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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 26, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> that breaking news out of the south bay tonight where police say an adult male was shot during a high school football game. it happened shortly before 9 o'clock tonight in the parking lot at and high school in campbell. police say the injury is not life threatening and there is no word on a suspect or a motive. and at this time there is no active threat to the community. according to police, the football game was between sarah high school and saint francis high school for the division. one championship. we received a statement from sarah high school just courses on the peninsula telling us said people inside the stadium are safe and the teams were able to resume play safely. we'll continue to monitor this story and bring you any information as it comes into our newsroom. >> and now to our other top story of the night another variant of concern. a new strain of covid-19 has been
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detected and it could be more dangerous than the others. thanks for joining us on kron 4 news at 10, everybody on vicki liviakis in for pam moore. and i'm ken wayne, fears of a heavily mutated form of covid-19, and prompted a dozen countries, including the u.s.. >> to restrict travel from 8 african countries where the highly transmissible. a home. a car on variant is spreading spreading mary beth mcdade brings us the latest on those restrictions as well as why the variant is causing so much concern. >> i cautions make sure there are no travel. to and from south over concerns of a new variant discovered in south africa dumped on the kron president joe biden announced he is suspending care travel from 8 south african nations. >> the travel ban goes into effect here in the states on monday but is already in place and the european union and the u k. >> we don't know. a lot
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happened the new variant was detected in south africa back on november 11th. >> and has already popped up in botswana, belgium and hong kong. health experts are urging more travel bans to prevent this variant from spreading even further to more covid-19 circulates. >> the more opportunities this virus has to change to mutate today. the world health organization held an emergency meeting to determine just how dangerous this new strain is early analysis showed that this right is a large number of mutations. >> that require and book on the goal for the study. it will take a few weeks for us to understand what impact this. ryan has so far they've detected around 50 mutations. >> which doctor anthony fauci says as experts fearing that this new variant may spread faster than others. >> and vaccines may not work against it. once you test it, you'll know for sure whether or not it doesn't does not.
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>> they the antibodies that we make. for example, against the virus to a vaccine. several vaccine makers are now testing their shots against on the kron. >> meantime, news of the new variant rattle the stock market. >> the dow closed down 905 points. but this new variant. >> at a south africa is clearly scaring a lot of them and is making investors fearful that the economic progress that much of globe has made its going to dissipate. >> that was mary beth mcdade reporting for us tonight. some local health experts say that they disagree with the travel ban arguing it is not the most effective way to contain the new variant. >> it may help a little bit in terms of slowing the emergence of the virus around the globe. but it's not going to stop it. the need at least 75% vaccination rate worldwide. >> to stop it. and so this just proves it is going to push us towards getting better vaccine. equity. >> president biden notes the
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u.s. has donated the most covid vaccines of any country in the world and is urging other nations to step up despite the new travel restrictions americans will still be allowed to return to the u.s. they just need to test negative before boarding their flight home. the fda says an experimental pill to treat mild to moderate cases of covid-19 is effective, but more input is needed. >> the agency posted its analysis of the bill today ahead of a public meeting set for next week outside experts will give their opinions over its safety. there are concerns about potential side effects in pregnant women and possible birth defects. the fda did note that the pill's maker merck did not collect as much safety data on medication as it did for other covid-19 treatments and lourdes. new covid variant spread just as people began their holiday spending on black friday. >> shoppers return to the malls in force and the christmas tree at san francisco's your daily square. it was lit up tonight for shoppers getting in the
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holiday spirit. the tree lighting was part of the holiday marketplace and christmas tree stroll shops were open and artists display their work for people to buy for the holidays, but under the trees. and it was also there to take some pictures with kids by the tree in the upper despite recent smash-and-grab robberies in the covid-19 pandemic. black friday shopping returned in a big way at san francisco's union square tonight. yeah. the start of the holiday shopping season is also seeing a bigger police presence in the city's popular shopping district. but first, dan thorn joins us now live from san francisco with more. hey, dan. >> hey, game camera. there are plenty of shoppers that are out trying to score those black friday deals at union square in san francisco. there was also a heightened police presence and a lot of those shoppers tell us that they felt more secure while being
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out there shopping in seeing those extra patrols out there and they also enjoyed seeing lots of people taking over the sidewalks and filling up the stores because it made things feel like they were normal again. >> among the thousands of black friday shoppers making their way through union square cops could be found on nearly every corner. if you're a criminal, you don't want to come. san francisco police are out in full force as the sidewalks and stores have been taken over by people eager to score a deal. the police presence comes after smash and grabs have terrorized bay area shopping centers. the visibility of police has been comforting. it makes you feel safer walking around what's going on in world today. yeah. a lot safer. this is the biggest police presence i've ever seen. the pandemic took a lot of the air out of last year's black friday excitement. many stores decided to close on thanksgiving day and capacity was very limited inside to allow for physical distancing this year. it was much different. there's a lot more people out right now.
