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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 26, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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at known this day was a large number of mutations and some of these mutations have some morning characteristics. >> now at 9, the world health organization identifying a new covid-19 variant today. travel bans and quarantine orders already announced all across the globe. and here in the u.s. for several african countries. good evening, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm ken wayne in for grant lotus tonight. mccrone variant has been classified as highly transmissible causing restrictions for travelers from southern africa and sending wall street into a frenzy on this black friday reporter jewel hillary has the story. the keys. >> get vaccinated, get vaccinated, get vaccinated. >> a crime makes headlines across the world. doctor damilola at a hammy and infectious diseases. doctor with swedish hospital has been monitoring the fast pace developments. what we know is that he has some changes which recalled mutations. believed
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to be associated with increased transmissibility and also re infection leaders at the world health organization are classifying. >> on the kron has a highly transmissible virus of concern. this is a variant that has been detected and reported to from our colleagues in south africa. there are fewer than a full genome sequences that are available. we don't know very much about this yet. the new variant is genetically distinct from beta and delta variant. but scientists don't know what the genetic changes. make it more transmissible or dangerous as international worry creeps n travel bans are taking effect starting monday. the biden administration will restrict travel from south africa, botswana, zimbabwe and several other african countries today european union nations agreed to impose a ban on travel from southern africa to counter its spread. additionally, the uk also
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banned flights from south africa and 5 other southern african countries and announced that anyone who had recently arrived from those countries would be asked to take a covid test. i think it's a it's a move in the right direction at this time, too. >> we really clear understanding of this new variants doctor anthony fauci spoke on cnn's new day a crime. >> he says u.s. officials are in close contact with south african experts in that there's no sign on the kron has entered the u.s. of course, anything is possible. we don't know that there's no indication that it is right now. >> it seemed to have been restricted. there was some cases. so originated in south africa and neck went to botswana and people who traveled and found out they were infected and one that had gone actually to a hong kong. >> as international scientists continue learning more about this new variant here in chicago doctor at a yummy encourages people to social distance wash their hands and
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avoid large gatherings. most importantly, though he says the only way out of this pandemic. it's getting everyone vaccinated. i think those were vaccinated. yes, you know, i've done the right thing. those were vaccinated should this is a call. >> for that again, this is another one for them to go ahead and get vaccinated. >> i was jewel. hillary reporting for us tonight. meantime, the cdc released a statement on the new covid variant. it reads in part, the cdc is continuously monitoring variants and the u.s. variant surveillance system has reliably detected new variants in this country. we expect on the kron to be identified quickly it emerges in the u.s.. meantime, a president biden says that he is already met with the members of the covid response team to evaluate their response to the new on the kron variant. in a statement released on the white house's website. president urged unvaccinated americans to get their covid vaccine. he also stressed the importance of getting a
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booster shot. the president also called for the release of intellectual property restrictions regarding the makeup of the vaccines to ensure they can be manufactured more quickly around the world vaccine maker moderna says its working rapidly to test its covid vaccine against the new on the kron variant. in a statement, it said in part, the recently described on the kron variant includes mutations seen in the delta variant that are believed to increase transmissible a t and mutations seen in the beta and delta variations that are believed to promote immune escape the combination of mutations represents a significant potential risk to accelerate the waning of natural and vaccine induced immunity. the new covid-19 variant put fears in the global stock markets causing steep drops. it was a shortened trading day at the new york stock exchange. you know, because of the thanksgiving holiday the dow tumbled 905 points. the nasdaq and s and p also lost more than 2% of their values
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investors fear that this new variant may lead to lockdowns again. investors are reacting to this new variant in a very similar way. they did to the initial coronavirus pandemic of march 2020. >> they have sold off airline stocks. you not a united airlines delta airlines and american airlines are down 7, 8, 9%, respectively. also, the investors are moving into stocks that benefited during the pandemic zoom communications is up 10% today. how on the exercise company is up 3% today. >> today was the worst single-day drop for the dow in over a year travel and energy stocks are also among the biggest losers with royal caribbean carnival and norwegian cruise lines all off about 10%. stay with kron 4 for the very latest covid information that includes finding the vaccine for children. >> along with booster shots. you can scan that qr code on
