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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  November 26, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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♪ the best part of wakin' up is folgers in your cup ♪ >> a new strain of covid has triggered a travel ban and has sent stocks tumbling. what we're learning about the new variant. and we're taking a look at where police are stepping up security as shoppers search for black friday deals today. and i'm tracking a whole lot of sunshine and warm afternoon temperatures for the next couple of days. my full forecast. >> now from the area's local news station. >> this is kron 4 news at 3. >> now. 3 a variant of concern. that's the word from
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the world health organization on this black friday about a new strain of covid-19. thanks for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3. i'm ella sogomonian. the new variant, which is called on the kron has been classified as highly transmissible. the same category as the delta variant kron four's. rob nesbitt has been speaking with experts to find out more about this. so he joins us now live in the newsroom with details on what exactly they're saying, rob. >> el infectious disease experts in northern california say that from what they can tell so kron is a variant of concern but not a variant to cause panic. still its classification by the world health organization is the eu has caused us to join the european union instituting travel restrictions on visitors from 8 countries including south africa but and zimbabwe. the white house did not give details on the new travel ban except to say that restrictions will not apply to returning us citizens or permanent residents. according to the california department of public health. there are no known cases of kron in the
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state. the variant was first discovered by south african authorities infectious disease specialist and professor of medicine at ucsf. doctor monica gandhi says the country's vaccination rate of only 26% in south africa says a lot. she believes that anyone in the u.s. was fully vaccinated has less to be concerned about when it comes kron. >> people were asymptomatic and they were fully vaccinated even if they had been there knows that proves the vaccines work against this variant. so the best thing we can do. he's got vaccinated and get the world vaccinated. >> according to the cdc around 59% of americans are fully vaccinated. doctor gandhi says every country needs reach 75% to stop the spread of on the kron and other variants live in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. thanks, robin. stocks sank today amid news of the. >> on the kron variant, the dow tumbled 905 points. the nasdaq and s and p also lost more than 2% of their values
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travel and energy stocks were among the biggest losers. investors fear that the new variant may lead to lockdowns again. >> they have sold off airline stocks. you not a united airlines delta airlines and american airlines are down 7, 8, 9%, respectively. also, the investors are moving into stocks that benefited during the pandemic zoom communications is up 10% today. how on the exercise company is up 3% today. >> investors are also worried that the supply chain issues that have been impacting global markets for months will worsen amid the new variant today was the worst single-day drop for the dow in more than a year, president biden says that he has already met with members of the covid response team to evaluate their response to the new on the kron variant in a statement released by the white house and the president urged unvaccinated americans to get their covid vaccine. he also stressed the importance of
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getting a booster shot. the president is calling for the release of intellectual property restrictions regarding the makeup of the vaccines so that they can be sure that they will be manufactured more quickly around the world. the fda says that an experimental pill to treat mild to moderate cases of covid-19 is effective, but more input is needed. the agency posted its analysis today and that comes ahead of a public meeting next week outside experts will give their opinions over the safety of the pill. there are concerns about potential side effects in pregnant women and possible birth defect. the fda did note that the pill's maker merck did not collect as much safety data on the medication as it did for other covid-19 treatments. meanwhile, researchers are working to determine if and when children and teens will need booster shots for covid. the nation's top infectious disease expert doctor anthony fauci said it is less likely that kids will need an extra shot because of their robust immune systems. officials say that pediatric
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studies are now underway and more information should be available next year. another topic here shopping malls are on high alert on this friday after the recent smash-and-grab robberies across the bay area. thieves have targeted everything from designer stores to mom and pop shops to cannabis. dispensaries. black friday typically means long lines and hordes of people rushing into stores. but again, these thefts are changing people's holiday plans. but many bay area mayors and police department said that shoppers should not be worried. the south bay podice presence is very visible today at the gilroy outlets. that's where we find kron four's. rob fladeboe. he's been there all day long. rob, what exactly are you seeing out there. >> well, you know, i hesitate to call but that the only mob here at the gilroy premium outlets is the one that descended on the outlets very early this morning. in fact, there were a lot of lines here. so black friday back in a big way. but as for security, well, it's tight