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hopefully the mask kind that we're all out here trying to get the same deals, get shopping done. early peek at the big crowds might make it challenging for everyone to get what they're looking for. but the experience of once again getting out and about in the heart of the city's shopping district is worth it for many. this is what i miss after the last year. i love it. well, it's expected those extra patrols will be hanging around throughout the holiday season there in union square. >> san francisco's district attorney boudin announced earlier this week that 9 people are now facing felony charges in connection with that robbery at the louis store last week. reporting live in san francisco, dan thorn kron 4 news. yeah. encouraging to see people out and about. thank you, dan. there was a also a big police presence at the gilroy premium outlets for this black friday that included officers on horseback. >> one shopper tells us he
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witness security and home depot chase a man as he fled the store with a shopping cart full of merchandise. it's not clear if that man was caught apart from that isolated incident. most of the shoppers we talked to today said they were not concerned about the recent rise in retail crime. >> i do. you i was okay and thinking about it now. more like i just want to go home because it's so the line surprise you. >> and yeah, because it wasn't like this last year. i mean, i get because covid everybody was indoors. >> and after the turn out for black friday shopping. a number of local stores might see some large crowds of shoppers for small business saturday. according to a survey by lendingtree almost half of americans are planning to shop at small businesses this weekend. 63% of consumers say the pandemic has strengthened their loyalty to small businesses. experts estimate more than 20 billion dollars will be spent nationwide. just tomorrow. >> u.s. postal service says is
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better prepared for the surge in mail. this holiday season compared to last year. officials estimate about 25 billion pieces of mail will pass through its system through january 1st the agency says it's now ready for the challenges presented by the pandemic. >> we've been preparing for this all a day since the last holiday season and it so we've got everything in place. we do this every day. we have the trucks. we have the personnel. we have that the rolling stock and equipment to move and they'll we're going shouldn't be in plaque impacted by the supply get everything delivered. >> the usps hired about 40,000 seasonal workers and leased about 7 and a half million square feet of additional space to help meet the holiday demand. >> new at 00:00pm tonight it is ski season in the sierra. but this year not every resort is opening its slopes for the holiday weekend. several resorts and to push back their opening days because of the warmer and of course dry weather. but people did enjoy
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winter sports, at least at one taco area. >> gurajpal sangha shows us how morial was able to open its doors today. >> it's a timeless tradition. that continues. blast with it or without mother nature going to come in and but it's here. hundreds of skiers snowboarders took advantage of the opportunity on this black friday. the stretch, the floor. >> the snow is not as hard as i thought it would be. >> and this isn't the real stuff for lot of resorts like boreal starting making manmade snow, especially earlier this week as the temperatures were favorable you rather have something than anything is better than nothing. >> oreo whose work hard work, making this winter wonderland come to life again. the resort opened a few weeks ago after the historic bomb cyclones but
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were forced to close due to warm temperatures. with the portion of them out in open. you know, it's fake it's pretty nice, you know, to get some practices. people of all ages soaked in the fun in no masks, no social distancing everything starting to feel normal again. and the next step it snowballs into good times. staff all year now just pray for snow. >> and that was garage. paul signed up reporting for us tonight. palisades tahoe also opened this weekend. but not fully explain why you can and the dark there you can see snow around the resort there were several glock grassy areas, though, with nothing on top of it might take us some time before that area sees more snow. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with the sierra not look. toogood know drove through there a few weeks ago
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and they even then didn't have a ton of snow up there. >> but then you get all the warm temperatures on top of that. now we've got some issues as far as the snow is concerned and doesn't look very promising, at least in the short term. the next 7 to 10 days or so out there looking at the past their daughter and well things open and clear. that's the good news is we haven't had anything to worry about the weather wise. but well, we'd like to get some snow up there this weekend doesn't look like that's going to happen. look at these temperatures just about spring-like as we get into saturday and sunday temperatures moving up in the upper 50's low 60's and staying sunny throughout the weekend. the forecast models not looking bright either. you see the clouds moving through tonight. those some high clouds up above as we roll into time here as we head toward the beginning of this next week. yeah. staying dry up there. maybe some fog developing in the central valley. and then as we head through time, you see these weak systems kind of flow through not bring in the snow in the sierra nevada, keeping things dry in the high country
