been affected by this. let's not talk to you as a reporter, you know. but as a as a kron 4 family member who's lost somebody that meant a lot to us. and i know that you probably want, you know, the killer to be caught and also to just safe. stop. how about draw the line? haven't don't kill people. it. they want a camera. i mean, this has been happening for years. where were you guys in the field are a target because they want a camera and they're willing to kill somebody to get one. >> it's a dangerous job. i mean, we're used to getting yelled out. we used to verbal assaults were used to people calling us fake news. but at this stage now, especially in the bay area. you leave your house being on the field. you don't know if you will return. we've been stressing that to our boss is we've been it's the other crews also use the same agency because it's a whole new day in bay area coverage. and we've were
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fearful of the state. and unfortunately it has come. and like i said, i literally tech alum save. i'm going to say that text, you life, but i did text him on friday saying, hey, if there's anything you need. i mean, i figured that he was medicated, but maybe even to the point where he could respond and unfortunately when i found out on saturday at around 7 in the morning that i know why he never responded and know we were all we were all surprised because we thought he was going to recover animals. >> it's a tragedy. thank you so much. well, for your perspective this morning on this end and also what crime is doing is we've got a fun because want to help kens family. >> so donations to his if you would like be made to the kevin issued a trust. it's been set up at the metropolitan bank in oakland donations can be made in person or you can send it via mail information is on your screen there. but don't where we also have it on our website at kron 4 dot coms. you can look it up at a later time. if that's more convenient for you. but please help out his family and donate if you can. i. >> and sorry if you think i'm
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on a line for getting so worked up about it. you know, when you think about and i don't know what and more and more danger. it seems every and that's i don't know what the number is. it's a 15070 i know she's covering oakland crime. yeah, this has got to stop. and they're hearing that from not just us but from community members. the local everyone who's lost. someone is saying the same thing. yeah. in fact, over the weekend we did have another. >> killing in oakland. and as daria said, sarah has been following that part of the story for us, too. and some the other crimes we've seen. >> leading up to this point. and sara, we have to be able to cover these crimes because if nobody covers it and nobody cares. that's why we're out there. >> exactly. and it is so devastating that it just continues to happen. and even when we do tell stories about a 23 month-old in a 15 year-old and then of course one of our own. it still continues to happen. oakland police, of course, with their hands full. they are now announcing they have several tactical team supporting
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patrol officers who are responding to these types of the violent crimes that we have seen continued to happen across the bay area. police say these teams are highly skilled in de escalating incidents. the police department has their hands full. as i said with this continued violence and then think about all the ongoing investigations that they have. and as we're just talking about, it's hit extremely close to home here at kron with our own security guard. kevin nishita shot and killed while with our own news crew. so hitting that close to home. and then just hours later, the police department announcing this new tactical team and then another deadly shooting shooting happening. this time at lake merritt sunday afternoon, broad daylight 3.30, police say a man was shot and killed while trying to stop someone from breaking into his car on grand avenue. another big problem, car break-ins. police say the man was taken to hospital. but but but died later from his injuries. they say the shooter fled from the scene in his own car. a $10,000 reward is being
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offered for information leading to an arrest added to the list of investigations where police continue to look for the shooter responsible and these violent crimes are affecting young lives. look, this is 15 year-old new shoes are shameria. she was in the car with her uncle on october 6th when he her uncle got into a road rage incident with another driver that led to her being shot and killed. no arrests have been made. and before that. as i was saying, 23 month-old jasper. wu was shot in the car with his mom in oakland by a gang-related gunfight on 8.80, no arrests have been made in that case either. now as ari was saying, how many people have been killed by gun violence. 127 in oakland just this year. and as ari was saying, it has got to stop because it is horrible to see especially young lives innocent people and their shot and killed all in oakland. so hopefully the can get this under control. get this
