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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  November 26, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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by this. san bernardino open pit mine and never knew what this huge hole in the desert was war was worth it to the middle of nowhere. it's impossible to access and we're more than 500 feet down. but it's what's inside this mine. >> that's powerful enough. if you all of our lives. >> outside of china. there's only 2 scaled rare earth production sites in the world, one of which is right here in san bernardino county, california to ensure the united states has a high-tech rock solid future were inside the largest rare earth mine in the western hemisphere. some experts suggest this massive mine 53 miles southwest of the vegas strip is a sure bet for success. >> this is not just a pile of rocks. this is what minors our point from a year here in san bernardino county. these are the rare earth minerals that go into everything like a
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smartphone. >> or even your electric car. a quick chemistry lesson. >> rare earths are actually a group of 17 elements found on the periodic table. what is it that your son is over here. >> so this is the dry tailings facility. it's an incredibly unique operation. the purpose of this facility is to remove your water from your tailings and recycle it into the process. hey, mark, let me show some of fine or pile. what starts as multi-time rocks down in the mine becomes one centimeter pebbles here and essentially inside this bass the site, fine or there are 17 a special elements with a special chemical properties. >> the big rocks are a big deal because when broken down, they become a key and critical component for computers lasers batteries. plus, fighter jets, military weapons missile defense systems and much more.
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>> the average person would be blown away by how much or active for the time daily basis without even realizing >> though, the hard truth. the u.s. is considered just a pebble and the giant global industry with china dominating more than 80% of the supply chain at the domestic level of. >> it's it's very important to the u.s. and particularly in the u.s. realizing its ambitions torts electrifying its vehicles and transitioning to greater amounts of renewable energy experts suggest if the u.s. doesn't blast through china's stranglehold. >> the economy could crack and future plans for green technology, cleaner cars and even the accuracy of weapons could power dow. >> so the world is rapidly urbanizing electrifying and it's imperative that we have a resilient adequate supplies of these materials to enable industry and government to move in that direction. >> wow. got to move on
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>> absolutely. that was mark mester reporting for us tonight. just a few years ago that a billion dollar project was in bankruptcy until a hedge fund and began managing that mine, though, it is not just money flowing through the desert. but chemicals coming up tonight at 8 o'clock. mark mester will tell us about the creators environmental impacts in san bernardino county. that our 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside overlooking downtown san francisco, kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with weekend in front of us yeah, big holiday weekend. a lot of taken all that time off and get ready enjoy the weekend, too. and looks like it is going to start out spectacular probably going to end that way as well as high pressure sits over head. no threat of any rain across the bay area. that rig just too strong. it's just a big going to be how warm it's going to be your neighborhood and how nice it's going to be. now temperatures will be a little cool tonight but not going to be cold overnight lows dropping off. >> in the 40's around the bay area by day tomorrow, though, should be a beautiful day. lot of sunshine coming our way.
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those temperatures downtown san francisco mid 60's about 62 in golden gate park 64 in the marine. if you're headed that direction along the coastline. you'll find mainly 60's of them on terror beach state and get a little bit on shore breeze. maybe hold those temperatures there in the 50's. so fairly mild. but you get inside the bay will warm me up a little hazy to 70 degrees in millbrae 70 in brisbane. 71 in burlingame at about 68 in san bruno. as you work your way down the look at those temperatures running up a little bit more. maybe mid 70's in san carlos about 73 a beautiful, maybe a little hazy in the san mateo. 72 in foster city and the south bay looking gorgeous 76 in campbell 75 degrees in santa clara 75 in sunnyvale and 72 degrees in san jose east bay also looking very nice will be hazy a little bit of a cool plenty of sunshine in the afternoon. these temperatures. you can see running above the average for this time of year is high pressure is going to strengthen overhead again for
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tomorrow. that is going to bring mostly sunny skies. you'll see that haze from some of the plumes trapped down below. but really some nice temperatures all around the bay area even along the coastline, going to some of those numbers up in the 60's. so at this point we're looking for some more rain right now. it doesn't look like that's going to happen for this weekend. the temperatures remaining above average. probably cooling down a little bit into monday and tuesday. but mostly sunny skies for the next 7 days. >> thank you. or see 90 s annual california state capitol tree lighting ceremony is set for next thursday. governor gavin newsom and first partner jennifer siebel newsom will host a celebration. it starts at 05:30pm. the oakland interfaith gospel choir and san francisco men's chorus are among this year's performers 6, year-old how d a from dublin has been picked to light the capitol tree with the governor and first partner and jewish people all around the world are preparing to celebrate hanukkah this weekend. the eight-day holiday begins on sunday and. >> this year's celebrations at the world's largest menorah
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are returning to their traditional form. the 36 foot menorah has already been set up in central park in new york city. the giant land will be lit every night of hanukkah. >> still ahead tonight an unexpected selfie. the clue careless carjacker left before fleeing the scene. boyer's taking on oakland native damian lillard and the trail blazers tonight. kylen mills tells us which 4 players are out for golden state. that's coming up in sports. but first, why taking care of your mental health is more important than ever, especially this time of year.
