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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 27, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> now at 8 o'clock friends colleagues in complete strangers now honoring the life of a bay area. security guard who died after being shot on the job protecting one of our very own kron 4 journalist. that is where we start to saturday here on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. welcome. and i'm jonathan mccall. justine enjoying the night off. it is indeed a very sad night for us here at kron. 4 news. that's because this morning we learned that our friend and security guard. kevin, the shia died from his injuries just days after he was shot on the job all day
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long, folks from across the bay area. many of you have been offering your sympathy to us and kevin's family after we shared the news of his passing. kevin was shot wednesday afternoon near 14th and harrison while on assignment with the kron 4 news reporter that reporter was covering a business that had been targeted in a recent smash-and-grab break-in in oakland. police in oakland tell kron 4 that the shooting was likely an attempt still that reporters camera equipment. the shooter was shot in the lower abdomen and the reporter was not hurt. medics rushed kevin to oakland's highland hospital where he underwent emergency surgery wednesday. but tragically, we learned that he passed away from his injuries this morning. now we do want to let you know that it is common practice for bay area. television stations, including us here at kron. 4 news to send our crews out with security guards while they are out covering stories in the past. the bay area news stations have been targeted for their camera equipment. meanwhile today kron 4 vice president and general manager issued this statement on
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behalf of the station saying in part, quote, the news is devastating and our deepest sympathy goes out to kevin's family and his friends and colleagues. you can read that entire statement right now on our website at kron 4 dot com. kevin worked as a private security guard with star protection agency, which is based in oakland. but before that he worked as a police officer and hayward san jose in coma before retiring from the force kron four's. gayle ong live for us tonight in the newsroom, talking with folks who actually knew kevin best. kevin miguel, you actually worked with kevin. i worked with kevin as well. it really is just a devastating loss from all of us here. >> now we are devastated to hear the news. jonathan. kevin work with many of us here at kron 4, including myself and with journalists at other bay area stations. his former colleagues in law enforcement are remembering him as a hardworking kind family man that he was. >> this smile would light up a room for sure. kevin ishida
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was known for his smile and generosity come in was such a he would give his shirt the back to anybody that needed it. he was always there for anyone for anything any time. sergeant don marchetti with the coma. police department work with michigan and law enforcement for several years. first in san jose then in coma, i came here i love him. money. yeah. is is nice because here we've got to work more closely together. and just got to really. know him and the person that he was you and caring person that he was officer kim trask also followed initiated tacoma from another agency. he is described as a mentor to many. i kind nervous about trying to go to agency. but. >> you just reminded me that you can do the job. you're going to be good. he put good word for me. so i honestly do believe because of kevin is one of the reasons why i got hired coma.
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>> and he was also there for her first case, a fraud call even though he had other cases he was working on. he actually came out to the scene and help me and pretty much. kind of took over the investigation and then walk me through it. shooter was a retired police officer who served at the oakland housing authority. hayward san jose and the coma. police departments. >> he later worked as a private security guard for star protection agency on wednesday around 1220 in the afternoon. he was shot in an attempted robbery while on assignment in oakland protecting a kron 4 reporter. the shooting happened near the intersection of 14th in harrison. he was rushed to highland hospital where he died saturday morning from his injuries, law enforcement from across the bay area are sending their condolences remembering him as someone who was hardworking kind and served and protected his communities. >> kevin was highly respected and will be greatly missed. he leaves behind his wife 2 children and 3 grandchildren
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in the newsroom. gayle ong. >> kron 4 news just a heartbreaking loss for all of us here at kron 4. gayle, thank you for that report tonight. meanwhile, there are new developments in the search for kevin's killer as police continue looking for the shooter or shooters involved today, oakland police released this picture of a car believed to be connected to his murder. it is a white four-door acura tl the model years are from 2004 to 2008. meanwhile, the reward for an arrest in kevin's murder continuing to grow tonight. now nearly $33,000 is on the table for information that leads to an arrest in this case, anyone with information now urged to call oakland homicide detectives or oakland crime stoppers. turning to other news tonight. kron 4 staying on top of a developing story out of the south bay where san jose police are searching for answers in a shooting that happened outside of a football game in campbell that injured 2 men last night. it happened in the parking lot of on high school police say both men