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your screen. it will take you straight to the special section on our website. that's at kron. 4. other news tonight despite recent smash and grabs in the covid pandemic. black friday shoppers returned to union square in the city. the start of the holiday shopping season is seeing an increase in security in san francisco's very popular shopping district. >> harper's dan thorn live for us in san francisco tonight and joins us with more from shoppers. dan. >> vicki and ken, there were plenty of shoppers out trying to get those black friday deals and union many of those shoppers telling us that the welcome that they are welcoming the side of the sfpd increased presence and they also liked seeing people all over the sidewalks and also taking over the stores because it made things feel normal again. >> among the thousands of black friday shoppers making their way through union square cops could be found on nearly
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every corner. if you're a criminal, you don't want to come. san francisco police are out in full force as the sidewalks in stores have been taken over by people eager to score a deal. the police presence comes after smash and grabs have terrorized bay area shopping centers. the visibility of police has been comforting. it makes you feel safer walking around what's going on in world today. yeah. a lot safer. this is the biggest police presence i've ever seen. the pandemic took a lot of the air out of last year's black friday excitement. many stores decided to close on thanksgiving day and capacity was very limited inside to allow for physical distancing this year. it was much different. there's a lot more people out right now. hopefully the mask kind that we're all out here trying to get the same deals, get shopping done early peek at the big crowds might make it challenging for everyone to get what they're looking for. but the experience of once again getting out and about in the heart of the city's shopping district is worth it for many. this is what i miss
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after the fall last year. i love it. well, it's expected that there will be extra patrols by sfpd throughout the holiday shopping season there in union square earlier this week, san francisco's district attorney chase abou dean. >> announced. the arrest of 9 people and felony charges for people that broke into that louis baton store last week. ken and vickie dan, one of the things people were asking for is more surveillance cameras, not just in union square but other parts of the bay area. they've been hit by these. >> smash-and-grab did you notice anything different beyond more police. i'm not really a mostly just i mean, it was kind of hard not to see police officers. they were. >> clusters of them on corners. there were there was an emergency operation center set up right there in front of the the macy's in terms of other surveillance and not really. but definitely more security guards that were
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hired by stores. you saw some boarding at at some of our stories. i know that in our reports that we did earlier this week the louis baton store has been all boarded up. some other stories and union square area. we're considering taking that that route as well. i believe that they did do that. the plywood and whatnot setting up, you know, in in case there is any sort of situation, but like the gentleman said in our report, i mean, it if you're criminal, it's probably not a good idea for you to go there right now because we're going to get caught really quickly. not only because there's cops everywhere, but because there's crowds of people everywhere. and the traffic is just awful in that area. >> yeah, we heard a little earlier today that there were more police than there are actual shoppers. i imagine that equation shifted a little bit as the day wore on. all right. well, did you give me something is question. you have time to build shopping break away for cyber monday. i should have got ice. i should have got you something. i'm more of an online shopping but i did end up helping out somebody today. okay. because i live in the east bay.
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>> so san francisco premium outlets are not that far away so they're all right. 20 minutes, 25 minutes. it will be great. don't sweat it. the worst idea ever and driving around the parking lot for about 40 minutes trying to find some place someplace. the part. i said forget this. i go to a neighborhood about a mile away. i parked there walk the mile and get my steps in school. i need to get do the mile back out and then head on back to my home. yeah. it was not a great experience overall. but you know, other people have the same idea. you're on the same wavelength. lot of folks out. yeah, a sign things are getting back to normal when cursing the parking and all that. thank you, dan. okay, dan. we'll get back to all right. all right. well, once again, a smash and grab this time again, in apparently made off some valuable merchandise. this happened. >> last night at a nordstrom in a mall in the canoga park area of los angeles county. and again, police say it was an organized theft involving 5
