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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 26, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading this period should be classified as a variant of concern. >> another strain of covid-19 to keep an eye on what we're learning tonight about mccrone variant keeping customers safe during the busiest shopping day of the year. the stepped up security. >> following a recent string of smash-and-grab robberies in the bay area. >> after 8 people are impacting months later. for the most part honoring lives lost 6 months ago, a candlelight vigil awful held virtually this evening to remember the victims of the vta railyard shooting. thanks
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for joining us, everybody on kron 4 news at 8. >> i'm vicki liviakis. and i'm ken wayne today marks 6 months since the vta rail shooting on may 26 9 people were killed in the deadliest mass shooting in bay area history. kron four's amanda hari attended a candle light vigil this afternoon. she spoke with a counselor who explains small events like these can help the healing process. >> i spoke to the director of a counseling group that responded to the vta shooting. she says people here in san jose are likely still hurting 6 months later. but she says she's grateful to see the community doing things like this today to remember the victims as well as support those impacted by the a virtual candle lighting held for vta employees as well as the public. >> it's a reminder that those lost in the shooting at the rail yard will not be
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forgotten. >> it happened 6 months ago on may 26 absolutely. people. >> our impact in 6 months later. for the most part, nancy bull penrod is the director of the counseling team international. >> it's a group of mental health professionals that provide 24 7 intervention during a tragedy they responded to the vta shooting full penrod says if people have a strong support system. they may be able to process the tragedy. but for others it can be more difficult make a home gray walls. they don't seek. >> type of support, whether it's in a group friends or in counseling in a hard time dealing with that. >> but events like this are small way to help pastor bruce reyes spoke at the candle it he's personally been impacted by gun violence us 13 years
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ago. my brother-in-law was killed in a workplace shooting. he tells me this time of year can be especially difficult for those impacted by this we know all too well what this is like, especially around the holidays. >> it's been over a decade. the greece still sneaks up on you. he believes this type of event is important not only to remember the victims. >> but to bring awareness to mental health issues and gun violence continue to make visible these kinds of situations. if we're going to make any headway. >> in trying to stop them in the future. the director of the counseling team tells me it's perfectly fine. >> if you are someone that is still struggling because of the vta shooting. she says there are ways to get help. ave were join a support group, go to counseling journal or just practice self care in san jose amanda hari kron 4 news. >> big story tonight, a new
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covid variant has top u.s. officials on high alert. mccrone variant has been classified as highly transmissible causing restrictions for travelers from the southern part of africa and sending wall street into a frenzy on black friday kron four's rob nesbitt has been talking with infectious disease experts on kron. we go to him with more on what positions are saying. health experts say there's reason to be concerned, but no reason to panic kron vaccine rates having a big part in that and the department of public health reporting. no known cases of mccrone variant in california. mccraw may not be in the bay area but it's causing concern all over the u.s. the white house implementing travel bans for 8 countries in southern africa. >> a move that's drawing criticism from infectious disease. experts like doctor john swartzberg that's not going to help very much. it may help a little bit in terms of slowing the emergence of the virus around the globe. >> but it's not going to stop it. if the variant does spread to the u.s. he says worst case
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would be another shutdown, but that we already know the steps to avoid that masking social distancing not getting the other time to get a crime was first discovered by authorities in south africa. doctor monica gandhi with ucsf says the kron has around 30 mutations compared to the 11 mutations discovered with the delta variant. but that vaccine seem to be effective with those testing positive. anyone who says it's going to be the vaccines. it's not anyone they put a swab their nose. >> who who had the span of his very to their nose and their vaccinated. they're fine. they're totally fine asymptomatic. according to the cdc around 59% of people in the u.s. are fully vaccinated. >> she says anyone in the bay area who is part of that statistic should not be worried about the new variant hoping the u.s. and other countries can all reach herd immunity. we need at least 75%. >> vaccination rate worldwide to stop it. and so this just proves and it's going to push us towards getting better vaccine. equity. >> doctor gandhi says south africa's vaccination rate of
