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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  November 26, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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>> all right. welcome every morning everybody to this more it a friday after thanksgiving. i'm james fletcher. 08:00am the time inventory of full. so thankful thankful for many things. my colleagues you at home and the weekend thankful for all of those in thankful at a really thanksgiving help him. what he had full bellies on thanksgiving. it was a good time all around to help. and the weather today. if you're going to be kicking out here. holiday shopping season today looking pretty good. too. cold that it looks good old alex. good. i'm thankful for stretchy suits this morning. bill. yeah. couple of them. and this is one of them. us to still fits just but yeah, i definitely feel anybody that's getting outside. just feel a little heavier this morning. >> maybe take a little easier this morning because it is cold. get back outside later on today when temperatures warm into the 60's, then you can get that post thanksgiving jog in your view outside from our berkeley hills camera is looking nice and clear. lots
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of sunshine out there after what was a partly cloudy evening conditions wasting no time in clearing back out now. 40's and 50's for most of the current temps and an obvious hold out along with saint helene and fairfield hanging out in the 30's still so not as cold as yesterday morning was but still holding out. so don't forget the jacket john, thank you for that. right. as you're traveling from the east bay into the city. >> traffic has been pretty line a little under 2 minutes for you. there. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula a little under 30 minute as you're traveling richmond center fell bridge as you're heading out of richmond across towards center fell down to a little under 9 minute. and the golden gate bridge 20 minutes from the north bay into the city warmer weather and traffic coming up. for now, let's get back to the and one of the big stories this morning that we've been talking about is the fact that a lot of folks, thousands of them will be hitting. getting t holiday shopping done. you know, if you're watching at home, you're proy already getting ready to head out businesses are going to open
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just a little early because of that. but this year prices could also be a little higher yeah. unfortunately from 4 sarah stinson, the following all of it for us live in dublin out of the house and the shopping center. hey, sarah. >> there yet. people have been shopping at best buy all morning long in the dark. they came out here, 40 degrees and they went inside to get good deals. take a look. still seeing, you know, a constant flow people coming in and coming out. i would say most most people are coming out with items as many small items. but some big ones like tv's and gaming monitors. a lot of people saying they got the deal. they wanted a lot of people also saying they were disappointed in what they're seeing this black friday and that follows along with what analysts expected. they said that shoppers could expect to pay on average 5 to 17% more for toys clothing appliances and tv's compared to last
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year. this is due to shortages of shipping containers and truckers which have helped delay deliveries at the same time, inflation continues to creep. tv's can see the highest price hike on average at best buy. i'm seeing these specific deal. so before you head out the door case which is $299 dyson vacuums are $100 off sony and samsung tv's the fork atv's. they are about 100 to $300 off. regular prices just to name a few. but again, not everybody impressed with black friday, especially one man. take a listen. no action is kind of. >> because decided to do all black friday stuff. starting like 2 weeks ago. you know, there's a few things i think that showed up. they were. like today only. but. most of was just you can buy 2 weeks ago. >> look, he's showing meal the
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things him and his family got including amazon fire stick, which is half off here at best buy and a few other items there, including a switch remote or game game controller. so a lot of little things. people are getting. but is it necessarily the best deal and is the deal only available today. >> most cases not now we are seeing a lot of patrols in the area both here in dublin. this hot shopping center as well as at the san francisco premium outlet mall. that's in livermore, just 2 miles down the road. a lot of police on high alert making sure that no more looting occurs. we've seen that in the bay area a few times now recently. you know about it. so they're trying to make sure that does not happen again. now, the guy just heard from he was pretty hilarious and he actually gave me a little bit of a trivia question today. so i thought i pose it. 2 reyna and james and everyone at home, ok, are you ready to what does black
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friday mean? what does it mean were to come i do >> yeah. he was just he was telling me this is gives us a little more. can know, it's a it's an accounting reference from. >> getting your books back into the black back into profit after a long, hard year of trying i'm all right. that's always loves. exactly right up the first day, these businesses, these companies are in the black after being in the red. >> the first day they turn a profit. i feel like i knew that but i forgot about it. so i got schooled by some trivia from that. and i interviewed said whoever runs black friday. please give james a discount on all things. yeah, i'll tell 90% off. i'm fine with any one of those. thank you, sarah. >> good news. is there are just kills all day long games all day absolutely. so be ready to enjoy that. >> but also be on your guard in office. the on the screen. you see why we've had a rash of. >> smash-and-grab robberies