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people who stole 7 or 8 expensive purses. a security guard was sprayed with some kind of chemical irritant and that person was treated at the scene. >> not which want to hear a terrifying scene for black friday shoppers at a north carolina mall. police say that 3 people were shot and 3 more injured during a shooting inside the mall. responding officers found the people have been shot in an incident between 2 groups of people who apparently knew each other among those shot was a 10 year-old child who is hit by a ricochet bullet. >> stampede of people screaming. shut the door. our quick and we just have to people get back. i'll be to be told was that there was one shooter caught. >> police say that most of those involved with the shooting fled the scene after the incident. but one person is being detained. a weapon
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was recovered and police are interviewing witnesses. >> well, tonight marks 6 months since the vta railyard shooting in the south bay on may 26 9 people were killed in the deadliest mass shooting in bay area history. kron four's amanda hari attended a candletight and lighting this afternoon and talk with a counselor. explain small events such as these can really help the healing process. >> i spoke to the director of a counseling group that responded to the vta shooting. she says people here in san jose are likely still hurting 6 months later. but she says she's grateful to see the community doing things like this today to remember the victims as well as support those impacted by the a virtual candle lighting held for vta employees as well as the public. >> it's a reminder that those lost in the shooting at the
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rail yard will not be forgotten. >> it happened 6 months ago on may 26 absolutely. people. >> our impact in 6 months later. for the most part, nancy bull penrod is the director of the counseling team international. >> it's a group of mental health professionals that provide 24 7 intervention during a tragedy they responded to the vta shooting. full penrod says if people have a strong support system. they may be able to process the tragedy. but for others it can be more difficult make a home for gray walls. they don't seek. >> type of support, whether it's in a group friends or the in counseling in a hard time dealing with that but events like this are small way to help. >> pastor bruce reyes spoke at the candle he's personally been impacted by gun violence
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us 13 years ago my brother-in-law was killed in a workplace shooting. he tells me this time of year can be especially difficult for those impacted by this we know all too well what this is like, especially around the holidays. >> it's been over a decade. the greece still sneaks up on you. he believes this type of event is important not only to remember the victims. >> but to bring awareness to mental health issues and gun violence continue to make visible these kinds of situations. if we're going to make any headway. >> in trying to stop them in the future. the director of the counseling team tells me it's perfectly fine. >> if you are someone that is still struggling because of the vta shooting. she says there are ways to get help. some of the example she gave were join a support group, go to counseling journal or just practice self care in san jose amanda hari kron 4 news.
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>> powerful winds continue across southern california, toppling trees and bringing down power lines. thousands of southern california edison customers remain without power today until the utility issued preemptive outages this week to. >> try to prevent wildfires and no word yet on when their power will be turned back on the strong winds also toppled trees in granada hills that crushed a car reporter. erin myers shows us some of the damage. >> to the winds have definitely calmed down quite a bit today, but they were much stronger the past couple of days and cause quite a bit of damage. take a look at this sky on over here. tree landed on top of it. crews did remove that tree from the top of the vehicle was also all across the roadway. but now they still have to come out here and pick up the debris, which you can see over there. i can also show you the scene earlier. this is what it looked like. the tree on top of the sky and we're told by resident has happened here on the 17,200 block of hiawatha when the winds were much stronger a day or so ago, cruz
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once again out here this morning. they were able to move the tree out of the roadway quickly. but the damage already done. we spoke with the cousin of the man who owns the sky on. >> his car got, you know, crushed by the tree it was his very first car. so he was really heartbroken that she was teetering on the car because it was it just wasn't stable yet. so i guess now is going to come by and pick up his stuff. he didn't have report it to the city and. >> and that wasn't the only tree to come down. yesterday we saw wind gusts reaching 70 plus miles per hour in some areas leading to more than 70,000 homes and businesses having their power shut off to reduce the chance of power lines, falling and sparking fires. thousands were still without power. as of this morning. today, we could still see windy conditions but not as strong as the last couple of days. but you will want to take precautions. still be careful on the roads, especially in those high profile vehicles as for the fire danger. there is a red flag warning in place for parts of los angeles and ventura counties and the inland empire until 6 this evening with the dry windy and