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suffering non-life-threatening injuries detectives, meanwhile, are still searching for a motive and a shooter. the game between sarah and saint francis for the ccs division. one, a football championship was stopped for a short time. but did rizzo. new tonight a to walnut creek family has quite a story to tell tonight. they say they're cleaning up and looking for the folks who they say vandalized their home not once, not twice, but 3 times this week alone. the family says someone covered their home in toilet, paper eggs and even saran wrap their bushes kron four's amanda hari live tonight with talking with the family has their story. amanda a wild one. what are they saying? >> very while they tell me they've spent more than 4 hours this week just cleaning up from these incidents. and that's what multiple people working to get it all done. i'm sitting next to the garage and you can see here, there's still some staining from eggs that were thrown at this
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garage despite their best efforts to clean everything up. >> we're starting to scratch your heads. why are they doing it again. at first, melissa steven says she thought this vandalism of her home near castle hill road in walnut creek. >> was just a prank the trees have been tp. the bushes have been severe and wrapped. it was pretty it was pretty like, you know, jokester. she says it first happened monday night. >> then it happened again tuesday. she says it was escalating. >> there was more tp. there was. >> they took it to next step in the sense that they started throwing random in our driveway took a bag of rubber bands broke it open and through it all over driveway. they a loaf of bread and through you know, the place is a rat all over on the 3rd night. the messages became hateful. >> and destructive. >> they rode out some pretty
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offensive messages using the tp on street side. she says she doesn't know why they would write a homophobic slur in front of her home. >> now everything is pretty much cleaned up outside. but if you look closely, you can still find some debris left behind. steven says on the first night they were out the dogs at 11:00pm one of her sons came home at 12:30am, hour and a half later, some time in between the vandals hit the home. >> that could be a really feeling and that maybe they were watching the house looking to see when we were coming or going. >> stevens tells me that they did file a police report and walnut creek. police told them they would be driving through the neighborhood more often just to make sure everything is safe. live in walnut creek amanda hari kron 4 news. hopefully they won't have to do this a 4th time. amanda, thank you.
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>> other news tonight on the peninsula where san carlos police have arrested a man on charges of possessing guns and meth officers say they found a 16 year-old on inside of a home depot parking lot. last night on old county road officers say that they found the also had several outstanding warrants. he's now behind bars at the san mateo county jail. some of our 4 zone forecast tonight. a live look at the golden gate bridge as we wrap up a saturday, get ready for sunday. and if you enjoyed saturday, guess what, you're definitely in luck. it's going to be another day of gorgeous weather around these parts kron 4 meteorologists rebecca strom in tonight for the bruce. a look at what's on tap. i don't know if anyone really can't complain. we can always use more rain but outside of that picture perfect. that's right. and can you believe december 1st is going to be on wednesday still wearing shorts and flip-flops >> we're so lucky here in the bay area. yes, tomorrow as we go into tomorrow. it's going pretty. this would be a repeat of what we felt around the bay
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area today. a nice clear evening as well to start outside. this is a perfect shot of our east bay's own. and you can see all the way across the bay into san francisco because it is so clear tonight. well, looking ahead. here's what you need to know. yes, the rest of the weekend continues under sunny conditions and just beautiful outside to take advantage of it. maybe a head outside tomorrow afternoon upper 60's, lower 70's that we're expecting once again tomorrow and then the entire week holding pretty steady at us. lots of sunshine and those 70's once again and into next weekend near 70 degrees with dry and mild conditions. that's what we are expecting. just gorgeous weather on tap for you. what we saw today outside right now. a lot more 50's on the board. temperatures are starting to drop slightly 59 degrees in san jose right now 61 in hayward downtown oakland. you're at 57 right now. doubling 52 degrees fairfield at 51 napa $0.50 and somewhat 51 right now in petaluma, currently at 52 degrees. well,
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these warm temperatures, these the warmer conditions, especially. it's getting into december in the middle of the week. it's all thanks to the high pressure continues to push through the bay area and keeping all the wet weather to the far north of us and keeping us dry and keeping the cold temperatures away during the day, of course, and a lot of sunshine that we're going to continue to seize we get the next week or so. tonight, though, the overnight lows still be dropping into the 40's. no 30's like what we saw earlier in the week. but it's still going to be cold outside a low 47 in downtown san jose tonight, 50 degrees and hayward and 51 degrees in san francisco. i'll let you know what your afternoon highs look like tomorrow and i'll break it down neighborhood by neighborhood coming up in just a bit. jonathan. rebecca, thank you so much. more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news in 8. >> including will the federal government avoid another shutdown. lawmakers kick the can down the road. and now a new deadline is looming. the latest from dc still to come.