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all around the bay area unfortunately this. he seems to be one of the things we're dealing with this year and that target, everything from designer stores. mom and pop shops, even cannabis dispensaries. black friday typically means. >> long lines and a lot of people rushing into stores. look, these new smash and grabs. we're changing a lot of people's holiday plans little bit kron four's. rob nesbitt explains how. >> and as i was going back, i heard glass being broken. >> what was supposed to be a nice day at crissy field wednesday for stephen w turned into witnessing the smash and grab parked car. it saw him a distinctly take 2 bags of luggage out of the back of the smashed up vehicle. >> an increase of smash and grabs outside cars and inside stores makes him question just how busy black friday will be. >> but area mayors including concord mayor tim mcgallian say that shopping safety should not be a concern. i mean, there's a lot of eyes on. >> on our shopping district right now and they usually are during the holidays anyway. so we just encourage people still
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coming out. please patronize our business is a sense of security that people seem to be trusting with an increase in crime. you know, deter you from going out to your shopping. necessarily kaling says that she always has to be aware of her surroundings in san francisco. >> unsettled by the videos of smash and grabs at retail stores during business hours don't think they're targeting people perhaps. >> guess that would be a scary situation to be in the store when it happens. locals. i spoke to one thanksgiving feel safe knowing where to go and where to avoid. it's tourists. they worry about embarrassed by what has become an unsettling norm and it was something like this happens in the middle of day. it's even more shocking. some people stop yesterday night. is this normal. i guess this is this is what we do. most of the people i spoke to say that they plan on avoiding shopping in stores altogether, not just on black friday. >> choosing to do their holiday shopping online in san francisco. rob nesbitt kron 4 news maybe if you don't like shopping at all if you want to do something else today. you can definitely go out in
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nature because. >> the east bay regional park district is hosting what they call green friday or free park day. all district fees are going to be way for park entrances and activities as well as parking. >> quick update now on a story we've been following for the past couple of days. a gunman is still on the loose now after shooting a private security guard who is on assignment for us here at kron 4. this was in oakland on wednesday. the reward for information leading to the arrest of that person is now up $25,000. police say it happened as an attempted robbery. the robber trying to steal news camera equipment. the shooting happened at the intersection of 14th and harrison right near the 12 street bart station in. this is video from overhead from the citizens app showing the scene as it was playing out when the shots were fired. the guard is in the hospital recovering this morning. officers also found later that there was another victim to a berkeley man who apparently was taken to highland hospital with wounds sustained from bullet trapnell so that person
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has since been released. thankfully in our reporter who is on the scene also wasn't physically hurt, but our thoughts are with the security guard that's recovering in the hospital. and again, a reminder information leading to the arrest of the person who fired at him is now up. 25,000 $1. let police know if you have any information that might be helpful. >> well, happening today. the vta they're going to be hosting a virtual vigil to mark 6 months since 9 co-workers were killed here and the deadliest mass shooting we've seen here in the bay area. it's going to start at 10:00am over on zoom in then again at 4 o'clock, there's going to be music in a virtual candle lighting ceremony. everyone is welcome to join in and we have a link to that. she had on our web site over at kron 4 dot com. happening right now. chp is out in full force this weekend looking for dangerous drivers as we look and a live look right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see cars moving along and the agency kicked off the holiday maximum force appearing on wednesday. all available chp officers are going to be on patrol until
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sunday at midnight. they're monitoring for seat belt violations. if you're speeding distracted driving and also signs of a dui. >> we'll take a break here at 8. '09. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, a new covid variant is now raising concerns around the world will have an update on what we know about it so far. >> sunshine peering back through across the bay area after what was some cloud cover last night. looks like we've got some planes taking off, too on what's probably another busy travel day 60's for your highs later on today. lots of sunshine and mild one more details are in your forecast.