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right through next week and into next weekend as well. after that, there's a side of the pattern may begin to shift more towards some wet weather may be some snow in the high sierra nevada. keep our fingers crossed that you got to get away for this holiday weekend. and you looking good. sfo oakland san jose. no delays being reported there as you head toward the monterey bay. you've got some sunshine and temperatures very comfortable 69 degrees connell by the sea 73 in carmel valley 65 degrees in monterey. beautiful weekend in monterrey area and so looks like southern california also looking nice. winds coming down a bit 7070 expect the high tomorrow in los angeles. 79 in pasadena and 72 degrees. as you make your way into san diego. high country still going to be cool up their numbers in the 50's as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. but we're going to 61 degrees in reno. 62 in carson city. so we do have some changes in the were. so we have a cold front that's moving through right now. you see it kind of sliding into the state really
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just being true to part by that strong dome of high pressure overhead. so once those clouds moved through high pressure going to likely re strengthen again, then temperatures are going to start to warm up as early as tomorrow up there right now, we have had a change in the wind pattern instead of getting that offshore wind that we're getting a little bit of an on shore breeze and that's good news. if you don't like the cold nights that brings up the moisture content in the atmosphere that keeps the atmosphere from cooling off so much so instead a lows down in the 30's. we're probably looking at lows in the 40's for tonight. so that's the positive side, the downside right now just can't buy raindrop here. we can't buy a snowflake in the sierra nevada. and unfortunately right now looks like it will take till around the 8th around 10th of december before we're going to see a change in the weather pay. i know there's one kind of scheme that they can do waters. there you go. get out those waters keys again for a while anyway. and that's yeah, yeah, yeah. all right. thanks, lauren. now to a terrifying scene for black friday shoppers at a north carolina mall.
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>> somebody opened fire inside the building striking 3 people including a 10 year-old child. 3 other people were injured while police evacuated that mall. authorities say a fight broke out between 2 groups of people who knew each other and it's believed that the child was hit by a ricochet bullet. most of the people fled the scene. but one person was detained for questioning. >> in southern california. suspected intruder was shot and killed trying to enter the marine corps recruit depot in san diego today. officials say the suspect approached a checkpoint on the base. got out began walking toward the marines with a knife. those gate guards reportedly warned the person to stop several times before they opened fire killing the suspect. the shooting happened just before noon and the suspect was pronounced dead. 12:16pm. we're told the naval criminal investigative service is looking into the deadly shooting. colorado congresswoman lauren boebert
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is being condemned on twitter for sharing an anti muslim story during a recent conference. the story was aimed at a fellow member of congress and muslim congresswoman omar in the anecdote. boebert told the audience about an encounter with omar describing the meeting as, quote, not my first squad moment. house democratic leaders issued a joint statement condemning congresswoman boebert's comments, quote, leader mccarthy in the entire house republican leadership's repeated failure to condemn inflammatory and bigoted rhetoric from members of their conference is outrageous. we call on the republican leadership to address is priority with the congresswoman and to finally take real action to confront racism. boebert has since apologized on twitter for those statements. president biden attended a christmas tree lighting in nantucket, massachusetts with his family. >> before the event. he was seen out and about surrounded by security staff talking with that residents in visiting stores. the president watched on as the tree was lit up. and
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people applauded and carol are saying christmas carols, vice president kamala harris. meanwhile, state and washington, dc for the holiday weekend where she will attend the lighting of the national menorah on sunday to kickoff hanukkah has been second gentleman. doug emhoff is the first jewish spouse above president or vice president in u.s. history. the 90th annual california state capitol tree lighting ceremony is set for next thursday. >> governor gavin newsom and first partner jennifer siebel newsom will host a celebration starting at 5.30, in the evening. the oakland interfaith gospel choir in san francisco. men's chorus are among the performers this year. 6 year-old patty a s month from dublin was selected to light the capitol tree with the governor and the first partner. >> still ahead tonight kron, 4 news at 10, a brazen burglary on the peninsula where police say this man broke into a home and how he got away. a great escape leads to a great influx of donations. how an injured bear cubs adventure.