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now all california prison workers will not have to be fully vaccinated against covid-19 at least for a while. the move made by a federal court. how long that could last. also new details and concerns over the latest covid-19 variant now spreading rapidly across africa. the new steps underway to avoid it from reaching the united states. now the covid-19
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coverage. the saturday night were a new variant of covid-19. >> now has scientists all across the globe and right here at home in the u.s. on high alert. there are some concerns mccrum to could spread rapidly and could be resistant to vaccines. jewell hillary tells us what scientists now know about this new variant. >> while a lot of information remains unknown about on the kron world. health leaders are calling the new covid variant highly transmissible. >> early analysis showed that this right is a large number of mutations that require and book and the goal for the study. it will take a few weeks for us to understand what impact this. ryan has locally swedish hospital infectious diseases specialist. >> doctor dami lola at a yemeni says 95% of the covid patients who have come to his hospital very ill. and in the icu are those who were not vaccinated. i think those were vaccinated. yes, you know, i've done the right thing.
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those were vaccinated should this is a call. >> for that. again, this is another one for them to go ahead and get vaccinated. >> scientists aren't sure where on kron originated. but it was first detected in south africa and has spread to several other countries in an effort to slow the spread starting monday. the u.s. will enact a travel ban from south africa and several other african nations. i decide we're going to be. >> cautious, make sure there are no travel. to and from south except for american citizens who are we will come back. we don't know a lot about the in an effort to counter the spread of the virus. >> european union nations are also restricting travel from southern africa. sports are starting to feel the impact a crime to fears of the new variant have caused european golfers in the dp world tour tournament in johannesburg to
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withdraw and catch flights home cricket and rugby teams are doing the same. >> jewell hillary reporting for us tonight. meanwhile, tonight we're learning that 2 on the kron have that 2 people have with crime have been detected this weekend in the uk british health officials say that the 2 cases are linked and that both people are currently in isolation. leaders are also conducting contract tracing right now. it's not clear if both people did travel to africa. a federal appeals court has temporarily blocked a mandate that would have required all california prison workers to become vaccinated. the mandate was originally set to take effect in january but has now been stopped until at least march at that time a hearing will be held to discuss the issue further state numbers show that more than 50,000 california state prisoners currently have covid or have had covid-19, which is more than half of the population. at least 242 prisoners have died. right now on kron 4 dot
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com. you can stay up to date with the very latest. covid-19 headlines, including where you can get vaccines for yourself or for your children along with booster. shots, just use your mobile device to scan the qr code that you see there on your screen and you'll be directed to our website. kron 4 dot com lawmakers, meanwhile, are set to get back to work next week on capitol hill after the thanksgiving break. when they return. they'll have 2 big items to deal with on their plate. a looming government shutdown on december 3rd and a default on the federal debt. evan lambert shows us how both could impact millions of americans. congress did not do anything about this before their thanksgiving break. now they have just a few days to come up with a deal, possibly a stopgap. at least one of those to avoid a government shutdown. let's take a step back and tell people how we got here. >> congress passed a short-term funding measure in october. but that runs out on december 3rd, they could come
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together and agree on a long-term spending bill or pass another stopgap, nothing happens by friday. the government could shut down and this has happened several times before the last one stretching 35 days ending in january 2019. if the government shuts down hundreds of thousands of federal workers, not just here in dc but all across the country could face furloughs, essential workers, though. like tsa officers and other federal law enforcement. they'd still have to work. they just wouldn't get paid. also national parks and monuments could close. there would also be disruptions to many operations at the fda and cdc, although covid response would likely remain the same on a totally a separate note. this fiscal debt ceiling limit is looming as well. the treasury department saying that if nothing happens by december 15th on that. then the government could default on its loan. so we have those 2 things hanging above congress this week. back to you.
