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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  November 29, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PST

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from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 4. >> well, good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 4 morning news here on this monday, november 29th rate of harvey. we just have one more day left of the month of november and we're already moving into december. i can't believe the year has gone by so quickly. well, you are maybe going back to work this week or maybe an extended holiday period and you might be out and about with your loved ones are meteorologists. john's raible bringing us the forecast. i know it was a really nice win over the weekend chilly in some spots as well, though. yeah. nice
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during the day, chilly mornings. that's the way it's been lately and it has definitely been quite the adjustment. >> and a tire from when you're getting up in the morning to what you're seeing in the afternoon which has been really comfortable weather. we're back to it this morning. cool conditions to start and eventually some really nice conditions all over again. going to start to like a broken record here. we'd love to see some rain and mountain snow in this forecast. we're not getting at though. so i guess we've got to get settled in with this nice afternoon weather that we've been seeing your view outside our berkeley hills camera looking clear. again, we are seeing some spotty areas of fog inland. but now fogg cast is showing some pretty good visibility right now at time santa rosa as well as areas out towards the delta will be looking at some lower visibility to watch out for radar otherwise is nice and dry just as we've gotten so used to 40's and 50's for our current temperatures for most areas anyways. we're likely to see a couple of 30's popping up further inland. but honestly, as of right now, it's not our coldest mornings we've seen so
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as long as you've got the jacket on, you will be good to go nothing. we haven't felt before patchy inland fog at times this morning. just setting us up for cool sunshine and mild and sunny afternoon highs as warm as the low 70's by 03:00pm today. great job. thank you for that. i let you look at the traffic today as you're heading into the city this morning. a little under. >> 10 minutes for your drive time. there are no major delays or issues. the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula a little under 13 minutes. and let's check on conditions along the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes as you're traveling from the north bay into the city will have weather and traffic coming up. but for now, let's get back to our top story this morning. oakland police in the community are still searching for answers after the death of kron 4 security guard and former police officer kevin nishita. she was protecting one of our reporters in oakland on wednesday when he was shot. he was taken to highland hospital where he died from his injuries
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saturday morning. kron four's amanda hari spoke to some of oakland's officials about this tragedy. >> and it's so obvious that we lost head and someone very special. and we're definitely worse off see oakland city council member and mayor oreo candy chang tao never met. kevin. does she >> but she says she's feeling his loss. it's hartman. she actually is. the shooter was shot on wednesday while protecting a kron 4 reporter at 14th and webster streets in oakland. the city of oakland is where shooter got his start in law enforcement as an officer with the oakland housing authority. i in. >> and his first day of law enforcement. and boy, if if i can describe it any way be like the energizer bunny carol du plessis. >> is the oakland housing authority chief of police. he knew she to for 27 years. it's just so energetic and and so
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willing to to do things he says new fee to always kept in contact even after he left the housing authority. he then went on to work for hayward police san jose police and the coma. police department before joining star protection agency. this is video of the coma. police department escorted his body out of highland hospital where he died saturday morning. >> from his injuries. no family should have to suffer as result of some bodies. >> misconduct of reward of $32,500 is being offered for information that leads to an arrest there's an obligation of society that some that whoever has information. >> they need to speak up. they need to come for. we need to put this to rest. kevin leaves behind a wife, 2 children and 3 grandchildren amanda hari kron 4 news. >> well, city council member shanked house says that the oakland city council, they're going have a joint meeting with the public safety and services violence prevention oversight commission. it's
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going to be a special meeting on december 7th anyone who wants to attend can do so on. still there's going to be an opportunity for public comment if you'd like to speak. so far investigators have not released details on a suspect in the shootings murder, but oakland police did release this picture of a car believed to be unconnected to his burger. it's a white four-door 2000, 4, 2008 acura tl sedan. anyone with information is urged to call oakland homicide detectives or oakland crime stoppers, a reward of $32,500 is being offered for information leading to an arrest. fund was set up for an issue. his family donations to his family can be made to kevin that she does trust and metropolitan bank in oakland donations can be made in person or by mail the information that is on your screen is also on our web site over at kron 4 dot com. well, police in oakland are also investigating a deadly