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violence to calm down. james darya. alh right. thank you so much sara. alright, 6.12 is the time. and we've got another story in the east bay of violence in oakley, a 13 year-old. >> was arrested for carjacking after leading police on a high-speed chase. the police say the car was actually stolen in oakland and then spotted in adding this was early yesterday morning. police were told that the teen had guns on him. and so they responded with force the boy led them on a chase that ended in oakley. the boy ultimately crashed on main street and was taken into custody and he'll be facing a trial now for that carjacking. >> 6.13. now let's switch gears because another big story that we're following as a coronavirus, you've probably heard there's that new variant kron. it started in south africa. but it could be here in the u.s. already. it's just we don't test enough to know. and the big worry is that it could spread quicker and it may even be more resistant to vaccines. so far no new cases of the variant has been
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detected in the u.s.. but that doesn't mean it's not here. >> doctor anthony fauci says we should be prepared for the worst. and he says how we need to prepare is. well, they have the travel ban to kind of put a pause on things and catch up and get more people vaccinated. and fauci says especially get boosted. i don't think there's any possibility that this could completely of aid, any protection by it may diminish bit. but that's the reason why you both. why you boosie says this is why you need to boost now he says it's going to take about 2 weeks to know how the variant is reacting to the current vaccines that we have protecting us this strain of virus, though, has already spread to other countries and they too have started various restrictions to parts of africa and you know, and and not letting other visitors common cross and everything else because they're trying to figure this out as quickly as they can. in fact, president biden is going to address the
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nation about the variant this morning. so make sure that you keep the tv on. if you're around the house. i know it's only 6.14, but it's i'm going to happen sometime in the 8 o'clock hour is going to be important to know how the nation is going to react to this. we will bring that to you. no doubt about that. 6.15. is the time. we'll take a quick break. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news one bay area community now plans to protest one of the vaccine mandates for school children will tell you why they say. >> the school district shouldn't be enforcing that mandate. meanwhile, the french bulldog is stolen at gunpoint in the east bay. we'll tell you what police know so far in their investigation of that. and after the break, congress also running out of time to avoid a government shutdown will tell you what
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>> 6.17 is the time right now. and we're talking about the weather. yes, and the first week of december which some people some people wait until it's at least december to put up their >> they don't know i like the war lights. the better and stuff like that. i love only saw one my drive-in, they they had it all done up. wow. yes. i liked everything outside was you can go outside yet. no. okay. yeah. i'm really. >> resistant to putting lights up on the front of the really just not big on getting up on ladders and. i saw yesterday this weekend, the neighbors are all putting their lights. yeah, i i love it. i love when other people do it because i get to look at are doing it. you got at like one little the
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lights out obligation that the kind of sad. you don't want to be that one house, the plaque that says. >> gotcha like around the door. you're good. but yeah, a lot of lights out there it's a little extra cheer this time of year even though mother nature is certainly not making things gloomy by any means. we're keeping it, sunny, we're keeping it dry and actually pretty comfortable during our afternoon hours. looking out there this morning. we do have clear skies across the bay. love this berkeley hills view. it's a good gauge on what it's looking like across the broader bay area. as you can see. >> orange is holding on to clear conditions we do have a modest offshore breeze. most president down out the coast around half moon bay. most of us not really going to be looking at much of a wind this morning. little bit of patchy fog for the delta as well as around santa rosa aside from this, though. we're just keeping the dry and clear weather around any sort of rainfall continues to be sent to our north as this high pressure ridge continues to shoot the jet stream as well as in the atmospheric rivers
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out of our region and up into western canada and the pacific northwest. so we're looking at clear skies yet again tomorrow. the last day of november going to be keeping those clear skies around as will also be the case in your first few days of december on into wednesday, thursday and friday still in the 70's still really sunny and comfortable 60's for san francisco today. a couple of 50's near the coastline and a fair share of 70's on the map and that includes spots on the peninsula like san carlos woodside mountain view warmest spot in the bay today that goes to campbell at 73 degrees not far behind in a few other areas like berkeley at 72 for your high danville a cool 65 degrees a comfortable 68 and santa rosa as well as mill valley. also in the low 70's tomorrow and remaining the same as will be thursday or second day of december. we cool down just a touch into the weekend but remain dry and remain pretty sunny on through the rest of this forecast.