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26% is a big part of why mccrone variant has spread so quickly in the region reporting the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. >> the variant has prompted several countries, including the u.s. and canada to issue travel bans on at least 6 african nations as a precaution. us restrictions on visitors from the southern part of africa take effect on monday and will not apply to returning us citizens or permanent residents following the announcement travelers the airport in cape town, south africa date today hoping to catch a flight out of there. health experts say the new strands name. mccrone variant is spreading through that part of the now people visiting the area are scrambling to return to their home countries. >> my family live in australia and i'm going back to see them before the kuz country shuts down. i don't know when i'll be able to to leave my job behind and getting on a plane today. >> according to south african
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officials the new virus is likely responsible for the recent spike in covid infections in the country's busiest province. >> stocks tanked today amid news of a crime very and it was a shortened trading day as new york stock exchange beak because of the thanksgiving holiday. the dow told 905 points. the nasdaq and s and p also lost more than 2% of their values travel and energy stocks were among the biggest losers. investors fear that the new variant may lead to lockdowns yet again. >> they have sold off airline stocks. you not a united airlines delta airlines and american airlines are down 7, 8, 9%, respectively. also, the investors are moving into stocks that benefited during the pandemic zoom communications is up 10% today. how on the exercise company is up 3% today. >> investors are also worried that the supply chain issues that have impacted global markets for months now will
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get worse amid the new variant today was the worst single-day drop for the dow in over a year. >> president biden says he's already met with the members of the covid response team to evaluate their response to new on the kron variant. in a statement released on the white house's web sites. the president urged unvaccinated americans to get their covid vaccine. he also stressed the importance of getting a booster shot. the president also called for the release of intellectual property restrictions regarding the makeup of the vaccines to ensure that they can be manufactured more quickly around the world vaccine maker moderna says its working rapidly to test its covid vaccine against the new on the kron variant. in a statement it said in part, the recently described on crime. variant includes mutation seen in the delta variant that are believed to increase transmissible. a t and mutation seen in the beta and delta variants that are believed to promote immune escape the combination of mutations represents a significant potential risk to
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accelerate the waning of natural and vaccine induced immunity. the fda says an experimental pill to treat mild to moderate cases of covid-19 is effective, but more input is needed. >> agency posted its analysis of the bill today that comes ahead of a public meeting next week outside experts will give their opinions over its safety. there are concerns about potential side effects in pregnant women and possible birth defects. the fda did note that the pill's maker merck did not collect as much safety data on this medication as it did for other covid-19 treatment and stay with kron 4 for the latest covid information that includes finding the vaccine for children along with booster shots. you can scan this qr codes on your screen. there will be directed to the special section of our website. that's at kron. 4 dot com. other news tonight. the national retail federation is expecting almost 2 million more people to shop from thanksgiving to cyber monday. >> that's compared to last year. one business owner in
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washington state believes this holiday shopping season will account for 50% of his stores revenue. but this season has been far from perfect for small business owners across the country. businesses are dealing with that supply chain crisis. plus a shortage of workers. >> a lot of people looking for has been a challenge for us. we have a lot of people working for us that are working 2 to 3 days a week and maybe even monday. we so we have lots of staff, but only one or 2 people a day. >> retail experts say they believe more shoppers will open up their wallets on this black friday. small business saturday. and on cyber monday, even with the trend of shopping for gifts earlier this year. >> i let's go outside now for 4 zone forecast as we a live look outside at the golden gate bridge lot ahead. lights still out there still at this hour, people pouring into the city on a friday night. want to go out and have some fun. yeah. black friday specials around a guest who out there. the weekend. nothing's going to weather wise. you're