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>> turned into hundreds of thousands of dollars for lake tahoe wildlife center. also the world of musical theater. morning. tonight, one of broadway's most revered song writers. stephen sondheim. >> has died. we're going to take a look back at his luster his career. >> and take a look at this really senseless attack. an unsuspecting driver hit by a rock with the man caught on camera. hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds
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>> police in portland are searching for this man who as you can see, is caught on camera throwing rocks at a passing vehicle happened yesterday. that rocket the driver's side of the windshield shattering the glass. a witness shot the video after noticed a man acting a radically knocking on car windows as they stopped in traffic and trying to open several doors. handles witnesses say they think the man came from a nearby homeless camp. police have not been able to find him and no arrests have been made. police in indianapolis are looking for a carjacker and they have a very good clue as to who the suspect is. the man. >> inadvertently took a selfie on the victim's phone before he tossed out the window. police tracked it. they found in about 15 minutes away from where he stole a woman's car at gunpoint as she got the phone back. she found the suspect's picture on it in told police i looked and i was got. >> was like that's a person. not literally rob me today and
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took my car. i don't know how far is going to get. there's 250,000 miles on it. >> victim says she's worried about losing her car. what's in it. she says she just wants the suspect off the streets before he does something like this again back here at home on the peninsula. belmont police are searching for this man after he was caught on camera in the back yard of someone's home. >> as kron four's. gayle ong tells us police believe the suspect is connected to other burglaries in the area. >> belmont police are looking for this man. home security cameras captured his photo seen in someone's backyard in the area of casa bone avenue and corona at boulevard tuesday around 1215, in the afternoon. a neighbor didn't want to show her face. but explained what happened when she got home the neighbors asked me to go check on the house because the alarm was going off. and i. come to find out the guy that was sitting in front of my house was the one waiting to pick up the guys that broke into their house and get away. the neighbor says the suspect took off with laptops and
10:24 pm
remembered seeing a light colored vehicle outside her home. police released a photo of a vehicle of interest, a silver 2021 jeep compass with a california license plate number. rv, the 3, 5, 2 police believe the suspect is connected to other burglaries in the area and are asking residents to review security cameras for any suspiciou- activity. longtime residents say they will be paying close attention. we have the ring camera and then we always try to leave a light on our cars and our driveway. but i mean, this is a safe neighborhood. it seems really scary. we've got a little kid. so. >> 7, really something to be worried about. so what can i do? you know, i don't go anywhere. >> and to pay attention and i watch out. that's all i can do. my home has a security system. i homeowner. >> which i haven't bothered to conduct it. i'm definitely going to go ahead and do that. and the belmont police department is reminding the community that that's and burglaries are common around the holidays.
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>> and to take extra precaution. securing your homes vehicles and valuables reporting from belmont. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> next. a tenant rescued from drowning in san francisco. how officials say a quick thinking firefighter may have saved its life. >> these kids are especially thankful for everything that they have because it's been a rough couple can't then i can kind like on the swing. >> plus students at a california school giving thanks this week. why they're especially grateful after the recent wildfire season. and we've got clear skies around the bay area. now this weekend is going to be special. take a look at that. a long way. forecast is coming up next. also honoring the 9 lives lost in a mass shooting at vta railyard earlier this year after the break. what's being done to support. >> family members of the victims, especially as the holidays approach.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> today marks a solemn milestone in the bay area on this day 6 months ago, a gunman shot and killed 9 of his co-workers had a vta railyard in san jose. before turning the gun on himself. it was the deadliest mass shooting in bay area history and family members of the 9 victims say it's a day they'll never forget. well, today the agency held a memorial for those 9 employees honoring their lives kron four's amanda hari shows us how the community is still supporting
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those who are. >> hit hardest by the shooting. >> a virtual candle lighting held for vta employees as well as the public. it's a reminder that those lost in the shooting at the rail yard will not be forgotten. >> it happened 6 months ago on may 26 absolutely. people. >> our impact in 6 months later. for the most part, nancy bull penrod is the director of the counseling team international. >> it's a group of mental health professionals that provide 24 7 intervention during a tragedy they responded to the vta shooting. full penrod says if people have a strong support system. they may be able to process the tragedy. but for others it can be more difficult make a home for gray walls. they don't seek. >> type of support, whether it's in a group friends or the in counseling in a hard time dealing with that.