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thanks for right. so we've been following this accident along 8.80. >> northbound just south of road here in oakland. so keeping a close eye on that. and those delays that were seen in connection with that accident. >> a little under 17 minutes of traffic is starting to pick up here along the bay bridge. >> as you're heading from the east bay into the city, traveling from crockett down towards the maze a little under 20 minutes for your drive. the air heading across towards the peninsula. little under 14 minutes via the san mateo bridge. we also have a traffic hazard out here. this is in san mateo county eastbound 92 just east of 35 here. looks like it was a a wrong-way driver they had to shut down all the lanes in this area. so we are keeping a close eye on that. we'll have look at your traffic. coming up, a dorian james, back to you. thank you very. >> so happening today in congress, lawmakers are going to return to work and their top priority will be to avoid a government shutdown. congress passed a short team, a short term funding bill back in october. that expires on friday. and if the government
6:22 am
shutdown happens, the hundreds of thousands of federal workers could face furloughs. but essential workers like tsa and other federal law enforcement. they will be forced to work. but they won't be getting a paycheck. the last government shutdown was back in 20 19. and in that case it lasted 35 days. let's hope it doesn't get to that point. time. now 6.21 and jury selection starts today in the trial of actor jussie smollet. he's accused. >> of staging a hate crime when he reported that 2 masked men attacked him in downtown chicago in january of 2019. >> his story drew skepticism with detectives who couldn't find any surveillance video of the attack. >> and then turned out they charged him with lying to the police and setting the whole thing up key witnesses in this trial are a pair of brothers who say that jussie paid them to stage the attack. it's 6.22. and still ahead, a home in walnut creek targeted by vandals multiple times. at first they thought it was a prank. but now they think they're being targeted because
6:23 am
they found a homophobic slur on the front.
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and let's take a peek at the conditions at boreal. this is and we have a look and and they need some more snow. yes. now, will they reportedly opened over the weekend. thanks to help from snowmaking machines. i know they've been running them as fast as much as they could. i leaving up to the weekend.
6:26 am
>> but this year, obviously still in desperate need of fresh snow from mother nature garage else to explains. >> it's a timeless tradition. that continues. left or without mother nature going to come in and but it's here. hundreds of skiers and snowboarders took advantage of the opportunity to stretch the floor. >> the snow is not as hard as i thought it would be. >> and this isn't the real stuff. a lot of resorts like boreal starting making manmade snow, especially earlier this week at the temperatures were favorable you rather have something than anything is better than nothing. >> oreo whose work hard work, making this winter wonderland come to life again. >> the resort opened a few weeks ago after the historic bomb cyclones but were forced to close due to warm temperatures. with the portion
6:27 am
of them out in open. you know, it's fake it's pretty nice, you know, to get some practices. people of all ages soaked in the fun in no masks, no social distancing everything starting to feel normal again. and the next step it snowballs into good time paul year just pray for snow. >> i was praying for snow in new york. i mean, it was cold enough. it's going to be that cold snow. yeah. here it was pretty chilly overnight. but yeah say no said in any we'll keep it will keep you posted we will coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news. we have that new covid variant that we've been talking about the u.s. on high alert. as a result. we'll tell you why. >> they say people should plan for the worst in the weeks ahead. stay tuned. we'll be ahead. stay tuned. we'll be right back.