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>> well, the holiday shopping season is here and millions of people are going to be buying their gifts right here but returning items that you purchased online as you well know, can be difficult sometimes rich demuro takes a look at a new website that's hoping to make that whole process a little bit easier. >> ordering items online is easy but returning them can be a hassle. now a startup named return mates wants to change that. they'll come to you to pick up the items you need to return and then they'll complete the process. >> we've gotten so used to the ease of online shopping. a few taps and items arrive at our door. delivery is easy. but
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returning the same items can be time consuming. this is something that people just push off the weeks weeks. all they don't return now or in the end up wasting the money kristian zak is co-founder of return mates. i started making the returns process, easy for online shoppers of any website. what we find is once they go through the whole that is here's how it works. start to return process with the website. you bought the item from then upload the return label or qr code to return mates and schedule a next-day pickup, you can leave the item outside or handed over in person during your side pickup time. there's no need to box it up, bring them back to our warehouse package them. >> a fixture label and then ship them by the carriers. multiple items from the same website can be consolidated into a bigger box, which is more economical and earth friendly people value convenience and while dropping off your item at a ups store
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is definitely more convenient than what it used to be 5 years so ago. now we think the most convenient option is not house at all. when i tested out the service, i liked how they kept me informed every step of the way from when the driver is about to arrive to win your item is headed back. we also have an insurance policy which covers up to a $1000 the cost for this convenience. 6 $1 per pickup or $15 a month for unlimited in the future of return mates hopes more websites might include their service returns are inherently confusing for consumers. and so we want to just be the most simple straightforward process out there. >> i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. all right. thank you the sign up for that 6 bucks, anything that makes life easier game what a gorgeous shot. you got the idea that jon super beautiful puns, a beautiful enough for shopping right now. it is. yeah, i think so. i think those deals man even if you
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have to put a free overnight in the 40's here a couple of us still are still, but it's not as cold as it once was. so that sunshine making quick work of the cold. now. >> and we're about to be seeing temperatures getti back up to some really nice and mild conditions later on today. sure. looks nice, right, oftentimes on these really nice looking mornings, though. that's when you do have the cold feel and it is chilly out there. we are looking at offshore wind. so certainly no marine layer. it's just a dry air mass that's in place. these winds that we're that much of an issue in the bay area yesterday did turn out to be quite the issue across southern california. we saw some santa ana's kicking up down south. that low that helped to usher in those winds is exiting the region. so a calmer day for la is expected to head and for us in the bay area. we're just keeping a good thing going with more clear skies, more dry conditions and more mild weather much as we've got use to sunshine this afternoon. a little cloud cover again tonight. more sunshine tomorrow and more sunshine into sunday too. easy travel
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weather easy shopping weather, whatever you got going on the next couple of days. you can definitely get outside and enjoy it, especially during the afternoon hours today after this afternoon, you're going to be seeing highs in the 60's. whether you're in san francisco or at the coast. most of our bayshore cities right around the mid to upper 60's only got one 70 on the map today and that will be for you in campbell, aside from that, it's still cool and comfortable just not quite as warm as yesterday for parts of the south bay oakland and berkeley at 67 degrees allay 65 benicia pittsburgh are also right there santa rosa at 66. now tomorrow starts a trend of 70's. that's going to take us all the way through the finish of the month on tuesday and in the started december on wednesday and thursday. our warmest of days only by a couple of degrees will be saturday and sunday. good days for getting back out there. rain. john, thanks for that. starting at the bay bridge this morning. a light commute, a little under 2 minutes. >> for your drive time. there.
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the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula a little under 30 minutes to make that drive out of richmond heading across to war. sandra fell. you can make that drive in a little under. it's a 13 minutes and the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes as you're traveling into the city. we're going to have more weather and traffic coming up. for now, let's get back to the news. >> and the total assessment of damage to california's giant sequoia trees, reason wildfires is still being calculated and now efforts are underway to try and save these giant trees from the next wildfire. exactly. but is enough being done. chip yost takes a look at that for us. >> when a fire stab wishes self and lowered read we can and we knew we had a problem from his perch on an observation deck above the red wood canyon grow. the largest grove of giant sequoias in the world. sequoia and kings canyon national parks fire management officer john ziegler notes. some of the giant trees below were killed in the camp. he complex fire.