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shooting at lake merritt. they say a man was shot and killed while trying to stop someone from breaking into a car that shooting happened around 3.30 sunday afternoon. police say the man was taken to a hospital but died there some time later they say that shooter ran away from the scene and the death is now the city's a 127 homicide of the year. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. the oakland police department will have additional staffing in response to the uptick in violence. we've been seeing authorities say several tactical teams are going to support the patrol officers who are responding to caravans illegal sideshows and other violent crimes. they say the tactical teams are highly skilled in de escalating incidents. also in the east bay antioch police are looking for 4 people who stole from a walgreens on saturday night. this happened at the store deer valley around 8.30. they say 3 men and a woman ransacked that cosmetics
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section and use hammers to smash glass cases. well, police say the group stole about $2400 worth of products. there. if you have any information you're asked to contact antioch police. take a look at this. this is a photo of the on the kron variant. it's the newest ran to be identified as a variant of concern by the world health organization, new cases of it have now been confirmed in germany, italy belgium israel as well as hong kong. shaun lewis has more on the world. why efforts to stop its spread. the world faces a new strain of covid-19. >> the world health organizations label that a crime. i know america. you're really tired of hearing those things. but the virus is not tired of us. and in shape shifting itself, national health leaders kron first reported by south african scientists on wednesday has more than 50 mutations from the original virus. these are those spike proteins that sit on the outside of the virus
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and enable it to get inside your cells. and then on the kron version of that because of those changes is going to have a different shape. >> and of course, that's also what the antibodies are directed against vaccines do work. >> and brooke saving lives in the last week. south africa where only 37% of the adult population is fully vaccinated has seen a sharp increase in covid infections, a majority with mccrone variants. south africa has acted in an exemplary. why i think it is that actually the right thing to share the information it has with the world. so far. the united kingdom is reporting 2 passengers arriving from south africa and testing positive with the new strain. several other countries have detected as well, including denmark the netherlands, australia austria, germany, belgium italy and israel passengers arrive to israel's largest airport before an expected 2 week ban on international
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arrivals begins with other countries looking had similar bans. i cut my. >> my stumble and can that, you know so i took a new and last night. and they just come back in. we might be putting in take to have us about what's going unvaccinated i had covid already. so i think everything should be fine. but the question is will the antibodies generated by the vaccines that we have all had or should have had. >> that enable us to be protected against this virus. i think there's good reasons to think it will probably be ok, but we need to know the real answers to that. and that's going to take 2 or 3 weeks a global wait and see on transmissible, ity and severity of this latest. >> covid variant sean lewis. >> i will. in a few minutes we'll have a live report from washington, dc explaining how the u.s. is responding to this latest update. says it's
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testing higher doses of the coronavac vaccine to determine how effective it is against mccrone variant. it's also working on vaccines targeting the new variant moderna's chief medical officer says if need be a whole new vaccine could be available early next year. pfizer, johnson and johnson say they're also developing vaccines for mccrone variant. robert covid-19, home testing kits are not readily available in the u.s. despite easy access in other countries. some blame the test shortages on the fda's hesitant to allow less accurate test on the market right now. there are more than 3,000 emergency use authorization applications pending at the federal agency tests that are available are often too expensive for the average american other countries, including the united kingdom of may test widely available for free. but the results are not as accurate. happening today. the community members plan to protest against a vaccine mandate from the west contra costa unified school district require students ages 12 to 18