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>> but events like this are small way to help pastor bruce reyes spoke at the candle it he's personally been impacted by gun violence us 13 years ago my brother-in-law was killed in a workplace shooting. he tells me this time of year can be especially difficult for those impacted by this we know all too well what this is like, especially around the holidays. >> it's been over a decade. the greece still sneaks up on you. he believes this type of event is important not only to remember the victims. >> but to bring awareness to mental health issues and gun violence continue to make visible these kinds of situations. if we're going to make any headway. >> in trying to stop them in the future. the director of the counseling team tells me it's perfectly fine. >> if you are someone that is still struggling because of the vta shooting. she says
10:31 pm
there are ways to get help. some of the example she gave were join a support group, go to counseling journal or just practice self care in san jose amanda hari kron 4 news. >> gilroy police say they're investigating a drive-by shooting that left a man dead. it happened wednesday around 06:00pm in the area of leaves of the road and monterey street. police say 2 people are sitting in a car when they were both shot by someone in a passing vehicle. officers and paramedics quickly arrived on the scene. but police say despite their efforts. one of the victims died at the scene is only been identified as a 43 year-old man from sacramento. the other victim was taken to a hospital and is expected to recover. >> in the east bay, a reward has been increased to $25,000 for any information that will lead to the arrest of the suspect who shot a kron 4 security guard during an attempted robbery of one of our crews, the shooting happened on wednesday at the intersection of 14th and harrison in oakland near the
10:32 pm
12 street bart station. this is video from the citizen app is showing the scene. police say the incident was an attempted armed robbery to steal camera equipment. the guard is now recovering in the hospital. officers later found an additional victim involved in the incident. a berkeley man who was also transported to highland hospital for treatment. that man was hit by bullet shrapnel. according to police, he has since been released from the hospital. our reporter was not physically injured. >> take a look at this. the aftermath of powerful santa ana winds in los angeles. the winds toppled trees and brought down power lines leaving many residents in the dark southern california edison shut off power to thousands of customers yesterday as a precaution. the gusty winds and the dry conditions made for high fire danger there. they didn't get the rain we did in october. the good news is no fires were reported in all power has since been restored. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk about these
10:33 pm
conditions. yeah. we call the diablo winds, the offshore flow. they called the santa ana's there they come racing over the mount off there. >> santa monica mountain range and making the very blustery gusting over 50 miles an hour. backed off tonight. you're still seeing a little bit of an offshore wind. you see some areas. they're near 1000 oaks. we're still seeing some gusty winds there. but along the coastline, we're beginning to see change more of an on shore breeze. and that is some good news for them. i think as we head through time here, things are going to really calm down throughout the weekend and red flag warnings have come to an end. fire danger come to an end, at least for now. but likely will return high pressure now building in across the state after weakening just slightly that ridge is going to be the dominant feature here coming up. and that means likely going to see more of those santa ana winds blow in the next 7 to 10 days. calm conditions around most of the bay area right now, kind of hazy evening developing outside as we get ready for the weekend. here's the long-range forecast model and you'll see the well, you can already see all that green headed toward the pacific northwest. and there you go. they're going to get pounded
10:34 pm
by another round of some heavy rainfall there. well, we're sitting here on the south side, you can see that dome of high pressure overhead keeping us dry. just a couple of passing glances at some high clouds. another front comes through on monday, but weakens as it moves into the state leave behind again, some high clouds and then yet another one on wednesday of next week. only to leave behind just a few clouds and no raindrops for us. and that focus again. high pressure just really dominating and building back in all the way through next weekend into the following weekend. so things are looking high and dry now, but don't give up hope just yet for rainfall, and january and february. really the heart of the rain season got a long way to go. high pressure taking over. but for now, enjoy that sunshine while we temperatures up in the 70's throughout the weekend and a good part of next week. all right, lawrence, take a look at this. san francisco firefighters rescued a coyote from drowning in the marina green area today. >> officials say a group of people notice the coyote in the water. and alerted a
10:35 pm
nearby fire fighter who as you m can see there, made a lasso and was able to keep the animal's head above water until rescue crews arrived. the coyote named phoenix by the crew members was taken to a local local hospital be treated for hypothermia. but is expected to be ok and on the animal beat private donors have pledged to match $500,000 in contributions from million dollar expansion. >> at a lake tahoe wildlife rescue center and it's a big relief for staff and volunteers who say they were hit hard when a bear cub -urned in a summer wildfire is skate. the lake tahoe wildlife center was order to make repairs by state regulators after the cub named tamarac tunnel old under an electric fence back in august. 2 days later fallen tears photographed a cub playing to a tree in a nearby forest officials say they were convinced it was the same cub and they say he could fend for himself center spokesman says the new pledge mean see expansion should begin next year.