8:19 am
but he also knows another truth, although we don't. >> we really don't like destructive you know, sometimes there's a silver lining. the silver lining in this case is that some of this land was in desperate need of a prescribed burn that is a fire intentionally set by firefighters to get rid of smaller trees and brush buildup that when left unchecked. >> can turn a small or moderate fire into one big enough to burn swathes of giant sequoias, something that just 10 years ago was unheard of the good news in the knp complex fire. is that part of it went through just like a smaller prescribed burn would have this part of the fire actually treated about 70%. >> of the unit. we have a plan to burn anyway. all the stumps. you can see where they cut. this is the ones we're telling you guys about another
8:20 am
part of protecting sequoias involves mechanical been more physically cutting in moving some of the trees in clearing brush around them. something that seemed to help in the nearby windy fire right now we're on the trail of a 100 giants. and as you can see, there is destruction all around. >> from the windy fire. but the fire was not as devastating here as elsewhere. just look at this tree right here. yes, there is black on the bottom. but as you look up, there's still a lot of green on the branch is one reason fire officials say this part of the park did a lot better than others is because of all the prep work that was done ahead of time unfortunately for the rest of the forest decades of fire suppression. >> have left a lot more work to be done. >> for mixed conifer overall. our fire ecologists has told me we need to burn 30,000 acres a year. we burn 1000 in a good year and a prescribed fire. last year. the state of california and the u.s. forest
8:21 am
service signed an agreement in which each made commitments to increase a chopper, a shuns and take other actions. >> to address as they put it, the overly dense ailing forests that dominate the landscape today. we need to get on that. we need to increase the pace and skill. >> wildfires burn fast. they don't wait for us to fill out a million forms. and you know, so we need to increase the pace and scale of our treatments on the western slopes of california sierra nevada mountain range. i'm chip yost. >> all right. coming up next with air travel returning close to prepandemic levels. the department of justice is stepping up efforts to crack down on unruly. passengers will be back after the break.
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>> we are back in a 24 and issues with unruly passengers has been going up quite a bit here when it comes to air travel during the pandemic. you've probably seen some of these videos going viral online. but now the department of justice is calling on federal prosecutors. >> to prioritize cases of violence on airplanes. evan lambert with a closer look. >> we are seeing more of these unruly passenger incidents and
8:25 am
more of them are turning to physically violent a reminder here breaking any kind of rule from a flight crew on board a plane is a violation of federal law. from flight attendants taking punches to passengers taped to their seats during wild in air rants. >> this holiday season. it's possible you'll witness a case of air rage on your flight. just this week, the department of justice announcing a crackdown in a memo. wednesday. attorney general merrick garland directing us attorneys to prioritize prosecutions of federal crimes involving on board threats and assaults. it reads in part, quote, when passengers commit violent acts against other passengers in the close confines of a commercial aircraft. the conduct endangers everyone on board. >> to un team taking biting shoving and spitting. it is disgusting as of tuesday. the faa says it's gotten more than 5300 reports of unruly
8:26 am
passenger incidents since january about 80% of them nearly 4,000 are masked related this month. the agency said its proposed more than $200,000 in civil fines for 10 passengers accused of violent physical assaults. >> noting that since it announced a 0 tolerance policy on really incidents are slightly down since november. 37 of the most egregious cases have been turned over to the fbi for criminal investigation. what we're dealing with now is the airline's basically saying and the flight attendants and the pilots. hey, let's get real here. refer to the doj. let's prosecute. >> well, as evan lambert reporting, air travel experts point to alcohol and those mask mandates has largely what's behind this uptick in this behavior. some airports, even wondering whether or not they should introduce a drink limit at bars in the terminal before letting passengers on board a flight. a 26 on the clock. coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news, a new covid variant is causing
8:27 am