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>> so what our 4 zone forecast tonight. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. folks out in about headed into the on the saturday night. hopefully you have some great plans. when you get here and just plans for this weekend, which is absolutely gorgeous. let's talk about what's on tap for sunday. here's kron 4 meteorologist rebecca strong in tonight for more debris. some with a look at what's on the way. >> yeah, jonathan. well, i feel like sunshine and the like. the warmer temperatures more normal for this time of year than this weekend continues to be the perfect weekend for you. so we saw a warm conditions today, lots of sunshine and 70's. we're going to see much of the same tomorrow. we're going to start off with the clear skies tonight. this is our camera. overlooking conditions here at san francisco international airport just gorgeous tonight. no cloud cover in your way tomorrow we're going to see the sunshine return and look at these temperatures throughout san francisco downtown, you'll be at a high of 68 tomorrow. 69 in the mission district and then those 60's continue along the coast. we're looking at some
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on terror. it 6467 elder not a half moon bay. it's going to be gorgeous. 70 degrees. there and along the peninsula here 69 in millbrae. but burlingame coming in at a low 7172 in redwood city woodside, you also be at a high of 72 and then as some mid 70's near mid 70's that we're going to be seeing across much of your selfies on camel in los cabos, both at 74 degrees along the east bay shoreline low 70's hayward and union city both at 71 the tri valley area 70 degrees in pleasanton tomorrow. upper 60's in livermore valley. and then we're looking at says upper 60's rendered or august and the andhra high of 72 tomorrow downtown oakland 70 degrees with a whole lot of sunshine to look forward to what would a discovery bay. we're looking at said the upper 60's as well as walnut creek at 69 degrees and if we head in towards of the fairfield vacaville area. we're looking at upper 60's, their wine country. 70 degrees under a lot of sunshine in sonoma and that for tomorrow.
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and then those upper 60's to low 70's continue throughout much of our north a zone panel loomis 70 degrees and 69 a little bit cooler at the coast. of course, low 60's for stinson beach that will be seeing and really looking forward to these temperatures because i've got great news and i 70 around the bay. coming up. jonathan, we're going to see the 70's hold pretty steady as we get into next week as well. like i said, i don't know anyone who can complain right now. if you wanted to, you could be up in the upper midwest where there. >> dealing with snow right now. i'm sure they wish they were hard. back a thank you. still ahead tonight, proctor and gamble recalling some of its aerosol sprays that could be inside of your medicine cabinet right now. >> what you for your
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money tonight. proctor and gamble says it is recalling old spice and secret aerosol spray products. because the potentially cancer causing chemical benzene. the company says that the precautionary recall includes all secret and old spice aerosol sprays into purse. prince as well as old spice below deck, aerosol spray benzene can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin. it can also cause leukemia and blood cancer of the bone marrow and life-threatening blood disorders. the company says it has not received any reports of any adverse effects. your favorite cereals will soon cost you more in the new year. general mills says it plans to hike up the prices on hundreds of items in 2022
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including cheerios lucky charms, yoplait yogurt and pillsbury, the company is among the latest to announce significant price hikes for their products. prices on consumer goods are up by more than 5% from this time last year. the company says that inflation as well as higher costs for labor and transportation are to blame. if you love pancakes waffles or french toast. canada is experiencing a maple syrup shortage saving so 70% of the world's maple syrup supply is made to north of the border to offset the shortage. canada is now tapping into their maple syrup. emergency stockpile and withdrawing about 50 million pounds of the sweet stuff. a warmer and shorter than expected spring led to a 24% drop in syrup production this year. actor alec baldwin has hired a new lawyer over civil lawsuits stemming from the deadly shooting on the movie
8:27 pm
said rust. >> we'll let you know about his famous client helpless to the 10 people killed in the deadly astroworld music festival have now been laid to rest. how their community remembering their lives. plus, after the break, we continue to remember kevin, the the kron 4 security guards shot on the job earlier this week was died from his injuries. details on how you help his family. ♪ don't worry mom, we'll be there soon. "we?!" is this "the one".