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warm conditions if a fire starts, it can spread very quickly. fire departments have extra staffing in place and say to have an emergency plan and be ready to evacuate if asked. >> well, we're hills in the north end of the san fernando valley. but these winds pretty much all over southern cal. yeah. the santa ana is a really scary i'm we've had the experience we diablo winds up here, lawrence. yeah. and they continue to blow in some parts of the southland. now, but they're backing off a little bit. in fact, along the coastline begin to see that of an on shore breeze and that's what they need to catch break from all those strong gusty winds. but we're not done with the winds down there in southern california by any means. it's that time of year where we get those offshore winds. you get those santa ana winds. they're gonna blow again as we've got high pressure that is going to build back over the bay area. we're probably going to be talking about some of those winds as we get into next week. so fire danger still going to remain high there. red flag warnings have come down as you look through the night tonight in the forecast. you can see kind of a mixed bag of winds, almost a southerly component linked
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being up to the winds as we head in toward tomorrow. the more of an on shore flow again. so the gusty winds are done for now for them, for us. well, we just got some beautiful weather out there are high pressure overhead. you see that dome. you see some high clouds moving over the top. that ridge right now. it's a weak front by being shredded by that ridge of high pressure. so we had a sunset tonight as those clouds continue to move overhead as far as the winds are concerned, little bit of a sea breeze along the coastline. you see making its way through the golden gate bridge kind of a mixed bag inland right now. but i think overnight tonight we're going to likely see a return of at least a week offshore wind around the bay area. but right now it's fairly calm out there. one conditions get calm like this and it's very hazy and are big ridge of high pressure. tonight, not going to be as cold. that's the good news. the moisture content is up a little bit and we're not seeing that strong offshore wind, then that means we're going to be in for some temperatures instead of 30's we're going to be the 40's and that you got to get away forecast for if you're headed into or out of san francisco are looking good. no delays
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reported there oakland no delays either in san jose also looking good at this time. and to the monterey bay, we're going to see gorgeous weather there sunshine all day long about 69 degrees. going to shopping for the holidays in carmel. that's a beautiful day there at this time of year. 65 in monterey, 73 degrees in watsonville 73 also inslee this in carmel valley southern california. we talk about the winds begin to come down the temperatures still stay warm. 77 downtown los angeles about 78 in anaheim and 79 in pasadena in the high country we go. if you head up into the tahoe area like a lot of folks like to do at this time of year. almost spring-like conditions up there across the mountains as you're going to see temperatures up in the 50's getting closer to 60. i think as we head toward the afternoon or thing. you want to watch out for maybe some valley fog as you make your way cross sacramento valley could see some of that. the late night in the early morning hours. but if you're sticking around the tahoe area for the weekend. it is looking gorgeous temperatures up to the 50's low 60's through sunday, monday. staying dry.
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they're staying dry here too. take a long look at the forecast. can nail down a couple raindrops coming our way just it yet. we could use them to be nice. thanks for. all right. i love that rolls out in full force this weekend looking for dangerous drivers. we give you a live look at the san mateo bridge and see it's still pretty active for this time of night. the agency kicked off its holiday maximum enforcement period on wednesday. >> all available chp officers will be on patrol until sunday at midnight. they're looking for seat belt violations speeding, distracted driving and of course, signs of dui. and if you have plans this weekend around the bay area. you will not be alone getting around town. according to triple a the best time to hit the road tomorrow and sunday is before noon. the worst time tomorrow is going to be between 2, 07:00pm and then on sunday, the worst time will be between one and 07:00pm is that folks return from there. >> 4 day weekend. >> the christmas tree is san francisco's gear. dudley square was lit up tonight for
9:21 pm
shoppers getting in the christmas spirit. the tree lighting was part of the holiday marketplace and christmas trees stroll shops are open artists display their work for people to buy for the holidays. >> visitors we talked to say it felt good to get together this year. >> feels like we're part of the community like the greater bay area community. and i think that's really important, especially as go through these difficult times and i like it. so festive right now i feel like with covid. we haven't had a chance know the trees, right. look at the line for this is just a really great time to kind of you warm and >> and mister popular was there santa there to take pictures at the tree in the upper plaza and the kids are smile. that looks like a lot of fun coming up caught on camera. police in portland. they're searching for this guy seen throwing rocks at cars on the road. >> what witnesses say they saw happen before the cameras started rolling.
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>> plus new information on the hundreds of fedex packages that were found near a ravine. case is now turning into a criminal investigation and a brazen burglary in belmont, a suspect caught on camera neighbor share their concerns as police say this incident could be connected to other crimes.