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>> 6.30 is the time right now. and we're taking a look here at san francisco with the be more like maybe there will be more because wednesday's big light day. really liked ceremonies and stuff first of december as we're rounding into the last month of 20. >> 21. >> it was a better year twenty-twenty. i'll get that little slightly more slight. it's hard to get worse join 29 out. so it was the to 2022. i got feel it. all right. let's see what the weather holds up for us as we look forward to december john, what he says and yet, you know what, it's
6:31 am
at least holding up as far as weather goes. if you need to be doing some staff outside the to be doing some travels. >> i know a lot of people going to be stirring up those lights, as we've mentioned, we are looking at good weather for especially come wednesday, which is actually the warmest of the forecast for your first day of december looking outside. right now. nice. bright glow over the horizon. you can see in the east bay hills there in the distance. we are seeing some spots of inland fog this morning. but most of us are free of it. and looking at those same clear skies. you saw just a second ago we remain dry, as i've told you already 40's 50's for current temps dublin. you are our coldest spot right now, right at 40 degrees. no one in the 30's at least on this map. but it is cold bundle up ahead of a really comfortable afternoon. right now. john, thanks for that. do have a couple issues. we've been following along 80 here in oakland so that's 8.80 northbound south of hagan berger wrote. >> so we are starting to see some delays as you're traveling along there maybe take 5.80 has a good alternate our international if you're trying to get around that
6:32 am
delay traveling into the city, though. now up to about 19 minutes for your drive time. so senior uptick in traffic today. more people back to work. it was quiet all last week, not the case today heading across towards the peninsula. no major issues. a little under 14 in the south bay along one o one 31 minutes towards apart from 85 to not seen any hazards or delays darya james, back to you. thank you ray. 6.32 is the time right now. the world health organization is warning us of the new coronavirus variant called. a crime. that's first started spreading in south africa. >> because of that only us citizens now are able to fly to the u.s. from 8 nations in south africa that starts today. so while we're doing a flight ban to try to get ahead of it. >> the cdc is trying to figure out are there any cases in the they think there are. but they have not yet been detected. and we've got an a working now with the very latest from dc. >> good morning. the white
6:33 am
house says president biden is monitoring this new strain very closely and talking to top us health officials who say they are considering all precautions but also saying a lot is still unknown. >> president joe biden returned to the white house on sunday to meet in person with members of his covid-19 response team and chief medical advisor doctor anthony fauci about the new covid-19 on the kron variant. we just really need to. >> as i've said it so often prepare for the worst. doctor fauci said on abc's this week that the new strain has not been detected by health officials in the u.s. but as we all know, when you have a virus that has already gone to multiple countries. inevitably it will be here. doctor fauci says it will take approximately 2 more weeks to know if the variant is resistant to the current covid-19 vaccines. i don't think there's any possibility that this could completely of aid, any protection by it may diminish bit. but that's the
6:34 am
reason why you boost director of the national institutes of health. doctor francis collins said on fox news sunday that there is concern because the new variant has a record number of mutations like 50 of them and more than 30 of those in the spike protein, which is the part of the virus that attaches to your human cells. if you get infected that is new record in terms of the number of mutations it does make you worry. still colin says he is encouraged that the vaccine has proved to be effective against other variants of the virus given that history. we expect that most likely the current vaccines will be sufficient to provide protection and especially the boosters will get that additional layer of protection. the president is scheduled to update americans on the new variant and the administration's response just before noon today from the white house. now in washington. wiernicki, back to you. >> and 6.34 and happening today. community members plan to protest against vaccine mandates from the west contra
6:35 am
costa unified school district. that mandate require students 12 to 18 as well as teachers k through 12 to be vaccinated. the protesters say the district doesn't have the authority to make them get vaccinated and they claim the district is granting religious and medical exemptions for staff but not for students. the protest starts at 10 o'clock in front of the school district building in richmond. happening now, the east bay antioch police are looking for people who looted a walgreens on saturday night. >> the stories on deer valley road 0 ing in on the area here on this map. they say that 3 men and one woman went in and they ransacked the cosmetics hammers and smashed the glass cases and then they made off with about $2400 worth of products. >> san francisco police right now are searching for clues in 3 separate shootings that happened in less than 4 hours. the first shooting happened just after one 30 sunday morning. it was on friedel street in the bayview neighborhood. you're looking at video from the scene courtesy of the citizens app.