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for your health tonight. covid-19 survivors might now have some big hospital bills to take care of. >> medicare or private health insurance companies pick up most of the tab in the first years of the pandemic. but some of the parent lee started pulling back coverage once the vaccines became readily available. researchers at the university of michigan say that could leave at risk patientr on the hook for the whole bill. they say the fear of having a huge bill could also cause people sick with covid to delay getting treatment and that could increase the risk for deaths as we gather with family and friends for the holidays. some therapists say they're taking care of your mental health is really important. the pressures of the holidays can cause a lot of stress or anxiety and many of us as shopping preparing the big
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family gathering all build up. but some people might not even show it even though they're having emotional issues inside. we know what stresses this out. it's usually not a surprise whether it's money or whether it's this time of year, whether it's you had a loss. >> a significant loss that this time of year. yes. experts say it's important to get enough sleep. make sure you get your exercise and. >> therapists say exercise is usually the first thing to go when someone is dealing with stress. but you don't have to do a heavy workout, they say just to walk around the block would help get to some sunshine and some movement to your body new at 6 police in indianapolis are looking for a carjacker. and in this case they say they have a pretty good clue as to who the suspect is. >> the man inadvertently took a selfie on the victim's phone before he allegedly tossed out the window. police tracked it down down about 15 minutes away from where he allegedly stole a woman's car at gunpoint after she got her phone back. she said she found the suspect's picture on it
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and informed authorities. i looked and i was we got. >> was like that's a person, not literally rob me today and took my car. i don't know how far is going to get. there's 250,000 miles on it >> the victim says she's not worried about losing her car what's in it. she just wants the guy off the streets before he does something like that again. we're the best part of thanksgiving enjoying all those holiday leftovers. coming up, what to hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids.
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>> new tonight at 6, a recent flight had an extra passenger on board and she made her appearance just after the plane touched down. well, leon, the costa nato was on her way home to north carolina from mexico. when cheat started having contractions and with the help of a nurse who just happen to be on board. luckily she labored on board for more than 3 hours when the plane landed in atlanta paramedics rushed on board to deliver the baby. apparently the baby was born in the back of the plane already about 6 weeks early medics say the baby was born perfectly healthy. congratulations on that. thanksgiving dinner has had a reputation for the meat you know, being the meal where you go. overboard on the turkey and the sides. yeah. we will attest to that. yes, but everyone here, as it turns out, most americans like eating the leftovers even more recent survey found 62% believe the turkey makes the best of the leftovers. 46 1% opted for the. >> mashed potatoes and stuffing followed by pumpkin
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pie sandwich. we're casserole. here's the strange part 38% of participants said that leftover shouldn't be eaten at any other time of year except during the holidays. i never heard of side. so now that we know americans love their thanksgiving leftovers. how long is it safe to eat them. experts say cyber monday's, you're cut off for most refrigerated items. according to the usda, most thanksgiving meals will last for a few days of stored properly. this is coming out of the oven such as turkey stuffing and cass roles as well as refrigerated side dishes such as salads and cranberries should be put in the fridge within 2 hours of serving after that, they say bacteria can start to grow. frozen items, of course, will last much longer. but be sure to freeze any leftovers at least within 4 days of thanksgiving. but they won't last that if you plan on traveling to the u k for christmas. it might be a dry holiday for you. their stories and great britain facing alcohol shortages and delays due to shipping and.