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looking at plenty of sunshine coming our way. warm temperatures for this time of year. developing out there to mostly clear skies. right now the exception there are some mid to high level clouds floating on by but hard to see in this image as they cruise overhead. but we're going to see more of that overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. the good news about that. it's gonna hold up the temperatures a little bit numbers outside right now. you've got 56 in san jose. a cool 49 in half moon bay. 49 also in dublin, 47 now in the napa valley. 48 on 50 degrees right now in petaluma going to see some of these passing clouds. all this moisture running over the top of that ridge of high pressure. that means it's going to be great weather as we head into the weekend that ridge going to dominate outside. we've been seeing an offshore flow. then a more of an onshore breeze and return this afternoon. now get the hint of an offshore wind trying to develop at least in the north bay. but still seeing some of those clouds outside so plan on the clouds that will hold up the temperatures down to the 30's for overnight low. you have a lot of 40's and by day tomorrow, enjoy that sunshine
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highs tomorrow 60's an even some mid 70's. >> thank you. doors. stop being steals while shoppers look for deals, how bay area retailers are trying to keep store safe on black friday after the recent series of smash and grab. >> plus a new viral trend has parents and property owners saying, oh, no, the destructive tiktok challenge that pulling inspiration from old commercials. but first, a brazen burglary in belmont, a suspect caught on camera, a neighbor share their concerns as police say this incident could be connected to some other crimes. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪
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♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> a brazen burglary in belmont. police now searching for this man after he was caught on camera. the backyard of somebodys house police believe that the suspect is connected to other burglaries in the area are kron four's. gayle ong spoke to the homeowner and some concerned neighbors. >> belmont police are looking for this man. home security cameras captured his photo seen in someone's backyard in the area of casa bone avenue and corona at boulevard tuesday around 1215, in the afternoon. a neighbor didn't want to show her face. but explained what happened when she got home the neighbors asked me to go check on the house because the alarm was going off and i. come to find out the guy that was sitting in front of my house was the one waiting to pick up the guys and broke into their house and get away. the neighbor says the suspect took off with laptops and
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remembered seeing a light colored vehicle outside her home. police released a photo of a vehicle of interest, a silver 2021 jeep compass with a california license plate number. rv, the 3, 5, 2 police believe the suspect is connected to other burglaries in the area and are asking residents to review security cameras for any suspicious activity. longtime residents say they will be paying close attention. we have the ring camera and then we always try to leave a light on our cars and our driveway. but i mean, this is a safe neighborhood. it seems really scary. we've got a little kid. so. >> 7, really something to be worried about. so what can i do? you know, i don't go anywhere. >> and to pay attention and i watch out. that's all i can do. my home has a security system. i homeowner. >> which i haven't bothered to conduct it. i'm definitely going to go ahead and do that. >> and the belmont police department is reminding the community that thefts and burglaries are common around
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the holidays and to take extra precaution. securing your homes vehicles and valuables reporting from belmont. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> a gunman is still on the loose tonight after a private security guard who is on assignment with kron. 4 was shot in oakland wednesday. the reward now for information leading to an arrest stands at $25,000. police say the incident was an attempted armed robbery to steal news camera equipment. the shooting happened at the intersection of 14th and harrison. here are the 12 street bart station in downtown oakland. this is video from the citizen app showing the scene the guard is now recovering at the hospital. officers say they later found an additional victim involved in the incident. a berkeley man who was also taken to highland hospital for treatment. that man was apparently hit by bullet shrapnel. according to police, he has since been released from the hospital. our reporter was not physically injured. 2 people are hospitalized with major injuries after their car slammed into a tree in palo alto. police say the vehicle