concern around the world will tell you what we're learning about it this morning. we'll be right back. we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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>> a flight down the why maybe not on the plane that small wishing and we both had to cancel trips to different times this year. but yeah, you know, that means next next and the weather there at the airport. john looks really nice out there. it is. sunny. now we have some cloud cover earlier, but that has skidded out. and now we're looking at sunshine the rest of the day today. so for our lucky people that are may be flying to hawaii. >> got some good weather that you're leaving here in the bay for probably some good weather in hawaii, too. a viewing outside at your berkeley hills camp. just showing you how clear and sunny it is up above and cloud cover is definitely left a picture now. current temperatures are fairly mild 40's and 50's. they are on the move for gradually getting a little warmer. we started the morning in the 30's for the north bay and now we just have a couple of holdouts that's fairfield. inn say only likely not to be in the 30's during my luck next check with you. i'll be talking more about what to expect for this weekend after the holiday still ahead, john, thanks for that. alright traffic has been
8:31 am
pretty light for us this friday morning. if you're heading from the east bay to the city a little under 2 minutes for your drive time. there. the san mateo bridge in across towards the peninsula little under 30 minutes as you're commuting the san mateo bridge is too little under 13 heading over there. richmond center fell traveling out of richmond. a little under 9 in the golden gate bridge. >> about 20 minutes from the north bay into the city. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up. for now, let's get back to our top stories. all right. well, developing news this morning we have a new coronavirus variant that's been detected in south africa that scientists say. >> is a little concerning and that's because of the high number of mutations that apparently spreads rapidly among young people in the country's most populated areas health officials in south africa say that this variant is fueling a dramatic rise. now in their cases it's also been detected in botswana. also in hong kong. and just this morning, the first case was reported in israel and also new this morning, the european union says it now plans to stop air travel from southern africa in order to
8:32 am
try to prevent the spread of this new variant, not clear if it's any more robust against the vaccine. we'll have to wait and see. we know the world health organization is meeting today to determine if it's going to designate this as a variant of concern. well, you know, the site in the meantime, we have researchers working right now to see if and when children need a vaccine booster shot for covid coronavirus infectious disease. expert doctor anthony fauci doesn't think so. he says it's less likely that kids will need that extra shot because their immune system is more robust. officials say the pediatric are underway right now and more information should be available at some point next year. >> well, the holiday shopping season is in full effect here a very busy time for not only shoppers scammers as well, unfortunately. but the better business bureau did put out its list of the top 12 scams that you want to be on the lookout for a lot of them are targeting online shoppers. we've got to la ana diaz with the story. >> according to the better
8:33 am
business bureau, misleading social media ads are the most commonly reported scams counting for more than a 3rd of all reports last year. social media gift exchanges are used to steal your personal info holiday apps to ask your credit card in exchange for a direct line to santa. those should likely be avoided. then compromised account alerts are a year round scam delete the emails and confirm everything is ok directly, then there's free gift cards. nothing is free, especially when they ask for credit card info number 6 is temporary holiday jobs. they ask you for money for that promise. big pay for a small amount of work. they're not legit. look-alike websites can be tricky because it's easy to type a wrong key. so make sure the site is legit before entering your personal information and fake charities offered to donate a portion of their profits to a good cause. but then don't number 9 on the list is fake shipping scams. their popular over the holidays. they send out e-mails with links ask you for your personal information. scammers are creating fake
8:34 am
pop-up holiday virtual events and then charging admission to try to steal your credit card number. then there's top holiday wish list items being sold at ridiculously low rates. those are probably not legit. and last but not least on the list. there's puppy scams before you buy that four-legged friend make sure you see the puppy in person since they're usually are no refunds and the key here is to remember the old adage. it seems like it's too good to be true, it probably is. >> all right. back here in the bay area. don't forget dozens of local nonprofits have been working hard this thanksgiving to make sure that every family that they can help has a warm meal on the table yet. but the road was city based nonprofit there with care doing a lot much more than that. they also providing support to low income families with children who are critically crawford's taylor second takes a closer look at how they really are helping people every day. >> as executive director sarah alexander explains a bay area nonprofit there with care doesn't just assist families