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here, shoppers pretty business as usual here. let's take a look at the video. one unique concept here, gilroy police department had a couple of officers on horseback here today. very good idea horseback is the only way that you can really get around very quickly with all the mall shoppers here. i mean, there are is a big crowd here. all the parking lots full practically given the gridlock here from the in and out burger on the north end of the mall. a clear down a couple of blocks to the southern end of the mall. shoppers a pretty much going about their business year. as i said, black friday appears to be back in a very big way, as juan merchan said, there's just a lot of pent-up demand here. but you know, there was some other security here. and in addition to to horseback the officers. you saw there. but i did a little sampling with some of the customers here and they're they're not. they're they're looking but not to overly concerned about what's been happening elsewhere in the bay area. let's hear from the few customers now. a little bit. >> we obviously came really earlier. we're going to be leaving really early. we saw a
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couple guys on horseback said couple police officers. so but yeah, it is a concern, especially considering the number of cars that were involved in walnut creek. >> i but that is pretty concerning. i think it's just people taking advantage of what's going on. they could improve, it's okay. i. >> you know, was. and just but >> the name it. i don't eye and secure today. now more like i just want to go home because it's so the line surprise you. and yeah, because it wasn't like this last year. i mean, i get because covid everybody was indoors. >> yeah, it was so much easier last year. >> yeah, you know, security is here, keeping a low profile. as and he put a particular incidents that might have happened. premium outlet mall
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management declined to comment any of that. it had nothing to say to us about i did reach out to gilroy police to see if there had been an incident report haven't heard back, although i did speak to one man who said that he was shopping at a home depot which is about half a mile from here. >> and he said he witnessed an incident. there were security chased a man who left without paying after going out the door with a cart load of the merchandise there. but that seems to be the only incident we know of and i get where police have not really have not confirmed that that that but still, as you can see them all here. just a lot of people black friday appears to be back in a very big way, at least here. so that's very latest. gilroy live. and you are rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> thanks, rob. to the spain, our black friday shoppers in dublin told kron 4 this morning. the kick start to holiday shopping isn't what it used to be. kron. 4. sarah stinson has those details. >> shoppers here in the east bay. mostly tell me they're disappointed in black friday
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deals saying they've seen better ones in years past. >> like there's barely any discounts and. there are more like went out shopping. like down expensive. no action is kind of because decided to do all black friday stuff. starting like 2 weeks ago some shoppers say black friday just isn't what it used to be all the crowds and all that crash and the people was that was that was the fun part. the press about deals. not really, but. >> really state of illinois. >> analysts expected shoppers to experience a black friday blues since this year. people can expect to pay on average 5 to 17% more for toys, clothing appliances and tv's compared to last year. this is due to shortages of shipping containers and truckers, which has made for delay of deliveries at same time. inflation continues to creep, but that didn't stop some shoppers walking at a best buy and dublin with big ticket
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definitely some good deals, especially with the things i was looking at. i come in my daughter and i. >> pretty much got the 32 getting so i'm pretty happy with every just. >> and the home much on sale as official was around a no major line could be seen here at best buy but big lines did form at the san francisco premium outlets. all laundry. you. especially for nike. was like super long reporting in dublin. sarah stinson, back to you. and if you're looking for something to do today. that doesn't involve shopping maybe want to head outside the east bay regional park district is hosting what it calls. >> green friday free park day all-district fees will be waived for park entrance. is as well as activities, including the parking. well, speaking of the outdoors, it's actually a really gorgeous day to be at one of our many sunning parks kron four's, rebecca strom is here with how the afternoon a shaping up. hey there, rebecca. hey, good
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afternoon, la. yeah, it is gorgeous around the bay area. all of our live camera shots around the bay showing us a lots of sunshine. a little bit of clouds, though, but nothing to get in your way today. >> we're seeing really nice temperatures, especially for this time of year outside right now the certain east bay camera overlooking a really nice clear shot across the bay into the city right now and temperatures. i'm really warming up around the bay area. and this is all thanks to a high pressure that continues to build. we start off cool this week. now we're going to end nice and warm for this time of year and dry conditions. but a lot of sunshine to enjoy. so yes, if you're going to be shopping or go out and about. it's going to be really nice weather to do so temperatures right now, mostly in the 60's that i'm tracking 66 in downtown san jose. we're looking at 63 along the east bay shoreline for all of the union into downtown oakland right now currently at 64 degrees in downtown san francisco mid to upper 60's across most of our north bay zone. we're going to see the winds pick up just light winds over the next couple of days. it's still going to be really nice and warm into the afternoon but do
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just breezy conditions in your neighborhood throughout to tonight and then should calm down into early tomorrow morning before picking back up as we get into sunday, any rain in the forecast to have all those details coming up in just a bit. ella, back to you. thanks for well, 6 months ago today, 9 people were gunned down by a deranged co-worker at the valley transportation authority in san jose. >> marking one of the deadliest mass shootings in the bay area's history. this morning. vta employees held a virtual vigil to honor their co-workers. organizers, lit candles and sang together to remember each of the victims and to demonstrate how they're light continues to shine in their families and the communities. another event is scheduled for 4 o'clock if you'd like to watch. we do have a link up on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> coming up here on kron, 4 news at 3 a bad ending for some people trying to get away from an illegal sideshow in palo alto and holiday shopping