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was trying to get away from an illegal sideshow that involved at least 4 other vehicles. the illegal activity was reported of road near the palo alto d h- baylands nature preserve officers say when police activated their emergency lights are red camaro sped away and then crashed into a tree. but the driver and his passenger were seriously injured. police say neither of them was wearing a seatbelt and their dog that was in the vehicle. also sustained major injuries and had to be put down. the investigation is still ongoing. >> happening now. the chp is out there in full force this weekend looking for dangerous drivers as we look at live for you with the san mateo bridge. a lot of traffic out there at this hour. agency kicked off its a holiday maximum enforcement started wednesday all available chp officers will be out on patrol until sunday at midnight. they are monitoring for seat belt violations speeding, of course, distracted driving in any signs of d u i. if you
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have plans this weekend around the bay area. you will not be alone. you know, getting around town a lot of folks out there. according to aaa, the best time to hit the road tomorrow and sunday is before noon. the worst time tomorrow is going to be between 02:07pm. and then on sunday, the worst time will be between one and 07:00pm ms people returning from their four-day weekend. yeah. so if you're wondering what the weather's going to be like when you're hitting the road as we give you a live look at downtown san francisco. we have the man with the plan. the man with a plan to meteorologists lawrence karnow. yeah, guys. it looks like it's going to be a great weekend, too. >> the timing right to all those hours in the early morning, you could still see some patchy ground fog early on. so want to watch out for that, especially as you make your way. >> into the central valley out there tonight looking good. we've got some high clouds up above down below me and no delays being reported at sfo oakland or san jose tell you what head of the monterey bay going to be gorgeous there. how about 69 in carmel 65 at monterey 73 degrees in carmel
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valley, even 66 in santa cruz. lots of sunshine all day long. southern california. the advisories for the winds coming down the red flag warnings down. temperatures on the warm side upper 70's in the pasadena and downtown los angeles and the high country. a lot of folks like to speak up there this time of year and enjoy some of that out there and it's looking good up there. the roadway should be open, but be careful across the central valley, especially if you leave early in the morning or late at night. you may run into some ground fog with temperatures up there are going to be in the 50's up. if you're sticking around for the weekend looking very nice to you have trouble of going up there or coming back. weather wise except for some of that ground fog. you'll see sunny skies. the temperatures are going to stay unseasonably warm well into the 50's. almost 60 degrees by sunday afternoon and monday. and we're going to keep things dry for some time to come. temperatures around the bay area. if you're traveling out about you're looking at 60's and even some mid set making 75 and freemont tomorrow about 72 in san jose 74 and talking
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about 60, the napa valley next few days. temperatures really been hovering right about the same may be cooling down a little bit come monday. but right now we're starting to look for raindrops can find any just yet. looks like the next 7 days are going to stay dry. all right. so we get some yeah. hopefully come soon. no kid, maybe a little christmas came early go. all right. thanks a and effort to preserve indigenous cultures. still ahead, how a restaurant in the east bay. >> is incorporating traditional native american cuisine into its menu. >> tiktok users may be doing this to seem cool. but is not aiding anyone. the destructive trend drawing inspiration from a
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>> a classic commercial is inspiring a young people to take part in a new and destructive tiktok challenge. here we go again. only this time police cross country have a warning for homeowners suzanne stratford explains. i was flabbergasted. >> seriously what's worth your parents? a new tiktok challenge aslan residents understandably upset and watching their fences parents on the scene in the on their butts and make them. >> do the right thing and to fix that fence for the people.
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>> inspired by old kool aid commercials being reported across the country. lynn police posted this warning on facebook, about young people busting through fences causing thousands of dollars in damages, houses think maybe there's wind damage from the night before maybe it was windy. tim's wife discovered their fence. the neighbors brought my dog over. >> and i was just thinking maybe he escaped through underneath the fence to go home. a, b. >> so i'm sure back to check and found that when she knows our offense was completely destroyed. then officers told them about the challenge according to masslive police, not only have multiple homes been hit between 19th street and 29th street. >> but some homes have been hit multiple times about mile away from us morris head 4 times. and out. that's why i'm worried about. i'm worried about is the starting on costs. 400 $1, just their pay and material 9 for labor. just materials. $400.