8:35 am
for the holidays, but it's something they do on a daily basis throughout the year. we are providing direct support to families that have a sick child at the hospital. >> and most nearly all of the families that we're working with are in financial distress. so what we do is we make regular calls or texts to families. many of whom are bedside with their child and we try to do what we can to make their life a little bit easier. most of what we do is providing and deliveries of groceries baby items cleaning supplies and transportation assistance. >> there with care started helping families across the entire bay area nearly a decade ago. however, they say these last couple of years have been especially challenging research has shown that families on average spend anywhere between. >> 5,000 to $17,000 and out of pocket expenses. just getting their child to him from medical treatment. so for families that we're working with that many of whom fall below federal poverty line. it
8:36 am
is really difficult to just make it day tp let alone think about how to care for your sick child together. the pandemic and mounting medical bills. >> put a huge financial stress on families they serve so much that they say referrals from social workers at children's hospitals increased 150% since the beginning of the year. showing the need is deep and the need is growing as i mentioned, all of the families we're serving are in financial distress. so. >> to be able to get food on the table is really difficult over the last couple weeks. alexander says. >> they were able to get out food, groceries and more to ensure that each one of their families had a warm meal on the table. this thanksgiving. i'm taylor reporting kron 4 news. >> all 36 is the time. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news the raiders pull off an overtime win. it was down to the wire. we'll have highlights coming up next. and we are looking at conditions today. that will be nice and clear. but as we're already seeing at the airport.
8:37 am
>> later on today. daytime highs in the 60's. a little cooler than yesterday. before warmer temperatures this weekend. i've got that your forecast. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> we are back. 8.40 is the time in the u.s. postal service is ready they say for the surge. they're expecting this holiday season taking a
8:40 am
lot of steps to make sure that they don't have any of the problems they had last year a lot of problems last year and the postal service expects 25 billion letters. >> cards and packages to pass through their system between now and new year's day you might remember last year we had a lot of covid-related problems with the postal service and that led to a lot of major delivery delays that they're hoping to avoid this time around. >> not only covid which created on increased online ordering. and that also. created employee impacts with the employee availability. we competitors who. have the luxury of saying no, not taking more and center through the post office. instead, we don't do that. we're here for you, whatever you give us. we're going to we're going to deliver when got a call. >> fact, they might be to prepare. that's what they're worried about because of the low product inventories that are out there right now because of port disruptions in supply chain issues. they're prepared for a whole lot more than they actually be coming their way. but better to have
8:41 am
it that way. then the other way around because at least hopefully tough get to on time or i will be right back. smooth dark chocolate, refreshing peppermint, enter york mode. ♪ rich chocolate candy and creamy caramel. that's how you rolo. ♪
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that's how you rolo. we are back. coming up on a 45 we've the weather to take a look at here is you're probably planning at some heading outside today. exactly
8:44 am
and enjoying some shopping, but a lot of you, you know, we're here are already here. we have cart king way promise. i'm just doing the news year. >> not simultaneously. >> the weather has been cold, but hopefully it will warm up a little bit for us. john. yeah, that sunshine definitely going to help us out a lot, guys. so if you get the shopping done this morning. then you just get to enjoy this. the rest of the day. so maybe you should do some online shopping. well, it's still kind of chilly out there. half moon bay looks gorgeous. got people walking around out there enjoying what has been a very nice morning. but this view i want to be out there, too. we are seeing a light wind for most areas. but there are breezy pockets. certainly nothing like the santa ana winds that are neighbors down in southern california. experienced yesterday that resulted in some loss of power. now that low pressure area that was making its way across the south. but part of the state is starting to exit the region. so they'll join us on the calmer and drier note that we've already been on. so southern california looks better. bay area. just keeping