6:36 am
detectives say they found a man at the scene with non-life-threatening injuries. they took him to the hospital meanwhile, the second shooting happened. 90 minutes later this was on turkey taylor again, video from the citizens app showing what it looked like when police got there, they say a man was injured in this shooting. no word on the extent of those injuries. we also have the 3rd shooting happening 2 hours later on potrero and cesar chavez in the mission district. police say they found a man shot at the scene. medics rushed him to the hospital. but unfortunately he later died. detectives haven't released his name. police say none of the shootings appear to be connected, at least not on the surface. they're still looking into it. no word if any arrests have been made. but we'll let you know if they do. >> this was the scene saturday night in san francisco in the west portal neighborhood. and you can see that actually got this video from kious parnas and he says he's lived in this
6:37 am
neighborhood for 20 years, you should be quiet clearly now it's not anymore with his big sideshow. couple 100 people where they're very dangerously close. this is that you lois treatment clermont boulevard and we reach out to the sfpd about it because it seems like they did nothing and look at tire marks left. but we haven't heard back from the police about it. a chp officer is recovering after his patrol car was hit at the bay bridge toll plaza. the officer was responding to a call of a driver who was uncooperative with a tow truck and at some point the driver took off in the wrong direction and then back towards oakland on 5.80 and the driver then turned back around and rammed into the officer's car and then tried to hit another cop car before crashing into a 3rd vehicle. the driver. is going to be taken into custody bute not yet because right now the driver is in hospital. >> happening right now. oakland police ere looking for thieves who stole a french bulldog at gunpoint. it
6:38 am
happened friday night. and this morning we have a message from the dog's owner kron four's taylor sacking has the story. >> really should be should. he should. he should have the i would just change right now. >> hannah nelson is on the verge of tears talking about her nearly 2 year-old frenchie merlin who she says was stolen at gunpoint on friday. nelson says she was visiting friends in atlanta for thanksgiving when she got a call from her friend marie cobain's who was watching merlin at the time at one of them come in front of pointed the gun in my said give me the dog. >> and basically the other one had already gone to go grab early. and bain says she was walking rolling when it happened around 06:00pm at valdez and 24th streets in oakland. she says the 2 men then jumped in a car in spinoff going the wrong way. >> down a one-way street towards whole foods very couldn't get anything out of could say anything but also. >> with a gun in your face. you know, what are you supposed to say after hearing
6:39 am
what happened. >> nelson says she jumped on a flight the next morning to head home so she can make fires and work with police. french bulldogs have been a popular target for robbers, especially in the bay area because they go for higher prices. nelson says the last few days have been emotional without it's hard. i can't even. >> understand why someone would want to do this. but. >> i mean, even coming home not running to the door to greet me. >> or hearing him run around in the background. nelson's family set up a reward website for merlin who's 26 pounds with a few unique spots, including a large black spot on his left shoulder. he has a white belly and chest as well. i'm taylor the second reporting kron 4 news. >> it's 6.39, in the east bay, a family in walnut creek is trying to figure out why are they being targeted and who's doing it. somebody has been vandalizing their home. it happened several times. take a look. this is toilet paper
6:40 am
everywhere and this is on monday and tuesday nights. this is what they found. toilet paper eggs, somebody wrap the bush is in saran wrap. and so the homeowner shot was a prank until they saw this in front of their home. the 3rd time there was a homophobic slur. >> they rode out. >> some pretty offensive messages using the tp on street side. but there was more tp. there was. >> they took it to next step in the sense that they started throwing in our driveway. >> and the family has filed a report with the walnut creek. police and police say they're going to troll that neighborhood more often to see if they can catch the vandals. >> cyber monday is here and in order to break the cyber monday record that was set back in 2019. we're all going to have to spend a total of 9 billion dollars which may happen. the national retail federation expects holiday sales from november to december to rise 8 and a half to maybe even 10 and a half
6:41 am
percent over 843 billion dollars that to a 2 would also set a record for year-over-year growth at brick and mortar stores. black friday. foot traffic was down this year compared to prepandemic levels. no surprise there as we have the pandemic still and worries about crime. well, 6.4., mail carriers for the u.s. postal service will start their rounds earlier than usual in the bay area during the holiday season. the early start is supposed to help keep up with some of the heavy volumes of mail and packages that are expected over the next month a neighborhood letter carriers are going to be out as early as 06:00am during the postal service is peak season. the season runs from thanksgiving. 2 new year's day and the postal service expects to deliver and process about 12 billion letters cards and packages during that time. that's whole lot of deliverance. >> california workers are going to see more money in the new year. the golden state's minimum wage is going up by a buck starting in 2022
6:42 am
companies with more than 25 workers are going to have to pay a minimum of $15 an hour. smaller companies will have to pay their workers. at least $14 an hour if they're smaller than that. california's minimum wage has been going up every year since 2017. and the increase is supposed to continue until 2023 willian another bump in that year. >> we'll take a break. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news the forty-niners back in the playoff picture after a big win over the vikings at home. we'll tell you how it all played out.