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>> so just to fix it. just for to get to shore it again. so while investigators search for the suspects. >> tim is warning everyone to be alert. he and his neighbors are also looking into adding additional security cameras and other measures. i just want kind of decide have some peace of mind that this one last person have to worry about and you don't mess anybody's property is not yours. don't act. it en masse, ul and suzanne stratford. >> and next tonight on kron 4 news at 8 retailers are ramping up security with shoppers out there in full force on the hunt for black friday deals. the big response to recent retail thefts out there after black friday comes small business saturday. but will it be as easy and busy as today. a new survey says. so what you might to the expecting and well, the holidays are associated with joy and gatherings. it could be a very stressful time as well. we have some tips to help
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>> it has been a busy black friday all over the bay area with extra law enforcement out patrolling in response to the recent smash-and-grab solis on horseback. that's unique. they patrol the gilroy premium outlets for black friday. people we spoke to said that they felt comfortable being out and about today. kron four's rob fladeboe brings us up to date on the shopping and security in the south bay. >> extra security here at the outlet shopping center in gilroy. included police on horseback. a good idea because
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horseback was among the fastest way to get around throng of shoppers that turned out looking for black friday bargains. i i guess one say it didn't make a more doing the sense there was another security to as most people didn't seem too concerned about getting caught up in the organized theft occurring at shopping malls elsewhere in the bay area a little bit. >> we obviously came really earlier. we're going to be leaving really early running out. i was okay and thinking about it now. more like i just want to go home because it's so crowded. haha the on management declined to comment on anything related to black friday. police did not respond to inquiries about its security detail, whether there were any reports of theft. >> one customer of the nearby home depot said he witnessed security chase another customer who left without paying for a car load of merchandise. >> it's open the door in run out of the store. and they don't this run of the street.
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>> security issues aside, black friday was back in a big way here at the gilroy outlets. amid what one merchant says is pent-up demand for the kind of deals not found online and it appeared a few shoppers left regard would be that michael cohen >> that we have something 70. but the that's the that's one thing we bought something at 90's that that we have get the next good. >> kron 4 news. >> tomorrow is small business saturday and a number of local stores might see large crowds of shoppers. according to a survey by lendingtree nearly half of americans are planning to shop at small businesses this weekend. they'll spend an average of $300.63. 1% of consumers say the pandemic has actually strengthened their loyalty to small businesses. experts estimate more than 20 billion dollars to be spent this saturday. climate
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activists target amazon locations across the u k on black friday. members of the group extinction rebellion released a video today showing activists blocking a road leaeing to an amazon depot near london. it's part of a global effort to pressure the e-commerce giant to end business practices that hurt the environment and improve working conditions. the group also staged protests at amazon locations in germany and the netherlands extinction rebellion says its goal is disrupt 50% of amazon's deliveries on black friday today. also marks native american heritage day here in the bay area where on the land of many tribes, including the. >> awake ma oni. we've highlighted local efforts by indigenous people to preserve their languages and cuisine local chef crystal will pay pa celebrated the grand opening of a restaurant will us kitchen in oakland. her ancestors are from the kickapoo nation of oklahoma. but she was born and raised in the east bay. she says she incorporates california native
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produce and recipes such as buy-in, blue corn meatballs salmon salads tossed with berries and a kick chile. the goal is to preserve for culture and this indigenous space. it is welcome to everyone and her inspiration this community and family. >> i grew up in the inner tribal friendship house. and that's where it's located here in oakland and that some were a lot of different tribes celebrate their cultural and foods and things like that. but i must say the most is my grandma. there's in my and keys. it was tellis day. it's a family tradition that how we harvest corn, how we could get just for birthdays are how it could just for any holiday or even just a gathering and that's something that is very cultural traditional into our family. so i love hartenstein native foods. >> papers. kitchen is in oakland's fruitvale district 33 o one east 12th street.
