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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  November 26, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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tonight at 5.30, kron 4 always tracking local stories. and here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood. >> right now in santa cruz city leaders are going to hold a series of special meetings about county regulations regarding tiny homes. the county is considering allowing tiny homes with wheels to be considered permanent housing right now tiny homes are allowed in santa cruz county.
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if they are on foundations, the ones that are wheels. those are considered recreational vehicles or trailers and they're not allowed unless are parked at an rv park or used only as temporary housing county is holding meetings for public input on december. first on the 7th and december 9th all virtually and all at 06:00pm close by in monterey county. if they are launching a new service that will allow users to review emergency dispatchers starting december 1st. >> the service to hit will launch it sends survey questions by techs to people who have made certain types of 911. non-emergency and administrative calls people who are making sensitive calls involving medical emergencies, rape and children will not receive a survey monterey county is the first in california to deploy what's called q hit the ap's ceo says fire and emergency agencies can access that feedback and use it to try to improve their services. on the peninsula 2 people are hospitalized with major injuries after their car
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slammed into a tree in palo alto. police say that the vehicle was speeding away from an illegal sideshow. >> involving at least 4 vehicles outside show was reported overnight at the east and of embarcadero road right near palo alto. baylands nature preserve officers say that when a police activated their lights are red chevrolet camaro sped away before crashing into a tree. both the driver and his passengers. a passenger were seriously injured. police say neither was wearing a seatbelt. their dog also sustained major injuries and it had to be put down. an investigation is ongoing. well, the sky is on fire out there tonight. what a gorgeous sunset as we've got. >> looks like a spectacular weekend had a son just beginning said it's amazing watching the sunset and how much they can change minute by minute. but still a lot of colors in the skies outside won't be long, though. and that's going to be completely dark and they will be long gone. never to be seen again outside right now temperatures
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turned out to be very nice today. these numbers running to 64 degrees a little bit above the average in san francisco. 64 in oakland, a beautiful 67 in san jose 66 in livermore, 67 in concord and 65 deg ees in santa rosa. so high that as you might expect, sitting overhead. you can see a lot of clouds roll over the top of that ridge. bring us more rain up in the pacific northwest. but we're keeping things dry here really looks like it's going to be dry for the foreseeable future will show you that in just a moment for these temperatures should be spectacular. get out there and enjoy it numbers in the 60's in the san francisco upper 60's in oakland, a mostly sunny skies and you'll be in the 70's and san jose by early tomorrow afternoon. here we go. the forecast showing the high pressure now and you've got another cold front off the coastline. another impressive looking storm. but that storm going to track well to the north headed up in the pacific northwest. again, they're going to get soaked and they've already have flooding problems. they're going to see more of that rain. we're going to keep things dry and warm here with a bit of an offshore wind. you
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see that northerly when developing through the weekend. so that means we're in for some dry weather looks like through the weekend and well beyond, in fact, here's a long-range computer model. you watches a lot of that moisture there it goes up the pacific northwest brings the more rain we keep things dry. just a couple passing high clouds here that ridge of high pressure going to break down a little bit from time to time but watch what happens up front comes through on monday that it kind of rebuilt itself and as we head toward thursday of next week. you see that ridge really amplifying again, maybe coming something coming up from the south. but keeping things dry at least through next weekend. that's all the way into december. now and the early part of the following week. so yeah, but we want to see us stay dry out there now, but temperatures tonight will be not quite as cold 40's around the bay area by day tomorrow. these numbers popping up in the 60's into san francisco should be beautiful day. a little bit hazy, though, in spots, especially inside the bay, 70 degrees in millbrae 71 in burlingame, 74 degrees in san carlos. the south bay. phil, the 70's by tomorrow
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afternoon. numbers also going to running in the 70's, but it will be hazy out there. high pressure overhead trapping some of the pollutants down below. so given that hazy sunshine into the afternoon. next. today's lot of sunshine coming our way. 70's throughout the week. next week may be cooling down slightly by next friday. >> thank you, lawrence. today marks native american heritage day in here in the bay area. we are on the land of many tribes, including the. >> what kamala a lonely. yeah. we have highlighted local efforts by indigenous people to preserve their languages and their cuisine. kron four's, ella sogomonian introduces us to a chef in the east bay who's preserving native ways of preparing food. >> local chef crystal celebrated the grand opening of her restaurant la kitchen in oakland just in time for native american heritage month. her ancestors are from the kickapoo nation of oklahoma. but she was raised in the east bay. she incorporates california native produce in recipes like bison
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blue corn meatballs salmon salad stops with berries and a kick chilly. her goal is to preserve her culture in this indigenous space. that is welcome to everyone and her inspiration is community and family. i grew up in the inner tribal friendship house. and that's where it's located here in oakland and that some were a lot of different tribes celebrate their cultural and foods and things like that. but i must say the most is my grandma. there's in my and keys. >> it was tellis day it's a family tradition that how we harvest corn, how we could get just for birthdays are how it could just for any holiday or even just a gathering and that's something that is very cultural traditional into our family. so i love hartenstein native foods. >> chef takes pride in passing down these recipes from previous generations and says it brings her joy to see people from all walks of life come through that door. but