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season is here. but so are scammers looking to rip off the vulnerable. what you need to watch out for. but first, the search is on for this man wanted in connection to a string of burglaries on the details on where this is happening and the suspect's happening and the suspect's getaway car the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. >> on the peninsula. belmont police are searching for a burglary suspect caught on camera. the burglary was reported on tuesday afternoon in a quiet neighborhood. kron
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four's. gayle ong reports of police believe the suspect may be behind other burglaries in that same area belmont police are looking for this man. home security cameras captured his photo seen in someone's backyard in the area of casa bona avenue and corona at boulevard tuesday around 1215, in the afternoon. a neighbor didn't want to show her face. but explained what happened when she got home the neighbors asked me to go check on the house because the alarm was going off >> and i. come to find out the guy that was sitting in front of my house was the one waiting to pick up the guys and broke into their house and get away. the neighbor says the suspect took off with laptops and remembered seeing a light colored vehicle outside her home. police released a photo of a vehicle of interest, a silver 2021 jeep compass with a california license plate number. rv, the 3, 5, 2 police believe the suspect is connected to other burglaries in the area and are asking residents to review security cameras for any
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suspicious activity. longtime residents say they will be paying close attention. we have the ring camera and then we always try to leave a light on our cars and our driveway. but i mean, this is a safe neighborhood. it seems really scary. we've got a little kid. so. >> 7, really something to be worried about. so what can i do? you know, i just don't go anywhere. >> and to pay attention and i watch out. that's all i can do. my home has a security system. i homeowner. >> which i haven't bothered to conduct it. i'm definitely going to go ahead and do that. >> and the belmont police department is reminding the community that thefts and burglaries are common around the holidays and to take extra precaution. securing your homes vehicles and valuables reporting from belmont. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> 2 people have been hospitalized with major injuries after their car slammed into a tree in palo alto. police say the vehicle was getting away from an illegal sideshow that involved at least 4 cars. the illegal activity was reported
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overnight at the east end of a bar coderre road near the palo alto baylands nature preserve officers say that when police activated their lights a red chevrolet camaro sped away before crashing into a tree. both the driver and his passenger were seriously hurt. and police say that neither was wearing a seatbelt. their dog also sustained major injuries and had to be put down. an investigation is now underway. a gunman is still on the loose after private security guard who was on assignment with kron. 4 was shot in oakland on wednesday and the reward for information leading to an arrest is now at $25,000. this is video from the citizen app showing the scene and the shooting happened over at the intersection of 14th and harrison streets near the 12 street bart station. police said that the incident was an attempted armed robbery to steal the news camera equipment. the guard is now recovering in the hospital and officers later found an additional victim involved in the incident. a berkeley man who was also taken to highland hospital for treatment. that
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man was hit by bullet trapnell. according to police and he has since been released from the hospital. a reporter was not physically injured. shifting things over now to talk about the weather. this is a live look at the gorgeous golden gate bridge and rebecca strom is here with a look at your weekend forecast. rebecca. >> hi, great shot of the golden gate. also traffic wise them some really lightly traveled here on the richmond center fell bridge as well as a lot of folks have the day off, but they're out and about maybe shopping. and it's beautiful weather to either get outside or if you are going to be shopping today. we're seeing temperatures a very warm compared to what we started with earlier in the week and also dry conditions. the rain in the forecast that we do need it. take advantage of the dry conditions and head outside over the next couple of days. futurecast for showing us high pressure is going to be keeping. the chilly temperatures away during the day as well as the wet weather. all of that sticking to the far north of us in parts of oregon and
3:20 pm
washington. they'll be seeing the rain we'll be seeing the sunshine here. and it looks like it's going to last through the entire weekend for you all the way into your sunday today. temperatures topping out into the upper 60's near 70 degrees in some spots like in our south zone. downtown san jose. a high of 69 today 67 in downtown oakland and 66 right here in san francisco and over the next couple of days in your weekend, temperatures are going to bump up by a couple of degrees. we're going to look at a low 70's for saturday and sunday with a lot of sunshine inland, upper 60's around the bay mid 60's at the coast. ella, back to you. thanks for vacaville issues with unruly airline passengers have become increasingly common in air travel since the pandemic. >> now the department of justice is calling on federal prosecutors to prioritize cases of violence on airplanes. evan lambert has that story. >> we are seeing more of these unruly passenger incidents and more of them are turning to physically violent a reminder here breaking any kind of rule
3:21 pm