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>> for a start to the holiday shipping season in alabama were deputies located hundreds of missing fedex packages that
9:25 pm
have been tossed down a ravine between 3 400 packages were located in western blount county. that's about 40 miles north of birmingham. this is on wednesday. >> i've been down there and i've seen it and there are several packages that may have even been more than one truck that came down here. we believe this is a deliberate act. >> that x released a statement saying, quote, we're trying we're taking steps to recover and transport the affected packages quickly as possible. investigators now trying to determine exactly how this happened. and take a look at this. police in portland are searching for this guy. watch what he does. here comes a car throws a rock right into the windshield. the boulder hit the driver's side of that windshield shattering the glass. a witness shot the video after he noticed a man was acting erratically knocking on car windows as they stopped in traffic and successfully trying to open several doors. this happened yesterday on thanksgiving around 02:30pm in the afternoon. witnesses say they believe the man came from a nearby homeless camp as of
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now, police say they have not been able to find the man and no arrests have been made. up next, the search is on for this man wanted in connection to a string of burglaries on the peninsula. details on where this is happening in the suspects. >> getaway car. plus green bay packers qb aaron rodgers boys trying to clear up some more confusing comments regarding his own health. why he felt he needed to explain and the laundry family attorney is revealing more information surrounding brian laundrie's apparent suicide. what they kept from the public and way. we're just now learning new
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>> brazen burglary in belmont. police now searching for this man right here after he was caught on camera in the back yard of someone's the burglary was reported tuesday afternoon. police believe that the suspect is connected to other burglaries in the area. kron four's. gayle ong spoke to the homeowner and some pretty concerned neighbors. >> belmont police are looking for this man. home security cameras captured his photo seen in someone's backyard in the area of casa bone avenue and corona at boulevard tuesday around 1215, in the afternoon. a neighbor didn't want to show her face. but explained what happened when she got home the neighbors asked me to go check on the house because the alarm was going off and i. come to find out the guy that was sitting in front of my house was the one waiting to pick up the
9:30 pm
guys and broke into their house and get away. the neighbor says the suspect took off with laptops and remembered seeing a light colored vehicle outside her home. police released a photo of a vehicle of interest, a silver 2021 jeep compass with a california license plate number. rv, the 3, 5, 2 police believe the suspect is connected to other burglaries in the area and are asking residents to review security cameras for any suspicious activity. longtime residents say they will be paying close attention. we have the ring and then we always try to leave a light on our cars and our driveway. but i mean, this is a safe neighborhood. it seems really scary. we've got a little kid. so. >> 7, really something to be worried about. so what can i do? you know, i just don't go anywhere. >> and to pay attention and i watch out. that's all i can do. my home has a security system. i homeowner. >> which i haven't bothered to conduct it. i'm definitely going to go ahead and do that.
9:31 pm
>> and the belmont police department is reminding the community that thefts and burglaries are common around the holidays and to take extra precaution. securing your homes vehicles and valuables reporting from belmont. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> a reward has been increased to try to help catch the person who shot a kron 4 security guard during an attempted robbery of one of our news crews. you know, the total reward now stands at $25,000. police say the incident was an attempted armed robbery to steal camera equipment. the shooting happened on wednesday at the intersection of 14th and harrison in oakland near the 12 street bart station and you're looking at video from the citizen app showing the scene there. the guard is now recovering at the hospital. officers later found an additional victim involved in the incident. a berkeley man who was also transported to highland hospital for treatment. that man was hit by a bullet shrapnel. according to police. he has since been released from the hospital. our reporter was not
9:32 pm
physically injured. 2 people are hospitalized with major injuries after their car slammed into a tree in palo alto. >> police say the vehicle was leaving an illegal sideshow that involved at least 4 vehicles. the activity is reported overnight at the east end of embarcadero road near the palo alto baylands nature preserve officers say when the police activated their emergency lights a red camaro sped off before crashing into a tree. both the driver and his passenger were seriously injured. police say neither was wearing a seatbelt. also their dog that was in the vehicle sustained major injuries and had to be put down the investigation is ongoing. >> go-fund me has closed a fundraising page for the man charged with killing 6 people at a christmas parade in waukesha, wisconsin. darrell brooks faces 5 counts of first degree intentional homicide after his suv sped through the parade route on sunday supporters had hoped to raise
9:33 pm
his a 5 million dollars bail. but published reports say a go fund me close the campaign for violating its terms of service. the company does not allow a fundraisers for people accused of violent crimes. brian laundrie's, parents discovered a handgun was missing when they voluntarily surrender, their firearms to law enforcement the same day they informed authorities that their son was missing that is according to the family's attorney, the laundries owned 6 weapons but only surrendered 5 to police. the family's attorney also said that the laundries cannot confirm whether brian was armed with one of their guns. and when asked why information about the missing gun was not publicly shared. the attorney says that he and law enforcement agreed. it was best for that information not to be made public. police found his remains on october 20th. his death was later ruled a homicide by firearm. brian laundrie was never charged in the murder of his fiance. gabby petito. but he was the sole person of interest.