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especially when she sees her elders who say they never thought they would see a business like this open in their lifetime. she also hopes the native american children who end up trying the food are inspired to embrace their heritage in oakland. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. it's beautiful. vice president kamala harris also marking native american heritage day. she tweeted out. >> we celebrate the contributions of native peoples and honor their influence on our nation. we will continue to uphold our treaty responsibilities. strengthen tribal sovereignty and advance tribal self-determination. >> a little girl is a degenerative disease has a very special christmas wish when she hopes will help her and her grandmother melanie townsend has her story. >> tar. jane nelson is a unique kind of 8 year-old who loves doing handstands on the coal mine rainbow creating abstract pieces of art. it has her heart set on a certain
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professions. >> we had teacher. he. tar j is also a fighter and has been since she was a baby. she was born with la marque. ifo says a degenerative spinal deformity that curbs the back making it nearly impossible to move her legs or feel from the waist down. >> every day. she relies on a very special woman to help her. i had all their life tar che's grandmother natasha pao's has become her full-time caretaker. it makes frequent trips to the shriners hospital here in sacramento to try and treat a disease that will affect her for the rest of her life. facing have ta. i they take walking running and do any of that. climbing up on
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around ernie's insta. >> shriners will be giving a new wheelchair on monday. but power ease it won't fit the car. she drives and now and will add to the growing number of challenges she faces daily the bigger she grows the data was here. >> and i have you put it in there and did it take it out when is just for him. >> with christmas right around the corner. tar jay is asking for just one thing handicap accessible van with a lift to help her grandmother. we can use. >> it's it could play my chair own bag is it kind of but i knew that she wanted them because ali at my back hurts my and so you know, i say will outside of himself. at this time it is that, you know, they still say i feel great. they too. these what for
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things mind walt has many things to be thankful for. >> she is hoping santa or one of his helpers. we'll give her an pals. the gift of a lifetime have to and bigger in sacramento melanie townsend, fox 40 news. well, let's comes true. >> the president's build back better. bill is waiting on the senate's approval. why some lawmakers say it is crucial to pass this bill to get people back to work and dry weather continues to be a problem for ski resorts. 7 top.
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>> congress has approved and president biden has signed a one 0.2 trillion dollar bill to fix physical infrastructure like roads highways and bridges and now the white house wants congress to pass a one-point-seven-five trillion dollar social infrastructure bill is known as build back better. it would include universal pre kindergarten and adult home health care. much more. >> really need the other half which is the child care elder care. child tax credit. all those things, enable people get to work. he still can't get to work if you don't have any child care. i'm looking at the whole package. we just received from the senate. our staff is going through very large piece of legislation. i want to make sure that we don't have any more debt.
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>> 10 already inflated economy that we have stand. >> senator joe mansion who you heard there is one of just 2 democrats who remain uncommitted on build back better. the white house needs all 50 senate democrats to vote yes. or the bill won't pass. >> a vote could come before christmas. >> by administration is recommended an overhaul of the nation's oil and gas leasing program. this in an effort to focus on areas that are most suitable for energy development while raising costs for energy companies to drill on public lands and water. the long-awaited report by the interior department on friday stopped short of recommending to an end to oil and gas leasing on public lands. that's what many environmental groups had urged biden officials say the report will move toward a more responsible leasing process. it provides a better return to us taxpayers for oil and gas drilling on the nation's vast public land and water. it's forecast to be a busy black friday for many stores. but it
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isn't without challenges. we'r the
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national retail federation is expecting almost 2 million more people to shop from thanksgiving to cyber monday compared to last year. one business owner in washington state believes the holiday shopping season will account for 50% of his stores revenue. but this season has been far from perfect for small business owners cross country businesses are dealing with that supply chain crisis plus a shortage of workers.
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>> the lack of people looking for has been a challenge for us. we have a lot of people working for us that are working 2 to 3 days a week and maybe even monday. we so we have lots of staff, but only one or 2 people a day. >> retail experts believe more shoppers will open up their wallets on today. black friday small business saturday and cyber monday. even with the trend of shopping for gifts earlier this year. >> due to the dry and mild weather in the forecast. sugar bowl resort is postponing ski and snowboard season opening date. yet the ski season. the resort was a planning to open this thanksgiving weekend. but the snowmaking conditions really just didn't deliver as they had hope. so. they now say that their new opening date depends on when mother nature decides to cooperate. the resort is offering refunds to anybody who has already purchased tickets. so taking a live look outside golden gate
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bridge gorgeous but look at all those headlights people are pouring into the city across the golden gate bridge. that say. >> yeah, where's everybody going and i know but i haven't seen a lot ahead. lights i want. i am not going to fall crowd out there. looks like they're going the right spot. hey, you know what, anywhere around the bay area today, a gorgeous day and well, we're going to see a beautiful weekend ahead. the sun is setting with. still some beautiful clouds out there. this evening. looking from the berkeley hills made a couple patches of fog developing you may have noticed too well, that haze developing the atmosphere high-pressure very strong. we get what's called an inversion that point, the atmosphere, the temperature actually goes up with height. the kind of acts like a cap on the atmosphere and hold all the pollutants down below. so we see in some of the building up with that strong ridge. we're likely to see more of that on the way high pressure sitting over head. it's just fluctuating a bit. you get these cold fronts that will drop over the top of it in a weakened slightly. and then rebuild right behind it. and that means, well, we've got a lot of dry weather ahead. unfortunately, it looks like as we head in toward december.