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it's open wednesday through s'nday 09:00am until 02:00pm vice president kamala harris also marking native american heritage day. she tweeted this. >> we celebrate the contributions of peoples and honor their influence on our nation. we will continue to uphold our treaty responsibilities. strengthen tribal sovereignty and advance tribal self-determination. >> all right. let's go and head outside for a look at the 4 zone forecast as we get to a live look of way off in the distance. there temperatures go yet and even past that you can see oakland from mount tam a pious and our weatherman. >> our meteorologists chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. >> he's worked. we've been looking for rain that and you're like trying to look way out. yeah. you guys are looking long that look at way down the this is one of those patterns that sets itself up and just hard to break down once we get a dominant ridge like this. so high pressure sitting over head may not be quite a while before we start talking about some rain again out there tonight. it's clear
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so far except some high clouds up above likely going to see some patchy fog developing a little bit later. here's our long-range forecast model over the next 10 days so this can take us all the way in december and a little bit beyond. you can see the track of the storms fall. the top of the ridge here rolling with the jet stream right up there in the pacific northwest and they have been hammered by some big time storms. they really don't need any more rain likely going to see some more flooding up there. while california. you can see just basking in sunshine and that dry slot and that's going to continue to be the case. these fronts kind of running these the ridge. it will weaken the ridge just briefly, all of a sudden they passed by and that ridge will bounce right back and strength. and that's exactly what's going to happen during the middle of next week. see that front coming through on wednesday. that ridge starts to buckle just a little bit and all of a sudden yes starts to strengthen watch what happens. all that moisture soaring all the way up into canada. even as the jet stream just well to the north and far enough way to keep us from any chance of any rain. that's unfortunate. looks like right around the 8th maybe toward the 10th of
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december. that's where we'll start talking about some rain again, that's a long ways off out there right now. we're expecting a cool night but not a real cold. one like last night overnight lows going to be in the 40's. let's enjoy the sunshine while we have it. we've got some numbers running of the 60's in the san francisco along the coastline. little cooler but pleasant she get inside the bay numbers up in the 60's and the 70's. and as you work your way down the peninsula. you're going to see some nice weather all around. even some mid 70's in the south bay. those temperatures in the mid 70's also in toward livermore 74 degrees in walnut creek said about 74. also in sonoma in the next couple days. you get the idea. dry weather continuing lots of sunshine on the way. and those temperatures staying above the average of warm throughout the bay area. guys, back to you. coming up, part 2 of our series on southern california's billion dollar oasis. >> it's supposed to help fuel the future. but could it actually be poisonous to residents living nearby. plus the most wonderful time of the year is here. and just in time
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for broadway's at san francisco's the latest opening. >> we'll get a look at the christmas classic that's now playing. but first, why taking care of your mental health more important than ever, especially this time of year.
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for your health tonight. while the holidays can be a happy time for many people. the combination of cooking. >> gift buying preparing for family can take its toll on a
8:40 pm
person's mental health. it certainly can add in the ongoing pandemic and it can cause even more stressed. sarah mcdonald has some tips on how you can help yourself and others during this busy time of year. i think as we get closer to the holidays. i think we. >> our. >> we know we're going to see extended family. we know we want to get all or shopping done. and so the stress just begins to build and build and different people have different stressors hatchell to as an outpatient therapist with the vera says it's important to recognize those stressors. we know what stresses this out. >> it's usually not a surprise, whether it's money or whether it's this time of year, whether it's you had a loss. >> a significant loss that this time of year, making sure you're getting enough sleep and staying physically active can also help. if you're dealing with stress exercise, that's usually the first thing to go when we are released even just walking around the block getting outside. it's not even just.
8:41 pm
>> the workout as much as its sunshine. it's moving your body. it's getting extra oxygen into your body. she says no matter what you're dealing with this holiday season. it's ok to ask for help. i think sometimes we think because when we're depressed or when we're anxious to doesn't show on a blood test. it doesn't show it's not a broken bone. it doesn't show up on an x-ray, but it doesn't make it any less real and it doesn't make any of the things you feel, any less >> so yeah, definitely. it's important to ask. it's not going to change unless you change something. >> sarah mcdonald reporting for us tonight. and if you're struggling with your mental health is recommended that you talk to your primary doctor. >> the cow women's basketball team looking remain undefeated and be a voice for change this weekend in sports kylen mills explains how the tournament, the golden bears are hostin in t
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high-tech world rare earth minerals are like the oxygen for modern day life and. >> growing a greener future smartphones. computers, wind turbines electric cars and so much more need those vital elements to operate. but scientists are warning the mining process poses serious toxic threat. now. mark mester takes us back inside north america's only mine and asked if southern california's billion dollar oasis s are calling it can actually be a poisonous pit in our own backyard.