from a flight crew on board a plane is a violation of federal law. from flight attendants taking punches to passengers taped to their seats during wild in air rants. >> this holiday season. it's possible you'll witness a case of air rage on your flight. just this week, the department of justice announcing a crackdown in a memo. wednesday. attorney general merrick garland directing us attorneys to prioritize prosecutions of federal crimes involving on board threats and assaults. it reads in part, quote, when passengers commit violent acts against other passengers in the close confines of a commercial aircraft. the conduct endangers everyone on board. >> to un team taking biting shoving and spitting. it is disgusting as of tuesday. the faa says it's gotten more than 5300 reports of unruly passenger incidents since january about 80% of them nearly 4,000 are masked
3:22 pm
related this month. the agency said its proposed more than $200,000 in civil fines for 10 passengers accused of violent physical assaults. >> noting that since it announced a 0 tolerance policy on really incidents are slightly down since november. 37 of the most egregious cases have been turned over to the fbi for criminal investigation. we're dealing with now is the airline's basically saying and the flight attendants and the pilots pay. let's get real here refer to the doj. let's prosecute. >> those evan lambert reporting air travel experts point out that all kahala and mask mandates are largely fueling this kind of behavior. some airports are weighing whether to consider introducing a drink limited bars before letting passengers board a flight. still ahead at 3.45 a little girl has one special wish for christmas. >> how it will help her grandmother care for her. and after the break, the top 12 scams to be on the lookout for as you take on your holiday shopping list. kron 4 news at
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3:26 pm
social media gift exchanges are used to steal your personal info holiday apps to ask your credit card in exchange for a direct line to santa. those should likely be avoided. then compromised account alerts are a year round scam delete the emails and confirm everything is ok directly, then there's free gift cards. nothing is free, especially when they ask for credit card info number 6 is temporary holiday jobs. they ask you for money for that promise. big pay for a small amount of work. they're not legit. look-alike websites can be tricky because it's easy to type a wrong key. so make sure the site is legit before entering your personal information and fake charities offered to donate a portion of their profits to a good cause. but then don't number 9 on the list is fake shipping scams. their popular over the holidays. they send out e-mails with links ask you for your personal information. scammers are creating fake pop-up holiday virtual events and then charging admission to try to steal your credit card
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number. then there's top holiday wish list items being sold at ridiculously low rates. those are probably not legit. and last but not least on the list. there's puppy scams before you buy that four-legged friend make sure you see the puppy in person since they're usually are no refunds and the key here is to remember the old adage. it seems like it's too good to be true, it probably is. >> could point. all right. up next, it's going to be a busy time on bay area roadways this weekend. we're going to talk about the best and worst times to be out and about. and while the holidays are associated with joy and gathering sick can be a very stressful time for a lot of people too. so we have some tips on how to help yourself as well as others during this busy time. and it's a gorgeous day around the bay area. but if you are heading to the coast, some things you need to know. i i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> for your health. while the holidays can be a happy time of year for many the combination of cooking buying gifts preparing for family can take its toll on a person's mental health. add in that ongoing pandemic and it can just cause all the more stress. sarah mcdonald has some tips on how you can help yourself as well as others during this very busy time of year. >> i think as we get closer to the holidays. i think we. >> our. >> we know we're going to see extended family. we know we want to get all or shopping done. and so the stress just begins to build and build and
3:31 pm
different people have different stressors hatchell to as an outpatient therapist with the vera says it's important to recognize those stressors. we know what stresses this out. >> it's usually not a surprise, whether it's money or whether it's this time of year, whether it's you had a loss. >> a significant loss that this time of year, making sure you're getting enough sleep and staying physically active can also help. if you're dealing with stress exercise, that's usually the first thing to go when we are released even just walking around the block getting outside. it's not even just. >> work out as much as its sunshine. it's moving your body. it's getting extra oxygen into your body. she says no matter what you're dealing with this holiday season. it's ok to ask for help. i think sometimes we think because when we're depressed or when we're anxious to doesn't show on a blood test. it doesn't show it's not a broken bone. it doesn't show up on an x-ray, but it doesn't make it any less real and it doesn't make
3:32 pm
any of the things you feel, any less >> so yeah, definitely. it's important to ask. it's not going to change unless you change something. >> so sarah mcdonald reporting for us. and as always, if you need additional resources talk with your primary doctor. if you have plans this weekend around the bay area. you will not be alone getting around town. according to aaa based on past trends. a best time to hit the road tomorrow and sunday. this before noon, the worst time tomorrow will be between 2, 07:00pm and on sunday, the worst time will be between one and 07:00pm as people return from their foui-day weekend. the national retail federation is expecting nearly 2 million more people to shop from thanksgiving to cyber monday compared to last year. one business owner over in washington state believes that this holiday shopping season will account for 50% of his stores revenue. but this season has been far from perfect for small business owners across the country.