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here's a look at some of the winds they've been seeing some very gusty santa ana winds in southern california. red flag warnings are up there until 6 o'clock this evening. forecast for those winds even in the bay area becoming more offshore again overnight tonight and it's tomorrow morning. then by the afternoon, we'll pick up a little bit of a sea breeze late in the day. but none of those winds should be too strong, even southern california. those winds will begin to decrease temperatures outside right now. we've got some 50's and some 60's out the door and some partly cloudy skies around the bay area tonight. it's going to be a mixture of stars and clouds, not quite as cold because some of that cloud cover tomorrow, mostly sunny and dry and sunday more sunshine nice and warm weather on the way pattern looks like this year's high pressure sitting over head and you know, you see these fronts just come over the top of it. we see a few clouds and that ridge starts to build back in and there you are. we've got that warm weather on tap for the bay area. again, as we head into the weekend. probably sunday, too. not only here but around much of the state about 70 degrees in monterey. 69 in
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santa barbara los angeles. check in about 76 degrees. 75 in san diego. he was 75 degrees in reading more clouds float on overhead throughout the night tonight. that will keep the temperatures up a bit. then as we head through the day tomorrow. we should clear things out a little bit, although we may see a couple patches of fog in the morning and some coastal fog may develop toward the afternoon. all that being said, the numbers are going to be nice tomorrow. no getting around that. we've got these temperatures running up. well into the 60's and the 70's by tomorrow afternoon. maybe some mid 70's out there so beautiful weather looks like that of a hole right through the part of the weekend in the next week to as high pressure sits over head that will bring plenty of sunshine in the bay area. warm weather looks like as we head toward next friday. well, it's still keep things dry temperatures going to be just slightly cooler. best in show this evening will go to. >> the scottish david, that we have the first time in 20 years. >> we have a winner, not a breed winners, like a
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>> welsh. this is claire a scottish deerhound who took the top prize at the national dog show yet again. she won best in show in philadelphia yesterday. it's the first time a defending champ won the top title for a second year in a row. the owner also pockets a $20,000 prize. a lot of chewy toys and bones for x for color. really good jeans runs in the family because back in 2011, her grandmother won best in show at the westminster kennel. a club dog show. so it's the very have is good for player coming up on kron 4 news at 5. if you have regrets after ordering something online. don't worry. >> we're going to show you an easy way to return. it will explain when we c
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but our here, we are just getting started. friday continues in full swing. but for many shopping is being done from the comforts of home. this year. and this little device here, top black friday deals. according to the website known for bargains. a rich demero explains in today's tech smart. >> slick deals is one of my favorite web sites. in fact, i visit on a daily basis. people post deals and then others vote up the best ones. >> here are some of the hottest trending deals. they're seeing this holiday shopping season. >> everyone wants a deal. and with the holiday shopping season in full swing. a little research online can go a long
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way. >> slick deals is all about shoppers helping shoppers seeking is a deals expert with the website which has been helping shoppers since 1999. we have a community of millions of users who are constantly vetting and voting on the best deals online at any given time. king rounded up some of the hottest deals users have been seeing recent y. just don't expect discounts on the biggest gaming consuls. they're going to be difficult to find. you're probably not going to see deals on them. if you want to get into virtual reality populace is on sale. many retailers have it for $50. last plus a $50 gift card to a $100 in savings for probably the best vr headset. the thing it if you've got your eye on a new fire tv streaming device now is one of the best times to buy amazon devices. many are at their lowest prices of the year like the cube at $80 and the 4 k stick at half price. this is my personal
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favorite tv deal this year. it's the samsung frame tv. typically $1500 down to 9.99 normal tv as he hit the power button and just turns off this one when he hit the power button. it switches over to frame mode and looks like a picture on wrong. yeah, exactly. watch for discounts on air pods as low as $159 for the pros at walmart. this is the best deal that we've seen on a pair of airpods pro. and finally a fantastic deal on a kitchenaid mixer makes it nearly 50% off. but keep in mind these are normally over $400 for mixer. so you're getting. really, really great deal on before you buy any deal online is best to check the item's price history. >> there are a couple ways you can do that. i like the extension called honey and the website called camel camel camel. i know funny names, but they do the job. i've gotten both linked up on my website. rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart just don't get those names
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mixed up camel hunting could take you on a whole different direction. camel camel camel and honey, ok, have set up for 5. >> with a lot more ahead on kron 4 news at 6. next. at 6. have you seen this man? police say he is wanted in connection to a string of burglaries on the peninsula. details this is happening and the suspects getaway car and from a big fall on wall street to the new travel ban. the world is sounding the alarm over the newest covid variant. why doctors in the bay area say not yet is the time to panic.
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