6:43 am
the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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>> 6.44 is it too early for me to start asking to send in photos of your. >> creation. haha, people, people at least till we get to descend. well, richard already did. his parents in the 90's. now it looks pretty good. so just you haven't gone outside yet to be inside. all right. well, as you start decorating for the holidays, the for the month of december. from time to time send us a picture and will yeah. because you like doing that on likeechristmas day itself. i'll do it all starting photos of people enough people dressed up for the holidays. but it's a whole i think people want cheer this year. morgan were done in the past like a great, ok, so what do you say? we start on december first is wednesday. can't we just do a whole december thing. let's just just keep them coming. and i just love seeing what people are doing with their houses. >> keep mine up all year long. i when i put in that effort will be one of those hands out
6:46 am
there that, you know, i might keep a string lighes. yeah. you if your house is your apartment or anything. >> decorate really outside. so we put up the tree like right in front of the big windows. you or can see it. there you have to go out. yeah. that council like that. yeah. all the lights are in the side. but visible from the outside. yeah. anything that you want to do. just put off the lights around the doors. somethin send them into us. it's a little extra cheer for sure. year that we definitely all needed. i feel like we are in the midst of some conditions that are not gloomy, at least. so if you need to get outside stretch those legs start this week. on a good note this morning as a good time to be doing so just as long as you are bundled up because it is pretty chilly out there. you're berkeley hills camera, lots of sunshine up above. we are going to be looking at some wind today. but their remaining fairly light this morning, a bit breezier out towards half moon bay winds mostly out of the northeast and out of the northwest at the coastline just right
6:47 am
there. radar is showing those clear dry skies that we've gotten so used to jet stream continues to be well to the north as a high pressure ridge. you built up across the southwest to sending any chance of rain fall outside of our region. that means we will continue to remain dry through these past couple of days these last couple days of november today and tomorrow and into the start of december, which is now just winds day. so we're getting closer to the end of the year getting closer to christmas. all of that time to put up the lights well for the time being, just to put on some sunscreen because we're looking at so much sun and some really comfortable afternoons that you will want to enjoy 60's for your highs. in sf a few 50's right along the coastline and some solid 60's to a fair share of 70's on the map today. san carlos in mountain view right at 70 degrees each our warm spot today. that's you. campbell at 73 degrees and not far behind for a few spots in the east bay such as berkeley at 72 walnut creek and concord. you'll be at 66. well, the late h.o.a. napa at 68 degrees
6:48 am
and some low 70's in mill valley and santa rosa tomorrow's highs right around the same as today to be wrapping up november and then comes wednesday as you're wrapping up some presents december 1st with some low 70's, maybe putting up those lights outside because it will be a good day to do so. thursday. we keep the 70's around before a touch of a cooler weekend highs. mostly falling back into the 60's. >> rain. john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your traffic. we have a traffic collision here. 80 northbound south of hagan burger avenue road rather. so we've been seeing a delay because of that traffic collision international or 5.80, would be a good alternate to get around that. don't see any hazards on the bay bridge. you do have an uptick in traffic, though a little under 20 minutes as you're traveling from the east bay into the city heading across towards the peninsula little under 15 minutes to make that drive. and in the south bay to 37 85 in 82. we'll see any major delay about 33 minutes as you're heading from 85 towards menlo park. when you're driving and
6:49 am
a look at the golden gate bridge, about 20 minutes from 37 to make it to the tolls started. james, back to you. thanks a lot, ray. let's talk sports now. and the forty-niners on their 3 game winning streak. yeah, good get a good streak going the warriors as well. they dominated the clippers 18 games. they won 4 sports director jason dumas has more on how those games played out. >> 2 teams identical records fighting for one of the final nfc playoff spots. yeah. i know there's still a lot of football to be played blah, blah, blah. but. >> you get the sense that the niners and the vikings, they'll be battling it out till the end. kyle shanahan looking to make it a season-high 3 game win streak said issue. here we it's hard. not that high. 3 3rd quarter. >> forty-niners up by 7 allied to mitchell. he was the workhorse. the niners need it all day long. 27 carries a 133 yards and that touchdown later on. look at this kickoff. vikings can name of ron will.