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as well as teachers. katie 12 to be vaccinated. protesters say the school district doesn't have the authority to impose a vaccine mandate and they claim the district is granting religious and medical exemptions for staff but not for students. the protest is set to start at 10:00am in front of the school district's building in richmond. a federal appeals court has temporarily blocked a mandate to have all california prison workers, vaccinated. that decision was made friday. the mandate was originally supposed to take effect on january 12, but it is then halted until at least march. that's when a hearing will be held to discuss the issue further state figures show more than 50,000 state prisoners have had covid-19, which is more than half of the population. at least 242 of those prisoners have died. well, coming up on the kron 4 morning news, a woman is robbed at gunpoint. >> well, her french bulldog while dogs city. we'll have that story coming up. plus,
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jussie smollett's trial starts today. why he is accused of faking a hate crime attack against himself. and the on the kron has officials in the u.s. on high alert. why they say people should plan for the worst in the weeks ahead.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news at times you now for 14 08:00am here. >> on the last couple of days of november. hopefully you've
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got all of that fall out of your system every winter fall technically still in fall for a minute. hey, you know what? when christmas gets here. it's just it feels like winner team or i am. i'm already plane jingle bales and all the merry christmas that's what's your big christmas and bad christmas music fan over right christmas. yes, is a good forecast will be out of your head and while it is a good forecast for getting out there, getting some shopping done, getting whatever you need to get done just as we saw all week last week mother nature's holding off on rain. now here's the concerning thing. you're long range forecast. >> are showing that this high-pressure ridge that shooting any chance of rainfall. well, to the north of us, it's going to stay in place. and that means more of what we've been seeing, which is nice comfortable weather, but not the weather that we really need to see transamerica pyramid looks clear this morning. we do have a breeze making its way in across the bay from the north
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and east. so it's another dry one as far as these winds fog will be minimally impacted at the coastline. walter inland valleys that will again see the opportunity for some fog formation, including around santa rosa and then out towards the delta. otherwise skies do remain dry. you do see showers up in the pacific northwest any atmosphere river has been sent well up into the pacific northwest as well as western canada. these areas, especially north of seattle have been seeing some flooding from what has been nonstop arraigned in some cases for some of these spots. well, it's just non-stop sunshine further south here in the bay area. and that's what we're going to be holding on to for this forecast. so today, tomorrow on into wednesday and thursday, more and more. the sunshiny skies little chance of any sort of precipitation really anywhere in sight. well into the start of the new month. december now just a couple of days away. 60's and 70's for today's daytime highs. beautiful and sunny, one out there mill valley oakland among our warmer spots at 71 fremont mountain view santa rosa not far behind that
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at 70 degrees each. well, he word at a nice 67 tomorrow's daytime highs right around the same as today's as will be the case on wednesday. december first thursday. more of the same. a little bit cooler come the weekend. but still pleasant mild and dry as we've been seeing so much of lately right now. tom, thanks for that. look at all that sunshine there. all right. let's get a look at your commute. if you're heading from the east bay into the city. >> a little under 10 minutes for your drive time there. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. little under 30. no major issues or delays. let's stop by the golden gate bridge. check on things there. about 20 minutes traveling from the north bay into the city will have more weather and traffic coming up for now, let's get back to the news. well, the jury selection starts today for the trial of actor jussie smollett. he's accused of faking a hate crime against himself 3 years ago. the 39 year-old told chicago police he was the victim of a racist and anti-gay attack that happened near his apartment. dana reeve. it has that story.
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>> i've been truthful and consistent on every single level since day one. would not be my mother's son if i was capable of one drop of what former empire actor jussie smollett will finally see his day in court. >> after the alleged racist and homophobic attack against him nearly 3 years ago. smollett claimed he was walking home from a subway restaurant in streeterville in january 2000, 19 and was attacked by 2 men wearing ski masks who allegedly yelled racial and homophobic slurs and hung a noose around his neck. >> the nation captivated by the case, especially after the 2 men accused of attacking him. the osundairo brothers told police the attack had been faked and that smollett hired them hoping the incident would help his career. then chicago police superintendent eddie johnson. how can an individual. >> who's been embraced by the city of chicago. turn around and slap everyone in this city in the face by making these folks planes.