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>> he was always there for anyone for anything. any time. >> it is an absolutely devastating night for us here at kron. 4 news, a bay area. security guard shot while protecting one of our very own journalists has now died. kevin, the shooter was shot wednesday afternoon while on assignment in oakland with the kron 4 news reporter who was on assignment covering a story. when the shooting happened. oakland police say it happened during an attempt to rob our reporter of her camera equipment medics rushed kevin to highland hospital. he underwent emergency surgery. and unfortunately he passed away from his injuries this morning. here's a look at kevin's career. he joined the hayward police department back in 95 is when he joined the academy, he served the department from 1996 to 2000. one, he then moved to the san jose police department in 2000, one as a gang investigations detective. then in 2012 he joined the coma. police department where he served as a detective and a
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field training officer. he was promoted to sergeant in 2015, he retired from the department in 2018. meanwhile, california congressman eric swalwell offering his condolences on twitter today calling kevin's loss heartbreaking going on to thank kevin for his years of service and even calling for his killer to be brought to justice. also today we learned that kevin work that the oakland hausen department. in a statement that agency said that quote, our hearts and prayers go out to kevin's family. friends, colleagues and those he touched through his years of devoted service and his work to help keep our neighborhoods safe. he will be missed. also, a fund has been set up for the family of kevin issued up. we have details on how you can help right now at kron 4 dot com. also while you're there, you can get a better look at the car that police are looking for right now along with coverage of the investigation. this weekend in illinois community is remembering 2 friends killed at the astroworld music festival in houston nearly a
8:32 pm
month ago. ginger neck and 21 year-old franco patino were honored by their high school this weekend. the community said they waited to have the memorial and tell their friends were home from college for thanksgiving break. >> we're proud of the men. you are you will for ever be in our hearts. may the road rise to meet. you. may the wind always be at your back. that starts with. >> family and friends and then it just moves out throughout the community. where you realize how many lives they touched. this is really help us the pastoral. these are but we really appreciated that big you all love mice on. and and. thank you for being here. >> both families have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against travis scott. the rapper and event organizers accusing them of not doing enough of what they should have done to prevent the chaos and the crowd facing amount of lawsuits after a deadly shooting on the movie set of rust actor alec baldwin has hired a former assistant u.s.
8:33 pm
attorney to help in his legal battle. aaron dyer will represent baldwin. he does have a famous roster of clients, including girls, gone wild creator joe francis and astronaut buzz aldrin. according to variety, dyer will represent baldwin. russ movie productions and other production companies involved in the making of the film right now. there's still no word on if baldwin will face charges for the accidental shooting that killed a cinematographer. some lawmakers say the caregivers were denied access to loved ones in long-term care facilities during the covid-19 pandemic and some of those loved ones died in isolation as a result. now democrats and republicans are working together to push congress for new legislation to make sure it doesn't happen again. the essential caregivers act would allow residents to designate essential caregivers who could continue to provide support even during a public health emergency authors of the bill say it puts caregivers concerns front and center.