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>> labor problems 48 members of the wine and spirit trade association signed the letter calling on the government to intervene as holiday ordering ramp-up sounds like a national emergency. they say a shortage of delivery drivers. also exacerbating the problems caused by international shipping backlogs. and with the government to extend a visa programming. allow are these drivers from outside the uk to work at the ports. you know, they say the driver shortage was heightened when foreign workers left the country. when brexit went into effect last year. very complicated. but. have must be going nuts over wine with dinner. you know, speaking of travel, we get a live look outside right now to san francisco international airport. and you're wondering if there's something you can do if you have out of town visitors coming into the bay area. >> lawrence karnow is here with for fun things. yes, speaking out of town visitors. guess who's coming to town. santa claus. that's right. >> coming to petaluma santa clauses. >> going to be arriving on a
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riverboat. >> that will be happening tomorrow. at 11:00am and downtown petaluma temperatures there. >> we'll be in the mid 60's centers could be showing up. it will be a lot of fun out there as we kick off the holidays. mostly sunny skies. nice. and a light breeze. how about this? you need to work off. those turkey dinners. they've got the turkey waddle hike that will be in glen ellyn park and you're going to enjoy a beautiful hike there and temperatures are going to be in the mid 60 starting at 10 o'clock in the morning. mostly sunny skies. just a bit of a breeze in the afternoon. and if you'd like to take a photo with your pet that will be happening in pleasanton and they're going to have the sitting right there beside you to give your dog or your pet, your cat or maybe your rabbit, maybe some healthy tips there to take a nice photo with santa. that will be at 6 o'clock in the evening on sunday. it will be mostly clear and nice just a little bit hazy outside. well, these all have kind of a holiday flair to it and this one will too. this is a good one. this kind of kicking off the holidays the whole day fun run
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that is going to be an so you can get rid of that turkey dinner. get ready for the holidays. mostly sunny skies that will be an early-morning event tomorrow. 08:00am mostly sunny. and that also be like to enjoy that get out there and enjoy. of course you can find more about this on our website kron 4 dot com. and of course you can e-mail me at el carro at kron 4 dot com. if you've got some ideas for for fun things. all right. let's get you get away forecast. of course we just heard santa is coming to town. well, maybe some other folks are coming to town as well. no delays being reported at sfo oakland or a san jose looking good out there right now. in fact, how about the monterey bay. you're going to find some sunshine, a beautiful temperatures 65 degrees downtown monterey carmel valley enjoying a warm 7373 also selina 69 in carmel, southern california. of course, they've been dealing with the santa ana winds. but not tomorrow. those winds are going to subside and it's going to be warm. 79 in pasadena. 76 in downtown los angeles and the high country
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near looking at some nice weather up there. do watch out a little fog may form tonight to the sacramento valley. but up in the high country. the temperatures going to be very comfortable in the mid-fifties there as well. and if you plan on sticking around for the holidays. it's going to be nice throughout the weekend. no threat of any rainfall. in fact, these temperatures almost spring-like by sunday up into the 60's warm weather there. warm weather here in the bay area. why would you want to leave. it's going to be gorgeous out there tomorrow highs will be in the 60's and even some mid 70's outside. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the warriors looking to stuff. the trail blazers at chase center tonight. the blazers can be a dangerous team behind behind 6 time all-star point guard damian lillard the oakland native is averaging 20.4 points and 8 assists per game. the blazers last 5 competitions. the dubs will be without key pinch players. andre iguodala, who's dealing with knee soreness and damion lee who is out for personal reasons. where's
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rookies jonathan coming gun moses moody were signed a santa cruz for jailing stunt tonight as well. kerr says he feels comfortable tweaking the rotation because of this team's depth. but that can also be a challenge. got a lot of guys who deserve to on any given there should be couple guys who got left out of the rotation. so. >> it's a big part of coaching is just too, you know, keep you know, on board and making sure they're ok and talking them through that the times when they're out of the loop in making sure they're staying engaged because their time is going to come again. that's what made lawns returns so powerful, not just for himself but for the team as an to the whole group. you know, he's got to stay ready like one didn't stand. you find yourself right back in the thick of things. >> the cow women's basketball team is looking to continue their undefeated streak and be a voice for change. the golden