3:33 pm
businesses are dealing with that supply chain crisis. plus a shortage of workers. >> a lot of people looking for has been a challenge for us. we have a lot of people working for us that are working 2 to 3 days a week and maybe even monday. we so we have lots of staff, but only one or 2 people a day. >> retail experts believe more shoppers will open up their wallets. this black friday, small business saturday and cyber monday. even with the trend of shopping for gifts earlier this year. speaking of small business saturday, a number of local stores might seeklarge crowds of shoppers according to a survey by lendingtree nearly half of americans are planning to shop at small businesses this weekend. they'll spend an average of $300.63 percent of consumers say the pandemic has strengthened their loyalty to small businesses. experts estimate more than 20 billion dollars to be spent this saturday. focusing now on our weather again. it is a gorgeous day out there taking a live look outside at the
3:34 pm
golden gate bridge. and if you're headed out to the coast due to be where we have kron four's. rebecca strom joining us with details on a beach hazard statement from the national weather service. rebecca. >> yeah, that's right, ellen. so just take it easy. if you're not going to be shopping outside right now. you're going to maybe head to the coast. be really careful there is that beach hazard statement issues until 6 o'clock tonight across a bay area coastlines. and it's all because we're expecting swells of up to 9 feet every 15 to 17 seconds. and of course a strong rip currents are a possible as well as a sneaker wave. so stay clear from the water. make sure you never turn your back on the ocean. so definitely stay safe out there, but it is so beautiful. i know you do want to take advantage of being outside. look at this gorgeous shot the golden gate bridge right now. lots of folks are out and about right now. sunshine and very warm temperatures worse is what we started with in the beginning of the week. temperatures outside right now 66 if you're in downtown san jose, those 60's continue along the east bay shoreline alameda in downtown oakland.
3:35 pm
both the 63 64 right here in san francisco. 68 in saint right now. 66 degrees. if you're in san anselmo temperatures are going to remain a pretty warm, even get a little bit warmer as we get into the weekend by a few degrees. it's all thanks to high pressure that continues to build and dominate the bay area. keeping all the rain away from us and lots of sunshine and keeping things dry highs today topping out into the upper 60's almost 70 expected in downtown san jose with a high of 69 68 expected in hayward, 66 for the high in san francisco. and we're looking at a 67. they were expecting this afternoon in nevado and like i mentioned it, things are going to bump up just by a few degrees as we get into your weekend, it's going to be beautiful. we're expecting low 70's inland, upper 60's around the bay and mid 60's at the coast. that's a look at the weather. ella, back to you. thanks, rebecca. and shopping isn't for you. there are a few new movies in theaters this holiday weekend. >> dean richards has a preview. >> i chill my life. is an
3:36 pm
empire. you can have the family which is excites and everybody her least that's my main suite. our main. >> sweet face. >> the story of one of the best known names in fashion plays out on the big screen this week in house of gucci. it's a true story of colossal wealth and excess in power. the twists and turns like a lifestyles of the super rich reality show with one character. more over the top and interesting than the next. i think that's what i liked about. house of gucci. it's a nighttime drum of the highest order only it really happened. lady gaga is back on the big screen and it playing a middle class social climber. it's a nerdy law student. adam driver who just happens to be the heir to the gucci fortune who wants nothing to do with his family's business a series of events and his very aggressive new girlfriend soon to be wife has other ideas. and here is
3:37 pm
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lin. manuel miranda that adds to the positive vibes. it's a dean's list. b plus, only in theaters in. so it. that screen is the origin story of the resident evil franchise in resident evil. welcome to raccoon city. a once thriving city is abandoned by its main employer. a giant pharmaceutical company when zombie evil is unleashed from below the surface. hope you have a great holiday weekend in chicago. i'm dean richards. >> coming up, how a new restaurant in the east. bay is preserving native american cuisine. one fish at a time.