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>> smollett was initially charged with filing a false police report. but 2 months later, cook county state's attorney kim foxx dropped those charges after a plea deal leading to a special prosecutor's investigation and heat from opponent, bill conway during her 2020 election campaign. >> a special prosecutor is now been assigned kim foxx finds herself in blown investigation of smollett receive special treatment. >> in february. twenty-twenty a grand jury indicted smollett after the special prosecutor's investigation during the trial this week. the prosecution expected to focus on the credibility of the osundairo brother story. well, the defense likely to argue that the men attacked smollett and then framed him to avoid facing criminal charges. >> well, that was dana reeve reporting for us. selection starts tuesday, though, in the trial of the white former minneapolis police officer who shot and killed a black man. dante wright. well, defense attorneys will argue kim potter made an innocent
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mistake when she pulled her gun instead of her taser. prosecutors say wright's death was manslaughter. they say potter was an experienced trained officer who should go to prison anticipating potential unrest. enhance security is going to be in place for potter's trial. there will be fewer entry points at the courthouse and the parking garage. there will be closed. the supreme court is set to hear arguments this wednesday in mississippi's bid to have the landmark roe versus wade decision over turn. mississippi is asking the high court to uphold the state's ban on most abortions after the 15 week of pregnancy. the state enacted a law in 2020 18, but it was blocked after a federal court challenge the supreme court has never allowed states to ban abortion before the point when a fetus can survive outside the. roughly 24 weeks. well, starting today, only us citizens and residents will be able to fly to the u.s. from 8 nations in south africa. the
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travel restrictions come in response to the concerns over this newly discovered variant. as they are. we're joined this morning by anna wiernicki from washington, dc with the latest. good morning, anna. >> good morning. well, the white house says that president biden has been monitoring this new strain very closely and talking with top us health officials who say they are considering all precautions, but a lot is still unknown. >> president joe biden returned to the white house on sunday to meet in person with members of his covid-19 response team and chief medical advisor doctor anthony fauci about the new covid-19 on the kron variant. we just really need to. >> as i've said it so often prepare for the worst. doctor fauci said on abc's this week that the new strain has not been detected by health officials in the u.s. but as we all know, when you have a virus that has already gone to multiple countries. inevitably it will be here. doctor fauci says it will take
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approximately 2 more weeks to know if the variant is resistant to the current covid-19 vaccines. i don't think there's any possibility that this could completely of aid, any protection by it may diminish bit. but that's the reason why you boost director of the national institutes of health. doctor francis collins said on fox news sunday that there is concern because the new variant has a record number of mutations like 50 of them and more than 30 of those in the spike protein, which is the part of the virus that attaches to your human cells. if you get infected that is of new record in terms of the number of mutations it does make you worry. still colin says he is encouraged that the vaccine has proved to be effective against other variants of the virus given that history. we expect that most likely the current vaccines will be sufficient to provide protection and especially the boosters will get that additional layer of protection. >> and the president is scheduled to update americans on this new variant and the
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administration's response just before noon today from the white house for now live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. thank you for that report. anna. >> well, coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news homeowners found hateful fliers on their front lawns in beverly hills. why community members say this is an acceptable. we'll be right back. a beverly hills
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neighborhood is on edge after anti semitic flyers are found in the front yards of several homes there. this comes as hanukkah begins. >> now police are trying to find out who is responsible. erin myers has that story. >> some beverly hills residents, including richard may's awoke to flyers containing propaganda style, hate speech related to the covid-19 pandemic and jewish people at their homes just as hanukkah begins. they accuse the jewish people. for starting covid which is ridiculous. the fly reading every single aspect of the covid agenda is jewish it then lists officials with the cdc, the u.s. department of health and human services pfizer and moderna employees all said to be jewish. it's the most ridiculous asfnine thing. have ever read, but yet they're still be this. there still will be people that will look at this and say, wow, maybe it's true. the beverly hills
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police department is investigating and is calling this a hate incident, something the mayor spoke about and hate crime would always be unacceptable. but just think about how particularly egregious it is during this time of year would and should be. >> the community coming together. rabbi chaim ends with the chabad of bel air came out to lend his support. and i had to stand with my brother going to say. we are stronger than that saying he doesn't understand how things like this can still happen. this is america. this is beverly hills. juwan on to you should be outraged. how can this happen? richard may says this incident will bring the community together at the end of the day, it's something that we have to live with. it's something that we have to deal with and something that brings the community together to be stronger and better. that was erin myers reporting for us. >> well, still ahead on the kron 4 morning news lawmakers are returning to capitol hill to tackle a looming government shutdown when it happened, it how it will impact millions of
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americans will have that when we get back. i will. welcome
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back to the kron 4 morning news at time for you now. 04:30am, here on this monday. we have 2 days left of the month of november. and then we are in the sim burr and wow. we were just talking about it was january the other day. where did that month go dot. it's well, the whole year for the year 2021. that's when


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