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>> we are thinking towards the future in the event of another emergency. it's about learning from what happened in the past. recognizing that we do not want to ever see a repeat a the circumstances of 2020 for so many reasons. >> the bill would ensure that necessary access for caregivers while also maintaining safety standards and protocols inside the facilities. lawmakers say they're hopeful to move on the bill by the end of next year. authorities in spain boarded a ship and arrested the captain for human trafficking. 40 a civil one of spain's national police forces boarded in cleared the ship today. they say after doing a sweep 8 syrian nationals were found and later released some of those workers were being forced to serve as mariners on the ship even though they weren't trained for the job. the ship's captain was arrested on suspicion of belonging to a criminal organization violating the rights of foreign citizens and falsifying official documents. meanwhile, thousands of
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protesters flooding cities across australia today to rally against vaccine mandates. those protests were organized by the millions march against mandatory vaccinations. they carried out 30 protests in cities and towns all over the country. protesters could be heard calling for the removal of victoria premier dan andrews, a spokes, a spokeswoman for the police said that approximately 9,000 people the 2 that the sunday protests which authorities had approved after receiving an application from organizers. no issues came from the protest. no arrests were made talk about our 4 zone forecast and saturday night. a live look at san francisco lit up on this saturday night, courtesy of the sutro tower camera. a lot of folks wrapping up their thanksgiving holidays. lot of folks flying back in tomorrow as well. come from meteorologists rebecca in tonight from debris. some of the look at what's on the way for tomorrow. well, and if folks are doing any of those things that you said. it's going to be perfect weather. nice weather to travel because there's going to be no rain,
8:36 pm
dry roads. >> and skies should be a really nice as well in the rain in the and we're also going to be seeing visibility pretty good. it's already good out there right now. this is our live camera overlooking the golden gate bridge right now. no fog in your way so far we're definitely seeing mostly clear skies tonight. we will have some patchy fog. those start rolling in especially long summer coastal areas tonight and even into parts of our south bay, but just patchy fog. it's not going to be sticking around for long because said just before noon time as we get into tomorrow, things are going to start to clear out and we're going to see the sunshine once again and that's going to warm those temperatures up across the bay area as we get into the afternoon. so tonight, though, those temperatures going to be dropping a low once again, not as low as what we saw earlier in the week with 30's. we're going to really just max out into the 40's and 50's. so it's still going to be cold out there but not as close. what we felt earlier, 51 degrees for the overnight low in downtown san francisco. 44, if you're going to be a in the concord area. 47 in the
8:37 pm
livermore valley fremont. he'll be overnight low of 48 and 47 degrees in that downtown san jose now of the rain. no rain in the forecast. that's we're actually seeing for the entire week. it's going to remain dry and it's all thanks to high pressure keeping the wet weather away from us. and those temperatures that afternoon temperatures above average for this time of year. so we're going to be seeing a systems to the far north of us but not here across the bay area. in fact, we're going continue to the 70's and the sunshine as we get through much of the week this week. so enjoy the outdoors, if you can. here's a peek at the highs for tomorrow. 60's and 70's once again very similar to today. 68 san francisco, 70 degrees in oakland and 73 and san jose. i'll be back with my seven-day around the day forecast coming up a little bit later. jonathan. rebecca, thank you. >> still to come tonight calling camera. we'll show you how an underwater photographer came face to face with a great white shark. we'll let you know how it ended. and why
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tonight and 100 water photographer has plenty to be thankful after he came face to face with a great white shark off the coast of the big island. >> bryce moore has more. underwater photographer. darren vrbpac tells me he was diving this morning off of carefully point when he thought he saw school of the
8:41 pm