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>> friday marks native american heritage day. and here in the bay area. we are on the land of many tribes including the maloney. we have been highlighting local efforts by indigenous people to preserve their languages as well as their cuisine. a local chef crystal. but the pa celebrated the grand opening of her restaurant will propose kitchen in oakland. her ancestors are from the kickapoo nation of oklahoma. but she was born and raised in the east bay. she incorporates california native produce in recipes like buy-in blue corn me falls salmon. salad the berries and pick up food chili. her goal is to preserve her culture in this indigenous space. it is welcome to everyone and her inspiration is community and family. >> i grew up in the inner tribal friendship house. and that's where it's located here in oakland and that some were a lot of different tribes
3:42 pm
celebrate their cultural and foods and things like that. but i must say the most is my grandma. there's in my and keys. it was tellis day it's a family tradition that how we harvest corn, how we could get just for birthdays are how it's could just for any holiday or even just a gathering and that's something that is very cultural traditional into our family. so i love hartenstein need of >> welcome post kitchen is in oakland's fruitvale district at 33 o one east 12th street suite. one 33 and it's open wednesday through sunday from 00:00am in the morning until 2 in the afternoon. vice president kamala harris is also marking native american heritage day. she tweeted we celebrate the contributions of native peoples and honor their influence on our nation. we will continue to uphold our treaty responsibilities. strengthen tribal sovereignty and advanced tribal self-determination.
3:43 pm
>> there's a little girl and she has one special wish for christmas coming up, how it will help her g
3:44 pm
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3:46 pm
4 it was an emotional experience being able to return to the stage, especially in his hometown following the shutdown due to the pandemic. >> it. it's it's moving for all parties and the audience and actors as and especially with this story, which is kind of a story of redemption rebirth and renewal law. the timing is particularly and that just makes it kind of more emotional for everybody who is involved. >> a christmas carol premiere. this afternoon at 1 o'clock at the golden gate theater. it will run for one whole month through december. 26th. >> well, this just in to the kron 4 news room. stephen sondheim, the tony award-winning composer and lyricist behind such shows as west side story and sweeney todd has died. 6 of sondheim's musicals won tony awards for best score and he received a pulitzer prize and an academy award. he was awarded the presidential medal of honor by
3:47 pm
president obama. a broadway theater on 43rd street has also been named in his honor. some of sondheim's other musicals in crude company sundays in the park with george and into the woods. he was 91 years old. a little girl with a degenerative disease has a very special christmas wish, one that she hopes will come true in order to help her and her grandmother. melanie townsend has their story. >> tar. jane nelson is a unique kind of 8 year-old who loves doing handstands on the trampoline coal mine rainbow creating abstract pieces of art. it has her heart set on a certain professions. >> we had teacher. he. carr j is also a fighter and has been since she was a baby. she was born with la marque. ifo says a degenerative spinal deformity that curbs the back.
3:48 pm
>> making it nearly impossible to move her legs or feel from the waist down every day she relies on a very special woman to help her. i had all their life tar che's grandmother natasha pao's has become her full-time caretaker and makes frequent trips to the shriners hospital here in sacramento to try and treat a disease that will affect her for the rest of her life. they see have ta. i they take my wait walking running and do any of that. climbing up on she have to scoot around or need since trainers will be giving a chair on monday but power ease it won't fit the car. she drives and now it will add to the growing number of challenges she faces daily the bigger she grows the data here. >> and i have put it in there
3:49 pm
and it didn't take it out. is just hard for him. >> with christmas right around the corner tar jay is asking for just one thing handicap accessible van with a lift to help her grandmother. we can use. it's >> it could play my chair is it kind shot. but i knew that she wanted them because ali at my back hurts my and so you know, i say will outside of at this time it is that, you know, it's say i feel great. they too, these wedding. it for things mind night. >> while tar she has many things to be thankful for. she is hoping santa or one of his helpers. we'll give her an pals. the gift of a lifetime have at bigger in sacramento. melanie townsend.