9:34 pm
>> green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers has a fractured pinkie toe not covid toe rodgers made headlines again after clearing up the issue that has bothered him since he returned from his 10 day quarantine earlier this month kaylee be sun has the story. >> i've never covid is over for him. no lesions on my feet. green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers attempting to set the record straight saying he does not have covid toe rather a toe fracture. the story was reported after rogers received a positive covid-19 test and this roger seen pass a show so good. and just a few and didn't have any lingering other than the covid. so rodgers also made headlines when he was asked in august, 26 media session, whether he had been vaccinated are you vaccinated what your >> yeah, i'm immunized. it turns out rogers wasn't
9:35 pm
vaccinated. however sought alternative treatments, rogers claims he's allergic to an ingredient in the moderna and pfizer vaccines and was concerned about reports of adverse effects from the johnson and johnson vaccine. he later apologized for being misleading. i misled some people about my status, which i take full responsibility of those comments. i'm >> you know, some sort of anti-vax latter, sir. and somebody is critical thinker. the nfl fined the green bay packers $300,000 in 2 of the team's players, including rogers nearly $15,000 for violating protocols. >> a handful of household names have also tested positive in recent weeks, including steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger and chargers defensive end joey bosa. the league is now urging clubs to offer drive-thru testing for players and staff members, family and friends visiting for thanksgiving,
9:36 pm
noting that all players coaches, trainers and others associated with team operations must be tested the monday and wednesday following the holiday. again. that was kaylie be sun reporting for us tonight. >> one of broadway's most revered songwriters has died. stephen sondheim died early this morning at his home in connecticut. he's best known for his work on broadway hits west side story, sweeney todd and gypsy. the tony winning pulitzer prize winning writer continue to work into his late 80's collaborating on a movie and 2014, his friends told the new york times that sondheim's deaths today was unexpected just yesterday. they were celebrating thanksgiving at his home. stephen sondheim was 91. >> retailers are ramping up security was shoppers out there in full force on the hunt for black friday deals where these horses were spotted. and saturday looking like it could be very a nice around the bay area. these temperatures going to soar
9:37 pm
check out those numbers. and or long range forecast coming up next, the cal women's basketball team looking remain undefeated and be a voice for change this weekend. >> in sports are kylen mills explains how the tournament, the golden bears are hosting the golden bears are hosting is raising the bar. i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another, so we chose xarelto®, to help keep you protected. xarelto® is proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt or pe blood clots from happening again. almost 98% of people did not have another dvt or pe. don't stop taking xarelto® without talking to your doctor, as this may increase risk of blood clots. while taking, a spinal injection increases risk of blood clots, which may cause paralysis. you may bruise more easily or take longer to stop bleeding. xarelto® can cause serious and in rare cases, fatal bleeding. it may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. get help right away for unexpected bleeding or unusual bruising. don't take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor about all planned
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> 30 for number 30 tonight, steph curry and the warriors taking on the trail blazers at
9:40 pm
chase center as late football coach dan devine. one said no one, i mean, no one comes into our house and pushes us around the dup's made that clear warriors win it one 18 1. '03. the final score. they've now won 10 straight at home. ford van louis talked after the game about how important it is to defend their house. so far this season. they've been successful. highlights will be coming up at 10. the basketball team was looking to win their 5th straight and be a voice for change this afternoon. the golden bears are hosting the raising the bar invitational this weekend which is aimed at encouraging diversity and inclusion. all 4 teams in the tournament are coached by black women. how cool is that charmin smith here. she's been at the helm for the golden bear since 2019 cal opened up late this afternoon taking on from an the freshman sensation jada curry continued her dominant play 3rd quarter curry steps back nails this one from deep. steph curry as the only curry who can ball in the bay area.