8:45 am
the good stuff around. so we're going to be looking at another dry day ahead of us today. more sunshine tonight. a little bit more cloud cover kind of like we saw last night. then tomorrow clears right back out. and we're also going to be seeing temperatures tomorrow and sunday a little bit warmer than we have been more and more of us climbing into the 70's over the weekend just means a nice or feel if you want to get outside this weekend. 60's for your highs in sf along the coastline along the bay shore and basically everywhere else. we only have one exception on the map today. and that's in the south bay that will be our friends in campbell at 70 degrees nearby los gatos saratoga cupertino in san jose each at 69 east bay temperatures mostly mid to upper 60's really beautiful day to look forward to berkeley oakland 67 allay 65 and for novato, you will be at 67 degrees tomorrow's temperatures rise. as i mentioned, further into the 70's. so do expect a really nice feel for your saturday and sunday pretty much keeping that around through the end of
8:46 am
november. on tuesday and the start of december on wednesday. reyna tom, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your commute. if you're traveling into the city this morning. nice and light. as we all morning. >> a little under 10 minutes for your drive time there. san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula. no major delays or issue a little under 13 minutes as you're traveling. let's look at the richmond center fell bridge traveling at a richmond a little under 9 minutes and the golden gate bridge about 20 heading from the north bay into the city. >> alright. now let's turn our attention to sports. we've got the raiders beating the cowboys on thanksgiving and boy was a long slog, but they got it in males. a nice gift for all the raider fans out there across floors. sports director jason dumas has the highlights for us football and thanksgiving goes together like peanut butter and jelly. >> bacon to make salt pepper catch-up in fried onions on a cheese steak. all right. up probably lost everyone. they're that's a philly thing. let's head to jerry's world. the raiders. they were taken on the dallas cowboys. trying
8:47 am
to help the raiders snap a four-game losing streak end. this should help. 3rd play of the game for the raiders. sean jackson. and we've seen that before, especially in jerry world, 56 yard, touchdown catch. he's still fast. all righty. then josh jacobs, he gets the touchdown 3rd quarter we go raiders up 17 13. look at marcus mariota get some runs. he scores on the keeper. the raiders looking good. but on the ensuing kickoff. you just can't lit this happen. tony pollard, 100 yard. >> house call. >> 2719 after the missed pa right to the 4th quarter. we go, this is when things got good prescott fines don't shots. now. the great looking tied at 30 after a successful two-point conversion after raiders field goal that the cowboys. they tied up right here and they forced overtime
8:48 am
and guess what, we have extra football in ot. after a cowboys 3, an out 1318 for the raiders and the quarterback never turned his head as a jones gets it, that leads to that overtime field goal. guess what? the raiders. they when darrell carlson walk-off, they snap a three-game skid. they going to jerry's world. they beat the cowboys on thanksgiving. let's head out to the dea. lions hosting the bears lousy teams if we're being honest coming straight to the 3rd jared goff, the marine catholic kid finds tj hockenson for the 17 yard. grab i'm getting a scowl by pam right now. home hometown of pam chicago their teacher. no no, no. but the field goal right there. i know you're from detroit tampa, 1614 bears. they win this one. all righty. we all have our thanksgiving traditions and
8:49 am
everyone is different. so who am i to judge you for eating your green bean casserole. anyway, let's hear from some of the forty-niners and find out their favorite thanksgiving dishes. >> favorite thanksgiving. this would be. the macaroni and cheese and sweet potatoes growing up. my mom always made this noodles to show is really good. and my wife thinks it's really good green bean casserole stuffing got personally stuffing cranberry sauce as a to get go to is. >> underrated. i'd say green bean casserole. because you're not going eat anywhere else thanksgiving. so sweet potato pie. >> like fried turkey. >> 2 wins in them and years. but i'll take a few out, take taken takes on. >> shetland arden key. he went to louisiana state university chitlins man and i've never had to green bean casserole
8:50 am
kind of take pride in that all
8:51 am
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>> well, if you want to avoid the crowds at the malls out there today. there are few new movies in theaters. this holiday weekend. yeah, we've got dean richards with a look at what you can enjoy. >> i've been a good show my life. it is an empire. you can have the family, which is excites and everybody knows it. and they stuck to my means. our main.