8:45 pm
>> people drive by this facility to go gamble in las vegas. little did they know that something so important with the supply chain with production worldwide and it's happening right here in california. no one believed that the u.s. can compete let alone a company in the state of california men's or it with the world's highest environmental standards, you could say in today's global rare earth race. this san bernardino county mine and processing plant is crushing it. >> it's called the crusher. what is this? so the rocks we take out of the ground are in many cases multiple times. >> 5, 10,000 pounds. this crushes them down into one centimeter pebbles tiny particles doing big things. so the world is rapidly urbanizing an electrifying and if we're going to transition to an electrified low carbon future. we're going to move
8:46 pm
from a fuel base transportation system to a mineral base transportation system and it's imperative that we have resilient adequate supplies of these materials to enable industry and government to move in that direction. but could this huge hole be hazardous. >> environmentalists warn mining can be a dirty business. and according to a recent harvard international review process in one town of rare earths can produce 2000 tons of toxic waste plus uses tons of >> so it extra action any mineral resource you need water to help separate that resource. but we want to maximize how efficient we are with our water. billion liters of water per year from this pace. tailings facility is extracted and then recycled into the process for an operation in the mojave desert that's incredibly important empty materials says it knows the dirt on digging and has plans for environmental pitfalls. every single resource, whether it's energy
8:47 pm
or water. >> that you use in the process adds to the cost of the process. so the extent you can be efficient in the use of those resources. for example, like recycling water. generating power and electricity on site. the overall process is more economic. >> and now that the nation can stockpile some supply. many consider this 500 foot deep does or crevice california's crater of cash. there's not a lot of people that have walked planet and then at the bottom of the scaled rare earth mines and you're one of the few. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> the cal women's basketball team was looking to win their 5th straight and be a voice for change this afternoon. the golden bears are hosting the raising the bar invitational this weekend, which is aimed at encouraging diversity and inclusion. all 4 teams. the tournament are coached by black women. charmin smith has
8:48 pm
been at the helm for the golden bears since 2019 call-up play this afternoon taking on from an there's their coach. the freshman sensation jada curry continued her dominant play 3rd quarter curry steps back a deep 3 and it falls steph curry's and the only curry who can ball in the bay area. jada curry also number 30 finished 26 points. cal defeats from an 80 to 73 the seventh-ranked stanford women taking on 18th ranked south florida today at the are hoops pink flamingo championship tournament. this one came down to the wire. let's go to the final 20 seconds of the game for cameron brink draws put up 23 draws the double team kicks it out lacey hole hits that one from beyond the arc stanford takes to lead. 5352 a made free throw the next possession would give the cardinal a 2 point advantage with 5 seconds left off the inbounds play. >> bulls guard sydni harvey. under pressure. a difficult 3
8:49 pm
and she hits a south florida takes a one-point lead and they would close it out stanford falls. 5754 the final score. now the forty-niners back at practice today working off that thanksgiving, turkey will getting ready for the vikings. the niners hold the final nfc playoff spot after new orleans lost yesterday. however, minnesota's also 5 in 5 injustice hungry to make the postseason coach. kyle shanahan said today that the forty-niners will look to control the game on sunday by running the ball shanahan and the players won't be running to any stores on this black friday, though, kron 4 had to ask about the big shopping weekend. so here's what they had to say. >> you or your family participated black friday. cyber monday stuff. all. >> and what never heard of it. >> i try not to try to get involved in the black friday shopping. you know. >> as there's bay new bay news been your money. not really know much for during the season's tough. but yeah, i
8:50 pm
get on line a little bit maybe that is when the black friday. so. probably college. the black friday i haven't haven't done that in a while. >> and so now everything is all lies. so you don't have to worry about getting out of stores gone running a walmart and target to stand in long lines so you don't have to worry about that anymore doing online now so. >> i mentioning. that was kate rooney asking the question of kyle shanahan. she said the follow-up colluded say he was familiar with black friday. but had never heard of cyber monday. so yeah, wow. i'm like if you've been on the what every time i walk on to anything you get those you know, it's i think he'll pop up so law. a little worried if you're at target and there's kyle shanahan trying to save 20 bucks on, you know, 2 years and it's currently not a cyber monday probably is the extra money to spend. so vastly
8:51 pm
different deals for us. we'll take to the fun stuff that they kevin. don't be a scrooge stick around and we're a look. >> of the christmas classic that's taking the stage tonight in san francisco.