10:36 pm
>> and new at 10 as a students in the bay area were preparing to return to school for in-person learning this fall further north. some students were worried their schools wouldn't survive the wildfires that were tearing through their communities. karma dickerson shows us how one nevada county classes expressing gratitude for what was saved and. >> for something new to come. >> i'm for my house. show my gratitude every november and things we >> audrey delay dt just report graders about gratitude and grateful for. >> the friends. me. share make >> this thanksgiving especially this is the lady is finding her nevada county students are picking up that lesson in their own these kids are especially. i'm thankful for everything that they have because it's been a rough couple years in fact, the last
10:37 pm
time the chicago park elementary students had a normal school year. they were in first grade second and 3rd brought school closures and hybrid. learning this fall promise to return to normal. well. asked normal. but then a week and a half before school started. the river fire began to tear through placer nevada counties. i get really close to my house yeah. i got light next. or on a bus. >> front and the house. a little bit the fire burned over 140 homes and buildings, making it almost to the doorstep of chicago park elementary. we didn't know it cool and burned down or anything but the school in part because of efforts like this. >> firefighters dropping fire retardant on the campus a lot of. >> but steph, all over. >> and moving just as quickly to get it cleaned up. the school could start on time. they must have just worked around the clock, though not an inch of campus effects of
10:38 pm
the fire >> play and kind of and defense because they the red stuff was on it so that we can gone concern the toxins that contaminated the playground with chips. >> the school closed off the swing set until the cleanup work to be done. and as it turns out, this campus community has even more to be grateful for this week. i feel then i can kind like on the swings in nevada county karma dickerson. >> it is opening night broadway production of a christmas carol, here in san francisco. this broadway production of dickens classic because. >> won 5 tony awards. it was adapted by playwright jack thorne. we'll also adapted harry potter and the cursed child for the stage. the cast includes 7 actors from the bay area, including francisco, native a sam fosse teen. he says a very emotional to return to the stage after being shut down for months because of covid.
10:39 pm
>> it's it's moving for all parties. and the audience and actors as and especially with this story, which is kind of a story of redemption rebirth and renewal. the timing is particularly and that just makes it kind of more emotional for everybody who is >> a christmas held its premiere at the golden gate theater. it will run through december 26th the world of musical theater has lost a broadway giant composer stephen sondheim died early this morning at his home in connecticut. >> the cast of company. dedicate this performance to you. >> west side story and company were just some of sondheim's legendary musical
10:40 pm
accomplishments that includes gypsies, sweeney todd and a funny thing happened on the way to the forum as the young composer. he was mentored by the legendary oscar hammerstein in new york city. sondheim ruled the broadway scene turning out hit after hit from 1970 to 1995 winning a tony awards. those close to sondheim say he worked right up until the very end. he was 91 years old. >> still ahead tonight, this is not your average 8 year-old girl. why she's asking for a new van for christmas. plus his force cow women's basketball team looking to remain undefeated and be a voice for change this weekend. >> kylen mills explains how the tournament, the golden bears are hosting is raising the bar and celebrating your heritage through food. up next, the bay area. chef is making sure her family's history will n today marks nativ
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american heritage day here in the bay area. we're on the land of many tribes, including loney. >> all week long. we have highlighted local efforts by indigenous people preserve their languages and their cuisine. harper's ella sogomonian introduces us to a chef in the east bay. preserving native ways of preparing food. >> a local chef crystal celebrated the grand opening of her restaurant la kitchen in oakland just in time for native american heritage month. her ancestors are from the kickapoo nation of oklahoma. but she was raised in the east bay. she
10:44 pm
incorporates california native produce in recipes like bison blue corn meatballs salmon salad stops with berries and a kick up chilly. her goal is to preserve her culture in this indigenous space. that is welcome to everyone and her inspiration is community and family. i grew up in the inner tribal friendship house. and that's where. >> it's located here in oakland in that some were a lot of different tribes celebrate their cultural and foods and things like that. but i must say the most is my grandma. there's in my and keys. it was tellis day. it's a family tradition that how we harvest corn, how we could get just for birthdays are how it's could just for any holiday or even just a gathering and that's something that is very cultural traditional into our family. so i love hartenstein native foods. >> chef takes pride in passing down these recipes from previous generations and says it brings her joy to see