3:50 pm
>> regardless of what you do out there today is going to be a gorgeous weekend. the weather out there. not much to say, but i don't know. i mean, rebecca strong. is too bold to it's kind of better than some san francisco days. >> is this right. it's almost a equal to some spots, right. because we're going to temperatures in the 60's and 70's as we get into of the weekend. yeah, very beautiful. it feels more like close to summer temperatures, but it does actually fall. we started off the week. a lot cooler. now we're ending the week on a warmer note outside. right now, though. yes, a gorgeous shot of downtown san francisco. the transamerica building there and a whole lot of sunshine to see a little bit of scattered clouds but not too bad. if you're going to be heading to the coast, though. just keep in mind there is a beach hazard statement is until 6 o'clock tonight. so we're expecting swells of up to 9 feet anywhere from 15 to 17 seconds. every time. and of course those strong rip currents and sneaker waves are possible. so stay away from
3:51 pm
the waters definitely never turn your back to the ocean. so just stay safe out there. if you are going to be along at the bay area coastline until the evening hours tonight, temperatures right now this is why you want to get out and about. we're seeing a really good mostly mid to even some upper 60's on the board 66 in downtown san jose 63 in alameda 65 if you're in dublin right now in concord. we're looking at says 69 in fairfield right now. 62, if you're in vallejo and the north. the zone mostly covered in the low to mid even upper 60's like insane halina. it's 68 degrees. and in these temperatures are only going to continue to get better and better. wolf. you'd like warmer once said, it's because the high pressure continues to dominate the bay area. we'ru going to see it last into the weekend. it's going to keep us nice and dry. and we're also going to see some light winds. so just keep that in mind into tonight and then things should start to subside during the overnight hours and then it's going to be picking back up a bit. so breezy in your neighborhood as we get into tomorrow afternoon. how warm
3:52 pm
is it going to be getting over the weekend a little bit warmer than what we saw today. i'll have all those temperatures coming up a little bit later. ella, back to you. look forward to it. >> well, happening now highway patrol is out in full force. all weekend long. they're looking for dangerous drivers from distracted to under the influence of drugs or alcohol as we take a live look outside over the bay bridge toll plaza. looking good out there. the agency kicked off its holiday maximum enforcement period back on wednesday. that means all available highway patrol officers will be out there and remain vigilant until sunday at midnight. >> up next. this is definitely a way to ma
3:53 pm
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>> lows, a magical surprise for a husband attending in orlando, magic game father to be james was surprised with the pregnancy announcement during the games. kiss cam. you can see his drop as he reads the message. congratulations to the happy couple. after moving to a drive-thru event last year the trees of return to plaza de cesar chavez in san jose for the annual christmas in the park. it all starts with a tree lighting ceremony at 6 o'clock tonight. the free event runs through january. second and includes dozens of trees decorated by community organizations. 40 different musical exhibits. plus this year. they have added a new
3:56 pm
beer and wine garden and a new 64 foot tall christmas tree tunnel. in addition to the free walk through event. there will also be a drive-thru light display at lee cunningham. first of all, these details on how to get tickets to. kron 4 dot com. all right. one final check of the weather with rebecca strong. >> another sunny a forecast. we're going to be seeing today and into the weekend. it never gets old rival if you like sunshine and temperatures in the 70's outside right now. our east bay overlooking the bay, all the way into san francisco. and look at this temperatures going to bump up by a few degrees as we get into tomorrow. so it looks really good for your 7 era of a forecast low 70's inland. we're looking into upper 60's around the bay and mid 60's up the coast. a pretty much for the next 7 days, but those overnight lows, though, it's going to be chilly once again, especially as we get into tonight looks like a summer east bay's own will be dropping into the 30's. so bundle up in the mornings and then enjoy the sunshine into the afternoon l a thanks for
3:57 pm
back of the news doesn't end here. our coverage continues at the top of the hour the kron on app. so if you aren't watching now on it. >> here's a look at what's coming up. you can download it by scanning a qr code right there. we are going to be looking a more in-depth that movies filmed in san francisco. >> again, if you're not watching on your phone, you can use it to scan that qr code on your screen right now. it will take you directly to our app store where you can download the kron on app for free. that's it for kron 4 news at 3. i'm ella sogomonian. thank you so much for joining us. itchy?
3:58 pm
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