8:53 am
>> sweet face. >> the story of one of the best known names in fashion plays out on the big screen this week in house of gucci. it's a true story of colossal wealth and excess in power. the twists and turns like a lifestyles of the super rich reality show with one character. more over the top and interesting than the next. i think that's what i liked about. house of gucci. it's a nighttime drama of the highest order only it really happened. lady gaga is back on the big screen in it playing a middle class social climber. it's a nerdy law student. adam driver who just happens to be the heir to the gucci fortune who wants nothing to do with his family's business a series of events and his very aggressive new girlfriend soon to be wife has other ideas. and here is where all the fun and tragedy began. >> the plot thickens as more of the gucci's are introduced each with their own agendas and wild personalities. thanks to a fantastic supporting cast
8:54 am
of al pacino's jared leto, some hiking. jeremy irons it's and sometimes messy and reminded me of watching the antics of britain's royal family or america's super rich. >> the story is a little long at just over 2 and a half hours. but it's interesting. stylish beautifully performed by dean's list. b plus only in for the family. there's the latest from the disney animation factory and condo. it's a magical story of a family that possess magical powers all except young mirabal believes her family's powers are waning. so she goes on a quest to find them in condo is uplifting fun and full of great messages. and even though it mostly doesn't break any new ground it does feature 8 original songs from hamilton creator lin-manuel miranda that adds to the positive vibes. it's a dean's list. b plus, only in theaters. and that screen is the origin story of the resident evil franchise in resident evil. welcome to
8:55 am
raccoon city. a once thriving city is abandoned by its main employer. a giant pharmaceutical company when zombie evil is unleashed from below the surface. hope you have a great holiday weekend in chicago. i'm dean richards. >> all right. and then here's a quick look at not a not a moving picture, but it's still one. this is from the service of mars. the curiosity rover actually snapped this picture as part of its celebration of a decade of exploring the red planet picture postcard is what it's called. and shows the red planet's landscape there actually took to black and white photos. one in the early morning and then one later in the afternoon and combine them together to create this pretty cool image. yes, pretty cool. and the color eyes that as well to kind of give us a better idea what it might be like to be there on the red planet seeing it with our own eyes. nasa says the rover took the image yet. 10 years after it was launched to mars back on november 2620 11 now. pretty
8:56 am
cool to the rover there on top of that mountain taking a picture of the crater floor below. it's been about 10 years that there are 7 years at this rover has been slowly winding its way up to the top of the mountain. so could take the shot. it's kind of cool to finally made it. and i finally made it all those hiccup it will. still to come on the next hour, the kron 4 morning news today is one of the biggest shopping days of the year, but you're probably already getting ready to hit the shopping malls. >> a little things that we might be telling you about how expensive a lot of those things you might want to buy are going to be. we have that coming up. >> in a live report.
8:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at know. >> good morning, everybody. thank you so much for joining us here at 09:00am. >> on this day after thanksgiving black friday. maybe you've got plans to get out there and get some holiday shopping done. if that's the case, then you probably know what the weather is going to be like for you. we've got john starting off the hour with a look at that morning john. hey, good morning, james. lots of sunshine out there already. and although it has been a cool start to this morning. we are in for another comfortable. one this afternoon getting used to these really comfortable and
9:00 am
dry days need to see a switch up, but a convenient break from the rain in the midst of the holidays. your view outside right now at san jose looks nice and clear sunshine is something that we've seen over the past couple of hours now after what was actually a mostly cloudy sunrise for many areas that cloud cover is gradually retreated. now we're looking at some sunshine the rest of the day. temperatures wasting no time climbing alameda. you're at 57 along with pacific out of lay one app us in the upper 40's while saint helene in fairfield are 2 spots still holding on to those 30's. i'll be talking more about what to expect for this weekend. still to come, first, let's get a look at traffic or bridges. well, they've been pretty empty throughout the course of the morning. as i'm sure you've expected the bay bridge has been easy going in each direction. it's only going to take you 7 minutes to get to the maze from pre month street today is going to be busy at the shopping centers. but our i don't anticipate too many issues there. 12 minutes from 80 to one o one on the san mateo bridge. also looking into the easygoing 8 minutes from the tolls to one o one on the richmond. sandra fell bridge, go


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