9:41 pm
jay to curry also number 30 finished 26 points. cal defeats from an 80 to 73 the seventh-ranked stanford women taking on 18th ranked south florida today at the bottom are hoops pink flamingo championship tournament. this one came down to the wire. the final 20 seconds forward, cameron brink gets double teamed kicks it out lacey whole from beyond the arc stanford takes lead. 5352 a made free throw the next possession would give the cardinal 2 point advantage. >> with 5 seconds left off the inbounds bulls guard sydni harvey cats. it under pressure rises up from beyond the arc and she hits the trey south florida takes a one-point lead and they would close it out stanford falls. 5754 the final the forty-niners back at practice today working off that thanksgiving, turkey will getting ready for the vikings. the niners hold the final nfc playoff spot after new orleans lost yesterday. however, minnesota's also 5, 5, in just as hungry to make the
9:42 pm
postseason coach kyle shanahan said today the forty-ninerg will look to control the game on sunday by running the ball chan. the players won't be running to any stories on this black friday, though, on 4 had to ask about the big shopping weekend. let's take a listen. >> you or your family participated black friday. cyber monday stuff. all. >> and what >> i try not to try to get involved in the black friday shopping. you know. >> as there's bay new babies been your money, not really know much for during the season's tough. but yeah, i get on line a little bit. maybe that is when the black friday. so. probably college. the black friday i haven't haven't done that in a while. >> and so now everything is all lies. so you don't have to worry about getting out of stores gone right in the walmart and target to stand in long lines so you don't have to worry about that anymore doing online now so. >> by the way, the santa clara
9:43 pm
women soccer team defeated duke 2 to one today to advance to the ncaa women's college cup for the second straight year. they are 2 wins away from being back
9:44 pm
9:45 pm
>> police on horseback today patrolled the gilroy premium outlets on this black people. we spoke to say they felt comfortable being out and about today. kron four's rob fladeboe brings us up to date on the shopping and security in the south bay. >> extra security here at the
9:46 pm
outlet shopping center in gilroy included police on horseback. a good idea because horseback was among the fastest way to get around a strong of shoppers that turned out looking for black friday bargains i i guess one say it didn't make a more during the there was another security to as most people didn't seem too concerned about getting caught up in the organized theft occurring in shopping malls elsewhere in the bay area a little bit. >> we obviously came really earlier. we're going to be leaving really running out. i was okay and thinking about it now. more like i just want to go home because it's so crowded. haha, let management declined to comment on anything related to black friday. police did not respond to inquiries about its security detail, whether there were any reports of theft. >> one customer of the nearby home depot said he witnessed security chase another customer who left without paying for a car load of merchandise. >> it's just open the door in
9:47 pm
run out of the store. and they don't catch of this run of the street. >> security issues aside, black friday was back in a big way here at the gilroy outlets. amid what one merchant says is pent-up demand for the kind of deals not found online and it appeared a few shoppers left we got good view that i could >> that we have something 70. but the that's that's one thing we bought something at 90's that that we have to get the next good. >> right. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> after black friday shopping number of local stores might see a large crowd of shoppers for small business saturday. according to a survey by lendingtree nearly half of americans are planning to shop at small businesses over the weekend. they'll spend an average of $300.63 percent of consumers say the pandemic is strengthened their loyalty to small businesses. experts
9:48 pm
estimate more than 20 billion dollars will be spent nationwide tomorrow. >> well, the weather is not going to slow you down if you want to get out and about and do your holiday shopping. meteorologist lawrence going through his a christmas list. checking it twice not air nice. i got a lot on the naughty list as doubt around the bay area. tonight. it's mostly clear, although some high level clouds continue to move overhead. they're going to kind of provide kind of a blanket effect. >> keep the temperatures up just a little bit, not running a school and the moisture content, not as dry out there. we had a little bit on shore breeze out there toward the golden gate bridge. things are running along smoothly. now want to give you a look at the long-range computer models and of course we'd like to get that rain going. we had an incredible start to the season still running over 200, 200, 50% of normal, but you would like to get that rain back in our direction. but right now it is all headed up in the pacific northwest. they've had some tremendous flooding up there. they're going to get
9:49 pm
more of it. i think as they're going to see the series of storms just kind of rolling in and you see is the bay area and much of california were just kind that dome of high pressure it will weaken from time to time. you see some high clouds drift through. but then that ridge is so dominant right now. it will. bill right back in to see that front come through. there. another one comes through on wednesday. all that moisture still heading of the pacific northwest. we're left with a few high clouds, the watch. what happens that ridge. it's just re strengthens again, amplified. in fact, sending that rain line well to the north, all the way up into canada as we get lot of part of next week. so rain doesn't look too promising right now. but there are hints that around the about the 10th of december. maybe we start to get back in the summer. but that's a long way away temperatures around the bay area. tomorrow. look at 65 degrees in downtown san francisco, 67 in the mission about 62 it specifically with some sunshine and some fog moving in late in the day. 70 millbrae 71 in burlingame. beautiful. 70 a little bit hazy in brisbane. temperatures. going to be nice