10:45 pm
people from all walks of life come through that door. but especially when she sees her elders who say they never thought they would see a business like this open in their lifetime. she also hopes the native american children who end up trying the food are inspired to embrace their heritage in oakland. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >> vice president kamala harris also marking native american heritage day tweeting, quote, we celebrate the contributions of native peoples and honor their influence on our nation. we will continue to uphold responsibilities and strengthening the sovereignty in advance tribal self-determination. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the warriors taking on the trail blazers at chase center tonight as the late football coach dan devine. one said no one, i mean, no one comes into our house and pushes us around the dubs made that clear warriors star steph curry
10:46 pm
ready to go. tonight was dance moves better here than the irish jig we saw during wednesday night's game. look it up. if you haven't seen it straight to the 2nd quarter. we go. jordan pull in transition to curry who nailed that one from deep golden state takes a 4842 lead. >> host who are shelling. i love it later in the we're starting to break this game open forward. draymond green setting the screen fact of curry's another one from downtown curry finished with 32 tonight just over 2 and a half left in the 3rd quarter ford want us cano henderson back in the for huge 4th quarter on wednesday. hearing gets loose and does it again. the slam slim it like you mean it jta the dubs go up 80 to 63 late in the 4th chef curry, a ry himalayan curry was cooking tonight. one, 18, one. '03, warriors. the final score oakland native and blazers all-star damian lillard with an off shooting night. the dubs have now won 10 straight at home. something all the
10:47 pm
players said after the game is important to this team, the warriors head to la now take on the clippers on sunday. and the san jose sharks taking on that rondo maple leaves. tonight. the sharks looking to win their 3rd straight. but toronto scored early and often they defeat san jose. >> 4 to one center. nick bonino was the only shark to put one in the back of the net san jose is back in action on sunday facing the blackhawks in chicago also of note, the sharks announced today that general manager doug wilson will be taking a temporary medical leave from his job. we're told it is not covid related, but hopefully he gets well soon. the basketball team was looking to win their 5th straight and be a voice for change this afternoon. the golden bears are hosting the raising the bar invitational this weekend, which is aimed at encouraging diversity and inclusion in sports. all 4 teams. the tournament are coached by black women. how cool is that charmin smith has been at the helm for the golden bear since 2019 call-up play this afternoon taking on from an the freshman sensation
10:48 pm
jay tucker, a continued her dominant play 3rd quarter curry steps back. nails this one from deep. steph curry isn't the only curry who can ball in the bay area. jada curry also number 30 finished with 26 points. cal defeats from an 80 to 73 the seventh-ranked stanford women taking on 18th ranked south florida today at the are plumbing go championship tournament. this one came down to the wire. the final 20 seconds for cameron bring double double team tier kicks it out lacey whole from beyond the arc stanford takes ali 5352 made free through the next possession would give the cardinal a 2 point advantage with 5 seconds left on the inbounds bulls guard sydni harvey gets the ball in traffic under pressure. she puts one up. it's in south florida takes a one point lead. they would close it out stanford falls. 5754 the final. well, the forty-niners back at practice today working
10:49 pm
off that thanksgiving, turkey while getting ready for the vikings. the niners hold the final nfc playoff spot after new orleans lost yesterday. however, minnesota's also 5 in 5 injustice hungry to make the postseason coach. kyle shanahan said today the forty-niners will look to control the game on sunday by running the ball. shannon and and his players won't be running to any stories on black friday, though kron 4 had to ask about the big shopping weekend. here's what they had to say. >> you or your family participated black friday. cyber monday stuff. all. >> and what >> i try not to try to get involved in the black friday shopping. you know. >> as there's bay knew, they knew spend your money. not really know much for during the season's tough. but yeah, i get on line a little bit. maybe not. i that is when the black friday. probably college. the black friday i haven't haven't done that in a while.