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
broadway has lost a legend composer stephen sondheim died today at the age of 91. >> gypsy was just one of
8:54 pm
sondheim's legendary musical accomplishments that include west side story a little night music and a funny thing happened on the way to the forum as a young composer. he was mentored by the legendary oscar hammerstein in new york city. sondheim ruled the broadway scene turning out hit after hit from 1970 to 1995 winning 8 tony awards and those close to him say that he worked right up until the very end son. haim died at his home in connecticut. >> it is opening night for the broadway production of a christmas carol, here in san francisco. this broadway production of the dickens classic has won 5 tony awards and was adapted by playwright. jack thorne, who also adapted harry potter and the cursed child for the stage. the cast includes 7 actors from the bay area, including san francisco, native sam pa stein tells kron 4. this was an emotional experience being able to return to the stage following the shutdown from the pandemic. >> it. it's it's moving for
8:55 pm
all parties and the audience and actors as and especially with this story, which is kind of a story of redemption rebirth and renewal. the timing is particularly and that just makes it kind of more emotional for everybody who is >> a christmas carol premiered this afternoon at the golden gate theater here in the city. it runs a months through december. 26 thanksgiving dinner. of course, has a reputation for being the deal where you go overboard on everything. the turkey, the stuffing, the potatoes sides agreed to buy. it turns out most americans like eating the leftovers even more recent survey found that 62% think the turkey makes the best of the leftovers. 46% opt for mashed potatoes and stuffing. that's followed by pumpkin pie or a sandwich or the casserole. interestingly 38% of participants said that leftovers shouldn't be eaten at any time of the year except
8:56 pm
during the holiday that bizarre. but now we know that americans love their thanksgiving leftovers. how long is it safe to actually eat the leftovers. experts say that cyber monday is your deadline for the most refrigerated items. according to the usda, most thanksgiving meals will last for a few days. if you store them properly dishes coming out of the oven like turkey stuffing and casseroles as well as refrigerated sides like salads and cranberries should be put in the fridge within 2 hours of serving after that, you know, bacteria can start to grow. frozen items. they will last much longer just be sure to freeze any leftovers within 4 days of thanksgiving. it last that long it could last and won't be around are not sure if that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. but ken and i will be right back up to the news at 9. coming up. are searchers in south africa have identified a new covid-19 variant. they say. >> is caught it causing a spike in infections in that country. what scientists are
8:57 pm
saying about the virus is transmissible bility and san francisco police trying to keep customers safe during the busiest shopping day of the year today the stepped up security. >> after those smashing crab crimes in the bay area.
8:58 pm
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station.
9:00 pm
you're watching kron. 4 news at known this day was a large number of mutations and some of these mutations have some morning characteristics. >> now at 9, the world health organization identifying a new covid-19 variant today. travel bans and quarantine orders already announced all across the globe. and here in the u.s. for several african countries. good evening, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm ken wayne in for grant lotus tonight. mccrone variant has been classified as highly transmissible causing restrictions for travelers from southern africa and sending wall street into a frenzy on this black friday reporter jewel hillary has the story. the keys. >> get vaccinated, get vaccinated, get vaccinated. >> a crime makes headlines across the world. doctor damilola at a hammy and infectious diseases. doctor with swedish hospital has been monitoring the fast pace developments. what we know is that he has some changes which recalled mutations.


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