lewa. >> but something was off and the size and shape made him think of a tiger shark. >> kept looking at the head guy. mike, that is not a tiger shark and it got closer and closer. just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. i was like, that is for sure. 100 1% a great white. >> the beast which for back says was over 15 feet wasn't behaving in a threatening way. so he stuck around. i just shot as much as i could as he went >> he just disappeared back off the drop that i was like shaking it's 1000 say. doctor carl meyer with the hawaii institute for marine biology says great whites may be in the area because of humpback whales who breed in hawaiian waters from november through april. >> but the behavior of her back saws fairly normal for great whites. >> typical. ap of these big shocks is one of wariness around people. and so even though you might be curious. they're also wary. and so the army that you see aggressive
8:42 pm
behavior is typically when they're actively foreign to. >> rebeck says he was unnerved and overwhelmed by the experience but never felt in danger. if she wanted to take me. she was she would have taken her demeanor was just curiosity. he just came out to look to see what i was i imagine you're you're not officially right definitely a story to tell bryce moore reporting for us tonight. >> still to come, tonight, sports. up next, an for tries to avoid its 6th straight loss, but they would have to beat the 6th rain. fighting irish to do. and kylen mills has the highlights still to come. >> and i'm rebecca strom in from a breeze around regus. i'm tracking warm temperatures and lots of sunshine for your
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>> the transportation and safety administration says it has recovered an alarming number of guns from passengers trying to get through airport security checkpoints across america. the news comes a week after the accidental discharge of a gun at atlanta's hartsfield-jackson international airport at that time. agents pull the passenger over for a second screening of his carry on bag when the gun discharged in boise. agents say they found 2 loaded guns this week agents in pittsburgh found their 32nd loaded gun this year. the tsa says the agency is seeing a 20 year high in the number of weapons that have been recovered. >> if you are traveling for
8:46 pm
example, with items that are not allowed in luggage. that includes things like self-defense items knives tools over 7 inches. we see those all the time. those belong in your checked baggage. >> agency adds that 80% of the weapons and the guns that they find are indeed to load it. if you're flying home from their thanksgiving destinations. the tsa says there are some rules about the leftovers that you can bring on the plane. turkey ham prime rib and chicken are all okay side dishes are also ok, but keep in mind that the feast will have to be ex right. it's a liquid you'll make sure to put it in a checked bag. so it doesn't actually have to be carried onto the plane. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast and live look at sfo that place will likely be likely be plenty busy tomorrow as folks are flying back home and find back trying to get home from their thanksgiving holidays in destinations. so the weather
8:47 pm
will be perfect for those flights as well. kron 4 meteorologists rebecca strong and tonight, former bree so with a look at what's on the way. >> and jonathan, the airports, of course, going to be busy tomorrow as well as the roadways. the bay bridge toll plaza approach probably will be a little bit pact is start traveling in heading back home. right now, though, things are great it because the visibility so good clear skies around the bay area right now and the temperatures slowly starting to drop 50's and mostly 50's. a couple of 60's. those scattered throughout the bay area 59 in san jose right now hayward, you're currently 61 57 in oakland 55 in concord, 60 degrees in downtown san francisco. 50 already in san and sal mo. we're looking at a high pressure continues dominate the bay area. bringing us said the warm afternoon conditions and a whole lot of sunshine. and it's also keeping the rain away from the bay area, though we do need it. we're going to see some light winds during the overnight hours and things will start to calm before picking back up as we get into
8:48 pm
early tomorrow morning into the afternoon hours. just light winds. so just be aware of that tomorrow afternoon highs. a very similar to what we saw today. 70 degrees in oakland tomorrow 68 with a whole lot of sunshine in downtown san francisco livermore. you'll be at a high of 68 degrees. 72 in fremont. we're expecting 73 in san jose and morgan hill, the north bay mid 60's up to the early 70 70 degrees in napa and santa rosa expecting tomorrow. this is a great 70 around the bay forecast will feel like 70's and sunshine. we're going to be seeing as we wrap up the month of november. starting december first. that's wednesday. look at that temperatures in the 70's. we'll take it for now. 40's 50's for the overnight lows. there might be a couple of 30's that we will start to see during the middle of the week. but we're going to wrap up next week on 70's and then the drop just a bit as we get into next weekend. >> and now kron 4 sports.