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bears are hosting the raising the bar invitational this weekend, which is aimed at highlighting diversity and inclusion in sports. all 4 teams. the tournament are coached by black women. charmin smith has been at the helm for the golden bear since 2019, cal opened up late this afternoon taking on from an the freshman sensation. jada curry continued her dominant play 3rd quarter. she steps back. nails. this one from way downtown steph curry isn't the only curry who can ball in the bay area. jada curry also number 30 finished with 26 points. cal defeats from an 80 to 73 the final score. the forty-niners back at practice today working off that thanksgiving turkey will also getting ready for the vikings, the niners hold the final nfc playoff spot after new orleans lost yesterday. >> however, minnesota's also 5 in 5 in just as hungry to make the postseason head coach kyle shanahan said today the forty-niners will look to control the game on sunday by running the ball shanahan and
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the players won't be running to any stories on this black friday, though kron 4 had to ask about the big holiday shopping weekend. take a listen. >> you or your family participated black friday. cyber monday stuff. all. >> and what i never heard of it. >> i try not to try to get involved in the black friday shopping. you know. >> as there's new debate, you spend your money. not really know much for during the season's tough. but yeah, i get on line a little bit. maybe that is when the black friday. probably aollege. the black friday i haven't haven't done that in a while. >> and so now everything is all lies. so you don't have to worry about getting out of stores gone running a walmart and target to stand in long lines so you don't have to worry about that anymore doing online now so. >> i was a little surprise. not one player said they take part in black friday shopping. i feel like there's something
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kind of cool about going in person and looking and touching it. and the mall by me was packed today. you guys, i don't know about you. i would want to see a football player. >> in the mix there trying to get to, you know, to be over. i could get pretty. the big yeah. we're the a guy, a girl thing i know guys don't like shopping at. very true. all all groups that are right and they want to get hurt out head. it is a highly coveted title. we're going to show you which pup took the top prize. the national dog show.
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>> best in show this evening will go to. the scottish deerhound while david, that we have the first time in 20 years. >> we have a winner, not a breed winners, like a >> deserve who's a good girl know where scottish deerhound takes the top prize again. she won best in show at the national dog show in philadelphia yesterday. it's champ won the top title for a second year in a row. the owner also gets $20,000. good genes run in the family in 2011 claire's grandmother won best in show at the westminster kennel club dog well, after moving to a drive-thru event last
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>> christmas shopping rush! >> why you might have trouble finding the hottest gifts. >> you have no pokemon? >> we have no pokemon cards. >> and... >> ice that i'm putting on my head. >> "inside edition"'s ann mercogliano takes a tumble on ice. >> i'm a little bruised up, little bit of a black eye, scratched, bump on my head. >> how to fall and ice without getting injured. >> you can hit the ground very hard and still be okay. >> then...
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>> what are you doing? >> the plus-sized influencer who says she was body shamed at the gym. >> what what point did you feel like she was fat-shaming you? >> plus, does eating a single hot dog really take 36 minutes off your life? could it be true? what the hotdog queen is saying about that. then, guns drawn. >> police department! >> they thought it was a home invasion. wait till you see what triggered the alarm. >> i was mortified. >> and panic at the diner. he's choking to death on chicken parm! >> once the food comes out, the shows over. >> then here comes the bride. here she comes again, and again! the honeymoon or who won't get out of her wedding gown. and he is still wearing his talks. ♪ ♪ now, "inside edition" with deborah norville! >> deborah: hello, everybody, thank you for


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