9:50 pm
just about everywhere you go inside the bay. even the overnight lows, not going to be that cold tonight. we're probably looking at 40's for overnight lows and then by the afternoon we're in the mid 70's in some spots. 75 in fremont. 75 in union city, 74 live more 74 degrees in walnut creek 74 in concord. so you get the idea some nice weather a rounding out of the bay area, at least to start out the weekend. i think sunday going to be similarly warm as we're going to see high pressure. hold on. the fact probably in the next week. these temperatures staying above the average into the 70's saying dry. lots of sunshine out there and some dry conditions through at least next friday. so we're looking for the rain. but looks like this next week going to stay nice and warm and dry for now, that would be a delightful get to get the nice time for christmas. you want a little rain. yeah. might not but need the all right. and this just in, san jose police investigating a shooting. >> it happened right outside of football game at westmont high school police are asking fans to remain calm at the
9:51 pm
game. the shooting happened in a parking lot during the game certainly i'll let you know when we find out more. >> if shopping isn't for you. there are a few new movies in theaters. this holiday weekend. dean richards has a preview. >> i chill my life. it is an empire. you can have the family which is excites and everybody her least that's my main suite. >> our main. sweet face. >> the story of one of the best known names in fashion plays out on the big screen this week in house of gucci. it's a true story of colossal wealth and excess in power. the twists and turns like the lifestyles of the super rich reality show with one character. more over the top and interesting than the next. i think that's what i'd liked about house of gucci. it's a nighttime drum of the highest order only it really happened. lady gaga is back on the big screen in it playing a middle class social climber. we
9:52 pm
turner d law student adam driver who just happens to be the heir to the gucci fortune who wants nothing to do with his family's business a series of events and his very aggressive new girlfriend soon to be wife has other ideas. and here is where all the fun and tragedy began the plot thickens as more of the gucci's are introduced each with their own agendas and wild personalities. thanks to a fantastic supporting cast out. but, you know, jared leto, some hiking jeremy irons it's and sometimes messy and reminded me of watching the antics of britain's royal family or america's super rich. the story is a little long at just over 2 and a half hours. but it's interesting. stylish beautifully performed by dean's list. b plus only in for the family. there's the latest from the disney animation factory and condo. it's a magical story of a family that possess magical powers all except young mira
9:53 pm
bell believes her family's powers are waning. so she goes on a quest to find them in conto is uplifting fun and full of great messages. and even though it mostly doesn't break any new ground it does feature 8 original songs from hamilton creator lin-manuel miranda that adds to the positive vibes. it's a dean's list. b plus, only in theaters. and that screen is the origin story of the resident evil franchise in resident evil. welcome to raccoon city. a once thriving city is abandoned by its main employer. a giant pharmaceutical company when zombie evil is unleashed from below the surface. hope you have a great holiday weekend in chicago. i'm dean richards. >> up next, how a new restaurant in the east bay is preservin ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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>> today marks native american heritage day here in the bay area were on the land of many tribes, including the loney. yeah, we have highlighted local efforts by indigenous people to preserve their languages and their cuisine. local chefs. crystal, what book a celebrated the grand opening of her restaurant. what pape has kitchen in oakland. her ancestors. they are from the kickapoo nation of oklahoma. but she was born and raised here in the east bay she incorporates california native produce 10 in recipes like bison blue corn meatballs salmon salads. toss with berries and a kick
9:57 pm
chilly. we showed really tasty. her goal is to preserve her culture in this indigenous space. that is welcome to everyone. and our inspiration is community and family. i grew up in the inner tribal friendship house. and that's where. >> it's located here in oakland and that some were a lot of different tribes celebrate their cultural and foods and things like that. but i must say the most is my grandma. there's in my and keys. it was tellis day it's a family tradition that how we harvest corn, how we could get just for birthdays are how it's could just for any holiday or even just a gathering and that's something that is very cultural traditional into our family. so i love hartenstein native foods. >> well popeye's that continues in oakland's fruitvale district and it is open wednesday through sundays 09:00am until 02:00pm and that does it for us here at kron, 4 news at night. but our
9:58 pm
primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. black friday made a big comeback in the bay area. but with an extra police presence. >> why shoppers say they weren't deterred by the recent rise in retail crime pluses be classified as a variant of concern. a new strain of the corona virus has been detected and experts say it could spread faster than others. and vaccines may not protect i did g this year. one for you, one for me. awww. i love it. i got us a little something, too.
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