6:50 am
we like to call this a house call. and no one picked up at levi stadium it's a 5 point game. can't let that 4th quarter now down 2 minute warning robbie gold looking to ice this one. but. right. you all see that very often for robbie kyle shanahan and company. they can't believe under a minute to go luckily forty-niners kirk cousins. in that custom doing things like that. overthrows justin jefferson who was open that'll do it forty-niners hang on to win this one 34 to 26 the dubs trying to make it a league, best. 18 2 on the season. >> first game of that quick two-game road trip starting at staple center with the clippers and just under a month left before staples center is renamed to the center. let's go right to the
6:51 am
3rd steph curry, steph down the lane behind path behind the back to dream on 50 to 44 warriors. scott. yeah. just jordan poole. check this out. he gets his shot. blocked >> and isaiah hartenstein and never even heard of the guy he talks 22 bench players talking like starters, i hate it. jordan poole respond 4 straight. 3 pointers, including that one off the back door. he had 17 check this out to the curb. steph curry gets hit checked the rest while owes his whistle let them know how he feels. you'll see him get that animated that much. this 45, you want to relive the there's this is the kid friendly show anyway, staff responded step back 3 pointer. that was his 3rd 3 in 90 seconds. he finishes with 33 point warriors win one o 5 to 90. they are an nba 18 into a play to 17. it's 3 phoenix on tuesday and then they follow that up on friday with another matchup with wilson. the
6:52 am
giants had a pretty productive roster from top to bottom last season. it was definitely a team effort getting to a 107 wins. but it was also clear that their top 2 starters were head and shoulders above the rest of the staff and the lose one of them. this offseason kevin gausman has signed a five-year 110 million dollar deal with the toronto blue jays got minutes coming off the best season of his career. he had his first pitch all-star selection. he was 14 in 6 2.8 1 punched out 227 batters with the giants. best of luck to him above the border. sharks in chicago taking on the blackhawks second period. feel like is the time for a name change, by the way, for black hole. >> rudolph blazers rifles, one in, but it was hit by timo meier. shark strike. first for the put it on ice here. empty netter meyer second goal of
6:53 am
the game. they're going to win 2 to nothing. second will take on the new jersey devils on tuesday. >> i am very excited to see klay thompson when he returned man and they're thinking it could be around christmas. yeah. great gift and one month because he looks so sad on the he had a towel over his head for like 20 minutes. he just sat there because but i saw video i saw video, though people and you could hear in the stands. we love you. clay one point put his fist up and everybody went nuts that will be exciting. it is 6.53. is the time right now. and we've got lots coming up here on the kron 4 morning news. we'll be right back.
6:54 am
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deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. make you smile. a new baby giraffe at safari west. yes, they need your help naming the draft, by the way, can you make out well, baby giraffe right there. as you look to be the mama and out of the baby see them over >> said babies are already sometimes like 6 feet tall. they are. yeah, they're born big. this one was born in october, october 6th at a safari west and now the park is leaving it up to you. the public to decide on a name. got a few options for you. all right. let's take a look at the choices from their website 6 names to choose from deebo buster both sam, ok buster. well, that's got to be posing right up jury fee, which is giraffes in africa. namibia jimmy g curry. and we know
6:57 am
where those came from and many of you know, who's just a great guy. apparently lead. yeah, i it's probably somebody who works somebody at a party. i think so. you have until midnight tomorrow to vote on a name so head as far website and pick one. i kind of like jury fee. i was just going i can't see. so i look i i think that's kind of cute. going to go bust by the way, my kids sick can call them kids anymore because like 2022 i'm supposed to call them adult offspring. that's never going to happen. we'll take a quick break. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. we're going to be back out in open once again as police are looking into some recent looking into some recent crimes that have bee from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes. we never stop worrying about them. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford. it includes free preventive care,
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the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> and thanks for joining us on this monday morning. the last monday of november right. >> yeah. we've got december starting off in the middle of the week. we are in the middle of our morning show. so 07:00am. sure that i'm okay. john was already stretching during the break. i glanced he was with with that that right there. yeah. you got to get limber for cyber haha, i think there's already pretty done with stopping. i know it on the lights on the tree up like you guys. but good for you shopping. that's the biggest all. you've got that done. the right important. now the fun stuff just putting on th


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