8:49 pm
>> and up and down trip to the bahamas. the seventh-ranked stanford women's basketball team had another daunting task today. the cardinal face second-ranked, maryland. this afternoon. the ladies looking to bounce back after a close loss to south florida yesterday. they bounce back and then some guard. hannah jump came out on fire, getting this. >> 3 pointer to beat the first-quarter buzzer. the cardinal lead 20 to 15 after one 2nd quarter fran believe he gets the hoop inside and stanford has doubled up maryland 3417. >> believe he had 15 points. by the way. 3rd quarter haley jones converts the tough and one on the reverse layup jones had 15 points and 13 boards and of the 3rd jumped with a nice reload here. it's another trey. she had 7 of them for 21 points. the cardinal run away from maryland 8667. that is the largest margin of victory over a top 2 team in program. history. stanford heads back home with a break until their next game. they take on
8:50 pm
pacific on december 12th, the cal women taking on mississippi in the championship round of their raising the bar invitational. all 4 teams. the tournament are coached by black women. jay to curry the fabulous freshman. rolls in nice. 3, unfortunately is the only one she made. she went one of 10 from beyond the arc. ole miss was hitting from the tips, collins with the trade there to end the 1st half rebels up 12 at the break. 4th quarter had a son, scott put it on ice with the and one inside. she had 12 points and 11 boards. cal takes its first loss of the season. 6445 the golden bears fall to 5, 1, on the season they host fresno state on thursday. stanford hosting number 6, notre dame honoree captain andrew luck posing with john lynch here a couple of cardinal law comes on senior night. but this game was all irish jack coan finds tight end george tactics for the 2 yard score. 14 zip notre
8:51 pm
dame. it was 24 nothing at the half 3rd quarter now stanford finally showing some signs of life running back austin jones powers it in from 5 yards out. 24 7 stanford on the board. that was about it, though. notre dame's backup, qb tyler the read option here takes it. 33 yards to the house irish cheerleaders and fans doing push-ups as the points piled up. notre dame roles 4514. that's the 6th straight loss for court for the cardinal. the longest losing streak in 15 years for stanford. viking quest is on tomorrow. no, i'm not talking about the sci-fi show starring johnny drama on talking about the forty-niners quest to take down minnesota and solidify their nfc playoff position. that wasn't on trash reference. by the way, the 5 in 5, 9, or so. still 5 in 5 vikings tomorrow morning in a crucial game for both teams. minnesota's defense is the 5th worst in the nfl in total yards and rushing yards allowed per game leaving the
8:52 pm
door wide open for san francisco forty-niners head coach kyle shanahan said he wants his offense to dominate on the ground like they have their last 2 games. shanahan said he believes that in general, the run game is the key to success. >> i think is when you can dictate it, you know. and that's the best way to dictate a game is to run the ball. you know that. and to do it, it's it's not just the running back. it's not line and it's not just the offense. i feel like when you can dominate a game through the run game. yeah. you got to have all that with the offense. but it's the whole team and teams that do that and not just once in a while, but team second when a lot of games doing that are usually teams that are extremely hard to be in any situation, a new condition and any type of game. >> police tell me that you watch on trash jonathan. >> you look it up. thank you, rebecca. please tell me you've got the reference, ali someone's a color, we johnny
8:53 pm
drama victory is like a critical line and just just google. it just all. see what i can do in the next hour. on clock. it has to show at 9 o'clock. >> okay. i will do kylen. thank you. >> still to come tonight, check this out. we'll let you know why. jolly saint nick. as a boyfriend in this a boyfriend in this commercial. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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than a million views since it was released on monday. that does it for us here on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock. don't go anywhere, though. kron 4 news at 9 coming your way in just a few moments. emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family.
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working from home means driving less, and now paying less for car insurance. with metromile's per-mile pricing... your rate is based on how much you actually drive. isn't that delightfully different? get your free quote at >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 he was always there for. >> anyone for anything. any time.
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>> no 1 o'clock a devastating day for us here at kron. 4 news, a big area. security guard shot while protecting one of our very own has now died tonight, a look at how kevin the sheet is being remembered and the new clues being released in the search for his killer. that is where we start this saturday night here on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock welcome. and i'm jonathan mccall. justine has the night off. it is indeed a very sad day for us here at kron 4 news as we mourn the loss of kevin. is she to the longtime law enforcement officer died from his injuries this morning. officials say that the shooter was shot wednesday while on assignment in oakland with the kron 4 news reporter oakland police say he was shot during an attempt to rob our reporter of her camera equipment medics rushed him to highland hospital where he underwent surgery. the shooter died from his injuries this morning. meanwhile, tonight there are new developments in the search for his killer. police are still looking for the shooter or shooters involved today,


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