10:50 pm
>> and so now everything is online. so you don't have to worry about getting out of stores gone running a walmart and target to stand in long lines so you don't have to worry about that anymore doing online now so. >> kudos, by the way, to sports reporter kate rooney i made harass those goofy questions and she came through
10:51 pm
i did some early shopping this year. one for you, one for me. awww. i love it. i got us a little something, too. yeah? yep. one for you and one for me. i love it! oh! actually, that was.. i love it! i like red. current eligible gmc owners get over 25 hundred purchase allowance on 2021 gmc sierra light duty crew cab models when you finance through gm financial. we are professional grade. gmc
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>> a little girl is a degenerative disease has a very special christmas wish when she hopes will come true
10:53 pm
to help her and her grandmother melanie townsend sat down with them both in their home in sacramento to find out how the community can show them support. >> tar. jane nelson is a unique kind of 8 year-old who loves doing handstands on the trampoline coal mine rainbow creating abstract pieces of art. it has her heart set on a certain professions. >> your view feature. we want be. is also a fighter and has been since she was a baby. she was born with la marque. ifo says a degenerative spinal deformity that curbs the back. >> making it nearly impossible to move her legs or feel from the waist down every day she relies on a very special woman to help her. i had all their life tar che's grandmother natasha pao's has become her full-time caretaker. it makes
10:54 pm
frequent trips to the shriners hospital here in sacramento to try and treat a disease that will affect her for the rest of her life. >> they see have ta. i they pay walking running any of that. climbing up on around or need since trainers will be giving a chair on monday but power ease it won't fit the car. she drives and now it will add to the growing number of challenges she faces daily the bigger she grows the data here. >> and i have put it in there and it didn't take it out. is just for him. >> with christmas right around the corner tar jay is asking for just one thing handicap accessible van with a lift to help her grandmother. we can use. it's
10:55 pm
>> it could play my chair own bag is it kind shot. but i knew that she wanted them because ali at my back hurts my and so you know, i say will outside of at this time it is that, you know, it's say i feel great. they too, these wedding. it for things mind night. >> while tar she has many things to be thankful for. she is hoping santa or one of his helpers. we'll give her an pals. the gift of a lifetime have at bigger and that was melanie townsend reporting for us tonight. >> a go fund me has been set up to help the family get a van and so far. >> they have raised over $2000. it's a start. i mean, the got a chance to run around in toronto's first snowfall of the season.
10:56 pm
>> he's pretty happy rocky broncos. owner admits dog is a bit obsessed with the snow. so had a blast when he got to run through the fresh powder and it's going to be a fun couple of days co because toronto's expecting about 8 inches of snow. this good for toronto. they have snow yeah, but we have what we got to santa santa is coming to town get of the snow was to do. here's your for fun things for the weekend. in fact. >> santa is coming on a riverboat. you don't see that very often the petaluma at 11:00am san expected to come to town temperatures. they're going to be in the mid 60's. a little warm for sent out. they're going to be some ac. but mostly sunny and nice and just a bit of a light breeze. how about this? if you're looking for holiday gifts. this is a good place to go for some stocking stuffers. they're going to the 29th annual holiday boutique that is going to be in san bruno that started 8 o'clock in the morning. they're going to have a jury. they're going to purses all kinds of knickknacks and fun gifts. if you're looking for that mostly
10:57 pm
sunny skies temperatures expected to be in the mid 60's. hey, you know what, you can take a picture with your pooch. how about that? and now on 7 take a 1, 2, and that's what they're doing in pedal and a pleasanton that's going to be at 6 o'clock in the evening on sunday. and don't forget about yeah. you may need one of these a little holiday fun run after all that turkey. yeah, they're going to be doing that. a nap toss that early tomorrow morning. 08:00am so all kinds of fun things to do during the holiday season. at least that's it for kron. 4 news at 10. have a good night and a great weekend. we'll see you monday
10:58 pm
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>> christmas shopping rush! >> why you might have trouble finding the hottest gifts. >> you have no pokemon? >> we have no pokemon cards. >> and... >> ice that i'm putting on my head. >> "inside edition"'s ann mercogliano takes a tumble on ice. >> i'm a little bruised up, little bit of a black eye, scratched, bump on my head. >> how to fall and ice without getting injured. >> you can hit the ground very hard and still be okay. >> then... >> what are you doing? >> the plus-sized influencer who says she was body shamed at the gym. >> what what point did you feel like she was fat-shaming you? >> plus, does eating a single hot dog really take 36 minutes


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